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Profile: James Del Soto

The King's Right Hand Man

Name: James Del Soto

Age: 910

Gender: Male

Likes: King Onyxe, Yura, fellow guards of the King, attractive women, massages, bacon cheeseburger, beer, being protected

Dislikes: The Order, death of his wife Cassandra, Losing Anna, Devilry Combat Tournaments, his father, traveling in the Underworld, Queen Othello, people who are rude to Onyxe. pop music, power binding spells, when Onyxe plays with his chest

Family: Cassandra (Wife/Decease), Anna (Daughter). Rico (Father/Whereabouts unknown), Altora (Mother), Giovanni (Older half brother/Whereabouts unknown), Sean (Second Older Half Brother/Whereabouts unknown), The Order (The assassin guide his formally was apart of), Onyxe (His Master)

Magic Name: None. As a demon, James's powers are natural

Powers: Common demonic abilities such as super strength, agility, reflexes, durability, self healing, and fire/lava. Due to his crotaphytidae blood. James's self healing abilities are greater than most demons. James can also become invisible. survive in extreme heated areas, regenerate limbs in a matter of seconds

BIO:  The son of Altora the Lizard Queen and the Demon Pirate Rico. Raised sole by her mother within her Kingdom. James never knew his other family members until two centuries later. Once James was old enough for his mother's liking. Altora gave James two choices. Either dedicate himself to her Kingdom or venture out on his own. Choosing the latter, James had left his mother the next day. Uninterested in remaining any longer in Asira. James had located a portal to the Underworld. 

Upon entering the Underworld, James had immediately encounter two male demons. These male demons were his half brothers, Giovanni and Sean. Reunited with his elder siblings. The three Del Soto sons then soon meet up with their father. Traveling with his father, brothers, and crew on Asturias. James had spent nearly three hundred years, living as a pirate. During those many years. James along with his family attacked many towns. Stealing various valuables and killing anyone who stood in their way. Over the course of time. James and his family grew not only in power, but their fortune was equally vast. Becoming notorious throughout the Underworld. Being lead by the might of his father Rico. James was certain no power of the Underworld could ever take them down. Unfortunately James would soon realize how wrong he was. During their raid on the town of Fallen. The pirates found themselves surrounded by ninja demons. Engaged in battle with the demon ninjas. While his father and brother were fighting for their lives. James was faced against several ninjas. Managing to take out majority of his enemies. One of the demon ninjas managed to best James. Struck by a powerful attack. James was knocked off a cliff. Had fallen nearly ninety feet to the ground. As James laid on the ground brutally injured. Slowly slipping into unconsciousness. All James could think about was being separated from his family. 

Haven awoke three hours later. James found himself in the arms of a female demon. Immediately noticing her milk chocolate skin and multi colored blonde hair. James looked into the demon's silver colored eyes. James not only felt relief, but instant attraction towards the demon. Not long after having healed. James and his rescuer Othello became instant lovers. Traveling throughout the Underworld with Othello. James had hope he would find his father and brothers. During their travels, the two encounter a demon giant. The enormous fiend had set it's sights on Othello. Realizing this, James swiftly stepped into action. Having fought and slain the giant creature. As James turned looking to be comfort by Othello. Using her telepathy, Othello puts James to sleep

Finally awaken, James found himself in a empty room. Quickly exiting the room. James went out and search for Othello. Instead James had found a group of demon assassin. The leader of the demon assassins Ulric had approached James. Ulric had not only told James the truth about Othello. Ulric had made James and offer he could not refuse. In exchange of joining his assassin guild The Order. Ulric and the other members would help James search for his missing father. Should James find his father. The Order will let James free without question. Anything else would be consider a betrayal. Which would be answered with death! Having accepted Ulric's offer. James became the newest addition to The Order. Life as an assassin wasn't much different from his pirate days. The only difference was the thrill. As a pirate, James took pride of his misdeeds. Now apart of The Order, James lived by a code of shadow. Since becoming apart of The Order. James desired to reunite with his family died. While not overly happy, James was satisfied with his new life.

During the time being with The Order. James had fallen in love with fellow assassin Cassandra Decanus. While The Order had become aware of the love between James and Cassandra. As long as neither left the guild. The Order care not for their affair. However once Cassandra became pregnant with their child. Cassandra no longer wanted anything to do with The Order. While James feared greatly for their lives. Cassandra had convince her now husband to trust in her. Knowing that The Order wouldn't let them leave freely. Cassandra and James planted bombs throughout the hideout. Once they made their escape. The Del Sotos had blown up the hideout. Believing to had killed everyone within the hideout. 

Starting their new lives together. The next six years of the Del Soto's lives were wonderful. Cassandra had given birth to their daughter Anna. James made a living as a carpenter. Believing to had obliterated The Order from existence. James and Cassandra would learn soon enough how wrong they were. Home together on a quite evening. As James played with Anna while Cassandra cooked dinner. Suddenly both felt a multitude of ominous auras approaching. That very moment both James and Cassandra's fear had been realized. Before they had a chance to react. The Order had broken into their home. Cassandra had ordered James to grab Anna and run. While Cassandra fought against the assassins. James and Anna had ran. Tears ran down James eyes. Knowing he had left his wife for dead. James knew he must protect Anna at all cost.

Knowing this day would come. James took Anna to a deserted motel three cities away. Once they got settle in. James had told Anna to hide. While he went to go get them food. Having returned thirty minutes later with burgers and fries. Not only was Anna no longer at the motel. James was surrounded by his former comrades. The Order had attacked James with extreme prejudice. Despite the great odds, James wasn't going down without a fight. Successfully defeating and killing his attackers. Not only was James without a wife and child. Life as James knew it was over. Over the next two hundred and fifteen years. James lived life on the run. Living worst than homeless demons. James did just about anything to get by. James knew in order to have a real chance of living. He needed to find a portal that would take him to Asira. Times like this makes James wished he had more friends. A demon that could just create a portal to Asira. Regardless of his circumstances. James was determine to live.

After two hundred and fifteen year have passed. The Order had finally managed to find James. Luckily James had already located a nearby portal to Asira. Having entered through the portal. James was finally in Asira. Unfortunately The Order were coming through the very same portal. While still on the run once arriving to Asira. James was left worried due to the perception of demons within Asira. James knew The Order could not chase him forever. Unless they wished to risk an encounter with a demon hunter or inquisitor. On his third day running through Asira. Having become extremely tired due to lack of sleep and hunger. James knew he wasn't going to last much longer. Traveling through an unknown road. The Order had managed to catch James. Now surrounded by his relentless pursuers. James knew his time was up. All those years of running and hiding had been for nothing. However before The Order could even lay a finger on James. A young demon had appeared. Standing between James and The Order. Both James and The Order were stunned by the boys enormous power. The young lad then immediately began attacking The Order assassins. James watched in astonishment as the boy slain each and every of his pursuers. After the boy had killed off the assassins. The boy went over to James.

James had feared the boy was going to kill him too. Instead the boy went over to hug him. It has been many centuries since James had experience such kindness. The boy introduce himself as Onyxe Cerise. Onyxe went inside his backpack. Giving James some of his spare raw meat to eat. After James rested up a bit. James and Onyxe began to chat. Hearing Onyxe's situation about losing his family. James was instantly reminded of his daughter Anna. After telling his story, Onyxe asked James about his situation. Having finally meet a friend throughout his struggle. James feared if Onyxe knew about his life. Onyxe would kill him too. Despite of his fears. Something about Onyxe compelled James to be truthful. Once James finished telling Onyxe his story. James immediately burst into tears. Begging for Onyxe to spare his miserable existence. While Onyxe was not thrilled with James's backstory. Having already bonded with James spiritually. Onyxe made James promise to live a life of righteousness. Onyxe would not only spare his life, but protect him from any further attacks. 

After Onyxe won the Devilry Combat Tournament and became Asira's new King. James immediately became his right hand man. Once the Underworld had learned the James was now serving alongside the King of Asira. The Order decided not to send any assassin to Asira. Fearing Onyxe would indefinitely wipe out what remain of them. However should James return to the Underworld. They will finished what they started

Fifty five years later. living happily besides Onyxe in his Kingdom in Mayland. While James pass will forever trouble him. James now lives proudly with a bright future ahead.

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