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Forbidden Chapter 19

Forbidden Chapter Nineteen - Mount Karasawa Part One

Four Days Ago

Successfully arriving to Japan after many hours of travel. Yura along with Hisako, Oriana w/Ricky, Kira, and Naznim make their way towards Mount Karasawa. Due to a horrifying vision King Onyxe had foreseen. Yura and the other were sent to Japan. In order to slay a tengu by the name Raikoi. A sinister tengu that was sealed away in Mount Kawasawa many centuries ago. Originally sealed away by Kagemori, the very spirit that resides in Hisako's sword. Normally when a being is sealed. Eight out of ten times. An individual will remain sealed for eternity... unless freed by an outside force. Naturally by the world Asira's evolving landscape. The seal that once imprisoned Raikou had greatly weaken. In order to assure Japan's safety. The team must get to Mount Karasawa before Raikou breaks free from his seal. Currently only a hour and a seventeen minutes away from Mount Karasawa. The team find themselves at a place called Hanzo Town. Despite the many hours of traveling. Yura, Hisako, and Naznim are determine to reach Mount Karasawa. However upon arriving to Hanzo Town. Having witness the scenery that is Hanzo Town. A place filled with clothing stores, restaurants, and other wonders. Kira and Oriana strongly desire to explore Hanzo Town

Kira: OMG! This place is absolutely amazing! Not only is this place filled with awesome stores. I finally get some use of my camera here

Oriana: Will you take a look at all the clothing stores around here? Such a marvelous place Hanzo Town is. Oh my is that a ramen restaurant two blocks up?

Kira: Looks like an awesome place to enjoy ourselves a break

Naznim: Are the two of you seriously right now? How soon do you buffoons forget why we're here for? We didn't come all this way to go sight seeing

Kira: Oh c'mon! Besides who in the hell made you leader?

Naznim: Stupid girl! Do you wish to challenge me?

Yura: Naznim there is no need for such actions.We are all comrades here. None of us should be trying to fight the other. Kira as much as I agree with you about this place. Like Naznim already stated. We didn't come here to go sight seeing. Our mission is to go to Mt. Karasawa and eliminate Raikou. Perhaps once we accomplish our task. Maybe we'll have time to explore Hanzo Town

Kira: You got to be freakin kidding me! Yura in case you didn't notice. We been traveling for hours to get to Mt, Karasawa, The only time we taken a break was to either eat, use the rest room, or sleeping on the various trains. Never once did we receive an actually break from all this traveling. Not even once since we left Mayland. I was able to take pictures of anything. Instead we were rushing to get to Japan. After all these days and hours of traveling. I had earned myself a nice break. One I shall be enjoying within Hanzo Town. Besides it's not like Raikou will be freed anytime soon

Yura: Kira you can't say that for sure. While we're wasting time having this conversation. Raikou's can be seconds away from breaking his seal

Oriana: As true as that maybe Yura. Due to our urgency to get to Mt. Karasawa. We managed to get here earlier than expected. Therefore we definitely have some free time on our hands. All Kira and I want is a nice hour in Hanzo Town. Afterwards we would gladly continue our way to Mt. Karasawa. Eliminating any possible chances of Raikou's being unleashed upon Japan

Naznim: If those two imbeciles wish to stay here. Let's just leave them behind. I didn't come all this way for some meaningless sight seeing. I came here to help rid of the potential threat of Raikou. The sooner we accomplish our task. The sooner we can return to Mayland. Assisting Onyxe and the others with the ongoing threat of The Children Of Ruin

Hisako: Sounds like a plan to me. While I too want to make sure Raikou is set loose. I totally understand Kira and Oriana wanting a break. I vote only letting them explore Hanzo Town for a while. It's not like they don't have cellphones. Yura, you can just call them once we arrived to Mt. Karasawa. Telling Kira and Oriana to come and meet us there. Besides as long as Naznim is with us. Getting to the top of Mt. Karasawa won't be an issue

Yura: *sigh* I guess letting you two go off for awhile won't hurt. Just be ready to get your asses to Mt. Karasawa once I call you

Kira: Sure thing Yura. Thanks for looking out for us Hisako. I really appreciate it

Hisako: Not a problem girls. While I'm not from this time. I know what it's like to live a life without pleasure. Just promise to meet us in a hour okay?

Oriana: Not a problem ladies

Kira: Okay farewell for now girls. Promise you'll all be safe on the way there

Naznim: It's not our safety you should be worried about. Don't you two realize that we're still being hunted? Pray that theirs no Children Of Ruin members lurking around here. Otherwise the two of you are making yourselves easy marks. Bad enough young descendants like ourselves are being sacrifice by those fiends. Should either of you be killed. The seal holding Mastema within Forbidden will greatly weaken. Due too you both being one half of the divine Divas! Ann Marie under the direct protection of Onyxe. Myself proving the most capable of the four Divas. I hope for your sakes. None of the Children of Ruin are anywhere near here. Goodbye!

 After having harshly warning Kira and Oriana of their potential dangers. Naznim turns away and continue walking towards Mt. Karasawa. Yura and Hisako bids the girls farewell. Then they too follow after Naznim to Mt. Karasawa

Kira: Good luck to Yura and Hisako. As for that bitch Naznim. I hold she gets crushed by a avalanche. I absolutely can't stand people like her

Oriana: Oh love, people like Naznim are a dime of dozen. Especially in my line of work. Anyways let;s not waste time with negative emotions. After all we only got an hour to enjoy this wonderful place. Now let my hurry and summon Ricky. Then the three of us can go have some fun

After summoning her red balloon shaped friend Ricky. Kira, Oriana, and Ricky began their adventure throughout Hanzo Town. Meanwhile Yura, Hisako, and Naznum had finally arrived to Mt. Karasawa. Having neither Kira or Oriana slowing them down. The three women arrived to their destination within fifty minutes. However upon arriving to Mt. Karasawa. They immediately felt an evil presence on top of the mountain. Yura and the other began to fear they had arrived too late

Naznim: I curse Kira and Oriana! If it wasn't for those two imbeciles. We would had arrived much sooner

Hisako: Had they been traveling with us. We wouldn't had gotten here this soon

Yura: Despite the level of negative energy we're sensing. This energy is still too weak to possibly be Raikou

Hisako: Possibly or do you mean hopefully? Even if Raikou did manage to break free of his seal. His power level won't be at 100% for quite sometime. Giving us a gold opportunity to finish him off for good. Plus this would allow my sword, Kagemori his deserved vengeance

Yura: This mission isn't about revenge Lady Hisako. It was about stopping a powerful evil from awakening. Unfortunately looks like we have failed

Hisako: It wouldn't consider us failing just yet Yura. While we may not prevented Raikou from breaking his seal. We still can prevent him from wrecking havoc upon Japan. Not only do I want payback for Kagemori. Like many centuries before my death. I dedicated my life to protect this country. I absolutely refuse to allow that beast to have his way. Even if I must die again in order to do so

Yura: Well let's hope it doesn't come to that. I didn't just revive you for my King, Lady Hisako. After all you were my first idol. Ever since I was a little girl. Before I fallen into life of an assassin. I had always dreamed to become a hero like you. Even having been given a second chance at life by my King. I still strive to become half the hero you are today. No matter what happens here. I won't let you die Lady Hisako

Hisako: *Smiles* Well that's very sweet of you to say Yura. From the very bottom of my heart. I truly appreciate your admiration of me. Truth be told, I never planned to be the hero I'm today. Originally I became a demon hunter out of anger. The anger caused by the lost of love ones. Only after I began to slay demons. My reasons for fighting were completely changed. No longer did I slay demons out of vengeance. Instead I fought to protect the innocent and the land I loved. In order to prevent anyone else suffering the way I did. Therefore if I have to sacrifice my life once again. In order to protect Japan and it's inhabitants. Then I shall gladly do so without a moment's hesitation. Course I wish I hadn't help Kira and Oriana getting playtime in Hanzo Town. We could had really used their help about now

Naznim: I for one am happy they are not here. Between the three of us. We should be enough to defeat Raikou. Especially at his current state of powe

Hisako: As much as I would like to agree with you. It wouldn't hurt to give the girls a call. Let them know they need to get their butts over here ASAP!

Naznim: Well in the meantime, let's try to rely on our own power

Yura: Heads up! Something is flying down towards us

Hisako: Two things to be exact

 Coming down from the sky above. Two winged creatures approaches Yura, Hisako, and Naznim. As the two creatures become closer to see. The women notices that one is a male and the other a female. Like Raikou, the female is too a tengu. The male on the other hand is not a tengu, but a harpy Remembering the conversation back at Onyxe's castle. Yura realizes something about the creatures approaching them. However before Yura can utter a single word. The female tengu unleashes an attack


 A quick flap of her wings. The female tengu unleashes multiple fiery feathers towards Yura, Hisako, and Naznim. In order to stop the fiery feathers from hitting them. Naznim quickly creates a shield using her sapphire colored sand. As the fiery feathers collide with Naznim's sand shield. The male harpy summons multiple swords out of thin air. Once having summons his swords. The male harpy then sends the swords towards the girls. Having successfully counter the female tengu's attack. Naznim then uses the technique FIST OF PUNISHMENT! Creating a gigantic fist out of her sapphire sand. Using the giant fist of sand she created. Naznim uppercuts the incoming swords away from Yura, Hisako, and herself. With both their initial attacks having failed. The female tengu and the male harpy land before the girls. Entering into their battle stances. Yura, Hisako, and Naznim prepare for battle

Female Tengu: Talk about annoying

Male Harpy: That tan skin girl countered both our attacks. Cocky bitch thinks she's better than us?

Female Tengu: Well both her friends and she have yet to see what we're truly capable of. After all we are Raikou's Generals Of Destruction! 

Yura: I knew it! After all it was three creatures Kagemori had sealed away. Raikou was the only one that require him to sacrifice his life

Hisako: But weren't they all suppose to be tengu's? That guy right there is clearly a harpy

Male Harpy: Well duh! What bullshit story you heard saying I was a tengu?

Female Tengu: Exactly what's wrong with being a tengu Axel?

Axel: Nothing at all Mei. I just fucking hate being lumped with Raikou and you. I'm a fucking harpy for crying out loud. Because I ally myself with a pair a tengus. Doesn't mean I myself am a tengu

Mei: Well I can't help but to be offended by your tone Axel

Axel: Good grief Mei. I just fucking told you I had no problem with tengus. Now stop your bitching before I gut your ass

Mei: Try me if you dare! I'll burn your fucking head off!

 Shortly after both Mei and Axel begin arguing with one another. Completely ignoring Yura, Hisako, and Naznim standing before them. While Yura and Hisako giggles at the stupidity taking place before them. Naznim started to become even more frustrated with both Mei and Axel. Unable to hide her frustration any longer. Naznim begins to shout at the top of her longs

Naznim: ENOUGH! I don't have time for this foolishness! Did you flying freaks come here to fight or should I just kill you now?

Mei: What a rude little bitch! How fucking dare you talk to me like that?

Axel: Between the three of these bitches. Am going to enjoy slicing you up the most wog

Yura: Did you just call my friend a wog? What a nasty individual you are

Naznim: The words of an imbecile do not bother me. A woman of my status has been called every nasty name one could imagine. Killing these imbeciles will be satisfaction within itself

Hisako: Seeing that you two have broken from your seals. I wonder how long before Raikou breaks free from his? Unless of course he's already freed?

Axel: Seems to me you really want to meet Raikou? The boss's big schlong aside. Raikou isn't the kind of man you want to meet. Especially if you're the enemy! Unfortunately for the three of you. Mei and I were released from our seals first

Yura: Luckily your seals were much weaker than Raikou's. Proving how easily Kagemori defeated the two of you

Hisako: Well that's lackeys for you. Anyways enough time has been wasted here. My friends and I didn't come all this way. Just to waste time on you small fries. We came here to exterminate Raidou. Now out of our way or die!

Mei: Ugh! What a bunch of arrogant self absorb BITCHES!

Axel: You're one to talk Mei. However I too want to murder these bitches!

Yura: Do the two of you really think you beat the three of us?

Naznim: Let alone one of us?

Mei: Oh don't worry about the odds. We're only buying time until Raikou breaks free. Once Raikou joins the battle. Not only will he make quick work out of you worms. The three of us will finally have our revenge on this wrenched land. Delivering centuries worth of death and destruction throughout Japan

Hisako: If you think you're going to do anything to my home land. Then you fuckers got another thing coming. I won't allow a bastard like Raikou to have his way. Nor will either of you two stand in my way. Now get ready to feel the wrath of your old nemesis, Kagemori!

 Hisako holds Kagemori before her

Mei: Does that sword really posses the spirit of Kagemori? Either way it doesn't matter. We'll kill you all!

Axel: Time to die bitches!

Yura: Okay girls lets hurry up and eliminate these freaks

 As the two opposing forces prepare for battle. Suddenly a powerful burst of evil energy is unleashed at the top of Mt. Karasawa. No mistaken who that energy belongs too. Yura's face changes from determine to horrified. While Naznim's facial expression remains annoyance and Hisako's excited. Now with Raikou free of his seal. Yura reaches for her cellphone to call Kira and Oriana


 During their wonderful time in Hanzo Town. Kira, Oriana, and Ricky visited many stores throughout Hanzo Town. From Hina's Nail Salon to Mukuro's Ramen Shop. After several stores later. The trio arrive to a clothing store called Nōritān. Entering the oddly name yet beautiful clothing store. Seconds after stepping inside the store. Oriana spots several pairs of clothing she plans on buying. Meanwhile Kira and Ricky just wonder around the store. Waiting for Oriana to finish her clothe shopping

Female Store Manager: Store closes in ten minutes

Oriana: Fudge! So much stuff I want, but so little time. I knew I shouldn't let Kira talk me to the candy shop. Anyways I need to hurry up and shop. Now where did Kira and Ricky go off too?

 While exploring the large clothing store. Kira begins to hear a voice. The voice of a man on the verge of death. Using her shape hearing to follow the voice. Ricky accompanies Kira to the downstairs area. Arriving downstairs Kira and Ricky find themselves surrounded by toys, fancy candies, house products, and other non clothing items. While Kira continues to follow the voice. Oriana enters the bottom level and finally finds Kira and Ricky

Oriana: Kira and Ricky! The store about the close in two minutes. Get your butts up and help me carry my clothes. We should be receiving a phone call from Yura very shortly. Not come on and let's get going

Kira: Oriana there's something I need to tell you

Oriana: Whatever it is you want to tell me. Do it after we leave the store

Kira: That's just the thing Oriana. I think there's a man trapped down here. A man dying at that

Oriana: Exactly where would one be trapped in here? Kira you must be tired from all this shopping

Kira: Oriana am being serious. Just ask Ricky

Oriana: "telepathically communicating with Ricky"  Okay if Ricky believes you then so do I. Now please lead the way Kira

 Kira along with Oriana and Ricky moves towards the shelves holding the nicknacks. Hearing the voice of the dying man behind the wall. Kira with Oriana's help moves the shelves of nicknacks from the wall. Revealing behind it a gigantic hole in the wall.

Oriana: Oh my goodness! What is a hole this big doing here?

Kira: Now do you believe me?

Oriana: I already said I did. Now hurry and lead the way

 Stepping inside the giant hole. Kira leads Oriana and Ricky to the source of the voice. Moving further inside the hole. All three are now able to hear the voice of a suffering man. After a few seconds of running. The trio discovers a truly horrifying sight. Hanging from the ceiling were multiple bodies wrapped inside spider webs. Both Kira and Oriana nearly had a heart attack. Once the ladies had gotten over their terror. Kira, Oriana, and Ricky began searching for the man. Several dead bodies later. They finally found the web containing a living body. Well at least one still has some life left. Turning her hands into amethyst crystal. Oriana rips the web surrounding the man's face

Unknown Man: Thank goodness someone had found me

Kira: Sir how did you end up here?

Oriana: Course first tell us your name?

Ken: My name is Mioda, Ken Mioda. Like the other victims before me. I was lured here by that demonic store manager.

Kira: Dear God, don't tell me the manager is---

Female Store Manager: A Jurogumo! Why couldn't you nosy bitches just fucking leave!

Oriana: Well it's a good thing we didn't (lies). I couldn't forgive myself  if you manage to claim another victim

Jurogumo: Oh please that man's is going to die. ALL OF YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!

Kira: Listen here bitch! If you think for a second we're going to die to a whore spider. You got another fucking thing---

Ring! Ring! Kira's cellphone music begins to play

Oriana: Kira your phone is ringing

Kira: Talk about great timing Yura. Hold on a sec, hey Yura... how are you?

Yura: (Kira! Are Oriana and you anywhere close to Mt. Karasawa? Raikou's has broken from his seal. Not only has Raikou been unleash, but his lackeys as well. Lady Hisako, Naznim, and I can really use your help here)

Kira: Well as much as we would love too. Oriana and I currently got our own problems. See we kinda discovered a Jurogumo's hideout. Now in order to escaper her hideout. Oriana and I have to kill her before she kills us. So with your Raikou situation... good luck with that CLICK!

Hisako: So Yura? Are Kira and Oriana on their way to Mt. Karasawa?

Yura: To be honest with you. The answer is a huge no! Kira and Oriana are currently dealing with a Jurogumo

Naznim: Is that monster a member of the Children of Ruin?

Yura: Well base on what Kira had told me. She and Oriana are just in regular danger. Regardless we are officially short of two warriors

Hisako: Don't look so worried Yura. The tree of us will manage without them. I just hope the girls will fair against such a powerful demon. Course it's not like we got it any easier. Anyways we'll just have to believe in our own power

Yura: As we have any other choice?

Hisako: That's the spirit Yura! Now which one of you winged bastards wants to die first?

While Yura, Hisako, and Naznim prepare to battle The Flying Gods Of Destruction. Kira and Oriana are currently faced against a deadly Jurogumo. Will the girls prevail against such powerful enemies or will they be vanquished? Kill or be killed!


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