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Daughter To Father

Daughter To Father

 Surviving the incredible and dangerous events within Coram. Along with having encountered the mastermind behind the Children of Ruin, the infamous demon Janiel. Returning safely back to the Royal Lands hours later. Once entering inside of his castle. Onyxe immediately calls for his servants. Upon greeting their king, Onyxe orders his servants to get the heroes settled in. After enjoying a nice dinner with his friends. Moments before anyone could make sleeping arrangements. Onyxe makes an announcement to his guest

Onyxe: Well as you all know from earlier. The former Queen of Coram, Adama Snow has been found guilty for multiple crimes. While I was hoping for tomorrow to deal with that situation. Sadly I must meet with government officials tonight. In order to deal with this matter. Just when I thought I had enough on my mind. Anyways I will be back tomorrow morning hopefully

James: Onyxe do you want Yura or I to tag along

Onyxe: Not at all James buddy. However I would very much like Hellin to come with me

Hellin: Me?

Okubi: Her?

 Before anyone else can utter a single word. Onyxe quickly uses his telepathy to speak to Hellin

Onyxe: "Hellin if you wouldn't mind. I would like you to join me on my trip"

Hellin: "The fuck you want to bother me for? Why don't you just take Anna's idiot father or the kunoichi?"

Onyxe: "I want you company for the very reason you unintentionally stated"

Hellin: "You're asking to come with you. In order to allow Anna and James one on one time"

Hellin: "The fuck for? Anna hates that bastards gut. Besides if Anna were to kill James. Not only would you try to kill her. I will have to kill you! I don't think your idea is a very wise one Onyxe!"

Onyxe: "In spite of the potential backlash this could cause. In order for us to stand a chance against our enemies. All of us might be united in order to survive. Thus meaning James and his daughter must make amends"

Hellin: "Anna has no fucking reason to apologize to that spineless bastard! Anna wasn't the one who left her father for dead"

Onyxe: "That isn't what happened at all. James didn't abandon Anna to The Order"

Hellin: "You're absolutely right your majesty! James didn't intentionally leave Anna to be grabbed by The Order. However it was his incompetence and poor thinking skills that put Anna in that situation in the first damn place. To be quite honest with you Onyxe. Even since I had meet Anna's father. It has taken nearly everything within me not to rip his pathetic head off! Had he simply took Anna with him. Anna may had never fallen victim to The Order. Never knowing what it's like to endure cruelty at the hands of my mother. I resent James very existence more than ever you would know"

Onyxe: "I understand where you're coming from Hellin. However I also feel James needs to explain himself to Anna. After all it's her forgiveness he needs, not yours"

Hellin: "Anna will not forgive that man. There is too much hurt in her heart to do so. However if you foolishly believe that them talking will solve anything. I'll gladly join you on your errand to give my friend and your servant time to talk. However if Anna decides to end his worthless life. Don't you fucking dare do anything to her!"

Onyxe: "Fair enough my dear Dead Ringer"

Hellin: "Don't make me angrier than I am already. I'm more than just your clone after all"

Onyxe: "I'll be taking that as a yes. Thank you for your cooperation Hellin"

Hellin: "I'll play along in this pointless experiment of yours. I at least hope Anna gives her pathetic father as nice knuckle sandwich if nothing else"

Onyxe: "Sounds reasonable. Now to end our telepathic chit chat"

 Upon Onyxe ending their telepathic conversation. Hellin immediately turns over to look at Anna

Anna: Um Hellin... is everything okay?

Hellin: Anna. I'm going to escort Onyxe to his meeting with Mayland's government officials. I shall return at dawn

Anna: Do you wish for me to come with you?

Hellin: Had I wanted you to come with me. I would had already stated such. I want to remain here with Okubi and the others. After the hellish day we had today. I want you to get some much needed rest. Who know what troubles await us tomorrow. So take this opportunity to relax yourself a bit. Anyways I'll see you tomorrow Anna. Take care of my friend Okubi

Okubi: Sure why not

Hellin: Okay let's get going Onyxe

James: Yo O? You're going to take her instead of Yura or me? Man what's the deal with that?

Onyxe: Don't take it personal my dear amigo. Usually I would yearn for your company, but as of now. It's Hellin's company I require. I promise it will all make sense to you at dawn. Anyways I need to get going James. Goodnight and I love you

James: Well if you say so O. Love you too and goodnight

 After bidding the rest of his servants farewell. Both Onyxe and Hellin make their way to the castle entrance. Beginning their journey to meet the government officials of Mayland, concerning Adama's punishment. Everyone immediately returns to their previous activities. Leaving James and Anna very confused about what just happened. Before Anna can utter a single word out of her mouth. Oriana, Ricky, and Kira grab Anna. Taking her to hang out with them. Meanwhile Xiaoyu begins speaking to James

Xiaoyu: That's easily the most confused expression I ever seen on someone's face

James: Coming from a detective like yourself. That makes me feel rather terrible

Xiaoyu: Well don't Mr. Del Soto. Besides you do know Onyxe and Hellin were having a telepathic conversation. One that certainly dealt with you and another important person

James: Exactly how do you know that? I thought you only posses light magic and healing abilities

Xiaoyu: Along with the power to detect descendants, but a telepath I'm not. However I'm a detective with a high I.Q. and common sense. Anyways James I'm going to grab something to eat with my boyfriend and Apollyn. See you later

James: Hey wait a sec Xiaoyu. Can you at least give me a hint of what Onyxe and Hellin were talking about?

Xiaoyu: Sorry Mr. Del Soto. That's solely for you to figure out. Anyways peace out

 Xiaoyu waves goodbye to James and walks away from him. Now confused and irritated. James goes to find himself something to drink. Hours later since Onyxe and Hellin's exit. James sat out on the castle's balcony. Not knowing her estranged father was already there. Anna arrives to the castle's balcony as well. Immediately spotting her father, Anna quickly regrets her decision. However before Anna could walk away. James urgently calls out to his daughter.

James: Anna!

Anna: Sorry to bother you father. I'll find somewhere else to be alone

James: Anna please can you stay for a little bit

Anna: I honestly rather not father. I'm not in the mood for anymore drama tonight

James: I don't wish to cause you any drama sweetheart. I just would like to talk to you

Anna: Father whatever you wish to say to me can wait. Right now I just want to be alone

James: If that's what you really want Anna then I will leave you be. I just wanted to apologize to you face to face. Apologize for letting your mother die before your very eyes. Apologize for abandoning you at the motel. Apologize for the misery life you received at the hands of The Order and Othello. Words cannot describe how sorry I'm for everything you went through because of me

Anna: Father don't blame yourself for every tear I have cried. It's not like you knew anything of this would happen

James: Bullshit! Had your mother and I remained loyal to The Order. All of this could had been avoided

Anna: True as that is father. Had mother and you stayed with The Order. Neither of you would had the freedom you always wanted. Only because you betrayed The Order. Not only did you regain a fraction of your freedom. The current ruler of Mayland is your best friend. Betraying The Order was the best decision you ever made

James: Not at the price you had to paid

Anna: Being raised by The Order wasn't such a terrible thing. Only when they sold me to Othello. That's when I experience both physical and emotions pains

James: Othello! Satan knows how much I HATE that bitch! Only if she wasn't so goddamn powerful. I would had already fried that fucking whore

Anna: In spite of the Queen of Babylon's cruel personality. Please refrain from speaking about my friend's mother in such an ill fashion

James: My apologies to Hellin and you then. Hey do you see what's happening here?

Anna: We are having a conversation in spite of my reluctance of the matter

James: Which means you need to come take a seat

 James quickly gets up and pulls out a chair for Anna to sit. Taking a seat across from her father. They continue their conversation

James: So other than the obvious bullshit you been put through. How are you feeling love?

Anna: "How are you feeling love?" Didn't mom use to say that to you?

James: Yep! Course she also said it to you. Don't you remember?

Anna: I can barely remember mother's first name. Only her face remains clear in my mind. Never can I forget seeing my mother be killed before my very eyes. That very day I lost everything. My family, my childhood, my piece of mind. Somedays I wish I could ask Hellin to wipe my mind clean of all those terrible events. However in order I don't allow that to happen to me ever again. I know it's very important I keep my memories intact. Regardless how much it tears at my soul. I'm just grateful I survived. Anyways I don't wish reflecting too much on the past. For the sake of my sanity. I need to only focus on the now

James: From the very bottom of my heart Anna. I'm so sorry for every terrible thing you endure because of my selfish actions. Had I known what I know now. I would had never betrayed The Order. Even at the course of your mother's love.

Anna: A lot of should, could, and would. Anyways the past cannot be changed. We can only look forward to a better future

James: Are you saying you still don't want to kill me sweetheart?

Anna: Father get real! If I had wanted to kill you. I would had already done so. The only reason I felt that way because I thought of you as a selfish prick. Who didn't feel an ounce of sympathy of what he done. However seeing that view of you was very untrue. I do not longer wish to end your life. Besides unlike me, you will always be on The Order's "To Kill List". It's only thanks to Onyxe, The Order hasn't come to Asira to murder you

James: Well you got me there kid. I'm just glad they were kind enough not to punish you for my wrong doings. Lesser demons would had killed you and still wanted me dead

Anna: The Order are demons of honor if nothing else

James: By the way Anna, where did you get those tarot cards of yours?

Anna: One of The Order decease assassins gave them to me as a gift. I'm currently able to summon twelve of the fifty two cards I posses. My tarot allies mean a great deal to me. Even the ones that I cannot use in battle yet

James: That's a very nice thing to say. I would say I raised you to be such a good woman, but I know good and well I can't take credit for that. Neither can your mother unfortunately. I'm truly sorry once again

Anna: No need to keep apologizing father. Be grateful I no longer want to kill you

James: So are your tarot cards the only tools you have in battle?

Anna: I'm very skilled at making various potions and I'm very capable in hand to hand combat. No need to worry if I can handle myself in a fight father

James: So you don't know how to wield fire like your old man?

Anna: I do not

James: Would you like me to teach you?

Anna: I think not father

James: Why?

Anna: Honestly? I'm just not interested learning anything from you

James: Wow, that's pretty damn harsh

Anna: I could be harsher, but I won't

James: Anna you do understand I never meant for any of this to happened. I never wanted to spend centuries wondering if my daughter is dead or alive. Unfortunately circumstances prevented me from searching for you. Had I believed many centuries ago The Order would spare your life. Nothing would had prevented me from rescuing you

Anna: Just so we could continue living on the run? Life would be easier remaining with The Order until a safer opportunity presented itself. Father I get that you love me and never wished anything bad to happen to me. Unfortunately actions have consequences and being the child of two traitors. My life was a reflection of my parent's poor decision. Never will you know the agonizing pleasure. Living amongst demons who despised your very existence. The only reason I'm alive today wasn't out of The Order's pity. They simply didn't see no value in killing me. Master Ulric's words still ring in my head til this day. "A child of traitors has no value. Even the shit out of one's assholes is more valuable. That is why we haven't killed you". To think the very man who betrayed them has more value than me. Do you know how much that hurts to know?

James: Anna that isn't fucking true at all! You have more value than every individual I have ever meet. Even more so than Onyxe himself

Anna: Are you really saying the man that saved your pathetic life has less value than your own daughter? I never knew you thought that little of Onyxe

James: Seems to me you been around Othello way too long. I'm not saying Onyxe doesn't mean anything to me. Am just saying you, my daughter means the world to me. Anna... are you about to cry?

Anna: My eyes are a bit teary, but if you think I'm going to burst into tears. Running into your arms and start screaming to you "Why did you abandon me papa?" Then you have another thing coming. I'll sooner renege  on my promise about killing you than cry before you. Trust me I know what it's like to cry. Queen Othello made certain of that. However you're not worth a single fucking tear drop from my eyes father. I understand now how much you love me, but you will never understand how badly you hurt me. Maybe in time I come to love you. Almost as much as you love me. Yet no matter how long either of us live. Never will I ever forgive you. Because forgiving you means forgetting about all the bad. All the hardships I had suffered by your actions. I know your life wasn't easy, but why did I have to suffer as well? Anyways now that's off my chest. I'm ready to call it the night. Who knows what trouble tomorrow will bring. Fortunately depending on how you look at it. The two of us are at much better terms. Wouldn't you agree father?

James: Better, but far from great

Anna: It's better than it was before. Only a few days ago. I would had killed you on sight. Now I just don't really like being around you. Have a good night father. See you at dawn

James: Goodnight to you too sweetheart

 Watching his daughter exit the balcony into the castle. James reaches down and grabs his half drank beer bottle. Sipping on his drink nice and slowly. The demon reflects on his conversation between his daughter and him. Tears forming around his eyes. James continue to drink his liquor in silence. Hoping tomorrow will bring him a new opportunity. One that will draw him closer to his daughter

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