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The Four Forbidden Warlords


 Many centuries ago during the Dark Ages of Asira. Warriors born from the tragedies of war. Once ordinary citizens from the various homeland. In order survived in the surrounding madness. These four individuals had become bloodthirsty warriors. During the many wars that plagued the world Asira. The Four warriors had risen above all obstacles. Annihilating anyone and anything that stood in there path. Due to their power and lack of mercy on the battlefield. These four individuals became infamously as the Four Forbidden Warlords. Their names being Lord Goliath of Astaroth, Lord Hauzer of Makuria , Lord Sidney "Sid" Jamerson of Rot, and lastly Lady Seethe of Falyia. At the first the Four Warlords were revered heroes of their countries. However their lust for destruction soon made them wanted criminal. Having receive such high bounties for there deaths. Many warriors and sages alike travel the globe to find and slay the warlords. Learning about their bounty and incoming adversaries. The Four Warlords had come together and united as one. Forming nearly an unstoppable force. The Warlords would kill anyone who dared challenge them without mercy. After years of fighting off their many enemies. The Four Warlords luck had eventually ran out. All fall being slain in the city of Caesarea. Now after years of being dead but not forgotten. The corrupt ruler of Coram, Queen Adama has used her magic to bring them back. Now as undead warriors, the Four Forbidden Warlords now unleash destruction upon Coram



Birth Name: Oliver Truman

Age: 46

Weapon: Broadsword

Power: God like super strength, near invulnerability 

Miniature Bio: Born and raised in the city of Astaroth. A place where mortal lived every waking moment in fear of demons. Having lost his father to a demon and his mother to sickness. Oliver believed his time on this world would be shirt. Alone in such a cruel world. Oliver was eventually taken in by the town's blacksmith. Serving many years as the apprentice of John Truman. Oliver had become amazingly talented in crafting various weapons. Years later after the passing of his adopted father. Oliver continued to make weapons for his city. Hoping to craft enough to defend against the many demons. Shortly after all hell broke loose around Asira. Knowing war brings out the worst in people. Oliver began running home to his wife and two daughters.While attempting to escape the chaos within Astaroth. Oliver and his family were attacked by enemy soldiers. Oliver has barely managed to survived, but his family were not as fortunate. Filled with unimaginable rage, Oliver swiftly returned to his weapon shop. Fuel by his hatred alone. Oliver became a one man army and slaughter all of Astaroth's opposing forces. Not only did he avenge the death of his beloved family. Oliver had become a hero of Astaroth. Ever since that very unfortunate but faithful day. The man once known as Oliver Truman died and entered Goliath


Birth Name: Prince Hauzer DiMaggio The Seventh

Age: 39

Weapon: Javelin & Misericorde 

Power: Miracle healing and reflexes

Miniature Bio: The only child of King and Queen DiMaggio of the beautiful country Makuria. Prince Hauzer enjoyed a very privilege childhood. Now having blossom into a fine young adult. The young prince knew it was nearly his time to become Makuria's next ruler. However unknown to both Prince Hauzer and the Kingdom of Mauria. War had broken loose all throughout Asira. Not even the peaceful city of Makuria would be spared from such madness. Immediately both wicked mortals and demons began attacking Makuria. Destroying anything and anyone within their path. Both Hauzer's parents had arranged for their son's escape. Knowing that by all cost, the DiMaggio bloodline must live on. Having escaped the chaos within Makuria. Knowing neither of his parents had survived the invasion on Makuria. Prince Hauzer became grief stricken and began to suffer from depression. Shortly after the demise of Makuria. Prince Hauzer had joined a group of nomadic soldiers. Traveling throughout the Europeans countries within Asira. Killing all those who dared stood in their way. Years laters as the wars only worsen. Hauzer had eventually gone fully mad. Killing off his former allies and going on killing sprees against various armies. A man born from a country of near limitless peace. Now turned into a madman created by war. Prince Hauzer fall from grace is a sad story indeed


Birth Name: Abel Graves

Age: 15

Weapon: Dual Claymores

Powers: Creates Silver Colored Ice

Miniature Bio: Born during the late summer of Falyia. An infant by the name Abel Graves. The sole child of the noble servants Kurtis and Diana Graves. Shortly after the young child's birth. Falyia had fallen victim to the spreading war throughout Asira. Enemies soldiers and demons had invaded Falyia. Destroying everyone and everything within their sight. Entering the Grand Royal Castle of Falyia. The soldiers massacre all except a single infant. A shred of mercy remaining in the merciless warriors. The soldiers instead decided to take the infant back to their homeland. Once the soldiers return to their home in Rot. They had name the stolen Infant Sidney Jamerson. Ten years had passed since the young infant was taken Rot. In spite of the boy's very young age. Sidney Jamerson had become Rot's greatest warrior. As the global wars around Asira continued on. Sidney was enlisted to join his country's army. Leading his soldiers through various cities and towns. Killing all those standing before them without a spark of mercy. While revered for his ferociousness on the battlefield. Sidney fellow comrades despised the popularity the young warrior received from Rot's citizens. Knowing how envious his comrades were of his skills. Sidney began scheming a sinister plot against his allies. During their invasion in the city of Vandross. After Sidney had massacred the enemy soldiers. Sidney then turned on his allies. Using his silver ice powers to freeze them dead. Realizing that he no longer needed Rot's protection. Sidney struck out on his own, becoming a lone soldier on the battlefield. During his five years traveling solo. Not only had Sidney gain the infamous title of being a Forbidden Warlord. Sidney not only meet Goliath and Prince Hauzer. The young lad was reunited with his mother Diana, now known as Lady Seethe. Wanted dead along with the rest of the Forbidden Warlords. Once their enemies had managed to fine them. Sidney along with the other Warlords made their last stand. Having witness the death of Goliath and Hauzer before his eyes. All that remain of the warlords was his mother and himself. Struck down by a sage's attack. Sidney was badly wounded and no longer able to fight. The young warlord had begged his mother to abandon him. However Lady Seethe remained by her son's side as they both died.


Birth Name: Diana Graves nee Roust

Age: 37

Weapon: Gladius

Powers: Creating Lava based projectiles, super strength, can cause earthquakes, inhuman endurance

Miniature Bio: A native of the exotic country Falyia. Diana is born from a family of noble servants. Serving the current ruler of Falyia alongside her future husband Kurtis. After falling in love and marrying Kurtis. Diana had became pregnant with their child. The months prior to her son's birth. Diana's life was absolutely wonderful and thank Asira for each waking day. However after the wondrous birth of her son Abel. Falyia had fallen victim to the madness of war. While out  running errands for her master. Diana had witnessed a legion of soldiers and demons invading Falyia. Surrounded by death and chaos. Diana quickly hid in fear of the demons and soldiers. After the chaos had ceased around her. Diana immediately left her hiding spot and ran back to the castle. Upon returning to the castle. Diana not only witnessed her husband's mutilated body alongside her ruler and friends. Maneuvering around the many dead bodies. Diana immediately began to search for her son. Unable to find Abel anywhere within the castle. Diana felled to her knees and began to cry. While tears ran down her eyes. A nearby demon had approached the mournful woman. Diana had hoped the demon had came to slain her. Instead the demon had something more sinister up it's sleeves. Offering the mortal a n opportunity for vengeance. Filled with unimaginable bitterness and hate. Diana accepted the demon's offer as it took her to the Underworld. Transforming Diana from a mortal to a darken. Having abandon her mortal name. Diana now calls herself Lady Seethe, a being born from hate itself. Now on a warpath throughout Asira. Lady Seethe was known as the Moving Volcano. Causing many death and destruction wherever she went. Many rogue warriors impressed by the powers of Lady Seethe. Traveled a long way in order to plead their service to her. Now leading her own personal army of warriors. Lady Seethe's destruction throughout the lands only worsen. Fear by many opposing armies throughout Asira. Lady Seethe was the very first to gain the title Forbidden Warlord. After many years of destruction by her hands. Soldiers and sages alike joined forces in order to bringing down the Moving Volcano. Using their combine skills and abilities. The sages and soldiers managed to eliminate Lady Seethe's allies. Being the only survivor of her groups massacre. Lady Seethe began traveling in search of the other Warlords. Once Lady Seethe located the three of Warlords. Upon meeting the youngest warlord Sidney Jamerson. Lady Seethe immediately recognized him as her missing son Abel. Now with a high bounty on theirs heads. The Warlords began traveling for a place to hide. During these long and dangerous travels. Lady Seethe tried being the best mom she could to the mature Sidney. Nearly a month before they were found. The Forbidden Warlords made their final stand against their foes. Losing both Goliath and Hauzer to their enemies. All that remain was Sidney and herself. While unleashing pure hell against the soldiers. One of the sages had managed to injure Sidney. Faced with the decision of dying beside Sidney or escaping with her life. Lady Seethe did the motherly thing and died protecting her son. Having lost many things during the Great War. Lady Seethe was once more reunited with her beloved son

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