Monday, May 25, 2015

Profile: Nara Chabla

Enigmatic Magician

Name: Nara Chabla

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Likes:  Collecting rare coins, beautiful women, skinny dipping, improving his magic, traveling

Dislikes: Uppity people, boredom, potatoes, injustice, King Onyxe

Magic Name: Cosmo

Magic Powers: Natural Ability: Immunity to any telepathic abilities. Nara also posses a magic called the COSMO. A magic created by the Chabla Clan centuries ago. Nara posses control over three types of magical abilities

Icy Blue: When Nara's eye change from brown to icy blue. Nara has the ability to create snow

Cerulean: When Nara's eye change from brown to cerulean. Nara is able to turn his body to liquid

Silver: When Nara's eye change from brown to silver. Nara summons the majestic knight Lionheart to fight alongside him

???: Nara posses an unknown ability. One he gained after becoming infected by the evil of the Underworld

BIO: A young and handsome sage from the island of Pina. Nara dreamed of becoming the next King of Mayland. Growing up with his loving family. During a family get together, Nara was kidnapped by a rogue demon. The demon had taken Nara to the Underworld. In order to feast on the young child. However Nara was surprisingly rescued by a being called a Darken. Having returned safely to his parents. Nara didn't know he had become tainted by the evil within the Underworld. Years later after graduating High School. Nara began traveling throughout Asira. In order to improve his magical talents. Striving for his goal to someday become King of Mayland. Nara was even more determine now that a demon was on the throne. Continuing to hone his magical talents. Nara was unaware his life was once again in danger. Being a young descendant of the Great Sages. Nara was being hunted by a group of demons called The Children of Ruin. Traveling to the Royal Lands in order to compete in the Devilry Combat Qualification Tournament. Nara will cross path with a group of heroes. Changing his faith for better or worst


1. Nara's profile has received the most changes

2. Nara;s telepathic immunity was original due to his magic. However has been changed to an born ability

3. Nara was original intended to be Okubi's love interest. Changed into becoming Xiaoyu's future boyfriend


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