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Forbidden Chapter Bonus 01

Forbidden Bonus Chapter 01
Raidou's Punishment

Story A: True Ending

After being defeated by Yura and Hisako back at Mount Kirasawa. Raidou was brought to Mayland. In order to receive his punishment from the King. Having broken freed from his seal back in Japan. King Onyxe had sent a team of hero to stop the vicious tengu. Originally ordered to kill Raidou. During the heroes battle against the tengu. King Onyxe telepathically contacted Yura. Ordering the heroes to capture Raidou instead. Having successfully completed their mission. Once the heroes returned to the Royal Lands. Onyxe had order Yura and his other servants. To bring Raidou down to the "room". The very same room Onyxe had performed Angelina's mind surgery. However unlike Angelina who taken to be saved. Raidou was taken to the room to be punished. Prior to having first been sealed by Kagemori. Raidou has caused destruction within Japan. Along with killing many innocent lives throughout his rampage. Luckily when Raidou was released from his sealed. The deadly tengu had not yet gained his full powers. Allowing Onyxe's forces to take him down rather easily. Still under the effects of the Black Rose Snake venom. Along with his injured wings and back. Raidou was unable to free himself from his capturers. Once arriving to the strange room. The servants immediately place Raidou in the center. One placed in the center of the room. Onyxe walks up to Raidou, placing his left hand on his head. Meanwhile Yura and the other servants make a circle around them. Now with everyone and everything in place. Onyxe is now ready to begin Raidou's punishment.

Onyxe: Raidou! Thanks to my precognitive abilities. I was able to sense your return. Before you could unleash any evil upon Japan

Raidou: Yippy for you faggot!

Yura: Speak like that to my King again you cur! I will cut your tongue out!

 Yura and the King's other servants shoots a deathly glare at Raidou

Onyxe: Everyone relax! There's no need to worry and I been called worst. Now Raidou since you have been captured. What do you think is going to happen next?

Raidou: Oh I know what's going to happen. You're going to tell your servants to leave now. Allowing you to molest my beautiful, but vulnerable body. HA HA HA HA HA!

Onyxe: That's far from funny, but what do I expect from such a ill manner tengu. No I have something much worst in stored for you

Raidou: If you're going to behead me or eat me alive. Just hurry up and fucking do it! I don't want to here your bullshit all day. Nor do I will to remain a prisoner in your castle

Onyxe: Oh trust me I have no intentions of killing. Nor allowing the luxury to be in my castle. Instead I have a must worst punishment in stored for you

Raidou: Exactly what would that be?

Onyxe: Have you ever heard of a place called purgatory?

 Upon hearing what the King had in stored for him. The face of cockiness Raidou once wore. Now had completely morphed itself to the face of fear. The once proud tengu immediately began begging for his life

Raidou: Purgatory? Please your majesty! Don't send me there! If you must.... just KILL ME! Whatever you decide to do. DON'T SEND ME TO THAT PLACE!

 Hearing the tengu's plead for mercy. Instead of causing the King any sympathetic emotions. Onyxe immediately became fueled with anger. The anger caused from a monster pleading for his life

Onyxe: How dare you!After the many evils acts you performed. Now you wish to be shown mercy? Did you ever show any sought of mercy for your victims? Yet you expect me to spare your pathetic existence? I don't think so! Once my servants and I combine our magic. Opening a portal that will lead you Purgatory. However once you a sent to Purgatory. I had placed a condition to your sentencing. For the next fifty years trapped inside Purgatory. Never again will you required the need to eat or sleep. Instead you spend the next half century. Reflecting on all the horrible things you have done. Much different from when you were sealed away. For the next fifty years of your life. Purgatory is where you will be. After fifty years have passed upon your arrival. Along with you truly atoning for all your sins. Only then will you be able to leave. Course you will not return the way you entered. Instead you will be remade into a summoning spirit. Meaning you have achieved universal forgiveness. Something very few ever get to achieve. Especially those who had committed multiple acts of evil

Raidou: So that's your plan for sending me to Purgatory! Do you really fucking think I will fucking change!

Onyxe: : That's is not for me to decided Raidou. If your fifty years of Purgatory have passed. Yet your soul has not repented. Not only will you never leave Purgatory. The Executioner Of Purgatory will finish you off!

Raidou: Well it that's the case. I think it's best if you just kill me NOW!

Onyxe: Look here you pitiful tengu. I'm not letting you off easy. Not after all the fucked up things you have done. Now before we send you on your way. There's just one more thing I must do

 Opening his mouth nice and wide. King Onyxe's eye teeth grows in size. Bearing his demonic fangs, the King makes his towards Raidou's neck. Digging his fangs into the tengu's neck. While causing Raidou pain as expected. Once removing his fangs out of Raidou's neck. The slashed caused by Hisako begin to heal. Along with the effects of the Black Rose Snake venom beginning to fade. Having completed his final task. Onyxe then joins his servants in opening the portal to Purgatory

Raidou: My injured wing is starting to grow back. Along with the numbness of my body going away. Did you really just performed a HEAL BITE on me? How fucking foolish of you!

Onyxe: Not nearly as foolish as you think. I had no intentions sending you to Purgatory still injured and immobilized. Course you'll be in Purgatory the time you completely healed

 Joining his fellow servants. Onyxe grabs onto Yura's hand and his servants on his left side. Forming a complete circle around Raidou. Beginning the incantation to open the Portal to Purgatory. As the King and the other chant the spell. A reddish brown portal begins opening beneath Raidou. Realizing the end is near for him. Raidou struggles to gain full moment of his body. Unfortunately before Raidou regains feelings in his legs. The tengu is sucked into Purgatory


Alternate Ending

Defeated by Yura and Hisako back at Mount Kirasawa. Ordered by King Onyxe, Raidou was brought to Mayland. Arriving to the Royal Lands, the capital of Mayland and the location of Onyxe's castle. As the other heroes tending to their battle wounds. Onyxe had ordered his servants excluding Yura. In brining the prisoner Raidou tot he basement. The very location of the King's special "room". Once brought inside of the room. The servants pushed on the door and threw Raidou inside. Thrown to the ground merciless. Still immobilized due to the Black Rose Snake venom. Raidou lay on the cold ground. Completely unable to move any part of his body, minus his eyes and mouth. On the ground as still as a rock. Raidou heard the door to the room open. Unable to turn his head around. Raidou began wondering who had entered the room. First believing it to be Yura. Sent by King Onyxe to finish him off! Knowing what to expect from the kunoichi. Raidou had began hoping for a miracle. A way he can somehow escape his predicament. However it was not Yura who had entered the room. Nor would any miracle befall the sinister tengu. Allowing him any chance to escape punishment. 

 While lying helplessly on the ground. A pair of arms wrap around Raidou's body. Pulling the gengu into the chest of his unknown assailant. Having seen the arms of his assailant. Filled with a tremendous horror. Raidou realizes he is in the mercy of King Onyxe himself. Having expected to be slain for his unforgivable crimes. Only to realize a different type of punishment had awaited him. Unable to break free from Onyxe's iron grip. The King immediately started playing with Raidou's nipples. Horrified by the King's perverted behavior. Raidou never expected to be victimized in such a perverted manner. After having toyed with the tengu's nipples. Onyxe began moving his hand further down Raidou's body. Seeing the King's hand only inches away from his crotch. Raidou immediately began screaming out in panic. :What are you doing to me? This is not the behavior of a noble leader! GET YOU FUCKING HANDS OFF ME FRUITCAKE!" Ignoring Raidou's crude words. Onyxe began licking on Raidou's neck. Proving total dominance over his tengu prisoner. Knowing if he wasn't under the effects of the Black Rose Snake venom. Raidou could easily break free from the perverted King. Using his telepathy to read Raidou;s mind. King Onyxe begins to taunt his prey. "Do you really believe if you weren't paralyzed. That you could break free from my grip? If that's the case then let me free you of your ailment". After finishing his statement. King Onyxe bares his demonic fangs. Digging them into the neck of Raidou. Having performed the technique Heal Bite! Onyxe had healed Raidou has his condition. No longer under paralyzation along with his back and wings healed. Yet Raidou remained in  Onyxe;s arms. Despite having been healed. Raidou was now under King Onyxe's telepathic influences. Having been stripped of his free will. Raidou remained in the King's grasp. As Onyxe continued to enjoyed his newly required sex slave. 


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