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Forbidden Chapter 31

Forbidden Chapter 31

Madness In Begonia


 A few minutes past midnight. A young sage by the name Asher Basia was training in the Midor Forest. While honing his fire based magic, Asher was being watched by two mysterious figures. Sensing he was no longer alone in the forest. Asher quickly used his flames to light the surrounding area. Asher immediately spots two standing by the bushes. The first being a tall muscular male with spiky russet colored hair. The other a petite buxom female with a earthy yellow color bob. Now faced up against two menacing adversaries. Asher sets his body ablaze as he prepares for battle. 

Asher: I don't know who you people are, but you dare interrupt my training? Now I will burn you both into crisp!

Ava: Oh my big bro. The fire user is really heated up by our interference

Philip: Is that so sis? Well let's see how hot he is once I start pounding on him. Course I'll just do enough to knock him out.

Ava: Please make certain of that brother. Just like the others before him. The fire sage must be brought back alive. Otherwise our efforts will had been for nothing

Asher: So you people are the ones who kidnapped my friend Ahio

Ava: That must be the wind user. Don't worry too much about your friend though. The two of you will be reunited soon enough 

Asher: Exactly why are you people and what do you want with me?

Philip: Who we are and our mission statement is none of your concern. Just know we are collecting sages who specializes in a singular elemental magic.

Ava: We already have a water sage, earth sage, and of course your friend, the wind sage. Now after we defeat and bag you. All that is left is finding a light user

Philip: Now we can either do this the easy way or the hard way!

Asher: I'll soon die than willingly allow myself to be taken by the likes of you. After I'm done defeating the both of you. I'll demand the location of my friend Ahio and the other sages out of you

Ava: Looks like he's wants the hard way brother. Since I defeated the last sage on my own. I'll let you take out the fire user

Philip: It will be my pleasure


 A new day has arrived as the sun's light shines on Okubi's soft caramel skin. In spite of his very long night sleep. Okubi wakes up feeling rather tired. Hoping to gain a few more minutes of rest. Okubi's ambitions are quickly shattered by the arrival of Eligos

Eligos: GOOD MORNING MASTER OKUBI! Are you ready for yet another exciting new day?

 Greatly anger by his servant's loud wake up call. Using his ability to touch spirits. Okubi viciously grabs Eligos into his hands. Shaking the demon spirit severals times before releasing him. After a few seconds later. Eligos recovers from his vicious shaking by Okubi.

Eligos: MASTER OKUBI THAT WAS VERY MEAN OF YOU! I thought you were not going to hurt me anymore?

Okubi: And I thought I could get some more sleep. Instead I'm forced awake by my annoying friend and servant. Besides I only promised not to hurt you regularly. However if you irritate me like you just did. I will punish you accordingly. Now let me get some more sleep

 Okubi lays back down in bed

Eligos: "How can Master Okubi still be so tired? The Demonic Dream Trial must had took more of a tool on his being than I thought. May the many demons of the Underworld Master Okubi never learns about last night. Otherwise I will incur the very worst of Master Okubi's wrath" Anyways Okubi, you can't just the day away

Okubi: Not the day away Eligos, just another hour or two. Now bug off somewhere before I shake you again

Eligos: Have you already forgotten why where here int he first place? Well let me remind you Master. We are not on vacation within King Onyxe's castle. We came here to discuss how we're going to defeat The Children of Ruin and their powerful leader Janiel. Now please come out of bed already

Okubi: Didn't I just tell you to bug off!

 While still fighting with Eligos to stay in bed. The door to Okubi's room opens, entering his dear friends Xiaoyu and Apollyn. Now with the girls in the room. Okubi forfeits any chance of getting more sleep.

Okubi: Dammit! I'm getting up now Xiaoyu. Please don't harass me like Eligos did

Eligos: My apologies Master Okubi, but you are too important to allow you to stay in bed

Xiaoyu: Besides both Onyxe and I need you downstair ASAP

 The moment Xiaoyu and Apollyn entered his room. Okubi sensed that something was very wrong. However now looking into Xiaoyu's stern face. Okubi's suspicions prove correct

Okubi: Xiaoyu, what's wrong now? Don't tell me another descendant is dead

Xiaoyu: Thankfully that's not the case yet, but something equally troubling had happened last night. Anyways I'll talk to you more about it once you taken your shower and gotten dressed. Also King Onyxe had a nice suit for you

Okubi: A new suit? I told that idiot King to repair my current pink suit

Xiaoyu: Well unfortunately in order to fix that pink skin tight suit of yours Okubi. That would require King Onyxe to go to the Underworld. After all that's where you bought it from. Anyways the new suit is made to your liking... at least I hope it is

Okubi: I hope so too Xiaoyu. Now allow me to get dress and I'll meet you all downstair in an hour

Apollyn: Oh wait just a second Okubi

 Holding out her right hand. Apollyn begins creating a dessert with her flesh. Walking towards Okubi's bed, Apollyn holds her hand out before Okubi

Apollyn: Well don't just stare at it Okubi buddy. Apollyn has made you a green cherry cheese cake. Apollyn promise it will make Okubi buddy feel less sleepy

 Okubi grabs the usual dessert out of Apollyn's hand. Devouring the dessert in one bite, Okubi instantly felt reenergized much like his normal self

Okubi: Oh that's much better Apollyn. Thank you so very much. Also that's a lovely new dress you're wearing

Apollyn: Apollyn appreciates Okubi buddy's kind words. Now we must go while you get ready. See you in a little bit

Following behind Xiaoyu out of Okubi's room. Apollyn waves Okubi goodbye as she leaves his room. Less than five minutes after the girls exits. Okubi grabs his needed hygiene products and heads towards the bathroom. Eligos follows behind his Master. Less than forty five minutes later, Okubi and Eligos reaches downstair to meet the others. Now wearing his new blue battle wardrobe. Okubi is pleasantly thrilled by how much he likes it. Entering the dinning room to greet the others. Okubi and Eligos were surprise to see only Onyxe, Hellin, Anna, Angelina, Apollyn, and Xiaoyu

Onyxe: Good morning Okubi and Eligos. I hope the both of you had a pleasant night

Okubi: It could had been better, but I'm grateful for another day. Anyways how did Adama's trial go last night?

Hellin: A waste of fucking time! That bitch should had been beheaded

Okubi: Morning to you too Hellin, but I was talking to Onyxe

Hellin: Well I was just making a statement. I couldn't give two shits if you were speaking to me or not!

Okubi: Annoying wench! Anyways Onyxe, what of Adama's trial?

Onyxe: It went as one could had expected. Adama was sentenced a life in prison. The government's decisions, not mine. I personally wanted her beheaded. After the hell she put the city of Coram and her daughter through. Anything less than death seem too damn kind. Anyways we have a new problem to worry about.

Okubi: Yes about this new problem. Exactly what is it about?

Onyxe: Just last night in Begonia, just three towns away from here. A sage by the name Asher Basia was kidnapped

Hellin: A mere kidnapping? Doesn't shit like that happens everyday? What makes this Asher person so damn special?

Onyxe: Well I'll gladly tell you if you remain silent. Anyways first and foremost Mr. Basia is not a descendant of the Great Sages. However that doesn't make him any less important

Anna: Any innocent sage regardless of their lineage should be protected. No life is less important than another

Onyxe: I one hundred percent agree with you Anna. Not only I don't appreciate the suffering of innocents. The reasons why Asher was kidnapped is very troubling. The past few weeks during the arrival of The Children of Ruin. There was a report of two sages being kidnapped in Brazil. A week ago the sage Ahio went missing in Hawaii. Now just yesterday the fire sage Asher went missing from Begonia

Apollyn: Apollyn is so confused? Why are all these sages being kidnapped yet they aren't descendants?

Angelina: Even ordinary sages can be targeted by evil Apollyn. However something about these kidnapping are rather unusual. Targeting sages who only uses a singular type of magic. Onyxe may I ask you the powers the missing sages posses?

Onyxe: That's very easy Angelina. The two sages from Brazil are brother and sister. Aciano sole used water based magic while Belzabel used earth magic. Ahio was reported back to me a wind user and Asher a fire manipulator

Okubi: A water, earth, wind, and fire sages all being kidnapped. Why do I get the feeling someone is trying to perform a sought of ritual? One that requires sages that specialize in one particular magic?

Xiaoyu: I heard stories about such a ritual. I believe it's called "Call of the Elements"!

Angelina: I believe that's very correct detective

Okubi: Call of the Elements?

Eligos: However that ritual also requires a sage that uses purely light magic and one that uses dark magic. So whoever kidnapped the missing sages, still needs to find a light sage and dark sage. Otherwise the ritual will be incomplete

Apollyn: Isn't Xiaoyu buddy a light sage? Also Okubi buddy uses dark magic

Okubi: Yes I use dark magic Lynn, but I do not qualify as a sole dark magic user. I can also manipulate fire, water, ice, and another magic I rather not name

Hellin: Oh please spare of your ego prissy boy. I already told the others about your Seduction Pose abilities

Okubi: Hellin how dare you!

Angelina: Okubi don't get yourself all riled up. Besides there's nothing wrong with you knowing Seduction Pose. Despite the taboo behind that particular magic due to the provocative poses one must perform. Knowing when to use a Seduction Pose can be a tide changer during a fierce battle

Hellin: Looks like someone fucking underestimated the level of understanding his comrades posses

Okubi: Even with my comrades being cool with my newer learned magic. That doesn't give you the right to tell my business

Hellin: What the fuck ever!

Okubi: Insufferable cur!

Xiaoyu: Okubi and Hellin! Please save your arguing for later. We have important matters to discuss

Okubi: My apologizes Xiaoyu

Hellin: Hmph!

Okubi: Also by the way Onyxe. Where are the others? Like James, Nara, Lisa, and the Four Divas?

Onyxe: Nara and Lisa decided to tag along with James and Yura on a few errands. The Divas along with Abrafo are just one town over. Getting some needed time away from the castle. Course I made sure the are heavily protected. Anyways now back to the subject matter at hand. I want you all to traveling to Begonia. Unlike the other sages, Asher has only been missing for about ten hours. Hopefully some clues will remain of his whereabouts or of his kidnappers

Angelina: Also isn't the Bellflower Carnival taking place in Begonia today?

Onyxe: I almost forgot about that being today. I so would wish to go after missing the last three. Anyways someone must stay and watch over the castle. If only someone could stay in my place

Hellin: I rather not travel all the way to Begonia just to look for some random sage. Instead if Onyxe doesn't mind. I would like to request my mother to come here and train me.

Anna: Hellin are you saying you will remain in the castle while Onyxe comes with us to Begonia?

Hellin: That's exactly what I'm saying Anna. Course my mother will be here as well. Does that sound like a reasonable plan to you Onyxe?

Onyxe: I'm perfectly okay with that Hellin. I mean it's not like I have to worry about Othello doing anything to jeopardize my Kingdom while I am away for a few hours. Also I can help with the investigation

Okubi: While I trust Hellin in spite of her irksome presence. I still do not trust Othello

Hellin: My mother doesn't want this crappy Kingdom Okubi. Besides after our encounter with Janiel yesterday. It's very important I get some more training in while you fuckers are away. Anna you will be going with them by the way. I don't want my mother scolding you all day

Xiaoyu: What Othello does to Anna is beyond mere scolding, but that's a conversation for another time

Angelina: Perhaps it's just me, but it's almost laughable how we're overlooking one single problem

Onyxe: Exactly what problem is that Angelina? Course I'm not going to use my telepathy to find out

Angelina: Does anyone remember Apollyn's statement earlier?

Okubi: You mean the part where Xiaoyu is a pure light user

Xiaoyu: Shit! Don't tell me I can't go to Begonia because of that

Okubi: Actually you being a pure light user can work to our advantage

Angelina: Considering it's more than likely Asher's kidnappers are still around. Many talented sages attends the Bellflower Carnival. I wouldn't be surprise they are on the look out for their next victim

Anna: Course if those fuckers think they're taking Xiaoyu. They are in for a rude awakening

Apollyn: Apollyn will bite their heads off if they touch Xiaoyu buddy

Okubi:  Seems to me we now have everything figured out. Hellin and that mother of hers will watch the castle. While the rest of us will go to Begonia and find Asher and the other sages kidnappers

Onyxe: Along with having some much needed fun and relaxation. Anyways now that Hellin and Othello watching over my castle. I need to change into an outfit more suited for fun. It's been awhile since I gotten to enjoy myself

Okubi: Don't forget our main reason for going to Begonia Onyxe

Onyxe: Indeed! Finding Asher's kidnappers is our number one priority. Still some fun at the Bellflower Carnival won't hurt anyone

Apollyn: I wonder what lovely desserts will be served there?

Onyxe: Anyways let me go change quickly so we can get going. By the way Okubi, Angelina, and Anna. How do you guys like your new threads

Okubi: I'm surprise how nice this suit fits on me

Anna: It's green and comfy. That's good enough for me

Angelina: I never thought I would enjoy wearing a skin tight suit. Along with my new physical alterations. I truly am loving my new look

Onyxe: I'm so please to hear that. My tailors are absolutely amazing at what they do. Anyways enough mindless chit chat for now. Let me go hurry and change

 After changing his outfit, Onyxe quickly returns to the others. Bidding Hellin and Othello farewell. Okubi and the others begin their journey to Begonia. Arriving to Begonia five hours later, the heroes find themselves immerse within the Bellflower Carnival. While most of the heroes plan on enjoying themselves. All of them will remain vigilant should Asher's kidnappers make another appearance. Merely seconds after the heroes arrival. The citizens of Begonia spot King Onyxe and immediately surround Onyxe and the others

Civilian #1: OMG OMG OMG! Looks who has graced us with his magnificent presence

Civilian #2: Everyone it's King Onyxe of Mayland

Onyxe: Greetings my lovely citizens of Mayland. I have come here to simply enjoy myself at the lovely Bellflower Carnival. Please don't let my presence here stop any of you from enjoying yourself. Long as the law of the land are respected. May all of you here have a wonderful time. Now please allow my friends and I to enjoy the carnival. Anyways I genuinely appreciate the warm welcome. I hope this will be a memorable experience for all of us. Have a wonderful day everyone

 The crowd waves and Onyxe and company farewell. Allowing everyone to return to their previous activities. Finding a quite area nearby, the heroes begin to talk strategy with each other

Angelina: Now that the people know Onyxe is here. Chances are Asher's kidnappers won't even show up

Okubi: A high possibility, but I wouldn't rule it out completely. Perhaps the kidnappers might view Onyxe presence here as an advantage.

Onyxe: They might attempt to cause a ruckus at the carnival. Distracting us from their main objective

Eligos: Even if the kidnappers are right underneath our noses. Without any sign of a light magic user. They will more than likely not make any unnecessary moves

Anna: Meaning unless Xiaoyu or any other pure light user shows off their powers. The kidnappers won't reveal themselves

Xiaoyu: Well we didn't come all this way for nothing. We are going to find Asher and the other sages kidnappers. Even if I have to make myself an open target

Angelina: Well let's not do anything rash dear. If nothing suspicious happens within the next few hours. Perhaps one of us demon can fake an injury. Allowing Xiaoyu to show off her light magic

Onyxe: What if that doesn't work Angelina?

Angelina: Then I truly feel sorry for Asher and the other sages. We can't rescue them if we can't find out who took them

Anna: Hopefully those bastards are still around here. I can't accept anything less. I want to save Asher and the others

Okubi: We share your sentiment Anna, but we can't do the impossible. Times like this makes me wish I knew a locator spell. Regardless let's remain positive and hope we find Asher's kidnappers soon

Xiaoyu: It's not like any of us are rushing to get back to the Royal Lands. Meaning we have all day to investigate

Apollyn: In the meantime, Apollyn is going to find some sweet desserts

Okubi: Apollyn before you go anywhere. I don't think it's wise for any of us to be alone. Especially Xiaoyu of all people

Onyxe: Indeed Okubi! Since their are seven of us here. We should all split into groups. Team A will be Apollyn and myself Team B Okubi, Eligos, and Angelina and Team C Xiaoyu and Anna

Anna: Looks like I'm on investigation duty with Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu: You're welcome to enjoy the carnival festivities if you like Anna

Anna: No thanks. I really want to focus on finding the kidnappers

Onyxe: Just make me feel like shit lol

Anna: Oh Onyxe, I meant nothing shady by my comment. I know being a King isn't exactly a pleasant job. A job that doesn't leave much room for common mortal pleasures. Even you deserve to have a little fun. Don't let my determination tear you away from enjoying today's carnival

Onyxe: Wow Anna, you sounded so much like your father just now

Anna: *Blushes* Please try not to compare me to that man

Onyxe: My mistake dear. Anyways Xiaoyu, I'm going to psychically connect our minds together. Just in case something should happen to you while am not around. Course if you don't mind?

Xiaoyu: Not at all Onyxe. I know you will respect my inner thoughts

Okubi: So while Onyxe and Apollyn are having fun. The rest of us will investigate Begonia. Now go on and enjoy the carnival Onyxe and Apollyn

Apollyn: YIPPY! Apollyn is going to find some yummy desserts

Onyxe: Hey wait up for me Apollyn

 Both Onyxe and Apollyn run off into the Bellflower Carnival. The remaining heroes begin their investigation. Hours of traveling through Begonia without any luck. The heroes return back to the carnival.

Okubi: Just in time ladies

Angelina: Please tell me you two found something

Xiaoyu: We were going to ask you two the same thing

Anna: Talk about disappointing. We might as well had hung out with Onyxe and Apollyn

Okubi: Walking around aimlessly still beats being around that noise

Eligos: Well I guess we won't be rescuing Asher and the others

Xiaoyu: DAMMIT! Absolute utter bullshit!

Angelina: Don't be too hard on yourself Xiaoyu

Anna: We all gave it our best shot

Okubi: Our best shot doesn't mean crap if we failed to find Asher or his kidnappers. Anyways I don't know about any of you, but I can use something to eat

Xiaoyu: Food sounds about good right now. Something to get my mind off today's epic fail

Angelina: May Asher and the other missing sages remain alive until miracle arrives

 While walking towards the nearest food stand within the Bellflower Carnival. Okubi, Xiaoyu, and Angelina begins sensing a familiar presence around the carnival. One they have encounter several times since their journey began

Anna: Everything alright guys?

Okubi: Xiaoyu do you detect any surrounding descendants?

Xiaoyu: Not a descendant in sight Okubi, but yet I sense that bitch

Anna: Who are you guys talking about?

Angelina: One of the more fearsome members of The Children of Ruin. The assassin by the name Brutality. However didn't Janiel stated yesterday that Brutality was no longer under his service?

Xiaoyu: Mere bullshit just to throw us all Angie. I just don't get why Brutality is doing here

Okubi: Especially if there no descendants she needs to sacrifice for Mastema. Xiaoyu are you sure there are no descendants around here?

Xiaoyu: I'm one hundred percent certain Okubi

Eligos: Perhaps Brutality is the one behind Asher's disappearance?

Okubi: Unlikely Eligos, but I wouldn't be surprise if that were true. Anyways considering we're in a crowded area. We need to... hey Xiaoyu where are you going?

Xiaoyu: I'm not letting that bitch escape Okubi. Not after all that's she's done

Anna: Is that the same woman who killed Xiaoyu's friend Wei?

Okubi: The very same one Anna. That's why Xiaoyu can not go and face her alone. Eligos, you go get Onyxe and Apollyn. Angelina and Anna come with me

 Following Okubi's orders, Eligos goes to find Onyxe and Apollyn. While Okubi and the girls chase after Xiaoyu. Standing only inches away from the food stand. Xiaoyu spots a scantly clad woman in yellow. Holding in her hand a cheese burger, large fries, and blueberry soda. Attempting to not cause a scene. Xiaoyu calmly walks up towards Brutality. However upon spotting Xiaoyu walking towards her. Brutality instantly drops her food and starts running

Xiaoyu: Oh you fucking bitch! I'm going to so murder your sorry ass

 The peace of the Bellflower Carnival now ruined. Citizens begins to evacuate the area as Xiaoyu chases after Brutality. Following right behind Xiaoyu are Okubi, Angelina, and Anna

Okubi: Dammit Xiaoyu! Couldn't you had not let your hatred towards Brutality get to you?

Xiaoyu: Okubi I do not give a rat's ass about anything right now. I just want to end this bitch!

Angelina: Xiaoyu don't you think it's rather odd Brutality is running away instead of fighting?

Anna: I agree with Angelina. I only know what I been told about Brutality, but I'm not getting this vicious killer vibe from her right about now

Okubi: While her aura is still the same. Brutality doesn't seem like the same woman we encountered before

Xiaoyu: Well I did catch her with her guard down. Perhaps that's the reason she's acting different

Okubi: Don't be dense Xiaoyu. Anyone who knows better can see somethings different about Brutality

Xiaoyu: I DON'T CARE! I'm going to make her pay for what she's done to Wei

 Filled with an enormous amount of animosity towards Brutality. Xiaoyu begins creating a fearsome energy of light in her hands

Okubi: Xiaoyu don't do it!

Xiaoyu: One hit is all it will take... JUDGMENT BEAM!


 Right as Xiaoyu unleashes her attack towards Brutality. Okubi creates a puddle of water around Xiaoyu's feet. Causing her to only strike Brutality's right shoulder instead of her entire body. Hitting the ground hard after being hit. Brutality quickly rises to her feet, holding her injured shoulder. Fearing another deadly attack from her pursuer. Brutality runs into the Midor Forest. Meanwhile Xiaoyu begins to scold Okubi

Xiaoyu: What the fuck did you just do that for? I had that bitch dead to right

Okubi: First of all watch who the hell you're talking too! Second did you already forget about showing off your powers?

Xiaoyu: Those fuckers aren't here anyways. Now if you don't fucking mind. Please release my feet from this puddle of water

 Okubi releases Xiaoyu from his Water Hold, but before Xiaoyu could run after Brutality. Okubi grabs ahold of Xiaoyu's left arm

Okubi: Xiaoyu get ahold of yourself now!

Xiaoyu: Why can't any of you understand? That bitch is responsible for my friend's death. Along with many countless others. If I don't take her out now. Who knows who will be next on her hit list?

Okubi: Regardless of the many sins Brutality has committed. That's no damn excuse for you behaving like a mad woman

Xiaoyu: Fine have it your way Okubi! We'll just let Brutality get away

Angelina: Even with her natural healing abilities. Brutality has to rest in order to heal. Meaning there's plenty of time to catch her

Anna: Hopefully we can go after her as a team this time

Xiaoyu: Okay I apologize for my behavior earlier. I just don't want her to get away again

Okubi: As do the rest of us. Now let's go into the Midor Forest and capture that monster

 While the heroes were focused on calming an enrage Xiaoyu. Both Ava and Philip watch gleefully from the shadows. Knowing they have just found their next and final victim

Ava: So the Chinese girl does posse light base powers

Philip: Purely light based powers at that. Unfortunately capturing her won't be easy like the others

Ava: Oh brother don't let her friends scare you off

Philip: Me scared? You surely jest my dear sister. I just be forced to beat the crap out of the light users allies. Perhaps even killed them

Ava: Well as long as we bring the light sage back alive. The rest are canon fodder.

Philip: Anyways I'm ready when you are sister

Ava: Big brother, I was born ready. Time to nab us a light sage

Philip: Anyone who dares stand in our way will be killed!


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