Sunday, November 12, 2017

Blue Berry


Born and raised in the capital of Arundel, Cedic City. Micah "Blue" Berry grew up in a house full of sages. The six child of seven children Blue Berry was taught by his father and aunt in the magical arts of NEON! A magic derived from the magical art Xihe. Blue was taught how the use neon colored lights for both offensive and defensive usage. After high school Blue joined a group of traveling sages who performed magic shows all around Mayland.  Enjoying the life as a performer while not busy entertaining hundreds. Blue enters local fighting tournaments to test his magic 

Blue Berry's Attacks

Morgan Fey


A beautiful sorceress from the country of Argon. Trained by her teacher Merlin in the magical arts of Empusa. Morgan Fey is a skilled sage over a hundred years of age and love for traveling. Morgan also has an older brother named Arthur and two younger twin sister Milla and Morgause

Morgan's Spells

Lisa & Brutality's Cool Battle Wear


The Potty Mouthed Angel's C.B.W. inspired by Weiss Schnee from RWBY. Even her quote in the picture is based on Weiss's quote from her reveal trailer in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle


When designing Brutality's C.B.W. outfit. I thought of Rachel from Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive and something I would had liked to see her wear. Seeing that part of Brutality's character was inspired by Rachel

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Profile Ophelia


The Mother Of Woe

Name: Ophelia Marie Aello 

Age: 4,356 years old Died at the age of 3,999

Hair Color: Ash Blonde

Eye Color: Ruby 

Height: 5'7

Weight: 133 pounds

Magic Name: Ophelia studies under no particular law of magic but is skilled in multiple magical spells. Specializing in poison, defensive, and support base magic

Abilities: Demonic super strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability, hearing, vision, awareness. Ophelia also posses high resistance to telepaths but isn't immune to mind control

Likes: Her son, her decease husband, butterfly, reading, butterkaka, children

Dislikes: The death of her first husband, becoming possessed by a powerful demon, her son forced to kill her, injustice, being married to Pruflas

BIO: The mother of Okubi Vice and wife of the decease heroic sage Boris. Prior to marrying a mortal and birthing a half demon, Ophelia was once the proud heiress of the Aello Family. The youngest of ten children and the only girl amongst her siblings. Ophelia and her nine brothers lived a strict but luxurious life. Everyday she and her brothers were given lessons in etiquettes, politics, mathematics, literature, combat, and other things demons of nobility are taught. After her college years Ophelia decided to leave home and joined the army in Tartarus. While her parents didn't like the idea of their daughter working alongside lower level demons and other Underworld creatures, Ophelia promised her parents she will keep up her noble duties and serve at the same time

Many centuries have gone by and Ophelia has survived a lot of trials and tribulations; balancing both army life and her family affairs were no easy task, but through persistence she managed to overcome. All this accomplished, however not without earning the attention and scorn of Babylon's Queen, Othello Strongs. While the rivalry with Othello wasn't something she desired, Ophelia still manage to lead a fairly decent life. One day Ophelia along with her comrades were assigned to take down a rogue group of demons in Asira, the world outside of The Underworld. During her mission taking down the rogue demons, Ophelia met a sage by the name Boris and the two instantly fell in love. In the telling her family about her relationship with a mortal, Ophelia was forced to choose between her lover or her family. Unlike her previous lover Pruflas, Ophelia was fully in love with Boris and would sacrifice everything to be with him. She was disowned by her family but her reputation in The Underworld remained mostly intact. Ophelia decided to leave her world and began her new life with Boris. The two had gotten married shortly afterwards and Ophelia gave birth to their child Okubi decades later

Ophelia lived a wonderful life with her husband and son but everything suddenly changed for the worst. One day a gigantic black dragon had appeared in the town Ophelia and her family had lived, destroying and killing everything in it's path. Boris along with a group of skilled sages went to fight the dragon while Ophelia stayed home with a baby Okubi. The dragon was finally slain but Boris had died fighting against the winged beast. Losing the love of her life left Ophelia heartbroken and her faith shattered, but with a young half demon to raise and protect. Ophelia would fight her inner despair as long as possible. No longer wanting to live in the same world her husband had died, she decided to take Okubi and herself back to The Underworld. A few months after returning to The Underworld, Ophelia was reunited with her former lover Pruflas. Keeping the relationship a secret from Okubi the two of them later married. Shortly after Ophelia was introduced by her husband to a nefarious group of demons. One he was apart of along with another demon she knew very well. Ophelia was then made to join them but swore not to aid them in their sinister schemes. Still now as a member of this evil group of demons, Ophelia was painfully aware of their daily activities. Still she did her best to provide a good life for Okubi and herself. Sadly the longing for her decease husband would soon force her to make a critical mistake, changing both Okubi's and her life for the worse

Despite her life with Okubi and dealing with being married to Pruflas, Ophelia could no longer bare the lost of her first husband Boris and wanted him back in her life. While Ophelia knew many necromancers in The Underworld, none of them would bring her husband back without either a sacrifice, resurrecting him as a demon, or something worse. Ophelia also didn't possess the level of power needed to bring someone back to life without any mishaps. However Ophelia then remembered what Pruflas had told her about a book called Forbidden! A powerful book that contained a powerful demon within it. Sealed away by a group of powerful sages many centuries ago, Pruflas and the others wanted to release The Demon from the book, so that they can conquer both The Underworld and Asira together. Knowing this Ophelia decided she will steal the book and tap into the powers of the demon trapped within it. In order to gain the necessary powers needed to bring Boris back to life all while Okubi was still in school, Ophelia began tapping into the trapped demon's power but a few minutes later, she began to lose control of her mind. The Demon trapped inside Forbidden had managed to overwhelm Ophelia and taken over her mind and body. Now under The Demon's influence Ophelia had ventured out of The Underworld and to Asira. Landing in the middle of a village in China the possessed Ophelia began wrecking havoc and killing innocent people. Her son Okubi who had managed to track his mother down unaware of her possession began to plead to his mother to put an end to her madness. The Demon possessing her wanted to kill Okubi but the little control Ophelia had left of herself prevented that from happening. Her son no longer able to watch his mother continue killing innocent, tapped into his inner darkness and unleashed a deadly attack that instantly killed her. The Demon that possessed her disappeared back into Forbidden, but Ophelia herself was dead. Despite the emotionally trauma it caused her son. She was happy someone had stopped her.

Now having become a Demon Spirit, Ophelia was bound to go to The Spirit Realm. A place the souls of the dead were sent to after their body had died, but for some reason The Spirit Realm rejected her. Forcing her to wander within The Underworld for an unknown amount of time. Ophelia felt this was punishment for stealing Forbidden and forcing her son to live with the guilt of killing her. Wandering through The Underworld for many years until she was found by her nemesis Othello and her eldest daughter Mihoshi. Ophelia was then use to create a demon called "Cordelia", using the bodies of multiple lesser demons and placing her spirit inside of it. One that would be use in a future battle at the Gore Stadium, an arena in The Underworld where two demons fight to the death. A few months later now as Cordelia, Ophelia would be forced to battle against her now adult son Okubi. During the battle between mother and son, Ophelia was able to gain control over her false body. Allowing her son victory over her and to escape along with his friends, she then performed a suicide attack against Othello destroying her artificial body and escaping her. Wandering through The Underworld once again she was then found by her current husband Pruflas. While Ophelia was not thrill to see her husband again. Pruflas had immediately brought Ophelia to his dimension and created a physical body for her within it. During the time spent in her husband's dimension, Ophelia gained the ability to travel in Asira, but only as a demon spirit. Allowing her to find her son and warn him about the dangers he is sure to face also knowing the mistake she had made in the past, Ophelia was determine to rectify those wrongs. However she fears the day Okubi learns about her ties to a certain group of demons. That he will fall into despair the way she did


1. Ophelia dislikes to hear swear words especially from her son Okubi

2. Despite being a demon Ophelia posses an angelic beauty

3. Ophelia's title "Mother of Woe" is inspired by Soul Calibur's character Pyrrha's title "Bringer of Woe"

4. Back in earlier chapters of Forbidden. Ophelia asked Othello to teach Okubi the Seduction Poses/Stance

5. During her army days Ophelia served as a Medic but was more than proficient in direct combat

6. (More to come)

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Anna Del Soto (Cool Battle Wear)


Inspired by Nina Williams player 2 costume in Tekken 2. Anna wears a metallic green body suit with brown leather gloves and booths 

Apollyn (Halloween 2017)


Dressed in a dessert theme costume. Apollyn's head is a strawberry ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, gummy worms, and gumdrops. Wearing a candy corn themed dress, and boots made of chocolate. While I was happy with the overall look considering my lack of drawing skills. I did wish I made her hair look more like strawberry