Saturday, May 31, 2014


The Heroes

The Treasure Hunter


Half human half demon. After killing his mother two hundred centuries ago. Okubi had completely left the Underworld and began life on Earth as a treasure hunter. Usually accompanied by the demon spirit Eligos. Okubi lives a very secluded life.While in search of the rare Zephaniah Blade. Okubi encounters a woman who will lead him down an unexpected path leading to lost truth

Defender Of Justice


A young sorceress and one of Beijing's top detectives. after witnessing her friend's death through his eyes. Xiaoyu swore vengeance as she began hunting down her decease friend's killers. Little does Xiaoyu realize. Her journey will lead her down the ultimate struggle between good and evil

The Dessert Demon


A ditsy, but strong demon. Apollyn was hired by Beijing's detective agency to accompany Xiaoyu on her mission. While Apollyn isn't much for brains. Her powers will come quite handy throughout Xiaoyu's journey.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Forbidden (New Blog Series)



Asira, a world filled with dragons, magic, and demons. Many centuries ago, nine powerful sages came together and fought against the demon Mastema. After the long battle, Mastema was sealed away inside a magical book. The great sages named the book Forbidden. Mastema sealed away, the citizens of Asira no longer troubled by the mighty demon. The sages had hidden the book away somewhere it would never be found. Not only to keep Mastema inside his prison, but the safety of everyone else. For anyone who uses the book without proper knowledge will surely die. Forbidden continued to be hidden for many centuries until a group of demons managed to find it. Like Mastema, these demons wanted to rid all life on Asira. While finding the book was rather easy. They could not release Mastema without a sufficient offering. The demons quickly discovered that the blood sacrifices of the descendant of the sages who sealed Mastema away. Enough of their blood spilled, Mastema could re-enter the world of Asira. The demons began their hunt without a hitch. Killing many powerful descendants of the great sages. Unfortunately one day, the ran into a detective when they came across their next prey. The demons managed to kill the sage and the detective, but unknown to them, the detective posses a unique ability. Right before his death. The detective used his Eye Magic. This allowed his comrades in China to see his death through his eyes. Watching the very last moments of his life. The demons have been discovered. They know there will be retaliation. Regardless the demons will just kill anyone or anything that gets in their way. Nothing will stop them from releasing Mastema. Will the heroes of Asira be able to stop these demons before the gather enough sacrifices to release Mastema?