Monday, December 9, 2013

Profile: Kylie Bello


Name: Kylie Bello

Age: 26 (Stopped aging at 21)

Birthday: August 1

Height: 5'7

Weight: 127 pounds

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Originally Hazel. Changed Dandelion upon becoming a witch

Likes: Peace, training, dancing, rap music, taking jobs in Neoland, assisting female rookie witches against monsters, cooking, sewing, pumpkin spice cake with brown butter frosting, red velvet cheesecake

Dislikes: Men (partial to Magician), her step mother, sexism, monsters, Kibah, over zealous witches, dark guilds

Magic Type: Universe Magic

Abilities: As the Tri Witch, Kylie has the power to wield three different abilities. 1. Healing 2. Water/Ice Manipulation 3. To summons various swords. Both real and mythical

BIO: Kylie Bello, a young and powerful witch. Ever since her arrival in Neoland, Kylie has proven to be one of Neoland's toughest witches. Not only does her magic allows her to combat foes of great power. Combined with both her magic and wits, Kylie shows promise that of a future sage. Despite being so well off in such a world as Neoland, In reality, Kylie is no different than any other former human who ended up in Neoland. Behind her confidence and haughtiness lies a woman with a broken heart. Born in Genoa, Italy. Kylie's parents moved to America when she was three. Her father Boris started a bakery business that became extremely popular in America. While her father worked, Kylie spent her days with her mother Sophia. One day while in class, Kylie had received bad news. Once she arrived to the hospital, Kylie immediately ran to see her mother. Seeing her mother laying on the hospital bed brought Kylie into tears. While her mother was out shopping, she was shot in a struggle against a robber. Kylie lay beside her mother for the few minutes they had left. Boris arrives as Sophia passes away. Not only was Kylie heartbroken to lose her best friend in the entire world. She was angry at her father for not being there. However Kylie's hatred towards her father had only begun. Shortly after Sophia's death, Boris remarried to a woman name Cassandra Vice. Along with marrying Cassandra, he adopted her three triplet sons Johnny, Christian, and Romeo. Not only has Kylie realized Boris was having an affair with Cassandra behind her mother's back. She also suspected her father was responsible for her mother's death. While Kylie learned that her mother's death was just one of life many unfortunate events. That did not cool her fiery anger she felt towards her father. Over the years, Kylie constantly clashed with Cassandra and was constantly picked on by her younger brothers. The next four years of Kylie's life was literally emotional hell. Constantly depress, neglected by her father, teased by both her stepmother and brothers. Kylie was always on the outside. Living such a lonely and miserable existence. Many nights Kylie had contemplated suicide. Each passing day Kylie cared less and less about living. Her only true friend in the whole entire world gone, Kylie had no need for this world anymore. On her sixteenth birthday, Kylie walk all the way to the Hudson Bridge. As Kylie prepared to jump, a green portal had opened before her. Only seconds ago was Kylie was ready to end it all. Now with this mysterious portal before her, Kylie felt a sudden need to live. Without any hesitation, Kylie walked into the portal. Arriving on the other side, Kylie felt a magical feeling of warmth and happiness. Shortly then Kylie found herself surrounded. Multiple purple creatures circle the woman, ready to strike. However before a single hair of Kylie's was touched. A man appeared from nowhere had slain the creatures. After being rescued, the man gave Kylie a special drink. Upon drinking, Kylie began to feel a magical feeling. Turned into a witch, the man began to train Kylie. Despite no longer having to live on Earth. Kylie had decided to finish high school before completely abandoning her family and Earth entirely. Shortly after completing her training, Kylie left her sensei and never looked back. Now as the mighty TRI WITCH, Kylie lived life to her pleasing. Battling monsters, aiding rookie female witches when possible, taking various jobs. Kylie was living her life on her own terms. While she will forever keep her mother in her heart. Kylie had decided it is best she leaves her sorrows on Earth behind her. 

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