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Forbidden Chapter 76

Forbidden Chapter Seventy Six

Saving A Friend

 Minutes after entering the first door Xiaoyu, Nara, and the other combatants found themselves faced against the brainwashed detective Lorenzo and an enhanced Sinclair. While knowing a battle against her brainwashed friend was inevitable, neither Xiaoyu nor the others expected to confront him so soon; especially at the very beginning of the Six Hours game. Preparing herself for battle Xiaoyu activated her magic. Nara and Danielle stoos beside her activated their magic as well. Cool Nine, Damien, Braddox, Syh, and Romio found themselves being watched by the murderous eyes of Sinclair, who prior to his enhancements was defeated by Cool Nine earlier that day. However, now with the creature's increased power, it will take all five of them to bring Sinclair down.

Nara: So babe what's the plan to take Lorenzo down before we either kill him or he kills us?

Xiaoyu: I want to keep Lorenzo busy enough until I find an opening. Allowing me to use my magic in hopes of breaking Karen's control over him. Especially before he can use any of the enhanced powers received from her

Danielle: It's so unfortunate that woman has forced us to fight your friend. I hope the three of us can save him

Xiaoyu: Cool Nine, Damien, Syh, Braddox, and Romio. Do whatever it takes to defeat that evolved Sinclair. The three of us will deal with my brainwashed friend

Braddox: Don't gotta tell us something we already planned on doing. Just worry about your own damn problem

Syh: Let's just eliminate our threats so we can hurry to find Karen's other self. Otherwise we'll end up dying in this place

Damien: I refuse to die in this shithole. Let's kick this monster's ass right now!

 Surrounding his feet in a fiery aura Damien runs towards Sinclair and leaps into the air. Positioning himself while in the air Damien attempted to come down upon Sinclair with a fiery kick. Before he could strike Sinclair, the creature vomited out a blob of poison onto him, knocking Damien onto the ground. Recognizing that attack from their earlier battle, Cool Nine quickly demands Syh to run to Damien's aid to remove him from the poisonous blob and heal him before he dies. Knowing that if any of them die in battle, the doors will never open for any of the survivors.

Braddox: Dumbass kid shouldn't be so reckless in combat especially against such a creature. Better be thankful he's in a room with two healers. Even if one of those healers is busy battling her friend along with her boyfriend and Danielle

Cool Nine: It's going to take us working together to take down Sinclair. While those three battle Lorenzo and Syh takes care of Damien. Romio, you, and I need to work together to eliminate this creature

Romio: I really hope the three of us will be enough to fight that thing

Braddox: The two of you could just serve as my support while Crocell and I beat the living shit out of Sinclair!

 Xiaoyu, Nara, and Danielle engaged in battle against Lorenzo and dodged his deadly fiery attacks. The trio struggled to find a proper opening to take him down, knowing they could risk wounding Lorenzo since Xiaoyu would be able to heal him. Neither wanted it to come to that, but Nara felt otherwise. The trio knew they had to cease being on the defensive and win the battle in order to save Lorenzo. Lorenzo continued throwing a barrage of fireballs at the three. Xiaoyu jumped in front of her comrades and created a shield of light energy to block Lorenzo's attack. Nara then unleashed a blizzard blast from his hand towards him. Unfortunately Lorenzo covered his upper body in flames, easily neutralizing Nara's icy attack. Because of her limited combat experience along with also being a fire user, Danielle knew she didn't posses the same threat to Lorenzo as either Xiaoyu or Nara. Just then a thought popped into her head. Without warning  Xiaoyu or Nara, Danielle rushed towards Lorenzo.



Danielle ignored the cries of concern from her comrades as she moved closer to Lorenzo. Lorenzo removed his attention from Xiaoyu and Nara and threw fireballs at Danielle. She dodged the fireballs as fast as possible, but one managed to strike her left shoulder. Danielle ignored to the pain in order to move closer to Lorenzo. Standing face-to-face with Lorenzo's aflamed upper body, Danielle ignited her own hands in flames before grabbing onto Lorenzo. Having temporarily contained Lorenzo, Danielle called out to Xiaoyu.

Danielle: Xiaoyu use your magic to seal Lorenzo down before he gets me off!

Quickly springing into action, Xiaoyu used the technique LIGHT SEAL! in which she performed a quick wushu stance and summoned a pillar of light around Lorenzo and Danielle. Xiaoyu's move bound both of them on the spot. She knew she couldn't do anything else without risking harm to Danielle. Nara, however, could attack Lorenzo without hurting Danielle. Within moments, Nara transformed into his Darken Form. This not only altered his behavior, but increased his attack power

Xiaoyu: Baby I know why you went Darken, but please remember Lorenzo is my friend and not to kill him

Nara: Trust me babe I won't kill your friend. Any damage I inflict upon Lorenzo you just gotta heal him afterwards. Just be ready to remove your Light Seal around them once I'm standing before them. 

Without saying another word to his girlfriend, Nara rushed his target and instantly appeared before Lorenzo and Danielle using his superhuman speed. Nara formed a ball of dark energy in his left palm. Xiaoyu saw that Nara was ready to strike, so she removed her seal from around Lorenzo and Danielle. Quickly pushing Danielle out the way, Nara struck Lorenzo's chest with a dark energy ball. The brainwashed detective crashed to the ground and was knocked unconcious. Nara then immediately reverted back to his normal self. Meanwhile Braddox, Cool Nine, and Romio prepared to finish off Sinclair, using the combined efforts of Cool Nine's dice magic, Romio's barrier magic, and Braddox's demonic strength derived from the demon Crocell possessing his body. Braddox delivered an attack called TYRANT BARRAGE! Braddox struck Sinclair with a devastating barrage of killer blows before grabbing the creature and performing a monstrous powerbomb, which caused Sinclair's body to disintegrate. The battle having gone on for more than a half hour was finally over. Lorenzo was knocked out and Sinclair destroyed. The door on the opposite side of the room had opened. Syh had fully healed Damien of his burns. The monitor in the room then came on as Karen appeared on screen.

Karen: Congratulations combatants for surviving your first trial. All of you can now proceed to the Six Hour games. Now hurry, hurry, hurry along my lovelies. Time is of the essence. My other half must be found. Otherwise, all of your efforts will have been for naught. Now let me get back to eating my pretzels and ice cream and find some good porn to watch. I'll check in with you all in a little bit. Also, do remember this was just the first of many challenges that await you. Toodles

Nara: God I'm so over that annoying bitch!

Xiaoyu: Well now that the door has opened. Let me hurry up and heal Lorenzo before we proceed through the door

Braddox: Well make it fast girl because we already wasted enough time here. I refuse to die in this place

Nara: We'll move once my girlfriend is finished healing her friend and Danielle as well. Now if you want to head out on your own big guy then be my guest

Braddox: Open that smart mouth of yours again and I'll do you in worst than Sinclair

Nara: Come over here and try it asshole!

Cool Nine: GENTLEMEN! We have just finished fighting for our lives and none of us here needs to be fighting one another. Set aside your egos until we get out of this damn place. Afterwards feel free to kill each other but until then let's cooperate

Syh: The sooner Xiaoyu heals Danielle and the unconscious detective. The quicker we can proceed through the door

Romio: I just seriously hope our other challenges won't be so... challenging

Damien: Imagine the chances of us being that fucking lucky. Thanks again elf man for the healing

Syh: Next time don't jump into a battle without caution. Otherwise you may not be as lucky boy. I can heal even the most fatal of injuries, but I cannot resurrect the dead

Xiaoyu: The same goes for my powers Damien so please do heed Syh's warning. Now it's time I go check on my friend

Immediately rushing to the aid of her unconscious friend, Xiaoyu placed a hand on Lorenzo's bare chest and used her magic to heal him. Within seconds Lorenzo came to and is both shocked and relieved to see his close friend and fellow detective kneeling over him. No longer under the influence of Karen and feeling like his normal self, Lorenzo raised his body off the ground and hugged Xiaoyu. He released his hold on her upon sensing a negative vibe in his vicinity. Checking his surroundings, Lorenzo noticed several other people in the room with Xiaoyu and himself. His attention quickly focused on a man with green hair. Realizing the vibe was coming from him, Lorenzo made the connection between the man and Xiaoyu. Lorenzo rightfully concluded that the green haired man was Xiaoyu's boyfriend, so he and moved away from her. He then turned his attention to the green haired man and began to speak.

Lorenzo: Hey man I apologize. I meant no offense. It just feels good to see a very good friend. It truly feels like it's been forever since the last time I saw Xiaoyu

Nara: It's okay dude and I didn't mean to give off such a nasty vibe. I know Xiaoyu and you are only friends and work together at the same agency in China. I just couldn't help myself getting a bit jealous seeing you hugging my girl. Anyways the name's Nara Chabla and I hope you are feeling much better. Since it was me who knocked you out in the first place

Lorenzo: No problem Nara and thanks for knocking me out of whatever control my kidnapper had over me. I'm just glad Xiaoyu was here to heal me from any injury I suffered at your hands. I sincerely hope I didn't gravely injure anyone else here

Danielle: One of your fireballs struck my shoulder but I'll be fine once Xiaoyu heals me

Lorenzo: My apologies beautiful and I promise it won't happen again. Especially now that I feel like my old self again. Thank again everyone but can anyone explain to me what's going on here? Like for starters where the fuck are we?

Xiaoyu: All of us here were kidnapped by a woman name Karen Caramel and her former ally Stanford. They forced us to compete in a game she calls The Underground Fighting Tournament, a sadistic tournament that pits unwilling fighters against one another in order for them to earn their freedom out of this place. While those who underperform suffers a fate worse than death. However after the first rounds that took place earlier today and one of the participants name Pelham was executed, the others and myself decided we weren't going to fight each other for Karen's entertainment. Instead of fighting us herself, Karen offered us a deal. The deal being to locate her other self within this place before six hours are up. Allowing us all to leave this place alive. The reason Karen kidnapped you, Lorenzo, was to ensure that I would seek her out. That led to Nara and me being kidnapped by Stanford and brought down here. Thankfully, unlike the others here, it was Nara and my intention to get kidnapped, so I could rescue you from her

Lorenzo: You two went through all of that for me?

Cool Nine: Sweetie you're the reason Xiaoyu convinced us to play the Six Hours game instead of just fighting one another for freedom. Now we have only about five hours left to find Karen's other half. Or all of this would be for nothing

Xiaoyu: Lorenzo we are going to need your help to find Karen's other self. I'll explain the rest to you along the way, but right now we need to keep moving. Nara and I are on a timer for how long we can be here. Because once my friends Okubi, Apollyn, and the others are done dealing with Karen's boss Pruflas in his dimension, Okubi is coming back for us and anyone else who needs rescuing. So while I'm not worried about the Six Hours running out, to ensure the safety of everyone else and to bring down the evil Karen, I would like to find her other self before time runs out

Lorenzo: So I guess we just gotta go through that door behind us? I just hope the nine of us can handle whatever danger awaits us

Xiaoyu: We will survive but let me first heal Danielle before we proceed

After healing Danielle of her burn Xiaoyu leads Nara, Lorenzo, and the others to the door. Stepping through the door one at a time, the combatants prepared themselves for any dangers and challenges that awaited them. While Xiaoyu and the others focused on reading the map Karen gave them, Cool Nine began putting her schemes in motion.

Cool Nine: Now that these fools are focused on finding Karen's other self, I can finally focus on the real purpose of being in this place. I will see to it that both Karens are destroyed! Even if I have to kill the others to do it

TO BE CONTINUED in Chapter 78