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Jia Xiaoyu as Parasoul

Parasoul from Skullgirls

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Forbidden Update 10/30/14

Forbidden Update 10/29/14

Both Chapter Ten & Eleven completed. Chapter Ten has been vastly updated with new dialogue and changes. Chapter Twelve in progress. Expect to see some new artwork later this week. Peace and take care.

Forbidden Chapter 11

Forbidden Chapter Eleven - Underworld Misadventures

Threes Days Ago

Princess Hellin Strong of Babylon. Along with her loyal servant Anna. Ordered by Hellin's mother, Queen Othello of Babylon. Both women were sent to Jazan. In order to assassinate the Demon Lord of Jazan, Koga Yukimaru. Having successfully arrived to Jazan. Upon entering Koga's Castle, the two women were quickly ambushed. Despite the multiple enemies surrounding them. While Anna immediately overcome with concern. Hellin on the other hand was unfazed. Unleashing her deadly strength on Koga's Oni Guards. Hellin had annihilated every single enemy that stood in her way. However once Koga had made his presence known. Anna immediately signaled her master to retreat. Unfortunately Hellin was too immerse with killing the oni's. Completely ignoring her servant's clear warning. Once Hellin had eliminated majority of the oni's. Hellin along with Anna went straight after Koga. Despite how powerful the two demoness were. As a Demon Lord, Koga proved to be stronger than imagined. Having easily taken out Anna. Koga then fought one on one with Hellin. Despite not being a Demon Lord, Hellin was nearly just as strong. Unfortunately for the Princess. Being nearly as strong wasn't the same as equally strong.

 Tougher than he had expected. Koga finally was gaining the upper hand in the battle. Realizing that she was going to lose. Hellin fiercely ordered Anna to retreat. Anna who did not wished to live her Master behind. Unfortunately upon being threaten with death. Anna reluctantly abandon Hellin, leaving her Master to Koga's mercy. Unleashing one of her fatal attacks upon Hellin. The Princess lay on the ground defeated. Waking up only a half hour later. Hellin found herself naked and inside gray colored room. Hellin had also noticed both her head, arms, and legs were chained up. Shortly after two oni guards entered the room. Furious over the deaths of their fallen comrades. The oni's immediately begin beating the living shit out of Hellin. They continue to torture Hellin for many hours. Causing her great suffering and making her bleed heavily. Not only did the demons torture Hellin out of pleasure. They were also tasked with acquiring information as well. In order that their Master would know who sent Hellin to kill him. Course Koga had already knew the moment he saw Hellin. That it was Demon Lord/Queen Othello had sent her.

 Koga and Othello never saw eye to eye. Always plotting a way to eliminate the other. Course Koga would had chosen a more honorable method to kill Othello. Long had Koga desired a one on one battled with the Queen of Babylon. However Othello did not share Koga's sense of honor. Othello would much prefer having someone else do her dirty. Even if that someone was her own daughter. Having failed to complete her mother's task. Hellin had now accepted the price of failure. Instead of fearing her inevitable demise. Hellin would look death in the face and laugh! The oni's continued to torture Hellin until Koga arrived.

Oni Guard: Lord Koga we have been torturing this demon for hours since her captured. Yet no matter how much pain we inflict upon her. She not only refuses to talk. The bitch has the nerves to even threaten us.
personally say we should just kill her sir.  

Koga: Well that's not your decision to make. If this girl was just a common demon assassin. I would had killed her upon defeating her. However this girl is the youngest daughter of Queen Othello. Why would Othello send her own daughter to assassinate me? Why would she want me dead anyways? Is she trying to do what other Demon Lords dare not to do? Is she trying to show our fellow Lords the treachery the Strong Empire is capable of? Is that what your mother's trying to accomplished young Hellin?

Hellin: Fuck you! My mother had sent me here to kill you! In order to let other demons know. That the Strong Empire is not to be trifle with! Unfortunately I had failed to complete my task. None the less the Strong Empire shall live on. I bet you must be so proud of yourself. Having defeated a demon of my status!

Koga: I had taken down greater demons in my time. Don't flatter yourself little girl! Your mother was a fool! Sending children to kill me? That moral less snake, I KILL HER!

Hellin: Over my dead body you piece of shit!

While unable to move her body due to being chained. Hellin decides to spit directly on Koga's face. Upon wiping the spit off his face. The enraged Demon Lord translocates himself before Hellin. Koga then delivers a  mighty slap across Hellin's face. After having slapped Hellin, Koga then grabs Hellin by her head

Koga: Foolish girl! It seems to me you don't understand the predicament you're in. I'm the one in control here

Hellin: Whatever you say motherfucker! If it weren't for these motherfucking chains. I would already killed your sorry ass! While you managed to capture me. My servant Anna was able to to escape. By now I'm certain she's back in Babylon. Once my mother learns of my capture. Multitude of assassins will come to retrieve me... dead or alive! If you know what I know. I would suggest you kill me now! So when my mother is ripping away at your intestines. Least you'll have the satisfaction of killing me first! Otherwise when I escapes from these chains! I'm not going to just kill you! I'm going to give you a death so painful! Even your fucking ancestors will feel it! I will paint this entire castle with your fucking blood! So tell me Koga what will you do?

Koga: Killing you here and now will simply be too easy. Instead I shall use you as a bargaining chip. Your life exchanged for your mother's 

Hellin: Fucking idiot! My mother would never sacrifice her life in order to save mine! This is my punishment for failure. The Strong Empire has no room for error. Even if that error is by her own daughter! Those who fail the Queen deserve death! Regardless what you will do to me. My mother's empire will live on. Babylon will become the most powerful empire of the Underworld! Nothing and no one will stop my mother from becoming Queen of the Underworld. Nothing even an insignificant worm like you!

Koga: Stupid girl! You're just like that tramp mother of yours. Sadly for you. I'm too smart to play your games. I will stick to my plan as holding you hostage for now. I will give Othello only five days to trade her life for yours. Otherwise It will be full on war with the Yukimaru Dynasty against the Strong Empire. Either way I will have Othello's head

Hellin: Let the fuckery begin. Just know Koga you have chosen poorly. Before four days have past. I will break free from these chains and I will kill you. So please enjoy these next few days. Because once I'm free, it's the end for you

Despite his inner desires to rip Hellin limb from limb. Koga decides to stay true to his plan. Koga exits the torture room, leaving his guards to deal with Hellin.


Okubi: This place has changed quite a bit since I last been here

Eligos: Master Okubi, you should know. The Underworld is constantly changing, constantly growing. Tristaville nor many places in the Underworld. Will look the same as they were nearly three hundred years ago

Okubi: Nearly 214 years to be exact. I must say I'm quite impressed with the change of scenery

Eligos: It's too bad we really can't enjoy the place. Perhaps someday

Okubi: Spare me the dramatics Eligos. Anyways let's find something to eat and change of clothing. While I enjoyed this outfit in Asira. I feel like I need new threads for the Underworld. Especially since I'm going to be meeting a Demon Lord. I still remember the day mother took me to go see Lord Purson. Both she and I were dress so elegantly for the occasion. I was nineteen back then. So many years since then. So many good times as well. Well no time to dwell on the past. We got to get moving. The faster I speak to Othello. The faster I can find Hellin.

Eligos: I sincerely hope we don't run into trouble

Okubi: Eligos, this is the Underworld. The home of trouble. While I hope for us a smooth journey, I don't dare expect it. Either way I can face any opposition that comes our way. I have no other choice

Eligos: I really wished the girls could had come. Course I wouldn't want Xiaoyu to become a Darken. While Apollyn's company would had been somewhat appreciated. Apollyn being with Xiaoyu is much better. All the same I truly miss them

Okubi: Spare me the dramatics. Will be reunite with the girls soon enough. I just really hope Angelina doesn't try to kill them. That was my only true regret about leaving them. I know she apologize, but I can't help but feel it's just a trick. Damn me and my suspicious nature sometimes

Eligos: Funny you would say that master. That very same nature is what kept you alive through all these years. There's nothing wrong with having doubt. Just don't let those doubt stop you from accomplishing your goals

Okubi: Speaking of goals. I have to get to Rymora's Luxury Clothing. It shouldn't be too far from here.

Eligos: New threads at a time like this?

Okubi: Why not? The stores not too far from here. Besides I need something fresh to wear. I can't go to Othello wearing this!

Eligos: Well if you say so Master Okubi

Okubi: Good! Let's get moving then

After walking down a few blocks. Okubi and Eligos arrives to Rymora's Luxury Clothing. Entering the big clothing store, Okubi and Eligos begin looking around. Searching for a outfit not only of high quality. Also one that will suit Okubi's petite, but plump figure. After several minutes of searching. Eligos comes across a perfectly suits Okubi's petite yet plump figure. Eligos spots a tri colored skin tight suit. The colors consisting of Red, Baker- Miller Pink, and Magenta. Immediately deeming the suit worthy of his Master. Eligos immediately calls out for Okubi

Eligos: Lord Okubi, Lord Okubi! Take a look of this beauty

Putting down a silk Iguana Green dress he was holding. Okubi turns to see what Eligos was talking about. Spotting the beautiful skin tight suit. Okubi walks over to Eligos, kissing him on the head. He then went straight for the skin tight suit. Okubi began touching the suit, checking for the quality. Once he deemed the suit worthy. Okubi grabbed the hanger holding the suit. He checked the price tag and was immensely amused by the price. Never has he seen such a good quality dress with a fair price.

Okubi: Good work Eligos my sweet. I shall be buying this suit

Eligos: Now you just have to pay for it. How much does that lovely suit cost by the way?

Okubi: A very good price. thirty six thousand dollars


Okubi: Shout again and punishment will be severe!

Eligos: That's a lot of money to spend on a single suit sir. Perhaps we can haggle the price down a little?

Okubi: No cashier in their right mind would do such a thing. Besides this suit is worth it's cost. Did you forget I'm rich as well Eligos? I spent more on the girls and even that wasn't much. Now cease being an annoyance and point me to a check out

Eligos does as Okubi orders. Eligos points his master to the direction of the nearest check out. Spotting the check out, Okubi walks proudly towards the cashier. As Okubi lays the suit down on the table. The cashier rings him up. Okubi goes into his miniature purse and pulls out the required payment. After purchasing the suit. Okubi goes into the changing room. Six hundred and sixty six seconds later. Okubi emerges from the changing room. Now wearing his newly bought suit

Okubi: So what do you think Eligos?

Eligos: Absolutely glorious. This suit was made for you Master

Okubi: I'm very glad to here you like it. Now let's get going. We still need to find something good to eat. Otherwise the next demon I see is prey.

Eligos: That cashier would make for a good snack

Okubi: Oh Eligos. Even as a spirit. That demonic nature of yours is very much alive. One of many reason I love you. Now let's get going

 As Okubi and Eligos exits out of Rymora's Luxury Clothing. They hear a group of demons bickering over something not quite understandable. Smelling the air around him, Okubi cerulean eyes glow intensely. Eligos immediately knows that means danger is near.

Eligos: I presume the trouble is taking place by our next destination? Just our lucky

Okubi: Not only that, but one of those demons have a familiar smell. If am not mistaken. I believe one of the demons is Lisa Alice. Boris knows it's been awhile since I seen that dreadful woman

Eligos: Goodness gracious. Apollyn's dubious older sister. Let's not get involved. I'm certain she and that annoying Carabia are the caused of the situation

Okubi: If only this was a few months back. Back when I didn't give a damn about Apollyn or her family. Unfortunately with Apollyn now being my friend. I cannot knowingly let something happen to L.A. Despite how much she probably deserves it. Oh don't give me that look Eligos... seriously!

Eligos: Sir if I was willing to go with you to Logus Island. Following trouble caused by that bitch can't be any worse. I just strongly disagree with this decision of yours.

Okubi: Like what decisions of mines you actually agree with? Anyways we got to get a move on. Let's go!

Moving at a demonic speed. Okubi and Eligos reaches the end of 346 Street and Fallen Avenue. Following the sounds of bickering demons. Okubi makes a left turn with Eligos right behind him. Only two minutes later, Okubi and Eligos come to a stop. Having found the source of the bickering. They spot two Boar Demons and a Witch. In the middle of the three demons is no other than Lisa Alice herself. While surrounded by the furious demons. Lisa Alice remains calm and certainly unbothered

Eligos: Lord Okubi, I so hate it when you're right. Why did it had to be her out of all of Apollyn's siblings?

Okubi: Something tells me Lisa Alice tricked those three demons. Now they came back to get revenge. It's too bad the Underworld is painfully unaware of the kind of demon Lisa Alice is. Well not all demons can be as enlighten as me. Anyways I got to stop these demons from potentially killing her. It's a shame really. I always wanted to see Lisa Alice get a good beating

Eligos: Carabia along with her. Those two make me sick. Seriously, that Carabia thinks he's so better than me. I'll show him!

Okubi: Now isn't the time to settle the score with your old buddy. At the end of the day. Both Carabia and you were slain by Exorcist many centuries ago. Now be quite so I can introduce myself to Lisa Alice would be murderers

Doing as his master commands, Eligos ceases his complaining. Eligos following behind him, Okubi begins walking towards the demons. The demons had sensed him from a few miles away, but none thought the man in pink would interfere in their business. The greenish gray Boar demons begins approaching Okubi with the intention to kill. While ready to defend himself at a seconds notice. Okubi doesn't necessary want to kill the demons wronged by Lisa Alice. Course if it comes to it, then so be it!

Okubi: Hello my fellow demons. My name is Okubi Vice. Is there a problem here? One I can perhaps be of some assistance

Greenish Gray Boar Demon: Your fellow demons? Ha ha ha! Did you really fucking think I can't smell a real demon from a fucking half breed? Do yourself a favor prissy boy and fuck off! Otherwise my friends and I will eat your ass too. Not the way you probably want either

Okubi: Well I certainly wouldn't want a creature as ugly as you anywhere near my rear. I not here looking for a fight. I happened to be an...acquaintance of the lady your friends and you have surrounded. I know she can be a bit of a trickster, but am certain I can solve the problem

Carabia: Oh will you look at that. The murderer has come to save us Lisa Alice? That dreadful Eligos is with him too I see. Such unpleasant sight they are

Eligos: OH SHUT UP CARABIA! The only unpleasant thing here are you mongrels. Now be silent while the master save your sorry asses

Carabia: Oh I feel so honored... not!

Lisa Alice: Oh behave yourself Carabia. They after all are our only chance of survival. Oh what would had become of us if Okubi haven't shown up?

Okubi: You never were good at sarcasm Lisa Alice. At least not with me. What this exactly? My fourth encounter with you?

Lisa Alice: You're fifth actually. The first four times was on Asira. This being our first time meeting in the Underworld. 

Okubi: And all of them equally unpleasant. Now silence while I try convincing these demons not to kill you. It's not like you didn't have it coming

Lisa Alice: I certain the same can be said about you

Carabia: Especially after what you did to poor Miss Ophelia

Okubi: Carabia, speak my mother's name in my presence again. I will end you! Do you forget I can touch demon spirits?

Eligos: Oh pretty please Carabia. Mention Lady Ophelia just one more time

Carabia: Oh you're so smart Eligos. Why don't you do us all a favor and evaporate or something

Eligos: Oh after you my good friend

Carabia: We aren't friend my dear boy. I see you gone senile over your many years of existing

Eligos: Oh why you little---

Okubi: ENOUGH OF THE BACK AND FORTH! I did not come here just for the two of you geezers to argue. I came here to save this ingrate's life. Now Boar Demons and witch. How exactly has my "acquaintance" wronged you?

Witch: This little bitch here tricked us

Red Boar Demon: We each played a game of Go Not only did this bitch cheat! She had the fucking nerves to take our money as well

Okubi: Lisa Alice! While you are not nearly as rich as I am. Your family is well off. Why exactly did you had to con these demons out of their money?

Lisa Alice: Why not? C'mon Okubi, they were a bunch of retards. I couldn't not take advantage of them

Eligos: Mischievous woman! This is why I had try to forbid the master from getting involved. Be ever so grateful that we have becomes friends with you sister Apollyn. Otherwise we would had left you to die

Carabia: Are you sure about that doo doo head?

Eligos: Oh that does it! I'm going to get you now

Without even waiting for Okubi to give him permission. Eligos goes after Carabia. Carabia leaves Lisa Alice side as he runs from Eligos

Okubi: Note to self. Pop Eligos in the head once he returns. Now back to the task at hand. Exactly how much money has my friend stolen from you?

Witch: Fool! We care not about our money. This smug bitch had the nerve to trick us! The punishment for such arrogance is death!

Greenish Gray Boar Demon: Exactly what she said. That cunt is as good as dead

Red Boar Demon: Unless you want to die along with her. I suggest you go fuck off somewhere

Okubi: *sigh* I knew it would come to this. It looks like I will have to murder the three of you.

Witch: Another arrogant piece of shit! Let's kill them boys! I'll deal with the girl, you two get the girly boy

Greenish Gray Boar Demon: With pleasure. Bastard had enough nerves to call me ugly. I'll gut him good

Okubi: Bastard? Insolent cur! My parents were married!

Using his magic, Okubi swiftly create a rapier made of ice. As the two brutish Boar Demons charges towards him. Okubi ready himself for battle. Attacking together at once. The Boar Demons unleashes balls of fire from their mouths. Dodging each of the fire balls with grace. Okubi draws closer to his targets

Greenish Boar Demon: No Way! This fucker dodged our every attack

Red Boar Demon: Am starting to think we should had taken the money

Okubi: Oh it's much too late for that! I wonder does this count as Deja Vu? It was only a few days ago, I battle against two huge men. Course they weren't as ugly as the two of you. Course you fates will be the same as there's... death! Now I cast my spell... UMBRA'S EMBRACE! 

As Okubi speaks his spell, a dark black fog surrounds the Boar Demons. Once the fog envelops the demons, Okubi jumps inside the fog. Surrounded in the darkness created by Okubi. Even as demons, the Boars struggle to see. Having successfully trapped his prey. Okubi now is ready to finish them off


With his ice rapier in hand, Okubi attacks with lightning speed. Delivery multiple fatal slashes to the Boar Demons. As the fog dissipates. Okubi stands victorious over the hacked bodies of the Boar Demons. Okubi then watches as Lisa Alice battles the witch. Surprised that the witch isn't already dead. Realizing what Lisa Alice is doing. Okubi becomes consumed with annoyance. Unable to silently watch such a tedious battle. Okubi angrily blurts out "Stop toying with her and finish her off Lisa Alice!" 

Lisa Alice: Hey don't tell me how to fight. I just wanted her to think she had a fighting chance

Okubi: Well that's too bad. I have other important matters to attend to

Witch: Bastards! Don't treat me with kid gloves! I'm Margarita, the Witch of Doom. As my title states, I shall be the doom of you both!

Lisa Alice: Oh really? Well Margarita it's very unfortunate you won't be doing any dooming around here. Because I'm now going to kill you!

 Finally getting seriously, Lisa Alice appearance begins to transform. Once a gray skin, but attractive young woman. Lisa Alice now has the appearance of a vampire. Upon seeing the creature standing before her. Margarita becomes frozen in fear

Lisa Alice: Oh how pitiful! It's seem little miss "Witch Of Doom" is terrified of my true form?

Okubi: Well you do look like the vampire lord from Skyrim Course I found even you're humane appearance to be revolting

Lisa Alice: That isn't very nice! I guess I'll have to take my frustration out on this bitch! Now Margarita, tell me... how do you want to die? Times up! I'll just rip you to pieces!

Before Margarita had a chance to react. Lisa Alice had her hands wrapped around Margarita's head. What happened next was a sight only another demon could appreciate  Holding Margarita by her head. Lisa Alice digs her sharp fangs into Margarita's throat. Sucking the witch's blood, Lisa Alice then rips her right arm As Margarita screams in agony, Lisa Alice starts sucking her blood once again. After sucking Margarita dry. Lisa Alice throws the dead witch to the ground. Creating a ball of fire in her right palm. Lisa Alice throws the ball of fire onto Margarita. As the corpse burns to a crisp, Lisa Alice reverts back to her humane form

Lisa Alice: YUM!

Okubi: While I did enjoy the show. I would had preferred you killed her much faster

Lisa Alice: Beggers can't be choosers

Okubi: Hmph!

Upon the defeat of Margarita and the Boar Demons. Both Eligos and Carabia reappear. Bickering with one another none the less

Eligos: You little coward! GET BACK HERE CARABIA! Fight me like a man

Carabia: You had your chance darling. Am just too fast for you. Oh don't look so surprise Eligos darling. Between the two of us. I was always the superior demon. You simply can't compare

Eligos: Oh I'll show you superior you nancy boy!

As Eligos moves towards Carabia. Okubi grabs ahold of his spirit servant. Now facing his master. Eligos face quickly changes from angry to fearful. As Okubi stares at him with great anger in his eyes

Okubi: Did I give you permission to run off Eligos? Do it again and I will pop you like a balloon. That goes for you too Carabia

Carabia: I'm not afraid of you spirit toucher. Lisa Alice will protect me

Lisa Alice: Are you sure about that?

Carabia: I know how you operate missy. If anyone will have the pleasure of destroying me. It will be you

Lisa Alice: If you say so

Okubi: Now that those pesky demons are dead. I must be going. I wasted more then enough time here

Eligos: Who fault would that be?

Okubi: Zip it you! Let's move. The sooner we speak to Othello. The faster we can locate her daughter

Lisa Alice: Othello?

Carabia: The two of you aren't seriously going to meet with that woman? Demon Lord Othello is not exactly someone many demons wish to meet. Unless they either a stud she's planning to fuck or a fool with a death wish. From what I can see, you're no stud Mr. Vice. Meaning you're a fool with a death wish. Well it was nice knowing you... not!

Eligos: Ha ha ha. Very funny Carabia... insolent fool! Okubi was sent by the King of Mayland, Onyxe to meet with Demon Lord Othello. I highly doubt Okubi is in any danger of Lady Othello

Lisa Alice: Oh this is very interesting. I knew you wouldn't return to the Underworld for sentimental reasons. The Underworld is the last place you would want to be. Considering it used to be the home of you and Lady Ophelia. Course that was before you murdered her!

At that very moment Okubi became swallow by guilt. The guilt that had defeated him so long ago, but has yet to properly surrender. King Onyxe knew Okubi dreaded the ideal of returning to the Underworld. Unfortunately not only was he the man for the requested task. His presence was requested by a Demon Lord. As any half or full demon should know. A request by a Demon Lord should never be annoyed. Such insolence was responded with a brutal death. Course it was not fear that brought Okubi to the Underworld. At least not the fear of not meeting Queen Othello. Okubi's true reasons for being here was to find Hellin. For once he found Hellin. Okubi could then return to Asira, aiding his friends against the arrival of the Demon Lord Mastema. The fear of failing his friends was Okubi's true concern. In order to assure to safety of his beloved friends. Okubi was willing to endure a journey within the Underworld. For his friends and the survival of Asira. Okubi was willing to endure going to the one place he wants to forget. As fast as the guilt had taken Okubi. Rage slowly began rising in it's place. Okubi's body became surrounded by a sinister red, blue, and black aura. His body had partially taken a more demonic appearance. His cerulean eyes now turning red as he looks directly at Lisa Alice. Eligos and Carabia feels the demonic pressure Okubi exerts from his body. The two spirits immediately disappear. Fearing Okubi may come after them. Meanwhile Lisa Alice remains calm, standing her ground. Lisa Alice looks back at Okubi with a cocky smile. Knowing that if Okubi was going to kill her, he would had already done it. Not only that, but Lisa Alice had smelled her sister, Apollyn on him. A smell that meant Okubi and Apollyn were in each others company for quite some time. Even if Okubi wanted to rip her limb from limb. The friendship he built with her younger sister wouldn't allow it. Unbeknownst to Lisa Alice. Okubi's reason for not killing her wasn't because of Apollyn. The real reason Okubi didn't kill Lisa Alice was because of his mother. Despite the many fools he had killed. None knew the name of his very first victim. That being his own mother. While murdering rather out of necessity or pleasure has never fazed Okubi. The very first time of his existence, Okubi did not want to be a murderer. Fighting the murderous desires away. The sinister aura surrounding Okubi vanishes as he reverts to normal Upon the disappearance of the demonic pressure. Both Eligos and Carabia reappear. Each demonic spirit standing beside their companions.

Okubi: Consider yourself lucky Lisa Alice. Another remark about my mother and I will end you!

Lisa Alice: Oh my? What a disappointment! I see life on Asira has soften you

Eligos: Don't push your luck vamptress! Another remark like that and the Master will kill you

Carabia: Oh please Eligos! Okubi clearly said if L.A. mentioned Lady Ophelia. Only then will he kill her

Lisa Alice: Now that you're somewhat able to reason with. Tell me exactly why you're going to see Othello? Don't tell me it's for a friendly chit chat either. I know when someone is lying to me

Okubi: As a professional liar yourself. I certainly hope you know a lie when you hear it. Course I have no need to lie to you. Only because I'm not telling you. Now you and Carabia get lost before I change my mind

Lisa Alice: Okay okay! I'll tell you what. If I tell you who told me about the "alleged" murdering of "you know who" if you tell me what's your business with Othello?

Okubi: HA! Do you really take me for a fool? If only I realized it then. The Underworld is filled with many seers. Seers that can see certain event unfold throughout various worlds, various realms. Obviously a seer must had witness me obliterate my mother on Asira. A mouthy one at that. One I would hope would be dead by now. Otherwise after am done doing what I was sent here to do. I will return to this piece of a crap of a world once more. Just to hunt down the cur who blabber to various demons of the Underworld about my mother's death

Lisa Alice: Oh there's no need for that. The one you wish to kill is already dead. You have me to thank for that

Carabia: Say "thank you"!

Eligos: Be silent you!

Lisa Alice: The seer's name was Ajar. After coming home from Zylodia, I had meet Apollyn waiting by my house. After speaking to my dunce of a sister. Apollyn had told me about some man who told her about your incident on Asira. Despite my sister's lack of a brain. Apollyn is quite good at describing things. Apollyn told me about a demon with dull grayish skin, whitish blue hair, and asparagus green eyes told her about a murdered on Asira. After finding this seer. I had him confirmed what he told my sister. While I appreciated his honesty, I loathe his lack of tact

Eligos: Looks who's talking

Okubi & Carabia: Be Slient!

Eligos: ... Sorry

Lisa Alice: Back to what I was saying. I killed the sonabitch! Seers who would spilled their secrets to any demons don't deserve to live. A soul without secrets is worse than being nothing. I absolutely loathe individuals like Ajar. Now that I revealed that little gem. How about you be a good man for once. Tell me why you're really here Okubi?

Okubi stares at Lisa Alice in annoyance for a fews seconds. Then a smile creeps on his face. A smile that causes Lisa Alice to feel both anxiousness and concern. Knowing what he know. Okubi is certain what he is about to say. Will not only take Lisa Alice by surprise, but instill a feeling she has never known... fear! Not wasting another second, Okubi begins to speak

Okubi: If you want to know my dear. I'm here to recruit Queen Othello's daughter Hellin. With Hellin by my side. My friends on Asira and I may have a fighting chance to defeat Mastema. Course even with the Queen's daughter fighting on our side. Mastema is one of the Underworld's greatest Demon Lord. Even with combine powers. It may not be enough to defeat Mastema and his servants, The Children Of Ruin. If we should fail and Mastema kills my friends and I. Mastema will first destroy all life on Asira then he will come take claim of the Underworld itself. That's why I'm here in this crappy world. Not because I couldn't stand being away from here any longer. It's because a great menace is planning to unleash total annihilation throughout Asira. Destroying everything and everyone that stands in his way. In order for Asira to stand a fighting chance. I have to hurry and find Hellin before Mastema is released from Forbidden. Now that you know why am here. GET OUT OF MY WAY!

Paralyzed by fear of such terrifying news. Lisa Alice stand motionless with Carabia by her side. Okubi with Eligos following behind him. Okubi begin to walk away from his shady acquaintance. Without thinking, Lisa Alice grabs ahold of Okubi's right arm

Okubi: 5... 4.. 3

Lisa Alice: Let me come with you!

Okubi: 1.. what?

Lisa Alice: I can be your chaperone or bodyguard. Just please let me come with you

Okubi: This is unusually behavior, even from you. Now let go of me

Lisa Alice: I don't want that fucker to ever get a fighting chance. I know you're capable, but I can get you to Othello a lot faster

Okubi: I know where am going you. Once I reach the Viola Forest, the rest is easy

Lisa Alice: Indeed. However do you know which way is best to reach the forest? I didn't think so. You have two choices. Do things you way and roam through the Underworld for days. In search of the Viola Forest. Or let me guide to the exact fail proof direction to the forest. The choice is yours?

Okubi: How about I pay to give me the fail proof direction to the forest. If you can believe it or not. I don't want your company

Lisa Alice: Okubi please, I don't want your money. I genuinely wish to aid through this part of the journey. Once you reach Babylon, I'll gladly be on my way. I personally don't really want to meet Othello. I just... I just don't want Mastema to ever come back to the Underworld. Let alone to Asira. I enjoy both worlds too much. Losing them to any menace would be a nightmare. To Mastema however would be a fate worst than anything imaginable

Okubi: If you say so.

Carabia: No sense of begging Lisa Alice. The man doesn't want you around. I guess he prefers doing things the hard way

Eligos: I had it up to here with you remarks Carabia. Another word out of you and it's "Go Time!"

Carabia: Olive Juice!

Eligos: Oh you little...

Okubi: Okay I will allow you travel with me for awhile. However annoy me just once and I will cut your head off! Understood?

Lisa Alice: Peachy! I knew you would eventually see things me way. Almost as if you never had a choice. Anyways am feeling a bit hungry. I can go for a cheeseburger and zabaione. Course I expect you to be paying moneybags

Okubi: Hmph! You can starve for all I care. None the less I will pay for your meal. It's not everyday I do charity work

Eligos: Good one sir

Carabia: If you find that funny. I got a good fart joke I can tell you

Eligos: For the love of all that is evil... SHUT UP!

Okubi: Why don't you both just shut up! I swear the two of you together is such a displeasure to the ears. Now let's go get something to eat. Then it's straight to the Viola Forest

After dinning at a local Demon Diner. Okubi, Eligos, Lisa Alice, and Carabia make their way to there next destination. Traveling from Tristaville to Sedah, Okubi and gang had encounter Boar Demons, witches, vicious demon spirits, and imps. Between Okubi's magic and natural demonic abilities and Lisa Alice's vast powers. The unlikely duo had easily defeated all who stood in their way. Course one particular encounter with a Edectic Witch by the name Amabel Saynsberry. Unlike previous adversaries, Amabel did not target Okubi and company out of pure malice. Upon seeing the expensive pink suit Okubi worn. The very suit she had desired to buy for herself someday. Filled with anger, the cute witch had appeared before Okubi and co. Challenging Okubi to a dual. Winner gets the dress and the loser dies. Despite Amabel being stronger than Okubi expected. Okubi had emerged victorious. However after his last attacked had exposed Amabel's bare breast. Amabel had ran off humiliated. Thus avoiding being killed by Okubi. Six hours later, with Lisa Alice guidance. Okubi had arrived to the Sailor Jorge house in Sedah. Knocking on the sailor's door, a tall and handsome man appeared. Sailor Jorge had the appearance of a Puerto Rican man, but with demonic features like horns on his head. The sailor greeted his guest before inviting them in. However Okubi had little time for pleasantries. Immediately going inside his purse. Okubi gives Jorge the money for a boat ride for two. Jorge immediately throws on his sailor shirt and hat, leading the travelers to his boat. As Okubi and company board Jorge ship. Before pulling off, Jorge quickly ask Okubi where he wants to go

Jorge: So your desired destination sir?

Okubi: To Viola Forest captain

Jorge: Just as I suspected. Just to make sure. Neither of you two are assassins? I would absolutely hate to feed you kiddies your intestines. In case you didn't know, I too serve Queen Othello. The Queen treats me too good to be bringing demons over trying to kill her

Okubi: I'm no assassin Jorge. I was requested by Queen Othello herself to come to Babylon. The woman with me is my chaperone and the spirits are our servants

Carabia: Hey! I'm not a servant!

Okubi: You are what I say you are. Unless you want to become nothingness? As I thought

Eligos: Besides, being a servant is a noble job. Course a demon like you wouldn't know anything about nobility

Carabia: You're one to talk

Okubi: Stop bickering you two. As I already said, we are not assassins. I do hope you don't try anything stupid on our way to our destination. Otherwise you will end up dead

Jorge: I usually don't take too well to threats. However I know a promise when I hear it. Now that am certain neither one of you are assassins. This is going to be an enjoyable trip. So enjoy your blood smoothies and relax yourselves for the next hour. For whatever reasons you came to see the Queen. It's going to require you be at your best. While I personally like Othello. For many reasons I may add. Othello is the type of woman to always have a surprise waiting for you. Many of her surprises not being the good kind. So if you're really determine to meet her. I hope you're prepare not only physically, but mentally as well. Otherwise your encounter with the Queen may be your last. Anyways let's get going

As Jorge begins sailing towards the Viola Forest. Okubi along with Lisa Alice, Eligos, and Carabia have some time to relax. Before they arrive to their destination. Once they arrive to the Viola Forest. Not only will they encounter another servant of Queen Othello. Greater dangers will be awaiting them as well. In order to save Asira and his friends. Okubi's survival is crucial


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Okubi's New Costume & A New Hero Emerges

Okubi's New Costume

This is Okubi's official new costume. From Chapter Eleven and onward


One of Apollyn's many older siblings. Accompany by the demon spirit, Carabia. Lisa Alice is a tactless and equivocal woman. Her cruel nature often gets her in scuffles with her fellow demons. Along with causing great annoyance among her mother and siblings. Due to her shady behavior, Lisa Alice was kicked out her family home. Course her mother made sure that Lisa Alice had a of her own. Despite the actions of her behavior. Lisa Alice remains the same. Two hundred and seventy seven years ago. Lisa Alice had meet the spirit of the demon Carabia. Finding the other insufferable at first. Upon realizing they share the same personality. Lisa Alice and Carabia became "allies" of sought. From that point on, the two became inseparable. Base on her rather perfect villainess personality. Lisa Alice will prove to be a great ally to Okubi during his Underworld Journey. 

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Cherry Cupcakes

Red Magnus (Disgaea 5)

What a hunk! The characters for Disgaea 5 are looking good.



The mother of Hellin and Queen of Babylon. Despite her youthful and promiscuous appearance. Othello is 4,807 years old and one of the Underworld's most devious rulers. A few days ago, Othello had sent both Hellin and Anna to assassinate Demon Lord Koga Yukimaru in Jazan. During said mission, her daughter was kidnapped by Koga and his demon guards. Unlike other mother's, Othello worries not of Hellin's survival. Upon learning of Hellin's captured. Othello had contacted a friend of hers from the above world, Asira. Having successfully contacted her friend. Othello awaits the arrival of the one name Okubi. Othello plans to have both Okubi and Anna to rescue Hellin from Koga. However before sending Okubi to rescue her daughter. Othello has her own vendetta to settle with Okubi

Cunning Servant

 The young servant of Queen Othello. Annabelle "Anna" Del Soto is the daughter of Cassandra Santos and James Del Soto. Due to her parents not being full demon. Cassandra being half human and James being half crotaphytidae. Thus making Anna 50% demon, 25% human, and 25% crotaphytidae. Anna has been serving by Othello''s side for the last seventy years. Ever since Othello has purchased her from The Order. After returning from Jazan with news of Hellin being captured by the enemy. Anna feared her master will punished her harshly. While Anna was punished. Having to work as a maid in a nearby brothel for two days. Othello had already made plan in case Hellin was taken by the enemy. After Othello had her contact from Asira bring a man by the name Okubi to the Underworld. Anna has been tasked with meeting Okubi at the Viola Forest. Fearing of losing Othello's favor. Anna ensures herself she cannot fail this mission.

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Forbidden Chapter 10

Forbidden Chapter Ten- Demon, Dragon, and an Angel

 Two days after meeting King Onyxe and learning about the dangers facing Asira. Xiaoyu along with Apollyn, Nara, and Angelina were tasked with finding and eliminating the remaining Children Of Ruin members on Asira. Only a day ago, the gang had encountered and slain the demon Agetos. Currently traveling within the state of Greenland. Xiaoyu and company are searching for the demon name Plamen. In order to stop from finding and killing his target. However less than two days of traveling. Nara has become restless with all the hero work

Nara: Man this demon hunting stuff is so BORING! I wish I had competed in the qualification instead

Xiaoyu: Still talking about that crap? It's been two fucking days already. Seriously shut up!

Nara: Don't tell me to shut up asshole! I can say whatever I fucking feel like saying. Onyxe totally fucking blackmailed me and am pissed!

At that very moment Xiaoyu turns around and punches Nara. Nara falls to the ground only to get back up. Nara retaliates by pushing Xiaoyu, knocking her to the ground. Upon being knock to the ground. Xiaoyu;s hands begin glowing intensely. Xiaoyu then rises from the ground, staring back at Nara with malice in her eyes. Nara ready himself for any incoming attack from her.

Xiaoyu: Bitch! How dare you put your hands on me? It's about time I kicked your ass

Nara: Are you fucking serious? I had with you treating me like your punching bag. Don't be mad at me because your boyfriend isn't around

Xiaoyu: Oh that fucking does it you smug son of a bitch!

As Xiaoyu goes to strike Nara. Apollyn grabs Xiaoyu from behind, holding her in her arms. Angelina goes over to Nara, placing her soft hands on Nara's bare chest. Xiaoyu tries to free herself of Apollyn's iron grip, but to no avail. Xiaoyu then begins to demand Apollyn to let her go

Xiaoyu: Apollyn! Let go of me now!

Apollyn: So Xiao, but Apollyn cannot do. Apollyn don't like seeing her friends fight on another

Xiaoyu: That sonabitch is no friend of mine! Now please let go of me Apollyn!

Angelina: Don't let go of her just yet Lynn. Nara as the male of the group. I need you to act more civilized

Nara: Angie are you blind? Am not the one starting fights amongst the group. As much as I hate going through this crap. I rather enjoy my time around Lynn and you. It's that cunt Xiaoyu I can't stand. Ever since Okubi went to the Underworld. She's became more of a bitch! It isn't my fault the King ordered Okubi to travel to the Underworld in search of some Hellin chick. I bet the real reason Xiaoyu's made is because Okubi's is going to find a new lady friend.

Xiaoyu: Oh you asshole!

Angelina: Nara!

Nara: Okay okay Angie, I'll stop. However if Xiaoyu puts her hands on me again. The shit is on

Angelina: Xiaoyu do you promise to stop attacking Nara?

Xiaoyu: Are you serious right now succubus?

Apollyn: Xiao please?

Xiaoyu: Alright! Am only doing this for you Apollyn As for the two of you, don't test me!

Angelina: Not a problem. I'm no fan of conflict. Especially among allies. I simply wish to find our targets and destroy as fast as possible. 

Xiaoyu: No am sorry Angelina. Despite our past encounters. Back when you were still a psycho bitch. However since King Onyxe healed your mind. You haven't done anything to earn my scorn. I'm just angry about Okubi. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I can't help it. As guilty as I feel about thinking it. A part of me feels as if Okubi has abandon us. Course in reality, Okubi is only doing what needs to be done. He didn't go to the Underworld to get away from us. He went to find this Hellin woman. In order to give us a fighting chance should Mastema be release from Forbidden. I just wish Okubi was fighting alongside the rest of us. I genuinely miss my friend. 

Angelina: Do believe Okubi feels the same way about Lynn and you. Despite his devious poker face. I felt Okubi's true emotions about returning to the Underworld. How he truly felt about leaving both Apollyn and you. It caused him great sadness. Until now, Okubi never had any other friends than Eligos. Even back then Okubi viewed Eligos simply as a servant. The only friends he ever made since his existence. The fear of knowing he may never seen either one of you ever again. It hurts him more than you will ever understand. Unfortunately the well being of Asira is at stake. If Okubi doesn't find Hellin in a timely manner. Not only will Mastema be unleashed upon Asira. This time around, that bastard will succeed in destroying all life on this planet. So the next time you fell Okubi has abandon you. Think about the literal hell Okubi is going through. Having to face great dangers alone. In order that Asira and the very lives on it. May have a chance of survival

Xiaoyu: I never thought of it that way. I only thought about how I felt. Not taking Okubi's feelings into consideration. It just how fast he left. He didn't even say goodbye. I just wish he had cared enough to say "goodbye". That one word would had made a difference for me

Angelina: Would Okubi telling you "goodbye" matter if he doesn't return? In order deal with returning to the Underworld. Okubi had to remove himself from feeling any emotions of weakness. The greatest weakness being one's love for their friends and family. If Okubi didn't leave the way he did. He would probably not be able to handle being back to the Underworld. Despite our short acquaintance. I too worry about Okubi. Regardless we have to have faith in Okubi. Faith that he will return to us. If not for ourselves for him. In the meantime we need to get going. We still haven't located Plamen yet. Hopefully we find him before he finds a descendant. The last thing we want is for a descendant to die. Due to our personal issues. 

Xiaoyu: You're absolutely right Angelina. As leader of this group. I need to start acting like one. Instead of some girl who lost her best friend. Even with Okubi not by our side right now. We will succeed in defeating the Children of Ruin. Plamen being the next of our many targets. For once the remaining members of the Children Of Ruin are dealt with. Along with the return of Okubi and Hellin. We may have a fighting chance against Mastema. Should he somehow be released from Forbidden

Nara: Not for nothing. It was your leadership yesterday night that helped us defeat Agetos. 

Xiaoyu: That's very kind coming from you Nara. Besides I shouldn't worry so much about Okubi. That man is more capable than the four of us. Well at least Nara and I. The Underworld should be more worried about Okubi if they know what I know. Anyways enough meaningless chit chat. Let's get moving folks. Apollyn... please put me down! I can't believe you were still holding me all this time

Apollyn: Whoopsie! Xiaoyou is so light, Apollyn forgot she was holding her

Upon being released from Apollyn's grip. Xiaoyu begins walking towards Nara

Angelina: Oh not again!

Apollyn: Xiaoyu you promised!

Nara: So much for my compliment. I guess it's "Go Time!"

Xiaoyu: Everyone calm down! I not coming over to fight you Nara, but to apologize

Now standing in front of Nara. Xiaoyu extends her left hand out to him. Xiaoyu then begins to speak

Xiaoyu: Ever since we meet. I have been nothing, but a bitch towards you. While I don't agree with many of your opinions about demons. I can tell you're a good person. I have disrespected you on multiple occasions Yet you hardly reacted until today. In spite of our differences. We share a common goal. Both of us want to protect Asira at all cost. That's why I can't continue antagonizing you. In order to stand a fighting chance. We have to work together. So I extend my hand out to you. Hoping you can find it in your heart to forgive me? I'm genuinely sorry for my past treatment towards you. I promise I will be a better leader, a better friend.

Nara stares nervously at Xiaoyu, holding her hand out. After a few seconds pass. Instead of shaking Xiaoyu's hand. Nara moves in on Xiaoyu and hugs her. The unexpected reaction by Nara, takes Xiaoyu by surprise. Her face turns red as she feels her breast against Nara's chest. Nara holds onto Xiaoyu for a few seconds then releases her. Upon being freed from Nara's friendly grip. Xiaoyu quickly catches her composure. Nara smiles back at her with a newfound respect for her

Xiaoyu: So do you forgive me?

Nara: Totally! Even at your worst, I always felt goodness in you. I know I can be an asshole sometimes. For that I too am sorry. Hopefully for now on we can be best of friends?

Xiaoyu: Oh absolutely. Wouldn't want it any other way

Apollyn: Hooray! Everyone is friends again

Angelina: Please let it remain this way

Apollyn: As for Okubi, who knows. Maybe he won't be so alone in the Underworld. Perhaps Okubi will find an unexpected ally. Apollyn sure hopes so anyways

Continuing down Greenland, Xiaoyu and the other soon reaches Maple Road. Immediately Xiaoyu detects the presence of a descendant close by. Apollyn and Angelina too sense powerful presence nearby. One of that of a demon and an angel?

Nara: Ladies are you alright?

Xiaoyu: A descendant is nearby. We have to hurry!

Apollyn: I sense a demon nearby too

Angelina: Along with an angel

Nara: An angel? You can't be serious Angie

Apollyn: No Angie is very serious. Apollyn can feel it too

Xiaoyu: Hey I sense something too! I guess because of my Light nature magic. I'm able to sense a Holy presence nearby

Nara: Then what are we waiting for? Lets roll girls

Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Angelina, and Nara start running towards their desired destination. As the move pass multiple trees, getting closer to their destination. As they are about to reach their destination. A invisible force field blocks their path

Nara: Okay what's going on here? Why can't we get past here?

Xiaoyu: I hope you're not asking me? I have absolutely no ideal. Some sought of force field?

Apollyn: Force field? Apollyn hates force fields

Angelina: A force field? Why am I not surprised

Xiaoyu: Angelina! Do you know what's causing this?

Angelina: Based on what I know about angels. They can create force field within their surrounding area. Angels usually create force fields to keep civilians out. Meaning they are currently in battle with a demon or demons. While that maybe the case. I find it rather hard to believe. Mainly because angels haven't come to Asira for over multiple centuries. Not since the people of Asira first discovered magic. Once God Asira and his angels realized the beings of his planets can protect themselves. Angels have ceased coming to Asira to battle demons. Leaving it's citizens to battle the demons themselves. Course I won't denied this may be a rare case here. After all we did sense the presence of one. It just ever since Asira ordered his angels to stop coming to this planet. Sages, warriors, and beast people had became burden with the task of defending their world. Against the very monsters they once feared. Ever since the angels stop protecting the Asirian citizens. So many tragedies have taken place. So many precious lives lost. Only because the Asirians were deemed able to protect themselves. 

Xiaoyu: What utter bullshit! I may not be overly into religion, but I sure as hell hold anger towards the beings of Heaven. So many tragedies have befallen this world throughout the years. Yet Asira and his angels just watch while we fight for our lives. Because we have the powers to combat these great and many evils. Doesn't mean we should have to fight them day in and day out. The level of unfairness is almost suffocating. So many innocent lives lost by the evil that constantly plagues us. Only for more lives to be lost down the line. What is the point of having a God watching over us if he doesn't intervene when we need him most?

Angelina: Not that I disagree with you. However Asira and his angels work in mysterious way. Ways that no common being could ever hope to understand. Even as a demon with my knowledge. I will never understand how a God thinks. Back to our current situation. The barrier is beginning to become visible. We'll be able to see what's going on from the other side. This should prove to be interesting

On the other side of the force field. The gang spots a man wearing a ragged reddish black thawb with a bisht of the same color and condition. His head hidden in a black mask, only exposing his demonic eyes. The man's muscular arms exposed. Holding a scythe sword in each hand. Across from the cloaked demon is a young and slender woman. Short and shiny orange hair. The woman wearing a ivory shirt with cerulean cuffs, cerulean mini skirt, and cerulean boots. Holding in her hand a glowing peach colored sword. The woman stares down the demon as they prepare for combat

Plamen: Unsightly woman. Leave at once or I will unleashed an evil upon you like no other. I only want the boy

Lisa: My name is Lisa Brown and who are you calling ugly shit face? As Asira's toughest angel. I came down here to end your evil deeds demon. I will not allow you to harm this man

Plamen: Then so be it! I shall kill you first!

Xiaoyu: This Lisa Brown chick is nothing I expected an angel to be

Apollyn: So spunky

Nara: So fucking hot!

Angelina: More like unusual

Xiaoyu: What do you say that Angelina? Shouldn't we be happy Asira has finally sent down some angels to help us out? I mean she's the only we encounter thus far, but am certain more are down here... I hope

Angelina: Don't bet on it. There's some odd about this one. Asira, the planet has dealt with bigger evil than the Children Of Ruin. Yet not one single angel has ever intervene in past crisis. Why is this angel here, I wish to find out

Nara: Why is it such a big fuss about an angel being here? We should be grateful of such a sexy... I mean divine help. Now be quiet while this hot angel beats the shit out of Plamen

Lisa: Okay Peacemaker get ready to cut this asshole into bits

Apollyn: An angel that curses? That feels so wrong

Angelina: This girl is raising my suspicions the more I see her in action

Nara: OMG! Watching this sexy angel in action is totally awesome!

Xiaoyu: I'm starting to regret making peace with you. I just hope this angel is more capable than she looks

Apollyn: While angels are the opposite of demons. They are just as stronger. That what Apollyn's mommy said anyways

Plamen: Heaven is about to lose one of their angels. I will make sure you die with waves of regret. Only a fool will challenge me and expect to survive

Lisa: BLAH BLAH BLAH! Shut the fuck up and fight already

Plamen: Insolent worm! Let's see you handle my DOOM PORTALS

Raising his right hand high. Plamen summons multiple ebony portals to surround Lisa. Holding her blade, Peacemaker firmly. Lisa ready herself for any attack thrown her way

Plamen: Let's see you guard against this... FLAMES OF RAPTURE!

As Plamen commands, the Doom Portals unleash blazing bronze colored flames onto Lisa. Nowhere to run, the flames swallow Lisa whole

Nara: Dammit NO!

Apollyn: Poor pretty angel. Those flames swallowed her like I swallow a marshmallow

Xiaoyu: This is so wrong. Not even angels are spared from death

Angelina: Settle down everyone. Don't be fooled by the girl's appearance. This fight is far from over

Looking on with devious satisfaction. Plamen watches as his flames continue to burn away at Lisa. However a bright baby pink light begin to shine within the flames. A light only a living angel can produce. Plamen satisfaction immediately disappears. Swiftly replaced by anguish. The beautiful baby pink light continues to shine, causing the bronze colored flames to vanish. Emerging unscathed, Lisa is surrounded in a orb of baby pink energy

Lisa: Ha ha ha bitch! Did you really think such a shitty attack would be the doom of me? Get serious!

Plamen: Damn you wrench! I'll just take you out head on

Gripping his scythe swords firmly. Plamen's body glows in a demonic bronze aura. Plamen then removes his head mask, revealing his ferocious face.

Lisa: Gross! I expected you to be ugly, but DAMN! Yet you had the nerve to call me ugly earlier

Plamen: Consider yourself unlucky for surviving my flames. Because this next attack will not only be more painful. It will be the bringer of your demise!

Lisa: Demon please! Case you haven't notice. I'm a angel, the living symbol of justice. Like any good justice, I will prevail! Now prepare yourself asshole. Because my next attack will be the last thing you'll ever see

Plamen: Conceited cur! I had enough of you mouth, DIE!

Moving at an intense speed. Plamen charges towards Lisa, ready to cut her down with his scythe swords. Responding with her own deadly charge. Lisa runs towards Plamen surrounded in a baby pink aura. Holding Peacemaker in her hands. Lisa prepares to deliver the finishing blow

Plamen: Say hello to the Spirit Realm cur

Lisa: Never been there and don't plan on going either. Enjoy becoming another worthless spirit of the Underworld asshole

The two warriors continue to charge towards the other. Once they are close enough. Both Lisa and Plamen lift their weapons into the air. Then bringing their weapons down towards the other. Both blades stopping the other from hitting their marks. Lisa and Plamen stare each other down, turning the sword match into a contest of strength

Plamen: Foolish cur! You do not have to strength to defeat the Mighty Plamen. Give up now and accept your death with honor

Lisa: "Accept my death with honor?" What fuck is great about dying? Anyways I had all I can take of you. Peacemaker! Make Mama proud and unleash your true power against this demon

Glowing in an intense mango colored light, Peacemaker begins to overwhelm Plamen. Using all his might to defend with his scythe swords. Despite his best efforts, Peacemaker breaks his blades into many pieces. Shattering Plamen's blades into pieces. Peacemaker also cuts through Plamen. Not only has Plamen been defeated and fail his mission. The death he had hope to bring upon Lisa has befallen him. Standing still in a momentary shock. Plamen's body explodes into pieces of baby pink, baby blue, and light yellow cotton balls

Xiaoyu: What the hell just happened?

Nara: We all saw the sword cut through him. Yet not one drop of blood spilled

Apollyn: Now that's what I call an finishing blow! Totally awesome!

Angelina: From what I can tell. Peacemaker doesn't kill in the traditional sense. Whatever it cuts does not bleed blood, but cotton

Lisa: How did you like me now? I bet you didn't like my COTTON EXECUTION! I hope you good folks behind my barrier enjoyed the show

Xiaoyu: You knew we was here?

Nara: She's an angel, duh

Angelina: Like demons Xiaoyu. Angels can also detect the presence of other beings around them.

Apollyn: You were awesome angel lady

Lisa: Oh wow, you're a demon!

Xiaoyu: As an Angel. I hope you know that all demons aren't evil?

Lisa: Oh geez, drop the attitude demon lover... just kidding? I can totally tell that cute sky blue hair demon is a goody. Unfortunately I'm not exactly getting good vibes off the blonde

 Angelina: I'm currently going through oh how I should say... a recovery of sought.

Xiaoyu: Despite her sinister demonic aura. Angelina is on the side of good

Angelina: That's still too early to tell Xiao, but I'll try not to prove you wrong.

Lisa: As for you sir. I can sense the great aura of magic that surrounds you. Oh I see, you're a descendant too I bet

Nara: Totally! However aren't angels suppose to know everything? I thought your kind shared the same knowledge as your creator?

Lisa: Yeah well... am not like my fellow angels

Angelina: I knew it! Your what sages of the Old Time called a Chosen! A being that wasn't born an angel, but turned into one upon death. Yet despite this, you seem to remain many non angel qualities

Apollyn: Like cursing for one

Angelina: Yeah that, but I meant her whole attitude in general. Other than your angelic blood and powers. Your mannerism is that of a mortal

Lisa: As strange as it sounds, I like being this way. The powers of an angel, but the soul of a human. What more can a girl ask for? Course I wish I hadn't died when I did sixty years ago

Xiaoyu: You died?

Nara: Oh man how tragic!

Angelina: Weren't either of you listening earlier? A Chosen is a being made into an angel after death! Meaning Lisa had to die first in order to Asira to make her into an angel. However becoming a Chosen isn't a simple thing to do. According to legend, a Chosen must had died a noble death in order to even be considered by Asira. Even if a being dies a noble death. Becoming a Chosen isn't guaranteed. Lisa is very lucky Asira choose her

Lisa: Tell me about it! Anyways enough about me. Now that Plamen is vanquished. I need to get back to Neville. Let the lad know he can come out of hiding

Xiaoyu: Neville?

Lisa: The descendant I was protecting. He's hiding in the pond not too far from here. Follow me

As gang follows Lisa to the pond. No more than seven minutes later, the group locate the big pond

Lisa: We're here. Okay Neville you can come out now

The water immediately begins to rumble. The group senses an individual rising from the bottom of the pond. In a matter of seconds, a unknown figured emerges from the pond. Standing before the group is a naked purple skinned man. Nara and the girls excluding Apollyn, shut their eyes in embarrassment

 Nara: I didn't need to see that

 Lisa: Neville! Put some damn pants on

Apollyn: Nice!

Neville: Sorry Lisa. I didn't mean to be flash everyone. However when I'm in my Frilled Shark form. Wearing pants is more than impossible. So excuse me while I put my pants on now

After Neville puts his pants on. Xiaoyu immediately begins to speak to the young descendant

Xiaoyu: From what I can see. You aren't hurt

Neville: Oh I'm 110% okay. Lisa here made sure I encounter no wounds. I just wished she had let me helped

Lisa: I couldn't run the risk of you getting killed. Besides I fight better alone

Xiaoyu: So exactly where were you heading before you encounter Plamen?

Neville: I was on my way to meeting a friend in Bronwyn. My friend Laurel was going to teach me a powerful water spell. While my current magic is great. I doesn't give me the opportunity to use my Frilled Shark form in combat. Laurel who uses the magic art, Aqua! Laurel is able to create water balls, water prisons, and create tidal waves. I plan on learning how to create tidal waves.

Xiaoyu: That's very good to hear Neville. May I suggest one thing though?

Neville: Sure

Xiaoyu: I would feel a lot safer if you go to the Royal Lands instead. My friends are I are  working with King. King Onyxe has sent us to rescue as many descendants as possible. If you decide to go to the Royal Lands. The King will provide you a safe haven until the Descendant Hunters are killed off. Better known as the Children Of Ruin. A group of sinister demons that are sacrificing descendants like Nara and you for their evil goal. Course if you decide to continue to your friends. I will be fine with that too

Neville: Is it possible I can go get Laurel and take her with me to the Royal Lands?

Xiaoyu: I doubt that would be a problem. The King will welcome both Laurel and you with open arms. I'm personally sorry you had to go through all this

Neville: It's cool Miss...

Xiaoyu: Xiaoyu, Jia Xiaoyu! My mistake for not introducing myself earlier. By the way, that's Nara right there. Another descendant just like yourself. The two ladies behind me are Apollyn and Angelina

Neville: Hey everyone. Sorry about my full frontal earlier

Apollyn: Oh hello to you too hungsome, I mean handsome!

Angelina: A pleasure to meet you sir. I'm just glad you didn't end up dead like some of the other descendants.

Nara: Seeing another man''s penis is a bit unnerving, but it's all good. Just happy you're alright

Neville: How kind of you all. Anyways I think I'll do just that Miss Xiaoyu. After I go meet up with Laurel. We'll head over to the Royal Lands

Xiaoyu: That's good to hear. So I guess this is farewell then

Neville: Why so dramatic? Am sure we'll meet again soon. Unless of course you want me to travel with you all?

Lisa: Oh that won't be necessary Neville. Just be careful on your way to Bronwyn. Now that you know that you're being targeted by the Children Of Ruin. I hope you will be more alert

Neville: Of course Lisa. Thanks for saving me once again. Anyways it's time I got moving. One more thing. Make sure you take your own advice. Don't let those evil demons kill any of you. Farewell for now friends. I hope to see you all soon

Nara: Like wise man. Hopefully not naked either

Apollyn: Bye bye Neville... bye bye big purple penis

Angelina: I hope we meet again too Neville. Be safe

Xiaoyu: Remember grab Laurel and go straight to the Royal Lands. Oh yeah, avoid going through the Autumn Forest. That place has quite the monsters

Lisa: Be safe or else punk!

As the group wave good bye to Neville. Neville continues his way towards Bronwyn.

Lisa: So I guess I better get going too. I got some more descendants to find and demons to kill

Nara: Hey Lisa! Maybe you haven't notice, but the five of us share a common goal

Xiaoyu: Wouldn't you perhaps like to travel with us?

Lisa: I don't really know. I kinda like being on my own right now

Angelina: You said that rather convincingly... not!

Apollyn: Oh please Lisa. We would SO much enjoy your company

Xiaoyu: Not only that, but having an angel on our side would be a great help. Especially with our strongest member in the Underworld by the King's request. We really can use all the help we can get. Course we won't force you if you don't want to join us

Lisa: You punks force me? Ha! Well I guess it wouldn't hurt to travel with you bunch for a little bit. However get in my way or piss me off. I'm out!

Xiaoyu: Sounds fair enough. Welcome to the team Lisa

Lisa: So exactly where are we heading too?

Xiaoyu: Arundel will be our next destination. According to King Onyxe's premonition. The next Children Of Ruin will be appearing there in a day. As you already know. Wherever a Children Of Ruin member is at. So is a descendant they are hunting

Lisa: So I guess Arundel is where I will be going. See ya!

Out from her back, two majesty angel wings spring forth. Lisa immediately begins to flap her angel wings, taking to the air

Nara: Hey what's the big fucking deal?

Xiaoyu: I thought you were going to travel with us?

Lisa: Sorry, but I changed my mind. Besides I can get to Arundel a lot faster on my own. It's nothing personal, but I think it's best if I travel solo. Okay bye

With a vigorous flap of her wings. Lisa takes off, leaving Xiaoyu and the others behind

Nara: Still sexy, but a total bitch!

Apollyn: Apollyn feeling sad. Angels aren't suppose to lie

Angelina: Oh don't be too hard on her guys. Despite Lisa's rather rude behavior. She's actually scared. It could just be me over thinking. Yet something tells me Lisa isn't suppose to be here. Not fighting the Children Of Ruin anyways

Xiaoyu: Are you alluding that Asira didn't give Lisa permission to come to our world? I have heard from my grandmother when an angel leaves Heaven without Asira's permission. They will either become a mortal or disappear within a few days. I sincerely hope that isn't what Lisa's real problem is

Nara: Well we got other problems than some bitchy angel. We need to get to Arundel and find the next demon

Xiaoyu: I guess that will be best for now. Hopefully we'll catch up to Lisa. Try talking to her and finding out what's really going on

Continuing their travel Xiaoyu and gang make it out of Greenland an hour later. Arriving into Redwood, the group are only another six hours from Arundel. Course with the night approaching soon. They already plan to locate a hotel in the next city. Traveling through Redwood forest, a sudden scream greatly startles the group


Xiaoyu: My God what was that scream?

Apollyn: Someone's in trouble

Nara: Xiao, is it a descendant?

Xiaoyu: No! I can confirm that much. Yet that scream sounds like someone's in danger. AAHHH!

Apollyn: AAHHH!

Angelina: OH NO!

Nara: Girls! What's wrongs

Angelina: Don't tell me you don't feel that mass of dark energy

Nara: AAHHH! I feel it's now. It's absolutely fucking terrifying! What in the hell could cause such evil energy?

Xiaoyu: Can it be?

Apollyn: It is

Angelina: A Dragon! 

Nara: But here? How?

Angelina: While large numbers of their kind has been killed off. Dragons are still far from extinct. Every once in a while. A dragon or dragons will travel out of  Dragoria in search for some pray

Nara: So what do we do ladies? It's not like we don't have magic or powers on our side

Apollyn: As a demon, I shouldn't be so afraid of dragons. Yet the power they posses is like that of a demon

Xiaoyu: I don't know about you guys, but I can't ignore someone in danger. I'm going to go help and do what I can. I just hope am not too late

Angelina: Xiaoyu wait! Let's talk this out a bit more

Xiaoyu: The longer we wait. The quicker that woman is going to be killed

Without saying another word, Xiaoyu takes off. Apollyn quickly follows behind her.

Angelina: Nara are you going too?

Nara: I never fought a dragon before. Just the thought of it makes me want to shit my pants. However I refuse to run away from danger without a fight. If you're too scared to fight Angelina. All I can say then is that you're one sorry excuse for a demon. Adios!

Like Xiaoyu and Apollyn before him. Nara takes off to fight the dragon, leaving Angelina behind. Minutes later, both Xiaoyu and Apollyn arrive on the scene. Locating the source of the scream. Both Xiaoyu and Apollyn were surprise to see it was Lisa. Lisa's back against a tree and Peacemaker in her hand. Lisa nervously faces down the gigantic dragon before her. Xiaoyu and Apollyn momentarily frozen with fear. As they stare at the horrifying beast before them. Using her light powers to gain composure. Xiaoyu summons the courage to battle against the creature threatening Lisa. Ready to take action, Xiaoyu turns to Apollyn

Xiaoyu: Apollyn! Listen to me good. I'm going to attack this dragon. While I'm keeping that monster distracted. Run over to Lisa and make sure she's okay

Apollyn: Are you sure about this Xiao?

Xiaoyu: As sure as I'll ever be Lynn. Just don't let me down

Apollyn: Okay

Xiaoyu: Okay 3..2...1... LIGHT BEAM!

Extending her right hand out. Xiaoyu unleashes a beam of light towards the dragon. As Xiaoyu's attack successfully strikes the creature. Apollyn swiftly runs over to Lisa

Lisa: Oh man am I happy to see you again

Apollyn: Save it liar! I'm only helping you because it's the right thing to do. I'm very crossed with you

Lisa: Apollyn I meant no ill will when I left you guys. Besides I can't tell a lie. One of my few angelic aspects about me. I genuinely changed my mind. I really wanted it at first though. It's just... XIAOYU!

Looking back at Xiaoyu. The girls watch in horror as the dragons moves towards Xiaoyu. The dragon unleashes a blast of crimson fight at Xiaoyu. Quickly reacting, Xiaoyu creates a LIGHT SPHERE to protect herself. Unfortunately the dragon's fire proves to be more powerful than Xiaoyu's barrier. As the flames slowly, but surely began to break through her sphere.

Lisa: Those flames. It's burning through her defense. If we don't hurry. She's going to be burned alive

Apollyn: I won't let my BFF get killed! 

Apollyn's chest immediately begins to grow breast. As Apollyn begins building up power. Creating two big balls of jawbreakers in each hand. Apollyn throws them furiously towards the dragon. The jawbreakers had hit the dragon successfully. Causing the giant beast not only to bring harm upon Xiaoyu. The dragon had recoil due to the power of Apollyn's attack. Despite taking a powerful hit. The dragon quickly recovered as it turned it attention to Apollyn and Lisa. Just then Nara appears to aid his friends in battle. The young sage's eye glowing Icy Blue. Nara begins creating a giant snow ball

Nara: Over here, you fucking mutated lizard! How bout you try my GIGANTE SNOWBALL for size

After creating the enormous size snowball. Nara throws it vigorously towards the dragon. As Nara's attack approach the dragon. The dragon opened his mouth, releasing a blast of crimson fire. Melting away Nara's attack as it had never existed

Xiaoyu: A snowball! Really Nara? DRAGON BREATH FUCKING FIRE!

Nara: Well excuse me for trying to be helpful

Lisa: Apollyn I think it's up to you and me to take down this beast. Otherwise both Xiaoyu and Nara are toast

Apollyn: Hey Apollyn got an idea. I'll just use my CARAMEL TRAP! Anything that's caught in Apollyn's Caramel Trap will be completely immobileeze

Lisa: Don't you mean immobilize? 

Apollyn: Maybe? Anyways it's time Apollyn traps this beast within her sticky caramel

Opening her mouth, Apollyn spit up a blob of caramel in her left hand. Forming it into a ball, Apollyn takes aim at the dragon. Seeing what Apollyn's about to do. Xiaoyu prepares to unleash an attack of her own. Just enough to distract the beast

 Xiaoyu:  Here go everything... LIGHT ARROWS! 

From her hands, Xiaoyu unleashes a barrage of light energy arrows towards the dragon. Nara assists Xiaoyu with distracting the dragon. Using his signature attack SAPPHIRE BLIZZARD! 

Lisa: There's no time like the present. Go for it Apollyn! 

Holding the blob of caramel in her left hand. Apollyn goes into a pitcher like position. Taking a few seconds to make sure her attack hits. Once assured of her own success. Apollyn throws the blob of caramel at the dragon. The strategy proved to be a success. Both Xiaoyu and Nara's distraction allowed Apollyn's Caramel Trap to hit the dragon. Covered all over in sticky caramel, the creature struggles to free itself

Lisa: ALRIGHT! That was awesome! Now for me to put this ugly fuck down for good

Apollyn: Um Lisa... is it me or is that dragon's body glowing really red?

Xiaoyu: I don't think it's just you Lynn

Nara: That dragon's look like it's about to blow or something

Lisa: Shit! The dragon is using OVERHEAT! Not only will OVERHEAT melt the caramel holding it. We're about to get hit by a very powerful fire attack. One powerful enough to melt even a demon

Apollyn: An angel too

Lisa: Totally! Xiaoyu hurry and create a barrier around Nara and you. Apollyn grab onto me. Hopefully my PRETTY BARRIER can withstand the heat of this attack

Doing as instructed, Xiaoyu creates a LIGHT BARRIER around Nara and herself. As Lisa protects Apollyn and herself with her Pretty Barrier. The dragon's body glows in a intense red light, unleashing a big burst of heat! Unfortunately for Xiaoyu, Nara, Apollyn, and Lisa. The dragon's OVERHEAT proves too strong for the barriers to withstand. The scorching heat breaks through both barriers. Sending all four heroes crashing to the ground. Upon hitting the ground, both Xiaoyu and Nara are knocked out. Due to being such powerful individuals. Merely injured, Apollyn and Lisa rises from the ground.

Lisa: OUCH! I hate pain!

Apollyn: Second here. Anyways where is Xiao and Nara?

Lisa: Oh no! Look over there

Apollyn: XIAOYU! NARA! Are they... dead?

Lisa: That fact that none of us have been scorched. I say they are alive. The impact of Xiaoyu's barrier breaking must had knocked them out. Either way this isn't good. Where is Angelina by the way? Wasn't she with you guys? We really could use her help here

Apollyn: Well Angelina sensed the dragon and felt it's great power. Angelina decided not to help Apollyn and friends

Lisa: Nothing like a coward. I guess it's just you and me then. First let me use a healing spell. We can't do much in our current condition. At least let's heal up to eighty percent. Otherwise that dragon is going to have all four of us for dinner

Apollyn: If it doesn't just take Xiaoyu and Nara instead. That creep is moving towards them

Lisa: Shit! Course it would. Xiaoyu and Nara are easier prey compare to the two of us. We gotta hurry up and do something

Apollyn: Okay Apollyn will fight dragon while Lisa heals

Apollyn immediately gets up off the ground and runs towards the dragon

Lisa: Apollyn wait! Do just charge in like that so recklessly. Dammit it's no use. She'll protect her friends no matter what. I can't help but feel this is all my fault. If I just stayed with them. WHY AM I SO STUPID ASIRA?

Lisa quickly chases after Apollyn. As the girls approach the dragon. The dragon prepare to launch another attack

Lisa: Apollyn hurry and move out the way. That fucker is about to strike

Apollyn: Sorry Lisa, but Apollyn can't worry about Apollyn's safety. I must protect Xiaoyu at all cost

Lisa: This is futile. Peacemaker please protect my friends and me

As the girls get closer to their target. The dragon flaps it;s wings as it prepares to strike

Lisa: Dammit no!

Gathering enough wind, the dragon unleashes his attack HEAVY WINDS! The big blast of wind strikes both Apollyn and Lisa. Sending the girls crashing hard to the ground. More hurt than before, but due to being unique beings. The girls are not yet defeated. Unfortunately they are too wound to continue fighting without healing

Apollyn: Apollyn can't believe this. The dragon is too strong for us. Lisa if you have the strength to do so... run

Lisa: Run for what? Leave you and the others to die? If there's one thing about me Apollyn. I don't abandon my friends no matter what

Apollyn: Yet you abandon us earlier

Lisa: The reason for that was different, but wrong none the less. I promise if we somehow survive this. I promise to remain by you guys side as long as needed

Apollyn: I was right about you Lisa. You're the coolest angel I ever meet

Lisa: I'm the only angel you ever meet, but thank you. However out of all the demons I have encountered, you're definitely my favorite.

Apollyn: Apollyn is not afraid to die Lisa. Just promise me you'll save Xiaoyu and Nara. I will unleash my full power and bring this monster down.

Lisa: Oh no more with increasing your breast sizes. They look ridiculous as it is. Also like I already said, I don't abandon my friends. That means you. Now let's try another tactic. One we're I distract the dragon and you save Xiaoyu and Nara

Angelina: How about we try a tactic where I captured the dragon and everyone lives

Lisa: Angelina!

Apollyn: You came back for us

Angelina: I had a rather startling encounter with a dragon once. I was just a human girl back then. I guess my fear over the years hasn't really subsided. However my friends need me and that's more important than any fear I have. Besides a dragon like this is much too good to let go

Lisa: Okay was it just me or did Angelina sound like a villain?

Apollyn: That's the Lilith side of her. I guess the King really couldn't rid Momo of all her wickedness

Lisa: Momo?

Apollyn: Angelina's birth name. Don't worry, you'll get to know us better once we start hanging out

Angelina: Now girls, I need the both of you to stay out of my way. While I capture this dragon, Lisa I need you to start healing yourself. As a demon Apollyn, you'll heal naturally. Once you're done healing yourself Lisa. Tend to Xiaoyu and Nara

Lisa: Are you sure you don't need any help?

Angelina: I got this! Just do as I say

Lisa: Well okay then

Lisa begins to heal herself as Apollyn's body starts to heal itself. The dragon then turns it's attention to it's newest foe. The creature now more furious than ever. After battling four adversaries prior. It now must compete against an ever stronger foe. The dragon charges at Angelina with lightning speed. Angelina remains calm as the creature approaches

Angelina: Yes that's it. Come to mama! I will be happy to add a beast like you to my repertoire of powers. I shall turn you to what I shall call Lilith's Pet Dragon

Once the dragons is only a few seconds away from hitting Angelina. Angelina puts her right hand out before her. Glowing in a bright amethyst light

Angelina: Now become apart of me powers. DARK CONFINEMENT! 

Right before the dragon could strike Angelina. Amethyst colored energy surrounds the creature. The amethyst energy takes the shape of a crystal. Immediately trapping the dragon inside of it. After seconds of struggling, the dragon surrenders.

Angelina: Perfect! Now you will disappear until I have need for you. Begone for now my sweet pet

By Angelina's command, both the dragon and the amethyst crystal containing it disappears. Lisa and Apollyn fully healed. Lisa quickly runs over to Xiaoyu and Nara. Once being healed, Xiaoyu and Nara quickly rise to their feet

Nara: Wow! I feel like I been reborn. Haven't felt this good in a minute

Xiaoyu: I one hundred percent agree with you. I haven't felt this good in awhile. Obvious the work of a healer. Thanks Lisa

Lisa: Oh don't thank me, thank Angelina. If she hadn't join the battle when she did. I don't think we all would had made it out alive

Nara: I guess I owe somebody an apology

Angelina: Not necessary Nara. I was behaving like a coward.

Xiaoyu: Well it took a lot of courage to come back and save us

Angelina: You're giving me way too much credit Xiaoyu. It wasn't so much courage, but moreso interest! For I decided to captured our winged adversary for myself

Nara: You did what?

Xiaoyu: Angelina!

Angelina: Oh calm down guys. I simply made the dragon apart of my arsenal of magic. I'm able summon the creature when needed. Course only for battle. I'll need more time with my new pet before using it for other things. Like flying us around throughout Mayland. Now that's out the way. I have a question I want to ask of you Lisa

Lisa: I already know what you're going to say Angelina. For a smart woman, you're rather obvious. Anyways no I was not sent by Asira to come down to Planet Asira and aid in the battle against The Children Of Ruin. I just got so fucking sick and tired of watching those descendants being brutally murdered and sacrifice for the Janiel bastard

Xiaoyu: Janiel? I thought it was Mastema who the sacrifices were being used for?

Lisa: Oops, spoiler alert! None of you were suppose to know about Janel until later within this story. Now I gotta use FORGET FORGET BEAM! (Sorry Author, me and my Heavenly Knowledge)

Lisa creates a flash of bright light from her body. Causing everyone around her to forget what she had said a few seconds ago

Lisa: Back on the topic at hand. I wasn't down here by Asira to aid in the fight against The Children Of Ruin. I came down here for my own reason. I couldn't continue to watch as innocent descendants were brutally murdered. In order to free that bastard Mastema from Forbidden! Since I wasn't sent down here by Asira. I put my life as an angel at risk. I will either become mortal by two weeks or disappears. Either way this sucks so bad. That's why I didn't want to travel with you guys at first. I was afraid you would looked down on me if you knew the truth of my situation

Xiaoyu: Look down on you? Are you fucking insane? Lisa... you are one of the coolest and truly good beings I have meet since I began this journey. You cared about the lives of not only the descendants, but the citizens of Mayland and the rest of planet Asira so much. You put you're very angelhood on the line for it. If that isn't the act of a noble being, I don't know what is. Don't worry about dying or becoming mortal in two weeks. We'll make sure the Children Of Ruin are defeated by then. You'll have nothing to fear

Lisa: Yeah nothing to fear except never being allowed back into Heaven

Nara: I can't believe Asira could be so cruel to one of his own angels. Here I thought demons were the worst things to exist. A God is even worst

Lisa: Hey don't you speak about my boss like that! Asira didn't exactly say I will turn to a mortal or die in two weeks. It's just what I usually read in myths when I was still human. Asira could had just stopped from coming here by simply thinking it. Yet I made it down here with zero struggle

Angelina: Is it possible to say Asira approves of you being here?

Lisa: I really don't know. I really don't want to think about that right now. Well now that you guys know my situation. I hope you let me stick around?

Xiaoyu: What kind of question is that? Course you can stick around. Not only we could use your help. We genuine would like having you around. I always known you had a good reason for ditching us earlier. We were just too mad to understand why

Nara: Well now that we know the truth, who cares? Am just glad to be traveling with another babe. Now before we going to Arundel. I need to get some food in my stomach

Apollyn: That goes double for Apollyn. Apollyn is SO HUNGRY!

Angelina: We all could use a nice meal and some rest. We can't save the world on an empty stomach and lack of rest. The nearest hotel shouldn't be too far from here

Xiaoyu: Sounds like a plan. Tonight we celebrate to yet another day we bested the odds. Now lets get moving. Am starting to crave food the way Apollyn craves sweets

Apollyn: That just means your very very hungry.

Lisa: "It's been so long since I felt this happy. I never imagined I would be fighting alongside the Great Heroes. Asira please forgive me for leaving you side. I just could not continue to stand by and do nothing. While the Children Of Ruin killed innocent lives. May you find it in your heart to forgive. I also ask you to bless my friends and I throughout this journey. From this point on, things are going to become even more difficult. My friends and I need all the help we can get. Anyways goodbye for now my Lord. I hope I can return to you and the others soon enough"

After a long day of traveling and fighting for survival. Not only did Xiaoyu and company gain two new allies. They managed to save another descent from becoming sacrificed. As the group goes to find a place to eat and sleep. Tomorrow will prove to be a greater challenge. None the less, they must believe in themselves and each other. In order to not only to survive, but to save Asira and all of it's inhabitants. The fight between good and evil rages on


Having just exited the S.S. Grim. Okubi and Eligos arrives to the city of Tristaville. The larger city that will bring Okubi closer to his main destination, Babylon. Once arriving to Babylon, Okubi will meet with the Demon Lord, Othello! If he should survive his journey to Babylon. Perhaps he will have a chance of obtaining the whereabouts of Hellin from her mother. Course no journey would be complete without the many dangers waiting ahead. In order to survive in the Underworld. Okubi will have to rise about all obstacles that stand before him.The fate of Asira depends on Okubi's survival. Failure is not an option!

TO BE CONTINUED! The Underworld Saga begins here