Monday, December 9, 2013

Profile: Kibah

The Wolf Witch

Name: Anya "Kibah" Bateson

Age: 21 (Stopped aging at seventeen)

Birthday: July 13

Height: 5'9

Weight: 133 pounds

Jair Color: Dark Pink with tips of hair Light Pink

Eye Color: Gray

Likes: Raw meat, running, fighting "especially witches in Dark Guilds", treasure hunting, hot springs, cursing, Nature music

Dislikes: Weak witches, weak monsters, bargaining, Kylie "Kylie has defeated her all ten times they have fought", boredom, her parents, her sensei

Magic Type: Wild Magic

Abilities: Super Speed, heighten senses, tracking, resistant to cold weather, immunity to poison

BIO: Scotland native. Before becoming the wild witch she is today, Anya "Kibah" Bateson was just another trouble girl on Earth. Born into poverty, her family didn't have much. Struggling one day to the next just to get by. Also with a sick mother in toll, life for Anya already seem grim. Regardless her parents tried their best to keep Anya. While life for Anya never was rasy. Everything went to hell the day her mother, only two days after her 5th birthday. Shortly after her mother's death, Anya began to see another side of her father. Once kind and caring turned into a bitter drunk. Since turning seven, Anya's father began to abuse her when he had a hard day at work, came home late from the park, or anything Anya did that displeased him. Anya had endured her father's cruelty for many years. During these years, Anya became a bitter child. One who hated the world she lived in and resented both her parents. Hated her father for his cruelty and her mother for dying on her. Life continued to shit on Anya until one day everything changed. Coming home late from her friend's birthday one night. Anya's father was furious with her. Her father knocks her down to the floor with a punch. As he goes to kick her, Anya pulls out a knife from her jacket. Stabbing him in his leg, Anya's father falls to the ground screaming in pain. At that moment Anya's gives her father a murderous stare. Gripping the knife in her hand, Anya gets on top of her father and immediately starts stabbing him. Unleashing years of pent up rage, Anya brutally murders her father. After stabbing her father multiple times, Anya realizes what she has done. Covered in blood, Anya's hands begin to shake. Tears run down her face as she screams in pure terror. Anya runs up to her room and curls up in her bed. "What am I going to do?" Anya says to her self. "I killed my father, I don't want to go to jail. I... I COULDN'T TAKE HIM HITTING ME ANYMORE! I have nowhere to go. I'm all alone". It is that very moment a green portal opens before her. Upon the sudden appearance of the portal, Anya becomes very cautious. As seconds past, Anya gets off her bed. Drawn by the unexplained warm feeling from the portal. Anya walks towards the portal. Once close enough, she is sucked in. Shortly after Anya finds herself in a world known to no human. A world full of magic and mystery. Upon entering the foreign world, she meets a man in blue. The man stares at Anya with a bored look in his eyes and says to her. "If you want to survive in this world, you will do as I say." The man then hands Anya a bottle and tells her the drink it. Upon drinking, Anya feels an incredible feeling taking over her body. No longer the human she once was. Abandoning Earth forever, she is now KIBAH, THE WOLF WITCH!

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