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Forbidden Chapter 29

Forbidden Chapter Twenty Nine - The Death of Arrogance

 Arriving to Queen Adama's castle at the nick of time. Not only did Othello rescue Okubi from the corrupt Queen of Coram. Othello had also managed to stop Okubi from performing the deadliest of gambles known to the Underworld. Summoning a Demon God that probably would had killed Okubi upon being summoned. After reluctantly removing the collar that bounded Okubi's magic. Othello then allows Okubi to escape Adama's castle. Now with Okubi out of the way. Othello can focus on dealing with Adama

Othello: Do your worst bitch! Regardless on how much you "specially" trained yourself to fight me. Nothing in your repertoire of pathetic magic stands a chance against my dark powers! Now any last words before your massacre begins?

Adama: Your arrogance will be your downfall ... STAR BLESSING ACTIVATE!

 Using the magical arts called Starlight! Upon yelling out her magical spell. Adama's entire body glows in a bright light. While remaining on her guard, Othello knows Adama did not perform an offensive spell. Therefore Othello begins to wonder about the effects of Adama's spell. No longer glowing in bright light. Adama now faces Othello with even greater confidence than before

Othello: Okay bitch, what exactly did you just do?

Adama: Oh what's the matter jezebel? Can't read my mind anymore?

Othello: Oh what a clever girl you are. Your little spell is protecting from any mental base attacks. Meaning no illusions, mental suggestions, and unable to read my thoughts. I have successfully eliminated you from using your greatest power against me

Othello: Oh did you really eliminated my greatest power Adama? Bitch do you think I'm a Demon Lord just based on my telepathic abilities alone? The shit I''m capable of goes well beyond mere mind manipulation. If you truly believe eliminating my telepathy gives you a fighting chance. Then you're in for a rude awakening cunt!

Adama: I'm well aware of your other abilities. Sadly your telepathy is the only one the poses a threat to me. The rest of your powers I'm capable of combating

Othello: Oh really bitch? Then let's see if you can handle this... SATANIX SUMMONING: TRI BOA CONSTRICTION! 

 Performing a quick stomp with her left foot. Othello summons three large portals to surround Adama. Springing out from the portals are three demonic looking boas. While being stared down by Othello's demonic serpents. Adama remains calm while planning her next move. Highly annoyed by Adama's level of arrogance. Othello wastes no time making her next move

Othello: Now my lovely's... TEAR THAT BITCH APART!

 Doing as commanded by their summoner. The three demonic serpents prepare to strike down Adama. Unfortunately for Othello, Adama had already prepared a counter attack. Right as the boas were about to devour Adama. The Queen's body glows in a bright light once again. Blinding both Othello and her serpents. Upon the glow around Adama's body disappearing. Othello is shock to discover Adama's skin had become Black Jasper. Not only had Adama's skin changed into a crystal substance. Adama held in her possession a sword made with the same substance. While far from afraid of Adama. Othello began to regret allowing Okubi to leave her side... just a tiny bit. Regardless of Adama's orthodox abilities. Othello remain confident in defeating and killing her

Othello: Cute trick Adama. A gem as ugly as black jasper truly suits you

Adama: I bet you're the type of slut that loves her amethyst

Othello: Sorry sweetie but I'm a diamond girl through and through. Now where was I? Yes about to have my snakes exterminate your sorry ass. Now once again my lovely's ATTACK!

Adama: Stupid slut! Your overgrown worms don't stand a chance against me

 Charging at Queen Adama once more. The boas bare their fangs as they attempt to devour their target. However with a quick use of her sword. Adama easily disposes of the boas by chopping them into pieces. After having slain Othello's boas/ Adama begins to mock the Queen of Babylon

Adama: So much for being a Demon Lord. Is that really the best you got jezebel? I guess sucking dick and getting gang banged is all you're good for

Othello: Jealous much? As for my skills as a Demon Lord. Bitch you haven't begone to see the full extent of my powers. Nor will you live long enough for such a luxury. Now prepare to burn away into nothingness.... ACID SHOWER!

 Having created a deadly acid from within her body. Othello swiftly opens her mouth a unleashes a geyser of acid towards Adama.  Quickly using her sword to defend herself. Combining both her strength and speed. Adama manages to cut past the acid. Making her way towards Othello.

Othello: Miserable prude!

Adama: Face it Othello! There's nothing you can do to stop me! The fall of Babylon has finally arrived

Othello: Oh wow talk about original. It's not I haven't heard that tired ass joke a gazillion times. The last imbecile who made that joke. My daughter Mihoshi struck the bitch to oblivion. Now just try and do your worst

Adama: You want my worse Othello? I''ll give you my worst! 

 At a blink of an eye. Adama completely disappear from Othello's sight. Unable to detect where Adama had went. Othello remains on her guard. Knowing Adama is preparing a surprise attack. Othello begins preparing an attack of her own. However before Othello can make her move. Adama reappears before othello, swinging her sword towards Othello's neck. The speed of Adama's attack was so fast. Othello barely was able to dodge. Watching a portion of her hair fall to the ground. Othello became even more angry

Othello: YOU FUCKING BITCH! Do you know how fucking unique my hair is peasant? Let alone the marvelous shades of yellow I posses

Adama: There is nothing interesting about your urine colored hair harlot. Now stand still so I can cut you to pieces cur

Othello: So it's a weapon fight your want? Then allow me to summon my lovely spiked whip... DOMINATRIX!

 Shouting out the name of her weapon. A demonic whip covered in spikes magically appears in Othello's hand. Meanwhile not too far from Adama's castle. Okubi once again is faced up against Christof. Having been cut off from his water based magic. Not able to use his fire due to the current weather condition. Only with his darkness magic at his disposal. Okubi must figure out a way to defeat Christof. In order to not only save himself, but the rest of Coram as well. 

Christof: I have cut you off from your water powers. What else can you possibly do to me?

Okubi: Well to correct you cur. I'm unable to use neither my water or fire based magic. However I still have my greatest ability at my disposal

Christof: Your seduction poses? Ha! That harlot magic won't work on me

Okubi: Fool! I have my wits and my darkness! Now prepares yourself Lord Christof. I'm going to kill you 


Okubi: You are welcome to try but know you will fail. Now I summon forth my SHADOW DOPPELGĂ„NGERS

 Wasting no time going against Christof. Okubi swiftly summons four clones of himself to aid him in battle. 

Christof: What's the matter little boy? Can't fight a battle on your own?

Okubi: I'm fighting you on my own imbecile! My clones are merely an extension of my magnificent powers. Now prepare yourself for a beating! Now my clones.. CHARGE!

Okubi and his clones quickly towards Christof. Preparing to strike the demon with various punches and kicks. Watching Okubi and his clones moving towards him. Christof's body starts to glow in a crimson red aura. Okubi and his clones leap into the air. Ready to unleashed the kick based technique FIVE STAR KICK! Only seconds before Okubi and his clones attack. Christof uses the technique RED SPHERE. Creating a red colored energy sphere. In order to defend against Okubi's incoming attack. Annoyed with Christof's defensive spell, Okubi and his clone continue their attack. Striking the red energy barrier with all their might. Christof wears a cocky smile as Okubi and his clones struggle to break through. Realizing he can increase his strength by absorbing his clones. Okubi quickly absorbs his clones into his body. Changing his attack from FIVE STAR KICK into FALLEN DARKNESS! Taken by surprise by Okubi's change of tactics. Christof attempts to strengthen his barrier, but Okubi manages to break through. Delivering a powerful kick directly to Christof's face. Okubi then watches in glee as Christof crashes to the ground. 

Okubi: Even with the rain hindering my flames and your tribute blocking off my water and ice magic. I'm still too much for you to handle 

Christof: Too fucking full of yourself kid. Isn;t that how I bested you the last fucking time?

Okubi: Is that really how your bested me the last time we fought? If I recall correctly, I underestimated your abilities. That's how you managed to defeat me back at the alley. This time I plan on giving you all I got. I never make the same mistake twice

Christof: Well then I got some bad news for you. Never fight against someone who spared your life. Because the next time you dare challenge them again. Your life will be taken from you

Okubi: Do you plan on killing me?

Christof: On a matter of speaking... AFTERSHOCK!

 Raising his right hand into the air. Then with all his might, Christof strike the ground below him. Causing a miniature but deadly earthquake moving towards Okubi. Quickly creating a dark portal above him. Okubi leaps into his portal, successfully dodging Christof's deadly attack. Failing to strike out Okubi. Christof knew Okubi would reappear either before or behind him. However upon four dark portal opening around Christof. The demon then realized Okubi was smarter than he thought. Trying to figure out which portal will Okubi appear from. Leaping out of the dark portal facing Christof. Okubi tackle the demon to the ground. Okubi then immediately digs his fangs into Christof's neck. Christof screams out in pain as Okubi starts ripping his flesh off. In order to keep Okubi from killing him. Christof gathers up enough strength to stab his hand through Okubi's abdomen. Having been pieced once again by Christof. Okubi ceases his attack and leaps off Christof's body. Bleeding badly from Christof's attack. Okubi holds his injured stomach in great pain. While holding his bleeding neck, Christof quickly rises to his feet. Seeing the suffering he brought upon Okubi. The demon begins laughing in a very sinister manner

Christof: HA HA HA HA HA! See what happens when you fight out of your league? Not only did you have the fucking nerves to fight me without complete use of your magic. You had the fucking nerves to fight me like a demon. Okubi my dear boy, fighting like a savage doesn't suit you. I know you'll be healed in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately for you I don't plan on letting that happened. I wanted to let you live so you can witness the death of all your comrades by my hand. However leaving a demon of your capabilities alive is too much of a liability. Therefore I shall kill you here and now. What in the hell is that evil aura around you?

 While Christof was busy mocking and threatening Okubi's life. Okubi began to feel a power within him like never before. A power born from darkness and hatred. This mysterious darkness begins to consume Okubi's body and mind. Witnessing the sinister black aura that surrounds Okubi's body. Christof begins to worry about what's happening to Okubi. As the aura around Okubi grows even stronger. Okubi's changes from his humane form into his demon form. His skin becoming darker and his eyes glowing a piercing red. Having been fully consumed by the darkness. Okubi releases a scream that rattle throughout the entirety of Coram. No longer to calm and conceited half demon from before. The being that stands before Christof is a demon with one thing on his mind.... total annihilation!

Christof: Satan! Never in my long thousands of years of living. Have I ever witnessed such evil. I didn't even realize half demons were capable of such power


Christof: Whatever has taken over you has robbed you of your sanity. Regardless of this insane demonic powers you now posses. I fully intend on destroying you sissy boy. Now feel the wrath of my--

 Right before Christof could prepare his attack. The enraged Okubi moving at the speed of lightning. Delivers a powerful punch to Christof's face. Sending the demon crashing down to the ground once again. Attempting to rise to his feet to defends himself. However right before Christof could even raise his head from the ground. Okubi summons multiple icicle spares above him. Looking up above him before confused and terrified. Christof blurts out in shock and anger "How can that be possible! I sacrifice Falen to make sure you couldn't use your water/ice magic". After having made his cruel statement. Christof then realizes something that brings even more terror to his heart

Christof: No! The Okubi powers I sealed away is long gone. The monster that stands before me is something entirely different

Okubi: DIE!

 Releasing the icicles from the air. The enraged Okubi plans on piercing Christof's body. Attempting to move his body from Okubi's attack. Okubi quickly uses the surrounding water from the rain to bind Christof to the ground. Unable to break the watery chains around his body. Christof watches in horror as the icicles fall towards him. Digging into his inner strength, Christof manages to break free of the water based chains. Unfortunately for Christof as he rose from the ground. Severals of Okubi's icicles had managed to pierce the demon's body. Now barely able to stand on his feet. Christof finds himself on the verge of death. Just as thing couldn't get any worst for the King of Coram. Both King Onyxe and Eligos arrive onto the scene

Eligos: MASTER OKUBI! Master Okubi... OH GREAT DEVIL! What happened to you Master Okubi?

Onyxe: So that was the awful powers I was sensing. I can't believe that was coming from Okubi

Christof: Fucking shit! Bad enough I had to fight this lunatic demon. Now the bloody fucking King of Mayland shows up

Onyxe: The husband of Adama. I know of your dark ambitions demon. I came here to put an end to both Adama and your reign

Christof: Well you're too fucking late for that sissy boy. Neither you, Okubi, or your friends can save this country. Coram and it's people will perish. Rather it be from sacrificing these imbeciles or death from the destruction of my wife's fury. There is nothing you can do but die along with it!

Onyxe: While both you and Adama were plotting Coram's downfall. Neither were able to your own

Christof: Oh spare me the fucking preacher bullshit! Even if you managed to kill me here. There is absolutely no hope for this country. How does it feel to know you failed your people your majesty?

Onyxe: I didn't fail yet... I can still save Coram

Christof: Even if that is true. After the rest of Mayland learns of your incompetence. The consequences for you will be dire. Everyone who ever doubted your rulership will receive just vindication

Eligos: SILENCE YOUR MOUTH YOU BUFFOON! None of this would had happened if it weren't for you and traitorous bitch Adama. Your Majesty, don't let that low life demon get under your skin

Onyxe: A bit too late for that Eligos. Anyways how is Okubi's current condition?

Eligos: He's been rather still and quiet. I don't think he recognizes either one of us

Onyxe: Then I'll have to use my telepathy in order to communicate with him. Hopefully I can revert Okubi back to his normal diva like self

 Using his telepathy, King Onyxe enters inside of Okubi's deranged mind. Once inside of Okubi's mind. Onyxe finds himself in a place of pure darkness. Cautiously traveling through Okubi's mental landscape. Onyxe senses something evil coming towards him. Right before Onyxe could build up a mental defense. Onyxe is grab by the throat by a shadowy figure. Upon looking at the face of the shadowy figure. Onyxe realizes the figure is Okubi's shadow self. A being filled with anger, fear, loneliness, and regret. Knowing he cannot attack Okubi's shadow self. Fearing bringing harm uponOkubi's mind. Instead Onyxe begins to reason with the tainted Okubi

Onyxe: Hey Okubi, it's me your friend Onyxe. I know you have been through a lot and even more trials to come. However I need to remind you that you're not alone. Do you remember your friends Eligos, Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and the others? Don't you wish to see them all again. I know for a fact they miss you very much. Okubi I know it's not easy being so heavily relied on. However our world is in need of saving. The Children of Ruin are still out there and you can't afford to fail here. Okubi please find it within you to combat this darkness in your soul. Okubi please come back to your true self

 After Onyxe had finished speaking to Okubi's true self. The Shadow Okubi immediately releases his grip around Onyxe's neck. Knowing that Okubi is reverting back to his normal self. Onyxe makes his exits out of Okubi's mind

Okubi: ... Eligos?

Eligos: Master Okubi! Oh thank goodness the King was able to save you

Onyxe: I didn't save him Eligos. Okubi was his own hero

Okubi: Exactly what happened to me? I remember being pierced by Christof and being filled with so much anger. Then everything just went black

Christof: Well I'm glad to see Okubi is back to his regular worthless self

Okubi: This clown is still alive? Onyxe, why haven't you killed him already?

Eligos: The King was busy saving you Master Okubi

Christof: You know what's funny? The two of you can past for twins. Yeah I know Okubi is older, but the two of you posses similar looks. both have caramel skin, blondes, and very sissy looking men. I always  fantasied about killing twins

Onyxe: What a very morbid and sad fantasy to have demon. Too bad neither Okubi nor I will die by your filthy hands

Christof: You're absolutely right your majesty. While you were busy helping out Okubi. I managed to heal just enough from my icicle wounds. Unfortunately I don't posses the strength to defeat either one of you by myself

Okubi: Sounds like you're forfeiting your pathetic life Christof. Would you like to die by decapitation or lost of a heart?

Christof: Neither one bitch! Instead it will be the two of you who be forfeiting their lives

Onyxe: I don't know what you have up your sleeves Christof. Nor do I wish to enter that filthy mind of yours

Christof: Well that's too bad for you princess. Because if you had entered my mind. You would know the horror I have waiting for Okubi and you. Now prepare yourself to be annihilated by a God!

Onyxe: A God?

Okubi:... No you wouldn't dare? You're about to perform a Demon Summoning!

Christof: Smart as ever Okubi. Luckily I spilled more than enough blood to perform the summoning. Now I just need to choose from the three Demon Gods I can call upon. I want to summon only the most vicious for you two bitches. I think the Demon God Charon! Now prepares yourselves for total annihilation!

Watching Christof performing the summoning of the Demon God Charon. Okubi, Eligos, and Onyxe watched in horror as they are sucked into an unknown world. Seconds after being pulled into an unknown red world. Okubi, Eligos, and Onyxe stand frozen as they witness a tower size creature standing behind Christof. Now seeing the Demon God Charon with their very own eyes. The trio begins to think their lives are about to end

Eigos: Oh my goodness gracious... Lord Charon is much larger than I ever imagine

Onyxe: So that's a Demon God?

Okubi: Head and body of a lion, goat horns, giants crow wings, and snakes infused in his lion arms. Standing easily over sixty five feet. Eligos... do we stand a lint of a chance against Charon?

Eligos:... Not a prayer Master Okubi

Onyxe: I never expected I would die like this. I guess there's no point in crying. No amount of tears can change my fate. I only wish I could say goodbye to James and Yura one more time. I really wish my father was here to rescue me

Okubi: The Grim Reaper?

Onyxe: Had a chat with Othello?

Okubi: It was interesting to say the least

Eligos: King Onyxe is the son of a Grim Reaper? Well even being the son of a powerful demon won't save any of us

Okubi: It's hard to accept that our lives are about to end. I never thought my story would end here

Eligos: I never thought it would end like this. Okubi, I just want you to know I appreciate you. I only wish I could had served you better

Okubi: Don't speak such nonsense Eligos. You have been a better friend and servant than I ever was as your Master. Anyways there is no point for tears. We will accept our deaths like men

Onyxe: Like men....

Christof: Now that you all had a moment to realize your end. Lord Charon, wipe these fools from the face of existence!

Okubi: Bring it on!

Eligos: Master Okubi?

Onyxe: You're not seriously going to fight a God?

Okubi: Even if I don't stand a chance in hell. I would rather die fighting for my life than surrendering it! Besides isn't Mastema the threat were trying to prevent just as terrifying? Regardless of the terrifying powers Lord Charon posses. I refuse to simply forfeit my life. Even if Charon smites me from existence. I will die knowing I fought for my life

Onyxe: I'm with you on that Okubi. I can't just die knowing I didn't even try

Eligos: Fools, but my kind of fools

Christof: Stupid fucking sissy ass children! There is nothing you can do to stop Lord Charon. Just accept you fucking fate and die! Lord Charon takes those fucking bastards out!

Okubi: Come at us if you dare Demon God

 Raising his left arm before him. Charon begins activating the snakes inbreeded in his arm. Watching the snakes spring out from Charon's arm. Both Okubi and Onyxe ready themselves for battle. However they soon realize neither of them are Lord Charon's targets. Instead it is Christof that will fall pray to the Demon God.

Christof: What's taking you so long my Lord? DESTROY THESE MOTHERFUCKERS ALREADY!

 Ignoring the orders of his summoner. Lord Charon  unleashes his many snakes to attack Christof. Realizing that Lord Charon has betrayed him. Christof begins to scream in panic knowing his fate is sealed. Captured by the snakes, Lord Charon brings Christof towards him. Okubi, Eligos, and Onyxe watches as Lord Charon is about to deal with Christof

Christof: My Lord... how could you have forsaken me? Especially because of those fucking brats?


Unable to break free from Lord Charon's unworldly grip. The Demon Lord uses a single snake to dig inside of Christof's pocket. Pulling out the Prosperity Gem from Christof's pocket. The snake then tosses it in the direction of Okubi. Successfully catching the Prosperity Gem, Okubi then tucks it in his pocket. Now all that left is to watch Lord Charon mutilate Christof

Eligos: Boy I would love a ball of popcorn right about now

Onyxe: Eligos, you can't even eat mortal food

Eligos: Kids these day

 Turning their attention back to Lord Charon and Christof. Okubi, Eligos and Onyxe watches as Charon's snakes devour the flesh off Christof's body. Seeing how Christof's summoning had turned against him. Okubi was very thankful of Othello's timely intervention. After several seconds of torturing Christof. Lord Charon finally finishes the demon off by devour him like a chocolate bar. Christof now dead and gone. The trio begins to wonder what will become of them. Turning his attention to Okubi. Lord Charon instantly changes his size from sixty five feet to merely seven feet. Walking his way towards Okubi and company. Both young heroes once again prepare themselves for battle


Okubi: What do you possibly want with me Demon God?

Eligos: Hopefully not to become his concubine in the Underworld

Okubi: Eligos don't be so damn stupid!


Okubi: After seeing what you did to Christof. I would never even bother summoning you. Besides I'm no longer interested in ever performing a Demon Summoning


 Raising his right hand above him. Lord Charon causes various hole in Okubi's body to open. While Okubi is taken by utter shock. Both Eligos and Onyxe watches helplessly as Lord Charon draws blood from Okubi's body. Severals seconds later after Charon draws the required blood. Lord Charon then releases blood from his own body. Replacing the blood he had taken from Okubi. Having completed his contract with Okubi. Charon and the red world begins to vanish. Seconds later the trio find themselves back with Coram

Onyxe: Well that was quite the experience. One I never want to ever experience again

Eligos: Master Okubi!

Onyxe: Oh no! Okubi must had fainted from exhaustion. Between his battle with Christof and the ordeal with Lord Charon. Okubi needs rest before doing anything else. Besides Okubi has done more than enough. Eligos I'm going to release you back to your Master's ownership. After I take you and Okubi somewhere safe around this chaos. I'm going to go and deal with Queen Adama

Eligos: Thank you King Onyxe. It was a pleasure spending the little time we had together. Course I'm truly glad to be reunited with my true Master

Onyxe: I'm truly happy for you. I just hope Christof's words don't ring true about Coram. Now to get Okubi and you some place safe

 Meanwhile back inside of Adama's castle. During their fierce battle against one another. Queen Adama had managed to trap Othello in the technique called GALAXY BIND! Now unable to move her body trapped in the vortex. Othello angrily starts cursing out Adama

Othello: FUCKING BITCH! You annoying, worthless, pathetic bitch! I should had expected such an underhanded move from the likes of you!

Adama: Did you really think I would not fight you with anything less than my best? Besides if you want to talk about underhanded. I'm pretty sure you're the Queen of that as well. Othello, the Whore Queen of Babylon. After all that big talk about killing me. It's you who is about to die. So much for being that quote on quote "a boss bitch". Looks like the boss is about to be taken out! Now before I end your miserable existence harlot. I'm going to first take my sweet time torturing that pretty body of yours

Othello: Eww gross1 Stay away from me peasant! Stupid fucking bitch!

 Ignoring both Othello's plead and harsh words. Adama with her sword in hand starts moving towards Othello. Knowing what Adama plans on doing to her. Othello struggles her hardest to break from from the vortex. Fortunately for Othello, King Onyxe had just arrived and very pissed!


 Coming down from the air above Adama' King Onyxe wields in his hand a large scythe three times his size. Onyxe firmly grips his scythe as he prepares to strike Adama. Quickly raising her sword to defend her. Adama's is shock upon seeing the blade of Onyxe's scythe, turning her blade into black dust. Moving herself out of harms way. Adama only begins the understand the level of anger Onyxe's posses

Adama: So the big King himself finally blesses me with his presence. I'm not worthy of such pleasantries

Onyxe: You aren't worthy of anything but death you traitorous snake!

Adama: Are you talking to me or Othello?

Onyxe: Do no talk when I'm speaking you piece of shit!

Adama: I'll talk whenever I please your majesty! Don't you think it's a bit too late telling me what to do?

Onyxe: It's never too late to kill a traitorous cur! How could betray your husband, your daughter, and your country like this Adama? I was a fool to ever have trusted you

Othello: Facts

Onyxe: Unless you have something more than a one liner Othello. Do me a favor and shut up!

Othello: If that bitch can talk her shit than so can I. Also "thanks" for saving me I guess

Onyxe: Ungrateful wrench! Anyways try explaining yourself to me Adama. Make me understand why you would cause such suffering upon Coram and the people within it? Perhaps I'l deliver you a less painful death!

Adama: Annoying naive little shit of a King. I would rather drown in a pool of feces than explain myself to the likes of you

Onyxe: I will make sure to bury your corpse in a pile of horse shit! Now get ready to die traitor!


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My Dream Mortal Kombat Eleven Roster

Inspired by a topic on the MKX Forum

My Dream MK11 Character Roster

1. Princess Kitana
2. Jacqueline Briggs
3. Cassandra Cage
4. Sub Zero
5. Hanzo
6. Sonya Blade
7. Nitara
8. Kai
9. Jade
10. Raiden
11. Lui Kang
12. Reptile (Something very similar to his MK4 appearance)
13. Erron Black
14. Cyrax
15. Li Mei
16. Kenshi
17. Rain
18. Smoke
19. Noob Saibot
20. Fujin

 Also a few more villains and a new female Edenian warrior. Feel free to add your two cents. Please try not to be rude, peace.

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Onyxe Quote

"My mind has long ago drowned in negativity. Any positive behavior I display is merely a ruse"

Forbidden Chapter 28

Forbidden Chapter Twenty Eight - Hellin's Onslaught

 Meanwhile back in the Luger Forest. Hellin had just killed the demon Ethan. Furious about losing another loved one to Hellin. Cynthia can no longer control her blood rage. The demoness swiftly transforms from her humane state to her true demonic self. Thrilled to have caused Cynthia such grief. Hellin too changes into a more demonic appearances. 

Hellin: Seems like the wood manipulator meant a lot to you Cynthia

Cynthia: BITCH! I'm going to make you pay for killing Ethan! I'll will fucking fry you to ashes!

Hellin: Don't be so upset darling! I give you my word you'll be joining him shortly

Zar: Hellin please don't take this the wrong way. When you talk in your demonic form. Your voice is so damn evil

Hellin: I'll take that as a compliment

Angelina: I encountered many demons in my days and I must say Hellin's voice is the most sinister yet

Zero Black: As sinister as her voice maybe. The princess nor neither of you will be claiming Cynthia or my life. 

Cynthia: The three of you motherfuckers are going to die here! Now feel the fury of my DEVIL'S WIND FIRE!

 Cynthia holds both her hand up before her, releasing a massive stream of fire towards the heroes. Hellin quickly maneuvering herself before Angelina and Zar. Hellin responds to Cynthia's attack with her technique HELLFIRE NOIR!. Now with both Hellin and Cynthia in a flame war. Angelina and Zar sets their sights onto Zero Black

Angelina: Now to deal with you demon

Zero Black: Neither one of you have a prayer against me

Angelina: Well let's just see about that! SAVAGE GRAPEFRUIT MINIONS!

 Angelina swiftly summons a bunch of grapefruit looking creatures. Watching the ravenous fruits coming towards him. Zero Black uses his Negative Wind technique. Causing the grapefruits to rot away upon contact. Having successfully countered Angelina's attack. Zero Black was unaware of Zar who had managed to sneak behind. Using his technique Surprise Slash, Zar delivers a furious slash against Zero Black's back. Crashing down to the ground. Zero Black turns to see who attacked him. The demon is very shock to see Zar standing over him. Watching his blood dripping off the hunter's wolf claws. 

Zero Black: How is this possible? No way can a mortal sneak pass a demons detection

Zar: I'm no ordinary man demon. Besides I did use my Surprise Slash after all. A technique perfect for surprising my enemies

Cynthia: Hellin you fucking bitch! How long do plan fighting a losing battle?

Hellin: Bitch it is you who's prolonging the inevitable. Now watch as my black flames consume both you and your fire

 As the battle of fire continues between the two demoness. Hellin begins to gain the upper hand against Cynthia. Pushing back her scarlet flames with the force of her black flames. Worried that Hellin may end up killing her. Cynthia prepares to activate her Demon Talent

Hellin: It's over Cynthia! In a matter of seconds. My glorious black flames will swallow you hole. Turning into a pile of worthless ashes. Now any last words before I end your insignificant existence? 

Cynthia: Do you really you have me beat? Bitch I'm the Queen of Fire! No demon of the Underworld flames can rival mines. Now I will show you exactly why I'm the Master of Fire

 At an instant Cynthia's eyes glows in a unique bright red light. Having activated her Demon Talent. Now with her own fire powers greatly increased. Cynthia can also control the flames of her enemy.  

Hellin: What in lucifer did you just do?

Cynthia: I just reveal my superiority! Now watch as I take over your black flames and use them to annihilate you!

 Using the ability of her Demon Talent. Cynthia takes control of Hellin's black flames and combines it with her own. Knowing that Hellin is in potential danger. Angelina orders Zar to assist Hellin

Angelina: Zar don't worry yourself with Zero Black. I can handle him from here. Hellin can really use some assistance right now

Zar: Tch! I really wanted to end this bastard. Too bad his wound had already started healing. Anyways be careful Angelina. Christof made Zero Black his lieutenant for a reason

Angelina: Something tells me Zero Black won't be giving me any trouble. Now hurry up and go help Hellin

Zar: I will go help Princess Hellin. Just make damn sure nothing happens to Ivory

Angelina: You have my word Wolf Hunter. Now go and help my friend. I can handle the dark manipulator on my own

Zar: I surely hope you're right. That bastard Christof didn't make Zero Black his lieutenant for a reason

Angelina: I'm much more capable than I appear. Now leave me be and assist Hellin

 Zar leaves Angelina to go and help Hellin against Cynthia. Zero Black immediately rises to his feet. Having grown tired of holding back. Like his fellow comrade Cynthia. Zero Black transforms into his demonic appearance. Sensing the bloodlust in her opponent's body. Angelina too changes from her humane form into her demon self

Angelina: So you really are going to continue fighting? Have you not realized it yet? My friends and I are going to put an end to your Master's dark ambitions. We will not allow Coram to fall victim to the evil that plagues it!

Zero Black: It is your resistance that is futile! You and your allies interference does nothing but delay the inevitable! No longer shall I hold back my fury upon you lesser beings. Now you will known the fury of the dark!

Angelina: Do your worst demon!

 While Angelina prepares for battle against an enraged Zero Black. Both Hellin and Zar continue to dodge Cynthia's flames. Struggling to find a opening against the blazing demon

Hellin: I swear this bitch is so fucking annoying! I never expected such a lowly demon to be this troublesome

Zar: Not only does her fiery abilities keep us at a distance. The balls of fire we're dodging are going to cause a wildfire within the forest. If only anyone here knew water based magic

Hellin: That's probably the smartest thing you said today Wolf Boy.

Zar: Please don't tell me you possessed water based abilities but haven't used them

Hellin: Now isn't the fucking time to ask me a stupid question! Anyways I have a dear friend who shouldn't be too far from here. I need you to keep Cynthia distracted while I contact her

Zar: I know of your telepathic abilities. However how exactly will this friend be of use to us?

Hellin: I'm going to order her to cause heavy rain throughout Coram. Now just keep Cynthia busy while I contact her via telepathy 

Zar: Make it fast demon. I'm only a mortal after all. My wolf speed can only dodge Cynthia's flames for so long

Hellin: I'll do the fucking best I can. Just make sure you don't die out there

 In spite of his annoyance with Hellin's dark tone. Zar does what was asked of him. The Hunter than uses the technique WIND SPEED! Increasing his agility in order to dodge Cynthia's deadly flames. While Zar keeps Cynthia busy, Hellin immediately uses her telepathy to contact Anna. Currently fighting against the Four Forbidden Warlords. Fighting alongside Yura and her estranged father James. Going up against the Warlord Sidney Jamerson. As Anna was about to summon her tarot monster Estrild. Suddenly a familiar voice enters inside of Anna's head

Hellin: (Anna I'm in need of your assistance)

Anna: 'Hellin where are you? Are you alright?"

Hellin: (I don't have time for stupid questions right now. Just hurry up and summon one of your tarots that manipulates water. Have them caused a heavy rain throughout Coram)

Anna: "Hellin but what about the others? Some of our friends fighting abilities will be impaired by the heavy rain"

Hellin: (Anna, Luger Forest is about to go up in blaze. Please just do as I asked. Not because you are my servant, but because you are my friend)

Anna: "I'm summoning Nineve right now. Please come help us when you're finished with your opponent"

Hellin: (Count on it!)

 After ending the telepathic conversation with Hellin. Anna puts away her Estrild tarot card and pulls out Nineve instead.

Anna: My apologies to everyone in advance. However my master is in need for some heavy rain. Now my loyal ally Nineve. I request of you to summon a great fall of rain throughout Coram

 Back within the Luger Forest. Zar who done his best job to keep Cynthia distracted. Had been struck in his left leg by Cynthia's fireball. After his hard crash to the ground. Zar holds his injured leg in pain. Unable to defend against any incoming attack from Cynthia.

Cynthia: Now it's time I end you once and for all Wolf Hunter

Hellin: Cynthia my dear stupid girl. Perhaps you should take a look at the sky

Cynthia: Oh like I would be.... WHY IS IT RAINING?

Hellin: Don't look at me. It's not like I use water based magic. Course I most certainly have a friend that does. Knowing my telepathy would had been wasted on you. I decided to contact my dear friend Anna instead. Anna has many tarots monsters she can summon. One in particular that specializes in water based magic. I bet you wish your were Adele right about now. Setting fire to the rain. Unfortunately for you my worthless demon. Not even your hellish flames can stand up against this rainfall

 In a matter of seconds after Hellin finishes mocking Cynthia. The momentary drizzle swiftly turns into a heavy downpour of rain. The rain snuffing out Cynthia's hellish flames. Hellin can now finish off Cynthia for good. Moving at a speed faster than lightning. Hellin appears before Cynthia and knocks her to the ground. Not giving Cynthia a chance to push her off. Hellin immediately starts ripping out Cynthia's organs within her body. Screaming in agonizing pain as Hellin kills her. Hellin then uses her demonic strength to crush Cynthia's head. Hellin having killed off two of their three adversaries. All that remains left and Zero Black. As Hellin rushes to Zar's aid. They both watch as Angelina struggles to fight against Zero Black's dark powers. Knowing her telepathy isn't strong enough to posses Zero Black's mind. Hellin starts thinking a different approach to take the demon down.

Hellin: "I already know I can't control a mind a strong as Black's. However perhaps a nice illusion will do the trick"

 Having nearly exhausted herself in battle. Angelina attempts to finish Zero Black off with her attack LILITH'S FURY However Angelina has hit by Z.B.'s LIFE CORRUPTION! A powerful blast of dark energy that sends Angelina flying. Writhing in great pain as she lays on the ground. Angelina can feel her life force slowly leaving her body. Realizing Angelina is in danger of dying. Hellin springs her illusion on both Zero Black and Zar

Zero Black: Now that I have taken you out succubus. I can now focus on killing both The Hunter and The Princess of Babylon

Ivory: You go right ahead and do that Black.

Zar: Ivory? How... when did you manage to wake up?

Ivory: Don't be so damn dense Zar. Did you really think I'll be unconscious forever?

Zero Black: But my attack from earlier. I hit you directly with it. Even if my attack wasn't fatal. Considering you are merely a mortal. There is no way you can recover so soon

Ivory: Aren't you glad to see me alright Black? Here I thought you really cared about me. I guess my friends were right about you. You're nothing but Christof's bitch!

Zar: Ivory get away from him!

Ivory: Zip it Zar! The girls and you have done your part. I will deal with this toothless bitch myself

Zero Black: Ivory you know you can't defeat me. Not do I wish to bring you anymore suffering. Just surrender yourself to Christof and i'll see to it your life is spared

Ivory: The hell with you and that bastard stepfather of mines. Instead I'm to make an example out of you. I'll cut your head clean off your shoulders and bring it to Christof

Zero Black: Ivory please do not threaten like that

Ivory: It's more than a threat, IT'S A PROMISE!

Zar: Ivory wait! DON'T DO IT!

 Ignoring Zar;s warning, Ivory pulls out her knife and starts running towards Zero Black. Having accidentally attacked Ivory earlier. Despite his loyalties to Christof, Zero Black's love for Ivory is causing him eternal conflict. Knowing for certain Zero Black and Zar as under her illusion. Hellin makes her moves to finish off Zero Black. Moving at a speed faster than lighting. Hellin positions herself standing right behind Zero Black. Ready to end the mighty demon's life. Suddenly out of nowhere Zero Black drops to his knees. Reverting from his demonic form back into his humane appearance. At this very moment Hellin realizes Zero Black has officially surrender.

Zero Black: Do what you must Ivory. I can't bring myself to fight you nor your comrades any longer. Just kill me now so I don;t have to answer to Christof later

Hellin: Pathetic! I was really looking forward to killing you. Unfortunately a love struck fool like you doesn't deserve death by my hands. Instead I'll leave you for the real Ivory to deal with

Zero Back: All of this was a trick? I should had known Ivory couldn't recover so soon

Hellin: Well now you'll have time to sleep on your failure

 Baring her demonic fangs, Hellin quickly digs her sharp teeth into Zero Black's neck. Having infused her fangs with a sleeping toxin. Upon removing her teeth from Z.B.'s neck. Zero Black falls down to the ground asleep. Now with Zero Black being put to sleep. Hellin rushes to go check on Angelina.

Hellin: Angie are you alright? Do I need to rush you to Lisa?

Angelina: I'm fine Hellin. Thanks to your crafty illusion. I was able to chant a spell, reversing the effects of Zero Black's attack. My life is no longer in danger, but I'm truly tired. Unfortunately rest is not an option at this time. We need to get out of here and find Lisa. I have a feeling our friends can use our help. However iI must say this rain happened at a very fortunate time. Without it would still have Cynthia to contend with

Hellin: Well thankfully I was able to get in contact with Anna

Zar: Ivory are you alright?

Hellin: Looks like the real Ivory has finally awoken. Good now she and Wolf Boy can deal with Zero Black. Hey Princess enjoyed your nap?

Ivory: Annoying demon! Always with the bitchy remarks

Zar: Well I'm glad to see you are well my friend

Ivory: I see both Cynthia and Ethan are very much dead. However Zero Black is merely asleep

Hellin: Zero surrendered after the illusion I cast upon him. He could bring himself to "kill" you. Therefore I decided to show him some mercy. I'll leave the two of you to deal with him. In the meantime both Angelina and I are going to help our friends. The two of you need to go and recuperate

Zar: I can definitely use some rest after being nearly burn to death

Ivory: I'll search for some herbs to heal your burn Zar. Afterwards the two of us will find some help in locking Zero Black away. Thank you for not killing him Hellin

Hellin: I had a feeling you cared about him. Course like myself your country means more to you

Ivory: I knew from jump Black was never as vile as Christof other demons. I just wished he had join me when I first discovered the truth about my Stepfather's ambitions. Anyways I wish you and your friends good luck

Hellin: I just hope I get to fight Christof as well

Angelina: Don't hold your breathe on that one Hellin. Something tells me Christof has a different demon to answer too

 Only a few blocks away from Quenn Adama's castle. Okubi who had just managed to escape death from Adama. Due to the unexpected rescue from his nemesis Queen Othello. In search for his fellow comrades. Okubi's eyes become filled with terror as he witnesses the destruction throughout Coram. Not only does Okubi senses severals powerful individuals miles away. Okubi sense the presence of a dragon. The very dragon his comrades and him spotted earlier during their travel to Coram. Certain his friends are in the middle of the conflict. Okubi hurry himself towards the middle of Coram. However merely five minutes of traveling. Okubi once again runs into Christof and his demons Rage and Falen

Falen: So the water manipulator lives?

Rage: I had already expected you to be dead. Queen Adama isn't exactly a push over

Christof: Well that's my wife for you. A truly incompetent bitch!. Exactly how did you managed to escape? Let alone remove the anti magic collar placed on you?

Okubi: I was rescued by an enemy. One who had a bigger bone to pick with your wife than me

Christof: That fucking snaky slut Othello! After I'm through with all you fucking heroes. I'm going to make damn sure Othello suffers. Even if I have resurrect the bitch just to kill her again

Okubi: As if you will even have the chance. I owe you for what you done to me back at the alley

Christof: I should had killed you when I had the chance. Now I will make you suffer for defying your fate

Okubi: My only fate is to kill you

Christof: Falen! Rage! Let's give prissy boy here the beating of his life

Okubi: Neither you assassin nor your speedster frightens me. Especially now that I have aid from above

Christof: Aid from above?

Falen: THE RAIN!


 Using the surrounding water caused by the rain. Okubi creates watery ropes to capture his enemies. Surprising enough Okubi fails to capture both Christof and Falen. However unknown to the three demons. His main target was Rage. Upon having been caught by Okubi's watery binds. Rage feels the water tightening itself like steel on his limbs. Okubi now prepares to finish Rage off


Christof: Dammit Rage it's just water. 

Okubi: Oh trust me Christof it's not just water. The things I can do with water is beyond your imagination. I sacrifice the proficiency of my water binds against Falen and you. In order to make certain I captured Rage. After I capture you speedster. I increased the water's density. Making my water harder than steel. Now watch as I end Rage's worthless life

Falen: NO!

Rage: Don't let him kill me!


 Wearing a sinister grin on his face. Okubi makes a quick movement with his right hand. Causing the binding water around Rage to rip his body into pieces. Witnessing the death of Rage before her eyes. Falen immediately cry out in anger. Meanwhile Christof merely wears a look of annoyance

Falen: YOU BITCH! Rage was my lover!

Okubi: Do I look like I care? It's not my fault he was stupid enough to fight against me. Besides what the hell do I look like no taking your speedster out first? Now I will target you next and finally get my revenge on Christof

Christof: Rain was reported in today forecast. I'll make sure to kill whoever caused this rain myself. In the meantime I need to ensure you cannot perform no more water based attacks

Okubi: Oh you're going to put on another anti magic collar on me?

Christof: Not at all bitch! A demon as old as I'm has many tricks up his sleeves. Instead I will offer up a tribute! Falen if you don't mind

 Right before Okubi's very eyes. Christof digs his hand in Falen's chest. Ripping out the demon's beating heart. Shocked by her master's actions. Falen stares at Christof with disbelief as she begins to die

Christof: Sorry love, but I no longer have use for you. 

Okubi: YOU MONSTER! That was your comrade

Christof: Was being the key word. Besides Falen was the weakest of my minions. Well besides those fuckers Victor and PaulAnyways now that I have her heart. I'll offer it as a tribute to disable your water based magic for the duration of our battle

Okubi: Not if I kill you first!

 Right as Okubi prepares to unleashed a watery attack upon Christof. Holding Falen's heart in his right hand. Christof crushes her heart to pieces. At that very moment, Okubi feels himself being cut off from his water based powers.

Christof: How does it feel to lose your greatest ability?

Okubi: Not nearly as bad as killing your own comrade. I absolutely loathe men like you

Christof: You mean men who will do whatever it takes to achieve there goal? All of this shit and you and your fucking friends fault! Had you fuckers just stayed out of my way. I would had never needed to kill Falen. Now I''m going to make you all pay for interfering with my plans

Okubi: Like hell my friends and I would stand back while the citizens of Coram were sacrificed. A man with you ambitions deserved to be stopped at every corner. The last time we fault. I underestimated you . Now that I know your true capabilities. I swear on my mother and father's name I will kill you!

Christof: I have cut you off from your water powers. What else can you possibly do to me?

Okubi: Well to correct you cur. I'm unable to use neither my water or fire based magic. However I still have my greatest ability at my disposal

Christof: Your seduction poses? Ha! That harlot magic won't work on me

Okubi: Fool! I have my wits and my darkness! Now prepares yourself Lord Christof. I'm going to kill you 


Okubi: You are welcome to try but know you will fail