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Forbidden Chapter 24

Forbidden Chapter Twenty Four - Troubles Of The Night

Arriving to the Luger Forest in search of Susan's friend Mimi. Alongside her comrades Apollyn and Nara. Xiaoyu had hope to encounter the rogues Ivory and Zar. Walking through the lavender and bronze colored forest. The trio soon encounter a large lake of water. Seconds after arriving in front of the lake. Apollyn starts to sense a presence within the water. Rising out of the lake appears a dark skinned woman. Wearing a revealing and soaked black dressed. Stunned by the woman's beauty. The trio find themselves momentarily speechless. Xiaoyu eventually manages to regain her composure

Xiaoyu: Excuse me Miss. Sorry to disturb you on this lovely night. Anyways my friends and I were sent to find a woman name Mimi?

Nara: Hopefully she's as beautiful as you

Xiaoyu: Nara you perv!

Nara: My bad babe. Please don't be mad at me. My heart belongs only to you

Apollun: Anyways are you Mimi, friend of Susan buddy?

Mimi: I'm most certainly am. The names Mimi Neptune. Mermaid of the Luger Lake

Xiaoyu: Mermaid? No way would we be so lucky to meet an actual mermaid

Mimi: Well then consider yourselves lucky. I'm a 100% pure mermaid honey. Anyways did Susan give you good folks my cookies?

Apollyn: Apollyn has Mimi buddy's rainbow cookies right here

 Digging inside of her small pink pocketbook. Apollyn pulls out Mimi's bag of rainbow cookies. Apollyn walks the snacks over to Mimi. After a quick inspection of her snacks. Mimi gives Apollyn a look of suspicion

Mimi: How many cookies were in the bag?

Xiaoyu: Ten. Why are you asking?

Mimi: Because now there is only nine

Nara: Apollyn!

Apollyn: Apollyn just wanted to have a cookie

Xiaoyu: Apollyn we trusted you. Wasn't the Fried Ice Cream not enough?

Apollyn: Apollyn is so very sorry

Mimi: Don't be too mad at your friend. After all she is a dessert demon

Xiaoyu: Waits? How did you guess that?

Mimi: First of all I didn't guess anything. Second demons born with light or baby colored hair. Usually are either dessert demons or can learn dessert magic. A woman with my long life knows a dessert demon when I see one

Nara: Exactly how old are you?

Mimi: A woman doesn't reveal he age. Let's just say I'm around between two thousand to three thousand years old. Anyways I didn't have Susan send you folks here just for some cookies. 

Xiaoyu: I knew it! Susan sent us here because you know something about Zar and Ivory

Mimi: That's Princess Ivory if you know what's good for you

Xiaoyu: My apologies

Nara: Well I'm glad this trip wasn't for nothing. However one thing bothers me. Exactly how did Susan know we were looking for Zar and Ivory?

Mimi: Please try to remember to call her Princess when you meet her. Anyways before you even say it. Susan is not a telepath. Nor am I for that matter. However I do posses a magical ball. A ball with the ability to show me important events. As I'm sure you already know. The citizens of Coram and it's Kingdom is in grave danger. The demon Christof and his demons have invaded our home. Poisoned Queen Adama's mind and spirit. However the worst part about all of this. Christof posses a gem with evil powers. A gem that grants him power for every life he claims

Nara: Exactly why he wants to sacrifice the citizens of Coram

Xiaoyu: But if Christof already has the gem in his possession. Why haven't the citizens of Coram already been sacrificed?

Mimi: Well luckily for us and the rest of Coram. Princess Ivory had placed a Charm Spell on Christof's evil gem. A spell that renders the gem useless unless Ivory is either killed or removes it herself. Which is why Christof has been relentlessly hunting Ivory and her bodyguard Zar. Fortunately for the rest of us. Christof and his minions are unaware of Princess Ivory's other helpers. Such as Susan and myself

Xiaoyu: Well that's good news indeed. As long as Ivory has her Charm Spell on the Prosperity Gem. The citizens of Coram shall remain safe

Mimi: At the moment anyways. Unfortunately time is nearly running out for us. Christof and his demons have nearly searched everywhere for Ivory. It's only a matter of time for they discover our hideout. Then we will be forced to fight for our lives

Apollyn: Apollyn has a question? Why didn't you guys just leave Coram?

Nara: That is a rather good question. Like why not send someone to contact King Onyxe?

Mimi: Very much like her mother. Princess Ivory is not too fond of King Onyxe. Not because of his demonic lineage, but due to the King's young age. While Onyxe is consider an adult in our world Asira. The King is nothing more than a teenager in the Underworld. Also Onyxe has his hands full dealing with the demons known as The Children of Ruin. Furthermore Ivory doesn't want to risk anything happening to her mother. Which is why the princess has remain hidden within her homeland

Xiaoyu: I can definitely understand where she's coming from. Still reaching out to Onyxe would had been a good idea. I know for a fact Onyxe has enough man power to aid Princess Ivory

Mimi: That is perhaps true. However we want to do this our way. Anyways we wasted enough time on talking. Time for me to introduce you to the rest of Coram's rebels. Also please remain on your guards. Many terrifying beast are out during the night. Especially Night Lions, Komodo Dragons, Red Spirits, and werewolves. Course werewolves are nearly extinct thanks to our friend Zar

Nara: Well he is a wolf hunter

Mimi: Considering what those monster did to his grandfather and him. Zar hunts those bastards with extreme prejudice. Now come and follow me

 Following Mimi through the Luger Forest to the Coram Rebels base. The group shortly encounter a group of Red Spirits. Using her light base magic powers. Xiaoyu makes quick work of the resentful spirits. Walking for nearly a half hour. The group then encounters a Night Lion twice a regular size one. Apollyn quickly steps up and faces the majestic yet ravenous creature. Only using her natural demonic strength and agility. Apollyn easily slays the fearsome beast. Having defeated both obstacles through their short journey. The heroes had finally arrived to the Coram Rebels secret hideout. Standing outside of the hideout were three women and one man. Instantly recognizing the man in red as Zar. Along with the ebony woman as Princess Ivory. However the other two woman were a mystery. Wasting no time to introduce himself. Zar walks up to the heroes and begins greeting them

Zar: So you're the help Susan discovered. Anyways i'm the Young Hunter In Red, Zar Arkwright. The woman behind me are Goldilocks, Linda, and my dear friend Princess Ivory

Xiaoyu: It's wonderful to meet you all

Zar: What an interesting group of people you are. A demon, a darken, and a woman who posses light base magic

NaraL That's some nose you got there wolf hand

Xiaoyu: OMG! Why are one of your hands a werewolves's claw?

Zar: Seems like Mimi didn't feel you in on my background

Nara: Not the whole story anyways

Zar: Well after witnessing a werewolf murder my beloved grandfather before my very eyes. The beast then came after me. While I manage to out best the creature and ultimately killing him. I unfortunately lost my left hand during battle. Thus replacing it with the one of the wolf's Now I posses abilities similar to that of an werewolf.

Nara: I'm sure those werewolf powers come very handy. Especially in your line of work

Zar: Former line of work. Ever since I saved my friend from near death. I too had become a target of her demon stepfather. None the less I still serve as a protector of the citizens of Coram.

Xiaoyu: No doubt about that. Anyways i have a question I want to ask you? Well two to be honest

Zar: Ask away

Xiaoyu: First how exactly did you all manage to hide so long?

Ivory: I'll answer that. The use of my mental powers. I'm able to conceal the location of the rebels and myself. It's been rather tiring to be honest. My mother posses a magic mirror. One that can reveal to her just about anything. Keeping my mother for finding our location has been difficult. I'm afraid I may not be able to hide us much longer

Linda: And should that ever happen. Us rebels are in deep shit

Goldilocks: Course should we encounter those bastards. We'll be more than happy to kick their asses

Zar: If only Christof and his minions were such easy adversaries. Christof alone is more than any us could handle

Xiaoyu: i'm sure our leader Okubi could easily defeat Christof. Even our bitchy ally Hellin probably could handle Christof alone. Unfortunately neither one of them are here with us. I truly hope our other comrades are doing well.

Ivory: I hope so for their sakes as well. Knowing my mother and the curse she's under. I'm certain she's aware of you and your friends arrival. Meaning Christof knows you're here as well

Xiaoyu: Talk about bad fucking news. Now I really regret we decided to split up

Nara: Well it was our leader Okubi's idea

Xiaoyu: He wanted us to cover more ground. It's not like Okubi knew about Queen Adama's magic mirror. Otherwise we more than likely would had stuck together. Anyways at least we found Ivory and the rebels first. Giving us an opportunity to plan against Christof and his demons

Zar: In the meantime. We should all rest ourselves for the night. Course since we don't know when Christof minions may find us. I will stay up to watch over everyone

Xiaoyu: By yourself? Seems to me you're just as tired as the rest of us

Apollyn: Apollyn is not tired. Apollyn will watch over everyone

Nara: Well she is a demon. They can go days without sleep if necessary

Ivory: Can you be trusted to stay on the look out?

Apollyn: Apollyn can definitely be trusted to watch over buddies

Zar: Okay Apollyn I'll leave you in charge. However don't hesitate to wake me up if you start to tire

Apollyn: Apollyn doesn't think that will be necessary, but thank you anyways Zar buddy

Xiaoyu: Okay we will go to bed then. Thank you so very much Lynn

Ivory: Now that theirs enough of us to go against Christof. Once we wake up tomorrow. We're going straight to my mother's castle in Noble City. It's about time we free this country from my evil stepfather

 Meanwhile in another part of Coram. Having abandon Okubi by his command. Both Eligos and Anna travel the streets of Silverwood. Consumed by emotions of guilt and regret. Wishing they did not follow Okubi's order. Now in search for the rest of the heroes. Eligos and Anna fear the worst had become of their leader

Anna: Eligos i'm so sorry

Eligos: This is literally the fiftieth time you had apologize to me. It's starting to get really fucking annoying. Like I already said, Master Okubi gave us an order. In spite of how much I disagreed with his decision. Burden by our roles as servants. We dare not question our Master's orders. Even if said orders is beyond fucking ridiculous. Now cease with your constant apologies. Our only concern is to locate the others. Once we gather our friends. All of us shall storm Queen Adama's castle. Confronting both her and Christof. Along with the possibility of rescuing Master Okubi

Sadden by Eligos harsh words. Anna wars an expression of heavy sadness. Realizing what he had done. Eligos immediately regrets his harsh tone towards Anna. Knowing Anna has been talk down to majority of her life. Eligos felt compel to apologize to his friend

Eligos: Anna I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I know you mean well. I'm just very upset right now. I didn't mean to take my frustration out on you. I hope that you can forgive me?

Anna: Thank you for apologizing to me Eligos. It really means a lot to me. I can completely understand why you are so worried. The love you have for Okubi is infinite. I just hope and pray Okubi is still alive. Anyways let's continue to look for the others

 Continuing to search for their missing friends. Eligos and Anna approaches a local bar. Standing less than two feet away. The duo witnesses two men being thrown out the bar. Concern about whats going on inside. Both Eligos and Anna rushes inside of the bar. Entering the mahogany colored bar. Surprise by the chaos taking place. Eligos and Anna discovers a drunk Lisa brawling with the locals. Fearing for the worst. Eligos and Anna begin to plan how to end the chaos

Lisa: C'mon you dirty son of bitches. I'll take each and everyone of you fucking heathen out!

Anna: Are my eyes deceiving me? Is Lisa really drunk right now? Exactly where is Master Hellin and Angelina by the way?

Eligos: A rather good question my dear. I'm certain their absents is our unruly angel's reason for getting drunk. Now let's find a way to stop this madness. Before Lisa ends up killing someone. Perhaps one of your tarot monsters can be of assistance?

Anna: My friends wouldn't know how to deal with Lisa without harming her. Instead I'll quickly whip up a Sobering Potion. In the meantime please try talking some sense into Lisa

Eligos: Talking sense to a drunk? Do I look like a miracle worker to you?

Anna: Eligos now is not the time for your sarcasm

Eligos: Exactly who made you the boss of me?

Anna: Okubi1 Now do as I saw or I'll order you back to the Underworld

Eligos: Okay okay! No need for such threats. I'll go and talk to Lisa

 Eligos immediately flies towards Lisa as she brawls with the locals

Eligos: Lisa my dear sweet girl. Is everything alright?

Lisa: Hey Eligos! Everything is just find. Just beating some fucking manners into these fucking piece of shit bitch ass heathens! Anyways where is Okubi? I need to tell him Angelina had reverted back to Lilth and Hellin went to go kill her.

Eligos: SWEET LUCIFER WOMAN! No wonder you're pissy drunk. Anyways Master Okubi is currently not in our company. Master Okubi had allowed Anna and I to escape. While he stayed and fought Christof and his minions

Lisa: FUCKING FANTASTIC! Just when I thought this night couldn't get any better. I need another fucking drink

Eligos: Another drink is the last thing you need. Anna is that Sobering Potion about ready?

Anna: Coming right now Eligos

 Making her way to her friends. Anna holds a bottle containing greenish pink liquid. While Lisa continues to battle against the locals. Anna grabs Lisa's arm. In order to get her to drink the potion. However a drunk and angry Lisa pushes Anna off of her.

Eligos: Anna are you okay?

Anna: I'm a demon...well part demon for goodness sakes. A fall like this couldn't harm me on my worst day. Unfortunately getting Lisa to drink my potion won't be easy

Just then a small mob enters the bar. Holding various weapons within their hands. The mob had come to deliver punishment upon Lisa. Realizing the situation has become worst. Both Eligos and Anna start to panic

Eligos: Just fucking marvelous1 Not only are we dealing with a drunk angel. Now we got a angry mob on our hands

Anna: Dammit! I really wish Hellin was here right about now

Eligos: Just so the situation could get even worst? Great thinking Anna

Anna: Oh shut up you miserable geezer! Now what are we going to do?

Fortunately for Eligos, Anna, and Lisa. From out of nowhere. A stream of water strikes down the mob. Making it's way towards the heroes. The stream of water takes out the remaining locals. Now standing before the bar door. Appears a man dressed like a Japanese monk. Anna and Lisa both stunned by the man's sudden, but timely appearance. Eligos immediately recognizes the mysterious man

Eligos: Tobirama Takeda!

Tobirama: Hurry up and leave this place

Relieved to been rescued from the mob. Anna uses her demonic strength and throws Lisa over her shoulder. Following behind his female allies. The trio leaves the bar and follows Tobirama. A half hour later the heroes arrive to Tobirama's apartment. Once inside Tobirama leads Anna to his sofa. Allowing her to lay down the sleeping Lisa. After taking a moment to relax. Anna begins to thank Tobirama for saving them

Anna: Thank you so much sir for saving us. Had you not arrived when you did. Who knows what could had happened

Tobirama: i'm just glad I could help. Seems to me your friend got herself in quite a mess

Anna: Well she isn't the only one. Ever since we decided to come to this city. It's been nothing but one problem after another. Course if we had not come here. No one would be able to save the citizens of Coram. It just fucking sucks that everything went downhill. Never did I imagine things would get this bad

Tobirama: Seems to me your friends and you weren't exactly prepared for the troubles ahead. Perfectly I'm thankful I had meet you folks. Until now I never knew Coram was in any danger. Now I really don't have a reason for staying within this city. I'll pack my valuables first thing in the morning

Eligos: Insufferable bastard! I know you see me here

Tobirama: Oh hello to you again Eligos. I was actually hoping you would disappear from my sights. Well I'm glad to see you found these beautiful ladies to serve. Especially after how many years you try to get Okubi to become your Master. Watching my favorite pupil reject your ass every time was hilarious

Eligos: Well I would hate to disappoint you asshole. However I did end up becoming both Okubi's servant and dear friend. After losing the only person that ever mattered to him. It was I who saved Okubi from falling into despair. Course due to the hurt and anger within his heart. I had endure many years of cruelty from Okubi. Only recently has the darkness begin to fade from my Master's heart. So for your fucking information Takeda. I did end up being chosen by Okubi. Something you only wish could happen to you

Tobirama: Annoying worthless spirit! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOME!

Eligos: Why don't you fucking make me? Oh wait you're not a Spirit Toucher

Tobirama: I may not posses your "alleged" Master's gift. However I'm well verse in dealing with unwanted spirits

Anna: The both of you stop arguing at once

Tobirama: Then your fucking spirit friend to shut his damn mouth! Had I know he was in your company. I would had never bother rescuing any of you

Anna: And here I thought you were a good man. It wouldn't be the first time I was wrong about a person

Tobirama: Okay that's it. Get out of my house now. Make sure to take your drunk friend out with you

Anna: That's just fine by me. I'm just utterly shocked a man like you was ever Okubi's sensei. If only Okubi could see you now. Not even a woman of my imagination. Can express the disgusted look Okubi would had on his face. Eligos get ready to--

Tobirama: Okay hold on a second! I really didn't mean to come off so harsh. I just really can't stand that arrogant bastard Eligos. Anyways is what Eligos is saying really true? Did he become the servant of Okubi?

Anna: Indeed it is Tobirama sir. The only reason Okubi isn't here with us. Is due to him being captured by our current target Christof

Hearing Anna's confession. Tobirama instantly become consumed by anger. Hearing his beloved pupil in the clutches of a enemy demon. Tobirama began to ask Anna the full details of their situation

Tobirama: Some lowlife demon has kidnapped my Okubi? 

Eligos: I knew such terrible news would ruffle your feathers. Even after all these years. You're still madly in love with Okubi

Tobirama: Do not bring my feelings into this Eligos! The simple fact that Okubi was my pupil. Regardless where he goes in life. I want him to be safe and well. Knowing he has been captured by some sinister demon. I have to do everything my power to save him. Exactly where has Okubi been taken too?

Anna: You're asking me if I would know. However if I had to guess. I would say Okubi's has been taken to Queen Adama's castle

Tobirama: Queen Adama's castle? That doesn't make a lick of sense. After all Queen Adama is the Coram's main protector. No way could Okubi's kidnappers could be aligned with Adama

Eligos: Don't be so fucking dense Takeda! Either Adama is under a curse or willing is aiding Christof. The point is Coram and it's residents are in grave danger. The demon Christof posses one of the curse gems. The Prosperity Gem to be exact. A gem that grants user power for each life he or she claims. Christof plans on sacrificing the residents of Coram. In order to become a more powerful demon. Once my friends and I learned of the demon's plan. We traveled to Coram in oder to kill him. Unfortunately my friends and I decided to split into groups. Which at first seem like a perfect idea. However after today's event. My feelings has changed drastically. I'm certain my comrades share my opinion

Anna: I certainly do

Lisa: That goes fucking double for me

Anna: Lisa you're awake?

Lisa: Apparently so Anna

Tobirama: We considering your earlier physical state. None of us thought you be awake so soon. Especially around this time no less

Lisa: Well as an angel. My body naturally heals itself of any toxins. Course I should not had been drinking in the person damn place. I know Asira must be very pissed at me. Times like these I hate having a mortal conscious. Sometimes I truly wish I was more like my brothers and sisters in the Heavens. Anyways I'm sorry how I behaved earlier Anna and Eligos

Anna: Apology accepted Lisa. I'm just glad your sober

Lisa: Sadly I still feel very tired. Asira I pray Hellin hasn't found Angelina. I also hope Lilith hasn't killed anyone

Tobirama: Did you just refer to Princess Hellin and the Demon Lord Lilith?

Lisa: Yes I most certainly did. Both are allies of our. It's a long story Tobi. One I don't feel like explaining at this very moment. First a bitch needs a night of sleep. Tomorrow I'll fill you in on the details. In the meantime I'm going back to sleep. I truly pray Lord Asira watches over us all

Lisa falls back to sleep

Tobirama: So what about Okubi? Are we not going to rescue him?

Eligos: Okubi has instructed us to first reunite with our other comrades. Once reunited with the others. We would then travel to Noble City and rescue Okubi

Tobirama: What if it's too late? I don't want to risk anything happening to Okubi

Eligos: I understand your concern Tobirama. However we are doing this Okubi's way. Regardless what happens to my Master. We will kill Christof and save the people of Coram. However should that bastard bring any harm upon my Master. I see to it he dies the most painful death imaginable


After discovering Angelina had escaped the Coram Hospital. Hellin immediately began to pursue her. Realizing Angelina;s mind has been taken over by Lilith. Hellin strongly regretted not killing Angelina when she had the chance. Now hot on Lilith's trail. Hellin hopes to find the Demon Lord. Before Lilith can make a return to the Underworld. Following Lilith's demonic aura for hours. Hellin had followed Lilith's aura to a nearby cave. Not only did Hellin no longer sense Lilith. Hellin had caught the scents of several other demons. Realizing this was the demon Christof's hideout. Hellin quickly enter inside of the cave. While keeping an ear out for Liltih. Hellin began exploring the cave. In order to find the Prosperity Gem. Searching the cave for nearly a half hour. Hellin finally spotted the green gem. Making her way towards the gem. A blast of energy had struck Hellin from behind. Knocked down onto the ground. Hellin knew Lilith had found her. Swiftly rising to her feet. Hellin turned and faced Lilith

Lilith: Well hello my dear child

Hellin: How very foolish of you Lilith! Had you remained hidden. I may had let you live. At least long until you reunited with Okubi. Nothing would satisfy me more than killing you before his very eyes

Lilith: Such bold words from an insignificant bitch! Speaking of my dear arch nemesis Okubi. Once I finish annihilating you. I will settle the score with Okubi once and for all

Hellin: I'll have you dead before then

Lilith: Little girl! You have no idea who you're fucking with

Hellin: Then you must be mistaken. Standing before me is old has been with a superiority complex. Who was so fucking full of herself. A mere human girl was able to best her. Now forced to live a miserable existence. Within the very body of the girl who bested her. So tell me again if I don't have idea who am dealing with?

Lilith: Foolish little bitch! You dare speak to me like some commoner? Now you shall feel the full extension of my wrath! PREPARE TO DIE!

Hellin: You first bitch!

Now with her target in her sights. Hellin runs towards Lilith ready to attack. Creating multiple balls of magenta fire in her hands. Lilith unleashes multiple balls of fire from her palm. Dodging the multiple fireballs with ease. Hellin begins to close in on Lilith. Wearing a sadistic smile on her face. Lilith translocates herself right before Hellin. Momentarily caught off guard by Lilith's speed. Just before Lilith delivers a menacing kick. Hellin quickly blocks her head as Lilith's kick sends her flying. Crashing to the ground once again. Right as Hellin rises to her knees. Lilith appears before her again. Delivering another menacing kick towards Hellin's head. Blocking Lilith's attack once more. Hellin counters by unleashing a blast of black fire. Dodging Hellin's attack with little effort. Lilith starts to prepare her next attack. Extending her left hand out towards Lilith. Hellin uses the technique Ravenous Snakes. Multiple boa constrictor sizes snakes spring out from Hellin's wrist. Watching the snakes coming towards her. Lilith quickly chants a spell in latin. Turning Hellin's Ravenous Snake attack against herself. Becoming bind by her own snakes. Hellin tires forcefully to break herself free. Lilith laughs menacingly watching Hellin struggle

Lilith: Little girl! Don't you realize when you been beaten? Did you truly believe you were a match for me?

Hellin: I defeated Demon Lords before bitch! Don't think for a second I'm defeated. It was my fault using a snake theme attack. Against a woman who experts in snake magic. Regardless this fight is far from over

Lilith: Oh how adorable. Little girl can't accept she's been defeated. Now that I have you where I want you. I have something I want to ask you

Hellin: Is it "How will I be killing you. Once I break free from these damn snakes?"

Lilith: Not quite little bitch. I wanted to ask you if you are from Babylon?

Hellin: What gave it away? My scent/

Lilith: No your behavior. The way you carry yourself is that of a Babylonian warrior. Prideful fighters to the very end. The very same way my warriors were fifty seven hundred thousand years ago. Well before I killed all of them of course. Seems like your current ruler and I shared similar in our warriors. So tell me my prideful and soon dead demon. Are you related to the current ruler of Babylon? Perhaps Babylon's current ruling is someone you call mom?

Hearing such a shocking yet accurate guest from Lilith. The feelings of regret Hellin once felt. Now has transformed itself into fear. Seeing the worried expression on Hellin's face. Lilith wears a smile of utter satisfaction. Knowing she has Hellin in her full mercy. All that is left is to crush the young demon's spirit

Lilith: Well by that pitiful expression on your face. Looks like I hit the nail on the head. Anyways after I'm through with you. Following by getting my revenge on Okubi. I will then return to the Underworld and reclaim my throne. Best believe when I see that mother of yours. I'll surely tell her what a pathetic daughter you were. Now my dear child. It's time I put an end to your needless existence

Lilith then begins making her way towards Hellin. Unable to break free from the multiple snakes surrounding her body. Hellin knows she only has one option left. Once Lilith is standing before here. The former Demon Lord lays a hand on Hellin's face. Right before slashing Hellin's right cheek with her thumb nail. Licking Hellin's blood off her nail. Lilith begins to taunt the young demon once more

Lilith: So my dear sweet little demon. Any last words before I destroy you?

Hellin: Oh I most certainly do my dear Lilith. DON'T PISS OFF A TELEPATH!

Unleashing a wave of psychic energy upon Lilith. Hellin successfully traps the demon's mind in what is known as the Astral Planes. Having brought their battle to the Astral Planes. Hellin now has the upper hand against Lilith. However in order to eliminate the former Demon Lord. The life of Angelina is also at risk


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