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Hate Is

King Onyxe

The Demon King Of Asira/The 49th King



The current King of Asira. A mysterious man. Onyxe first entered the Devilry Combat at the young of age of thirteen. After murdering Queen Matilda, the forty eighth ruler of Asira. Onyxe became the next King. Ever since, Onyxe has been unstoppable. Despite his obvious evil presence. Upon taking the throne, chaos in Asira has drastically lessen. Unfortunately a new evil has arisen. A group of demons known as The Children Of Ruin plan on bringing Mastema back into Asira. If the children succeed in their plot. Onyxe will be face with a great challenge. Course that would require Onyxe not already knowing about the troublesome demons. For King Onyxe is always in the know.

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Lisa Brown

Servant Of Justice

One of Asira's many angels residing in Heaven. While Asira is completely aware of a group of demons, known as the Children Of Ruin. The demons seeking to release the demon lord, Mastema from the book Forbidden. Despite the many sages killed by these demons. Each death weakening the seal holding Mastema prison. Along with the possible havoc that will be unleash if Mastema is freed. As God, Asira has foreseen a band of heroes going against the demons. Not knowing the intentions of her master. Lisa growing tired of the Children Of Ruin's devious activities. Lisa ventures out of Heaven and joins the battle against the Children of Ruin

The B

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Perfect Hunk

Very Nice

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The Evil Summoner

Brutality is a young, but very powerful demon. After proving her worth in the Underworld. Brutality was recruited into The Children Of Ruin. Along with the with of the children, Brutality's goal is the sacrifice enough descendants of the great sages in order to bring Mastema back into Akira. During Xiaoyu and Okubi's journey. They will cross path with this demon on many occasions.

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Nanami and Ibuki

Profile: Apollyn

Name: Apollyn

Age: 513

Gender: Female. Sometimes mistaken as a male due to her flat chest

Likes: Carol (mother), siblings, making friends, desserts but especially those based in China

Dislikes: Boredom, being mistaken for a boy, her breast becoming big when she overuses her powers, bugs excluding Lady Bugs, salty foods, overly bossy beings

Magic Name: None. Apollyn is a full fledged demon

Magic Powers: Apollyn refers to her powers as "The Sweet" The Sweet allows Apollyn to use candy and dessert base magic

BIO: A kind but powerful demon from the Underworld. The youngest of Carol's thirteen children. Apollyn is the daughter of the demon Beelzebub. Born with the ability to create desserts from her blood. Apollyn equally loved eating them. When Apollyn was old enough to travel outside the Underworld. Apollyn traveled to various parts of Asira. Bringing home various desserts from different countries. Apollyn can eat an unlimited amount of desserts. Without losing her slender figure. Apollyn also posses another old ability. One that takes place whenever she engages in combat. The longer Apollyn is in battle. Not only does her strength increase, but her chest begins to grow as well. However if Apollyn doesn't defeat her opponent. Before her bust becomes too big. Apollyn will end up entering a berserker like state. Making it difficult to calm her down. Thankfully this has only happened once. During a sparring match against her brother Mikhail. Many years have pass since Apollyn started traveling outside the Underworld. Spending more time on Asira and less in her home realm. During one of her trips in Asira. Apollyn had encountered a young half demon named Okubi. Deciding she wanted to become friends with him. Only for Okubi to coldly rebuke her attempts to befriend him. Despite having multiple encounters with Okubi. Apollyn has yet to successfully make the half demon her friend. Yet Apollyn feels it in her heart. They will become close friends someday. Months later while journeying China for more sweets. Apollyn meets a man by the name Dong Fa. The Commander of China's top detective agency. After learning of Dong Fa's situation and his sweet offer. Apollyn decides to lend the Commander her services. Traveling with him to meet his star detective. In order to become her bodyguard. 


1. Apollyn's name is based on the Greek name Apollyon which means "Destroyer" in Greek

2. Apollyn's powers was inspired by the character Charlotte, The Dessert Witch. A villain from the manga/anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica

3. Despite being a demon of her age. Apollyn's appearance and behavior is that of a child. Course Apollyn has the general knowledge of the common demon adult. 

4. Apollyn is the youngest of her thirteen sibling. Apollyn is also the only child her mother had with Beelzebub

5. Apollyn is the only one who knew Okubi and Eligos. Prior to the story of Forbidden 

Celestia Ludenberg

Super High School Level Bitch. Long Live The Queen Of Liars

Kirigiri Figurine

Beautiful. Chibi Chihiro on the left hand corner

Crying Aoi

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Friendly Banging

Hot Banging


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Profile: Okubi

Demon of Fate

Name: Okubi Vice

Age: 357

Eye Color: Cerulean normally but turns crimson red on occasions. Red whenever he goes demon

Hair Color: Dandelion but changes to Vanilla from occasion

Gender: Male but has been mistaken for a female many times

Occupation: Treasure Hunter

Likes: Rare treasure, traveling, silence, Eligos's humor at times, Dragon Stew

Dislikes: People, Annoying Eligos, the past

Magic Name: Marchosias

Magic Powers: Okubi can manipulate dark matter, fire, water/ice. Okubi also posses natural demonic abilities.

The son of The Great Sage Boris Vice and Princess Ophelia of the Aello Empire. Okubi is a half demon with incredible powers. Known simply has a cruel hearted Treasure Hunter. Prior to becoming a Treasure Hunter. Okubi was once a kind hearted being. Sadly one terrible day changed Okubi's life forever. The first eight years of his life. Okubi was raised by both of his parents. Shortly after his father's heroic death. Okubi's grieving mother no longer wanting to live in Asira. Decided to take Okubi and her to The Underworld. While life in The Underworld was certainly not easy for Okubi. Due to The Underworld's extreme prejudice towards half demons like himself. Thanks to his mother and his Sensei Takeda Tobirama. Okubi had managed to deal living in The Underworld. Enjoying life alongside his beloved mother. Okubi was unaware of how heartbroken Ophelia was over his father's death. Along with her less than pure activities. Continuing to enjoy life alongside his mother. Okubi was certain they would remain together for eternity. Sadly Okubi would soon discover that fate had other plans for his mother and him.

One day after returning home from training. Okubi was shocked to see the house in shambles. Immediately worried about his mother's safety. Okubi began tracking her scent. After searching for over an hour. Okubi decided to search for his mother in Asira. Thinking she may had ventured there for some reason. Opening his portal with his mother in mind. Okubi would be able to transport to her location.  Stepping out of his portal. Okubi found himself in China. The air around him smother in blood. Lying before Okubi are multiple bodies on the ground. The area looked as if an earthquake had taken place. Ignoring his bloodlust Okubi continues tracking his mother. Now sensing an extremely powerful and fearsome energy. Fearing for his mother's safety. Okubi used his demonic powers to increase his speed. Eventually arriving to his mother's location. Okubi was devastated by what he saw. Not only was the malevolent energy coming from his mother.  Ophelia was causing the death and destruction around China. Immediately tears began rushing down from Okubi's eyes.

Unknown to Okubi, Ophelia had become possessed by an evil spirit. Turning the once peaceful demon into a being of mass destruction. Watching his mother killed before his very eyes. Okubi helplessly dropped to his knees. Tears continued falling from his eyes. Okubi began begging his mother to end her madness. Only for his pleas to fall on death ears. Okubi watches helplessly as Ophelia continues her rampage. However Okubi found it strange no matter how much destruction Ophelia was causing. Never once did his mother attempt to harm him. Watching his Mother continue with her massacre. Okubi spotted an injured woman holding her crying baby. Upon seeing his mom about to target the woman and her baby. Okubi knew he needed to do something to save them. Even if it meant attacking his mother. Knowing he couldn't harm his mother in his current state. Okubi used the technique Heartless. A technique that can temporarily render an individual to feel no emotion. Now with Heartless in effect. Okubi would be able to stop his mother. Seconds before Ophelia could kill the injure woman and her baby. Okubi created a ball of destructive energy. Targeting his mother with venom in his heart. Okubi unleashes a devastating energy beam at her. Killing his mother instantly upon contact. Reverting back to his normal self. While grateful the mother and her child were saved. Along with the destruction in China having ended. Realizing he had murdered his mother. Caused Okubi to feel an immense level of guilt. Leaving his mother's dead body behind. Okubi returned to The Underworld with the intentions of killing himself.

Shortly after returning back home. Right as Okubi was about to end his life. A Demon Spirit by the name Eligos stumbled upon him. The Underworld already aware of Okubi's actions. Eligos knew exactly why Okubi wanted to kill himself. Sensing Okubi didn't kill his mother by choice. Eligos pleaded with Okubi not to kill himself. Promising to become his loyal servant. Should Okubi not end his life. Swayed by his newly servant from killing himself. Okubi promised himself from this day forward. Never again care for anyone else but himself. Leaving The Underworld for good. Okubi and Eligos began their new life together in Asira. Now as an hired Treasure Hunter for various merchants and millionaires of Asira. Due to his very high success rate. Okubi became a multi millionaire as well. Years have gone by since the day he killed his mother. Instead of time healing Okubi. The half demon's only grew colder. Treating everyone from his servant to others with heavy contempt. Okubi would even physically abuse Eligos whenever he slightly pissed him off. Centuries has gone passed as Okubi continued life as a Treasure Hunter. Having killed many of his competitors over the years. Okubi was referred by those in the Treasure Hunting community as Lucifier! Yet Okubi was admired by majority of those who hired him. Despite his vast fortune and success. Okubi still had one desire and that was to die. Over the years Okubi had collected various books. In order to find a way to make himself mortal.

Having returned home from his latest conquest. Okubi along with Eligos ventured into his personal library. Reading through the multiple books he collected over the years. Okubi discovered a sword called the Unicorn Blade. Learning about the sword's magical properties and rumor location. Okubi had finally found a way to make himself mortal. Thus greatly shortening his otherwise nearly infinite lifespan. Not accepting any request at the time. Okubi along with Eligos prepared for travel to the deserted Logus Island. Unaware of the evil that currently plagued Asira. Okubi would soon find himself combating this very evil. Alongside him other heroes who he will refer to as friends. The journey to end his life. Shall become an journey to save Asira. Along with that journey Okubi will discover a painful truth. One that will either make him or completely shatter him


1. The woman and child Okubi's rescued back in China. Are the descendants of his friend Jia Xiaoyu

2. While Okubi's favorite dish is Dragon Stew. Due to his father having died battling a dragon. Okubi despises the winged creatures

3. While Okubi loved his father. Unlike his mother Okubi wasn't close to his father

4. Originally while studying Marchosias under his Sensei Tobirama. Okubi was able to manipulate fire, water, and dark energy. After having murdered his mother. Okubi gain the ability to manipulate ice

5. While many demons are able to create portal. Okubi is consider a high level portal summoner. Okubi was taught by his mother to make sufficient portals. Okubi learned to create portals with various deadly effects. Referring to them as Doom Portals

6. Okubi who was a powerful demon prior to undergoing the D.D.T. (Dark Dream Trial) After surviving the trial. Okubi's powers had increased drastically. However those very powers has also cursed Okubi with despair.

Nara Chabla

Cosmo Magician

A cool and handsome magician with unique magical abilities. Nara plans to enter the Devilry Combat Pre Tournament. However unknown to him. Nara is the descendant of the sages who sealed away Mastema. Will Xiaoyu and Okubi be able to save him before the demons get him?

Dragon From Skyrim

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Profile: Xiaoyu

Name: Xiaoyu

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Occupation: Detective

Likes: Her family, job, tea, reading, improving her magic

Dislikes: Injustice, her worrying mother, unsolved crimes, red meat

Magic Name: Xihe

Magic Powers: Xiaoyu can manipulate light energy and healing abilities

A young and headstrong detective from Beijing, China. Inspired by her late father Xiao Cheng. Xiaoyu decided she wanted to become a detective. Raised by her mother and grandmother. Xiaoyu was taught the magic arts of Xihe. In order to prepare herself for her dangerous future. Joining the Daoji Agency at the age sixteen. Xiaoyu solved her first major case at seventeen. Having proved herself a capable detective. Gaining the attention of veteran detective Dong Fa. Xiaoyu was recruited into Dong Fa's elite detective unit. Xiaoyu immediately befriended former rookie cop Wei Chan. After years of solving cases. Xiaoyu was due for a vacation. The day before her vacation. Xiaoyu along with her fellow detectives. Were made to witness a tragic event. Through the use of Wei's magic the Sight. Xiaoyu and the others watched both Wei and an unknown sage being murdered. Having watched her best friend die. Xiaoyu immediately reacted in rage. Demanding that Dong Fa sent her to find Wei's killer. While Dong Fa didn't give into Xiaoyu's request at first. Xiaoyu angrily left the agency and returned home. Hours later Xiaoyu heard a knock on the door. Upon opening the door. Xiaoyu was greeted by her boss. Along with him was a sky blue haired demon. After talking things over with Dong Fa. Xiaoyu received her request to track down Wei's killer. Course Xiaoyu had to take the demon with her. Once accepting her Boss's demand. Xiaoyu along with the demon Apollyn. Caught the first plane going to Mayland.


1. The name of Xiaoyu's magic XIHE. Is based on the Chinese Goddess of the same name. Known as the Solar Deity. Which was the inspiration of Xiaoyu's light powers

2. Xiaoyu can speak in multiple languages. Those languages are Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, German, and Cantonese

3. While Xiaoyu is a very competent detective. Xiaoyu's biggest flaw is following her emotions. Instead of being more logical. Thankfully experience has lessen this bad habit of hers

Angelina Mifune


Formally a human exorcist now heartless assassin. The day Momo Mifune slayed the demon Lilith with the Zyra Blade. The slain demon's life force and powers went to Momo. Changing her from something good to pure evil. Now calling herself Angelina. Angelina uses her demonic powers to cause death and chaos.


The Resurrected Assassin

A beautiful and sadistic assassin that lived two hundred years ago. Killed in battle. Angelina had died at the age of twenty seven. Many years later, her body has been dug up by an unknown sage. The mysterious sage places a rare gem known as the Luxury Gem on Angelina's crotch. The once decease assassin now alive. Before Angelina can react, the sage gives her a mission. "Find the ones responsible for the murders of the great sages. In return I shall grant you permanent life. For that Luxury Gem can only keep you alive, but so long". In order to retain her new life. Angelina begins her merciless hunt for these unknown killers

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