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Forbidden Chapter 22

Forbidden Chapter Twenty Two - Arrival To Coram

Ever since the heroes had learned of Hellin's conversation with Moses. Learning of the danger the city of Coram faces The heroes began their hasty travel to Coram. In order to save the citizens of Coram from being sacrificed. After nearly three days of relentless traveling. The heroes have finally arrived to the city of Coram. Having successfully reached the city of Coram. The heroes can now begin their search for the demon Christof. In order to a stop the demon's sinister scheme. Surrounded by a beautiful and colorful scenery. Reminiscing of multiple fairytales. The heroes begin their search for Christof

Okubi: So this is Coram? How very interesting

Nara: Is that a giant red shoe a few blocks ahead?

Xiaoyu: it most certainly is Nara. To be quite honest here. This whole city looks like a fairytale

Anna: Coram is absolutely beautiful. I wouldn't mind living in a place like this

Hellin: I certainly would not want to live here. WAY too colorful for my liking

Eligos: Considering you're the Princess of Babylon. The only place you can live is in the Underworld. Well unless you were exiled of course. Then you can live just about anywhere. If you mother didn't have you killed first

Angelina: A real conversation started you are Eligos

Eligos: I aim to please Lilith

Hellin: "Did Eligos just call Angelina, Lilith? Perhaps this is what Moses was warning me about"

Lisa: Hellin are you alright?

Okubi: I'm certain she's fine. Hellin's face looks like someone who just learned a shocking secret. Well in case you didn't know. The blood of the decease demon Lilith. Runs through the veins of Angelina's body

Hellin: That would explain Lilith's disappearance many centuries ago. Many natives of the Underworld simply believed Lilith had abandoned her home world. Never would anyone guest she was killed by a mortal.

Angelina: Great going Okubi and Eligos. Anyways my whole ordeal with becoming Lilith. Isn't something I enjoy talking about. Considering the things i done prior to Onyxe's mental healing. Anyways can we just focus on the task at hand?

Xiaoyu: I very much agree with Angelina. The sooner we find that bastard Christof. The sooner we can continue to defeat The Children of Ruin

Nara: Well let's first go and find something to eat. Then we can start searching for Christof

Apollyn: Also my dear buddies. Let's not forget about the dragon from before

Lisa: Why did you have to remind me. I still get goosebumps from the last dragon we fought

Okubi: Hopefully we can avoid such an encounter. Course if we should encounter the beast again. Just let me handle it.

Xiaoyu: Allow you to fight a dragon by yourself? Okubi don't be foolish. In spite of how strong you are. Dragons aren't something one wishes to fight alone

Eligos: I appreciate your concern for the Master, Xiaoyu. However Okubi has slain three dragons without any assistants. The magic my Master posses gives him the edge against such creatures

Okubi: Furthermore during my last trip within the Underworld. My demonic powers have vastly increased. Personally I hope I get to use some of my newfound powers in battle

Lisa: Considering what we came here to do. Fighting will be inevitable. I'm certain once we find Christof. Not only will we have to fight him. A man like Christof is certain to have minions

Hellin: Well the more the fucking merrier. I just can't wait to fucking kill something

Anna: Now that everything has been decided and planned. Let's head over to that diner over there

Apollyn: Apollyn hopes the diner makes yummy desserts. Apollyn is in the mood for chocolate lava cake

 Walking to the diner just a few blocks away. Once the heroes arrived to the fancy diner. Majority of them went to order their food. All except Xiaoyu and Hellin who spotted a Wanted List on the wall. Interested on learning more about the names and faces. The two women went over to the wall and began to read. 

Hellin: Hmm... what an interesting group of people. Do you recognize any of these people detective?

Xiaoyu: Considering I'm fron China Hellin. The criminals here are surely based in Mayland. At least most of them anyways. Now onto the list of these criminals. The names on here are Black Velvet, Nico Zeals, Etudes Dark, Yellow Jacket, Assassin Bug, Phoneutria, Dustin Adler. Wow these criminals got some serious bounties on their heads. Well isn't that strange

Hellin: Exactly what are you referring too?

Xiaoyu: Look down here at the last two names on this list. Zar Arkwright and Ivory Snow. Unlike the others name on the Wanted List. Neither of these two have a description of their crime. Yet both of them posses a bounty greater than anyone else on here

Hellin: Perhaps their crime is so heinous. The authority did not wish to to specifics of their crimes

Xiaoyu: Or something else is going on here. If only I could investigate this situation for myself. Unfortunately I highly doubt Okubi would allow me to do such a thing. After all we only came here to take out Christof. Not to figure out why two of Coram's citizens are on the Most Wanted list

Hellin: Fucking pathetic!

Xiaoyu: What the fuck did you just say?

Hellin: I didn't stutter or whisper Xiaoyu. I'm just saying it's pathetic how all of you follow Okubi's orders without question

Hellin: Hellin don't you dare try to bring division between us. If it wasn't for Okubi, I wouldn't be alive today. Like majority of us here. I follow Okubi's orders because he is the strongest and the wisest. Besides as I already mentioned. We came to Coram to track down and eliminate Christof. Anything else is unimportant

Hellin: Yet those two people on the wanted list are important to you

Xiaoyu: it's not like I personally know them or anything. I just feel like something isn't right about them being on this list. Don't you find it oddly suspicious how everyone else is wanted dead or alive. Yet only Zar ad Ivory are wanted alive?

Hellin: That is rather suspicious. Anyways let's bring it up to our "leader" While we are eating our breakfast

 After their discussion on the Coram Wanted List. Both Xiaoyu and Hellin joins the others at the breakfast table

Lisa: So what were you two girls discussing?

Nara: Probably arguing who is second in command

Eligos: Well base on where they were standing. I willing to bet it has something to do with the Wanted List

Hellin: It most certainly does Okubi's servant

Eligos: My name is Eligos

Hellin: I call you whatever I feel like peasant

Okubi: Eligos do not respond back! Anyways exactly what were you two discussing over there?

Hellin: Well Xiaoyu and I were looking at the Wanted List. Just out of curiosity at first. However Xiaoyu notice something rather odd about the list

Angelina: Odd in what way?

Xiaoyu: Well out of all the names on the list. Only two are them were demanded alive. Their names were Zar Arkwright and Ivory White

Apollyn: What super cool names. Apollyn like it tons

Okubi: I never heard or Arkwright, but I believe I remember the name Ivory Snow from somewhere

Eligos: If memory serves correctly. Wasn't both Ivory and her mother special guest at the third Devilry Combat Tournament?

Okubi: I believe her name was Adama Snow. The Queen of Coram

Xiaoyu: Coram has a Queen? I thought Mayland only had one official ruler

Okubi: Mayland does have a official ruler Xiaoyu. Which is currently King Onyxe

Hellin: That fucking bastard!

Okubi: That was very uncalled for Hellin. Considering you too are a bastard

Hellin: Don't fucking start with me Okubi

Okubi: Then don't freaking interrupt me! Now back to what I was saying before. While Mayland has only one official ruler. That person being the winner of the Devilry Combat Tournament. However since neither Mayland's current King or Queen can be everywhere. They assign certain parts of Asira to be ruled over by other powerful sages and warriors. Adama has currently ruled Coram for about thirty years

Nara: Well I just learned something new today

Lisa: I bet you sure did you big dummy. How can you be a fucking citizen of Mayland and not know that?

Angelina: Even I knew that Nara and I lived most of my human life in Japan

Nara: Oh blah fucking blah. That's why I have smart ass friends like you

Anna: Don't feel bad Nara. I too never knew about such things

Eligos: Well at least your ignorance is excusable Anna. After all you lived in the Underworld

Anna: Anyways do you think Queen Adama would have information concerning Christof?

Okubi: I can't say she wouldn't have such information. However if Queen Adama knows about Christof. I certainly doubt she would know of his sinister intentions. I mean Christof would have to be really stupid. Allowing a woman of Adama's power to learn of his scheme

Hellin: Well Moses did say Christof was hiding within Coram. Meaning hiding from Adama as well

Lisa: Still I think we should try to speak with Queen Adama. Even if she doesn't know about Christof. The least we can do is make her aware of Coram's dire situation

Okubi: Lisa my dear lady. I 100% agree with you

Xiaoyu: So are we heading towards Queen Adama's castle first then?

Okubi: Yes Queen Adama's castle is indeed one of our desired destinations. Course not all of us shall be going.

Xiaoyu: What?

Hellin: The hell we aren't

Apollyn: Is it because of our status? Isn't Apollyn like royalty now due to big sis Lisa Alice being Queen of Jazan?

Okubi: No Apollyn it has nothing to do with status. Besides being royalty in the Underworld means nothing on Asira and vice versa. Anyways what I was going to say. All of us going to see Queen Adama would be wasteful. Considering we have other problems at hands

Nara: An example of such other problems?

Okubi: Zar Arkwright and Princess Ivory Snow. As Xiaoyu herself already mentioned. The fact those two are wanted only alive is very strange. Usual when anyone lands on a Wanted List, Rather they are captured dead or alive is unimportant. Yet the bounty clearly states to bring Zar and Ivory back alive

Nara: So what are you trying to say? You want a group of us to go and search for Zar and Ivory?

Okubi: That's exactly what I want Nara

Anna: Well considering they are on the Wanted List. Do you even think they are still within Coram? Usually when someone is wanted in a certain area. They immediately try to get as far away as imaginable

Angelina: In most cases anyways. Unless of course they actually have a reason for staying

Xiaoyu: I'm guessing you think that reason has something to do with Christof?

Okubi: Indeed my dearest Xiaoyu. Along with the fact Adama only child is one of those very people. Usually when a child of a King or Queen goes rogue. That is something one must immediately report to Mayland's ultimate ruler. Which is currently our friend Onyxe

Angelina: Something I'm quite certain Onyxe is unaware of.

Xiaoyu: Especially considering the other names on the list are known throughout Mayland. Yet only Zar and Ivory are Coram specific

Anna: Exactly how old are Zar and Ivory's wanted posters?

Xiaoyu: Based on the date listed on their posters. It was definitely before Apollyn and I even arrived to Mayland

Nara: That's how long Onyxe was kept in the dark? Something really fucking shady is going on here

Okubi: Well to be exact Nara. Onyxe is still in the dark. Luckily we aren't. Anyways let's us finished our breakfast and discuss strategy afterwards

Hellin: Why do I get the feeling you are going to confront Adama by yourself?

Okubi: Oh not by myself, but certainly not with you. Now please cease your talking and eat your food

Hellin: Grits, eggs, sausage, and french fries? Satan do I loath mortal food


Returning from her secret lair. A tall and beautiful brown skin woman returns to her throne. Once seated on her throne chair. The woman had sat quietly and patiently. Watching a mysterious figure approach her from the shadows. Once the mysterious figure had revealed himself to her. The woman felt both relief and annoyance. Standing before the Queen of Coram. Her husband the mischievous demon Christof

Adama: Good morning my ill hearted husband. What do you and your band of fiends want from me now?

Christof: Did you manage to find that daughter of your location yet?

Adama: Unfortunately my magic mirror could not find Ivory nor the Young Hunter In Red's location

Christof: Incompetent woman! What fucking good are you?

Adama: What good am I? Is that really a question a rogue demon dares to be asking? If it weren't for me you fool. Not only would neither of your fiends nor you be able to hide within my glorious castle. The Young Hunter In Red would had already slain you

Christof: Who are you trying to fucking fool Adama? The only reason your are loyal to me. Is due to the Loathe Spell I had placed on you. The spell not only caused you to married me in secret. Along with making your only child an outlaw in her own country. The spell I had placed on you. Shall aid me in sacrificing the residence of Coram. Course that's once I retrieve the Prosperity Gem from your wrenched daughter! So tell me Adama. Do you know Ivory's location?

Adama: I already told you Ivory is BLOCKING ME! Ask me to repeat myself again and I'll have you beheaded!

Coram: There was no need for you to yell at me! Anyways I don't need your fucking help in finding Ivory or the Young Hunter In Red. Long as that little bitch remains in Coram. It's only a matter of time before my demons or I find her. Just don't say nothing when we gut the little bitch

Adama: Had that poison apple taken out my daughter as it was planned. We would already had the Prosperity Gem in our hands. Unfortunately that imbecile Grimhilde failed to do her job

Christof: For that very reason. I ripped Grimhilde limb from limb on that very night. The very thing I strongly wish I could do to you

Adama: Christof you are more than welcome to wish ill on me. Just know if you ever were to act on those emotions. I would destroy the very instant you put your hands on me

Christof: Be thankful I'm no match for you woman. Anyways I shall be taking my leave for now. C'mon my goons

 Other demons from the shadows appear before Adama and Christof

Adama: By the way my dear husband. While I could not find my daughter. The mirror did show me something rather interesting

Christof: Exactly what "interesting" did that incompetent mirror showed you?

Adama: Not too long ago. Nine strangers had enter inside of Coram. Strangers who are hunting for you

Christof: Are these said strangers from the Underworld?

Adama: Two of them are. One name Hellin and the other Anna

Christof: Hellin... I know that name from somewhere. That's the Princess of Babylon, Othello's kid. FUCKING DEMONS! That fucking jezebel sent her daughter to kill me, but for why? Never had I thought Othello would become an enemy. Course that fucking slut will do about anything to keep her power. Even if it means getting involved in shit that has nothing to do with her. I'll gladly make an example of her daughter when the time comes. Then I'll go and kill that bitch. After I fucked her good of course. Anyways about the other visitors. I want their fucking names

Adama: Okubi Vice, Eligos,  Jia Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Lisa Brown, Nara Chabla, and lastly Lilith!

Christof: Did you just say Lilith? Adama you better be fucking joking me?

Adama: Do I look like I'm in the mood for jokes?

Christof: That cannot possibly be right. The mirror my had told you wrong

Adama: You dare questioned the wisdom of my trusted mirror?

Christof: Is that mirror is right? Then my plans in sacrificing the citizens of Coram just got ten times more difficult. The thing I can't seem to accept. Lilith is one of the most evil demons to ever exist. Never would Lilith fight on the side of good. Let alone care about stopping a bunch of people from being sacrificed. It just possibly can't be true

Adama: But it is and Lilith situation has been changed greatly. Currently the soul and blood of Lilith resides in a girl. A girl by the name Angelina

Christof: Why in the fuck you didn't just say that first?

Adama: I just did you ungrateful bastard! Anyways while Lilith's mind is being suppressed by Angelina's. Should you meet Angelina and find a way to get Lilith back in control. Perhaps we can turn this negative to a positive. Having a ally like Lilith on our side would prove most wonderful

Christof: In the destruction of Coram and perhaps everything else. However if a demon like Lilith is around. I will never be able to accomplish my goal

Adama: It's a risk I'm willing to take

Christof: I'm starting to regret using the Loathe Spell on you. Damn did that spell really did a number on you. Then again the spell did help you be your true self. A woman who despises the very country she rules over. Now with this newly acquired information. My demons and I can start getting rid of these nine strangers of Coram

Adama: Do what you will to the others. However the stranger name Okubi shall become my prey

Christof: Fine by me. One less piece of shit for me to worry about. Anyways to my dear and loyal servants. Now that we know the names of our enemies. We shall hunt them down and annihilate them. Falen and Rage. The two of you will travel alongside me. Black Zero, Cynthia, and Ethan. The three of you go hunting for Ivory. Lastly Victor and Paul. The two of you shall remain in the shadows. Watching over my wife, the Queen. I didn't come all this fucking way. Just for my ambitions to be in vain. No matter what obstacles dare stand before me. I will become the strongest demon to ever exist. Even the Demon Lord Mastema would tremble before my might!

 After completing a hearty breakfast and learning the truth about Coram. Okubi prepares his allies for the battle ahead

Xiaoyu: Okay Okubi we're ready when you are

Okubi: Now that we knows what really going on. I feel it would be beneficial if we split into groups. Therefore we can cover a lot more ground

Nara: So exactly how are you going to split of O?

Okubi: I'll tell you now if you don't interrupt. Based on Xiaoyu's desires to learn the truth behind Ivory and Zar's bounty. I'm leaving Xiaoyu in charge to find Ivory and Zar. Traveling alongside her will be her bodyguard Apollyn and her boyfriend Nara

Apollyn: YIPPY! Apollyn gets to travel with Xiao buddy. Thank you Okubi buddy, thank you

Xiaoyu: Thank you Okubi for respecting my wishes. I thought you wouldn't even consider it at first. Also thank you Angelina for confirming Ivory's presence in Coram

Angelina: I appreciate it Xiaoyu, but I still sucks I can't give you her exact location

Nara: Well at least we know she's still within Coram. That's gotta count for something

Xiaoyu: Besides now that I know Ivory is in Coram. Thanks to my advance detective skills. I'll be able to find her soon

Okubi: I'm confident you will Xiaoyu. Just promise to be careful

Nara: Oh best believe I'm letting shit happen to my future wife

Okubi: You certainly let nothing happen to Xiaoyu or Apollyn

Hellin: So I'm guessing you want Anna and I to look for Christof

Okubi: Well I want you to look for Christof, but no Anna

Hellin: Excuse me?

Anna: Yeah Okubi what's the big deal? I'm Hellin's servant after all

Okubi: Considering our unique circumstance. I decided to team Hellin up with Lisa and Angelina instead

Lisa: Are you fucking kidding me? I don't want to be teamed up with Hellin

Hellin: Well I ain't exactly trilled to be teamed up with you either bitch

Angelina: Okubi do you hear what you are saying? A team with Lisa, Hellin, and myself?

Okubi: Not counting myself. The three of you are this team most deadliest fighters. Hellin is brute force, Lisa posses holy magic, and your Angelina... well we all know what you're capable of. Sadly while I lack any precognitive powers. My intuition tells me the three of you will encounter Christof. That's why it's vital the three of you are together.

Hellin: FINE! Only because you believe we will encounter Christof

Lisa: At least I have Angelina to hang with

Angelina: Okubi are you sure you don't want to trade places with me?

Okubi: As much as I would love to Angelina. The task of meeting with Queen Adama can only be done by me. Course with both Eligos and Anna by my side

Anna: Does that mean what I think it means?

Eligos: It most certainly does my dear girl. Along with Master Okubi. The three of us shall be confronting Queen Adama.

Xiaoyu: Queen Adama? Okubi are you sure you're up for that task? Let alone is Anna enough reinforcement?

Okubi: Based on my previous journey with Anna in the Underworld. I feel she is the perfect woman to accompany me. Course if Hellin doesn't have any objections?

Hellin: I object to this whole bullshit to be quite honest. However I decided to respect your position as this group's leader. Well for now anyways. Therefore I'm giving you permission to use Anna as needed. Just make sure my friend returns to me alive or else!

Okubi: I make no promises, but I'll be damned to allow Anna to die on my watch. Now that's everything has been settle. It's time that we take action! I'm giving everyone three days to accomplished our task in rescuing Coram. Failure is not an option


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