Tuesday, February 24, 2015

March 23

Dear Viewers

 On March 23, 2015. My blog will no longer be for public viewing.  Due to Google Bloggers new rule. Any blogs that contains sexual content. Will no longer be viewable to the public.  Blogs like mine for example. When I first created this blog. It was solely for my amusement.  Had this rule been around during that time. I would had been unbothered.  However with my fantasy series FORBIDDEN.  I know a few people come to this blog. Just to enjoy the stories on here. Now with new rule going into effect next month. I fear my blog may not get views for FORBIDDEN. Unless of course my viewers create google accounts. Therefore I can add you to my reading list. Allowing said viewers continued visits to my blog. Apart of me feels like going back. Deleting any M rated pictures I posted here. The problem with doing that. It would require me to go all the way back. Going through various post and delete any explicit content.  Time I would rather spend typing up my stories. Also to be quite honest. I like my pictures of hot and naked men.  Not to forget some of Hentai pics as well. Anyways I merely written this post. To give my viewers a heads up about future changes to google blogs. Anyone who genuinely likes this blog. I encourage you to set up your own account. If you already have an account.  Leave you google user name in the comment section below. Therefore I can add you to my reading list at my earliest convenience. Thank you again for all your support.  This blog wouldn't be the same without you.  Anyways that's all folks. Peace and take care

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