Sunday, January 26, 2014

Accept Your Loneliness

Leliel (Night)

Earl Onyxe Blagdan Movelist

Earl Onyxe Blagdan Movelist

Weapon: Rapier


1. Pandora's Boxer
2. Rose and Thorn

Unique Attacks

1. Perfect Lies
2. Midnight Temptation
3. Plead To The Fifth
4. Honest Hate
5. Ode To Bathory
6. Days Of Fire
7. Soul Enchant
8. Soul Illusion (During Soul Enchant)
9. Soul Outburst (During Soul Enchant)
10. Lavender Moon
11. Fallen Empire (Counter Hit)

Desperation Moves

1. Fleeting Moon
2. Tales Of Despair

Super Desperation Move

Underworld Symphony 

BIO: Born into poverty, Onyxe along with his parents lived a miserable life. At the age of ten. Onyxe lost both his parents to sickness. Alone, Onyxe feared he too didn't have long for this world. Fortunately for him, fate had other plans. On a rainy night while laying on the alley floors, a mysterious woman had approached him. Placing two fingers on the child's head, the woman performed an incantation. Afterwards the woman left, leaving Onyxe in the rain. The next day, Onyxe was found by Earl and Countess Blagdan. The noble couple adopted the orphan as his new life began. Throughout the years, Onyxe gained many things of value in life. From a esteem education to swordplay. Unbeknownst to his parents, Onyxe also took up the studies of the Dark Arts. Years later, Onyxe father had passed away and immediately took his position as Earl. Fulfilling his duties as Earl, Onyxe also traveled to various parts of Europe and Asia. His reasons, to find The Book Of Malphas. The desire to find this book was a desire of his since he could remember. Now equipped with the right amount of knowledge and power, Onyxe begins his journey to find Malphas.

"Death leaves no beautiful corpse" - Chad M. Lagiza

Not Every Man

THIS! Being gay doesn't mean you want to sex EVERY dude. Cut that bullshit out

Monday, January 20, 2014

Leon Kuwata

My latest anime crush. Too bad about him being dead and all

Sakura and Aoi

From Dangan Ronpa

Commander Shepard


Grey Fox

World Tour

Bonne Jenet

I adore B.Jenet. This image is from Garou: Mark Of The Wolves

Street Fighter Tarot Cards

Nina Williams (Death By Degree)


Goh Hinogami (VF5FS)

Sexy outfit

Men Of Virtua Fighters

Switch Lion for Goh please