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Forbidden Chapter 21

Forbidden Chapter Twenty One - Reunited

 After four days and nights of traveling. Okubi alongside Eligos, Hellin, and Anna had finally arrived to the town of Bavaria. During the last four days of travel. Ever since Okubi and company had left the Underworld. Okubi has been following the scent of his friends. Along with the help of Anna and a reluctant Hellin. They manage to arrive to the current location of Okubi's other friends. Walking through the grassy fields of Bavaria. Okubi and company spotted a man training on the field. Watching the man perform various snow based techniques. Spotting the man's unique green hair. Both Okubi and Eligos instantly recognized the man in the field. Seeing Nara on the field brought relief to Okubi's soul. Knowing that Nara was alive and well. Okubi knew for sure Xiaoyu and Apollyn were okay. Having successfully found the location of his friends. Along with the certainty of their safety. After taking a few seconds to compose himself. Okubi then yells out Nara's name

Okubi: NARA!

 Hearing his name yelled out. Nara ceases his training and turns his head. Spotting Okubi, Eligos, and two unknown woman a few feet away. A joyful Nara starts running towards the direction of Okubi

Eligos: Master Okubi, you know he's coming over to hug you?

Okubi: Oh I'm aware of that my dear Eligos. Yet I can't seem to find in me to care. After all he is my comrade. Besides after what I been through. A hug doesn't sound so bad. Even if it's coming from Nara

Finally arriving before Okubi and the others. As Nara wraps his arms around Okubi's body. Okubi senses how strong Nara has become. However Okubi also sense a great darkness within Nara. None the less Okubi is glad to see Nara again. After releasing his arms around Okubi's body. Nara then notices Okubi's newly acquire female company. One of them looking very much like a female Onyxe

Nara: Hey Okubi? Who are your lady friends? Also why does that chick there looks like King Onyxe?

Hellin: Did you just compare me to that bitch Onyxe? How fucking dare you!

Nara: Yo yo yo! Hold up for a second. I didn't mean anything rude by it. I mean you're a pretty girl, not that I'm interested. Considering I'm currently have a girlfriend

Eligos: Exactly who is this girlfriend of yours?

Nara: Oh I almost forgot to tell you O. During the time you were away in the Underworld. Xiaoyu and I became romantically involved

Anna: Xiaoyu?

Eligos: Oh poor child. Without Okubi to watch out for her. Xiaoyu helplessly fell into the arms of this loser

Nara: HEY WHO ARE YOU CALLING A LOSER? Ghostly ass geezer!


Hellin: HEY! Did you forget about me over here?

Anna: Oh please Hellin don't do anything rash. Mr. Nara simply doesn't know better. Please don't kill him

Nara: Kill me? Hellin?

Okubi: Okay everyone just please SHUT UP! Actually what I meant for everyone to calm down

Hellin: That's what you better have meant. Who the fuck are you to tell me to "shut up"!

Okubi: Okay let me rephrase that. Hellin shut up! Everyone else calm down

Hellin: Bastard!

Okubi: Cur! Now cease your babbling so I can explain everything to Nara. First and foremost Nara. It would serve you well not to compare Hellin to Onyxe.

Nara: I didn't mean to insult her or anything. I just couldn't help but notice Hellin looks identical to Onyxe

Anna: Well that thing is... my Master Hellin is the Half Clone of King Onyxe

Nara: Half clone?

Eligos: Mind if I do the honors your majesty?

Okubi: Go right ahead my dear servant

Eligos: Let me explain this in a way. In a way your peanut size brain would understand

Nara: I'm not a idiot you arrogant bastard!

Eligos: That's your opinion my dear boy. Anyways onto explain what a half clone is. Years before your time. Back in the Underworld when King Onyxe was an infant. Helin's mother Othello, the Queen of Babylon. Had baby Onyxe kidnapped and had the kidnappers steal some of his life force. Using the stolen infant's life-force. Queen Othello inserted the energy within her body. Giving birth to Princess Hellin months later. While Hellin was created from the life force of King Onyxe. Which is why Hellin has an identical appearance to Mayland's noble King. However Hellin also carries the DNA of Queen Othello, her mother. Thus making Hellin only a half clone. Even having an appearance identical to Onyxe. Hellin does shares resemblance to her mother as well. Anyways unless you wish to have your head ripped off. DO NOT compare Hellin to Onyxe anymore. I may not care much for the lass. Considering how disrespectful she is to Master Okubi. None the less I understand her disdain for such comparisons

Anna: That was very nicely put Mr. Eligos

Eligos: How very kind of you Anna. I wish your Master shared more of your qualities

Hellin: Drop dead you floating sack of shit

Nara: HA HA HA! Hellin got your ass good Eli HA HA HA!

Hellin: Stop fucking laughing you simpleton! Satan I can't stand any of you people!

Anna: Does that include me too Hellin?

Hellin: Anna just shut up

Okubi: How about you take your own advice! Traveling alongside you for these last for days have been miserable! I'm truly starting to regret ever saving you back in Jazan. More than I did already

Hellin: It's not like I fucking asked you to come and rescue me! Besides didn't i end up having to rescue you instead?

Okubi: What game are trying to play here Hellin? If it wasn't for Isamu, Lisa Alice, and myself. Anna would had never gotten to you in the first place. If it wasn't for my sacrifices. Koga would had slain you long ago. So don't you ever try that bull crap with me woman! I'm the very reason you're still alive. Don't you ever forget it!

Hellin: Fucking self absorbed bastard!

Okubi: Takes one to know one

Eligos: Here we go again

Anna: Why can't Lord Okubi and Master Hellin just get along?

Nara: Seeing Okubi and Hellin argue reminds me of a verse in a Eminem song. "That's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano". Anyways I just hope Hellin isn't nearly ass rude to the others. Considering the majority of our team are women.

Anna: There are other women in the crusade against Mastema's cult? The Children of Ruin? How cool!

Nara: There sure is Anna. Okubi, Geezer, and I are the only males in the group. Despite how easily one can mistake Okubi for a female. However the rest of our group are all women. Apollyn, Angelina, Lisa, and my girlfriend Xiaoyu. Now with you too added to our ranks. That makes a total of six girls on our team. Course I was only expecting Hellin to be added to our ranks. Not that I mind you being here as well

Anna: Thanks Mr. Nara. You're a very kind man

Nara: A man in love is a wonderful thing. Also please just call me Nara. Considering you're a demon. I'm willing to bet you're much older than me

Okubi: Hey Nara did you mentioned a "Lisa" joining the group?

Nara: OMG I totally forgot to tell you. During Geezer's and your absence. The girls and I had meet Lisa. Who is an actual angel from Heaven

Okubi: An angel from Heaven? Nara how dare you insult my intelligence?

Nara: C'mon Okubi, I'm totally telling you the truth here. During our adventures hunting down the Children of Ruin. The girls and I had encountered Lisa who is an angel from Heaven

Eligos: The same Heaven the God Asira rules over? First you tell us the story about Xiaoyu and you dating. Now hearing this bullocks is the cherry on top of the sundae

Nara: Fuck you Geezer! I'm telling the honest to God truth here. Okubi don't you believe me?

Okubi: Nara I'll believe it when I see the angel myself. Just to let you know of course. Asira hasn't sent angels to this world for millenniums. Especially once the mortals gain the powers to fight demons themselves. So forgive me if I find your story a bit hard to believe. Regardless if I believe you or not. I'm glad to see you alive and well. Darken in all none the less

Nara: How could you have known?

Okubi: Nara even before you had hugged me. I sensed a great and dark power within you. The very same darkness my sensei centuries ago posses. Course back when I first meet you in Autumn Forest. I didn't sense those powers. Exactly what happened that forced you to unleash your inner darkness?

Nara: It's a long and rather sad story. I'll tell on the way to meeting the others. Both Xiaoyu and Apollyn are going to be thrill to see you again. They both have missed you very much. Worrying if something terrible had befallen you. I'm glad that wasn't the case

Okubi: I feel the exact same way about them as well. Glad to know you all manage to survive without me. Almost makes me feel unneeded. Course that also means Angelina is still alive

NaraL Are you seriously still nursing that grudge?

Okubi: No offense Nara, but shut up! Prior to being cured by Onyxe. Angelina had made two serious attempts to kill me. Yes I realize it wasn't her trying to kill me, but I'm still bothered by the whole situation. At least Angelina proved to be a decent ally thus far. Anyways if you wouldn't mind Nara. May you please take us to see the others. I very much want to see Xiaoyu and Apollyn again. Along with meeting this "angel" lady you speak of

Nara: Not a problem O. The girls are a few miles away from here. They should be eating breakfast at Bella's Cafe'. Also let's make a deal Okubi. Once you see I wasn't lying about Lisa. I want you to pay for my breakfast okay?

Okubi: Sounds like a deal to me. Anyways let's get moving already. I have grown bored standing in this field

Anna: If it means anything Mister.... I mean Nara. I believe you about your angel friend

Nara: It means a lot Anna. Thanks for believing in me. Speaking of Lisa. Both you and her both have orange colored hair. Although Lisa is more of a bright orange compare to your darker orange

Anna: Oh that's even more cool. Someone else who shares orange hair like me. I can't wait to meet these friends of yours Okubi

Okubi: Anna once my friends meet a sweet individual like yourself. They will be your friends as well in no time. I especially can see you getting along with Apollyn

Hellin: Isn't this Apollyn you're referring is that Lisa Alice girl's sister?

Eligos: That very Apollyn Princess Hellin

Okubi: By the way Hellin, it's useless trying to read Nara's mind. Nara is naturally impervious to telepathic abilities

Hellin: I knew it wasn't my powers acting up

Nara: Whoa Hellin is a telepath as well. Just like---

Okubi: Nara don't you dare say it!

Hellin: Or else I'll kill you where you stand

Nara: My bad everyone

 A half hour later after walking through the fields. Okubi, Eligos, Nara, Hellin, and Anna arrive into the town of Bavaria. A few building overs. The heroes spot the location of Bella's Cafe. Walking inside of the small, but beautiful cafe' Okubi is swiftly spotted by Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Angelina. Having been a full week since the girls have last seen Okubi. Xiaoyu and Apollyn immediately leave from their seats. Making there way towards their beloved friend Okubi. Embraced by both Xiaoyu and Apoolyn. The trio's eyes become watery. Showing how much they missed each other

Xiaoyu: My prayers have been answered. Words cannot express how happy I'm to see you Okubi

Apollyn: Apollyn has missed Okubi so very very very very much! Now Apollyn can actually enjoy eating desserts again

Okubi: Says the woman who breath smells like a key lime pie with chocolate almond crust. Anyways I'm just happy the both of you are alive and well. I know you girls have been through hell for these last few days

Xiaoyu: Yet whatever we been through pale in comparison to the hardships you must had endured

Okubi: That's not necessarily true Xiaoyu. I faced many obstacles during my journey within the Underworld, but I know by meeting Nara. Things up here haven't been exactly easy for any of you

Xiaoyu: Speaking of your Underworld adventures. Who are the two girls behind you?

Okubi: Oh that's Hellin and her servant Anna. By the way Xiaoyu and Apollyn. DO NOT mentioned Onyxe around Hellin. It's a very sensitive subject for her

Apollyn:Is it because Hellin is King Onyxe's half clone? Apollyn's sense of smell of magnificent

Okubi: That is correct, but lower your voice a bit my dear. Not only does Hellin naturally posse sharp hearing. Hellin can also look into your minds as she pleases

Xiaoyu: Oh so Hellin possesses telepathy as well? That certainly won't be an inconvenience to the rest of us

Okubi: Hellin isn't really the nosy type Xiaoyu. Hellin just uses her telepathy to read the minds of strangers. It's sought of a safety precaution for her. Considering she has trust issues. Course i already warned her about trying to harm any one of you

Xiaoyu: I appreciate that very much Okubi, but believe me when I tell you I'm not afraid of her. Not after the shit Nara, the girls, and I have been through. Course I won't intentionally do anything to irritate her

Apollyn: Apollyn promises the same thing. Also Apollyn wants to know if Okubi been hanging around bis sis Lisa Alice?

Okubi: I certainly have Apollyn. Your sister is one of the people who help me during my time in the underworld. Speaking about your older sister. Lisa Alice has become Queen of Jazan. As well as marrying a demon by the name Isamu Kita

Apollyn: Married? Queen of Jazan? I thought that scary samurai demon was ruling over Jazan

Okubi: Well that scary samurai demon is long dead. Anyways your sister wanted me to tell you she loves and misses you. Also said to make sure you don't get killed

Xiaoyu: So now that's settle. Let's go to our seats and order some breakfast. God I hope you're planning to buy my boyfriend's breakfast

Okubi: So Nara and you really are an item?

Xiaoyu: Indeed we are despite our obvious differences at first. Having traveling and gotten to know Nara. I started to fall in love with him. After he had saved me from certain death. The two of us had began a relationship

Okubi: I'm very happy for you Xiaoyu. I wish you both the best of luck. Now let us go and take our seats. C'mon Hellin and Anna. I can't believe the two of you were just standing this entire time

Anna: My deepest apologizes Okubi. I never been to a cafe; before. Just a bit shy that's all

Hellin: Hmph! This place looks ridiculous

Okubi: Seems like Othello didn't allow you much of a life Hellin. I bet Mihoshi knows what a cafe' looks like

Hellin: FUCK YOU!

Xiaoyu: Hey don't speak to my friend like that bitch!

Hellin: Who are you calling a bitch, BITCH!

Xiaoyu: I can't believe Onyxe sent you to rescue her. What a nasty attitude she has

Eligos: You're telling me. Try being around her for a week. At least her servant is a good woman

Xiaoyu: So are you going to say hello to Angelina?

Okubi: Exactly what choice do I have Xiaoyu? Angelina is our teammate after all. Considering dangers that lie ahead of us. My beef with Angelina or better yet Lilith is unimportant.

 Arriving to the dinning table made for ten people. Okubi, Eligos, Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Nara sit on one side. Leaving Hellin and Anna to see next to Angelina. Sitting across from his former nemesis. Okubi notices Angelina has changed her wardrobe. In hopes of having a enjoyable breakfast. Okubi decides to compliment Angelina on her new outfit

Okubi: Hello again Angelina. It's been awhile

Angelina: Hello to you too Okubi. Glad to see you back alive and well

Okubi: Cute outfit by the way. It's makes you look rather youthful

Angelina: Thanks Okubi. I like your pink skin tight suit as well. I actually bought this outfit the other day back in Dewville. This is how I dressed back when I lived in Japan. Seems like you accomplished your task without much trouble

Eligos: If you only knew Angelina. Master Okubi's time in the Underworld was quite an adventure. Not the one that makes you feel accomplished either. The kind of adventure one simply strives to survive. Nothing more, nothing less

Nara: Xiaoyu, where is Lisa by the way?

Okubi: Yes exactly where is the "angel" name Lisa?

Angelina: Lisa is inside the women's bathroom. She should be out in a minute

Okubi: So Nara was telling the truth after all

Nara: Told you I wasn't lying. Now you have to pay for my breakfast

Anna: So what is here to eat? Human hearts, intestines, kidneys, eyes?

Everyone excluding Okubi and Hellin stares at Anna with utter shock. Seeing the looks in the others eyes. Anna sinks into her chair due to embarrassment. Sensing the tears nearly forming around Anna's eyes. Okubi speaks up in her defense

Okubi: Don't you dare feel bad Anna. All your life you lived in the Underworld. Eating kidney, livers, and hearts is all you known. Well here in Asira we don't have such delicacies. At least not in Bavaria anyways. Anyways just look at your menu Anna and see what interest you. Maybe you'll find some worth trying to eat

Hellin: Well you all can count me out! I refuse to eat these disgusting mortal foods. If it's not the blood of my victims. I do not care for it!

Okubi: Exactly how long has Lisa been in the bathroom?

Angelina: I would say about ten minutes now

Okubi: Hellin come with me to the women's bathroom

Hellin: The fuck? Don't tell you need me to show you how to pee?

Okubi: Hellin spare me your comments. Just come with me to the women's bathroom please!

Xiaoyu: Why are you two going to the girls bathroom?

Nara: I bet it's because Okubi still doesn't believe me

Okubi: Oh I believe you Nara and that's the problem. Now follow me Hellin

 Excusing themselves from the dinning table. Okubi and Hellin make their way to the Women's Bathroom. Arriving in front of the door. Okubi attempts to turn the knob, but the door is locked. Using his demonic strength, Okubi is able to break the bathroom lock. Entering inside the bathroom with Hellin. The duo spots a orange haired woman with a sword in her hand. Okubi and Hellin also notices the woman's panties down to her ankles. Along with two badly beaten men on the ground. While covering his eyes in utter embarrassment. Okubi begins to speak to the orange haired woman

Okubi: Are you the angel name Lisa?

Lisa: That will be me. Exactly who are you two demons? I hope these perverted motherfuckers weren't your doing? Otherwise I'll have to slice your fucking heads off with my sword, Peacemaker

Hellin: This bitch here cannot be an angel

Okubi: Despite her dirty mouth. Even a demon like yourself can sense her heavenly presence. Anyways neither my associate or I have any dealing with those savages on the ground. I just came here to introduce myself as Okubi Vice. The lovely character behind me is Princess Hellin Strongs

Lisa: OMG! You're Xiaoyu and Apollyn's good friend and our groups true leader. Well it's nice to meet you Okubi. Sadly I can't say the same for you Hellin

Hellin: Bitch like I care to be friends with an angel. Especially an angel like yourself

Lisa: Whatever! Anyways I came in here to take a mega shit. These two motherfuckers had entered the bathroom minutes behind me. Thinking I was just some easy target. Little did these fuckers know. I'm a angel from Heaven who can kick major ass. Although as mere mortals. These jerks didn't even provide me the slightest of difficulty

Okubi: Then you should be thankful. Had they been sages, demons, or beast men, The entire scenario may had ended much darker. Anyways please pull up your underwear and let's join the others

Lisa: Exactly what should I do about these shit heads?

Okubi: This is where you come in Hellin. Since you don't want to eat any mortal based meals. Perhaps those men on the floor will do

Hellin: As much as i fucking can't stand you. I must say i like the way you think

Lisa: Are you really going to allow her to eat them?

Okubi: Demon's gotta eat. Besides these men don't deserve to live Lisa. Just this one look the other way. Besides it's not like your punishment wouldn't been all that different. Weren't you planning to kill these men anyways?

Lisa: Yeah, but through holy punishment. Not by eating them like a pork chop. Anyways I guess it would be alright this time. Next time we do things the righteous way

Okubi: Fine by me Lisa, but let's keep this between Hellin, you, and i okay?

Lisa: Okay Princess, come in and enjoy your breakfast

Hellin: Oh trust me I will. Now get out of my way!

 Lisa pulls up her panties and leave the bathroom with Okubi. Allowing Hellin to devour the barely conscious men beaten by Lisa. Seeing Okubi return to the dinning table alongside Lisa. Having proved himself right to Okubi. Nara begins doing what he calls his "Ha ha, I was right and you were wrong" dance. Only for both Okubi and Xiaoyu to shoot him a dirty look. Nara immediately ceased dancing and took his seat. Now with everyone presence sans Hellin. Okubi begins to ask everyone what will they be ordering

Okubi: Now that I have meet the potty mouth angel Lisa. Everyone please tell me what will you be ordering?

Anna: I would like to try a plate of chocolate chip pancakes. Alongside some green apple and kiwi juice

Xiaoyu: A BLT with with pepper jack cheese and a large coffee for me

Angelina: I'll have what Xiaoyu's getting if you don't mind Okubi

Apollyn: Apollyn wants another key lime pie with chocolate almond crust please

Lisa: A strawberry banana smoothie works for me

Nara: I'll be ordering the pancake combination special. Which includes three chocolate chip pancakes, two blueberry pancakes, three strawberry pancakes, seven sausages, and two over easy eggs

Okubi: That's quite an expensive breakfast Nara, but as a man of my word. I'll buy your pricy breakfast. Make damn sure you eat every bite.

Nara; You bet your girly ass I will

Okubi: Ugh! Anyways let me go order our breakfast. C'mon Eligos

Anna: Um Okubi? Are you going to be getting breakfast for Hellin?

Okubi: I would be reluctant if i had too Anna. Luckily Hellin is already eating her breakfast. The kind of breakfast a demon prefers to eat alone

Anna: Understood

Okubi: Okay with that settle. Let me go and order our breakfast. Hopefully we'll be eating no less than thirty minutes

Xiaoyu: Okubi what are you planning to eat?

Okubi: A few blackberry cream cheese danish and coffee works fine for me. Be back in a moment

 Eligos following right behind his Master. Okubi goes to order breakfast for everyone

Xiaoyu: I'm so happy to have Okubi and Eligos back. Even if the Princess is a total bitch

Anna: HEY! Don't speak about my friend like that. While Hellin can come off very aggressive and heartless. Once you get to know her. Hellin isn"t really all that bad

Lisa: Speak for yourself missy. Based on my encounter with her at the women's bathroom. I can guarantee you no one here will get along with her. Well except for you obvious

Nara: The only reason Hellin's here is to help against The Children of Ruin. That's if she doesn't try to kill us first. It's demons like Hellin that give demons like Apollyn and Okubi a bad rep

Angelina: Don't be too hard on her guys. Hellin is just getting to know us. Hopefully she'll warm up to us in fair time

Apollyn: Besides Apollyn really wants to be friends with Anna. Don't forget Okubi buddy wasn't always kind. Apollyn believes Hellin will be nicer in eventual time

Anna: Don't you mean "due" time?

Angelina: No Apollyn actually meant what she said. Our dessert loving demon has a cute, but inaccurate way of talking. You'll get use to her as time goes on

Nara: That if she and Hellin sticks around long enough.

Anna: Believer me when I say we're here for the long run. Hellin's mother, my Queen has order us to aid Okubi against The Children of Ruin. In hopes to ensure Mastema isn't released from FORBIDDEN. Speaking of which how many Children of Ruin members have you slain?

Xiaoyu: About six since our journey started. Course we only manage to find and rescue two descendants. It would had been three, but shit happens. Anyways with the return of our leader Okubi. Along with both you and the Princess. Hopefully we won't be losing anymore descendants

Anna: We'll do everything we can to ensure the safety of both our worlds.

Xiaoyu: By the way Anna if you don't mind me asking. Why did you accompany Hellin back to Asira? Not that I mind you being here. However Onyxe only ordered Okubi to retrieve Hellin. Nothing was mentioned about bringing her servant along. Perhaps Hellin wouldn't left with Okubi unless you came along too

Anna: It's something close to that. Anyways what's taking Okubi so long with our food?

 Meanwhile inside of the women's bathroom. Hellin had just finished devouring the human meals. As Hellin prepared to disposed of the remains. A portal had open within the bathroom floor. Familiar with this particular portal, Hellin knew she wasn't in any danger. None the less annoyed all the same. Popping out of the portal was a dark skin man with dreads. The man appeared with a pair of shades on his face. Along with a goatee and dressed in a midnight blue suit. Turning her attention to her unexpected guest. Hellin awaited to learn why he had appeared before her

Hellin: Moses you jackass! What if I was actually using the bathroom here

Moses: Hello to you too Princess. Trust me I didn't come here to sneak a peak. Your mama is all the eye candy this demon needs. Speaking about yo mama. Othello sent me here to give you this letter

Moses goes into his pocket and pulls out a violet colored envelope. Snatching the envelope out of Moses's hand.  Hellin opens the envelope and finds over two million dollars inside

Hellin: Money?

Moses: Yes money. The very thing Anna and you forgotten when you'll left Babylon. Unless you want to be financially at the son of Ophelia's mercy. Use that money to cover whatever expenses you may need. Course help Anna out as well. Considering yo mama only gave that money for you

Hellin: Is that all Moses?

Moses: Pretty much Princess. Unless you're interested in a potential massacre taking place in Coram?

Hellin: Massacre? Coram?

Moses: Sounds to me you're interested

Hellin: Asshole! Course I would care about something like that. Not necessary the people being massacre, but the consequences of such an event. Now tell me what's going to happen in Coram?

Moses: Remember the wanted demon Christof back in the Underworld?

Hellin: I have heard the name before. Isn't that the demon that had fled the Underworld six years ago?

Moses: That's him Princess. Anyways rumor has it that Christof been hiding in Asira for years. According to info yo mama had recently learned. Christof is hiding somewhere in Coram. Not only is that fool hiding in Coram. Many elite demons believe he posses one of the Forbidden Gems.

Hellin: Exactly which Forbidden Gem would that be?

Moses: The Prosperity Gem 

Hellin: Isn't that the gem that increases one's powers for each life they take?

Moses: BINGO! Course it's only a rumor sugah. However knowing your friends and you are hunting the Children of Ruin. I doubt y'all want to make a detour to Coram. Either way should Christof successfully sacrifice the resident of Coram. I highly doubt he'll go after the rest of Asira. More than likely he'll just return to the Underworld. Getting revenge on those who had wronged him. Anyways it just something yo mama had mentioned. I highly doubt she cares either way. Not like Christof and yo mama got beef. Perhaps Othello may even try to form an alliance with him. However the way Othello mentioned the situation about Christof. It made me feel like she wanted him dead

Hellin: Knowing my mother she. That's exactly what she wants. Not because of any dislike towards. However the simple fact Christof is a possible threat to Babylon. Should Christof posses the Prosperity Gem and sacrifice the residence of Coram. After getting payback on the demons who made him flee the Underworld. Who's to say he won't start targeting Demon Lords? It is that simple reason my Mother would want him dead. Thus meaning Anna and I would have to go to Coram

Moses: Why just you and Anna. Aren't Anna and you rolling with like six other people?

Hellin: As if I would ask those assholes for help. Besides they are only interested in finding the Children of Ruin and retrieving the book FORBIDDEN. Anything else they would deem unimportant. Especially that pompous bastard Okubi

Moses: Is that what you know or think Princess? Aren't those people you rolling with heroes after all? If theirs any chance of thousands of innocent lives being killed. Don't you think they would want to stop that from happening? Besides Anna and you won't be enough to stop Christof

Hellin: Are you saying that because of the situation back in Jazan? It was  just a one time mess up. I won't make the same mistake twice

Moses: Are you sure about that? Princess no matter how strong you are. No one but Asira and Satan are above being defeated. The situation back in Jazan proves even you can be beaten

Hellin: Moses you dare question my capabilities? Not only as my mother's top assassin, but as the future ruler of Babylon?

Moses: I wouldn't dare question such a thing Princess. I'm only asking you to be realistic in your approach. Not only have you never ventured into Asira until now. Should Christof indeed posses the Prosperity Gem. Planning to sacrifice the residence of Coram to increase his power. Along with the possibility of minions to aid him. Exactly how would Anna and you handle such a tough situation alone? In order to take down such a threat with success. You're going to need all the help you can get. Even if it's from people you necessarily don't like. Do you understand what I'm saying Princess?

Hellin: Do I look like an idiot to you? I understood what you're saying very well. Now to figure out a way to tell the others about Christof? As if any of them would believe me anyways

Moses: Princess don't be so hard on yourself. Aren't you a telepath after all? Use your powers to convince them otherwise

Hellin: Like that would really work? They would just accuse me of playing mind games

Moses: Baby girl why you gotta be like that? I know these people are strangers to you, but they are also your allies. In order to be a functional team. All of you must work and trust in each other. Otherwise all of you are doom to fail. Now I must get going Princess. However before I go there's just one more thing i want to tell you

Hellin: And what would that be?

Moses: Keep your eye on the blonde

Hellin: Are you referring to the woman name Angelina?

Moses: Exactly!

Hellin: How funny. Weren't you just talking to me about trust? now you want me to keep an eye on Angelina?

Moses: I ain't saying not to trust her Princess. All I'm saying something isn't right about her. I just want you to be careful is all

Hellin: Thanks for the warning Moses. Not that I asked in the first place. Anyways you're dismissed

Moses: Best of luck baby girl. I look forward to your return. Peace

 Having bid farewell to Hellin. Moses sinks back into his portal and returns to the Underworld. Once Moses had disappeared. Hellin disposes of the remains and exits the bathroom. Making her way to Okubi and the others. Hellin starts thinking how to explain the news she received to the others

Okubi: Took you long enough. It's not like we haven't finished eating ten minutes ago

Anna: Glad you see you back Master

Hellin: Nice seeing you too Anna. Anways there's something I need all of you to know. First we need to get out of this damn diner

Okubi: Is everything okay Hellin? Please tell me you exposed of your "meal" properly

Lisa: Aisra I hope that's a fucking yes

Hellin: Course i did you fucking peasants! That isn't the problem I wish to discuss

Okubi: Hmph! Okay everyone empty your trays and let's get out of here

Eligos: Don't forget to leave a tip Master

Okubi: Course not Eligos my dear

Nara: Wow those pancakes really hit the spot. Now a good walk to work this food off

 Exiting Bella's Cafe' after eating a wonderful breakfast. Now traveling towards their next destination. Hellin begrudgingly begins explaining the situation in Coram

Hellin: So are you guys ready to hear what i have to say?

Xiaoyu: We were ready five minutes ago

Okubi: Course not hearing the mouth of yours is always preferable

Hellin: This is the reason I didn't want to say shit. I absolutely can't stand any of you assholes

Apollyn: Why you gotta include Apollyn in that? Apollyn hasn't been mean to the Princess

Hellin: Lisa Alice annoying kid sister. Please refrain from talking to me

Anna: Hellin your manners

Hellin: Piss off Anna!

Nara: Yet she wonders why no one wants to talk to her. Atrocious attitude having bitch

Hellin: Motherfucker! Do you want me to kill you?

Okubi: Don't you threaten my comrade cur!

Hellin: Don't you fucking tell me what to do bitch!

Lisa: OMG! I can't with this bitch. Okubi please send Helli back to the Underworld. Anna you can stay if you want

Angelina: Hellin instead of arguing with us. Why don't you just tell us what's going on? Based on the expression on your face when you returned. I could tell it was something serious. Perhaps something that we all need to know. So please put your disdain for us aside and tell us what's going on?

Hellin: As if any of you would believe me

Anna: I would believe you Hellin. I would believe anything you tell me. That's why we are friends

Hellin: I know Anna and I'm sorry for telling you to piss off. Anyways we need not to worry about the Children of Ruin right for now

Nara: Here comes the bullshit

Hellin: It isn't bullshit you cabbage hair colored bastard

Okubi: Exactly why we shouldn't go hunting for the Children of Ruin? Hellin you do realize if Mastema is released from FORBIDDEN. Not only will all life in Asira be destroyed Mastema will enslaved majority of the Underworld. Killing those he finds undesirable. So unless you wish to become a slave or worst. I advise you aid us in finding and exterminating what remains of those bastards

Hellin: Well since you put it like that. The death of a few thousands citizens aren't so important

Xiaoyu: Death of a few thousands of citizens? What are you talking about?

Lisa: Hellin if this is some kind of joke. Let me tell you now it isn't fucking funny

Hellin: This isn't a fucking joke Lisa. I'm dead fucking serious

Okubi: Dear Ophelia! Hellin exactly what are you referring to?

Hellin: In the city of Coram. A demon by the name Christof is planning on sacrificing thousands of lives. In order to increase his powers with the Prosperity Gem

Eligos: The Prosperity Gem? Master Okubi if what Hellin saying is true. The citizen of Coram are in grave danger

Okubi: The Prosperity Gem... one of the Forbidden Gems?

Xiaoyu: Forbidden Gem? Hey doesn't Hisako also posses such a gem

Eligos: Indeed she does Xiaoyu. Like the Prosperity Gem. The Luxury Gem is also a Forbidden Gem. Luckily the Forbidden Gem was use to resurrect a good soul. Sadly the same can't be said about the Prosperity Gem's current holder

Okubi: Exactly how did you learn about such news?

Anna: Were you visited by a certain friend of ours?

Hellin: Moses had visited me while I was in the bathroom. He told me about the situation in Coram. While he did stated as a rumor. I can't but feel the rumor to be true

Xiaoyu: Something that horrible simply can't be a rumor

Nara: Detectives' intuition babe?

Xiaoyu: Not detective intuition but more so fear. If what Hellin says is true. Then we need to get our ass over to Coram ASAP. A rumor like that can't go unchecked

Okubi: I agree with Xiaoyu, but before we travel to Coram. I first want Hellin to tell me just one thing. Did your friend Moses receive this information from Othello?

Hellin: Yes, but that doesn't mean it isn't true. I know you don't trust my mother one bit

Okubi: How can I? That woman is a snake

Hellin: Regardless of how you feel about my mother. I'm hoping for just once that you trust me?

Nara: Well do you trust her Okubi?

Eligos: A child of a snake is also a snake

Apollyn: Well Apollyn knows it doesn't mean anything. Apollyn trusts Hellin

Anna: Hellin you already know I'm ride or die when it comes to you. Even when you're being a total bitch

Okubi: My mind has already been made. However I first want Hellin to use MIND SCAPE on me.

Eligos: MASTER OKUBI ARE YOU CRAZY! That would be allowing that woman inside of your head. Do you realize that's Othello's daughter entering your mind. Who knows what nasty things she might do once inside. I wouldn't rust it Master. Please don't let her inside

Okubi: Eligos my dear servant and friend. I appreciate your concern for me, but if I can't trust Hellin. Then I might as well never bothered bringing her here in the first place. In spite of how much she and I clash. Like everyone else here. Hellin is also my ally. Therefore we have to trust in one another. Now Hellin I'm allowing you to enter my mind

Hellin: Thank you Okubi, but just so you know. My telepathy hasn't develop to the point where I can sabotage one's mind. Just enough to read the thought of those around me. Well the exceptions of individuals like Nara

Nara: Immunity to telepaths. Don't you just love it

Okubi: Hellin I'm ready when you are

 Using her Mind Scape technique. Hellin enters inside the mind of Okubi. Sharing with him her entire conversation with Moses back at Bella's Cafe'. Once Hellin had shown Okubi what he needed to see. Hellin had exited from mind from Okubi's. Now knowing the potential horror that Coram faces. Okubi is determine to find and eliminate Christof by any mean necessary

Angelina: So Okubi what did Hellin show you?

Okubi: What Hellin showed me Angelina is that we need to get to Coram 

Lisa: So what about the Children of Ruin and the descendants of the Great Sages?

Xiaoyu: We can't say everyone Lisa. It's an unfortunate but inevitable reality. The citizens of Coram need us now. Saving the lives of thousands are more important than a few sages. It's a harsh thing to say but it's the truth

Angelina: Then we need to start heading east

Nara: Since it's pretty unanimous we are going to Coram? Exactly what's the plan once we get there?

Okubi: Find Christof and kill him before he sacrifices the citizens of Coram. Anything else we'll figure out on the way there. Besides with the nine of us working together. Not even an army can stop us. Now let's get moving people. The sooner we get to Coram the better. I refuse to allow thousands to die on my watch

Xiaoyu: Angelina is your dragon available for usage yet?

Angelina: Unfortunately the creature is not yet under my control. Just a bit more time Xiaoyu... I'm sorry

Xiaoyu: It's find Angelina. Sorry i brought it up

Okubi: Angelina has obtained a dragon during my absence? How interesting. Hopefully we can rely on your creature in the future. In the meantime our feet will do just fine. Okay is it just me or is something sinister approaching us?

Apollyn: No it' isn't just you Okubi buddy. Apollyn feels something sinister coming our way

Lisa: Better yet above us

 Looking up into the air. The heroes spot a gigantic black dragon flying high above them. Gearing themselves for battle against the giant beast. The heroes soon realize the dragon is not interested in fighting. Instead the creature continues flying towards east. The very direction of their new destination.

Nara: Oh fuck me with a pogo stick! That fucking dragon is heading towards Coram isn't it?

Okubi: It most certainly is Nara. Just another problem we may have to face

Hellin: If that dragon does land somewhere in Coram. We will just deal with it as well

Xiaoyu: Dragon or not. Coram needs our help

Okubi: Whatever obstacles that may come our way. Nothing will stop us from going to Coram. Now once again let's get moving


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Profile Updates Okubi & Hisako

Updated Profiles

NOTE: Othello has been updated as well. Scroll down a few post to see updates. Peace

Angelina's Adventure Outfit


Starting from Chapter Twenty One and onward. This is Angelina's main attire throughout the adventures of FORBIDDEN

P.S. : I'm truly sorry for the lack of my blog's updates. I been very busy as of late. I will try to have Chapter Twenty One completed no later than next Friday. Perhaps even earlier if things aren't too hectic. Peace and take care

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Forbidden Profile Updates

As seen in the bottom of Othello's profile. I decided to add Trivia to character profiles. Meaning not only will future profiles contain trivia. ALL previous profiles will receive a trivia updates. Also stay tune for Chapter 21 of Forbidden. I haven't forgotten folks. Peace everyone.

Profile: Othello

Queen Of Babylon

Name: Othello Thalia Strong nee Castillo

Alias: The Queen of Babylon, Miss Vanity, Creep, Whore of Babylon, Madam Anaconda, Jezebel, Sadistic Aphrodite

Age: 6,906

Gender: Female

Family: Selena (Mother/Decease), Gorgon (Father/Decease), Mihoshi (Oldest Daughter), Hellin (Youngest Daughter), Diablo (Husband/Decease)

Likes: Power, her Kingdom, her daughters, skimpy clothing, her sexuality, luxury, lava bathing, her multiple shades of yellow hair, dancing, picking on Anna, her physical appearance, sex with attractive men. Rather they be her personal slaves or not

Dislikes: Failure, opposition, Anna, same gender love, obesity, women excluding her daughters and those who served Babylon, Ophelia, Okubi, James, the Grim Reaper Knox, her decease husband, her parents, her old life

Magic Name: Othello is verse in various magical arts. Her power theme is snakes, sex, and fire

Powers: Common demonic abilities such as inhuman speed, reflexes, durability, strength, hearing, sensing, sight. All of her natural born powers are amplified due to her Demon Lord status. Othello is also a gifted telepathy who can manipulate emotions and memories. Various demonic transformation abilities, master of the seduction poses. Immunity to fire and poison based attacks. Can self heal herself, but not others. Othello is also a capable wrestler

BIO: Prior to becoming the powerful Queen of Babylon. Othello was an ordinary demon. Born from a family of lowly assassins. Ten years prior to the Grand Underworld Massacre Wars. Othello lived a life of poverty. Struggling to maintain a tolerable life for their daughter. Both Selena and Grogon worked as assassins. Sadly the money for killing alone could not sustain them. Forcing Othello's parents to do other miscellaneous works. As Othello became older. Realizing the unfortunate life she was burned into. Seeing many other demons her age. Living the life she had always wanted. Despite her parent's best efforts. Every sacrifice made with hesitation. In order take care of their beloved daughter. Not even the love of her parents. Quelled the envy and anger residing in Othello's heart. Every night before she closed her eyes. Othello swore that someday she will have everything she wanted and more. Life of mediocrity continued to plague Othello. Until the Grand Underworld Massacre Wars. All through out the Underworld. Literal hell has broken loose. Various Kingdoms of the Underworld. Going to war with one another. In order to gain more power than before. Bad enough Demon Lords were warring with one another. Many other citizens of the Underworld began causing chaos and panic. Killing their fellow demons without any remorse or discretion. Nearly the entire Underworld becoming a battlefield. Othello and her parents were caught in the madness. A ferocious Boar Demon had targeted Othello. Selena ordering her husband to protect their daughter. Grabbing onto his daughter's hand. Gorgon and Othello left Selena to fight the Boar Demon.

 Leaving her mother for dead. Othello alongside her father ran as far away as possible. Life prior to the Grand Underworld Massacre Wars was already difficult. Now living life on the run. The anger and bitterness in Othello's soul only grew. During the brutal years of the G.U.M.W. Othello was taught various survival methods by her father. Especially how to wrestle and manipulate fire. After years of struggling for survival. The G.U.M.W. had nearly came to an end. Unfortunately Othello and her father were captured by a group of bandits. Fearing the worst for his only child. Gorgon was determine to save his daughter. Even at the cost of his own life. Right in front of Othello's eyes. The bandits had raped and killed her father. After doing away with Gorgon. The bandits were ready to assault Othello. Luckily while the bandits violated and killed her father. Othello had broken free from her chains. Like a savage rattle snake. Othello struck and killed each and every of the bandits. Having both avenged her deceased father and saving herself. Now truly alone in the world. Othello was uncertain about what to do next. Traveling throughout the Underworld aimlessly. Othello had encounter a demon by the name Madam Winters. After getting to know Madam Winters and hearing her offer. Othello became the newest addition to Madam Winter's Escort Services. Since becoming an escort. Othello life had finally changed for the better. Not only did Othello make lots of money. Doing one of the things she enjoyed most. Many of her clients would gift her with expensive jewelry. Along with inviting her to various events. Never would any of this be possible. Had her parents still been around. While she wish they hand;t died the way they did. Othello was relieved to be rid of them.

 Over the many yard working for Madam Winters. Othello began to become bored of her escort life. While the sex with most of her clients was amazing. Othello's true ambitions were still far from her reach. Returning back to Madam Winter's mansion after parting. The drunk Madam had tried to force herself on Othello. Angered by Madam Winter's vulgar behavior. Othello had delivered a powerful kick to Madam Winter's head. Afterwards began repeatedly punching her employer's face. Severals weeks later after quitting her job. Madam Winters contacted Othello and apologize for her behavior. Having believed her boss was genuinely sorry. Othello didn't realize Madam Winters had plotted revenge against her. Two days after being rehired. Othello meet up with a client by the name Raum. Having expected Raum to be no different from her other clients. As Othello began stripping away what little clothing she wore. Raum immediately lashed out and began attacking her. Unable to defend herself against Raum;s attacks. After having nearly beaten Othello to death. Raum had proceeded to rape the batter escort. During being sexually assaulted by Raum. Othello felt an unknown power awaking within her. Once Raum had finished sexually and physically assaulting Othello. Raum had taken Othello and dumped her inside a garbage tank. Found by sanitation demons several hours later. Othello was immediately taken to the hospital. Thanks to her natural demonic powers. Most of Othello's injuries had healed themselves. Along with the help of healers. Othello was now fully healed. However due to Raum's heinous actions. The doctors had discovered Othello was pregnant.

 Forced by the doctors and nurses to stay at the hospital. Othello remained in the hospital for several months. During the course of the long months. Othello had discovered the ability to read minds. Along with altering memories and emotions. After having given birth to her bastard son. Othello had used her powers to manipulate the staff. Making certain no one in the hospital had remember her. Abandoning her unwanted son and exiting the hospital. What Othello had planned next was revenge!

 Returning to Madam Winters mansion. Using her telepathic powers. Othello was able to confirm her suspicions. That it was Madam Winters who was responsible for her brutal beating and rape. After beating the crap out of her fellow escorts. All that was to confront and kill Madam Winters. Upon seeing Othello inside of her mansion. Madam Winters had transformed out of her humane form. Revealing her monstrous demonic form. In spite of the strength Madam Winters posses. The notorious madam was no match for the scorned Othello. Unleashing all of her anger on her former employer. Othello tore Winters apart limb from limb. Before Othello had finished Madam Winters off. Othello used her telepathy to read Winters mind. In order to obtain the whereabouts of Raum. Unfortunately Winters did not know the location of her rapist. Once finishing off Winters and burning down the mansion. Othello went off on a journey to find herself. Traveling hundreds of years around the Underworld. Othello had stumble upon and unconscious male demon. Othello had first thought to leave him, but decided to do otherwise. Having rescued the unconscious demon from an uncertain fate. Once the male demon had woke up. The man introduced himself as James Del Soto. Both demons with no direction in life. Othello and James traveled together throughout the Underworld. During the course of such a long journey. The two demons had fallen in love

 Overjoyed to have such a loyal and handsome companion within James. Othello knew this wasn't the life she wanted to live. On a stormy night in Gehenna. While James was still sleeping in the motel. Othello had stepped out for a walk. During her walk in the storm. Othello had meet a man by the name Ulric. The leader of a cult like assassin organization call The Order. Othello immediately went into her battle stance. However Ulric had no intentions of fighting Othello. Nor did he intend to recruit her. Instead Ulric was interested in recruiting her young lover James. At first Othello had refused to offer James to the assassin. However once Ulric told Othello about a prince Diablo of Babylon. That the soon to be King was looking for a potential Queen. Othello  decided to give James into Ulric's hand. Course Ulric would not force James to join The Order. Yet expected Othello to put James in such a position. One he wouldn't by choice say no. The very next day after her meeting with Ulric. Othello combined her telepathic abilities with her natural sensing powers. Having located the area of a nearby giant. Othello had taken the unsuspecting James to face the giant. Arriving to the giant's location. Othello used her telepathy to forcefully awaken the creature. Anger by the interruption of his sleep. The giant appeared before Othello and James. Ready to tear to pint size demons apart. As Othello had expected. James immediately took charge and battled the beast. Right as James had killed to tall beast. Othello had used her telepathy on her lover. Placing James into a heavy sleep. Afterwards Othello had brought James directly to Ulric. Satisfied with Othello's corporation. Ulric gave Othello enough money to go to Babylon. Having abandon James for good. Othello's dreams were finally in her grasp

 Arriving to the great land of Babylon. Othello entered an all women's tournament. In order to win the rights to become Diablo's wife. Having emerged victorious from the Fatal Brides Tournament. Not only did Othello rightfully earn her place as Diablo's wife. Ever since Othello had arrived on his Kingdom. Diablo was instantly taken away by Othello's sadistic beauty. After marrying Diablo, Othello had felt her life was finally completed. As long as she was Mrs. Strongs. Never again would Othello ever want for anything. Ten years later after marrying Diablo. Othello had given birth to her daughter Mihoshi. After the first thirty nine years of marriage to Diablo. Othello had began to resent the man she had married. Even going as far as wanting to kill him. Not only did Othello despised her husband's unwillingness to enter wars with his fellow Demon Lords. Including Diablo's behavior towards their daughter. Despising the fact Mihoshi was born a girl instead of the son he wanted. However upon learning about her husband's friendship with Raum. The very demon that had raped her centuries ago. Othello had ordered her husband to execute Raum or else. Having grown tired of Othello's bossy behavior. Diablo had slapped Othello and reminded her who truly rules Babylon. Going as far as threatening to kill both Mihoshi and her. The next time Othello ever steps out of order. Consumed by her hatred for her husband. Othello began plotting Diablo's downfall.

 Using all of her resources. Othello allied herself with a few of her husband's servants. Promising them a valuable reward. Should the assassination of Diablo Strongs go as planned. While her husband showered in the royal bathroom. Othello used an illusion spell she had created. Taking the form of her rapist Raum. Returning to his chambers. The naked King was shock to see Raum within his room. Disgusted by his "friends" actions. Diablo ordered Raum to exit his room or else. Still under the disguise of Raum. As Othello walked passed her husband. Othello swiftly pulled out a demonic nullification dagger between her breast. Stabbing the sharp instrument in the back of Diablo's neck. Having successfully taken down her husband. Othello then used her telepathy to alert the servants. Witnessing the King's death by the hands of his "friend" Raum, The real Raum was executed shortly afterwards. Now with both Raum and her ex husband dead. In order to keep the truth of Diablo's death from being exposed. Othello had betrayed the servants. Having all those involved executed as well. Now with no one left to stand against her. Babylon was finally Othello's for the taking. The once feeble kingdom will now become an empire to be feared. During the Seventy Seventh Underworld Wars. Othello alongside Mihoshi and the rest of Babylon. Fought severals Kingdoms and emerged victorious from each battled. Despite the many critics since Diablo's passing. Othello had proved herself to be worthy of the title Demon Lord! After many centuries of hardship and sacrifices. All of Othello's dreams had finally come true. Never again will Othello ever want or ask for anything. Course there was one thing missing that Othello needed most. Someone who can rule Babylon with an iron fist. Should anything fatal fall upon her. While Othello love for Mihoshi was greater than all her fortune. Othello ultimately felt Mihoshi unworthy to become Babylon's next ruler. Instead the Queen had desired a demon with unimaginable powers. Luckily for Othello the Underworld's strongest Grim Reaper, Maximillion Knox. Had bared a child with a half demon

 Othello like most bigoted demons. Didn't much cared for half demons. However a child of a Grim Reaper was an exception. Since the beginning of the Underworld's existence. The child or children of a Grim Reaper. Were considered one of the most valuable and strongest demons throughout the Underworld. Once discovering Maximillion had left the mother of his child. Othello immediately took action and hired a group of scientists. In order for the scientist to captured Knox's child at all cost. After battling and killing the target's mother. The scientists took the Grim Reaper's baby boy to their laboratory. During experimentation on the Grim Reaper's baby. The scientists were attacked by no other than Maximillion himself. Unleashing his hellish furious on his girlfriend's murderers and son's kidnappers. Maximillion had managed to kill all of the scientist but two. While the Grim Reaper was busy aiding his infant son. Two of the remaining scientist. Managed to espcaped with a container. Returning back to Babylon with the container. Othello had expected to see the baby. Instead what she received was the baby's powerful essence. Inserting the child's essence inside of Othello. The Queen of Babylon would soon give birth to a child. One that was both biologically hers and a clone of the Grim Reaper's son. Disposing of the two scientist. Othello finally had everything set perfectly for her Kingdom. Having given birth to her daughter Hellin five months later. Othello began her grooming of Babylon's next great leader.

 From growing up poor and with a bleak future. In order to achieve her dreams Othello had to overcome many obstacles. Along with making many sacrifices. No matter the cost. Othello would never stop until her dreams became reality. Now the Queen of her very own Kingdom. Othello would do anything and everything. In order to make sure her dreams were not in vain.


- Othello is the tallest important female character of Forbidden. Standing exactly at 6'1. Course that's only for her humane form. Her demonic form depending on form she takes. The size will vary

- Othello's default hair color is a blend of different shades of yellow. Course like many other demons. Othello can alter her hair color and appearance

- Othello is openly homophobic. Along with a dislike for obese and poor individuals  Othello also doesn't much care for other women. Unless it's her daughter of course. Nor is she a fan of the "kawaii" types. None the less Othello can cooperate with just about anyone. When it serves her interest of course 

- Ever since Maximillion had learned of Othello's part in Onyxe's kidnapping. Maximillion had intended to kill Othello and bring down Babylon. After having a private meeting with Maximillion. Othello promised to never bring harm to Onyxe. If Maximillion would leave both she and her Kingdom alone. While having agreed to the others deal. Both Maximillion and Othello have become frienemies ever since. While Othello is also proud of her promiscuous behavior. Maximillion is the only individual who can get under her skin. Calling her names like "slut" and "whore" regularly when they meet

-. Furthermore Maximillion refers to Othello by her middle name "Thalia". Unlike everyone else who calls her either "Queen Othello" or simply "Othello"

- Othello's theme color is Byzantium

- Othello has the biggest bust and ass out of all the main females. Course if Apollyn over uses her powers. Apollyn's bust is capable of becoming bigger than Othello's