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Forbidden Chapter 25

Forbidden Chapter Twenty Five - Showdown In The Astral Planes

 Just right before her fate was sealed. Hellin used her telepathy to trap Lilith. Sending the former Demon Lord to a place called The Astral Planes. Now trapped within the Astral Planes. Lilith found herself standing in the middle of a coliseum. Mysteriously dressed in revealing battle armor. Filled with emotions of anger and confusion. Disgusted by the fact a "novice" demon managed to pull a fast one on her. Lilith began to curse out loud. Not only was Lilith very pissed off. The fact their was no one within the stadium. All except a single woman sitting in a throne chair. Observing the mysterious woman. Lilith quickly noticed her multi colored blonde hair. Along with the beautiful milk chocolate skin she possessed. Wearing a see through lavender dressed and covered in jewelry. Watching down on Lilith from her throne chair. The beautiful woman then snaps her fingers. Instantly another throne chair appears. Sitting within it another beautiful blonde woman. Dressed in a elegant red dress and wearing a white fur coat. Never having experience the phenomenon of the Astral Planes. Lilith silently worried about what would happened next. However due to her high level of pride. Lilith refused to show any sign of fear. Instead Lilith rudely began speaking to the mysterious women.

Lilith: HEY YOU BITCHES! Tell me how to get out of this fucking place or I'll slit your throats

Othello: Mihoshi will you look at this fucking has been? Stupid bitch talking shit to the Queen! Well Lilith my dear former ruler of Babylon. You're in my house now. Well to be honest, inside of my daughter's mind. None the less under my mercy. Unfortunately for you my sweet. I have already commanded my daughter to annihilate your sorry existence. I simply refuse to let any threats to my throne live. Therefore my precious daughter shall end your miserable, useless, dreadful fucking existence. Now come forth my dear Hellin

Othello then snaps her finger again. Appearing from out of nowhere. Standing before the demon Lilith. A mysterious warrior covered in a reddish bronze armor. Surprised by the warrior's sudden appearance. Lilith jumps back a few inches. Getting herself ready for battle. The armored warrior watching her target before her. Sensing the fear oozing from her very soul. The armored warriors then removes her helmet.

Lilith: HELLIN YOU BITCH! Release me from this damn place so I can end you fucking life!

Hellin: BITCH YOU DO NOT CALL THE SHOTS HERE! You're now a prisoner within my mind! I'm the judge, the jury, and the executioner here

Lilith: Yet mommy does all the judging. Even in your own damn mind. Your mother is the fucking boss. Talk about fucking tragic! Anyways who's the bitch in red? Don't tell me that's your older sister?

Hellin: Not nearly as stupid as I thought. Indeed the bitch in red is my sister Mihoshi. I hate her very much. However at this very moment. I hate you much more. Your very existence is a threat to my mother's throne. A throne she has fought tooth and nails to obtain. I refuse to let a piece of shit like you take it away from her


Hellin: Finder's keepers loser's weepers. Babylon was once yours. Until you fucking abandon it! Now it belongs to my mother. However since you didn't died those many centuries ago. It's about time I end your existence here and now

Lilith: As if you really can kill me here. I maybe no fucking telepath, but I know all of this is fake. A world inside your head can't possibly kill me

Hellin: What a truly pitiful creature you are. Death comes in many forms bitch! However the worst forms of death are within the mind. Destroy your enemy's mind and their body is worthless. Now if you're done babbling like an idiot. I'm ready to kill you

Lilith: You can try bitch, but you will FUCKING FAIL!!!

Without giving Hellin any warning. Lilith unleashes a blast of magenta colored flames towards Hellin. Quickly raising her shield to her head. Hellin blocks Lilith's attack and charges towards her. Knocking Lilith hard to the ground with her shield. Lilith is baffled by how easily Hellin countered her attack. 

Hellin: By the way surprise attacks are useless against me here. Inside of the Astral Planes. I know everything you'll do before you even do it! However by all means keep fighting. Your torture has only begun bitch

Lilith: You miserable fucking cur! Do you really think you can kill me? Little girl I have spread death and despair. Long before you were even a fucking fetus in your whore mother's stomach. Now for the last fucking time. Release me from this place now. In return I'll shall give you a swift death. Choose to continue this madness. I'll fucking turn both you and this place inside and out!

Hellin: Do your worst bitch!

Lilith: Oh I'll show you my fucking worst! TRIPLE CRISIS! ANACONDA SWARM, REIGN OF FIRE, & WASP PARADE

Using her immense demonic powers. Lilith summons a multitude of anaconda, balls of magenta colored fire, and a swarm of deadly wasp towards Hellin. Unfazed by Lilith's vicious attack. Hellin raises her sword and charges towards the chaos. Striking down Lilith's attacks with ease. Hellin prepares to strike down Lilith next. Quickly creating a purple shield in front of her. Lilith manages to block Hellin's sword just in time. Lilith then gives Hellin an arrogant smile. Having realize she can defend herself against Hellin. Even if Hellin controls the Astral Planes

Lilith: Seems like your control of this place is wearing thin. Probably due to exhaustion from our earlier battle. Before you dragged me to this forsaken place

Hellin: If only that was true. Unfortunately it's due to my lack of telepathic abilities. Unlike my dear mother who is a very skilled telepath. I'm more of a brawler. However direct combat with you wasn't doing me any favors. None the less I will finish you off here!

Lilith: Do your worst worthless bitch!

Hellin: If you say so bitch!

 Using her given abilities within the Astral Planes. Hellin summons thousands of swords within the air. Lilith looks up into the air with absolute terror in her eyes. Having underestimated Hellin's psychic abilities. Lilith nows fears her end has truly come.  Right as Hellin prepares to finish off Lilith. Angelina manages to regain control of her body. Burying Lilith's psyche deep within her mind

Angelina: Hellin!

Hellin: Angelina? What happened to Lilith?

Angelina: The fear you caused upon Lilith. Allowed me to regain control of my mind. Anyways do not show mercy on me. If you must kill me to kill Lilith. I'm more than content with death. Ever since the cursed day I encounter this demon. Lilith has brought me nothing but grief. All the lives I taken under this monster's control. No more will my mind and body be at Lilith's mercy. Had I knew my "survival" would cause so many tragedies. I would had gladly died alongside my friends a century ago.

Hellin: You speak such brave words. Yet I can sense the thought of death terrifies you

Angelina: I don't want to die. However I cannot continue living being Lilith's prisoner. Death seems to be my only chance of freedom. I only wish I could had spend more time with you and the others. I truly enjoyed being amongst yours and Okubi's company. At least I was able to meet a Princess. Ever since I was a child. I dreamed of meeting a real life Princess. Considering I know I was never going to be one. Anyways enough about my crappy past. Finish me off so that bitch can perish forever

While Hellin admired Angelina's bold words. Knowing Angelina's true feelings about dying. Along with the fact only Lilith deserved to die. Hellin began to feel both sadness and guilt. Despite her mother's orders about Lilith. Hellin knew she couldn't bring herself to intentionally kill Angelina. However the fact that Lilith must be destroyed. Hellin began to think of a way to kill Lilith without killing Angelina as well. Luckily an idea did spring into Hellin's head. Taught to her by her mother twenty two years ago. A technique by the name Sun or Moon. The technique gives the user the random ability to rid a being with a dual psyche. However should Hellin used the technique on Angelina. There was a fifty/fifty precent chance of Hellin either killing Angelina's or Lilith's psyche. Should Hellin fail and rid Angelina's psyche. Not only would Lilith have full claim to Angelina's body. Hellin would not have enough remaining strength to finish off Lilith. Thus making her efforts to kill the former Demon Lord in vain. A gamble Hellin had decided to take

Hellin: Angelina! I know of a way that may rid you of Lilith forever. One that will not require me to kill you as well. It's a technique called Sun or Moon. However the chances of it working is fifty/fifty. I cannot promise you it will be Lilith's psyche that will be destroyed. Unfortunately it's my only possible option of killing Lilith without killing you

Angelina: So you do know a few tricks. I guess Othello didn't tell you everything about Sun or Moon. Whoever the technique Sun or Moon is used upon. The subject's will has to be stronger than the opposing psyche. Otherwise the subject will be the one to lose their mind. Allowing the opposing psyche to fully take over. However I have a question I hope you can answer. Why couldn't King Onyxe completely rid my of Lilith's psyche?

Hellin: Do you want an honest answer or the political correct one?

Angelina: I want your answer

Hellin: Onyxe is a dumbass who doesn't really know what he's doing. He probably thought completely ridding you of Lilith will render you useless. However from where I'm standing. Lilith needed you a hell lot more than you ever needed her. Anyways are you ready to take this leap of faith?

Angelina: I'm ready to see Lilith die!

Upon hearing and seeing Angelina's conviction. Hellin makes the thousands swords in the air disappear. Hellin then summons a yin yang style sword in her left hand. Walking over to the kneeled Angelina. Hellin take a deep breath before stabbing the sword into Angelina's head. Once Hellin's stabs her with the sword. Everything immediately goes black. Five minutes to midnight. Angelina wakes up from the ground. Laying near her is an unconscious Hellin. Concerned about Hellin's well being. Angelina goes over to wake her up. After several attempts to awake Hellin. Angelina realized Hellin was heavily exhausted. Using a quick healing chant. Angelina was able to awaken Hellin. Once Hellin had woke up. Hellin immediately used her telepathy to scan Angelina. A sigh of relief had left Hellin's mouth. Knowing not only was her mother's Kingdom biggest threat eliminated. Angelina was no longer living in fear of Lilith's evil soul. Now that Lilith was out of the picture. Angelina and Hellin now had other worries. Like finding Lisa and dealing with Christof and his demons

Angelina: Hellin i absolutely can't thank you enough. I knew our meeting was a blessing

Hellin: Your very fortunate I knew the Sun or Moon technique. Otherwise I would had killed you. Anyways now that we got rid of Lilith. We need to leave this cave and find the others.

Angelina: I agree with you very much Hellin. However it's already midnight. Furthermore neither of us and in a condition to fight. Not only have we not eaten for hours. The two of us don't have the energy to enter any battles. Therefore I think it's best if we camp out here for the night. Around five in the morning. We will head out and search for the others.

Hellin: I hate to admit it but you're absolutely right. Even with the boasted energy you given me. I would be in no position to fight Christof. However I do have the energy to hunt. Not only do I require something to eat. I know for certain you are very hungry

Angelina: Very hungry indeed. However while I'm a demon. My palette still desires that of mortal foods. I cannot imagine myself eating raw animals

Hellin: Eating a Moon Lion or a Komodo Dragon is no different than eating cheeseburger. Besides I will just cook your meal and eat mines raw. Does that sound better to you?

Angelina: Very much Hellin.

Hellin: Anyways I will be going hunting now. I will stay telepathically link with you. In case should I encounter an unexpected threat

Angelina: That's fine by me comrade

Hellin gives Angelina an orthodox smile then leaves to hunt for food


 Morning has finally arrived as Okubi sits quietly within his cell. Captured by Christof and his minions hours ago. Okubi was immediately through in Adama's castle cell upon arrival. While Okubi has fully recovered from his would a half hour later. Ever since Okubi has been in his cell. Never once did Okubi take anytime to sleep. Instead Okubi had remain awoke with his thoughts of regret. Knowing it was his foolish actions that lead him here. Along with an anti magic collar on his neck. Even with his demonic strength. Okubi could not free himself without risking further consequences. Having been allowed to live for reasons yet known. Okubi had hoped whatever was plans Christof had for him. It would present him an opportunity to free himself. Okubi continued to remain silent within his cell. The gate to his cell was then opened by the demons Paul and Victor. After cracking a few insulting jokes at Okubi. The demons then order Okubi to get up

Paul: C'mon girly boy. It's time for you to meet the Queen

Victor: I wonder what the Queen has in stored for you. Hopefully something very painful

Okubi: Can't be worst than being around you two

Paul: I really hope she kills you good

Okubi: Simpletons!

Paul: Victor let me give this bitch just one good punch

Okubi: Try it and I will kill you! Even without the use of my magic. I can kill you two with my demonic strength alone. Now stop irritating me and take me to Adama already

Victor: That's Queen Adama Snow to you jackass!. Better show the Queen some respect when you see her or else

Okubi: I'm starting to get really annoyed. If you don't wish to die in the next three seconds. You will lead me to Adama at once

Paul: We'll take you to the Queen only because she ordered us too. Otherwise I would gladly had beaten the living shit out of you

Okubi: If you were capable of such a feat. You would already had done so. Now shut up and lead the way

Victor: Whatever you say bitch! C'mon Paul! Let's just get this shit over with

 Taking Okubi to meet Queen Adama. Victor and Paul reluctantly lead Okubi to the Queen's locations. Several minutes later Okubi was standing before the Queen of Coram. Unsure of Queen Adama's intentions. Okubi knew for certain something was off about the Queen. Upon gazing into her empty dark brown eyes. Okubi knew that Queen Adama was placed under a curse. Once Paul and Victor had completed their task. The pair of demons left the Queen with their prisoner. After seeing Paul and Victor exit her throne room. Queen Adama focused her attention upon Okubi. While Okubi did not sense neither Christof or his stronger minions nearby. Unable to use any of his magic. Along with the knowledge of Queen Adama's magical abilities. Okubi knew even with his demonic strength. He was in no position to fight Adama. Instead Okubi remained calm as he waited for Adama to speak

Adama: So we finally meet face to face? Your friends and you should never have come here. Now you all shall pay the price. Starting with you my dear Okubi

 Now in direct conflict with Queen Adama. Unable to use his magic and without his allies. In order to survive this battle. Okubi will be force to unleash his inner demon


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