Saturday, December 7, 2013

Miscellaneous Magic Introduction

The Story Of Miscellaneous Magic

In a place called NEOLAND. A world filled with magic and mystery. A world created by the imaginary of a man named Abel. Upon Abel's death, NEOLAND came into existence. A world based, but separated from Earth. One hundred years after Abel's death, various humans from around the world began to disappear. While many of these disappearance were caused by other humans. Quite a few of these "missing" humans ended up in NEOLAND. While NEONLAND is not on Earth. Humans who become to loathe life on Earth and wished to be released from this world. These feelings caused these humans to open a portal into an unknown dimension. Upon entering the portal, these humans ended up into a magical world. Filled with creatures one could never find on Earth. Along with being surrounded by such mystical beauty. These humans received mystical powers. Upon starting a new life in NEOLAND, these people were known as "The First Children Of Neo" Many millenniums have past and NEOLAND grew more in magic, mystery, and danger. None the less a world many would rather be than on Earth. For unlike Earth, all humans are able to live the life they desire and not one forged for them. Even today, humans of the 21st century can enter NEOLAND who share similar disdain for Earth as the First Children did. While NEOLAND has been a world filled with wonderful and endless adventures. Very few know that this wonderful world is almost at it's end.  Rumor has it that a monstrosity known as Cain,  a powerful phantasm stronger than any witch in NEOLAND plans to devour this world whole. The place that many humans go to escape their mundane reality on Earth may cease to exist. In such critical time for NEOLAND, can any witch or witches hope to combat this evil before all is lost? 

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