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Forbidden Chapter 38

Forbidden Chapter Thirty Eight

The Reunion Of Heroes

 Shortly after being separated from her comrades. Angelina found herself teleported to a cellar. Angelina uses to demonic abilities to check her surrounding. Once she realizes she's alone in the cellar. Angelina begins to search for a way out. Using her powers once again. Angelina's right hand glows in a lavender flames. Making traveling within the darkness much easier. Immediately searching for a way to escape the cellar. In order to find her missing friends and defeat Goddess Razel. Fifteen minutes later traveling within the cellar. Angelina comes across a locked room door. Standing in front of the door. Angelina can smell multiple dead bodies on the other side. However senses nothing alive within the room. Certain the room will not lead to an exit. Angelina decides it's worth investigating. The demon uses her strength to open the locked door. Entering inside of the room, Angelina is surrounded by skeletons. Searching through the room of anything of significants. Angelina spots a skeleton holding onto a dusty book. Curious about what the book might contain. Angelina moves towards the skeleton with the book.

 Reaching down towards the skeleton holding the book. Just right before Angelina could put her hands on it. Suddenly the skeletons grabs Angelina's hands. While Angelina nearly yelled out in fear. Upon realizing the skeleton had done nothing to harm her. Angelina holds onto the skeleton's hand as it were a dear friend. Despite the fact Angelina was neither a telepath or a empath. Just by the way the skeleton had held her hand. Angelina felt the sadness within the corpse's soul. After holding Angelina's hand for a few more seconds. The skeleton then released Angelina's hand along with it's book. The dusty book now laying on the ground. Angelina decided to wait a few seconds before grabbing it. Once the tears in her eyes had dried. Angelina picked up the book and dusted it off.

Angelina: Viatori Patuit by Rory Araullo. That's latin for "traveler". Now to see what wonders have Mr. Araullo had written

 Reading the contents within the book. Angelina quickly realized two very important things about Mr. Araullo. One he was not a citizen of Asira, but from a world called Purpara. Second Mr. Araullo was fascinated with traveling to different worlds. Angelina who continued on to read. Discovered that Mr. Araullo practiced magic. Specifically magic that would give him the powers he desired. This type of magic was uncommon where Mr. Araullo had come from. The book had a few more notes. Explaining how he learned to travel to other words. Even explaining his adventures in another world called Cyris. However the rest of the pages were left blank. Angelina knew the exact reason for that. Mr. Araullo had fallen victim to Goddess Razel. Realizing the unfair fate Mr. Araullo had endured. Angelina began to cry once more. After stopping her tears once more. Angelina decided to take Viatori Patuit for herself. However before exiting out of the room. Angelina lean down towards Mr. Araullo's corpse. Kissing the top of his forehead. Angelina then bid the others skeletons farewell. Promising them to avenge each and every one of their deaths. Exiting out of the room of the dead. Angelina continues looking for a way out. Less then ten minutes later. Angelina finally finds an exit. Opening the door before her. Angelina finds herself outside of Goddess Razel's castle. However unlike before where nothing was there. Angelina finds herself faced against a horrifying creature. One beyond mortal comprehension. The best way to describe the monstrosity that stood before her. A blue, purple, and green neon colored dragon. Surrounded in a mystical and fearsome aura. While Angelina has gotten over her fear of dragons awhile ago. Angelina was far from foolish not to fear such a powerful creature.

 The odds certainly not in her favor. Angelina not only refused to die in Razel's Dimension. The demon had also promise to avenge Rory Araullo and the other victims of Goddess Razel. Meanwhile back in Midor Forest within Asira. Both Onyxe and Eligos are being confronted by Hellin and the other heroes. Concerning the whereabouts of Okubi and the others

Hellin: Where the hell is Anna?

James: Yeah bestie where's my daughter?

Nara: Where's Xiaoyu?

Eligos: If all of you will kindly shut the hell up! Both the King and I will gladly share out bad news with you

Lisa: Don't tell me The Children of Ruin got them?

Onyxe: Unfortunately this is much worst than The Children of Ruin

Naznim: Much worst?

Hellin: I don't give a shit about anything right now. I want to know what happen to my friend? Furthermore how the hell did you end up babysitting Okubi's servant once again?

Onyxe: If you will all please stop badgering me and let me talk. I'll gladly tell you all what happened. Better yet I'll show you by using my telepathy

Onyxe puts both his hands on each side of his head. Projecting a realistic illusion of everything that happened. Starting from the heroes encountering Brutality during the carnival. Until the very moment Goddess Razel and her homunculus had kidnapped Xiaoyu. Witnessing what happened to Okubi and the others with their very eyes. The heroes are mixed with emotions of fear, anger, and outrage

James: NO! Why did Anna chase after Xiaoyu? Now my daughter will be gone forever

Hellin: How fucking dare you Del Soto! You're the one who fucking abandon her centuries ago. Just so you could your fucking self! I'm more pissed off neither Okubi nor Onyxe could have prevented Anna from entering the portal

Nara: Hey fuck the both of you! Anna did what any true friend would do by trying to save my girlfriend. I only wish I had been with Xiaoyu instead. DAMMIT!

Hellin: Curse at me again Darken and I will rip your fucking head off!

Nara: Well go ahead and try it bitch!

Lisa: You fuckers are over here arguing. Yet no one wants to talk about the bitch who kidnapped our friends? Goddess fucking Razel is responsible for all of this. Do you guys even comprehend the evil we are up against? Goddess Razel is one of the Seven Fallen Gods! Once serving alongside Lord Asira. After Razel and the other six gods attempt to overthrow him. Lord Aisra had stripped them of most of their powers and banished them. However even her decreased God like powers. Razel is still a very dangerous threat. Now that psycho bitch has our friends imprisoned.

Nara: Not only did she kidnap my girlfriend for her light based magic. Other innocent sages had been kidnapped by her fucking homunculus minions

Naznim: Now Okubi, Angelina, Apollyn, and Anna are currently in Razel's Dimension. Attempting to rescue Xiaoyu and the others sages. Along with slaying Goddess Razel and her minions. Do they not realize they are not strong enough to kill a Goddess? Furthermore why didn't you travel with them King Onyxe?

Onyxe: We all agreed it wasn't wise for all of us to go. Should Okubi and the others not make it back. I was going to tell you all the very unfortunate news. The only reason I didn't call for help. I didn't want to send everyone in a panic

Hellin: So instead of doing your kingly duties to protect Asira. You decided to place your faith in Okubi? What an utterly disappointing decision your majesty

James: Hey back the hell off him daughter of Othello! Onyxe perhaps didn't make the best call, but none of this is his fault! Even as crushed I would be if Anna dies in Razel's Dimension. Onyxe would not be to blame

Hellin: Do you think I give two shits about your worthless opinion Del Soto? I do not care who's at fault. If Anna is killed by that fucking Goddess. I will unleash literally hell on this world

Lisa: Well have fun with that Hellin. Because once Razel takes care of our friends. Best fucking believe she'll come for the rest of us. Not to mentioned the very reason Razel kidnapped Xiaoyu.

Naznim: Yes speaking of Razel's reasons of kidnapping Xiaoyu and singular magic sages. Exactly what is Goddess Razel trying to accomplice? The imagery you shown us didn't specify the reasons why. Just showed us how everything went to shit

Onyxe: What Razel is attempting to do is a ritual called "Call Of The Elements" A ritual that specializes in gathering sages of each particular element. Fire, water, wind, earth, light, and darkness. Goddess Razel who already represents the power of darkness. Xiaoyu light, Asher fire, Ahio wind, and the twins water and earth. Razel plans on absorbing them and becoming a being equal to Asira's might

Lisa: Now it all makes fucking sense! Out of all the Seven Fallen Gods. Razel was the most vengeful towards Asira. That bitch has been planning this shit for years. It's unusual in today's world that a sage only uses a singular magic. Razel also made sure not to choose any ordinary singular magic users either. We all know how skilled Xiaoyu is in her light magic. I can only imagine the other kidnapped sages are just as good or better. Razel is going to absorb them and transform into a terrifying being

James: Satan! This is so fucked up! How do we even defeat such a powerful being? Onyxe… does my daughter, Okubi, and the others stand any chance against such a villainess?

Nara: Dear Asira please don't let Xiaoyu been absorbed. I don't know what I will do without her

Lisa: Xiaoyu will be okay Nara. We just got to believe Okubi and the others can defeat Razel. Even if the odds are next to impossible

Hellin: Well now that we know what Razel's intentions are. Onyxe explain to me how Okubi managed to open a portal to Razel's Dimension

Lisa: Holy shit! Totally forgot about that. I know Okubi is strong, but for him to open up a portal to Goddess Razel's dimension. Especially considering only Razel's can open her portals. What kind of power did our leader require?

Hellin: I hope you're speaking for yourself when you referred Okubi being our leader. He's not fucking leader of mine. However I'm willing to wager. Whatever reason Okubi is now more powerful than I remembered. Is the very reason Eligos is with you instead of his master

Eligos: Dammit I hate when she's right

James: Exactly what did happen to Okubi?

Onyxe: The Demonic Dream Trial happened! Last night while Hellin and I were away. The rest of you asleep. Eligos got in contact with my father Knox. Allowing Knox to put Okubi under one of the most dangerous trials. Known in the Underworld. The Demonic Dream Trial can either make or destroy a demon. Especially more dangerous when used on a half demon. Thankfully Okubi managed to survive. Now he's stronger than before. However I fear he isn't strong enough to defeat a Goddess. None the less Okubi will do anything to save Xiaoyu. Accompany by Apollyn and Angelina. The three of them went after Xiaoyu, Anna, and the others.

Naznim: Well isn't this just great. Not only is a vengeful Goddess trying to gain enough power to destroy us. We don't know if our comrades are still alive. Let alone a way to get to them

Lisa: Well I'm certain Xiaoyu is still alive

Nara: How can you be sure of that Lisa?

Lisa: Because had Xiaoyu already been absorbed by Razel. That bitch would be here faster than I can say motherfucker sonabitch. However I can't speak on the others all being alive, but I know for certain they can't all be dead. Otherwise Razel would had already completed her ritual

Naznim: Couldn't Razel just smite Okubi and the others?

Lisa: Thankfully no the fuck she can't. Remember the part where I said "Asira stripped them of most of their powers?" Course not even Asira himself can simply smite someone out of existence. Course a punch from him could destroy anything instantly. So I guess it's about the same. However as you have stated. There is no way from us to go and aid Okubi and the others


 Out of nowhere Onyxe screams out in pain. Dropping down to the ground. James immediately runs over to his friend's side. Holding the King's head in his arms. James and the others witnesses Onyxe's eyes glowing eggshell blue.

Nara: James what's going on with Onyxe?

James: Onyxe is having a vision… a painful one at that. Shit this isn't fucking good. Onyxe can you tell us what you're seeing?

Onyxe: Angelina! Angelina is in grave danger!

Hellin: What kind of danger?

Onyxe: Angelina is fighting a dragon of vast powers. A dragon by the name Warp Reality Dragon! A monster created by Goddess Razel herself. Angelina won't last long if she isn't rescued

Lisa: No not Angie! I don't want her to die

Hellin: Onyxe! We need to find a way fast to get to Razel's Dimension. Can you by any chance possibly contact Okubi?

 No longer suffering from his premonition. While still being held by James. King Onyxe turns his attention over to Hellin

Onyxe: I know Hellin and I have just the plan. I just wasn't sure on using it before. I honestly didn't want to risk going to Razel's Dimension. Not only would it be hard to explain my disappearance should I had died there. I myself have never faced against a God. I was scared of what might happen had I acted irrationally

Hellin: I knew you were a fucking coward! Just like a typical King. Quick to send your minions to their deaths, but too afraid to face your problems head on

Onyxe: That's not true Hellin. I didn't want to simply follow Okubi and the others. Not because I feared for my life. I feared not getting to see James, Yura, or my father just one more time. Furthermore someone would had to live. In case Okubi and the others had failed

Nara: I 100% agree with you King O. However we need to hurry up and save Angelina

Onyxe: That's not a problem Nara. Luckily I know a very magical technique called DIMENSION TRAIN! It's a train that can cross any plane I can imagine. My train will be able to carry you all over to Razel's Dimension. I just worry how exhausted I'll be after performing the spell. However I refuse to let Angelina die. Now please release me James so I can get you all over to Razel's Dimension

James: No problem Onyxe, but I like to volunteer myself as an extra energy source for you. Also please use the quick method of sucking my energy. My pride as a heterosexual will have to take a necessary hit

Nara: Your pride as a heterosexual?

Hellin: You'll see exactly what Del Soto means in a second

 Grabbing James face with both his hands. Onyxe brings James face over to his and the two men lock lips. Onyxe and James begin french kissing as Onyxe begins absorbing extra energy from James. Having absorbed the required energy. Onyxe releases James from his grasp. While James lays on the ground barely conscious. Onyxe begins opening a grayish blue portal before the heroes

Lisa: So exactly how are you going to bring a train in this big ass forest?

Onyxe: I won't be able to exactly summon the train here Lisa. Once I completely open the portal. Hellin, Nara, Naznim, and you will enter the portal. Immediately finding yourselves all seated in a train.  The train will then take you all to Razel's Dimension. Exactly where Angelina is located. My portal is just about ready

Hellin: Stand aside your majesty! Ladies and Nara. Time we go save our comrades and kill ourselves a Goddess

Eligos: May I come with them as well?

Onyxe: I would much prefer if you stay with my Eligos. I promise Okubi I will keep a watch on you

Nara: I know you're worried about your Master Eligos, but unlike the rest of us. You'll only be in the way

Lisa: He's right ya know

Eligos: How can I-- just bring my Master back to me alive

Hellin: If Anna is alive. I'll gladly see to it that Okubi returns spirit.

Onyxe: Hellin I'm counting on you to make sure everyone return back alive. I will open my portal up again in an hour. Hopefully you will all be on board by then. I wish you all the best of luck

Hellin gives Onyxe a cocky smirk as Nara, Naznim, Lisa, and she walks through the portal. Less then two seconds later. Hellin and the others finds themselves on a train. Traveling through time and space. Meanwhile outside of Razel's castle. Angelina struggles to avoid death at the hands of the dragon. Unable to counter attack due to the dragon's relentless onslaught of fire blasts. Angelina fears she can only last but so long. Continue to dodge the dragon's deadly attacks. Angelina accidentally drops the book she received from Mr. Araullo. Refusing to let anything happen to the book. Angelina immediately goes back for it. However Angelina had left herself vulnerable to the dragon's next attack. Successfully picking up the book from the ground. Angelina turns around and sees the dragon's incoming attack. Unable to get away in time. Angelina stares down her death as it approaches. Only regretting not keeping her promise to Razel's previous victims. Fortunately seconds before Angelina is burnt to a crisp. Lisa creates a holy barrier around her. Shocked by the fact she is still alive. Angelina looks up and sees Hellin, Nara, Lisa, and Naznim jumping down from a portal. Glad to see her friends. Angelina's confidence quickly returns

Lisa: Angie!

Angelina: Lisa, Nara, Naznim.. Hellin. How did the four of you even get here?

Hellin: I'm so glad you didn't say something stupid like "how did you find us?"

Angelina: Obviously you all--- LISA HOLY SHIELD QUICKLY!

 Lisa creates another Holy Shield to protect Angelina, Hellin, Nara, Naznim, and herself from the dragon's fire blast.

Nara: Looks like we gotta kill this motherfucker first. Before we do any chit chatting

 Suddenly coming out from the castle door. Appears no other than Anna, Apollyn, and Brutality. Hellin who is beyond thrilled to see Anna alive. Quickly runs over to her

Anna: Hellin? OMG I knew you would come and rescue us

Apollyn: How did Hellin buddy managed to get here? Apollyn also sees Nara and Lisa buddy. OMG! What a horrifying beast

Brutality: That's where all the commotion was coming from? Dragons are truly terrifying creatures. Especially those created by dark magic.

Hellin: Anna I'm beyond thrilled to see you alive

Anna: I would had gotten the opposite response from your mother. Anyways how in the hell did you even get here?

Helin: It's a short story, but I don't have the time to explain it all. We have a vicious dragon that needs to be slain. Also where the hell is Okubi?

Anna: After Goddess Razel discovered that we were in her castle. Okubi along with the rest of us were separated. Fortunately I gained an ally in Brutality after breaking her mind control. Also came across Apollyn not too long ago. Now we just found Angelina along with the rest of you. Okubi's current location is unknown. I just hope he manage to find Xiaoyu in time

Hellin: So you're the former servant of Janiel

Brutality: I'm unfortunately, but I'm not a threat to your friends anymore

Hellin: I'll deal with you later bitch! In the meantime Anna. Both Apollyn and you help Lisa and the others defeat that dragon. I'm going to go and find Okubi.

Anna: That's sound like a perfect plan Hellin. I pray you find Okubi alive and well

Hellin: I honestly could care less if Okubi is dead or alive. However if Razel wishes to receive a slightly less painful death. It will be in her interest that Okubi is still among the living. Now don't disappoint me Anna and see to it that dragon is dead the time I return!

Anna: I would not dare disappoint The Princess of Babylon. Okay girls let's roll

 Anna, Apollyn, and Brutality go to help Angelina, Nara, Lisa, and Naznim fight the fearsome dragon. After having defeated a slew of monsters created by Goddess Razel. Okubi had finally managed to reach Goddess Razel's Throne Room. Having received no damaged from the monsters. Okubi was perfectly fit to battle. Entering the majestic room with a sinister vibe within. Okubi had immediately spotted his friend Xiaoyu. Along with the other kidnapped sages. However before Okubi could even think to run to Xiaoyu's aid. Okubi was then greeted by both Ava and Philip

Ava: So the murderer has managed to get all this way. The soul of a killer is quite tenacious

Philip: Still regardless of those monsters you managed to slain. Nothing will prepare you for what you are about to face

Ava: Don't think for a second because we're not demons. My brother and I will not be able to kill you!

Okubi: I killed your master years ago. The hell I look like dying to his creations?

Ava: We have changed vastly since becoming servants of Goddess Razel. Our masters have given us powers beyond the average homunculus

Philip: Surely it will be enough to vanquish you out of existence

Okubi: I like to see you artificial humans try it! Furthermore where the hell is your precious master? Considering this is her room. I thought she'll be a cliche' and sit on her throne chair. Watching her minions fail at their attempt to kill me?

Razel: "Well hello Okubi. It's about time you arrived here"

 Surprise to hear Razel's voice in his head. Okubi turns and sees Razel's sitting in her throne chair. Okubi stance immediately changes from relaxed to cautious

Okubi: Looks like I'm in for a challenge

Razel: Do not overestimate yourself foolish half breed! Fortunately for you, I will allow my servants to kill you. Regardless how you managed to enter my dimension. Your powers are nothing compare to mines

Okubi: I'm certain if we were to compare power levels. Mines would be much closer to Asira than yours

Razel: Worthless worm! Ava! Philip! Make sure to give Mr. Okubi a proper death. Meaning to make it as painful and despair enriching as possible! In the meantime I have a ritual to prepare. By the way Mr. Okubi. Your friends are currently fighting for their very lives against my fearsome dragon. I wonder how long before they have left to live? Anyways I bid you feel way half demon. The next time I see your face. May it be hanging from my bedroom wall.

Okubi: I'll have your head first wench!

 Razel gives Okubi and hateful stare as he does the same. Razel then vanishes from thin air. Leaving her minions to fight Okubi. Griping his ice rapier while keeping an eye on Xiaoyu. Okubi prepares for battle


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Forbidden Chapter 37

Forbidden Chapter Thirty Seven

Deadly Dessert

 After encountering her opponents Edi and Ivela and learning of their intentions to kill her. While Apollyn would normally exterminate those who threaten her life. However knowing that both maids are homunculus. The very creatures Onyxe had asked the heroes to bring back to him. While only required to bring back one homunculus. Seeing how adorable the maids are to her. Apollyn had decided to defeat and capture both. Confident in her ability to defeat both maids easily. Apollyn will soon realize both Edi and Ivela are stronger than they appear

Apollyn: Okay evil but adorable homunculus. Apollyn will give you one more chance to surrender. Then Apollyn will be force to give you both a deserved beating

Ivela: I already told you stupid demon! Neither my sister or I are afraid of you

Edi: I'm scared sister

Ivela: Shut up you coward! Now get ready to help me prepared this demon for tonight's main course

Edi: Okay sister. I will assist you in killing the demon

Apollyn: Looks like Apollyn has no choice but to fight you naughty homunculus. Here comes the pain!

 Using her inhuman speed. Apollyn charges towards Edi and Ivela. Knowing a hit from Apollyn can potentially kill them. Ivela quickly grabs onto Edi's right arm

Ivela: SKY HIGH!

Shouting out the magical spell Sky High. Seconds before Apollyn can strike either of the sisters. Both Edi and Ivela jump several feet into the air. Successfully avoiding being attacked by Apollyn. Ivela prepares their next attack

Ivela: Now Edi time to spice things up! One, two, three…

Creating a medium size red ball in their palms. The sisters take aim at Apollyn and prepare to attack


 Watching the flaming hot projectile moving towards her. Apollyn prepares to counter with an attack of her own


Unleashing a huge blast of strawberry milkshake from her mouth. Apollyn easily nullifies Edi and Ivela's attack. Having landed back to the ground with ease. The sisters were shocked to see how easily the Dessert Demon countered their attack

Edi: Oh my she truly is a dessert demon. Sister, take a look at her chest!

Ivela: No way! Just five minutes ago. The demon was completely flat chested. Now she's rocking A cup size breast?

Apollyn: Oh you have spotted the growth in Apollyn's boobies. Whenever Apollyn engage in combat. The more Apollyn uses her delicious powers. The bigger Apollyn boobies become. However Apollyn remains calm until I become a D cup or bigger. That's when Apollyn gets a bit wild!

Ivela: Such a stupid ability. My sister and I will have you dead long before you get "wild". Now Edi start cooking some POISON BURGERS!

 Edi summons four green burgers into her pan. Cooking the burgers using her spatula. Edi prepares to use her toxic patties to attack Apollyn. Meanwhile griping her short hand sickle. Ivela prepares for an attack of her own. Once her burgers are ready to be served. Edi flips each patty out of the pan with her spatula. Throwing each of the poisonous burgers towards Apollyn. Using her demonic agility, Apollyn easily dodges Edi's attack. However unaware of Ivela's incoming attack. Having fully charged her short hand sickle. Ivela completely disappears from Apollyn's view of vision. Now thrown off her guard. Apollyn is vulnerable to Ivela's attack


 Having fully charged up her sickle. Ivela strikes Apollyn's right shoulder. Causing Apollyn to bleed as she crashes to the ground. Holding her bloody arm in pain. Tears begin to form around Apollyn's eyes

Apollyn: Ouch, ouch, ouchy!!! Apollyn is bleeding.. Apollyn is bleeding!

Ivela: Serves you right foolish demon. That's what you get for underestimating both my cowardly sister and I. Now time to finish…

While attempting to finish her sentence. Ivela looks down and witnesses the demonic change within Apollyn. Sweating out chocolate from her right palm. Apollyn uses the thick chocolate to cover the wound on her shoulder. Along with her bust growing from an A cup to a C cup. Apollyn's appearance changes from humane into her demonic form. Not only has Apollyn's physically changed form. Her bubbly personality has also become equally demonic. Getting herself off from the ground.  Apollyn stares menacingly at both Ivela and Edi.

Edi: Sister! The dessert demon's rage is palpable! We made a huge mistake fighting her

Ivela: Shut up Edi! I know what were up against? Even her going full demon. We'll still kill her all the same

Apollyn: Both you dumb meanies have truly pissed me off now! Apollyn has never been so angry at a very long time. Now instead of simply defeating you skanks. Apollyn will now devour you! TRUFFLE SOLDIERS!

 While staring viciously at both her adversaries. Apollyn vomits a burst of chocolate onto the ground. Immediately the puddle of chocolate begins to take form. Creating multiple chocolate soldiers ready to attack. Seeing Apollyn's fearsome chocolate soldiers standing before them. Both Ivela and Edi begin regretting having challenged the dessert demon

Ivela: Oh no! Never I expected the demon was capable of this. How can we possibly fight against such odds?

Edi: I knew it! We bitten more than we can chew. Now we have to fight Apollyn and her chocolate soldiers

Apollyn: Oh there's no need for me to continue fighting you non demons. Neither one of you are strong enough to defeat my chocolate soldiers. I'll allow them to defeat you so I can eat you both up afterwards! Now my chocolate warriors… GET THEM!

Immediately following their creature's orders. The Chocolate Soldiers charges towards Ivela and Edi. Refusing to simply surrender. The sisters do their best to fight the soldiers. Edi unleashes multiple Fuego Spices at the soldiers. While Ivela slashes away at them with her sickle. However in spite of taking such powerful attacks. The Chocolate Soldiers easily reform themselves as nothing had happened. The sisters then realize they cannot defeat the multiple soldiers

Ivela: Madness! Why won't these soldiers just die?

Edi: It's over for us sister. Perhaps we should just flee instead?

Apollyn: Oh you meanies are not going anywhere. Now it's time to wrap this up. Now my delicious soldiers… CHOCOLATE EXPLOSION!

 Upon hearing Apollyn's command. The Chocolate Soldiers surround Ivela and Edi. The sisters watch cautiously as the soldiers begin to rumble. Realizing what's about to happen. The sisters embrace each other as they prepare for the worst. The chocolate soldiers begin to expand in sizes. Growing bigger and bigger by the seconds. Once they cannot grow anymore. The soldiers form into a giant blob of chocolate and explode. Seconds after the smoke has cleared. Both Ivela and Edi lay on the ground defeated and covered in chocolate. Now with her enemies unable to fight. Apollyn bears her fangs as she prepares to eat them. Luckily just at that very moment. Both Anna and Brutality show up

Anna: Apollyn!

Suddenly hearing the voice of her dear friend Anna. Apollyn begins to revert back to her normal self

Brutality: Anna look at Apollyn's chest. Her breast have grown so big

Anna: That's not good at all Dela. It means Apollyn was close to losing control. Apollyn are you okay?

Apollyn: Apollyn is okay now Anna buddy. Hey why is that evil blondie with you?

Anna: Don't worry about Brutality Lynn. Let's just say she's one of the good guys now

Apollyn: I'm sure Okubi and Xiaoyu buddy would disagree

Brutality: We'll settle that problem later dessert demon. In the meantime we need to get out of her and find the others. We still have time before Razel's ritual is complete

Anna: Apollyn what to do with those girls down there?

Apollyn: Don't hurt them Anna buddy! I'm going to bring them back for Onyxe buddy. 

Anna: Onyxe wants to take the homunculus alive?

Apollyn: Yes indeed although Onyxe only asked for one homunculus. However since these two here are sisters. Apollyn couldn't bare to spare one and kill the other

Brutality: Weren't you going to kill them both just a few minutes ago?

Apollyn: Apollyn isn't angry anymore and is flat chested again. All is good

Anna: I wouldn't go that far, but I'm glad you're okay Lynn. Anyways let me just make sure these girls stay down until we found Okubi and the others. Along with taking out Goddess Razel

 Anna summons Selene from the Tarot World. Using Selene's magic to extend the sleeping of Ivela and Edi. Once Selene has done her job. Anna returns her to the Tarot World as Brutality, Apollyn, and she go to find their missing comrades. Meanwhile back in the world Asira. Both Onyxe and Eligos still waiting in the Midor Forest. Nearly two hours has passed since Okubi and the others have left to rescue Xiaoyu, Anna, and the kidnapped sages. Eligos still guilt ridden for what he allow to happen to his master. Begins ranting to Onyxe about being a terrible servant to Okubi

Eligos: This is my fault! Had I not betrayed Master Okubi's trust. I would be at his side right now. Helping him figure out a way to defeat that heinous fallen Goddess Razel. Instead I'm stuck in this miserable and ugly forest!

Onyxe: Hey don't say such terrible things. The Midor Forest is far from ugly

Eligos: True, but that's not what I meant your majesty

Onyxe: Oh I know what you meant Eligos. You're upset about your involvement in Okubi's Demonic Dream Trial! At least he managed to survive and became stronger because of it

Eligos: Perhaps, but is my Master strong enough to slay a God?

 Right before Onyxe could answer Eligos question. The duo senses numerous presence coming towards them. Fortunately the presence they since were those of their allies. Seconds later appearing before Onyxe and Eligos were Hellin, Lisa, Nara, Naznim, and James. Immediately Onyxe knew why they have come here

James: Hey best friend. Why are you alone out here? Where is everyone?

Eligos: Exactly what am I Mr. Del Soto? A ghost? 

Lisa: I think chopped liver would had suited you better Eligos. Considering you are a fucking ghost

Onyxe: I knew you guys would showed up sooner or later. I had hoped Okubi and the others would had been back by now. It's worst than I thought

Hellin: The hell it is! Where is Okubi, Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Angelina? Most importantly where the hell is Anna?


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Forbidden Chapter 36

Forbidden Chapter Thirty Six

Tarot vs Nox Part Two

 Right where things seem dire for Anna. Thanks to the help of one of her two remaining potions. Using the Lemon Potion, Anna was able to regain her fighting spirit. Having successfully strike Brutality with Renkan Chougeki. Knocking Brutality down to the ground. While still possessing the Miracle potion. Anna begins planning her next move

Anna: Now you see what happens when you count me out? Things may have gone your way at first, but now it's my turn

 Brutality quickly rising back to her feet. While irritated by how Anna managed to survive this long. Brutality remembers Anna is still unable to use her Tarot summonings. Despite of her adversaries newly revived fighting spirit. Not only has she barely taken any damage. Unlike Anna, Brutality still has access to her Nox summonings. Thus the odds are still very much in her favor. 

Brutality: Such a simple little bitch! Just because you manage to pull a miracle. Now you think you have a chance of defeating me? Anna not only have your injury have yet to fully heal. Unlike you, I still can summon my Nox creatures whenever I please. Furthermore you know they say about miracles? They don't last for long. Once your potions effects wears out. The pain you once felt will swiftly return. However I'll have you dead long before that happens. NOX GAGANA COME FORTH!

Summoning Nox Gagana into battle. The bird proudly shows off it's fearsome iron beak and claws. Anna watches carefully and prepares to defend herself

Brutality: Nox Gagana, tear her to shreds!

Just as commanded by his master. Nox Gagana flies towards Anna with a killer intent. Still possessing high agility and dexterity thanks to the Lemon Potions effect. Anna is very confident in her ability to defeat her feathered adversary. Nox Gagana approaches Anna with it's fearsome speed. Trying to strike Anna with it's powerful beak. However due to Anna's insane agility. Nox Gagana finds itself struggling to hit his mark. Meanwhile Brutality once again begins creating a deadly ball of fire within her palm.

Anna: "That bitch! Brutality summoned Nox Gagana as a mere distraction. However in order to get a clear hit on Brutality. I need to take out Nox Gagana first. Or…"

Instantly a bright idea pops into Anna's head. No longer moving around in order to avoid Nox Gagana. Anna now stands still as she anticipates Nox Gagana's next move

Brutality: Already giving up Anna? Surrendering now won't spare you from the fiery death that awaits you. At least my lovely bird can pick your flesh away until I finish you off!

Anna: Whatever you say blondie

 Standing her ground as Nox Gagana charges right at her. Anna then pulls out her Miracle potion. Quickly removing the cork from her potion. Just right before Nox Gagana prepares to strike. Anna splashes majority of the liquid onto Nox Gagana. Upon being struck by the mysterious liquid. Nox Gagana drops to the ground. Anna then quickly drinks what's left of the potion. Witnessing Nox Gagana falls to the ground. Not only does Brutality loses her concentration over her fireball. Brutality begins to speak harshly towards Anna

Brutality: YOU FUCKING BITCH!!! What have you done to my summoning?

Anna: Oh you mad? Anyways I only did what you had done to Nia earlier. Thanks to the many effects of my Miracle potion. I have no placed Nox Gagana under my control. While using what was left of my potion to heal myself a little. Speeding up the process of my natural healing abilities as a demon. Now let's how you like being attacked by your own summoning. RISE NOW NOX GAGANA!

Immediately by Anna's command. Nox Gagana flaps it's majestic wings and rises from the ground. Now flying beside it's new master

Brutality: How fucking dare you use my trick against me! Arrogant little bitch, I'll make---

Anna: Nox Gagana use SLASHING WIND!

 Seconds before Brutality could finish her statement. Anna orders Nox Gagana to unleash a deadly attack. Flapping it's majestic wings rapidly. Nox Gagana unleashes a slashing gust of wind towards Brutality. Struck by the deadly wind by her possessed summoning. Brutality receives multiple slashes on her body. Causing the little bit of clothing she wore to become shred as well. Laying nearly naked on the ground, surrounded in her own blood. Brutality's rage has hit a boiling point. Rising from the ground as her wounds begin to heal. Brutality's face has become completely demonic. Anna can feel the hatred oozing from Brutality's demonic aura


Anna: Now you know how it feels to be on the receiving end of a ass kicking. Don't think for a second you going full demon intimidates me bitch! Because nothing you can do to me will ever compare to that woman. Compare to what my Queen of Babylon has done to me. This shit right is a fucking cake walk. So whatever you got in stored for me won't be enough to kill me. I didn't survive this long to die to the likes of you!

Brutality: Little bitch! I will make you eat those words. I now summon to the battlefield… NOX GISELA OF CLAFOUTIS !

 Suddenly by Brutality's harsh command. A woman dressed like a musketeer appears on the battlefield. Sensing the power within Brutality's latest summon. Anna feels both amazement and terror gazing upon Nox Gisela of Clafoutis

Brutality: Now that Gisela has graced us with her marvelous presence. Time to demonstrate my lovely's summoning special ability

Anna: Oh no not another special ability!

Brutality: Oh yes! Gisela now use Removal Of A Guest!

 The female musketeer immediately raises her right hand. Pointing her ring finger towards Nox Gagana. Causing her target to be surrounded in a dandelion color aura. A simple gesture of Nox Gisela's hand. Instantly causes Nox Gagana to exit the battlefield. Now without the aid of Nox Gagana. Along with the effects of her Lemon Potion wear off. Anna was once again alone and defenseless

Brutality: Now with Nox Gagana back where he belongs. Along with the fact your have no potions left to use. I can now finish you off once and for all. Now Gisela, summon your blade of execution.

 Doing as her summoner had commanded. Nox Gisela summons a sword into her hand. Sensing the killer intent surrounding Gisela. Anna truly begins to worry about her chance of survival

Brutality: I bet had you known this moment was coming. I bet you would had been a lot more humble during our battle bitch! now I'm going to watch Nox Gisela of Clafoutis cuts you limb by limb cunt! Now my lovely summoning… KILL THAT BITCH!

 Charging towards Anna at a high speed. Nox Gisela holds her sword in perfect form. Unable to defend  herself in any way imaginable. Completely out of any hope of survival. Anna closes her eyes and prays that Hellin's forgiveness in the afterlife. However right before Nox Gisela can strike Anna with her sword. A mysterious figure appears before Anna. Blocking Nox Gisela's attack just in the nick of time. Once Anna had realized she was unharmed. Knowing only a miracle could had saved her. Anna opens her eyes and is absolutely flabbergasted by what she sees next.

Anna: OMG OMG OMG OMG! Talk about a miracle. I can't believe not only did my connection to the Tarot World reactivated. Standing before me is no other than the Orthodox Tarot, Kingsley The Joker!

 Standing in front of his summoner. Stood a handsome ivory skin man dressed in a blueish silver suit. Wearing clown like make up, and holding a chrome colored cane. Having been unexpectedly rescued by one of her rarer summonings. Anna's confidences has returned to her in ten folds. However Brutality is far from happy about Anna regaining not only access to the Tarot World, but a powerful new ally

Brutality: BULLSHIT! Every fucking time I think I have you dead to right. Some fucking miracle happens and gives you yet another chance to delay the inevitable! No matter I'll just summon more Nox's to aid Gisela and I to kill you and your fucking clown!

Anna: Perhaps beating me just isn't in the cards for you Brutality. No matter what hell you had put me through. None of it was good enough to defeat me. Now it's time I really put an end to this battle. Let me start by activating my summoning's special ability. Kingsley do your thing handsome

 Lifting his cane off of the ground. Kingsley then strike the ground viciously with the bottom of his cane. Causing a wave of energy to cover the battlefield. While neither Brutality or Nox Gisela are harmed. Brutality will shortly discover the deadly effects of Kingsley's power

Brutality: Looks to me a whole lot of nothing just happened. Now allow me to re summon Nox Victoria onto the battlefield

 Brutality attempts to summon Nox Victoria, but her summoning does not appear. Confused to why Nox Victoria did not appear. Brutality attempts to summon Nox Victoria once more, but to no avail

Anna: Haven't you realized what Kingsley did yet?

Brutality: NO! This can't be happening! Your Tarot's special effects must had blocked off my access to the Nox Verse

Anna: Close but not quite. The Joker's Pay, the name of Kingsley's special effect. Doesn't break the summoner's connections with their summonings. Only taking away their ability to summon anymore into battle. Since you summoned Nox Gisela prior to Kingsley using his effect. Only Gisela can be of use to you. The rest of your Nox's however cannot assist you. Meaning for the remainder of this fight. Its Kingsley and I vs Gisela and you!. Now the odds have been even. Let's settle this once and for all

Brutality: It be my pleasure to kill you with my bare hands! Nox Gisela! Eliminate that clown immediately! I will handle it's worthless summoner

 Without any further delay. Both Kingsley and Nox Gisela engage each other in battle. Meanwhile having summon balls of fire in each of her hands. Brutality begins hurling fireballs towards Anna. Fortunately due to drinking the remainder of the Miracle Potion. Along with her natural healing capabilities. Anna has regain enough agility to dodge Brutality's deadly fireballs.

Brutality: Stay still bitch so I can kill you

Anna: No I'm just going to keep dodging instead… cunt! "While I'm more than enjoying pissing Brutality off. I never to actually land a hit to take her out. I still need to find Okubi and the others after all. I already wasted enough time already. I really wish Hellin was here, but that's not the case. Therefore I need to end this fight myself and soon. I think I gotta an idea"

 Continuing to dodge Brutality's fireballs. Anna begins running towards where Kingsley and Nox Gisela are battling. In order to actually win this battle amongst summoners. Anna knows she needs to first take out Nox Gisela

Anna: Kingsley quick! Use your Mirage technique on Brutality, but take care of Gisela first

 Preparing to perform his technique Mirage. Kingsley first quickly blows Nox Gisela's incoming attack with his cane. Knocking Nox Gisela away from him. Kingsley then turns his attention over to Brutality. Staring directly into Brutality's eyes. Kingsley eyes glows in a light purple color. Causing Brutality a temporary moment of blindness. A few seconds later after regaining her eye sight. Brutality now sees standing before her three Anna's

Brutality: Impossible!

Anna: You're absolutely right Brutality. There can't possibly be three Anna's here at once. Out of the three of us here. Only one of us is the real Anna. The other two are Nox Gisela and Kingsley. However I bet you can't tell the real me from the mirage

Brutality: FUCK THIS! I'll just attack all three of you at once!

Brutality begins forming a ball of fire between her palms. Growing bigger and hotter by the second. Realizing her master has disregarded her safety. Nox Gisela has ceased fighting and surrenders to her master's fury. Meanwhile both Anna and Kingsley remain calm and plan their counter attack

Anna: Don't look so scared Nox Gisela of Clafoutis. I promise I won't let you get burned! Just stay right behind Kingsley and I. Brutality finally lost control of her emotions. Now I just need one more summoning to put an end to all this. I now summon onto the battlefield, Aroma, The Hermit of Potions.

 Anna summons a pretty petite woman with wild strawberry blonde hair. Dressed in a hippy clothing fashion. Holding in her hands are various flowers and oils

Anna: Welcome my dear Aroma

Aroma: *Feeling Scared*

Anna: Oh don't worry my dear. I know you're not a combat summoning. However you are my partner in creating my potions. Anyways before any of us gets toast by crazy over there. I need you to whip me up a quick Rain Potion okay

Aroma: *Nods in agreement*

Anna: Meanwhile Kingsley my good man. I need you to make mama lucky

Brutality who is nearly finished creating yet another devastating ball of fire. Aroma quickly gets to work on making a magical potion for creating instant rain. Finishing the Rain Potion in less than two minutes. Just in time for Brutality is ready to unleash her attack. Aroma quickly passes Anna the Rain Potion. Anna holds the bottle to her mouth and drinks it.

Brutality: Time to die motherfuckers!!! UNDERWORLD SCORCH!

 Unleashing a gigantic fireball ball from her hands. Brutality watches menacingly as her attacks moves furiously towards Anna's and the summoning. However Anna is more than ready to stop Brutality's attack

Anna: The show's over! HEAVY RAIN!

 Raising her right hand into the air. Anna summons a tremendous downpour of rain into the battlefield. Rain so heavy that it immediately puts outs Brutality's Underworld Scorch. Watching how easily her attack was snuffed out. Brutality breaks into a outburst

Brutality: IMPOSSIBLE! The flames I created is hotter than anything that water can put out. My flames are the flames of the Underworld.

Anna: Well let's just say my magical rain had some really strong luck behind it. Now that your flames are no more a threat. Time I take you out for good. AQUA ASSAULT!

 Using the heavy rain that surrounds the battlefield. Anna manipulates the water and forms a gigantic ball of water. Brutality watches in shock as Anna prepares to attack. Tossing the gigantic ball of water towards Brutality. Anna perfectly strikes the demon down with her devastating attack. Knock down onto the ground. While far from dead, but due to all her energy being used. Brutality is unable to continue battling. Thus by default making Anna the winner. Now with her master having been defeated. Nox Gisela of Clafoutis returns to the Nox Verse

Anna: WE DID IT! Thank you both so much for your help Kingsley and Aroma. Now you two can return home now. I can take it from here

 No longer needed to aid their master. Both tarot summonings return to the Tarot World. Merely less than five seconds. Anna immediately rushes to the aid of the defeated Brutality. Remembering that Brutality was under Razel's control when she tried to kill Anna. Despite the harsh language towards one another. Along with Brutality nearly killing her earlier. Anna is relied that Brutality is alive

Anna: Brutality how bad is your injury?

Brutality: My everything hurts. Damn I wish my body would heal itself faster. At least I'm alive. Thank you for showing mercy upon me. I'm truly sorry for nearly killing you. I'm further sorry for allowing myself to be manipulated yet again

Anna: Oh there's no need to apologize about that. It's not your fault some evil Goddess decided to make you her temporary henchman. Anyways I'm glad you're back to normal

Brutality: Me too. By the way I absolutely love your Tarot monsters. They are so cool

Anna: OMG! Your Nox creatures are beyond awesome. Anyways we gotta hurry up and heal. Then will have to go find Okubi, Apollyn, and Angelina. Along with rescuing Xiaoyu and the other sages

Brutality: Agreed! However it's going to be a minute before our bodies fully heal themselves. Even us demons have our limits

Anna: Boy do I know it! Anyways let's just rest for a bit until our bodies recover. Then we gotta hustle and find the others

Brutality: By the way you can call me Dela

Anna: Dela? What a lovely name. I don't know what fate awaits you should we manage to survive. However it was very nice meeting you fellow summoner

Meanwhile in another room within Razel's Castle. Apollyn finds herself in a room resembling a giant dollhouse. Searching around the room hoping to find her friends. Apollyn shortly detects two unknown presences entering the room

Apollyn: Hello? Are you a friend or Apollyn or not friend of Apollyn? Is the word for not friend foe?

 Appearing before Apollyn are two women dressed in a french maid outfit. The maid standing on the right. Posses long and straight platinum blonde hair. While the maid to the left had long and wavy brown hair. Not only did Apollyn spot the differences in their appearance. Apollyn saw weapons in each maid's hand. The platinum blonde was holding a short hand sickle. The brown haired maid carried a pan and spatula. Realizing not only were her friends nowhere around. Apollyn's instincts told her the maids had naughty intentions for her. Especially the platinum blonde. Knowing that Xiaoyu was still in danger of being sacrificed. Along with her others friends in grave danger. Apollyn immediately prepared herself for battle

Apollyn: Okay evil maids! Apollyn cannot go easy on you. However if you surrender now, Apollyn will not have to turn you into dessert. Now please step aside so Apollyn may go find her buddies. Otherwise Apollyn is going to become a very bad girl

Edi (The Brunette): Sister… maybe we should just let her go? I mean… I kinda don't want to fight a demon. Especially one pretty as her

Apollyn: Oh thank you so much for your kind words brown hair. Apollyn already knows what homunculus she shall be bringing to Onyxe buddy

Edi: W… wait WHAT?

Ivela (The Platinum Blonde) : Idiot sister will you stop being such a Goddamn pansy? Besides refusing a direct order from Goddess Razel is a guaranteed punishment. Furthermore it's been awhile since I got to use my sickle. I desire bloodshed sister and I won't let your pathetic-ness get in my way. Now cease being a wimp and get ready to assist me in battle. This little demon is going to be tonight's main course for our beloved Goddess

Edi: Okay… whatever you say sis

Apollyn: Oh wow you're quite the meany, but so cute as well. That settles it. I will capture you both and bring you to King Onyxe buddy. However may you please try not to make Apollyn get too busty. Because once Apollyn's bust gets too big… neither of you will like the monster I become. Okay now let's get ready to rumble or something

Ivela: Damn this demon is so damn annoying! I can't wait to start slicing her up and you make sure to collect every part of her sister

Edi: O… okay

Ivela: To be alive is to be crazy. To die is to be sad. We sister Ivela & Edi will begin the preparations for your demise. Now what seasonings should we use on her?

Anna who had manage to defeat and rescue Brutality. Thanks to both her strong will and the power of her Tarot Cards. Now begins the second great battle taking place within Goddess Razel's dimension. Apollyn versus the Homunculus Sisters


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Members Of The Children Of Ruin


BIO:  The Chidren of Ruin, a group of vicious demons and darken lead by Janiel. The groups goal is to sacrifice as many sages as possible. Specifically the descendants of The Great Sages from eons ago. The very sages responsible for sealing away the Demon God Mastema. Holding in their possession the very book which imprisons Mastema, Forbidden. In order to release Mastema from Forbidden. The Children of Ruin must make enough sufficient sacrifices. Therefore the demons venture out into Asira. Hunting down the current generation descendants of The Great Sages. While things were going well at first. However upon King Onyxe discovering the multiple killings. Along with Okubi and his team of heroes. The Children of Ruin's plans have been faced with complications. Now in order for The Children of Ruin to fulfill their ambitions. They must first get rid of those who stand in their way. However while majority of The Children of Ruin's plans are to truly see Mastema set free. Janiel has his own reason of wanting to free Mastema


1. Janiel Anu- Leader of The Children of Ruin and one of it's founding members. Despite of his metrosexual appearance. Janiel is very cunning demon and posses the power that rivals Othello and other Demon Lords. Wanted Dead or Alive within the Underworld. It is believed Janiel currently resides somewhere within Asira. After encountering the heroes back in Coram and nearly killing King Onyxe. Janiel is currently planning a way to permanently eliminate Okubi and the heroes who stand in his way

2. A.J. - A cute but sadistic Lilin. One of the younger members of The Children of Ruin. A.J. was tasked to find and kill the Sage Kira Yosei. Having nearly succeeded killing her target. A.J. then encounter a demon name James. Together James and Kira defeated and killed A.J.

3. Sabnock - A vampire type demon and a member of The Children of Ruin. Sabnock was order to Janiel to go to Japan and kill a girl name Honey Apple. However unaware that King Onyxe had foreseen Sabnock's attempt to kill Honey. Onyxe sent his servant Sasha Iblis to Japan to protect Honey. Sabnock was killed by Sasha before he can even make his presences known to Honey

4. Vlad Dym - A member of The Children of Ruin and one of Janiel's top agents. Order to kill the sage Ann Marie Cyrus. While Vlad had successfully found his target. Vlad had also encountered the resurrected Samurai Hisako. Thanks to the joint efforts of both women. Vlad was slain

5. Jonaki - A member of The Children of Ruin and only two years older than A.J. One of the weaker demons of The Children of Ruin. Jonaki was easily killed by Okubi and company. Jonaki was also Janiel's least favorite member of The Children of Ruin

6. Finja - Little is known about him other than he was ordered to kill an assassin by the name Harley Vance. Having encountered the assassin during one of his missions. Despite being a capable user of ice magic. Finja fell pray to Harley's deadly electric powers

7. Brutality - Real name Dela Regan, Brutality was once a normal woman before becoming a demon. Brutality was one of The Children Of Ruin's greatest assassins. Having successfully sacrificed several descendants of The Great Sages. However despite of her success rate. Janiel began to view her as a liability. Once Brutality had secure the Zyra Blade from Angelina. Janiel placed a spell on Brutality. One that would slowly revert her to her former self. Making her susceptible to being killed. Fortunately despite her near death experience against the guild Sinister Stars. Angelina was rescued by her sister Marisa. After having healed and regained her memories. Brutality decided to travel to The Royal Lands. In order to answer for her crimes

8. Boruta - A loud brute and one of The Children of Ruin more sadistic members. Having encountered Okubi and his friends alongside his partner Brutality in the Autumn Forest. Boruta engaged in one on one combat with Okubi and was killed by him

9. Ethan- A hot headed demon who manipulated deadly sound waves. Encountered by the heroes in Drab Forest within Arundel. Thanks to the efforts of Xiaoyu and the others. Ethan was taken out by his intended target Somnium

10. Geneviere - During the Medieval Ages, Geneviere was once a Holy Warrior who protected her land from demons. One night while Geneviere and her mother slept. Geneviere woke up to used the bathroom and witnessed a demon eating her mother. The demon having been caught. Immediately runs out of the house. Geneviere filled with unimaginable raged. Grabs her sword and chase after her mother's killer. The demon desperate to escape Geneviere's wrath. Opens a portal while running. However before the demon could jump through the portal. Geneviere manages to stab her sword into the demon's head. Causing both the dead demon and herself to fall through the portal. Geneviere found herself in the Underworld seconds later. Unaware of the consequences of mortals entering the Underworld. Geneviere was transformed into a menacing being called a Darken. No longer bound by her human conscious. Geneviere roam through the Underworld. Killing anything that stood in her path. Eventually found by the demon Janiel. Geneviere fell under his control. Partner with Ethan in hunting down descendants of The Great Sages. Geneviere did not like Ethan and desired to kill him. After watching Ethan fall to the heroes. Geneviere fought the heroes herself and successfully defeated the heroes and slain the target Somnium. Geneviere's demise came at the hands of Darken Nara

11. Plamen - A deadly demon and a member of The Children of Ruin. Plamen was also one of Janiel's many lovers. While not enjoying sexual pleasures with his leaders or killing descendants. Plamen would often train himself to perfect his magic. During his travels in Greenland to find and sacrifice the descendant by the name Neville Teal. Plamen had encountered the heroes along with the rogue angel Lisa Brown. Plamen fought to his best abilities against Lisa but ultimately meet his end by the angel's blade

12- Agetos - A member of The Children of Ruin had  encountered the day before finding Plamen. Agetos who used an odd magic called the "SOFT" which allowed him to use chewing gum and a lollipop of acid in battle. Proving to be one of the weaker Children of Ruin members. Agetos was defeated by the joint efforts of Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Nara, & Angelina

13. Theodora - A witch demon with a shy but devious nature. Ordered by Janiel to travel to Botswana. In order to fight and sacrifice a sage named Abrafo. Theodora had believed her deadly thread technique would be enough to secure her kill. However Theodora was unaware of the great powers Abrafo possessed. While the battle was not an easy one. Abrafo had managed to defeat and kill Theodora

14. Ashley Kachina - A former heiress of the Kachina family. Ashley was disowned by her father. After a video leaked of her being gang banged by several demons. Furious by her father's action. Ashley sworn to get her revenge. While wondering through the Underworld. Ashley meet a man by the name Janiel. After they had sex, Ashley told Janiel about her situation. Janiel promised to help Ashley get her revenge. If she join his band of demons. After having gotten revenged on her family. Ashley had taken most of her father's money. Giving it to Janiel to help with his agenda. Janiel then trained Ashley for combat. Once Ashley's training was completed. Janiel sent Ashley to Jugoslavia. In order to kill a sage named Naznim Sherawat. Possessing an arsenal of deadly magic. Ashley was confident that Naznim would be an easy kill. However upon battling against Naznim. In spite of her years of training. Ashley realized how outmatched she was against the sage. Ashley regretfully took her final breath. As Naznim crushed her in a ball of Sapphire colored sand

15. Iron Zabel: One of the founding members of The Children of Ruin. Besides Geneviere, Zabel is the only other non demon member of the nefarious group. Iron Zabel meet Janiel through his former Master. Iron Zabel along with Janiel, Pruflas, and "The Lady In Purple" have worked alongside each other for centuries. Plotting a way to take over Asira and the Underworld for themselves. However Zabel began to despise Janiel and his colleagues. Instead he desired to become a God. This caused conflict between Janiel and him along with the other demons in his group. Despite their difference Zabel continued working alongside Janiel until the opportunity came to betray him. However Janiel along with The Lady In Purple had begun scheming against Zabel. Centuries later Janiel recruited a woman name "Hellin" to work alongside Zabel in his operations. While the partnership was temporarily. Zabel and Hellin had grown close. Which made Zabel susceptible to betrayal. Hellin along with Janiel and Pruflas. Had defeated Zabel and trapped him in a prison within Neo Aigosthena. Fortunately Zabel had managed to escaped. Now working alongside a woman name Celia. Zabel begins his quest to become a God


Unknown to the rest of the Children of Ruin members with the exception of Janiel. They were the ones who help Janiel form the group. Hiding within Asira only to be used in critical times. Now with Okubi and the others hot on Janiel's trail. It's only a matter of time before the secret members reveal themselves. The first secret member so far revealed is Pruflas. Who is currently being targeted by Okubi and his friends

The Lady In Purple: Unknown currently. Her identity will be revealed at the end of the Neo Aigosthena Arc

"Hellin": A demon who posed as Hellin and tricked Zabel. Her true identity will be revealed at the end of Neo Aigosthena Arc

???: Identity shall remain anonymous until towards the end of Forbidden

Forbidden Chapter 35

Forbidden Chapter Thirty Five

A Battle Between Tarot and Nox Part One

Shortly after encountering Brutality in an unknown room. Anna quickly discovers Brutality is still under the control of Goddess Razel. After exchanging harsh words with one another. Brutality threatens to end Anna's life. Knowing in order to rescue her friends. Anna must first survive her battle against Brutality. Quickly summoning her beloved tarot creature Estrild, Empress of the Amazons into battle. Brutality does the same and summons her Nox creature Nox Edimmu as well. This is the first of many battles. Taking place within the Razel's Dimension

Anna: Okay let's show them what you can do Estrild. Charge straight at Nox Edimmu with Empress Fist!

 Estrild's left fist glows with a mighty golden glow. The Empress then charges straight towards Nox Edimmu. Brutality unfazed by Estrild's deadly approach. Prepares Nox Edimmu to perform a counter attack

Brutality: Nox Edimmu use duplicate!

 Nox Edimmu makes multiple copies of itself. Stopping Estrild in her tracks, causing both Anna and her confusion

Anna: Holy moly! I didn't know Nox Edimmu could do that. Dammit I have to figure out which one is the real Nox Edimmu?

Brutality: Absolutely pathetic! Honestly did you really think this battle would be so simple? Only a fool would enter a battle without the needed skills to win. Now it's time I show you how a true summoner user fights. Now Edimmu use Distortion Wave… on both Estrild and Anna!

The duplicates of Nox Edimmu disappears. Leaving the original standing before Anna and Estrild. Nox Edimmu then unleashes a wave of winter mint energy towards Anna and Estrild. Causing both women a heavy case of vertigo. Kneeling on the ground under the effect of Nox Edimmu's attack. In spite of her situation. Anna quickly manages to think of a counter attack


Using all her might to resist the effects of Nox Ediimu. Estrild strikes the ground beneath her, causing the ground beneath Nox Edimmu to open from under it. Two enormous hands made of dirt and rocks rise from the ground. Brutality watches in shock as the two hands clasp Nox Edimmu between them.

Anna: How you like them apples bitch! Now crush em Estrild!

Rising from the ground as her master had done. Estrild claps her hands together causing the giant hands to crush Nox Edimmu. Anna and Estrild had successfully sent Nox Edimmu back to the Nox Verse

Anna: Okay Brutality you can surrender anytime now? Also while I have gotten rid of your pesky Nox Edimmu. It's time for me use one of my potions to shake off this slight dizziness I'm feeling

Anna reaches in her purse and pulls out a vile filled with light pink liquid

Anna: I called this potion Strawberry Banana. A quick drink of this will not only rid me of my dizziness, but also very delicious

Brutality: Enjoy your little drink little girl. This was just a warm up. The real battle starts now

Anna: Well then I got some really bad news for you. Because this battle is about to be over! Estrild please hurry and take Brutality out! Empress Fist!

Now targeting Brutality, Estrild left fist glows bright once more. Standing her ground unafraid of the incoming attack. Brutality prepares unleashed a surprise attack against Estrild. Placing both her index and middle finger before her lips. Brutality creates a ball of fire between her lips and fingers.

Brutality: LUCIFER'S LOVE!

 Releasing the ball of fire from her lips. The tiny fire quickly grows massive as it heads towards Brutality. Anna realizes Brutality is a much deadlier opponent then she predicted. However before Anna could return Estrild to the Tarot World. The Amazonian Empress was engulfed by Brutality's flames. Now with Estrild returning to the Tarot World to heal. Anna is once again alone against Brutality

Anna: Estrild?

Brutality: You do realize I'm a demon right? Meaning I don't need my summonings to fight my battles? The fuck I look like letting your creature attack me without defending myself? Now Anna do you want to continue the summoning wars or are you going to fight me woman to woman?

Anna: Estrild is one of my dearest friends and best warriors. However she is far from my only warrior. I now summon to the battlefield Anpiel, The Shinning Star!

The very summoning Anna first used back in Gore Stadium. The white slender and muscular alien like creatures appears once again before his master.

Brutality: Quite a cute creature, but I will crush him none the less. I now summon to the battlefield Nox Victoria!

 Since her last appearance back in Autumn Forest. The scantly clad Lilin reappears

Anna: Anpiel please STAR BEAM!

Brutality: Nox Victoria counter with Seduction Beam!

Both summoning unleashing their individual attack. Anpiel's radiant beam of light clashes with Nox Victoria's mesmerizing lavender energy beam. The power of both attacks canceling each other out. The impact causes the battlefield to be surrounded by smoke. Thankfully due to their demonic powers. Both Anna and Brutality can see through the fog just fine until it dissipates

Brutality: I guess I may have slightly underestimated you little Anna. Well to be more precise your summonings

Anna: The hell is that suppose to mean?

Brutality: It means without your precious summonings to protect you. Alone you are less than worthless

Anna: THAT ISN'T TRUE AT ALL! I can fight you just fine, but I won't allow myself to fight you on your terms. After all I still have my friends to rescue. Meaning I have to do whatever it takes to win

Brutality: Your fucking friends? Bitch the ritual for Xiaoyu and the other sages is nearly completed. Soon Goddess Razel will sacrifice the elemental sages and gain absolute power. As for Okubi and those other worthless fucks. I'm quite certain they are dead already… as shall you be shortly

Anna: Fuck you bitch! I was going to fight fair but FUCK THAT! I also summon to the battlefield Nia, The Cheerleader of Temperance. Please come out baby girl and join Anpiel and I in battle

Summoned to the battlefield is a cerulean blue haired caramel skinned cheerleader. Holding in one hand  a pom pom of fire and the other of ice. Both Anpiel and Nia stand ready for battle against Brutality and Nox Victoria

Anna: Sorry the odds are in my favor, but I can't fight you fairly when the stakes are this high

Brutality: Ha… HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Anna: Hey why are you laughing so menacingly?

Brutality: Anna you are just some stupid it's almost painful to watch. Fool you did exactly what I wanted you to do! I could had easily summon another Nox to even to playing field, but I instead can use Nox Victoria's special ability Evil Seduces. Furthermore don't even try think about returning your monsters back to their home world

Anna: Why the heaven not?

Brutality: Because once I targeted my enemy's summoning with Nox Victoria's special ability. Neither one of them can retreat until after Victoria's curse is completed. However once my girl does her thing. I highly doubt you'll be prepare for what happens next

Anna: Based on Nox Victoria's special ability. I already know your coming after Anpiel since he's a male creature

Brutality: Think again you little stupid bitch! Unlike myself who is strictly dickly. Nox Victoria swings both ways. Furthermore Victoria has a thing of taking strong summonings. While I'm certain you love all your summonings equally. Even you must know the power difference of Anpiel and your precious Nia

Petrified by the harsh realization of the evil that's about to befall Nia. Anna tries to pull herself together but it's too late

Brutality: Nox Victoria posses Nia's soul with the sin of lust!

 Nox Victoria's sinister purple eyes glow bright. Causing a purple miasma to surround Nia's body. Anna and Anpiel watch helplessly as Nia's screams in agony. A few seconds later after the miasma disappears. Nia, the once happy go lucky cheerleader of temperance. Transformed into a dominatrix carrying a dual elemental whip. Along with her breast completely exposed.

Anna: OMG NIA! You turned my friend into a evil whore!

Brutality: Not my kind of thing, but I guess it's an improvement from the silly cheerleader get up. Anyways now with Nia temporary under my control. I can use her however I please. Starting with getting rid of your precious Anpiel.

Anna: Oh no you don't! Both Estrild and Nia have fallen pray to your evil, but Anpiel's light will be the bringer of your demise. Now Anpiel attack with STAR SHOWER!

Anpiel unleashes a flurry of star shaped energy blast towards Brutality, Nox Victoria, and Corrupt Nia

Brutality: Corrupt Nia use your whip to deflect Anpiel's attack

Swinging her elemental whip in a circular motion. Corrupt Nia successfully deflects Anpiel's Star Shower.

Anna: NO WAY!

Brutality: Yes way! Now finished Anpiel off with DAZZLING CHAOS!

Spinning her elemental whip over her head in a circular motion. Corrupt Nia begins building up energy with a deadly attack. Creating a powerful spiral energy of fire and ice. Corrupt Nia strikes Anpiel with a circular blast of fierce energy. Instantly sending Anpiel back into the Tarot World


Brutality: Now that Anpiel is out of the way. It's high time I fucking end your life! However to make sure you can't summon anymore Tarot creatures for a certain amount of time. Corrupt Nia use Disabling Whip!

 Corrupt Nia grips her whip and strikes Anna hard. Knocking her former master down to the ground. Laying on ground holding her injured arm. Anna instantly feel her connection to the Tarot World has broken. No longer able to use her tarot cards for an unknown amount of time. Anna begins to worry about her chances of surviving the battle. 

Brutality: Now with those pesky tarots cards of your out of the way. I can now finish you off for good

Anna: Three against one? I guess we know who's the real coward between the two of us

Brutality: Annoying bitch! Do you really think I need their help to kill you? Taking away your only means of defending yourself. I can no take my time of giving you the death you deserve. However I first need to get rid of one remaining problem. Nox Victoria attack Nia with Fist of Animosity!

Surrounding her left hand in dark purple energy. Nox Victoria viciously strikes Nia's back with a powerful punch attack. Nia instantly reverts back to her normal self as she returns to the Tarot World.

Anna: NIA!

Brutality: Now with her out of the way. Nox Victoria I no longer need your services. Return to the Tarot World!

Nox Victoria returns to the Nox Verse. Anna who had just recovered from her previous injury. Begins to rise up only to receive a vicious kick from Brutality to her face. Knocked down to the ground once again. Brutality then steps on Anna's back with great force. Causing Anna to immediately scream in agony. After causing pain to Anna's spine for several seconds. Brutality then grabs Anna by her hair. Lifting up the vulnerable demon before her.

Brutality: Ready to die yet?

Anna: Fuck you

Anna spits in Brutality's face. Causing Brutality to becoming fully enraged. Brutality retaliates by punching Anna severals times in the stomach. Ending her assault with a fiery fist to Anna's face. Sending Anna crashing down to the ground once more.

Brutality: Spit in my fucking face again why don't cha! Now it's time for me to end your life once and for all

Brutality begins creating a ball of flame in her hands. Still laying on the ground in pain. Anna knows her body's natural demonic capabilities won't be enough to save her.  Quickly reaching inside of her purse. Anna realizes most of her potions were destroyed, but the exception of two. Pulling out two bottles of potions. One with a yellow liquid and the other white. The Lemon and Miracle potions. Realizing these two potions were still available to her. Anna knew she can turn things around

Brutality: Time to die BITCH! SATANIC INFERNO!

 Unleashing the ball of fire she created. The fire grows massively in size as it speed increases. Only inches away from hitting her. Anna quickly opens the Lemon potion and swallows it. The potion's special abilities kicks in. Allowing Anna to dodge Brutality's attack by the skin of her teeth

Anna: WOW! That was quite the speed increase! Whoa I feel amazing, but I also still feel pain. Anyways this fight is far from over Brutality

Brutality: How did you manage to dodge my attack? Even with your natural healing abilities as a demon. There is no way you could had dodged my attack with such speed

Anna: Thankfully I had a helpful potion left inside of my bag. Now let's get this fight started for real

Brutality: You don't stand a shadow of a chance against me bitch! Especially since you have yet to fully recover. I'll just have to kill you with my bare hands

Anna: Bring it on bitch!

 Angrier than she has been throughout this entire fight. Brutality charges towards Anna with the intent to kill. Throwing various strikes and kicks at Anna, but only for Anna to dodge every strike. Brutality quickly realizes something off about Anna

Brutality: How can you be so injured yet posses the movement of a unharmed demon?

Anna: It's all thanks to the effects of my Lemon Potion. While I'm far from the best fighter in hand to hand combat. The Lemon Potion gives me the fighting skills of Shun Di from Virtua Fighters. Now it's time for to show you what I can do. LEMON STYLE! RENKAN CHOUGEKI!

 Anna strikes Brutality with three rapid punches and a spin kick to knock her down. Finally inflicting damage upon Brutality. Anna begins to become confident in herself. However Anna knows the effects of the Lemon Potion are temporarily. While Anna will continue to fight as long as possible. The young demon ultimately hopes to regain connection to the Tarot World