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Profile: Othello

Queen Of Babylon

Name: Othello Thalia Strong nee Castillo

Alias: The Queen of Babylon, Miss Vanity, Creep, Whore of Babylon, Madam Anaconda, Jezebel, Sadistic Aphrodite

Age: 6,906

Gender: Female

Family: Selena (Mother/Decease), Gorgon (Father/Decease), Mihoshi (Oldest Daughter), Hellin (Youngest Daughter), Diablo (Husband/Decease)

Likes: Power, her Kingdom, her daughters, skimpy clothing, her sexuality, luxury, lava bathing, her multiple shades of yellow hair, dancing, picking on Anna, her physical appearance, sex with attractive men. Rather they be her personal slaves or not

Dislikes: Failure, opposition, Anna, same gender love, obesity, women excluding her daughters and those who served Babylon, Ophelia, Okubi, James, the Grim Reaper Knox, her decease husband, her parents, her old life

Magic Name: Othello is verse in various magical arts. Her power theme is snakes, sex, and fire

Powers: Common demonic abilities such as inhuman speed, reflexes, durability, strength, hearing, sensing, sight. All of her natural born powers are amplified due to her Demon Lord status. Othello is also a gifted telepathy who can manipulate emotions and memories. Various demonic transformation abilities, master of the seduction poses. Immunity to fire and poison based attacks. Can self heal herself, but not others. Othello is also a capable wrestler

BIO: Prior to becoming the powerful Queen of Babylon. Othello was an ordinary demon. Born from a family of lowly assassins. Ten years prior to the Grand Underworld Massacre Wars. Othello lived a life of poverty. Struggling to maintain a tolerable life for their daughter. Both Selena and Grogon worked as assassins. Sadly the money for killing alone could not sustain them. Forcing Othello's parents to do other miscellaneous works. As Othello became older. Realizing the unfortunate life she was burned into. Seeing many other demons her age. Living the life she had always wanted. Despite her parent's best efforts. Every sacrifice made with hesitation. In order take care of their beloved daughter. Not even the love of her parents. Quelled the envy and anger residing in Othello's heart. Every night before she closed her eyes. Othello swore that someday she will have everything she wanted and more. Life of mediocrity continued to plague Othello. Until the Grand Underworld Massacre Wars. All through out the Underworld. Literal hell has broken loose. Various Kingdoms of the Underworld. Going to war with one another. In order to gain more power than before. Bad enough Demon Lords were warring with one another. Many other citizens of the Underworld began causing chaos and panic. Killing their fellow demons without any remorse or discretion. Nearly the entire Underworld becoming a battlefield. Othello and her parents were caught in the madness. A ferocious Boar Demon had targeted Othello. Selena ordering her husband to protect their daughter. Grabbing onto his daughter's hand. Gorgon and Othello left Selena to fight the Boar Demon.

 Leaving her mother for dead. Othello alongside her father ran as far away as possible. Life prior to the Grand Underworld Massacre Wars was already difficult. Now living life on the run. The anger and bitterness in Othello's soul only grew. During the brutal years of the G.U.M.W. Othello was taught various survival methods by her father. Especially how to wrestle and manipulate fire. After years of struggling for survival. The G.U.M.W. had nearly came to an end. Unfortunately Othello and her father were captured by a group of bandits. Fearing the worst for his only child. Gorgon was determine to save his daughter. Even at the cost of his own life. Right in front of Othello's eyes. The bandits had raped and killed her father. After doing away with Gorgon. The bandits were ready to assault Othello. Luckily while the bandits violated and killed her father. Othello had broken free from her chains. Like a savage rattle snake. Othello struck and killed each and every of the bandits. Having both avenged her deceased father and saving herself. Now truly alone in the world. Othello was uncertain about what to do next. Traveling throughout the Underworld aimlessly. Othello had encounter a demon by the name Madam Winters. After getting to know Madam Winters and hearing her offer. Othello became the newest addition to Madam Winter's Escort Services. Since becoming an escort. Othello life had finally changed for the better. Not only did Othello make lots of money. Doing one of the things she enjoyed most. Many of her clients would gift her with expensive jewelry. Along with inviting her to various events. Never would any of this be possible. Had her parents still been around. While she wish they hand;t died the way they did. Othello was relieved to be rid of them.

 Over the many yard working for Madam Winters. Othello began to become bored of her escort life. While the sex with most of her clients was amazing. Othello's true ambitions were still far from her reach. Returning back to Madam Winter's mansion after parting. The drunk Madam had tried to force herself on Othello. Angered by Madam Winter's vulgar behavior. Othello had delivered a powerful kick to Madam Winter's head. Afterwards began repeatedly punching her employer's face. Severals weeks later after quitting her job. Madam Winters contacted Othello and apologize for her behavior. Having believed her boss was genuinely sorry. Othello didn't realize Madam Winters had plotted revenge against her. Two days after being rehired. Othello meet up with a client by the name Raum. Having expected Raum to be no different from her other clients. As Othello began stripping away what little clothing she wore. Raum immediately lashed out and began attacking her. Unable to defend herself against Raum;s attacks. After having nearly beaten Othello to death. Raum had proceeded to rape the batter escort. During being sexually assaulted by Raum. Othello felt an unknown power awaking within her. Once Raum had finished sexually and physically assaulting Othello. Raum had taken Othello and dumped her inside a garbage tank. Found by sanitation demons several hours later. Othello was immediately taken to the hospital. Thanks to her natural demonic powers. Most of Othello's injuries had healed themselves. Along with the help of healers. Othello was now fully healed. However due to Raum's heinous actions. The doctors had discovered Othello was pregnant.

 Forced by the doctors and nurses to stay at the hospital. Othello remained in the hospital for several months. During the course of the long months. Othello had discovered the ability to read minds. Along with altering memories and emotions. After having given birth to her bastard son. Othello had used her powers to manipulate the staff. Making certain no one in the hospital had remember her. Abandoning her unwanted son and exiting the hospital. What Othello had planned next was revenge!

 Returning to Madam Winters mansion. Using her telepathic powers. Othello was able to confirm her suspicions. That it was Madam Winters who was responsible for her brutal beating and rape. After beating the crap out of her fellow escorts. All that was to confront and kill Madam Winters. Upon seeing Othello inside of her mansion. Madam Winters had transformed out of her humane form. Revealing her monstrous demonic form. In spite of the strength Madam Winters posses. The notorious madam was no match for the scorned Othello. Unleashing all of her anger on her former employer. Othello tore Winters apart limb from limb. Before Othello had finished Madam Winters off. Othello used her telepathy to read Winters mind. In order to obtain the whereabouts of Raum. Unfortunately Winters did not know the location of her rapist. Once finishing off Winters and burning down the mansion. Othello went off on a journey to find herself. Traveling hundreds of years around the Underworld. Othello had stumble upon and unconscious male demon. Othello had first thought to leave him, but decided to do otherwise. Having rescued the unconscious demon from an uncertain fate. Once the male demon had woke up. The man introduced himself as James Del Soto. Both demons with no direction in life. Othello and James traveled together throughout the Underworld. During the course of such a long journey. The two demons had fallen in love

 Overjoyed to have such a loyal and handsome companion within James. Othello knew this wasn't the life she wanted to live. On a stormy night in Gehenna. While James was still sleeping in the motel. Othello had stepped out for a walk. During her walk in the storm. Othello had meet a man by the name Ulric. The leader of a cult like assassin organization call The Order. Othello immediately went into her battle stance. However Ulric had no intentions of fighting Othello. Nor did he intend to recruit her. Instead Ulric was interested in recruiting her young lover James. At first Othello had refused to offer James to the assassin. However once Ulric told Othello about a prince Diablo of Babylon. That the soon to be King was looking for a potential Queen. Othello  decided to give James into Ulric's hand. Course Ulric would not force James to join The Order. Yet expected Othello to put James in such a position. One he wouldn't by choice say no. The very next day after her meeting with Ulric. Othello combined her telepathic abilities with her natural sensing powers. Having located the area of a nearby giant. Othello had taken the unsuspecting James to face the giant. Arriving to the giant's location. Othello used her telepathy to forcefully awaken the creature. Anger by the interruption of his sleep. The giant appeared before Othello and James. Ready to tear to pint size demons apart. As Othello had expected. James immediately took charge and battled the beast. Right as James had killed to tall beast. Othello had used her telepathy on her lover. Placing James into a heavy sleep. Afterwards Othello had brought James directly to Ulric. Satisfied with Othello's corporation. Ulric gave Othello enough money to go to Babylon. Having abandon James for good. Othello's dreams were finally in her grasp

 Arriving to the great land of Babylon. Othello entered an all women's tournament. In order to win the rights to become Diablo's wife. Having emerged victorious from the Fatal Brides Tournament. Not only did Othello rightfully earn her place as Diablo's wife. Ever since Othello had arrived on his Kingdom. Diablo was instantly taken away by Othello's sadistic beauty. After marrying Diablo, Othello had felt her life was finally completed. As long as she was Mrs. Strongs. Never again would Othello ever want for anything. Ten years later after marrying Diablo. Othello had given birth to her daughter Mihoshi. After the first thirty nine years of marriage to Diablo. Othello had began to resent the man she had married. Even going as far as wanting to kill him. Not only did Othello despised her husband's unwillingness to enter wars with his fellow Demon Lords. Including Diablo's behavior towards their daughter. Despising the fact Mihoshi was born a girl instead of the son he wanted. However upon learning about her husband's friendship with Raum. The very demon that had raped her centuries ago. Othello had ordered her husband to execute Raum or else. Having grown tired of Othello's bossy behavior. Diablo had slapped Othello and reminded her who truly rules Babylon. Going as far as threatening to kill both Mihoshi and her. The next time Othello ever steps out of order. Consumed by her hatred for her husband. Othello began plotting Diablo's downfall.

 Using all of her resources. Othello allied herself with a few of her husband's servants. Promising them a valuable reward. Should the assassination of Diablo Strongs go as planned. While her husband showered in the royal bathroom. Othello used an illusion spell she had created. Taking the form of her rapist Raum. Returning to his chambers. The naked King was shock to see Raum within his room. Disgusted by his "friends" actions. Diablo ordered Raum to exit his room or else. Still under the disguise of Raum. As Othello walked passed her husband. Othello swiftly pulled out a demonic nullification dagger between her breast. Stabbing the sharp instrument in the back of Diablo's neck. Having successfully taken down her husband. Othello then used her telepathy to alert the servants. Witnessing the King's death by the hands of his "friend" Raum, The real Raum was executed shortly afterwards. Now with both Raum and her ex husband dead. In order to keep the truth of Diablo's death from being exposed. Othello had betrayed the servants. Having all those involved executed as well. Now with no one left to stand against her. Babylon was finally Othello's for the taking. The once feeble kingdom will now become an empire to be feared. During the Seventy Seventh Underworld Wars. Othello alongside Mihoshi and the rest of Babylon. Fought severals Kingdoms and emerged victorious from each battled. Despite the many critics since Diablo's passing. Othello had proved herself to be worthy of the title Demon Lord! After many centuries of hardship and sacrifices. All of Othello's dreams had finally come true. Never again will Othello ever want or ask for anything. Course there was one thing missing that Othello needed most. Someone who can rule Babylon with an iron fist. Should anything fatal fall upon her. While Othello love for Mihoshi was greater than all her fortune. Othello ultimately felt Mihoshi unworthy to become Babylon's next ruler. Instead the Queen had desired a demon with unimaginable powers. Luckily for Othello the Underworld's strongest Grim Reaper, Maximillion Knox. Had bared a child with a half demon

 Othello like most bigoted demons. Didn't much cared for half demons. However a child of a Grim Reaper was an exception. Since the beginning of the Underworld's existence. The child or children of a Grim Reaper. Were considered one of the most valuable and strongest demons throughout the Underworld. Once discovering Maximillion had left the mother of his child. Othello immediately took action and hired a group of scientists. In order for the scientist to captured Knox's child at all cost. After battling and killing the target's mother. The scientists took the Grim Reaper's baby boy to their laboratory. During experimentation on the Grim Reaper's baby. The scientists were attacked by no other than Maximillion himself. Unleashing his hellish furious on his girlfriend's murderers and son's kidnappers. Maximillion had managed to kill all of the scientist but two. While the Grim Reaper was busy aiding his infant son. Two of the remaining scientist. Managed to espcaped with a container. Returning back to Babylon with the container. Othello had expected to see the baby. Instead what she received was the baby's powerful essence. Inserting the child's essence inside of Othello. The Queen of Babylon would soon give birth to a child. One that was both biologically hers and a clone of the Grim Reaper's son. Disposing of the two scientist. Othello finally had everything set perfectly for her Kingdom. Having given birth to her daughter Hellin five months later. Othello began her grooming of Babylon's next great leader.

 From growing up poor and with a bleak future. In order to achieve her dreams Othello had to overcome many obstacles. Along with making many sacrifices. No matter the cost. Othello would never stop until her dreams became reality. Now the Queen of her very own Kingdom. Othello would do anything and everything. In order to make sure her dreams were not in vain.


- Othello is the tallest important female character of Forbidden. Standing exactly at 6'1. Course that's only for her humane form. Her demonic form depending on form she takes. The size will vary

- Othello's default hair color is a blend of different shades of yellow. Course like many other demons. Othello can alter her hair color and appearance

- Othello is openly homophobic. Along with a dislike for obese and poor individuals  Othello also doesn't much care for other women. Unless it's her daughter of course. Nor is she a fan of the "kawaii" types. None the less Othello can cooperate with just about anyone. When it serves her interest of course 

- Ever since Maximillion had learned of Othello's part in Onyxe's kidnapping. Maximillion had intended to kill Othello and bring down Babylon. After having a private meeting with Maximillion. Othello promised to never bring harm to Onyxe. If Maximillion would leave both she and her Kingdom alone. While having agreed to the others deal. Both Maximillion and Othello have become frienemies ever since. While Othello is also proud of her promiscuous behavior. Maximillion is the only individual who can get under her skin. Calling her names like "slut" and "whore" regularly when they meet

-. Furthermore Maximillion refers to Othello by her middle name "Thalia". Unlike everyone else who calls her either "Queen Othello" or simply "Othello"

- Othello's theme color is Byzantium

- Othello has the biggest bust and ass out of all the main females. Course if Apollyn over uses her powers. Apollyn's bust is capable of becoming bigger than Othello's   

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