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Forbidden Chapter 32

Forbidden Chapter 32

Capture of the Light

Shortly after their encounter with Brutality. Remembering that Brutality had murdered her dear partner Wei. Xiaoyu unleashed a fatal blast of light towards Brutality. Fortunately due to Okubi's intervention. Brutality was only struck in her arm. Allowing the former member of The Children of Ruin to retreat. After Okubi and Xiaoyu have a short argument with one another. The heroes collect themselves as they prepare to hunt Brutality. Less than five second later. Eligos returns with both King Onyxe and Apollyn


Apollyn: Buddies! Apollyn has returned

Anna: Wow that was fast

Okubi: I wouldn't expect anything less from Eligos

Onyxe: So what's this about a Children of Ruin member being in Begonia?

Angelina: We had just encountered our nemesis Brutality. The very same bitch that stole my Zyra Blade

Xiaoyu: The same bitch the murdered Wei and countless others

Onyxe: I smell blood in the air. I'm guessing that's Brutality's blood?

Okubi: It most certainly is her blood you're smelling.

Xiaoyu: It would had been her ashes had Okubi not stopped me from killing her

Onyxe: Well I'm glad Okubi stopped you then

Xiaoyu: WHAT? How could you say such a thing after all that monster has done? Do I need to remind you of all the descendants she's had sacrificed?

Onyxe: First of all Xiaoyu, please don't play me for a fool. I only look naive and unaware. While I'm sure you grieve the deaths of the innocent sages. The only victim of Brutality's that matters to you is your decease friend Wei. Killing someone out of vengeance is not the answer

Xiaoyu: Such hypocritical bullshit! Didn't you want to kill Adama after you learned of her betrayal? Hell the only reason you are currently King is because of avenging your murdered parents. Exactly what's wrong with me wanting to kill Brutality for killing my dear friend?

Okubi: Xiaoyu! Do you not remember what Janiel said back in Coram about Brutality?

Xiaoyu: Oh I most certainly do Okubi! So because Brutality is no longer under Janiel's services. That exempts her for all the killings she's done?

Angelina: Well that depends if Brutality was in control of her mind. Meaning Brutality killed all her victims with her own free will. However if her situation is similar to mines Xiao. Can you honestly blame her for Wei's death?

Xiaoyu: Are you guys trying to say Brutality made had been manipulated by Janiel to kill? That would mean she was as much of a victim as Wei and the descendants were. Dear Asira don't let that be the case. Otherwise I won't be able to avenge Wei's death

Apollyn: So you want Brutality meany to had tentionally...

Okubi: Intentionally Apollyn!

Apollyn: Intentionally had killed your friend Wei buddy?

Xiaoyu: I know it sounds bad Lynn. However if Brutality was a mindless killing machine when she killed Wei. It wouldn't be right to kill her for something she didn't do willingly 

Onyxe: Well we won't know until we get ahold of Brutality. Now based on the heavy blood scent in the air. Brutality must had ran into the forest

Okubi: Right on the money Onyxe

Anna: Okay so let's end this chit chat for now and go after Brutality

 Meanwhile hiding inside of the Midor Forest. Brutality holds her injured arm while waiting for it to self regenerate. Nearly two weeks ago after awaking in her sister Marisa' house. Dela Regan better known as Brutality. Had little to no memory of what had happened to her. Prior to her battle against the dark guild Sinister Stars. However every night Brutality would have terrible nightmares. Terrible dreams of killing people in the worst ways imaginable. Constantly haunted by such awful dreams. Brutality had decided to travel to the Royal Lands. Hoping to see King Onyxe can help her understand why she's having such terrible dreams. Despite not wanting to leave her little sister once again. Brutality knew in order for the nightmares to end. That meeting the King was not an option. Beginning her long journey from Utah to The Royal Lands. Having stopped in the state Begonia to enjoy the Bellflower Carnival. Brutality had never expected she would be attacked by a group of strangers. 

Brutality: FUCK! That girl's light blast really hurts. Never did I expect to encounter such craziness. Never had I felt so much hatred in an attack. I wonder what I could had done to her? Anyways I need to hurry up and heal. Even with my natural healing abilities as a demon. I got to heal faster before those lunatics come back. Alright time for me to summon Nox Agave

 Using her magical ability to summons Nox creatures. Brutality summons a dragon fly/praying mantis creature before her. Immediately Nox Agave begins creating a healing nectar for his master. However right before Nox Agave could feed Brutality. The creature is struck by a blast of hot fudge. Nox Agave immediately disappears afterwards. Realizing she's under attack, Brutality quickly rises to her feet

Brutality: It's you people again! What do you jerks want from me?

Okubi: This harlot cannot be serious? Brutality did you lose your mind or something?

Xiaoyu: You really don't recognize us bitch?

Brutality: I honestly don't know any of you or why you're trying to kill me. However I refuse to go down without a fight

Angelina: Please don't even waste your time summoning Nox Edimmu or any of your other annoying Nox creatures

Brutality: How do you even know about Nox Edimmu?

Apollyn: Because Apollyn and buddies fought you before evil lady

Brutality: Evil lady? Perhaps that's why I have those horrible dreams

Onyxe: Okubi, Xiaoyu! No one make a move against Brutality. Something tells me her memories have been altered. Brutality I'm going to use my telepathy on you. Please don't try to fight my mental probing. It will make the process much less difficult

Eligos: How very nice of you Onyxe to ask that murderer for permission of any soughs

Onyxe: Regardless what she has done Eligos. I would much rather enter an individuals mind with their permission. Now please Brutality----

Not even two seconds before Onyxe could finish his sentence. The forest grounds begins to shake heavily around the heroes and Brutality

Anna: OMG! I can't believe an earthquake is happening

Okubi: Impossible! An earthquake would much more severe than this rattle. Someone or something else is causing this. I just caught an unknown scent... two to be exact

Brutality: Just my fucking luck. I finally found King Onyxe, but not only are his allies trying to kill me. Now some freaks are creating earthquakes around us

Xiaoyu: Our enemies are approaching Okubi

 Stepping out of the shadows appeared two individuals. A tall muscular with spiky russet hair. The other a petite buxom female with a earthy yellow colored bob. While the other heroes immediately prepare themselves for battle. Okubi senses something unusual about the two individual standing before them

Okubi: Homunculus?

Angelina: Okubi did you just called them homunculus? Exactly how could you detect such a thing?

Okubi: I meet their creator seventy five years ago. I know a homunculus when I see one

Ava: So you were the one who killed our creator Doctor Merzkiy

Xiaoyu: Killed there creator? Who are these people anyways?

Onyxe: No telepathy needed to tell these two are up to no good

Philip: It's an honor to meet you King Onyxe. Too bad I'll have to brutalize you. Along with the rest of the needless one's here

Anna: Exactly which one of us are the "needless one's"

Ava: You'll find soon enough pumpkin hair. Once Mr. Okubi tells you all about what he did to our creator

Okubi: As if I care to tell my friends a tale about your madman of a master. He is dead and that's the end of that!

Ava: Tell them what you done to Dr. Merzkiy or things will get very ugly

Okubi: You dare threaten me false being?

Eligos: I will tell the story Master Okubi. However once I finish telling everyone what happen to your precious psycho master. The two of you will be joining him shortly after

Philip: I highly doubt that's what's going to happen, but please proceed demon spirit

Eligos: Seventy five years ago. During our adventures in Serbia. Both Okubi and I had encountered a mad scientist by the name Dr. Vasily Merzkiy. Knowing about the missing Serbian citizens a few days prior. Once we meet that twisted son of a bitch! Okubi realized Dr. Merzkiy was behind the missing citizens. Using them in his experiments to create homunculus. Disgusted by what Dr. Merzkiy has done. Okubi fought and killed the mad scientist. However Okubi nor I bothered learning about what had happened to his experiments. Obviously this is the results of our negligence

Ava: How dare you!

Eligos: How dare I what little missy?

Ava: Tell that story as if Okubi was some type of hero? Your master didn't care about the doctor's test subjects. Okubi was a demon acting on his instincts

Okubi: Damn right I did! The person I'm today isn't the person I was seventy five years ago. Prior to meeting all of you. I didn't give a rat's butt about anyone but myself. Thankfully my morals have changed for the better

Philip: Unfortunately not before you killed our creator

Okubi: Do you realize how stupid you sound boy? The man you praise so much was the same man that killed you when you were still human. I will never understand anyone who remains loyal to their abusers

Eligos: Are you sure about that?

Okubi: Eligos, don't make this about us right now. Anyways now that one of my many past sins has been exposed. Did the two of you tract me down in order to avenge your creator?

Ava: Tempting but no! Despite how much we want you dead Okubi. Both my brother and I are hear for the China girl... the light user!

 Instantly after learning of the homunculus true intentions. The heroes immediately realize who had kidnapped Asher and the other sages

Xiaoyu: It was you two freaks who kidnapped Asher and the sages in Brazil!

Ava: Don't forget about the wind manipulator

Angelina: Dammit! That means you two were here the entire day. Just looking out for anyone who showed any potential of being a pure light users. Had Xiaoyu never attacked Brutality when she did. Perhaps we would had avoided this encounter. Then again it works in our favor. Now tell us where you had taken the sages?

Philip: They are with our new Master in a special place. Don't worry about them too much. We can't perform the ritual until we completed our task

Ava: Meaning Asher and the other sages are still alive until we capture your friend Xiaoyu

Apollyn: Apollyn won't allow you nasties to touch Xiaoyu buddy

Okubi: I should had destroyed that entire laboratory when I had the chance. I'll just have to kill the two of your here and now

Onyxe: Hey wait a second everyone!

Xiaoyu: Okay what now Onyxe?

Onyxe: If it's possible. I would love if we can keep one of the homunculus alive. Ever since I was a child. I found their unusual existence very fascinating. Perhaps after we defeat them and save the sages. I can bring one of them back to the castle for further studying

Angelina: A rather odd request, but your the King

Okubi: The King of idiots! Anyways let's hurry up and end these fools!

Ava: My sentiments exactly! Brother give them a good shake

Philip: My pleasure sister

Holding his hands out before him. Philip unleashes his power, causing the ground beneath the heroes to shake

Anna: Dammit this tremor

Onyxe: Don't worry guys I can counter this

Ava: No you won't your majesty!

 Quickly grabbing an object attached to her right hip. Ava summons a whip made of energy. Right before Onyxe can perform a counter spell. Ava wraps her whip around Onyxe's neck. Suffering a high shock of electricity. Onyxe unwilling falls to his knees

Angelina: Onyxe!

Okubi: The electricity won't kill him, but I know he's in terrible pain. Xiaoyu, strike Philip now!

Xiaoyu: Easier said than done Okubi! I can barely stand with all of this shaking. Perhaps you can use a dark portal and teleport behind him

Okubi: I don't want to leave your side Xiaoyu. I can't afford to lose you

Apollyn: We'll we have to do something... Angie any ideas?

Angelina: I was thinking about summoning my dragon, but I don't want to cause a bigger ruckus in Begonia. If only I could gain enough concentration. I would roast these fucking homunculus already

Anna: I got this!

 Anna pulls out one of her tarot cards, but before she can call her tarot warrior out. Philip increase his powers. Causing all the heroes to crash to the ground. Onyxe still at Ava's mercy. The other heroes struggle to fight against Philip

Anna: Ouch my arm!

Okubi: It will heal Anna. Just like the lovely gash I have on my knee. Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Angelina! Are the three of you alright?

Angelina: Apollyn quickly create Marshmallow Cushions, breaking our fall

Apollyn: Apollyn sorry she could help Okubi and Anna buddy

Philip: Now to sink you fuckers into the ground!

 Striking the ground with both of his hands. Philip turns the ground beneath the heroes into a sink hole

Anna: SHIT!

Xiaoyu: We're going to be sucked into the ground!

Philip: I'll make sure you don't go too deep light user. Your friends on the other hands are done for

Okubi: Don't bet on that homunculus. HEAVY DOWNPOUR!

Using his water magic, Okubi summons a miniature waterfall onto Philip. Trapping the homunculus under the heavy water pressure

Angelina: Nice use of your water powers Okubi. Too bad it really doesn't help us out of this sink hole

Anna: Nor it is working effectively against Philip.

 Emerging out of Okubi's Heavy Downpour technique unharmed. Philip has transformed his skin into iron. However before Philip can make his next move against the heroes. Onyxe breaks free from Ava's energy whip and uses his telepathy to subdue her

Onyxe: Cease your sink hole homunculus or I'll fry your sister's brain

Philip: You would dare threaten me using my sister?

Onyxe: Defying a King is a criminal offense! Now do as I command or your sister will be brain dead!

Sensing the seriousness of King Onyxe's threat. Philip reluctantly puts a cease to his sink hole

Philip: Now release my sister into my custody vile demon

Onyxe uses his telepathy to direct Ava. Sending to homunculus to stand with her brother. Once Ava is next to Philip. Onyxe releases his hold on her mind

Ava: Brother?

Philip: It's alright now sister. Unfortunately we are utterly outnumbered

Ava: The odds against us are just too great. Goddess Razel will be utterly pissed

Okubi: Goddess Razel? Goddess Razel of the Seven Fallen Gods?

Ava: The one and only. After you had killed our creator. Both my brother and I were forced to wander this world. Searching for a new purpose in life. Alongside our fellow homunculus Edi and Ileva. The four of us were found by Goddess Razel. Granting us a new purpose in life. We promise to serve her without fail

Philip: Unfortunately even with our unique powers. Not only are we outnumbered. Trying to pry a sage from her demon allies has proved impossible for the two of us

Ava: May Goddess Razel show mercy for our failure. Sadly we have no choice but to retreat

Okubi: Retreat? I'll kill the both of you before you have a chance

Onyxe: Leave one alive for me please

Xiaoyu: You assholes aren't going anywhere. I'll be damn if I let the sages you fuckers kidnapped remain imprisoned by your so call Goddess

Okubi: Goddess Razel is real Xiaoyu. I have books about her back in my mansion. Razel alongside the other six Fallen Gods were once allies of God Asira. However they were envious of God Asira's ranking in Heaven. They wanted to have his position of power. However after Asira learned of his fellow God's plans to betray him. Asira stripped them of most of their powers and kicked them out of Heaven. While not as strong as they once were. The Seven Fallen Gods are still indeed gods. Meaning they are still very powerful beyond mortal comprehension. Please do not take any God lightly. That being said, Razel must be rather desperate if she's going around having sages kidnapped.

Angelina: Especially if she's sole relying on you two to do her bidding

 While the heroes continue to speak down to the homunculus. A mysterious voice out of nowhere begins to speak to them

???: Even after all these millenniums of my grand existence. The arrogance of mortals has always irked me vastly

Okubi: Razel ?

Razel: That's Goddess Razel you arrogant half demon! Ava! Philip! The both of you have served me well. However the two of you have bitten more than either of you can chew. While Xiaoyu is indeed a pure light user. The fact the two of you would fight against demons is utterly foolish!

Ava&Philip: Our apologies Goddess Razel. Please forgive us

Razel: I'm far from angry my dears. Merely stating an obvious flaw in your ambitions. Also wasting time chattering about your creator did not help your cause. Fortunately for the two of you. I have just enough power to help you with our final capture

Now with Goddess Razel herself participating in the capturing of Xiaoyu. Okubi alongside his allies begin trying to guess her next move. However Goddess Razel did not target any of them. Instead the Goddess targets Brutality. Possessing the demon to do her bidding. Onyxe quickly sensing an incoming attack. The King quickly warns the others

Onyxe: Everyone behind you!

Brutality: Die Mortals!

Brutality unleashes several balls of fire towards the heroes. While dodging the multiple fireballs. Both Ava and Philip see another opportunity to capture Xiaoyu. Ava summons her energy whip once again. Using her weapon to target Xiaoyu. Wrapping her energy whip around Xiaoyu's leg. Ava electrocutes Xiaoyu, causing the young sage to fall to the ground unconscious. Witnessing Xiaoyu being taken out. Eligos cries out to Okubi and the others. However right before anyone can come to Xiaoyu's aid. Philip unleashes a fearsome shockwave against the demons. Now with the demons temporarily out of the way. Brutality who is still under Goddess Razel's possession. Starts moving towards the unconscious sage. Writing in pain, Anna begins to rise to her feet. Now with Brutality holding Xiaoyu in her arms. Ava and Philip join hands. Opening a midnight blue portal from behind them. Entering the portal first. The homunculus watch carefully as Brutality walks towards them. Nearly seconds before Brutality disappears with Xiaoyu into the portal. Anna starts towards her using her demonic speed. Knowing she will not be able to save Xiaoyu. Right before the portal vanishes from the forest. Anna jumps in right behind Brutality. Less than three minutes later after Xiaoyu and Anna vanish. Okubi and the others rises to their feet.

Okubi: Xiaoyu? Anna?

Angelina: Where are they? Don't tell me...

Eligos: Xiaoyu was captured by the homunculus and Brutality. Anna chased right behind them

Onyxe: All by herself?

Eligos: That seems to be the case your majesty

Apollyn: Xiaoyu buddy... Anna buddy. Both taken by the bad guys?

Okubi: I can't believe I let this happened

Angelina: This isn't your fault Okubi. None of us knew of Razel's involvement or the homunculus fighting capabilities.

Onyxe: Had I just took over their minds. I could had ended the fight

Eligos: Perhaps you could had King Onyxe. However what would had become of the other sages?

Angelina: Well whatever Razel has in stored for them. Nothing any of us here can do about it now. Dammit! We failed Xiaoyu and the others

Apollyn: Apollyn is about to cry

Onyxe: How do I explain to James his daughter is lost forever?

 Realizing how badly they had messed up. Feeling like an utter failure. Okubi's dramatically falls to his knees. Surrounded in his signature tri colored aura. Okubi remains quiet for a few seconds. Okubi then yells out in anger at the top of his lungs...

Okubi: XIAOYU!!!!!!


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