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Forbidden Chapter 20

Forbidden Chapter Twenty- Mount Karasawa Part Two

Upon learning that Kira and Oriana are trapped inside a mall in Hanzo Town. Yura along with Hisako and Naznim find themselves faced against Mei, Axel, and Raikou. Staring down the winged foes before them. Realizing that one of them alone is no match for Raikou. Yura began thinking to herself. A strategy to eliminate their targets. Without risking either Naznim, Lady Hisako, and herself dying in the process. However before Yura could even speak her plan. Naznim makes a brazen decision of her own. One that will shock everyone around her

Naznim: Screw this! Yura and Hisako! I leave the two of you to fight Raikou. As for his pathetic goons... leave them ME!

Yura: Naznim!

Hisako: You versus those two by yourself? Are you mad in the head?

Mei: Arrogant little bitch!

Axel: Fucking wog thinks she can takes us on alone?

Raikou: Brave little girl if you ask me. Besides fighting any of this bitches alone would be a waste of time. Fighting at least two of them may provide me a decent challenge. Mei! Azel! I'm ordering the two of you to fight the sand user. Allowing me the pleasure of crushing both the kunocihi and Kagemori's bitch! Please make sure not to give sandy too quick of a death

Hisako: Kagemori's bitch?  I'm his successor you blue oversize piece of shit! The only reason any of you flying fucks are standing here. Isn't because any of you were strong enough to break your seals. Unfortunately due to our world's ever growing and changing landscape. The seals that once held you fuckers prisoners became too weak. Allowing you bastards the privilege to stand before us now. Anyways don't get too comfortable with your newly found freedom. My friends and I are here to exterminate you winged pieces of shits! So Naznim if you're confident you can kill Mei and Azel on your own. Yura and i will gladly do away with Raikou

Naznim: I will not repeat myself! Leave the female tengu and the male harpy to me!

Hisako: You heard the woman Yura. Let's go and eliminate Raikou

Yura: In order to protect this precious land. I Mikan Yura will send you Raikou.... to the land of Yomi!

Hisako: Kagemori my sweet... it's payback time!

 Having decided on who are going to fight. As Mei and Axel flies towards Naznim. Yura and Hisako charges towards Raikou. Meanwhile back in Hanzo Town. Kira, Oriana, and Ricky are going up against a malicious Jorogumo. After discovering the creature's victims within the Noritan Clothing Store.

Jorogumo: I absolutely can't stand noisy bitches like you! I;m going to take my time killing you cunts off!

Kira: As if I will allow myself to die in a place like this. Especially to a creepy crawly bitch like you!

Oriana: Creepy Crawly? Don't you too posses bug based powers Kira?

Kira: Yes, but nothing grotesque like this bitch

Oriana: Anyways we need to find a way to kill her. So that Ken, Ricky, you, and me can get out of here.

Kira: Not to worry Oriana. Between my magic and your summonings. We can squash this bug in no time. Speaking of which let's give this whore a taste of my JADE SHOT!

 Closing her hands together. Kira creates a gigantic green color rock. Upon summoning her jade color rock. Kira unleashes her attack towards to Jorogumo. The creature prepares an attack of her own

Jorogumo: What a generic and futile attack. Let's see if your rock can take on my HARD WEB!

 Releasing from her mouth. The Jorogumo shots out a rock hard ball of web. Clashing with Kira's Jade Shot. The two attacks immediately cancel each other out. Having stop Kira from harming her. The Jorogumo prepares to launch another attack. One that can prove fatal if successful

Kira: Dammit! That spider bitch countered my attack

Oriana: Well just launch another attack Kira. Ricky and I are almost done freeing Ken. Try to hold her off a little longer

Kira: Easier said than done. Okay let's see you counter this spider whore. HALITE HAZ--


 Before Kira can fully perform her Halite Hazard. The Jorogumo releases a enormous blast of liquid venom towards Kira. Seeing the incoming attack coming towards her. Kira's body freezes in fear. Oriana sees the stream of poison about to strike Kira. Without uttering a word to her familiar Ricky. The balloon shape creature opens a small portal beneath Oriana. Teleporting her directly in front of Kira. Using her inherited magical ability. Oriana's skin changes into amethyst right before Kira's eyes. Having turned her skin into a hard substance. Oriana blocks Kira like a shield from the poisonous stream of liquid. Watching her attempt to wound Kira fail before her eyes. The Jorogumo becomes even angrier than before 

Jorogumo: What madness is this? A girl who can summons rocks out of thin air. The other able to turn herself into a rock! I curse the moment i laid eyes on you girls! I... I... I WILL DESTROY YOU BITCHES! Let's see if you jezebels can survive against this!


 The Jorogumo starts to chant an evil spell. Causing the bodies of her previous victims to break out of their webs. Seeing the Jorogumo's victims reanimate back to life. Ken immediately starts freaking out. While Kira, Oriana, and Ricky prepare to face the resurrected enemies

Kira: Not only is this bitch big and ugly. That monster just used a necromancy spell

Oriana: We're definitely got ourselves in quite a mess. Thankfully it's nothing a few summonings can't fix

Ken: GIRLS! Please hurry up and save me! I don't want to become zombie snack. Let alone a snack for a Jorogumo

Kira: Oriana! May you and your summonings go and rescue Ken. Let me show this fiend what I'm really capable of

Oriana: Will you be okay fighting against her on your own?

Kira: At this point, I don't have much of a choice! Now please just go and save Ken. Heaven knows this bitch claimed enough lives for a lifetime

 Doing as Kira had ordered. Oriana and Ricky makes their way to rescue Ken. Leaving Kira to fight the Jorogumo on her own. Meanwhile back at Mount Kirasawa. Both Yura and Hisako continue their brutal battle against Raikou. While Naznim takes on both Mei and Axel

Mei: Damn this sapphire colored sand using bitch!

Axel: Never I expected this wog to be so fucking difficult to kill. At least Lord Raikou isn't exactly having a easy time himself

Mei: While that bastard Kagemori's successor is nearly as strong as he is. Never once did I expect the kunoichi to be so powerful

Naznim: Feather fools! Unless you wish to die sooner. Cease worrying about your master's well being and focus on our fight

Mei: Annoying wrench! I grow tired of fighting you. Why won't you just die already?

Axel: Let her talk keep talking big shit Mei. Once we get an opening on this bitch. She'll be begging for death once we're through with her

Yura: Lady Hisako look out!


The enraged Tengu summons pillars of lighting to strike Hisako. The demon slayer does her best to dodge the vicious attacks. Managing to avoid most of the lighting strikes. Hisako is struck by the final bolt of lightning. Crashing down to the ground. Hisako manages to keep her grip on Kagemori. Seeing her idol injured on the ground. The once calm but determine Yura. Now filled with a raged long lost in her past


Yura: BASTARD! How dare you bring about harm on Lady Hisako?

 Raikou: How dare I? BITCH! I'm Raikou, The Tengu God of Lightning! Now I finally managed to take down Kagemori's prodigy

Hisako: Momentarily bitch!

 Raikou: It's due time i fucking eliminate you!

Yura: I'm going to make you regret your very existence! Prepare to feel the wrath of the King's Leading Lady!

Covered in a fiery red aura. Moving at ninja speed, Yura charges towards Raikou. The tengu unleashes multiple lighting orbs towards her. Using her ninjutsu skills Yura dodges the ferocious attacks with little difficulty. As Yura draws near her target. Raikou summons a wall of lightning to keep Yura away. Rising back to her feet. Hisako immediately joins back into the fight. Raikou's lightning wall standing her way. Yura prepares a magic base attack.

Yura: Trying to keep me away? Now witness my magic break through your feeble defense. CANCELLATION TOUCH-BLACKOUT!

 Covering her left hand a fiery red energy. Yura extends her hand causing Raikou's Lightning wall to vanish. Upon removing Raikou;s wall, Yura then tags the tengu with her attack POWER DRAIN. Feeling his powers starting to weaken. Raikou angrily delivers a vicious punch to Yura's chest. Sending the kunoichi tumbling to the ground. Finally having dealt with Yura, Raikou was unaware of Hisako coming from behind. Striking Raikou with the technique REAPING SLASH! Hisako causes Raikou to crumble to the ground. Blood dripping out of Raikou's back and wings. Normally an opponent of Raikou's strength. Would require an army to be taken down. Fortunately due to being only released for a short time. The terrifying tengu did not gain his full strength. Along with Yura decreasing the energy he had. Addition to being struck by Hisako's Reaping Slash. The mighty tengu had been throughly defeated. Meanwhile after a brutal battle against Mei and Axel. Despite nearly being decapitated by Axel's blades. Naznim finally manage to capture both flying foes in her SAPPHIRE SAND SPHERE!. Once trapping her opponents inside of the sphere. Naznim crashes Mei and Axel within the heavy sand. Watching his minions died before his very eyes. Raikou immediately bursts into laughter

Raikou: HA HA HA HA! Fucking weakling got what they deserved!

 Hearing Raikou's lack of compassion for his own minions. Hisako angrily grabs Raikou by his hair

Hisako: You heartless piece of shit! Regardless how we felt about them. They were your friends! How could you just laugh seeing your friends die? Heartless bastard! I'll strike you down once and for all!

 Holding Raikou's head in one hand and Kagemori in the other. Hisako prepares to decapitate the heartless tengu. Only to be stopped by Yura

Yura: Lady Hisako don't!

Hisako: Yura? Are you telling me not to cut this bastard's head off? Were we not sent here to kill him?

Yura: Originally yes, but while I was on the ground. Onyxe had sent me a telepathic message. Telling me to bring Raikou back to him alive. Course if we hadn't killed him already. Since you defeated him without killing him. I say we now bring this bastard back alive. Despite how much I too wish to annihilate that heartless cur! Only a monster would find humor in the deaths of his friends

Raikou: HA! Those weren't my fucking friends. Just worthless scum that aid me in causing chaos. A man like me doesn't value pitiful things like friends. Both Mei and Axel were just a means to an end. Too bad they were so fucking useless. I'm thrilled to know they suffered an agonizing death! Only wish I could had done it myself. HA HA HA HA HA!

Yura: Revolting bastard!

Fueled by anger after hearing the tengu's heartless words. Yura delivers a menacing slap across Raikou's face.  As Raikou laughs off Yura's slap of disgust. Yura then goes into her bag. Pulling out a small needle with yellow liquid inside

Hisako: What's that for Yura?

Yura: It's black rose snake venom. I originally brought it as a weapon against Raikou. Knowing that my King wishes us to bring back Raikou alive. I will use it to paralyze Raikou's body, Making certain he cannot cause us or anyone else trouble

 Injecting the black rose snake venom inside of Raikou. The tengu's body becomes extremely numb. Losing nearly all movement within his body.

Hisako: Are you sure this is going to work Yura?

Naznim: It certainly had better! Otherwise I'll just do to him what I did to his lackeys

Yura: No need to worry ladies. Fortunately for us Raikou isn't a demon. Therefore he would either require a healer or a antidote to cure to serum's effects. Anyways that our works is done here. Let's hurry and get to Kira and Oriana. I certainly hope they are still alive

Naznim: They are fighting a Jorogumo. If such a lowly creature manages to kill them. They deserve to die

Hisako: Your such a kind girl Naznim. A real charmer

Naznim: I aim to please

 Meanwhile still inside of Noritan. As Oriana alongside her summoning Aria, The War Goddess  and having transformed Ricky into Rickman. Having transformed from his small red balloon shaped body. Into a angelic being with hair of fire, metallic golden wings, rainbow colored eyes, and with the overall appearance of a boxer. Remaining in her amethyst form. Oriana and her summonings battle against the herd of zombies. Leaving Kira to fight the Jorogumo one on one

Kira: Playtime is over ugly. Time I show you what i'm really capable of

 Right before her opponent's very eyes. Kira transforms into a butterfly/human hybrid. Equipped with long butterfly wings, antennas on her head, dressed in a exotic valkyrie armor, and wielding a sword and shield made of diamonds. Having fully transformed into her valkyrie form. Kira is ready to take down the Jorogumo

Jorogumo: A butterfly? HA! Talk about typical. Don't you know the spider always kills the butterfly?

Kira: That's sounds more like your opinion than a fact cunt. Anyways enough chit chat1 Time I take you out

 A simple flap of her elegant butterfly wings. Kira with her sword and shield flies straight towards Jorogumo. Watching her enemy approach her. The jorogumo first starts shooting out multiple spider webs from her mouth. After Seeing Kira slash away each of her webs. The Jorogumo then uses her Venom Stream. Only to be blocked by Kira's diamond shield. While Kira fights the Jorogumo. Oriana and her summoning have successfully rescued Ken and killed most of the zombies. Finally realizing how strong her enemy has become. The Jorogumo fears that her number maybe up. Refusing to go down without a fight. The Jurogumo transforms into a purely monstrous spider. The frightening presence of her newly evolved foe. Causes Kira to freeze in fear. Seeing this as opportunity to finish Kira off. The Jorogumo releases a blast of fire towards Kira. As the hellish flames comes towards her. Kira is able to shack off her fear. Charging forward with her diamond sword. Kira cuts through the fire and heads straight for her target. Once inches away from the Jorogumo. Kira uses her deadly attack SYMPHONY OF JUSTICE!Striking the Jorogumo with a series of slashes. Ending the assault with a powerful gust of winds. Destroying whatever remained of her spider adversary. Having taken out the Jorogumo. The remaining zombies turn into dust. Having survived against their deadly foe. Kira, Oriana, and Ricky revert back to their normal selves. Oriana then thanks Aria and sends her back to her home world.

Oriana: By the way Kira. Your butterfly valkyrie form is absolutely stunning. More marvelous than my entire jewelry collection

Kira: Coming from a woman who can turn her skin into amethyst. I feel truly honored by your compliment

Ken: Thank you all so much for saving me. I would had been long dead had neither of you ever showed up. You have must utmost gratitude

Oriana: While I appreciate your generosity Mr. Ken. The only one you should really be thanking is Kira. Due to her bug like hearing. Kira was able to hear your plead for help. Had it just been Ricky and myself in the mall. Neither one of us would ever hear you

Kira: HEY! Don't give me all the credit. While I was the one who heard Ken's plead. It was all of us who saved him. Along with saving ourselves

Oriana: Hey I just thought of something. Weren't Yura and the other going against Raikou?

Kira: OMG! Let me see if I can get a hold of her first on my cell. Everything good in the world. I hope Yura and Hisako managed okay.... Naznim too I guess

 Kira pulls out her cellphone and calls Yura. After a two rings. Yura picks up from the other end

Yura: Kira are Oriana and you alright?

Kira: We're alive Yura. We just got finished killing the Jorogumo and battling the zombies of her victims. Thank goodness for Oriana's summonings. Seeing that you sound rather calm on the phone. Can I assume that Raikou has been assassinated?

Yura: Well Lady Hisako, Naznim, and I are indeed alive and well. Course Naznim needs to see a healer ASAP, However during our battle against Raikou. Onyxe telepathically messaged me. Informing me he wants us to bring Raikou back alive

Kira: ALIVE! Are you fucking shitting me right now Yura? Why would Onyxe go from ordering us to kill him. Now to bring that bastard back alive? Exactly how are we going to pull that off anyways?

Yura: Way too many questions for someone who had no part in defeating Raikou. Besides I made certain he won't give us any problems. Now Oriana, Ricky, and you hurry up and meet us at the Hanzo Town entrance. I'll explain the rest once the three of you get here

 Yura hangs up

Kira: Oriana, Ricky, Ken! Time for us to bounce

 Exiting from the Noritan Clothing store. Kira, Oriana, and Ricky first take Ken to a nearby Hospital. After explaining everything to the doctors and policemen. The trio bid Ken farewell and heads out to meet the others. Meeting at the entrance of Hanzo Town. Yura explains the situation to Oriana and Ricky while Kira and Naznim argue with one another. Having successfully completed their mission. The girls and Ricky return to Mayland with Raikou in toll. Arriving back home Onyxe's Castle. Ann Marie and Abrafo greets the returning heroes. Ann Marie especially happy to see Hisako again. While Onyxe's servants tend to any of the returning warriors. Yura along with Onyxe's other servants. Take Raikou into a room. Known only to very few of Onyxe's servants. In order to prepare to fallen tengu for the King's punishment. Now with Raikou having been death with. The King can now focus on dealing with The Children Of Ruin. A danger that continues to threaten the survival of Asira.


 Currently in Dew City. After returning from their adventures in the Underworld. Okubi, Eligos, Hellin, and Anna journey to find Okubi's other comrades. Once reunited with his friends. Okubi alongside his friends will continue hunting down. The remaining members of the Children Of Ruin. In order that their worlds does not fall into ruin. Making certain the Children of Ruin do not releases the dreaded Demon Lord Mastema from Forbidden!


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