Thursday, January 29, 2015

Profile: Anna

The Loyal Servant of the Snake Princess

Name: Annabelle "Anna" Del Soto

Age: 299

Gender: Female

Likes: Hellin, the color green and all it's variants, cleaning, cooking, running errands, her gothic lolita doll collection, green tea, mahjong, her tarot summongs

Dislikes:  Her father, an upset Hellin, Queen Othello "only tolerates her due to being Hellin's mother and her secondary Master", flan, the colors black and white "too plain and lifeless in her opinion", punishment, people with no opinions, the word "faggot", bees

Magic Name: None

Powers: Anna is able to summon various creatures from the Tarot World, uses various potions and fragrances with various effects. Anna also posses high self healing abilities due to her crotaphytidae bloodline. Not only can Anna self regenerate faster than most demons. Anna's blood can speed the healing process of anyone who drinks her blood. Naturally demonic base abilities such as super sight, strength, hearing, sensing, agility, stamina

BIO: Annabelle Del Soto better known as Anna. The daughter of former assassins James and Cassandra Del Soto. Years before her birth. Both of her parents were assassins to an organization called The Order. After her parents had left the organization. Betraying the The Order and earning their wrath. Cassandra shortly after gave birth to Anna. For the next seven years, Anna lived a happy life with her parents. Unfortunately The Order had eventually the whereabouts of the traitors. The minute The Order had re enter into the lives of the Del Soto's. Anna's childhood as she knew it was about to end. Once the assassins had enter their home. Cassandra battle the assassins single handedly while James took off with their daughter. Anna immediately began to cry upon being taken away from her mother. Knowing that her mommy was going to be killed. Now only her father and she remaining. They remain on the run until James's found an abandon motel. Moments later Anna had began to become hungry. Not wanting the risk traveling with his daughter. James left Anna at the motel while he went for food. During her father's departure. The Order had found Anna at the motel. Anna had expected The Order was going to kill her. Instead The Order had taken her with them. Leaving behind a few assassins to deal with James. 

 Shortly after being taken away from her family. The Order had told Anna the truth about her parents. Now knowing the truth about her dearly beloved parents. Anna began to cry tears of anguish. Regretting the day she was ever born into this world. For the next two hundred and fifty nine years of her life. Anna served as the servant to the assassins of The Order. During her many years as a servant. While Anna never received any cruel treatment from any of the assassins. Nearly everyone had despised her due to her parents were. However an assassin by the name Sel. Decided to take pity on Anna. When Sel returned from her missions. The assassin would teach Anna how to make potions and fragrances with various effects. Course made certain not to teach Anna anything that be used against The Order. Returning to the hideout after a day in Asira. Sel had given Anna a box containing magical cards. One she could not open until she was release from The Order's captivity. Sel had died two weeks later. Presumed to had been killed by James. Anna continued to serve The Order until they became tired of her. Due to her unquestionable loyalty to The Order. They decided not to kill Anna off. Instead Anna was sold to Queen Othello of Babylon. 

 Purchased in order to serve Othello's youngest daughter Hellin. While in the first time since captivity. Anna had endured many levels of cruelty from Othello. Fortunately Anna was able to become friends with Hellin. Despite having to constantly deal with Hellin threatening to kill. Not only did Anna find a friend within Hellin. Having been freed of The Order. Anna was now able to go inside of her box. Opening the box once given to her by Sel. Anna had discovered the box contained creatures from the Tarot World Now with her beloved tarot creatures by her side. Anna had the necessary tools to protect both Hellin and herself. Over the years serving the Babylon Empire. Anna had learned of the underhanded things Othello did to stay in power. One day Othello had ordered Hellin and her to assassinate Lord Koga Yukimaru. While Anna did not wish to do such a terrible things. Anna feared to even dare challenge the Queen's decision. Along with the fact this would be Hellin's first A rank assassination mission. Arriving to Jazan a few hours later. While both Hellin and she had infiltrated Koga's Castle successfully. They soon were discovered by Koga and his guards. While Anna managed to escape while Hellin was captured. Not only would Anna face punishment by Othello. The fear of losing Hellin terrified Anna. After the completion of her punishment. Anna was sent by Othello to meet a certain man. That man would aid Anna in rescuing her captured friend Hellin

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