Saturday, April 4, 2015

New Characters Of Forbidden

1. Ivory Snow

The Chocolate Skin Snow White. The daughter of Queen Adama. After learning of her mother's secret marriage to the demon Christof. Ivory knew her life was about to change from the worst. Learning about her step father's plans to sacrifice the residence of Coram. Ivory had stolen a valuable gem once in her step father's possession. Now hiding within her country as a wanted outlaw. Alongside her dear friend Zar. Ivory plans on freeing her mother and Coram from the evil of Christof

Ivory is based on the fairy tale Snow White

2. Zar Arkwright

The Young Hunter In Red. A young karate master turned vigilante. After coming home from school one evening. Upon entering inside of his beloved grandfather's house. Zar witness his grandpa being devoured by a werewolves. Spotted by the fearsome creature. The werewolves had came after Zar. Thankfully due to his fighting skills. Zar managed to slay the beast, but at the cost of his left hand. After replacing his missing hand with the wolf's. Swearing to make sure no one else suffered his fate. Zar decided to become a protector of Coram. Several months later. After learning the truth about Coram from his friend Ivory. Zar had joined Ivory in her fight against Christof

Zar is inspired by the Story Little Red Riding Hood. Also Zar's name was inspired by Queen's Blade Grimoire character Zara

3.  Susan Battle

The beautiful and savvy Coram resident with a troubled past. Despite Susan's youthful appearance. The spring green haired beauty is 235 years old. Originally a princess from the country Samarium. After the death of her mother. Susan's father had demanded she become his new wife. Refusing to marry her own father. Susan's father threaten to have her executed. Filled with great anger and sadness. Susan had ran away from home. In order to avoid such a tragic fate. While running through the forest. Susan had encountered a witch by the name Jennifer. After Susan had explained her situation to the exotic looking witch. Jennifer had placed a powerful spell upon Sudan. Giving the runaway princess the ability to transform into a Hombre Gato. Using her newly acquired powers. Susan had plotted to kill her father. In order to make sure he could not burden her further. Shortly after Susan had assassinated her father and left Samarium forever. Years later Susan had arrived to Coram and became a chef for a Chinese Food Restaurant

Susan's story is inspired by the fairy tale The She Bear Giambattista Basile. Course I decided to make Susan a cat woman instead of a bear lol

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