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Forbidden Chapter 75

Forbidden Chapter Seventy Five

One Of Many Trials

The Underground Fighting Tournament turned into a game called Six Hours. Xiaoyu, Nara, and the other remaining participants had just witnessed the gruesome execution of Pelham. All were horrified by the assassin's death, which was caused by her attempt to kill Karen. And now they were only given ten minutes to collect themselves before starting Six Hours, a game involving the remaining participants to find Karen's other self before time runs out. Shortly after the ten minutes were up a portal opened on the stage of the auditorium. Stepping from outside of it was Karen holding in her hand what appeared to be a map. While everyone else remained seated upon Karen's appearance, Xiaoyu and Nara angrily rose from their seats with intentions to fight her. Sensing their violent emotions towards her, the host of what now evolved into Six Hours started to speak.

Karen: Now, now, now Ms. Xiaoyu and Mr. Chabla, before either of you do anything silly, oh do, do, do remember the wondrous deal that all of us here made and that attacking me could possibly end it

Nara: You bitch! You fucking murdered Pelham and did it in such a disgusting manner. All I want to do is go Darken and tear you apart

Xiaoyu: It's not like Pelham wasn't a killer herself, but the way you executed her was beyond cruel. Besides, even if Pelham did break one of your rules, did you really had to go through with her execution?

Karen: Oh Xiaoyu my dear smart but naive girl. Course I had to follow through on my punishment on Pelham. Even if I didn't already despise the homely looking bitch and her tacky ass clothes. Along with taking my sweet time putting her execution together knowing she would be the first one to break my precious rules. If I had foolishly given Pelham a pass for her misdeed. I would risk having the rest of you breaking my rules without fear of consequences. Fortunately I'm the type of villain who makes good on her threats thus Pelham is now dead. So unless any of you wish to share Pelham's fate. Make sure to find my other half and do it soon. You all now have about five hours and 43 minutes left

Damien: Hey now wait a minute? We didn't even get a chance to search for your other half. So how do we only have five hours and forty three minutes left?

Braddox: Yeah that sounds like utter bullshit

Karen: Well if I didn't have to waste time explaining Pelham's death. I would had already handed the map to Xiaoyu or Cool Nine and send you all off to fine my other self before six hours were up. Now you all have five hours and forty minutes left. So does anyone else wish to ask me more wasteful question until six hours is up?

Xiaoyu: Just hand me the damn map so we get going already

Karen: Thought you'll never ask

 Karen leans over the stage holding out the map in her hand. Xiaoyu glares at her before snatching the map out of her hand. While Xiaoyu examines the map Karen resumes speaking to remaining participants of the Six Hours game

Karen: First before any of you bother saying it. The time shall remain five hours and forty minutes, because what I have to tell you all in very important. Once the game begins you all have to make decisions and face against many obstacles in order to find my other half. All of this shall determine how fast you are all able to find my other half and survive before six hours is up. Because in order to find my other half all of you must use the doors inside of this place. While many of the doors are relatively safe for you to enter. There are also doors containing deadly games and traps inside of them. Not to mention that other tricks I have up my sleeves for all of you. And before any of you say "well don't you want us to find you other half?" The answer is yes but I also want to see each and everyone of you struggle to survive as you race against the clock. While you all already know what happens if my other self isn't found within the time limit. There is no guarantee that any of you will live long enough to suffer punishment at my hands. The map I handed Xiaoyu will help you guys decide how you wish to navigate the doors, but everything else is up to all of you. I shall now return to my quarters and observe you all. Good luck kiddies

Xiaoyu: Wait just a second!

Karen: Why am I not surprise? Do you have a hard time reading maps Detective?

Xiaoyu: Just before we start this game and don't you dare take anymore minutes away then you already have. I just want to make sure you won't go back on our deal. Also besides whatever traps that are already in place for us. I want no further interference from you. Otherwise our efforts to find your other self would be for naught

Karen: Not happening but I'll tell you what Detective. Not counting any of the dangers that already await you all behind those doors. I promise not to directly intervene until the last hour or my other half is found. So is that fair enough for you Detective and everyone else who is too cowardly to have an opinion?

Xiaoyu: That's fine by me but understand this Karen. if we find your other half before six hours are up and you come after us. Understand that we will not hesitate to finish you off!

Karen: I look forward to when that time comes Xiaoyu. Just be prepared for the fight of your lives

Xiaoyu: And as should you. Now everyone let's get moving. We only have five hours and forty minutes to find the other Karen

 Walking away from Karen, Xiaoyu with Nara at her side head towards the exit of the auditorium. Braddox, Cool Nine, Danielle, Damien, Romio, and Syh get off from their seats and follows them out the auditorium. Karen watches them leave before opening a portal to her secret room in order to monitor the actions of the remaining combatants. Minutes after exiting the auditorium and following the map's direction. The combatants finds themselves standing before the first door. One of many doors that will either lead them closer to finding Karen's other half or to their demise. Next to the door is a button which opens it. Sticking out her right hand Xiaoyu goes to press the button, but before she hits it. Syh uses his hand to block the door's button. Alarmed by Syh's actions the Detective begins to question him

Xiaoyu: Syh what are you doing? I need to press that button so we can get inside

Nara: Yeah elf boy so move your damn hand

Syh: Oh quiet you annoying buffoon. The reason I'm blocking the button is for me to ask this question. What if this door is rigged with traps that kills us all?

Xiaoyu: It's a possibility Syh but unfortunately we don't have the luxury to worry about that right now. We are racing against time and if we don't find Karen's other half within the next five hours and a half. All of us here will suffer Pelham's fate or worst. Yes it's a gamble to travel through any of the doors, but let's remember not all these doors are traps. If we allow the fear of dying to stop us now. We might as well call Karen to eliminate us right now

Braddox: Or just find the bitch and kill her. It's what we should had done when she reappeared in the auditorium

Cool Nine: Yeah that would had worked out splendidly Mr. Morse. Considering all of you were traumatized upon witnessing Pelham's execution. Which would had hinder all of your fighting abilities

Danielle: Speaking about people being traumatized why weren't you affected by Pelham's death?

Cool Nine: The bitch had it coming and I seen worst in my lifetime. Now can we open the door already or waste more precious time?

Romio: I don't want to walk into my death but standing out here is going to save us

Damien: Then I think we just gotta say fuck it and press the button

Syh: Does everyone here agree with that decision?

Cool Nine: We didn't come this far for nothing now press the damn button

Xiaoyu: I agree with Cool Nine please push the button Syh

 Giving both women a sharp look Syh then reluctantly presses the button. The door immediately opens as everyone quickly moves inside. Once everyone is inside the door shut close and locks itself, allowing no chances of escape. Standing inside of a spacious room with a giant monitor and another door at the far end. Sensing something bad is about to happen the combatants brace themselves. The monitor turns on and appearing on the screen is no other than Karen. Wearing her signature sadistic clown like smile Karen starts speaking to the combatants

Karen: I'm so so so happy you all decided to enter through the first door. Now the games have truly begun. While there are many trials that await you all. The first trial will test your abilities as fighters. if you wish the leave this room alive. Now time for me to reveal your opponents for the first trial

 Two portals suddenly appear in the room with the combatants. The first portal opens and reveals a powered up Sinclair ready to devour the combatants. The second portal then opens and reveals no other than Xiaoyu's friend and fellow Detective Lorenzo Germanotta under Karen's mind control and wielding fiery blades in each hand. Realizing she along with the others are about to battle against her dear friend. Xiaoyu stares bitterly at the monitor before turning her attention over to Lorenzo and Sinclair. Covering her hands in light energy she charges towards Lorenzo as Nara and Danielle run behind her. Leaving the others to battle against Sinclair

Karen: Well I'll leave you all to fight for your lives. The door on the opposite end will open only once Sinclair and Lorenzo are defeated and none of you have died. In the meantime I'm going to go and pleasure myself... ciao