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Forbidden Character Idea #1 Galatea

Recently learning the mythology of Galatea. I think I'll make my own version of Galatea in the near future. Also for those who are wondering "I pretty sure it's like two of you but still" what the hell happen to Forbidden. I'm still very much working on the series. Sadly nearly for the past week and a half. My life was turned upside down and been struggling a bit since. Anyways while working on getting back on my feet, I want to continue working on Chapter 75 and other Forbidden related things

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Forbidden Chapter 74

Forbidden Chapter Seventy Four

Three Down

 After learning the location of the demons Lita and Natan from their Master Pruflas, Lisa along with Brutality make their way towards the third level of the fortress. In order to confront and slay the two demons, it takes remembering the roles the two demons played during the tragedy that was the Elestial Market Massacre. Lisa personally wanted to take down the two arrogant demons. Brutality on the other hand simply wants anyone associated with The Children of Ruin dead. Minutes after reaching the second level of the fortress. The two women immediately sense a malice presence within approaching them. Shifting into their battle stance, Lisa and Brutality prepare to fight

Lisa: Something fucking evil and creepy is heading towards us, yet I can't see what the fuck it is

Brutality: I can't see it as well but there's something definitely moving towards us. I think whatever is approaching us is being cloaked by a spell. Perhaps you know a way of removing the cloak before we are attacked?

Lisa: I sure as fuck hope you're right Dela... REVEALING LIGHT!

 Lisa shines a ray of pale yellow light from her left hand in the hallway of the second level and illuminating towards the direction of the evil presence on that level. The once hidden presence revealed by the angel's light appears an enormous blood thirsty tarantula, making it's way towards the two women to devour them. While Brutality is unfazed by the monstrous looking tarantula, Lisa on the other hand despite being a powerful angel, reacts in the same manner any regular person would upon seeing such a terrifying beast

Lisa: OH MY FUCKING GOODNESS! It's a giant ass tarantula and it's wants to eat us

Brutality: So it's a giant man eating tarantula hidden by a cloak spell... I bet this was the work of Lita. Impressive but certainly not good enough

Lisa: Okay that's nice but we have a fucking giant ass spider coming to eat us. Summon one of your Nox monster or monster to kill that damn thing

Brutality: Relax Lisa and why would I bother my summonings to kill such a minor threat when I posses more than enough fire power to do it myself!

 Igniting both her hands on fire Brutality runs towards the tarantula. Watching the demon moving towards it. The Tarantula starts shooting out poisonous webs from it's mouth in order to trap and poison it's foe. Dodging each web aimed at her by the tarantula, Brutality leaps into the air and performs her attack Hell Roast! Unleashing a blazing stream of fire from her hand towards the tarantula. The monster was scorched to death in seconds. Brutality then falls back towards the ground, landing on her feet. Before turning her attention over to Lisa

Brutality: Now was that so scary?

Lisa: I guess not... OH COME THE FUCK ON!

 Hearing the shock and anger in Lisa's voice. Brutality turns around and sees a sinister spirit coming out the body of the burned tarantula. Realizing her friend is in great danger, Lisa summons her wings on her back and flies towards the spirit, vanquishing the sinister spirit with a blast of holy energy. Detecting no more threats visible or invisible on the second level, the wings on Lisa's back disappears as she checks on Brutality.

Lisa: That fucking tarantula was something else. Even after you toasted that giant ass bug it had a spirit hidden inside of it

Brutality: Hiding a sinister spirit inside of a man eater tarantula in order to posses one of us most likely me. Now that's pretty clever dirty trick and just for such trickery. I'm going to make her death absolutely excruciating

Lisa: Now you're talking my language. Now let's get to the third level and kill those motherfuckers

 Inside of the basement of Pruflas's Fortress the battle between Futanari and Yamakagashi rages. After his near defeat to the Shogun earlier, Yamakagashi had activated a higher level of his blood magic. He is now prepared to give his nemesis the fight of her life. Witnessing the Mobster's transformation and sensing the increase of his strength, Futanari still stood brave and determine to defeat Yamakagashi and bring him to justice. The Shogun braces herself as her target prepares to attack

Yamakagashi: Now get ready to die! BLOOD TENTACLES!

 Five tentacles of blood sprout of from each of Yamakagashi's arms and aim to pierce his foe. Seeing the bloody tentacles approaching, Futanari gets ready to counter the Mobster's attack. Using her technique Erratic Puncher! She unleashes a rapid flurry of punches, knocking away the bloody tentacles from striking her flesh. Yamakagashi watches in disbelief as the Shogun's punches destroys his tentacles, becoming a huge puddle of blood on the basement floor. Shaking off some of the blood off her hands, Futanari gets ready to strike the mobster. Raising her left hand in the air a foggy white aura surrounds it, Futanari gets ready to perform her DIAMOND ROCKER attack. Running towards Yamakagashi at the speed of a angry bull, Futanari prepares the strike him with a devastating punch. Seconds away from being struck by his nemesis the mobster's face changes from frightful to devious. Having only pretended to be shocked when Futanari had destroyed his tentacles. Yamakagashi knew he needed to deceive the Shogun into attacking him without caution. In order to spring his surprise attack against her. Using the puddle of blood on the ground the mobster gets ready to counter attack.

Futanari: Get ready to loose your teeth Yamakagashi and what's with that devious face of yours. This fight is about to be over

Yamakagashi: Indeed but it's over for you Shogun... BLOOD WAVE

 Using his magic Yamakagashi lifts the blood from off the ground and towards Futanari. Seeing as the wave of blood closes in on her, Futanari raises her arms in front of her face as the blood swallows her whole. Minutes after defeating the gigantic tarantula, Lisa and Brutality finally reaches the third level of the fortress. Sensing their targets inside of the last room on that level, both women waste no time and enters the room. Standing across from them is a male and female demon. Both dressed like goth rockers wearing onyx and metal jewelry. The Demons stare back at Lisa and Brutality with annoyance before reintroducing themselves to their opponents

Lita: The name's Lita as you shitheads should already remember. The stud standing beside me is my boyfriend and your fellow killer Natan

Natan: Both these bitches should remember us well baby. After all it was only yesterday we meet you loser during that massacre at the Elestial Market

Lisa: We don't need to keep being reminded of that fucking horror that took place there last night. So many innocent lives were fucking lost because of you bastards!

Lita: Are you fucking kidding me? My friends and I had nothing to do with last night's tragedy. That was Ulric and his fucking underlings who were responsible for that massacre. That was all because you and your friends decided not to hand James Del Soto over to him. So if you really think about it those worthless mortals died because of you so called "heroes"

Lisa: ...BITCH! I'm going to--

Brutality: Are you the one responsible for the gigantic Man Eating Tarantula my friend and I fought on the Second Level?

Lita: Yes and seeing that you two are alive. It was an utter waste of time summoning that thing but no matter. My lover and I wanted to kill you two ourselves anyway

Brutality: I really didn't appreciate you placing a Possession Spirit inside of that tarantula and if it weren't for my friend. I would had ended up being under the spirit's control. Now I'm going to make you pay for such devious actions with your life

Natan: You dare threaten my girlfriend?

Lisa: Oh she does and don't you worry asshole! You're going to die alongside your girlfriend... PEACE MAKER!

 Lisa summons her holy sword Peace Maker into her hand. The angel then charges towards Lita and Natan while Brutality sets her hand ablaze and her friend in battle. Futanari finds herself trapped in Yamakagashi Red Cross Bind after failing to see through his deception and caught in the wave of blood. Neck, arms, and legs bounded on a cross made of blood. At the mercy of her nemesis, Futanari awaits for whatever punishment Yamakagashi has planned for her

Yamakagashi: Stupid little girl did you truly believe it would be THAT easy? I only pretended that I was shocked after you destroyed my tentacles of blood. Knowing you didn't fully comprehend my blood magic abilities. Now that's you're bounded to a cross made of blood. I can finish you off if I wished it, but that wouldn't be fun at all. No I'm going to make you suffer... regret the fucking day you ever met me. Now where should I start

 The Mobster balls up his fist and walks up to his bounded foe. Without a warning Yamakagashi delivers severals hard punches to Futanari's stomach causing her great pain, but despite the blows to her stomach, Futanari doesn't cough up blood or groans in pain but instead her silver hair starts to change. In an instant Futanari's hair turns from silver to something greatly resembling the galaxy/universe and her colorful ends of her hair glowing as bright as stars. The Shogun's strength increased ten times breaks out of Yamakagashi's Red Cross Bind causing him to feel genuine disbelief. Now standing face to face with her enemy once again, Futanari prepares a devastating attack to take Satomi Yamakagashi down for good. Back on the Third Level the battle between Lisa and Brutality vs Lita and Natan rages. Seconds after Lisa had summoned her sword Peace Maker, Natan had summoned a giant scythe made of bones drizzled in blood. The angel and demon with their weapons in hand immediately begin trying to kill one another. Brutality setting her sights on Lita with her hands ablaze decides to summon one of her Nox Summonings, Nox Natalia. A slim fairy/gargoyle hybrid dressed like a ballerina. Brutality then charges at Lita hurling balls of fire at her. While Nox Natalia gracefully dances in the background avoiding harm thanks to her Summoner protecting her. In order to defend against Brutality's multiple blasts of fire, Lita created a powerful  veil of purple miasma to neutralize the balls of fire. Lita then transforms into a demonic looking gorgon and rushes after her opponent. The battle between the two heroes and the two servants of Pruflas heats up. Lisa despite her skilled sword play struggles to keep up with Natan's deadly scythe skills. Brutality on the other hand manages to hold her own against Lita's demonic gorgon form. 

 During the battle Natan manages to deliver a slash to the side of Lisa's stomach, causing her to fall to the ground placing her right hand on the bloody wound while weakly holding Peace Maker with her other hand. Brutality seeing Lisa in danger quickly moves to action. Landing a well placed kick to Lita's head sending her crashing several feet away, Brutality then uses her demonic speed and rushes over to save Lisa. Just right before Natan could swing his scythe at Lisa's head, Brutality leaps into the air and releases a blast of fire out of her mouth towards him. Seeing the gigantic blast of flames coming towards him, Natan lifts his scythe above his head and grips it with both hands, spinning it around to create a cyclone to repel the incoming attack. Meanwhile Lisa is given all the seconds she needs to heal her wound using her holy powers. Sees that Natan is too busy defending against her partner's attacks activate her Angelic Boost as she prepares to go for the kill. Natan while unable to repel Brutality's attack manages to neutralize it; he fails to sense Lisa moving in to kill him. Having made herself move faster than lightning Lisa stabs Peace Maker through Natan's back and releases the sword holy energy inside of him killing the demon painfully and instantly. Lita recovers from Brutality's kick from earlier witnesses her lover disintegrate before her very eyes, causing her to release a bone shattering scream of anguish. The two heroes take a moment to rejoice over defeating one of their two deadly opponents when Lisa suddenly senses something wrong with Futanari. Seeing the look of concern on her friend's face, Brutality immediately asks Lisa what is wrong.

Brutality: Lisa is there a problem somewhere?

Lisa: It's Futanari. She's seems very worried about something... like she made a fatal mistake

Lita: YOU BITCHES!!! You fucking cunts killed my lover and I'm going to make you both pay!

Brutality: Lisa go to Futanari. I can finish off Lita on my own 

Lita: Arrogant bitch! Do you really think you can finish me off? Is that stupid ballerina creature you summoned suppose to do something more than twirl?

Brutality: Lisa go to Futanari now so I can make this bitch regret ever crossing paths with me

Lisa: I hear that girl well gotta go

 Lisa uses her Holy Powers to translocate herself to Futanari's location. Earlier after her transforming and breaking out of Yamakagashi's "Red Cross Bind", Futanari delivers a devastating punch to The Mobster's stomach. Performing an attack she calls "Futanar's Gut Check". Yamakagashi is sent flying to the wall on the other side of the room, resulting in multiple broken bones and badly injured intestines. Despite her desire not to fatally harm her target, the longer the battle went on the angrier Futanari had gotten. Especially after Yamakagashi struck her stomach several times while bound to his Red Cross Bind and causing a surge of anger within her resulting in her transforming and striking Yamakagashi with one of her most devastating strikes. Now that the fight is over Futanari fears that Yamakagashi will die before she can bring him to justice. Knowing that she doesn't posses the power to heal his injuries, The Shogun begins thinking loudly to the one person able to help. Lisa arrives to the basement of the fortress. Sees Futanari kneeling next to a severely injured Yamakagashi. While The Angel personally feels The Mobster isn't deserving of life for all the heinous things he has done, but knows Futanari's desire to bring him to justice, setting aside her feelings Lisa flies over to heal a dying Yamakagashi

Futanari: Lisa! I didn't think you would be able to hear my thoughts from the basement

Lisa: Well I'm not telepath but I think after I absorbed Ozriel's Holy energy earlier. I gained some more angelic base abilities. Seems like hearing the concern thoughts of my friends is one of them. Anyways excuse me while I keep this son-of-a-bitch from dying. I'm only going to heal him enough where he won't die. I want this bastard to still feel pain

Futanari: That's perfectly fine by me. Afterwards I can places the anti magi cuffs on him

 Lisa raises her left hand over Yamakagashi's chest emitting a powerful healing light. Less than five seconds later The Mobster was saved from the brick of death but remained in great pain. Futanari then immediately places the cuffs on Yamakagashi's arms, rendering him unable to use his blood magic

Futanari: So now that you help me with Yamakagashi. The two of us should go and help Dela?

Lisa: Sounds nice Futanari but if I think the two of us should just stay here and rest. Besides if you know what I know. The woman we call Dela also known as Brutality. Has something very sinister up her sleeve against the demon Lita. I rather not be present for whatever is about to take place up there

Back on the Third Level of Pruflas's Fortress the fight between Brutality and Lita is drawing to a close

Brutality: Now that Lisa isn't here it's time I end you. Nox Natalia you have completed your dance and therefore I shall send you back to the Nox Dimension. In order to summon an even greater Nox in your place

A wave of her hand Brutality sends Nox Natalia back to the Nox Dimension. In her place Brutality summons a fearsome warrior by the name NOX PERSEUS! A male muscular warrior appears before his Summoner dressed similar to a spartan warrior holding a shiny platinum sword and a mirror like shield. Nox Perseus staring straight into the direction of Lita waiting to receive commands from Brutality to slay the opposing demon

Lita: If you think this is going to end up like some mythology you're sadly mistaken bitch! I'll destroy your summoning, then you, and whatever remains of your pathetic friends. I will avenge Natan's death

Brutality: Nox Perseus STRIKE HER DOWN!

Following the command of his Summoner, Nox Perseus charges after Lita. The demon immediately attacks with the multiple snakes on her head; using his inhuman agility Nox Perseus dodges each of the snakes and cuts them down with his sword, causing pain to Lita for each snake the warrior slays. While her summoning keeps Lita busy Brutality prepares an attack powerful enough to kill Lita if successful. After eliminating all the snakes Nox Perseus charges for Lita's head and not wanting to allow herself to die to a mere summoning, Lita unleashes a powerful stream of purple miasma towards Nox Perseus. Instinctively the warrior raises his shield in front of his face and chest, defending against the powerful stream of miasma. Seeing the perfect opportunity to kill Lita, Brutality leaps into the air creating a sword made of fire in her hand aiming towards Lita. Busy trying to kill Nox Perseus, Lita sense Brutality coming down towards her. Confused to who she should focus on attacking. The demon decides that stopping Brutality is more of an importance, but before she could redirect her attack, Brutality extends the size of her fire sword piercing Lita right through her body killing her instantly. Seconds after being killed Lita's body burns to ashes as Brutality lands beside Nox Perseus

Brutality: Well at least she didn't die the way she expected. Anyways Nox Perseus you have served me well but now it's time you return to the Nox Dimension

 Returning Nox Perseus back to his world until needed again. Successfully defeating Lita in battle Brutality collapses on the ground from exhaustion

Brutality: Okubi, James, Angelina, Apollyn, Tobirama, and Ophelia. I wish each and everyone of you the best of luck with your battles. I need to allow my body to rest for awhile


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Blue Berry


Born and raised in the capital of Arundel, Cedic City. Micah "Blue" Berry grew up in a house full of sages. The six child of seven children Blue Berry was taught by his father and aunt in the magical arts of NEON! A magic derived from the magical art Xihe. Blue was taught how the use neon colored lights for both offensive and defensive usage. After high school Blue joined a group of traveling sages who performed magic shows all around Mayland.  Enjoying the life as a performer while not busy entertaining hundreds. Blue enters local fighting tournaments to test his magic 

Blue Berry's Attacks

Morgan Fey


A beautiful sorceress from the country of Argon. Trained by her teacher Merlin in the magical arts of Empusa. Morgan Fey is a skilled sage over a hundred years of age and love for traveling. Morgan also has an older brother named Arthur and two younger twin sister Milla and Morgause

Morgan's Spells