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Forbidden Chapter 1 & 2 Finalize

As of tonight. Both chapter one and two of Forbidden has been completely fixed. All mistake corrected and dialogue. Hopefully reading those chapters will not be much more enjoyable. Along with making better sense "as much sense a crazy like me can make lol". Anyways I hope to fix chapter 3,4,5 next week. Having a tablet is great, but typing on it is a bitch. The internet cafe' is expensive, but what can I do? As long as the passion for writing my stories remain. I will continue to doing everything I can to write them. Anyways both chapter one and two are written to the best of my perfection. Peace

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Dear Viewers

 Tonight I have just completed the fifth chapter of Forbidden. While writing my stories. I often make many mistakes. Non of my stories are pre written. Every chapter comes straight from my head. I write down personal notes for some of the chapters.  Most of time I write everything frim imagination.  Anyways I'm very much enjoying writing these stories.  Hopefully this time around., I'll actually complete this story. Anyways I plan to go back to older chapters. Fixing various mistakes.  I want this story to be as enjoyable as possible.  Thank you for your time.  I aopreciate the views. Good night and take care. Chapter 6 will be very packed with action

Jia Xiaoyu (Adventurer)

New Appearance. Chapter 5 and forward

Forbidden Chapter 5


Reaching Morse two and a half hours later after leaving Gamboge. Upon to their new destination. The group found a place to eat and a hotel to stay in..Upon waking up the next morning. Nearly naked in bed and half asleep. Xiaoyu is awaken by her friend's sweet, but loud voice. Xiaoyu wanted to go back to sleep, but once she spotted the alarm clock. The young detective immediately sprung out of bed


Xiaoyu: Apollyn! Why did you let me sleep so late?

Apollyn: Late? It's only 8:39. Apollyn usually sleeps to one o'clock. Now that's late ha ha

Xiaoyu: I can't be sleeping this late. I should had been up hours ago. We have a mission to accomplish.Where is Okubi and Eligos? 

Apollyn: Where are they again? Oh, Okubi and Eligos are outside by the fountains. They been down there for nearly four hours I think?

Xiaoyu: Did they get any sleep?

Apollyn: Okubi doesn't care for too much sleep. Just enough to be well rested. Eligos being a spirit doesn't require sleep.

Xiaoyu: Good. Well let me get myself cleaned up and dressed

Apollyn: Oh that reminds me. Are you going to take Okubi's advice and not wear the suit?

Xiaoyu: I hate to admit it, but he's right. That suit of mine makes me too obvious to the enemy. The outfit Okubi purchased for me will proved to be much better for our mission

Apollyn: I don't remember that being the reason. Okubi said it was tacky

Xiaoyu: Oh shut up. That's the reason am changing and I'm sticking to it. Now if you'll excuse me. I have to get myself cleaned up

Apollyn: Do you need help washing up? Apollyn will clean you up like Cerebie back at home

Xiaoyu: No... no that's quite alright

Apollyn: If you say so. Apollyn is going to get something to eat

Xiaoyu: You got and do that. I should be finish by then

Apollyn: Don't forget to dye your hair too

Xiaoyu: Thanks for the reminder

Apollyn exits the room as Xiaoyu gets ready to shower. After getting dress, Xiaoyu goes to find Apollyn at the hotel's cafeteria. After both women enjoy their breakfast. They go to find Okubi and Eligos. Upon reaching the hotel's back exit. Xiaoyu notices Okubi manipulating the water in the fountain with graceful movements of his hand

Xiaoyu: I guessing Okubi's magic allows him to manipulate water. From what I saw yesterday. I thought he only controlled fire and ice. Guess not

Apollyn: Oh you ain't seen nothing yet. Okubi not only has his natural demonic abilities like myself. Okubi's magic allows him to manipulate fire, water, ice, and darkness. Okubi is what they call a badass

Xiaoyu: He has quite the repertoire of abilities. I wonder what's the name of his magic?

Appolyn: Why don't you just ask him?

Xiaoyu: Okubi isn't exactly the talkative type. I believe he merely has Eligos around so it doesn't appear he's talking to himself. Still if I want to get to know him... to get to trust him. I have to first get to know him more. Not that he will make that easy

Apollyn: You can say that again. Okubi hasn't allowed anyone to get close to him. Considering what happened nearly three hundred years ago

Xiaoyu: Exactly what did happen?

Apollyn: Do you really want to know?

Xiaoyu: Of course

Apollyn: Well you ain't her it from Apollyn. My home, The Underworld has been filled with many stories sense it's existence. According a rumor I heard 66 years ago. Course this happened way before that. Anyways the rumor I heard sixty six years ago. That rumor I heard sixty six years ago....

Xiaoyu: Spill it already!

Apollyn: Okubi's mother, Ophelia. He killed her

Upon hearing Appolyn's statement. Xiaoyu felt a chill runs through her body. The negative thoughts about Okubi now seem reasonable. Xiaoyu felt mixed emotions. A part of her wanted to open the hotel back door. Unleashing a deadly blast of light onto Okubi. Another part of her wanted to grab Apollyn and run. Despite her current emotions. Xiaoyu tried to reason with herself. Telling herself that not even Okubi could be cruel enough to murder his own mother. There must be more to this story. Xiaoyu had every intention of finding out if Apollyn's story is true or not

Apollyn: Please don't tell him I said that

Xiaoyu: No need to be afraid of him Apollyn. If anything goes wrong, I will take the blame. I will see to it Okubi does nothing to you. However after hearing this. I cannot simply ignore such a tale. I have only know Okubi for a few days, but know very little about him. If I ever hope to gain some form of trust with him. I need to know if this very story is true. Did Okubi really murder his mother?. Now grab our bags and follow me out the door.

Apollyn: Apollyn won't get in trouble with Okubi?

Xiaoyu: I can't promise he won't scold you, but I will see to it no physical harm befalls you.

Apollyn does as Xiaoyu says and grab their luggage. The two women then exits out the hotel back exits. Immediately face with Okubi and Eligos

Eligos: Morning ladies

Apollyn: Good morning Eligos... good morning Okubi

Okubi: What's wrong with her?

Xiaoyu: Nothing really, nothing you should worry yourself with

Okubi: Me worried about her? Get serious. By the way thanks for ditching that gaudy jumpsuit of yours. That much orange is simply distasteful. Course I could had lived without that silly dye job of yours

Eligos: Silly? It looks very nice on you Ms. Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu: Thanks Eligos. I very much agree

Apollyn: So?

Xiaoyu: Yes. Okubi...

Xiaoyu takes a momentary pause before finishing her sentence

Xiaoyu: There is something I need to ask you

Okubi: About what exactly?

Okubi ceases his water play and stands up. Standing in front of the fountain. Okubi looks directly at both Xiaoyu and Apollyn. Eligos standing beside his master with a look of concern

Xiaoyu: First I want you to promise me you will not hurt Apollyn

Okubi: What? What did that imbecile do now?

Apollyn: Apollyn did nothing! Nothing I tell you

Apollyn immediately hides behind Xiaoyu. In hope that Xiaoyu will protect her from Okubi's fury

Xiaoyu: She's done nothing wrong. Unlike you

Okubi: What do you mean by that?

Xiaoyu: Before I go any further with you. I need to know this. Did you murder your mother?

Upon the completion of Xiaoyu's question. A long moment of silence takes place. A great rage begins to build up within Okubi. Blue, red, and black aura emits around the half demon's body. Along with his appearance becoming more demonic than human. Staring angrily at the women. Okubi does everything in his power not to unleash pure hell on either Xiaoyu or Apollyn. While Apollyn cowards in fear. Xiaoyu continues to stand her ground. Waiting for the menacing man before her to speak. However before Okubi could get a word out. The name angry Eligos goes off on Xiaoyu

Eligos: How dare you! How dare you girl talk to my master about such personal matters. Apollyn you bigmouth!

Xiaoyu somewhat taken aback by the harshness of Eligos's words. Despite the demonic spirits anger. Xiaoyu refuses to back down

Xiaoyu: Forgive my rudeness Eligos. I truly mean no harm. However I cannot keep my concerns hidden no longer. Despite your heroic deeds here and there. I cannot shake the feeling of this evil I feel from you

Eligos: Are you mental? All demons have a dark presence to them. That doesn't mean their necessary evil. Stupid girl... I ought to--

Before Eligos could finish his sentence. The demon spirit finds himself trapped between the hand of his master. Pulled before his master's evil face. Eligos begins to realize only how angry his master truly is

Eligos: Master I--

Okubi: What have I told you about speaking for me? Now get behind me and shut up!

Okubi then releases Eligos as the demon spirit does exactly what he was ordered. Okubi then turns his attention back to Xiaoyu and Apollyn. Staring at both women with malice in his eyes. Xiaoyu begins emitting light from her body. Preparing herself in case Okubi strikes at them

Okubi: Woman if I had intended to kill you, it would had happened already. Since you want to know if I killed my mother? To answer you question, yes I did!

Xiaoyu: Why? What would make you kill your own mother? Money, power, hate?

Okubi: None of the above. I loved my mother with all my heart. I loved both my parents with all my heart. Nothing in this world or any world means more to me than my mother.

As Okubi continued to talk, Xiaoyu noticed tears began running down his eyes. Until today, Xiaoyu never knew demons were capable of crying. Then Xiaoyu thought to herself that Okubi is a half demon. The other half like her is human. Perhaps demons rather they be half or full fledged are able to feel sadness. Xiaoyu believed because Okubi was both. He was able to feel sadness greater than most of his kind. She watched and listen as Okubi continued his sorrowful tale

Okubi:  My mother was my world. I loved the very dirt she walked on. The day I killed my mother was the day I wanted to stop living. After losing my father at a very young age. I wasn't even thirteen when my father died. My father along with his friends died battling the dragon Apocalypse. Defending Asira from the evil creatures destructive powers. After losing my father. All I had left was my mother as she had me. Together we decided to return to the Underworld. Spending the remainder of our lives together, I soon moved on from my father's death. While I was more than content living life with my mother. Unbeknownst to me, my mother was very depressed. The fool that I was back then. I never realized how unhappy my mother was. How much she had missed my father. My mother knew I couldn't bare to see her upset, so she pretended to be something she wasn't. As time went by even I notice something was wrong with my mother. Instead of trying to figure out the reason why. The selfish child that I was. I didn't care how she felt from the inside. As long as everything from the outside remained the same. As long as she was with me. I didn't care about anything else. I didn't care to realize how much she was hurting inside. The illusion of my happy life continued until one day. While returning from training with my former master. I came home to discovered my mother was messing. After searching all the known places in the Underworld. I decided to venture out to Asira. What I saw new nearly crushed. Upon arriving to Asira. Nothing but screams of terror and blood filled the air. Destruction everywhere I turned and countless bodies on the floor. I knew something was terribly wrong. No demon has caused such an act of evil since Mastema himself. I followed the path of destruction and when I found the cause of it. I wanted to die! The cause of the chaos that surrounded was no other than my beloved mother. Somehow, someway, my mother had gone insane. Destroying everything insight. Rather it be a nearby tree or a young child. I began calling out to her, begging her to cease her madness. My cries fell on death's ear. Not did my cries did not reach her. It was almost like I wasn't even there. My mother struck down everything in sight except for me. I never felt so helpless in my life as I did that very day. I watched as my mother continued to destroy everything around her. No matter how hard I tried or how hard I cried. My mother continued unleashing hell on Asira. It wasn't until I spotted a injured mother holding her baby girl. Trying to hide themselves within the chaos. Unfortunately my mother spotted them. It was that moment I had to choose to either let the mother and her daughter die. Or to do what I knew had to be done. I allowed the hate in my heart to take over. I was that very hate that gave me to strength to kill my mother. I unleashed a powerful blast of darkness that vaporize my mother upon contact. The chaos immediately cease, but I committed and unforgivable act. I murdered the only person I loved. The only person who ever loved me. Without the only person I ever truly cared no longer alive. Due to my actions. I decided I too did not deserve to live. I had intended to use that very same hatred to end my own life. It was then I was found by Eligos. Until this day, I don't know how he did it. If Eligos had not convince me otherwise... I wouldn't be here today. I told myself from that day forward. I would live for nobody but myself. I would love no one. So there you have it. It is the reason I am the way I am today. Are you satisfied now!

Hearing the whole story of Okubi's childhood. Xiaoyu felt both great regret and sorrow. Had she not question her trust of Okubi. All of this could had been avoided. Xiaoyu felt a great hurt as she forced Okubi to remember the worst day of his life. Not only was she responsible for the tears running die the half demon's eyes. Unbeknownst to Okubi. The very people he saved that day were her ancestors. The story passed down from her family was indeed true. The Sorrowful Child in those story was indeed Okubi. Without another word, Okubi began walking away. Realizing what she had done. Xiaoyu could not allow Okubi to simply walk away from her. Not without letting him know how she really felt about him. Without any sought of resistance. Xiaoyu ran after Okubi as fast as humanly possible. Before Okubi realized it, Xiaoyu stood in his way

Okubi: Out of my way! Out of my way now unless you wish to die

Xiaoyu: No please just wait.

Xiaoyu then extends her hands out and grabs Okubi's hands with hers. Like the half demon earlier. Tears now begin running down her face. Filled with guilt and fear. No longer the fear of Okubi, but the fear of losing him. Before Okubi could respond in any sought of way. Xiaoyu begins to speak

Xiaoyu: I'm so sorry. It was my fears and doubts that caused this. I should had just trusted you in the first place. It's just since my dear friend was killed by demons. I took that very frustration upon you. That was wrong of me. I understand that now. I let my personal feelings get in the way of things. I know now that was wrong and unprofessional of me. The fact of the matter is, I need you by my side. I can't do this without your help. I can't do this on my own. I'm not strong enough. Until you came along, I felt hopeless. I came to this strange land not because I cared about the dead sages. Like a pathetic human, I only came here to avenge my friends death. Upon meeting you. I actually started to believe I can actually be a hero. Not only avenge my friend, but to actually stop any more descendants from being killed.

No longer able to keep crying calmly. Xiaoyu's emotions take over as she falls into Okubi's chest. Crying harder than before. Xiaoyu yells out "Please don't leave me!" I can't do this without you". Apollyn still far away watches her friend begging Okubi to stay. Eligos does the same while keeping his silence. The next thing that happened took all by surprise. As long as Eligos knew Okubi. He expected Okubi to crush Xiaoyu's head between his palms. Instead, Okubi wraps his arms around her, holding her in comfort. Following the unexpected hug, Okubi begins to speak

Okubi: I forgive you. If it means that much to you. I'll stay besides you. I'll stay as long as you need me too. Now please stop crying. Enough tears have been shed for today. Especially so early in the day. To be honest... I really enjoy your company. Both Apollyn's and yours. I just tried so hard not to feel anything. Not to care. Caring about someone only hurts me in the end. Despite of that hurt. It hurts more not to allow anyone inside. I been holding this pain in so long. I allow it to consume me and control the way I lived. I cannot undo my past, but from this day forward. I promise to be a kinder more gentler person. Course not too gentle.

Xiaoyu: And I promise to trust you more.

Apollyn runs up to her friends. Relieved that everything worked out for the best.

Apollyn: I'm sorry too Okubi

Okubi: It's fine shortcake. However it is I who owes you an apology. Throughout our various encounters. I been nothing but as Eligos would say, a "dick" to you. Not realizing you were to only full fledged demon to ever show me kindness. I was too angry back then to appreciate it. Despite my mean ways. Thank you for your continuous kindness towards me Apollyn

Apollyn: No problem. I knew there was good in you somewhere. Course some strawberry cheesecake with a bowl of pistachio would be nice

Okubi: No problem. I'll buy you some on the way to the train. After all we still need to get to the Royal Lands before the Devilry Combat Qualifications begins.

Eligos: It is so good that we--

Before Eligos finishes his sentence. Okubi turns his head to his demonic spirit servant. Eligos silences in hopes of not angering his master. Okubi once again grabs Eligos in his hand. However instead of scolding him. Okubi kisses Eligos on his forehead

Okubi: As for you. Thank you for staying by my side for all these years. I treated you poorly and for that I'm sorry. From this day forward that all changes. For if you hadn't shown up that very moment. I would had been long dead. Thank you for saving me Eligos

Without saying a word, Eligos smiles as Okubi releases him

Xiaoyu: The Morse train station isn't too far from here.

Okubi: Indeed. That means we got some time to do some sight seeing. Who said heroes have to be all fighting and no pleasure? It's early and if we get to the Morse train station within two hours. We will still be making good timing towards our next destination. So how about it?

Apollyn: Apollyn is cool with that

Xiaoyu: A little bit of sight seeing, but instead of two hours. Let's just do one. As heroes. We have to put the need of the many before our own. There will be time for sight seeing later. First we must stop the Children Of Ruin gathering enough sacrifices in order to release Mastema

Okubi: Spoken like a true hero. An hour it is

Eligos: We're finally a real team. Nothing is going to stop us now

Xiaoyu: You're damn right about that. Now let's get moving


After doing a little bit of sight seeing. To the groups surprise, Okubi is the first to fall asleep on the train. While Okubi rests on the long ride to the next destination. Apollyn goes to find something sweet to eat. Xiaoyu starts reading the various reports given to her by Malcolm. Xiaoyu finds herself pleasantly interrupted by Eligos

Xiaoyu: Well hello Eligos. Something on your minds? I know Okub's asleep, but if it's important. You know you can tell me?

Eligos: Well who else can I tell? Certainly not Apollyn. Xiaoyu what my master told you was the very truth

Xiaoyu: I know. Ever word that came out of Okubi's mouth of the undisputed truth. I only wish he could had saved his mother. I couldn't help but feel Ophelia became posses by something. Something that drove her to such evil acts. Well I'll keep that to myself. I do not wish to further hurt Okubi

Eligos: About my master. Do you remember why he started his journey in the first place?

Xiaoyu: Of course. Okubi seeks the Unicorn Sword

Eligos: Do you know what he plans to do once he finds the sword?

Suddenly Xiaoyu begins to feel unpleasant feelings. Feelings of great concern for Okubi's well being

Xiaoyu: So exactly what does he plan to do with the sword?

Eligos: To finish what he started. To kill himself! Truth of the matter is, the master wishes very much to die. I only delayed the inevitable. Unless the master finds a reason to keep on living. Once he's done helping you. He intends to end his own life. I don't mean to burden you with this. However, I feel you're my only hope. Please help me save Okubi?


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Forbidden Chapter 4

Forbidden Chapter Four- Brutal Encounter

After traveling many hours. Both Xiaoyu and Apollyn have arrived in Gamboge. Walking through the very tropical town. One can't go a block without seeing a fruit stands, dancers, magic shows, and other unique attractions. The two woman avoid the attractions as they make their way to meet Malcolm Loiter

Apollyn: This place is boring. Nothing but yucky fruit around here. Appolyn wants some ice cream

Xiaoyu: Again? You just had ice cream over an hour ago. I told you this already. We are here for business, I have real work to do. I didn't come to Mayland to go on some dessert eating extravaganza. Just follow my lead and no more talk of sweets

Apollyn: Being your body guard is so boring. We don't do anything fun.

Xiaoyu: Well I didn't come here to have fun. I came here to find the demons who murdered my friend. Along with the countless sages they had murdered. If this is too "boring" for you Lynn. I fully understand if you want to quit

Appolyn: Me quit? No way. Once Appolyn makes a deal, she sticks by it no matter what

Xiaoyu: What deal would that be?

Appolyn: Your boss promise Appolyn all the sweets in China Appolyn wants if Appolyn helps you

Xiaoyu: *sigh* Why am I not surprise? I neglected to ask you earlier. A lot was on my mind. Anyways what exactly are your powers?

Apollyn: Oh my powers? My powers are something truly awesome. Let Appolyn show you

Appolyn holds out her right hand as a red gooey substance begins to form. The red goo forming out of her palm, it begins to take shape. Only seconds later, the red goo has become animated crepes filled with strawberry sauce. The little crepe bounces up and down in Appolyn's palm

Apollyn: Talk about awesome and cute

Xiaoyu:.... So your powers are to create desserts? HOW IN THE HELL IS THAT GOING TO BE USEFUL IN BATTLE?

Both Appolyn and the crepe monster shriek in terror as they move away from Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu: THAT'S IT! Once we get arrive to Malcolm's office. I'm going to have you sent back to HQ. I can't believe Dong Fa would do this to me

Apollyn: Please don't. Appolyn may not look it, but Appolyn is very strong. Please don't send me back. Apollyn wants to help find bad demons too. P-Leeze?

Xiaoyu: FINE! Only if you don't mention desserts anymore

Apollyn: You're asking Appolyn to do the impossible. Baby steps

Xiaoyu: Argh! Let's just get going already

As the woman continue to their destination, Appolyn's nose picks up something. The young demon immediately begins to sniff the air around her

Xiaoyu: What dessert do you smell now?

Apollyn: What a exotic yet sinister smell. I think Appolyn knows this smell

Before Appolyn could figure out the source of the smell. A scantly clad man appears out of nowhere. Alongside the man appears a floating blue spirit. Appolyn instinctively hides behind Xiaoyu. While doing so, holds Xiaoyu down. Making sure her friend does nothing to anger the man

Xiaoyu: Lynn let me go, why are you acting even weirder all the sudden?

Xiaoyu then turns her attention to the man. Sensing a dark presence surrounding him. Xiaoyu wonders if this man is perhaps one of the demons who murdered her friend

Okubi: How unfortunate I run into you again Lynn

Eligos; Long time no see Dessert Demon

Apollyn: Hello Okubi, hello Eligos.

Upon seeing that both Appolyn and the man are familiar with one another. Xiaoyu determines he cannot be one of the demons she is hunting down. None the less, Xiaoyu can sense and feel the man's demonic presence. Something more twisted than any evil presence she has ever felt before

Xiaoyu: "This man has quite an evil presence. A rather feminine looking man, if I say so myself. Since he knows Appolyn. He may not be all bad. Still, I should at least question him. First let me introduce myself"

Xiaoyu: Hello sir my name is--

Okubi: I didn't ask nor do I care. Anyways try not popping up anywhere else I go Lynn. The last ten years. Every other town I go to. I'm curse by your presence. Please cease being such an annoyance

Eligos: Master, why are always so mean to Appolyn?

Okubi: You be quite. We're leaving

Okubi and Eligos start to take their leave, only to be stopped by Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu: FREEZE! How dare you speak to not only a detective like myself in such a manner. You idare insult my friend? Who the hell do you think you are?

Okubi: Who the hell do you think you are! Do you truly believe I give a damn about your title cur? I do as I please and what pleases me is not wasting anymore time with you two. Besides, I have committed no crime here

Eligos: Emphasis on "here"

Okubi: Anyways I must be on my way

Xiaoyu: If you have done nothing wrong. Then you shouldn't mind answering my questions

Okubi shoots Xiaoyu an evil stare. Xiaoyu stares back unfazed by the rude demon. After a few seconds, Okubi gives in

Okubi: FINE! If only to get you off my back. I'll answer your stupid questions. Three to be exact

Xiaoyu: Works for me. The first being, where are you heading too

Before Okubi could answer, his spirit companion, Eligos response

Eligos: Oh a woman as beautiful as you would hate it. The master is forcing me to follow him to Logus Island.

"Gross" Xiaoyu says out loud. Xiaoyu could hardly believe a man of Okubi's appearance is journeying to such a place. Regardless, Xiaoyu has two more questions? Questions she wants answered only by Okubi

Xiaoyu: Oh thank you so much kind spirit. However I much rather your master respond

Eligos: Pardon my rudeness madam

Okubi: Speak for me again Eligos and you will be severely punished.

Xiaoyu: My next question. Why exactly are you going to Logus Island?

Okubi: I'm searching for the Unicorn Sword. I hope your final question is much more suited for a rookie detective

Xiaoyu: ROOKIE DETECTIVE! Never mind. I can't let you get under my skin like that. Anyways onto the last question. Do you know anything about a group of demons.Demons that are going around killing descendants of the Great Sages?

Suddenly an unusual expression takes shape on Okubi's face. The look of confusion. Something Okubi has not had in the last few centuries

Xiaoyu: Your face says all I need to know. You haven't even heard of such events until now.

Eligos: Didn't I warn you about not keeping up with current events?

Okubi: Oh quite you. Anyways that was all three question. Now leave me be or else. Let's go Eligos

Eligos: It's been nice meeting you lady detective. Take care girls. Maybe we'll meet again soon. Farewell

 Okubi and Eligos take their leave. A half an hour later, Xiaoyu and Appolyn arrive to Malcolm's place of work. Entering the Gamboge Police Department Building. The women found themselves surrounded by chaos. Based on the commotion. Xiaoyu was able to discern that a detainee had escaped their custody. Sighting Malcolm's office. Xiaoyu grabs Appolyn's hand and pulls her to Malcolm's office. Entering the room. The woman immediately a handsome dark caramel skinned man. 

Appolyn: Oh what a sexy man. He skin color reminds me of caramel I wonder is he taste as good as he looks

Xiaoyu: How inappropriate Lynn. Anyways sorry that we're late. We got here as soon as possible. My name is Jia Xiaoyu. Detective from the Daoiji Agency. This is my bodyguard, Appolyn

Malcolm: Hello ladies, the name's Malcolm Loiter. I wish we could had meet under better circumstance. Unfortunately---

Before Malcolm could finish his sentence. Xiaoyu cuts him off

Xiaoyu: Forgive me for cutting you off. However it seems to me a detainee has escaped from here?

Malcolm: That sadly is correct. A sage by the name Ezekiel Stone. He escaped from here not too long ago. Mr Stone was arrested and brought here a hour ago, after being caught attempting to rob a bank. While during our investigation. We had our Blood Decoder test Ezekiel's blood. Turns out, Mr. Stone is a descendant of The Great Sages. Unfortunately not too long ago. Mr. Ezekiel managed to escape. Not only that. While I was interrogating him. Mr. Ezekiel mentioned a blonde haired woman appearing everywhere he went. Mr. Ezekiel seem very worried when talking about her. Considering who he is, we need to find him fast. Otherwise one of the demons of The Children Of Ruin certainly will. If they haven't already found him

Xiaoyu: Children Of Ruin? So that's what they call themselves. The very same demons who murdered my friend

Malcolm: I''m sorry to hear that. Right now we need to go find Ezekiel. Before he ends up like the other descendants

Xiaoyu: Understood. C'mon Appolyn, let's go


Ezekiel: Damn cops. Think they can keep the Great Ezekiel lock down  No one contains this wicked magician. Now to get out of this place

???: The only place you're going is with me

Appearing before Ezekiel, a young and buxom blonde haired woman. Staring at the mysterious woman. The very same woman Ezekiel has been seeing all day. The woman gives him the kind a look any murderer would give their victim. Ezekiel tries his best not to show fear. Unfortunately the sweat coming down his face shows otherwise.

Ezekiel: I knew it. Crazy chick following me. Am not going noways with you girly. Not move out my way before I gets violent

???: Violent? I like violent

Ezekiel: Crazy ass woman. WHAT THE HELL DO YA WANT FROM ME?

???: It's not what I want, but my master. He needs the blood of your kind in order to finish what he started. Prepared to be sacrifice young magician. Resistance is futile

Mean while running through town. Xiaoyu, Appolyn, and Malcolm continue their search for the escaped sage. Both Xiaoyu and Malcolm running as fast as they can. While Appolyn running only fast enough not to out run them. The trio hoping to find Ezekiel before the demons do

Xiaoyu: I wonder where could he have gone

Malcolm: He can't be too far and still on foot no less

Xiaoyu: Where would most criminal run to in a situation like this?

Malcolm: I got it, the Gamboge Forest. Follow me

Appolyn: Appolyn hates running

Twenty minutes later, Xiaoyu, Appolyn, and Malcolm arrive to the forest. Upon reaching the forest. The trio encounter an unknown blonde haired woman. The trio then spots on the ground A pool of blood. The sage Ezekiel Stone has been murdered. Appolyn immediately screams out in horror

Appolyn: OH NO!

Malcolm: Dammit!

Xiaoyu: We got here too late to save him, but not late enough to catch his killer. Who are you?

Malcolm: The blonde woman? Ezekiel was telling the truth. Who are you and why did you kill Ezekiel?

???: Witnesses. I guess the sage won't be the only one I kill today

Malcolm: I'll repeat myself once again. WHO ARE YOU AND WHY DID YOU KILL EZEKIEL?

???: Who and why? First you may call my Brutality! As for why this sage is dead? He was a necessary sacrifice for my master

Xiaoyu: For Mastema?

Brutality: Aren't you quite informed

Xiaoyu: It was you and your friends who killed Wei

Brutality: So that's the name of that worm who exposed us. I only wish I could had prolonged his suffering

Xiaoyu: YOU BITCH! 

Apollyn: Xiao, please calm yourself

Xiaoyu: NO! It was her and her buddies who killed Wei. Don't worry, I know I got a job to do. However I'm going to first make her pay for what her friends and she did to Wei. ACTIVATE XIHE!  

Xiaoyu body becomes surrounded in a powerful white aura.  As her body illuminates, Xiaoyu takes a wushu battle stance. 

Appolyn: Wow! Xiao looks so angelic surrounded by all that light. Still this is not good. It's time for Appolyn to perform her duties. 

Apollyn stands beside Xiaoyu, ready to fight

Xiaoyu: Malcolm, Appolyn and I can take her. Go get back up

Malcolm: Are you sure? Am not practitioner of magic, but I know how to use a gun

Xiaoyu: Much appreciated. However I don't think a mere gun will do much against this demon. Trust me and go already

Malcolm: I'll go get back up. Don't you two die on me

Brutality: You're not going anywhere. Summon--


Before Brutality could summon a being to stop Malcolm. Appolyn opens her mouth, releasing a blast of burning hot chocolate from her mouth. Seeing the attack, Brutality swiftly moves out of harms way. Instead, Appolyn's attack hits a nearby tree and melts it.

Xiaoyu: I know this isn't the time, but I apologize for calling your powers useless. That was very impressive

Apollyn: Thank you

Xiaoyu: You have breast too I see

Apollyn: Side effect of using my powers. Right now I'm a A CUP right now. However the longer I use my powers, the bigger my breast become. I just gotta make sure I don't reach MM CUPS

Xiaoyu: What would happen if you did?

Apollyn: According to my mommy. Appoyln becomes a very mean demon. One who would attacks everything

Xiaoyu: Basically once your breast become too big. You becomes a wild demon with no control

Apollyn: Is that what I said

Xiaoyu: Anyways let's just focus on the task at hand. Dealing with Brutality. It's time she pays for her crimes

Brutality:  How dare you maggots get in my way. My brethren and I are planning to release the true ruler of this world. Once we sacrifice enough of those pathetic sages. Our master shall return and recreate this world in his image. Maggots like you have no place in Mastema's Utopia. Anyone or anything that opposes his will be slaughter

Xiaoyu: I won't allow that to happen. Not as long as I live

Brutality: Then it won't be long

Xiaoyu: Says you... LIGHT DARTS

Creating darts of light in her hands. Xiaoyu throws them towards Brutality. Using her inhuman relfexes. Brutality dodges every single light dart

Xiaoyu: Impressive for scum, but it won't be that easy. LIGHT CANNON

Xiaoyu creates a gigantic energy ball of light and releases it towards Brutality

Using her demonic strength, Brutality slapss the attack away with her left hand. Sending the big ball of light to a nearby tree, knocking the tree down. Realizing the power of their enemy. Xiaoyu begins to lose her confidence

Apollyn: This demon is powerful. Maybe even too powerful for us

Xiaoyu: I never seen someone deal with my attacks with such ease. Dammit! I have to defeat her

Brutality: Face it maggots. While a small of our brethren managed to be killed. The best of Mastema's disciples are unstoppable. Face it, you're finished

Xiaoyu: It's not over yet.

Brutality: Oh but it is. Now I summon... Nox Edimmu

Brutality summons a balloon clown like creature out of thin air. Floating besides it's summoner. The demon awaits it's master's command. 

Apollyn: GROSS! I hate clowns

Xiaoyu: Even with that creature by your side. We shall still be victorious. Get ready Appolyn

Appolyn: It's combination assault time. HARD CHOCOLATE! 

Xiaoyu:  LIGHT BEAM!

Combining their attacks, Xiaoyu releases a beam of light energy as Appolyn shoots out hard pieces of chocolate chips towards Brutality and Nox Edimmu. A sinister smile cross Brutality's face as she prepares to counter attack. 

Brutality: Now Edimmu... REFLECTO!

Nox Edimmu create a light lavender shield. The shield intercepts Xiaoyu and Appolyn's attacks. Nox Edimmu then bounces the attack back to them.  Quickly countering Nox Edimmu's Reflecto. Xiaoyu creates a sphere of light around Appolyn and her. The light sphere manages to defend against the attack

Brutality: How cute, you got some defensive spell. Too bad my creature has a attack just for those kinds of spells. Now Nox Edimmu, use BREAK BLAST!

Creating a ball of red energy between his hands. Edimmu unleashes a powerful crimson red blast towards Xiaoyu and Appolyn. Despite Xiaoyu's best efforts, the attacks breaks through her barrier. Both Xiaoyu and Appolyn are hit hard by Nox Edimmu's attack. Laying on the ground, withering in pain. The girls begin to realizes how hopeless this fight was. Despite their best efforts. Brutality has completely overpowered them

Xiaoyu: I can't believe this. Why couldn't I stop you? I couldn't defeat Wei's killer. How pathetic

Apollyn: The only pathetic one here is me. Apollyn is an embarrassment to all demon. My mommy would be so sad

Brutality: Now you understand the error of your ways. Maggots like you could never defeat me. Now Nox Edimmu, go and suck out their souls. Useless vermin


As the creature moves towards the defeated heroines. Out of nowhere, a blast of freezing wind and fire strike Nox Edimmu. The attack instantly causes the creature to fade away. Standing in front of the girls is no other than Okubi and Eligos

Okubi: I blame you for this Eligos. Making me gain interest about this sage killing business

Apollyn: Okubi saved us

Okubi: You again?

Apollyn: Apollyn sorry

Okubi: oh forget it. So I take it she's one of the sage killing demons?. Certainly doesn't smell like any demon I ever meet "something very artificial about this woman here"

Brutality: Who they hell are you?

Okubi: Someone much more important than you'll ever be. Now do yourself a favor and scram. I'm much more powerful than those to buffoons. Do otherwise and I will strike you down

Xiaoyu: No wait. You can't let her escape

Okubi: Save it! If I were engage in battle with a demon of her power level. There's no telling how ugly things will get. The two of you need to taken to a healer. Besides the one you were trying to save is dead. Let her go for now not only benefits me, but you as well. 

Brutality: Hmm, that smell. It's seems you too are a descendants of the Great Sages. Not only are you a descendant. You're also a demon. One with a powerful bloodline. I don't think you would make for sacrificing material. Best I stick to non demon descendants. Remember this. The next time I see the three of you. I will FINISH you all off

Eligos: And who am I? Chopped liver?

Okubi: I want to see you try cur

Brutality glares angrily at Okubi as he does the same. Brutality grabs Ezekiel's body from the ground and disappears. Moments later, Malcolm and back up arrives

Malcolm: XIAOYU, APPOLYN! Are you two alright?

Xiaoyu: No need to worry. My magic grants me the ability to heal myself and others. That's why I didn't want Brutality to escape Okubi

Okubi: Whatever. I saved your miserable lives. No need to thank me

Ignoring Okubi, Xiaoyu body glows in a white light. After healing herself, Xiaoyu moves onto Apollyn. Healing her demon bodyguard as well

Malcolm: So who is the man and the ghost?

Eligos: I beg your pardon? Sir I am no ghost. I'm Eligos and the gentleman here is my master

Xiaoyu: His name is Okubi. He's with us

Malcolm: Okay then. Let's get you guys back to the police department


Okubi: That was a hour of my life wasted

Apollyn: Apollyn agrees

Okubi: I guess there is a brain in that skull of yours. If you want to continue being perceived as "smart" Do continue to agree with me

Apollyn: Umm...

Xiaoyu: Cut it out Okubi. Well we didn't really learn anything news about The Children Of Ruin from Malcolm. At least we now know how one of the members look like. The only problem is, how are we going to find Brutality and the others?

Okubi: I don't think we really should be concerning ourselves with the demons themselves. Instead, we need to locate as many descending sages as possible. First and foremost, I hope you two understand. We are not going to be able to save them all. We just got to hope we save enough so the Children Of Ruin cannot releases Mastema. Now how many we have save in order for that not to happen is unknown.

Xiaoyu: Yeah something we could had known if you hadn't let Brutality escaped

Okubi: I'm starting to regret not letting her kill you

Eligos: The masters kids

Okubi shoots a mean glare to Eligos. The demon spirit immediately ceases to speak any further

Apollyn: Well both of you are right, but that's not important now. We need to figure out we're Apollyn and friends will travel next?

Xiaoyu: Maylands is such a big country and so many places within it. Figuring out a perfect place to go from here will prove difficult

Okubi: The Royal Lands. That's where we shall travel to

Eligos: The Royal Lands is a good idea indeed. Isn't the Devilry Combat Qualifications taking place a few days from today? Many sages, warriors, beast people, demons, and who knows what else will be entering. Am certain a descending sage or few will be entering as well

Xiaoyu: Is that the tournament to see who will be chosen by the King to compete for his crown?

Okubi: That tournament indeed. Course I know Onyxe will win again. Ever since that demon became King. No one has ever been able to even make him sweat. Course with his bodyguards James and Yura assisting him during the tournaments. Onyxe may never lose that crown

Xiaoyu: Do you think you could defeat King Onyxe, Okubi?

Okubi: I have no interest in becoming King. I find such power boring and burdensome. Course I always been interested in fighting Onyxe just for the thrill of it

Xiaoyu: So the Royal Lands it is? Fine, but that a long way from here

Apollyn: So very long. Apollyn hate long traveling

Okubi: Oh shut up you

Xiaoyu: Well let me count my money. I don't think our funds will last much longer. Between paying for hotels, food, Apollyn's sweet tooth, and other necessities. I may need to find a way to replenish our funds

Apollyn: Please don't say prostitution

Xiaoyu stares at Apollyn in shock. Surprise a demon of her thinking knows what prostitution is. Meanwhile Okubi stares at Apollyn with a look that says "really bitch?" Before Xiaoyu continues on with her money trouble. Okubi comes with a solution with their problem

Okubi: I will pay for us as long as needed. Until we find and vanquished the remaining members of the Children Of Ruin.

Eligos: B-but master. That's your hard earned money. We can't afford to pay for everyone

Okubi: Silence you greedy demon. I'm a millionaire. I more than have enough money to cover our expenses. One hundred thousands times over easily.

Xiaoyu: Are you sure?

Okubi: Once I say I'm going to do something. I stick to my word. Paying for you and Shortcake over there will be of no inconvenience to me. Try speaking less if you wish to show your appreciation

Xiaoyu: Thank you

Okubi: You are welcome. Now let's get moving. I got a sword to still find after all. The faster we find these demons. The better it will be for me. There should be a train a couple of miles from here. Let's make haste

Apollyn: Can we stop to get something sweet on the way?

Okubi: ...FINE! Don't push it

Eligos: This is going to be an amazing journey. Traveling with such beautiful company. I'm a lucky man

Okubi, Apollyn, and Eligos begin walking towards the next destination. Xiaoyu remains behind the trio and begins to think to herself

Xiaoyu: "Despite his rude personality and demon heritage. Okubi doesn't seem to be such a bad person. Still something about him troubles me. His aura still has a hateful presence about it. However the sadness emitting from his aura is even stronger. I truly wonder how Okubi became the man he is today? Do I dare ask him after just meeting him? No! Not yet anyways. Until that time comes. I will have to trust him. He saved my life after all"



Saturday, July 12, 2014

Forbidden Chapter 3



Sitting in bed naked. A young man enjoys his breakfast brought to him by his maid. As he eats his chocolate chip pancakes with his glass of milk. The young man patiently awaits the arrival of a friend. Knowing the current crisis of sages being slaughter. There is no doubt in his mind what his friend will ask of him. Course as the King. The young man has already made a plan to deal with this new threat. None the less. He happily awaits the company of his friend


The King puts his food down on his dresser. Wraps his naked body within the sheet. Once ready, he signals for his friend to come inside. 

Onyxe: Come on in James

Opening the door enters a tall and muscular man. Spiky jet black hair, tan orange skin, wearing a red suit. Course in a very odd fashion. Left the shirt unbutton. Revealing his chiseled body. Despite the man's human appearance. Like the man before him. He too is a demon

James: Good morning my King. How was your sleep?

Onyxe: Fine. Thanks for asking. Also thanks for bringing Kira here. As long as she remains in the castle. No harm shall come to her. It's a good thing you were at Halaya last night. Otherwise Kira would had ended like the others. Thank goodness that wasn't the case. Thank you for being so reliable James

James: Not a problem my King. I been around you enough to know what pleases you and what doesn't. Saying that woman wasn't an issue. However it's what I saved her from. My King, I have something I wish to ask you. Please don't take this the wrong way

The King seeing how nervous his friend is. Almost fearful to be exact. Despite his friend's worrying expression. The King cannot help, but smile as he sits in his bed

Onyxe: Oh James. We have been together for nearly a century. I know any question you ask of me is not from a bad place. Besides whatever is troubling you will always be a concern of mine. I would sooner punish you if you remained silent.

James: The thing that attacked Kira in the forest on my way back to you. It was one of us... a demon. My King if word gets out demons are killing sages. This will cause a panic among Asira. Not only that, but many government leaders near and distant. They will blame you for these murders. Knowing fully well that you're a demon and that it would be easy to turn the people against you. For the last fifty something. Ever since you first became King after defeating Queen Matilda. Bad enough Matilda wasn't exactly a kind Queen. However you being a demon. Many of the citizens of Asira feared and hated you. They wanted you dead. I could hardly count the assassin sent to kill you.

Onyxe: Despite those obstacles, I'm still here. Ruling as the king of Asira no less. That's all thanks to my loyal subjects including you.

James: Hardly. Majority of those threats were stopped thanks to you. I wasn't always the competent servant I'm today.

Onyxe: That isn't the point. I knew when I first became King. The citizens of Asira would not immediately warm up to me. It took me being King for thirty years before the people began to trust me. I do not intend to lose that trust by the actions of renegade demons. Besides it's not as if I haven't figured out what's going on by now. Between the knowledge I gain from the Underworld and on Asira. I have full knowledge what's going on here.

James: That being?

Onyxe: A group of demons are trying to release a powerful demon sealed inside a dangerous book

James: Exactly who are these demons and what is the demon they seek to free?

Onyxe: They call themselves The Children Of Ruin. A group of demons who despise non demons and wish to unleash chaos and death throughout Asira. Riding Asira of everything they find unworthy. These demons wish to release the demon Mastema! I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you about Mastema. After all, you're older than me. I'm certain you heard the stories of that demon's evil deeds

James: More than I care to tell. So I suppose these demons also managed to get their hands of Forbidden?

Onyxe: Unfortunately that is the case. I swear I wish I knew where that book was hidden. Just so nothing like this could happened. Oh well. Not even the greater Kings of old could prevent every crisis from happening. Moving on

James: It's good you know these demons and their intentions. That doesn't change the fact that they are demons. If word gets out. We are going to be dealing with a lot of bull. Sages being killed left and right. By demons no less. These demons are going to make things bad for us. Perhaps worst than before

Onyxe: James my dear. You worry WAY too much. If these demons were going around every sage in sight. I would be much more concern. However that isn't the case. Like Kira, the sages that are being killed aren't ordinary sages.

James: What do you mean by that Onyxe?

Onyxe: The sages being killed are the very descendants of the Great Sages. The very sages that sealed Mastema inside Forbidden many centuries ago. I have learned these demons are killing those only descendants of the sages that sealed away Mastema. They believe those sages could perhaps stop Mastema if he were to be release. So they find these sages and sacrifice them. As each of the descending sage are sacrifice. They seal holding Mastema inside Forbidden weakens. That's why I sent Yura to find the perfect recruit. Course she oddly requested the Luxury Gem, but whatever.

James: The Luxury Gem? Who is Yura planning to resurrect?

Onyxe: If I remember correctly. Yura mentioned some woman named Hisako

James: Never heard of her. I hope Yura knows what's she's doing

Onyxe: I have good faith in Yura. Whoever Yura plans to resurrect. I trust she is the person for the job. In the meantime I need to get prepare to today's announcements. Within three days from today. I will be holding the Devilry Combat Qualifications Tournament. The ones who qualify will have a chance to becomes Asira's next King or Queen? I haven't lose the last three tournaments, but even am a bit nervous. Never know when I'll face someone stronger than me

James: That will never happened. You are the strongest King Asira ever had. I too plan to enter the tournament. Making sure your place on the throne remains secured

Onyxe: I appreciate you're protection James. As King, it's my job to defend my throne. Course if someone couldn't defeat you. They would be a waste of my time. None the less today is that day. I wonder what kind of people will enter this years tournament?

James: No one worthy of the crown. That's for sure

Onyxe: If you say so. I just hope Yura will be okay

James: Me too

Onyxe: Hopefully she'll be back before dusk. It's already been nearly two days sent she left. I trust her though and expect her safe return. Despite my hardships as King. I been blessed with some really amazing servants. 


After her long journey. Yura finally arrives to her destination. In Japan, her former home. The young servant begin her travel to the Oni Forest. Once within the forest, Yura immediately goes inside her bag. Going through her bag, Yura pulls a old book. The very book Yura holds in her hands is easily a couple centuries old. Despite it's worn and torn. The value this book hold to Yura is priceless. During her days in the orphanage, Yura discovered this very book. The book of the heroic samurai Hisako! The story about a young Japanese women who traveled throught Asia seeking out evil wherever it maybe. Throughout Hisako's journey. The young warrior fought many great beings. From evil sages to demons. Fighting with nothing, but her trusted sword, Kagemori.. Hisako finally battle was against the yokai, Lamia. Approaching death, Lamia had managed to posses Hisako. Using the last bit of her mental strength. Hisako had performed seppuku. Not only did Hisako prevent Lamia from taking over her body. Hisako's sacrifice saved many villagers from their ghastly fate. The grateful villagers had buried Hisako within the Oni Forest. According to the book. Few months later, a earthquake in Japan had taken place. While no one within Japan was killed. The earthquake caused a big hole. Furthering burying Hisako underground. While time has fixed the once damaged forest. Non one had ever manage to find Hisako's buried body. Some believe if one ventures the Oni Forest long enough. One may find a underground passage directly to the fallen samurai's corpse. However rumor has it a Onibi floats in front of path leading to Hisako's corpse. Killing anyone who dare comes too close. After looking at the book once more. Yura is certain she is at the right place. All Yura has to do now is to see if the story of her beloved book is more than a story. Continuing her way through the creepy forest, Yura prepares herself for any surprise. Much to her surprise, Yura never once encountered any trouble to her destination. More to her surprise, Yura spotted a giant hole within the forest. Tears nearly fell down Yura's eyes. Realizing the very story she read as a child was not simply a story. As Yura made her way towards the giant hole. Yura then sense a presence, a evil presence at that. Like the book foretold, a Onibi appeared before her. The demonic fireball swiftly made it's way towards Yura. However Yura did not even once showed a sign of fear. Instead Yura held her left hand outm as a red aura covered it. Once the Onibi gotten close enough. Yura reached out with her left hand and grabbed it. At an instant, the Onibi vanish. Not even able to sucked out a small amount of Yura's life force. The Onibi out of the way. Yura entered the giant hole. Walking down what seem to be an endless amount of stairs. Despite the distance, Yura was amazed by the architect of nature.

Yura: These stairs must had been made during the earthquake many centuries ago. Nature sure works in mysterious way. Not only that. It's seems I'm nearly at the bottom. "Am coming to rescue you Hisako"

Another three minutes, Yura manages to reach the bottom. While Yura has been trained to see perfectly in the dark. Yura decides to take the easy route as she reaches inside her bag again. This time pulling out a flashlight. Turning the flash light on, what Yura sees next nearly takes the life out of her. Instantly Yura feels mix emotions of both awe and sorrow. While finally realizing the story she had cherish since childhood was indeed true. However seeing the corpse of the fallen hero sadden her. Not too long after, Yura notice something else about Hisako's corpse. Still stabbed in Hisako's stomach was no other than her sword, Kagemori. Not only is Hisaki's trusted sword still inside her body. Yura is able to see that Kagemori preserved it's master's youth. Despite the many centuries Hisako has been dead. Yura quickly checks to see if anything is hiding within Hisako's burial. Once Yura is certain only Hisako and she are down her. Yura approaches Hisako's lifeless body. Once next to Hisako's body. Yura goes inside her bag once more. Out of her bag, Yura pulls out a purple gem. The gem radiates with a purple light so strong. The darkness is sent running as the burial becomes filled with the gem's light

Yura: Okay here goes everything

Without a moment's hesitation, Yura places the gem on Hisako's vagina. The gem immediately begins to form a crystal  undergarment on the decease warrior. Shortly after the once lifeless body begins to move. Yura stands back and watches in amazement as the gem begins to revive Hisako. As Hisako is nearly back to life. Kagemori pops out of her stomach and falls beside it's master. Merely seconds after, the once dead heroine returns to the land of the living. Upon resurrection, Hisako sees nothing but darkness.

Hisako: Where am I?

Quickly realizing that Hisako cannot see. Yura immediately turns on her flash light. Upon seeing the light and the woman holding it. Hisako instinctively grabs for Kagemori and takes a battle stance

Yura: Whoa hold on. Do not fear, I am not your enemy

Hisako: Who are you and how am I alive?

Yura: My name is Yura Mikan and the shinning undergarments you're now wearing is the cause of your revival. I came here looking for you for my master

Hisako: Your master? Well tell your master I serve no one. I do and live as I please. Now I need to find some decent undergarment and clean clothes. Where am I exactly?

Yura: Your former burial ground Lady Hisako. As for those undergarments. I strongly advise you not to remove them

Hisako: or what?

Yura: You can't live without them... literally. The cause of your revival was due to a magical gem known as the Luxury Gem. This gem has the power to bring any decease being back to life. While the wearer can live life like most beings. If the gem is removed. The one wearing it will die instantly. Perhaps I should tell you why I am here

Hisako: Please do

Yura: My master, Onyxe. The current King of Asira has tasked me with finding the person agent. One unknown to our enemies. My master wants you to find a group of demons called The Children Of Ruin. These demons have a book called Forbidden. Inside the book Forbidden, holds a very powerful demon by the name Mastema. These demons are killing off descendants of the sages that sealed Mastema away many centuries ago. If enough descendants are killed. The Children Of Ruin will be able to release Mastema upon Asira. A demon of Mastema's magnitude cannot be allowed back into Asira. My master is doing all he can on his end to prevent this. Many of my colleague travel the globe. Trying to find these very descendants before The Children Of Ruin do. What my master is hoping that you will aid us against these demons. Simply for the good of Asira and it's people

Hisako: May I ask you one question?

Yura: Sure

Hisako: Is your master, Asira's current King a demon?

Yura: That he is. However times have change since your era Lady Hisako.

Hisako: Really? Have society become so weak. That they will even accept a demon for a King? Demons are the enemy. The very evil that wishes nothing, but the end of everything pure. I cannot believe a non demon like yourself proudly serve a demon master. You're a disgrace

Yura: Such sad thinking from a hero like yourself. The stories about you are indeed true. While you are one of the greatest hero to ever lived. Your ignorance about demons is nothing short of pitiful. I understand you were born in era where demons were considered nothing but evil. Not realizing even in your days good demons existed. Despite you and many ignorant people. Not all demons are destructive individuals.Despite your beliefs. Evil is made not born. Trust me I should know. Many years I lived being a tool for evil for my human masters. Until the day a demon saved me. That demon being my current master, King Onyxe. So before you assume all demons are evil, think twice. Regardless that's not what I came here for. I came her to ask of your assistance. Will you offer your services or no Lady Hisako? Having a warrior of your calibur on our side will help us greatly against The Children Of Ruin

Hisako: Do I really have a choice? If I say no, you'll just take the Luxury Gem from me

Yura: As if you would really let me do that?

Hisako: I will sooner be dead again than serve a demon.

Yura: So because of your refusal to aid one demon. Many will die at the hands of other demons. Demons that are indeed evil. Unlike the one that wishes for your help. I must say I'm disappointed Lady Hisako. Despite it was due to my efforts you are alive. i refuse to take the Luxury Gem from you

Hisako: You are bluffing? Your master will have your head

Yura: Don't you dare tell me what my master will or won't do. Yes he will be disappointed, but my life will be in no jeopardy. My master will simply hope you'll change your mind while we find other ways with dealing with our current problem. As a demon raised by humans. My master understand the human heart. My master is the most kindness man I ever meet in my life. No and I mean no one treated me with such love and kindness. If I was still under the tyrants who took my childhood. They would had surely killed me. The King will simply be disappointed. The funny thing is. I rather die than to disappoint him. All the same it's your choice. I got to get going back to my master. Enjoy your second chance at life Lady Hisako. Enjoy it while it lasts

Yura then turns her back to the samurai and begins approaching the long stairs back outside. After taking a few steps, Yura stops as Hisako calls out for her

Hisako: Yura wait! I change my mind now. I want to help stop these demons

Yura: Of course you do. That why you're a hero. Now say no more and follow me up these stairs. Before I can send you off. The first thing any newly resurrected person deserves, a good meal and a bath. Then I want to test your skills. I want to make sure you are prepared for the this task

Hisako: You're challenging me to a dual? How foolish can you be?

Yura: I sooner be a fool for underestimating your skills than overestimating them. Now come on. It's a long way back to the top. At least I'll have company going back up

Hisako: Yura

Yura: Yes Lady Hisako?

Hisako: Thank you. Both your master and you

Yura: You're very welcome. One more thing. If everything goes according to plan. My master will grant you life without the need to wear the Luxury Gem. Don't worry about the how right now. Just trust him as I do

Hisako joins Yura was the two women climb the stairs back up. Yura smiles to herself in great satisfaction. Not only gaining a new ally, but a ally that she almost believed never existed.


Yuma Chitose