Monday, January 5, 2015

Forbidden Short Story

Unexpected Defeat! Okubi's Sensei Appears!

The final bell rings signaling school has ended. As demons started to head home. Many of them traveling in large groups. 

Separated from the large crowd of demons. Stood a half demon by the name Okubi Vice. Due to Okubi's being part human

Many demons did not wish associate themselves with him. While dealing with bigotry in the Underworld is never easy. 

Okubi had become quite use to it. Having grabbed all his needed books from his locker. Okubi then exiting from the school building. 

Preparing for another lonely walk towards home. Okubi was unaware of the two demons that targeted him. 

Barely two miles away from the school building. Okubi had began sensing malice energy approaching him. 

Spotting the two demons shortly after. Okubi knew by their sinister faces and body language. The two demons had ill intentions for him 

Okubi instinctively began to run as fast as possible. While Okubi knew basic demonic combat. 

Between his lack of self esteem and his young age. Okubi was certain had he stayed and fought. 

The two demons would had annihilated him. As Okubi continued to run for dear life. 

The speed of his pursuers had increased. Fearing that he would be caught. 

Okubi shifted his appearance from his humane to demon form. 

Allowing him to run ten times faster than before. 

Continuing to run away from the fiends. Okubi decided to take an alternate route. 

Entering into the Blood Forest. A forest that very few knew how to navigate. 

Fortunately Okubi knew the forest like the back of his hand. 

Minutes after entering the forest. Okubi no longer felt the presence of his pursuers. 

Believing they had simply given up. Okubi immediately began to feel relieved. 

Having hoped the rest of his journey home would be peaceful. Okubi soon realize that would not be the case. 

Sensing yet another sinister presence near him. Okubi knew it was not the two demons from before. 

None the less it was certaunly evil. An evil Okubi wished to avoid. 

Coming from behind a tree a few feet from Okubi. 

Appeared a mysterious man dressed like a hermit. Paralyzed by the very sight of the unknown figured before him. 

Okubi then notice something in each of the man's hand. Holding in his hands were the heads of two demons. 

The very same demons that had chased Okubi earlier. Realizing what had became of his assailants. 

Okubi had nearly let out a banshee like scream. However Okubi was able to keep from doing so.

Fearing he would suffer the same fate as the decease demons. The Mysterious Man then drops the heads to the ground.

Having his sight sets fully on Okubi. Gathering enough will power to move his body.

Okubi had attempted to run away once again.

Unfortunately before Okubi could even pick up speed. The mysterious man had created a circle of fire around him.

Feeling distraught and helpless. Okubi was convinced he was going to die.

Thoughts of death ran through Okubi's head. The young half demon remembered of his healing abilities.

Okubi decided he would run through the fire and escape. Before Okubi could even put his plan in motion.

The mysterious man had created a mass of water above him.

At that very moment. Not only was the Mysterious Man dangerous. He was also efficient in the use of magic.

Dropping the mass of water onto Okubi. The weight of the water had forced Okubi down to the ground.

Laying on the ground badly hurt and defenseless. Okubi's body had started to heal itself.

 Tears of defeat already began running down his eyes.

. While Okubi remains on the ground. Having completely lost his will to live. The Mysterious Man teleports himself before him

Gently placing his hand on Okubi's buttocks. Covering the hole created by his last attack.

Despite being at his attacker's complete and utter mercy. Okubi no longer sensed any malice intentions from the Mysterious Man

Instead Okubi had been given pity.

Looking into the eyes of the defeated half demon. The Mysterious Man had started to speak.

"My name is Takeda Tobirama. A darken of the Underworld & the creator of Marchosias! Never in my life have I meet such a weak and cowardly being!

Unless you wish to die young little demon. It would be in your interest to become my pupil.

Not only will I help you improve your natural demonic powers. By becoming my sole pupil. I will teach you how to create fire stronger than most demons.

Along with the ability to manipulate water and darkness. Should you accept my offer. I promise you'll never have to rely on running ever again.

Once you learn the art of Machosias. Never again will you live in fear. So tell me young half demon. What will be your choice? Live or die?"

 Hearing the encouraging worlds of Tobirama. The despair within Okubi's heart slowly starts to fade.

Finding the strength to speak his heart. Okubi says to Tobirama "I will never have to be afraid again?"

Scooping up Okubi into his arms. Tobirama then says to him "Once you learn the ways of Machosias. Fear becomes nonexistent. Now let me take you home young demon"

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