Sunday, October 15, 2017

Lady Ophelia

The Beautiful Mother Of Secrets

The mother of Okubi and the former wife of the sage Boris. Possessed by an evil spirit many years ago. Ophelia went into a berserk and left The Underworld and began causing havoc in China. Slain by her son after he was unable to reason with her. Now as a demon spirit, Ophelia spent many years wandering in The Underworld. Eventually she was found by her former rival Othello and along with several other demons. Ophelia was turned into a being called Cordelia and was made to fight her son in the Gore Stadium. Fortunately Ophelia gain control of her body and aided Okubi to defeat her in battle. Once again wandering The Underworld as a mere spirit. Ophelia was found by her former lover and second husband Pruflas. While unable to find a body strong enough to contain Ophelia's spirit. Within his dimension Ophelia was able to physically exist once again. However instead of appreciating her husband's kindness. Ophelia plans to use this "body" of hers to aid her son and friends in killing her husband

Ophelia's Skills

Ophelia's full profile will come before the end of October

Xiaoyu's Halloween Costume 2017


Xiaoyu's Halloween costume for this year. If I'm able to do more character before the 31st I definitely will, but chances are Xiaoyu may be the only character to receive a Halloween costume

Okubi's Cool Fighter Wear


SFV ▰ Zeku Character Reveal Trailer