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Forbidden Chapter 30

Forbidden Chapter Thirty - Fall Of The Queen & The Dragon! Enters Janiel

 After successfully finding Princess Ivory and her allies. Having aided in the defeat of Christof's demon minions. Once reunited with his other friends along with new allies. Learning from King Onyxe about the real evil that plagues Coram. Before Nara and others could plan to stop Queen Adama. Five deadly beings appear within the middle of Coram. The first four were warriors from Medieval Times. They are known as The Forbidden Warlords. Summon from the dead by Queen Adama's magic. These four vicious warriors plan on annihilating everything around them. Not only were the heroes now up against these fearsome warriors of old. A ferocious black dragon had also magically appeared within the city. Causing unspeakable chaos and panic with each movement. Nara had recognized the dragon back when they first began traveling towards Coram. Knowing the strength and capabilities of the warlords. King Onyxe had swiftly put the heroes into groups of four. Placing each group against an assigned warlord. Allowing him to fight against the dragon on his own. However Nara knew the King was needed elsewhere. Instead the young descendant volunteered himself to face the mighty dragon

Very displeased with her boyfriend's decision at first. Xiaoyu tried earnestly to change Nara's mind. However in spite of her efforts. King Onyxe had decided to take Nara's advice instead. Leaving Nara to fight the dragon. While both Eligos and he go and rescue Okubi. The rain continues to fall as Onyxe and Eligos make their exit. Xiaoyu quickly grabs Nara by his head and passionately kisses him. Xiaoyu then wishes Nara luck as she joins the others against the Warlords. Taking a quick moment to mentally prepare himself. Nara starts running furiously towards his ninety feet tall winged opponent. Only inches away from the black dragon. Nara's eyes begins to change from brown to icy blue. Yet unaware of his incoming opponent. The Black Dragon continues it terror upon Coram's citizens. Just right before the Dragon attempts to devour a civilian. Nara quickly prepares an attack


 Unleashing a blast of multiple snowballs. Nara successfully pelts the dragon with his attack. Allowing it intended prey to escape. The Black Dragon turns it's focus onto Nara

Nara: That's right you fucking oversized burnt lizard. Let's see you fight someone as bad as you!

 Enraged by the sage standing before him. The dragon prepares an attack of it's own. Releasing a stream of crimson fire towards Nara. Dodging the dragon's attack with little effort. Nara failed to realized the civilians around him. Instantly catching the scent of burnt fleshed around him. Nara is horrified by the sight of ablaze corpses. Filled with great guilt by the death of innocents. Nara begins feeling a dark sensation within his body. Caused unimaginable pain by this sudden sensation. Nara immediately falls to his knees. Meanwhile the dragon begins prepare yet another devastating attack. Finally Nara manages to fight off the pain. Unfortunately the dragon's flames are only inches away from striking Nara. Moments from being engulf by the dragon's flames. Nara quickly changes his eye color from Icy Blue to Silver. Summoning his familiar Lionheart. Quickly using his shield, Lionheart protects both Nara and himself from the dragon's fire. Meanwhile as the heroes continue fighting the Forbidden Warlords. They are shortly joined by Hellin and Angelina. Now with the additional man power by their side. The heroes are no longer worried about defeating the Warlords

Now with having summoned Lionheart to his aid. Nara has the perfect strategy to take down the mighty Dragon. Ordering Lionheart to use his technique Binding Light! Swiftly stabbing his javelin into the ground. Lionheart summons a chain made of light to bind the dragon. Now with the dragon temporary immobilized. Nara begins transforming into his Darken form. Once Nara had transformed into his Darken state. Nara begins creating a ball of chaotic energy between his two palms. Severals seconds later, Nara is ready to unleash his attack

Nara: Time to put an end to your madness dragon. AH PUCH

 Releasing a deadly reddish purple energy beam towards the dragon. Nara aims his attack directly at the dragon's head. The beam killing the massive creature upon impact. Nara had singlehandedly defeated the Savage Black Dragon. Now all that was left was for Nara to contain his own darkness. Sensing Nara had entered his Darken state. Xiaoyu leaves the others in order to aid her boyfriend. Minutes later Xiaoyu reunites with Nara and begins using her light powers to revert Nara back to normal. Afterwards  the couple looks down upon the slain dragon

Xiaoyu: Baby you did it! I'm so damn proud of you. Never did I imagine you were so strong

Nara: Well I did have Lionheart to aid me a bit. Sadly I couldn't stop the dragon from taking any lives

Xiaoyu: While the death of innocents are very unfortunate. Had you not defeated the dragon as soon as you did. The beast would had easily claimed even more lives. Anyways baby I'm truly proud of you

Nara: Thanks beautiful

 Nara kisses Xiaoyu on her forehead. Shortly after Susan along with her team arrives to the scene

Susan: Looks like the handy work of a Darken. Good job on defeating the dragon Nara

Xiaoyu: Did you manage to get the citizens to safety?

Mimi: A huge majority of them are at the Coram shelter. Many others had either fled Coram completely or hiding elsewhere

Linda: Either way we had saved many lives today. Thankfully we were aware of Adama and Christof's evil intentions. Otherwise our situation would be even more dire

Goldilocks: Speaking about that bitch Adama. Are we going after her next?

Xiaoyu: No need to worry about Adama, Goldie. King Onyxe is going to deal with that traitor himself

 Back at Queen Adama's castle. Having rescue Othello from certain death. Onyxe then confronted Adama before engaging in battle. While Adama's unique magical powers proved challenging for the King. Onyxe had used his newly discovered reaper powers. in order to take down the corrupt Queen. Using his scythe three times his sizes. Onyxe had cleanly chopped off Adama's right arm. Immediately ending the fight between the two. Watching Adama writhing on the ground in pain. Othello had now intended to finish her off. Unfortunately for Othello, Onyxe had sensed her bloodlust. Onyxe quickly used his spell Quick Nap on Othello. The Queen of Babylon fell asleep seconds after. Allowing Onyxe to deal with Adama on his terms

Adama: Thank goodness you put that miserable harlot to rest. If I'm to die here, I rather it be by your hands Onyxe

Onyxe: Traitor! How dare you even speak to me? I have half a mind to dump you into a tank with a Nothosaurus. Instead I will see to it you are put on trial. I will let the people decide upon your punishment

Adama: You will have me judged by lesser beings? I was the damn Queen of Coram for damn sakes

Onyxe: Former Queen of Coram you wench! After today I officially restrict you of your former title. Lola was absolutely right about your sorry ass. I really need to listen to her more. Anyways let get you out of here. Before you bleed to death. I'll come back for Othello


 Thanks to the efforts of the heroes. Both Okubi's team and the natives of Coram. Having saved Coram and it's citizens from certain destruction. The heroes had managed to defeat Queen Adama. Killed Lord Christof along with his servants minus Zero Black, who had surrendered himself to Ivory. Along with retrieving the Prosperity Gem. While the Coram authorities transport Adama to the Royal Lands to face judgment. King Onyxe discusses with Okubi and the others about the Coram incident

Onyxe: First and foremost thank you all for your bravery. I still can't believe I let things get this bad

Okubi: Onyxe you are not to blame for any of this. Yes it's unfortunate you didn't know about Adama sooner, but things could had been worst

Xiaoyu: Much worse

Hellin: I'm still pissed off you won't let me kill her

Othello: Join the club honey

Onyxe: It's bad enough Adama's actions are going to give my critics even more to criticize me on. I don't want to make matters worst by behaving like a savage demon. As the current ruler of Mayland. I must do things as close to the book as possible. Meaning giving Adama a fair trial for starters

Eligos: That miserable hag doesn't deserve such a courtesy. None the less I shall not question your wisdom your majesty

Onyxe: Eligos you flatter me. I'm pretty certain my wisdom pales in comparison to yours

Angelina: So while Coram is dealing with the aftermath of everything that happened today. Exactly where did Ivory go?

Onyxe: After I had Ivory remove her seal off the Prosperity Gem. I had offered her to take her mother's place

Othello: Typical?

Lisa: Well she is Jeremiah's daughter after all. Meaning the throne should go to her next

Angelina: That is true Lisa, but Ivory is also Adama's daughter. That would not be a good look having the daughter rule behind her mother's place. In spite of us knowing Ivory would make an exceptional Queen for Coram. Majority of it's citizens would be very displeased by such a decision. Many people view  Ivory in the same light as her mother

Nara: A very unfortunate part of having a evil parent

Xiaoyu: Unfortunate isn't even the word for it

Yura: Well at least our joint efforts severely minimize the bloodshed that would had taken place

James: Thanks to Othello and Onyxe' father. We managed to get here just right on time

Othello: Oh thank you so very much for appreciating my efforts James.

James: Don't get any ideas Othello. I still very much indeed hate you!

Anna: Well I'm just glad this is all over with. Totally not what I had expected when I first arrived on Asira.

Okubi: While the Children of Ruin are still our main objective. Being the heroes that we are. Sometimes we will be required to handle other threats as they come

Tobirama: Anyways if there's nothing else for me to do here. I will like to continue on with my journey

Okubi: So you don't want to have a private conversation with me Tobirama sensei?

Tobirama: Unless you have reconsidered my proposal Okubi. There's really nothing for either of us to talk about. I genuinely wish you and your friends a safe and successful journey. I personally think I'll be heading back to the Underworld for awhile

Okubi: Then farewell for now Tobirama sensei. May our paths cross again soon

Eligos: You take care of yourself wanderer

Lisa: Thanks for the hospitality once again Tobi

Anna: That goes double for me sir

 Bidding Okubi and the others farewell. Tobirama starts heading out of Coram. After a few minutes later. The heroes proceed with their conversation

Hellin: So by the way did Nara really defeat the dragon by himself?

Nara: I damn sure did Princess

Xiaoyu: Yes my Nara has proven himself to be quite the badass

Eligos: It's time like this I wish you two were still at each other's throat. This mushy love stuff between you two can be nauseating at times

Nara: Jealous much old man?

Eligos: As if little boy

Onyxe: Well I for one am very happy to see Xiaoyu and Nara so in love with one another. I feared they may try to kill each other when I first meet them. Chemistry is such a weird thing

James: Just be happy your with someone that genuinely loves you. Unlike a certain woman I know

Othello: Exactly who is that woman?

Anna: Dad please don't respond

Othello: Who asked you to talk you little bitch!

James: Hey watch it whore! I don't give a damn about what you have to say to me. However I won't stand for you treating Anna like shit

Othello: As if that will make up for the unfortunate life she had to live because of you. Anyways Onyxe if theirs nothing else of significants you need to tell me. I'll be taking the Prosperity Gem back with me to the Underworld. After all that is why I had Moses tell Hellin about Christof in the first place

 Onyxe hands over the Prosperity Gem over to Othello

Hellin: Mother now with the gem in your possession. Exactly what will become of it?

Othello: That a rather silly question for you to ask. I plan on handing it over to my fellow Demon Lords. Course more than likely Focalor will be responsible for safeguarding the gem

Okubi: Can Focalor be trusted? The last thing we want is a repeat of Coram

Onyxe: Focalor can be trusted Okubi. Besides a demon with Focalor's powers wouldn't even need the Prosperity Gem to attempt what Christof did

Othello: Also Focalor posses more power than Christof, Adama, and his lowly demons combined. Just like Onyxe had said, Focalor has no interest in this shitty world

Xiaoyu: Asira is far from shitty your majesty

Othello: A simple mortal like you would think that

Okubi: Hellin please tell your mother stop insulting my friends

Hellin: As if I would dare tell my mother what to do

Othello: Thank you for respecting your mother dear. Unlike someone who blew his mother into many pieces

Eligos: Okay that was beyond fucking unnecessary

Okubi: Calm yourself Eligos. Nothing this harlot says about my mother can phase me. Besides isn't she the one who bothered collecting my mother's pieces after her death? The very woman who made a clone of my mother in attempts of using it to kill me? Only for my mother's conscious to counter everything she had attempted? Othello nor anyone else can't use my mother to hurt me anymore

Onyxe: I'm happy to hear that Okubi

Apollyn: Apollyn doesn't know about you guys, but Apollyn is sure is hungry for desserts

Lisa: I hear you on that one girl. This sexy angel can use some grub along with a nice bath

Onyxe: Well now that's everything has been settle here for now. I must return back to my castle. So that I may prepare myself for Adama's trial

Xiaoyu: Oh I almost forgot to ask you. What about Ivory and the whole Coram situation?

Onyxe: Yes about that, Ivory decided to travel throughout Asira for awhile. After what she had to endure for the past few months. Ivory has had her full with Coram and it's problems. Thankfully Zero Black is traveling alongside her

Hellin: Did you really let that sonabitch just walk away? He aided Christof along with the others in conspiring against Coram

Angelina: Do you forget it was Zero Black who also betrayed Christof for Ivory?

Hellin: Don't try that bullshit on me Angelina. Zero Black didn't choose Ivory or Christof out of love, but fear. He saw what I did to Cynthia and Ethan. He was about to join them

Onyxe: Well the way I look at it. Zero Black never really wanted to betray Ivory. His love for her has proven that. Not everyone makes the right decision at the right time. Ultimately Ivory had decided to forgive him. Therefore as long as he remains true to Ivory. I will overlook his previous activities

Xiaoyu: I don't think that's really fair your majesty. Regardless of Zero Black's reasons. Zero Black still worked alongside Christof and did horrible things in his name. I just feel Zero Black got off easy

Nara: I feel the exact same way, but I was afraid I would come off bigoted

Xiaoyu: Being a bigot and calling out bullshit are two different things babe. I don't want Zero Black punished simply for being a demon. I want him punished for being a criminal. If that is the reason you want him punished. Then you are not being a bigot

Nara: Thanks for the support babe

Othello: As if you mortals have any grounds to judge. If your King says Zero Black is allowed to be free. How dare any of you maggots question his authority?

Onyxe: These maggots? Othello these so called maggots just helped saved Coram. Even if they didn't have a hand of stopping Adama and Christof. No citizen of Asira should just accept whatever their current ruler does. Otherwise rulers like Golda will continue to happen. I understand you guys not appreciating my reasons for allowing Black to walk, but I truly feel he is genuinely sorry. I do not withhold punishment due to him being a demon like me. I say his heart and decided he wasn't a bad person. Furthermore it's the least I could do for failing Ivory the way I did

Hellin: So your reason for letting Black walk wasn't because of him but because of Ivory. You are way too soft to be anyone's king Onyxe

James: If you truly think King Onyxe is soft daughter of Othello. Then hope you never get on Onyxe's bad side

Hellin: I look forward to it lowly father of Anna

Lisa: Well now that we know what's up with Ivory and Black. Exactly what are you plans with Zar, Susan, and the others?

Onyxe: Like Ivory and Zero Black, Susan decided to get away from Coram for awhile.

Apollyn: Oh goodness gracious why? Susan buddy's cooking was so delicious. Now where will Apollyn go and eat?

Angelina: Well their are other restaurants we can go to you know. Susan isn't the only chef within Coram. Besides after what has taken place today. I rather go to another nearby town to eat at. The people of Coram have much work to do here. I'm sure no one wants to be hinder cooking multiple desserts for a demon of your appetite

Onyxe: Anyways back to what I was saying. Susan decided to leave Coram for awhile. However unlike the last time Susan had deserted Coram. I don't think she ever attends to come back. Anyways moving onto the others. Going back to my conversation earlier about Coram's next ruler. After Ivory sternly told me off. I had began considering Zar to become Coram's next ruler

Angelina: Should Zar become Coram's next ruler. That would truly make history. Until today only those of the Snow bloodline has ruled Coram. Well change can be good as times. I just wish it didn't result from Adama's betrayal

Onyxe: So do I Angelina, but I can't change the past. I can only be more cautious in the coming future. Now as for Mimi, Goldilocks, and Linda. They have decided to remain in Coram. Helping their fellow Coranians rebuild their homeland.

Yura: So Onyxe, do you plan on giving Zar Coram to rule?

Onyxe: That would be easy, but too simple. While I do think Zar would make a good ruler for Coram. I believe they maybe other candidates for the task. I just don't want to put anyone on the throne. I can't afford a repeat of Adama's situation. It's bad enough once I return home. I'm going to face a lot of scrutiny for this very incident

Xiaoyu: I'm truly sorry you'll have to go through all that Onyxe

Onyxe: It's the price of being Mayland's ruling King. Besides I have handle worst and I have a good team behind me. I'm sure Lola can spin this story in my favor.

Othello: Well now that I heard enough meaningless chit chat. I think it's best I g--

Okubi: My body... what is this vertigo like sensation am feeling?

Yura: Exactly what can be the cause of this disequilibrium?

Onyxe: I don't know Yura, but I didn't sense anyone

Apollyn: Apollyn didn't sense anything either

Hellin: I don't think any of us did

Anna: Everything around us is moving slow. I can't even talk at a normal speed

Angelina: What kind of evil has gotten ahold of us?

 While preoccupied with talking about today's events. The heroes were unaware of the danger that surrounded them. Having been caught in an unknown blue space zone. A mysterious figure begins walking towards them. Once entering the view of the captured heroes. They spot a man wearing his aqua green shirt, pulled back behind his neck. Along with pants to match with noticeable purple patches on his clothing. Continuing walking towards the heroes with a lollipop in his mouth

 Now able to see the mysterious man in perfect view. Both Othello and Lisa stare at the man with great terror in their eyes. While the others remain quite and worried. Both Othello and Lisa shouts out the man's name

Othello & Lisa: JANIEL!

Onyxe: Janiel?

Okubi: Exactly how do either of you know this man?

Lisa: I can't believe I even still remember this son of a bitch! I would had thought certain memories from Heaven would had left me by now

Othello: Out of all the places in this slovenly world called Asira. Never did I expect to see you here Janiel

Janiel: Well hello to you too Queen of Babylon

Hellin: Mother who is this man and how do you know him?

Janiel: Well considering your mother is a Demon Lord. She would know about the Underworld's most notorious criminals. Course I'm one the really top secret ones only the elites know about

Hellin: Mother how could you keep this from me?

Othello: I didn't see no need to tell you about Janiel sweetie. I didn't want you to get involved with this bastard

Xiaoyu: That name Janiel. I vaguely remember it from somewhere. I think you mentioned this name before Lisa, but I just can't recall when

Lisa: I guess my Forget Beam didn't work on you as well as the others

Nara: Hey wait a fucking minute! When did you exactly alter our memories?

Angelina: It must had happen when we first meet her

Lisa: It was a little after I killed Plamen

Janiel: So it was you who killed my beloved Plamen. May his soul rest in fire

Xiaoyu: This guy knows about Plamen?

Janiel: Course I do my dear girl. I also know about your dead friend Wei. My former servant Brutality delivered him quite the agonizing death. How was watching your friend dies through his very eyes?


Okubi: If this man knows about all these atrocities. That must mean he is---

Janiel: The Leader of the Children of Ruin!

 At that very moment everyone had frozen in silence. Not only were they already in danger. Never had they expected they would be facing the leader of the Children of Ruin themselves. Mixed emotions running through everyone's head. The realization had hit Othello the hardest

Othello: Oh dear Lucifer! I sent my daughter on a suicide mission. Had I known Janiel was leading the Children of Ruin. I would had never allowed Hellin to get involved. Damn you Onyxe and Okubi

James: Like any of them knew Janiel was the leader of the Children of Ruin

Othello: No but the angel did!

Xiaoyu: Lisa how could had kept this from us?

Okubi: We trusted you Lisa

Lisa: I didn't want to keep this from you guys. However right before I decided to leave Heaven. I remember Lord Asira telling me if you guys went after Janiel without becoming stronger. Each and every one of you would be killed in seconds. I didn't want to lose any of you

Othello: All the good that fucking did! Now we're all are going to be killed!

Janiel: That's not entirely true Queen of Babylon. In spite of how many of mines you shit heads had slain. I only wish to kill one of you. Allowing those I spare a chance for revenge

Angelina: Now that I know the man who posses my Zyra Blade. Tell me why you had Brutality steal it from me?

Janiel: Hello to you too former Lady Lilith. Now for the reason I stolen your precious knife. I will be in need of it in the days to come. Course if I told any of you my master plan. The fun part about my lovely scheme would forever be ruined. Besides you already had your use of the Zyra Blade

Angelina: I don't give a single damn. The knife belongs to me!

Janiel: Nothing worst than a beautiful woman who lacks manners

Hellin: Why can't my fucking telepathy work on this piece of shit!

Janiel: That's very simple Princess of Babylon. My Blue Zone negate the use of telepathic abilities. Not even the strongest telepath powers would work here. So trying to take ahold of my mind is futile. Now onto I was saying before

Okubi: Why do you want to destroy Asira so badly? Why would want to unleash Mastema onto this world?

Janiel: Interrupt me again Mr. Okubi and I will kill you instead! Also I already said I am not sharing my master plan with any of you. Now if anyone else doesn't have something meaningless to say. I'm now ready to kill my designated target

James: So who out of all of us are you planning to kill?

Janiel: Oh that's a good question, especially come from you James

Anna: Oh no not my dad

Othello: Please say Anna

Janiel: Wrong and seriously? The one I wish to kill is the King of Mayland... meaning Onyxe!

Okubi: Onyxe?

Yura: No I won't let you harm him

James: You fucking faggot piece shit motherfucker! Stay the fuck away from my best friend you son of a bitch!

Janiel: As if any of you bitches can stop me? Let alone saves yourselves. Now shut the fuck up while I kill off your precious King. Then afterwards I release you fools from my Blue Zone while I make my escape. Now King Onyxe prepare to die!

 As Onyxe and the others stare at Janiel with heavy hostility. Janiel begins forming blades of energy within his left hand. Making his way towards Onyxe. Each step Janiel takes carries a killer intent. Merely moments away from reaching his target. Janiel begins to mock the defenseless king

Janiel: This is so not how anyone expected the mighty Onyxe to fall. I thought you would get a kinder ending. A softy King like you should get a more tender death. Unfortunately you decided to stand in my way. Had you and your fucking friends not interfere. My ambitions would had already been completed. Therefore I must make an example out of you

 Now standing right before Onyxe. Janiel left his right hand as he prepares to pierce Onyxe's head. Suddenly a portal opens from behind Janiel. Emerging out of the portal was Onyxe's father Knox. Seeing his son about to be murdered. Knox quickly swings his scythe and chops Janiel's head off. Watching Janiel's head fall to the ground, following the rest of his body. Knox grabs his son by the waist and holds him in his arms. Having slain Janiel the Blue Zone's effects have worn off.

Othello: Knox thank fucking goodness for your timely arrival

Knox: Don't get too happy Thalia. Take a look down at Janiel's body

 Othello along with the others examines the dead body of Janiel

Okubi: That thing cannot possibly be Janiel

James: That looks like shifter demon

Othello: Because it is a shifter demon! Janiel must had found and killed one. Then used his powers to manipulate the shifter demon. Combining his dark sorcery with the demon's ability to shape shift

Knox: Course that doesn't change the fact Janiel was somewhere within Coram.

Xiaoyu: Nor the fact that Janiel knows about us and our mission on stopping him. I knew the leader of the Children of Ruin was going to be a force to reckon with. I just never expected him to be this fearsome

Lisa: I'm really sorry y'all

Okubi: Lisa, you are forgiven. Having witness Janiel's capabilities for myself. I more than understand your reasons about not telling us about him sooner. The leader of the Children of Ruin will not be easy to take down

Onyxe: Father you can put me down now

Knox: Oh well of course son. I just glad I arrived when I did. I was sent here by Adramelech and Lisa Alice. In order to retrieve Othello and the Prosperity Gem. Luckily I came here when I did. Otherwise I would had lost my son

Apollyn: Big sis Li Al, oh how I miss her

Othello: That woman

Knox: Still pressed that you're no longer the only female Demon Lord

Othello: Fuck off Knox!

Knox: Right back at you whore

Othello: Asshole!

Onyxe: Thank you for rescuing my friends and I father

Knox: The pleasure was truly all mines son.

Onyxe: Okubi! Would you and your friends mine accompany me back to the Royal Lands? Having just survived our encounter with Janiel. There is much I wish to discuss with you all

Okubi: That's more than acceptable your majesty. I wish to discuss things with you as well

Xiaoyu: I would also like to see if I can contact my commander back in China

Onyxe: Granted Xiaoyu

Apollyn: Also when we return to your castle Onyxe buddy. Can Apollyn get some ice cream, cheesecake, and a large milkshake?

Onyxe: Well of course Apollyn my sweet. How could I tell you no?

Hellin: You people are so damn annoying. Anna! How are you feeling?

Anna: I'm okay Hellin. Just glad Onyxe didn't die

Knox: Well both Othello and I must get going. However we may need some of you to return to the Underworld very soon. Course I'm referring to the demons of the group

Lisa: Which is just about everyone except Xiaoyu and myself

Othello: Now that we know who we're up against. I personally will be coming to get you Hellin very soon. I need to further train you against a threat of Janiel's capabilities

Knox: Not only does Hellin require further training. Many of you can also use more training within the Underworld. Especially you Mr. Chabla

Nara: Me?

Knox: I can sense great potential in you, but you have truly master control over your Darken form

Nara: I can control my Darken form quite fine thank you

Knox: So I trust you can revert back to you normal self after you changed from your Darken form?

 Nara found himself unable to answer. Knowing that Nara still relies on her light to calm him. Xiaoyu speaks in her boyfriend's place

Xiaoyu: Well to be quite honest with you Mr. Knox. My boyfriend doesn't yet posses to ability to change back on his own. I use my light powers in order to revert my boyfriend to his normal self

Knox: Exactly how long have you been doing that?

Xiaoyu: Since he first transformed into Darken back in Arundel. After having witness Somnium being killed and the rest nearly sharing her fate. I still resent Geneviere for that very reason

Knox: That's not very good at all. While a Darken is not yet a full fledge demon. Merely a corrupted being with the conscious of a blood hungry shark. However if a Darken wants to hold onto their humanity. Keeping themselves from becoming a full fledged demon or worst. They must become their own masters of their soul. Not relying on someone else to protect their soul

Lisa: Poor Nara. Never would I imagine him being so speechless

Onyxe: That is the life of a Darken. It took my sensei years to truly regain control over his soul

Othello: Anyways let's deal with all of this another time. Right now I really want to get back home

Knox: We will talk very soon son

Onyxe: I look forward to it father

Knox: Okay thot queen, let's get going

Othello: Fuck you asshole. Just open a damn portal already. Take care my sweet Hellin. Mommy will see you soon

Hellin: Goodbye for now mother

 After bidding his son and the others farewell. Knox opens a portal to the Underworld which both Othello and he enters

Onyxe: Okay everyone let's get ready for our own trip through the portal. Once we return to my castle. I want everyone to get some proper rest and relaxation. Tomorrow we have a lot we need to discuss. Starting with how to deal with Janiel

While having successfully stopped Adama and rescued Coram and it's citizens. Now having been face to face with Janiel, the leader of the Children of Ruin. The heroes know it will be an uphill battle in order to save the rest of Asira. None the less they are prepare to do whatever it takes to stop Janiel from achieving his yet unknown ambitions


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