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Forbidden Chapter 23

Forbidden Chapter Twenty Three - The Fall of Okubi

 After discovering the horrible truth within the city of Coram. Okubi along with his allies had split into groups. In order to tackle the various threats throughout Mayland. Team A consist of Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Nara. Team B consisting of Hellin, Lisa, and Angelina. Finally Team C formed by Okubi, Eligos, and Anna. Once the teams had gone there separate ways. Xiaoyu along with her team. Immediately began searching for clues. In order to find the potential location of Ivory and Zar's hiding place. Traveling many hours throughout the vast city of Coram. Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Nara went to various location. Hoping to find clues about where would Ivory and Zar possibly hide. During the many hours of Team A's long search. Xiaoyu along with her comrades questioned few of the locals. A plan that did not bold too well. The locals either didn't want to converse with strangers. Others simply didn't have a clue. It's not like they were interested in neither Ivory or Zar's bounty. They had problems of their own to worry about. Extremely frustrated and fairly exhausted. Xiaoyu decided she needed some food to eat. Course Apollyn and Nara wanted to eat as well. Not too far from the last store they went too. Xiaoyu had spotted a Chinese Food Restaurant. 

 Entering the bright and decorative restaurant The trio immediately found places to sit.  Xiaoyu and Apollyn sat on one side. While Nara shared a seat to himself. Looking through their menus. A waiter started to approach them

Wang: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Wang and I will be serving you tonight. Now if you don't mind me asking. Are you nice folks ready to order you meals?

Xiaoyu: I would like an order of Chow Mein and three Spring Rolls please

Nara: An order of Sweet and Sour Pork works for me, Oh yeah two Spring Rolls as well

Apollyn: Um... do you guys have Banana Split Sundae?

Wang: Um sorry young lady, but we don't serve those kinds of dishes. This is a Chinese Restaurant after all

Apollyn: Oh then what is Apollyn going to eat?

Xiaoyu: Oh boy I totally didn't think this through. Apollyn only eats desserts. Can this day get any worst?

Wang: Hey hold on a second. I think we can help your friend here after all. Luckily for you folks. Our Head Chef Susan had just returned from her vacation. While a master of all Chinese dishes. Susan is also known for her pastry skills. I'll ask her if she would make you some Fried ice cream

Apollyn: Fried ice cream? Sounds delicious! That's what Apollyn will order. Thank you so much Mr. Wang

Wang: I aim to please Ms. Now that's has been settle. Let me go and order your plates

Xiaoyu: Xie xie (Thank You) Wang

Wang: Bu Kuh Chi (You're Welcome)

Nara: Also give Susan a thanks for us

Wang: Sure thing dude

 Having received everyone's orders. Wang takes his leave to give Chef Susan the orders. A half hour later after eating appetizers. Wang brings Xiaoyu, Nara, and Apollyn their respected dishes. Very pleased with their meals. Xiaoyu and Nara began eating immediately. However words cannot describe how happy Apollyn was with her fried ice cream. Never did the young demon imagined she would be eating such a yummy treat. Once the trio had finished their meals. Just as they were about to leave. They were kindly yet urgently stopped by Wang.

Wang: Hold up for a sec! Please don't leave just yet

Nara: Xiaoyu you did leave Wang a tip right?

Xiaoyu: Course I did Nara. I was raised well after all

Apollyn: Maybe Wang wants to give us free Fried Ice cream

Wang: Sorry Apollyn, but that isn't the case. Also I didn't stop you guys about a tip. One that I already received by the way. Anyways my boss Susan would like to talk to the three of you

Nara: Wow talk about interesting. Okay exactly where is Susan?

Wang: My boss is located in the last room down the left hallway. Also don't forget to mind your manners. My boss has a low tolerance for stupidity

Xiaoyu: Nara stay behind

Nara: Babe that isn't even funny

Xiaoyu: Well if you don't mind me asking Wang. Why does your boss wish to speak to us?

Wang: To be quite honest with you Xiaoyu. I don't have a single clue. All I know is she wishes to speak to you three. Nothing more, nothing less

Xiaoyu: Well considering she's responsible for our delicious meals. It's only fair if we chat with her a bit

Wang: That would be terrific. Thanks again Xiaoyu and company. Anyways I gotta get back to work

 Once Wang takes his leave. Xiaoyu and the other start heading towards the left hallway. A few seconds later the trio reaches the last door. Right before Xiaoyu was about to turn the door knob. Nara quickly grabbed his girlfriend's hand

Xiaoyu: Nara what are you doing?

Nara: Babe have you not heard of knocking?

Xiaoyu: Why would I bother knocking if I know Susan is expecting us? it's not like we're visiting her home

Nara: Well I think you should. Who knows what awaits us behind that door? Despite Susan cooking us that delicious dinner. That doesn't mean we should totally let our guards down. For all we know, Susan can be some soul sucking witch?

 Right before Xiaoyu could respond to Nara's question. The door to Susan's room opens. Standing before Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Nara. A woman with beautiful sea green haired and a pissed off expression on her face. Stunned by the woman's appearance. Xiaoyu eventually finds her voice

Xiaoyu: Oh my you must be Susan? I'm very surprise to see you're not Chinese

Nara: Along with the fact she isn't some soul sucking being. Well I at least hope so. Considering how beautiful she is

Susan: No I'm not a witch or a soul sucker. Anyways I appreciate you guys came to see me

Xiaoyu: Well after that wonderful meal you made us. We couldn't possibly said no

Susan: Because does something nice for you. It's doesn't mean you have to return the favor. Besides it's not like those meals were free. Anyways now that you're here. I have a favor to ask of you

Nara: Exactly what would that favor be?

Susan: I made some rainbow cookies for my friend Mimi. Normally I would deliver the cookies myself. Unfortunately I have to prepare a big feast for tonights guest. That's why I'm asking you if you would do this for me? Course as a reward. The next time you dine here. Desserts will be for free

Apollyn: YIPPY! Apollyn would definitely deliver cookies to Chef Susan's friend Mimi

Xiaoyu: Exactly where is your friend Mimi located?

Susan: My friend strangely enough lives within the Luger Forest. A forest that is known for it's wolf activity. Well was until Zar had killed most of them

Xiaoyu: Zar?

Susan: oh about Zar. Prior to being wanted by the Queen of Coram. Zar was our cities famed monster hunter. Especially when it came to hunting down treacherous werewolves. Course as I already mentioned. Now that Zar has gone into hiding. Luger Forest wolf activity has slowly started up again. However something tells me you three are very capable

Xiaoyu: We most certainly are. Thank you so much for trusting us with this task Susan. We promise not to let you down. "Finally some good information about Zar's and hopefully Ivory's whereabouts"

Susan: Thank you so much for this guys. I sincerely appreciate this

Apollyn: Just make sure you keep your promise about free desserts. Otherwise you might encounter Apollyn's mean demon side

Susan: I wouldn't dare try anything funny with you dessert demon. Now here are Mimi's cookie. Don't let anything happen to them. I bust my ass making those cookies to her liking

Xiaoyu: We won't disappoint. Okay Nara and Apollyn. Time we make our way to the Luger Forest

Susan: It should be rather easy to find. It's only a few miles up from here. Just make sure you are on your guard

Nara: Trust me when I say those wolves better be more scare of us

Xiaoyu: Farewell for now Susan. Tell Wang we said bye

Susan: Well do now get going

 After having a surprisingly helpful chat with Susan. Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Nara start making their way to Luger Forest. Arriving to the forest nearly forty minutes later. The trio immediately begin their search for Mimi. Along with any chance encounters with the monster hunter Zar


 After everyone had split into groups. Hellin along with Lisa and Angelina began looking for the demon Christof. In hopes of obtaining the Prosperity Gem in the demon's possession. In order to take the demon's main means of sacrificing the citizens of Coram. Unfortunately since they began their search. Both Hellin and Lisa have struggle to tolerate the other's presence. In most cases one can simply sum this us with "Demons and Angels just don't get along". However considering Lisa adores Apollyn and highly respects Okubi, Angelina, and Anna. A simple dislike for demons isn't Lisa's issue with the Princess of Babylon. Instead Lisa's disdain from Hellin come from both women sharing similar behavior. Not only are Hellin and Lisa  both blunt individuals. Lisa does not care for folks possessing a rough demeanor like Hellin. Hellin on the other hand doesn't really care for her current teammates minus Anna. Furthermore even since Hellin had discovered Angelina's being the demon Lilith. A demon that shares history with the current country her mother rules over. The young Princess struggles with the desire to assassinate Angelina. Not because of any dislikes towards Angelina,but due to being vessel of Lilith. Course should Hellin even attempted such a act. Whether or not she succeed or fails. Knowing not only would Lisa try to stop her. Even if she kills Lisa as well. Okubi and the others will hunt her down. Perhaps even cause harm to her friend Anna. Something Hellin would dread of ever happening. Yet Hellin also considered what her mother would think. Allowing the vessel of the true ruler of Babylon to remain alive. Should Lilith regain control over Angelina's psyche. Deciding to return to the Underworld.  No power Othello posses could keep Lilith from reclaiming her abandon throne. One of the many reasons Hellin did not want to be paired with Angelina. Now Hellin must choose between her loyalties. Either remain an ally to Okubi or to her mother? While Hellin preferred honoring her mother's desires. Having traveled with her newly meet comrades for a good minute. Hellin's hatred towards them has greatly lessen. Thus the source of the Princess's twisted emotions. Deciding not to do anything at the moment. Hellin reluctantly continued to follow Lisa and Angelina

Lisa: I so fucking regret splitting up! Walking around Coram aimlessly is such a fucking drag

Hellin: Hearing you speak is such a fucking drag

Lisa: bitch was I even talking to you?

Angelina: Now girls let's not start problems amongst ourselves. We already got enough crap to deal with as is

Lisa: I was starting anything Lisa. Course princess over here always got shit to say

Hellin: Would you like me to speak with my fist upside your head instead?

Lisa: Just come on and try it bitch! I been looking for an excuse to kick your ass

Angelina: GIRLS ENOUGH! We are a team here for goodness sakes. Let's try like acting like one

Hellin: Whatever you say Lilith!

Angelina: Hellin my name is Angelina. Please only refer to me by that name

Hellin: Well Angelina considering you're the vessel to Lilith! I much prefer calling you by said name

Angelina: I wouldn't call myself a vessel of Lilith exactly. Considering both she and i are unfortunately one of the same. Exactly may I ask what is your issue with me being Lilith? From what I can remember. I don't believe I had encountered you during my days of wickedness

Hellin: No you haven't. However that isn't my issue with Lilith... well you for that matter

Angelina: Then please tell me what is so we can move forward. I don't want deal with anymore hostility than I already do

 However before Hellin was able to explain herself. The ladies began to hear commotion coming not too far from where they stood. Desiring to waste little time as possible. Lisa grabs both Angelina and Hellin's hand, sprouting her angel wings from her back. Seconds after flying her teammates towards the commotion. The girls spot a female giant surrounded by a group of thugs. Sensing the female giant's fear. Lisa swiftly flew Hellin, Angelina, and herself towards the troubled giant. Once the arrived onto the scene. The girls realized the giant was defending a food stand owner from a group of thugs. The thugs were mostly half demons with two beast people in their ranks. Noticing the arrival of the three women. The thugs had turned their attention towards them

Thug A: Who the fuck are you bitches?

Hellin: The bitches who are about to kick your sorry asses. Nothing worst than a bunch of half demons causing trouble. Especially such low lives as yourselves

Lisa: Bitch have you lost your damn mind? We didn't come here looking for a fight. Only to stop one from happening

Hellin: Well speak for your fucking self! I personally prefer solving all problems with my fist

Thug B: A bunch of arrogant bitches here. First this giant intervenes from us robbing this store owner. Now these bitches dare to challenge us? I saw we show these bitches what fighting is all about

Thug C: Let's kick their asses real good


Lisa: Just my fucking luck! Looks like we got a fight on our hands

Hellin: Won't he do it! The two of you each pick an opponent. Leave the other four to me

Angelina: Sure you can handle such odds?

Hellin: Angelina, I thrive when against the odds. Now pick and target and beat the shit out of them

Lisa: Well if you say so. Angie, you and I will take on the beast men . I'll take the Hyena looking motherfucker. I'll leave the goat dude to you okay

Angelina: Not a problem Lisa

 While Hellin immediately charges after the half demons. Both Lisa and Angelina deal with the two beast men

Hyena Man: Silly little bitch! Are you seriously suppose to be an angel?

Lisa: Suppose to be an angel? Look here you blind ugly furry bastard! I'm one of Lord Asira's top fucking angels. Now let me show you what this angel can do. Come forth... PEACEMAKER!

 Summoning her trusted holy sword Peacemaker. Lisa prepares for battle against Hyena Man.

Goat Man: Hey pretty lady. Which limb do you want me tear from you first?

Angelina: I prefer if you wouldn't take any. I much prefer if we didn't have to fight at all

Goat Man: Well you should had thought of that before you bitches intervene in our business. The price of fucking with The Red Cannibals is death!

Angelina: Have it your way. Just don't say I didn't give you a chance to walk away. Now face the wrath of my fury. AMETHYST BEAM!

 Quickly putting both her hands together. Angelina then releases an amethyst colored beam towards Goat Man. Using his technique "Fearsome Ram". Goat Man charges head first towards Angelina's attack. While fighting against Goat Man. Angelina begins to hear a strange voice in her head. The voice of an unknown man calling to her. Rather yet calling out to Lilith. Distracted by the strange voice inside her head. Goat Man successfully pushed through Angelina's attack. Now charging directly towards her. Lisa having already defeated Hyena Man. Quickly flies herself to Angelina's aid. Creating a Holy Barrier around Angelina and herself.  Crashing into Lisa's Holy Barrier. Goat Man falls down to the ground. Before Goat Man could rise to his feet. The beast man spots Hellin from the air. Seconds from landing on top of him. Unable to get up on time. Hellin lands on top of Goat Man and delivers a menacing punch. Knocking the beast man out instantly. After they defeated all of the thugs. Lisa then turned her attention onto Angelina

Angelina: Thanks for the quick save Lisa

Lisa: Anytime Angie, that what friends are for. However I know good and well. A woman possessing your powers needs no one's help. Especially against such a easy opponent. Girl what the hell happened out there?

Angelina: While I was fighting against Goat Man. I heard a voice inside of my head. The voice was calling out to ---

 Before Angelina could finish her sentence. The young demon blacks out and nearly falls down. Luckily Lisa was right there to catch her unconscious friend and ally. Hellin on the other hand was busy rounding up the thugs. Along with discovering the female giant is the shop owners daughter. While the shop owner calls the local authorities. Hellin discovers Angelina has fainted

Hellin: What the hell happened to her?

Lisa: I really don't know. Angie mentioned hearing some voice in her head. However before she could finish speaking. Angie went unconscious. Thankfully I was able to catch her

Hellin: As if that really mattered. Angelina is a demon for fuck sakes. Now about the mysterious voice in her head. That to me is very troubling. I truly pray it's not Christof trying to tamper with her mind

Lisa: How could it possibly Christof? It's not like he knows we're here. Well does he?

Hellin: The hell you're asking me? It's just a possibility after all. It's not like stranger shit hasn't happened. Anyways can you heal her or what?

Lisa: Angelina hasn't suffered any physical wounds. An angels powers aren't really affective against an unconscious mind. Perhaps we should take her to a nearby hospital 

Hellin: If you think that will help

Lisa: Well considering you're a telepath Hellin. Maybe you'll like to see if you can help Angie?

Hellin: The hospital sounds like a wonderful idea

Lisa: Bitch!

After bidding the food stand owner and his daughter farewell. Lisa flies both Hellin and Angelina to a local hospital. Once the girls had checked Angelina into the hospital. Both Hellin and Lisa decide to grab something to eat.  Returning to the hospital an hour later. The girls immediately decided to check on Angelina. Entering inside of Angelina's resting. Both Hellin and Lisa were shocked by what they witnessed. Two of the nurses taking care of Angelina. Lay on the ground slowly bleeding out to death. Lisa immediately ran to the aid of the nurses. Using her angelic powers to heal them of their wounds. Meanwhile Hellin had become engulf with emotions of anger and regret

Hellin: I should had killed that bitch when I had the chance! At least now I can kill Lilith without any remorse

Lisa: Hellin don't you dare go after her without me

Hellin: Piss off Lisa! Had I just went my instinct. I wouldn't have to worry about Lilith

Lisa: Okay what's your fucking issue with Lilith?

Hellin: Long ago before my mother became Queen of Babylon. Lilith was the very demon responsible for Babylon's creation. After many years of ruling over Babylon. Lilith had grown bored of her routine life. Wanting a life of endless adventure and the ability to do anything. Lilith decided to kill all her subjects and servants. Ultimately abandoning her position as Queen of Babylon and leaving the Underworld. However knowing that Lilith was still out there. My mother told both my sister and I. Should we ever encounter Lilith. Our orders were to kill her on the spot. Unfortunately for a limited time. Lilith or better known as Angelina. Was one of my allies. Thus causing me great internal conflict. Had I just followed my mothers orders. Angelina would already been dead. Now I have to find Angelina and kill her. Before she decides to return to the Underworld. Threatening my mother's position of power. Now i'm going to say this just this once. Stay the fuck out of my way or I'll kill you as well

Unable to stop Hellin from running off. Lisa watched angrily as Hellin jumped out the hospital window. In order to give chase to Angelina


Once splitting from the others. Okubi along with Eligos and Anna began traveling towards Queen Adama's castle. While Okubi fully intended to confront Adama about Coram's current situation. Okubi also had plans for Anna. Ever since he meet Anna in the Underworld. Learning about her rough life and witnessing the cruelty Anna endured from Othello. Okubi wanted to treat Anna to some unexpected yet well deserved fun. Knowing it would be hours before they reached Adama's castle. Okubi decided to treat Anna to various festivities. Starting with taking Anna to a up scale clothing store. At first Anna did not like the idea. Feeling it was unfair the others weren't enjoying such activities. However the main reason Anna didn't want to go shopping. Anna felt she was underserving of such luxuries. Able to relate to Anna's feelings of uncertainty. Eligos begins to speak to Anna. Convincing the young demon to enjoy herself. After nearly two hours of shopping. Okubi and Eligos then takes Anna to a street carnival. Never in her entire life has Anna seen anything so wonderful. A bit hesitant at first. Anna had asked Okubi is she can go on some of the rides. Okubi calmly agreed to Anna's wishes. Sitting quietly on the bench. Okubi and Eligos joyfully watched Anna ride on various rides. Anna rode on a carousel, mechanical pony, play a game of laser tag, another ride on the carousel, and finally the merry- go- round. After giving Anna a surprise morning of fun. Okubi was now ready to go and see Queen Adama. Similar to their adventures in Jazan. Okubi planned for Anna to sneak inside Adama's castle. While both Eligos and Okubi directly approach Adama. While Okubi was uncertain of what danger lies ahead. Okubi knew for certain he wanted to keep Anna out of any unnecessary dangers. Finally arriving to Noble City, the capital of Coram. Now only an hour away from meeting Queen Adama. Nothing could prepare Okubi and his team for what happens next.  Walking through the elegant scenery of Noble City. Okubi, Eligos, and Anna began sensing various ominous presence. The first two they scents were nothing too alarming.

 However the last scent felt very fearsome. Immediately Okubi and his team knew they were sensing Christof. The very demon that threaten the lives of every citizen within Coram. While Okubi feared no demon. Okubi knew he was not quite ready to face Christof just yet. Especially with only Anna to back him up. None the less Okubi saw an opportunity. Should he seek out Christof and defeat him battle. Not only could Okubi spare his friends from needless danger. The citizens of Coram would all be spared from certain death. While Eligos and Anna was unsure of Okubi's plans to confront Christof. They both knew once Okubi had made up his mind. Absolutely nothing or no one could change his mind. If Okubi believed he could take out Christof here and now. Okubi would not let such an opportunity slip from his fingers.  Enhancing the scent of his aura. Okubi wanted to draw Christof and his companions to his location. Ten minutes after enhancing his demonic aura. Standing before Okubi, Eligos, and Anna was the demon Christof. Standing seven feet tall. Christof was a pale skin demon with brownish gold hair. Wearing a long beard around his face. Christof wore a opened green trench coat. Showing off his muscular body. Covered in various battle scars. Wearing navy blue pants and steel toed black boots. Christof definitely posses the characteristic of a powerful demon. Alongside Christof were two other demons. A Egyptian looking female demon wearing a purple/black jumpsuit on Christof's right. A Egyptian looking male demon wearing a sleeveless red/black jumpsuit on Christof's left. The names of those demons were Falen and Rage. Now with the main target in his sights. Okubi was ready for battle

Christof: So I guess your the fuckers who came to stop me?

Okubi: How did you know we are coming? I highly doubt you possess any precognitive abilities

Christof: That you be right lad. Luckily for me my wife own a magic mirror. A mirror that told me about your arrival. Speaking of which. Where the rest of your band of losers?

Okubi: They are around here somewhere. Trying to locate the whereabouts of Ivory and find your main hideout. Now having told you that piece of information. Exactly who is this wife you speak of?

Christof: Now c'mon lad, ya can't be that dense. Alright I'll tell since I'm going to kill you anyways. My lovely wife is the very woman who runs the county. Queen Adama Snow of Coram!

Anna: Oh no!

Eligos: If I suspected as much. I'm certain Master Okubi figured it out as well

Okubi: I certainly did Eligos. Sadly I truly wish it wasn't true. Now it makes sense how you remain under the radar. The very woman who suppose to be protecting Coram. Works to aid the man who wishes to destroy it. Now that leads me to ask my next question. Is Queen Adama aiding you by free will or she's under some sought of curse?

Christof: You're as smart as ya look sissy boy. Well to answer you question. My wife's situation is a little bit of both. Having placed the Loathe Spell on my wife Adama. The curse has the ability to force a person act on their darkest of desires. The best part about the curse. The person it's inflicted upon is well aware of their action. They are just unable to stop themselves. Anyways I did not come here to chat with you about my ambitions. Considering how foolish your friends and you were to come here. I'm pretty certain you know of my plans

Okubi: We most certainly do you bastard! I won't let you sacrifice the citizens of Coram. Just so you can be some all powerful demon. I refuse to let you use to Prosperity Gem for such unspeakable evil. That's why I will execute you here and now

Eligos: Master Okubi, do you believe you can defeat Christof on your own?

Okubi: Eligos I don't have much of a choice now do I? Not that I never wanted to fight Christof. However I had hope Hellin's team had encountered him first. They were my offense team after all.

Christof: Speaking about you friend Angelina. I don't think she'll be so reliable as you once thought. As I had mentioned earlier. Once my wife told me about you and your friends arrival. My wife gave me a bit of info on each one of you. When she told me the truth about your friend Angelina. I immediately decided to use my Personal-Path abilities upon your friend. Making certain Lilith's power couldn't be used against me

Anna: A Personal- Path?

Okubi: Meaning an individual who posses a unique type of telepathy. While they can't manipulate multiple minds or cast illusions. A personal-path has the ability to target a single individual. Taking over the individuals mind completely over time. Course there is a draw back to said power. Long as the user maintains control over his target individual. They cannot target anyone else for a certain length of time. None the less having targeted Angelina. I know Hellin and Lisa have quite a situation on their hands. I'm truly beginning to regret splitting everyone up. Perhaps if had traveled together. Things may had worked out differently

Christof: It certainly would had been differently. I would had killed you buggers all in one swat

Anna: That means Hellin and Lisa are in danger

Eligos: I'm confident both Hellin and Lisa will fair well against Lilith. In the meantime Anna my dear it's time---

Okubi: NO IT'S NOT!

Anna: Okubi?

Eligos: Master?

Okubi: Anna I appreciate you very much, but I don't want your help. Especially against this brute and his minions. Eligos, you and Anna get out of here. Go and find the others

Eligos: Master Okubi I will not leave your---

Okubi: You dare question my authority? Eligos I do not wish to argue with you. I care about you WAY too much. Now please both you and Anna get out of here. I'll fend these curs off as long as possible

Anna: But Okubi, I can help you. Please don't treat me like a useless demon

Okubi: Anna you are not useless. Please try to think better of yourself. Should something happen to me. I need someone to get the message to the others. Please just and find Hellin and Lisa. I can handle these jokers on my own

Christof: Big talk for such a sissy looking man. Falen, Rage! Get ready to rip this little bitch apart

Okubi: Either with the odds against me. I won't be remotely easy to take down. I have survive much worst than this. Now go Eligos and Anna. I can handle this alone

Eligos: Promise me you won't be killed Master Okubi

Anna: We will come back for you. Please stay alive until then Okubi. Thank you for our awesome morning once again. Minus my friendship with Princess Hellin. Never have I experience such wonderful joy. Okubi please don't allow these monsters to kill you

Okubi: Eligos until we reunite. I'm giving Anna temporary ownership of your spirit. Make sure you take good care of here. I won't forgive you otherwise

Eligos: I most certainly will Master Okubi. Goodbye my dear friend

Christof: Oh how fucking heartbreaking. Do you really think I'm going to let your friend's escape? Rage go and grab the girl

Okubi: Not on your life butt hole. SUMMONING AQUA CLONES

At the speed of lightning. Okubi summons four water clones of himself. Right before the demon Rage could get his hands on Anna. Okubi sets one of his clones right in front of him. Right as rage tries to run pass Okubi's clone. The set Okubi clone explodes in a hard splash of water. The impact of the exploding clone sends Rage crashing to the ground. Knocking the speedster demon off of his feet. Okubi realizes that both Eligos and Anna had ran away successfully.

Christof: Falen help Rage deal with this bitch. I'm going after the girl in green

Okubi: No the hell you are not! Water clones stop that behemoth at once

 Following the orders of the real Okubi. The water clones start charging towards Christof. Pulling out a short sword from the left side of her thigh. Falen moves towards Okubi attempting to kill him. Okubi quickly summons his ice rapier. Immediately enters combat with the female demon. Preparing himself against the three Okubi water clones. Christof swiftly summons two gigantic broadswords. Battling against Falen, Okubi gains the upper hand and kicks her away. Spotting Rage getting up from the corner of his eye. Okubi throws multiple fireballs towards Rage. Using his super speed abilities. Rage does Okubi's fireballs with ease. Having dealt with Okubi's water clones. Christof then charges towards the real Okubi with intent to kill. Unfazed by his demon opponents. Okubi uses a technique he would never perform amongst his allies. Performing the Seduction Pose Writhe. Okubi bends over with his back facing his enemies. Placing both his on the ground and spreading his legs apart. Okubi releases a ominous energy towards Christof, Falen, and Rage. Hearing Christof, Falen, and Rage screaming in  agonizing pain. Okubi is now ready to deliver the finishing blow. Holding his ice rapier in left hand. Okubi starts walking towards Christof. Kneeling from the pain of Okubi's last attack. Christof knew if he didn't strike now. Not only would Okubi have his head. The very ambitions he worked hard to achieve would be for not. Summoning every last bit of strength within his body. Right as Okubi was about to decapitate Christof.  The demon manages to ram his fist through Okubi's body. A few inches below Okub's heart. Realizing that he had become over confident. Okubi never expected it would end like this. Christof pulling his arm out of Okubi's chest. Okubi began bleeding heavily as he dropped to the floor. Immediately the young half demon's healing began kicking in. Unfortunately even with his wounds healing in a matter of minutes. Okubi was now at the complete mercy of Christof and his minions. As Okubi lay barely conscious on the ground. Okubi was certain Christof would end his life within the alley. Instead the tall demon pick Okubk off the ground. Throwing Okubi's petite body over his shoulders. 

Christof: We did it folks? While we failed to grab the girl. We now have their leader in our possession. While we intended to go to the hideout and retrieve the gem. After battling against this little bitch. I think it's be we goes back tot he castle and rest a bit. Course also throw this bitch in my wife's dungeon. Surely the girl in green will warn the others. That's why we need to find and kill them first. Before the others reunite and gather at Noble City. Only after we killed the rest of Okubi's friends. Along with finding where Ivory is hiding. Then I will personally deal with the bitch on my shoulder. Now gets off ya asses and let's get back to the castle. One down and ten more to go. No matter what obstacles may stand in my way. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will stop me from achieving my goal. I Christof will become the greatest demon to ever live! Bet on it!


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