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Members Of The Children Of Ruin


BIO:  The Chidren of Ruin, a group of vicious demons and darken lead by Janiel. The groups goal is to sacrifice as many sages as possible. Specifically the descendants of The Great Sages from eons ago. The very sages responsible for sealing away the Demon God Mastema. Holding in their possession the very book which imprisons Mastema, Forbidden. In order to release Mastema from Forbidden. The Children of Ruin must make enough sufficient sacrifices. Therefore the demons venture out into Asira. Hunting down the current generation descendants of The Great Sages. While things were going well at first. However upon King Onyxe discovering the multiple killings. Along with Okubi and his team of heroes. The Children of Ruin's plans have been faced with complications. Now in order for The Children of Ruin to fulfill their ambitions. They must first get rid of those who stand in their way. However while majority of The Children of Ruin's plans are to truly see Mastema set free. Janiel has his own reason of wanting to free Mastema


1. Janiel Anu- Leader of The Children of Ruin and one of it's founding members. Despite of his metrosexual appearance. Janiel is very cunning demon and posses the power that rivals Othello and other Demon Lords. Wanted Dead or Alive within the Underworld. It is believed Janiel currently resides somewhere within Asira. After encountering the heroes back in Coram and nearly killing King Onyxe. Janiel is currently planning a way to permanently eliminate Okubi and the heroes who stand in his way

2. A.J. - A cute but sadistic Lilin. One of the younger members of The Children of Ruin. A.J. was tasked to find and kill the Sage Kira Yosei. Having nearly succeeded killing her target. A.J. then encounter a demon name James. Together James and Kira defeated and killed A.J.

3. Sabnock - A vampire type demon and a member of The Children of Ruin. Sabnock was order to Janiel to go to Japan and kill a girl name Honey Apple. However unaware that King Onyxe had foreseen Sabnock's attempt to kill Honey. Onyxe sent his servant Sasha Iblis to Japan to protect Honey. Sabnock was killed by Sasha before he can even make his presences known to Honey

4. Vlad Dym - A member of The Children of Ruin and one of Janiel's top agents. Order to kill the sage Ann Marie Cyrus. While Vlad had successfully found his target. Vlad had also encountered the resurrected Samurai Hisako. Thanks to the joint efforts of both women. Vlad was slain

5. Jonaki - A member of The Children of Ruin and only two years older than A.J. One of the weaker demons of The Children of Ruin. Jonaki was easily killed by Okubi and company. Jonaki was also Janiel's least favorite member of The Children of Ruin

6. Finja - Little is known about him other than he was ordered to kill an assassin by the name Harley Vance. Having encountered the assassin during one of his missions. Despite being a capable user of ice magic. Finja fell pray to Harley's deadly electric powers

7. Brutality - Real name Dela Regan, Brutality was once a normal woman before becoming a demon. Brutality was one of The Children Of Ruin's greatest assassins. Having successfully sacrificed several descendants of The Great Sages. However despite of her success rate. Janiel began to view her as a liability. Once Brutality had secure the Zyra Blade from Angelina. Janiel placed a spell on Brutality. One that would slowly revert her to her former self. Making her susceptible to being killed. Fortunately despite her near death experience against the guild Sinister Stars. Angelina was rescued by her sister Marisa. After having healed and regained her memories. Brutality decided to travel to The Royal Lands. In order to answer for her crimes

8. Boruta - A loud brute and one of The Children of Ruin more sadistic members. Having encountered Okubi and his friends alongside his partner Brutality in the Autumn Forest. Boruta engaged in one on one combat with Okubi and was killed by him

9. Ethan- A hot headed demon who manipulated deadly sound waves. Encountered by the heroes in Drab Forest within Arundel. Thanks to the efforts of Xiaoyu and the others. Ethan was taken out by his intended target Somnium

10. Geneviere - During the Medieval Ages, Geneviere was once a Holy Warrior who protected her land from demons. One night while Geneviere and her mother slept. Geneviere woke up to used the bathroom and witnessed a demon eating her mother. The demon having been caught. Immediately runs out of the house. Geneviere filled with unimaginable raged. Grabs her sword and chase after her mother's killer. The demon desperate to escape Geneviere's wrath. Opens a portal while running. However before the demon could jump through the portal. Geneviere manages to stab her sword into the demon's head. Causing both the dead demon and herself to fall through the portal. Geneviere found herself in the Underworld seconds later. Unaware of the consequences of mortals entering the Underworld. Geneviere was transformed into a menacing being called a Darken. No longer bound by her human conscious. Geneviere roam through the Underworld. Killing anything that stood in her path. Eventually found by the demon Janiel. Geneviere fell under his control. Partner with Ethan in hunting down descendants of The Great Sages. Geneviere did not like Ethan and desired to kill him. After watching Ethan fall to the heroes. Geneviere fought the heroes herself and successfully defeated the heroes and slain the target Somnium. Geneviere's demise came at the hands of Darken Nara

11. Plamen - A deadly demon and a member of The Children of Ruin. Plamen was also one of Janiel's many lovers. While not enjoying sexual pleasures with his leaders or killing descendants. Plamen would often train himself to perfect his magic. During his travels in Greenland to find and sacrifice the descendant by the name Neville Teal. Plamen had encountered the heroes along with the rogue angel Lisa Brown. Plamen fought to his best abilities against Lisa but ultimately meet his end by the angel's blade

12- Agetos - A member of The Children of Ruin had  encountered the day before finding Plamen. Agetos who used an odd magic called the "SOFT" which allowed him to use chewing gum and a lollipop of acid in battle. Proving to be one of the weaker Children of Ruin members. Agetos was defeated by the joint efforts of Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Nara, & Angelina

13. Theodora - A witch demon with a shy but devious nature. Ordered by Janiel to travel to Botswana. In order to fight and sacrifice a sage named Abrafo. Theodora had believed her deadly thread technique would be enough to secure her kill. However Theodora was unaware of the great powers Abrafo possessed. While the battle was not an easy one. Abrafo had managed to defeat and kill Theodora

14. Ashley Kachina - A former heiress of the Kachina family. Ashley was disowned by her father. After a video leaked of her being gang banged by several demons. Furious by her father's action. Ashley sworn to get her revenge. While wondering through the Underworld. Ashley meet a man by the name Janiel. After they had sex, Ashley told Janiel about her situation. Janiel promised to help Ashley get her revenge. If she join his band of demons. After having gotten revenged on her family. Ashley had taken most of her father's money. Giving it to Janiel to help with his agenda. Janiel then trained Ashley for combat. Once Ashley's training was completed. Janiel sent Ashley to Jugoslavia. In order to kill a sage named Naznim Sherawat. Possessing an arsenal of deadly magic. Ashley was confident that Naznim would be an easy kill. However upon battling against Naznim. In spite of her years of training. Ashley realized how outmatched she was against the sage. Ashley regretfully took her final breath. As Naznim crushed her in a ball of Sapphire colored sand

15. Iron Zabel: One of the founding members of The Children of Ruin. Besides Geneviere, Zabel is the only other non demon member of the nefarious group. Iron Zabel meet Janiel through his former Master. Iron Zabel along with Janiel, Pruflas, and "The Lady In Purple" have worked alongside each other for centuries. Plotting a way to take over Asira and the Underworld for themselves. However Zabel began to despise Janiel and his colleagues. Instead he desired to become a God. This caused conflict between Janiel and him along with the other demons in his group. Despite their difference Zabel continued working alongside Janiel until the opportunity came to betray him. However Janiel along with The Lady In Purple had begun scheming against Zabel. Centuries later Janiel recruited a woman name "Hellin" to work alongside Zabel in his operations. While the partnership was temporarily. Zabel and Hellin had grown close. Which made Zabel susceptible to betrayal. Hellin along with Janiel and Pruflas. Had defeated Zabel and trapped him in a prison within Neo Aigosthena. Fortunately Zabel had managed to escaped. Now working alongside a woman name Celia. Zabel begins his quest to become a God


Unknown to the rest of the Children of Ruin members with the exception of Janiel. They were the ones who help Janiel form the group. Hiding within Asira only to be used in critical times. Now with Okubi and the others hot on Janiel's trail. It's only a matter of time before the secret members reveal themselves. The first secret member so far revealed is Pruflas. Who is currently being targeted by Okubi and his friends

The Lady In Purple: Unknown currently. Her identity will be revealed at the end of the Neo Aigosthena Arc

"Hellin": A demon who posed as Hellin and tricked Zabel. Her true identity will be revealed at the end of Neo Aigosthena Arc

???: Identity shall remain anonymous until towards the end of Forbidden

Forbidden Chapter 35

Forbidden Chapter Thirty Five

A Battle Between Tarot and Nox Part One

Shortly after encountering Brutality in an unknown room. Anna quickly discovers Brutality is still under the control of Goddess Razel. After exchanging harsh words with one another. Brutality threatens to end Anna's life. Knowing in order to rescue her friends. Anna must first survive her battle against Brutality. Quickly summoning her beloved tarot creature Estrild, Empress of the Amazons into battle. Brutality does the same and summons her Nox creature Nox Edimmu as well. This is the first of many battles. Taking place within the Razel's Dimension

Anna: Okay let's show them what you can do Estrild. Charge straight at Nox Edimmu with Empress Fist!

 Estrild's left fist glows with a mighty golden glow. The Empress then charges straight towards Nox Edimmu. Brutality unfazed by Estrild's deadly approach. Prepares Nox Edimmu to perform a counter attack

Brutality: Nox Edimmu use duplicate!

 Nox Edimmu makes multiple copies of itself. Stopping Estrild in her tracks, causing both Anna and her confusion

Anna: Holy moly! I didn't know Nox Edimmu could do that. Dammit I have to figure out which one is the real Nox Edimmu?

Brutality: Absolutely pathetic! Honestly did you really think this battle would be so simple? Only a fool would enter a battle without the needed skills to win. Now it's time I show you how a true summoner user fights. Now Edimmu use Distortion Wave… on both Estrild and Anna!

The duplicates of Nox Edimmu disappears. Leaving the original standing before Anna and Estrild. Nox Edimmu then unleashes a wave of winter mint energy towards Anna and Estrild. Causing both women a heavy case of vertigo. Kneeling on the ground under the effect of Nox Edimmu's attack. In spite of her situation. Anna quickly manages to think of a counter attack


Using all her might to resist the effects of Nox Ediimu. Estrild strikes the ground beneath her, causing the ground beneath Nox Edimmu to open from under it. Two enormous hands made of dirt and rocks rise from the ground. Brutality watches in shock as the two hands clasp Nox Edimmu between them.

Anna: How you like them apples bitch! Now crush em Estrild!

Rising from the ground as her master had done. Estrild claps her hands together causing the giant hands to crush Nox Edimmu. Anna and Estrild had successfully sent Nox Edimmu back to the Nox Verse

Anna: Okay Brutality you can surrender anytime now? Also while I have gotten rid of your pesky Nox Edimmu. It's time for me use one of my potions to shake off this slight dizziness I'm feeling

Anna reaches in her purse and pulls out a vile filled with light pink liquid

Anna: I called this potion Strawberry Banana. A quick drink of this will not only rid me of my dizziness, but also very delicious

Brutality: Enjoy your little drink little girl. This was just a warm up. The real battle starts now

Anna: Well then I got some really bad news for you. Because this battle is about to be over! Estrild please hurry and take Brutality out! Empress Fist!

Now targeting Brutality, Estrild left fist glows bright once more. Standing her ground unafraid of the incoming attack. Brutality prepares unleashed a surprise attack against Estrild. Placing both her index and middle finger before her lips. Brutality creates a ball of fire between her lips and fingers.

Brutality: LUCIFER'S LOVE!

 Releasing the ball of fire from her lips. The tiny fire quickly grows massive as it heads towards Brutality. Anna realizes Brutality is a much deadlier opponent then she predicted. However before Anna could return Estrild to the Tarot World. The Amazonian Empress was engulfed by Brutality's flames. Now with Estrild returning to the Tarot World to heal. Anna is once again alone against Brutality

Anna: Estrild?

Brutality: You do realize I'm a demon right? Meaning I don't need my summonings to fight my battles? The fuck I look like letting your creature attack me without defending myself? Now Anna do you want to continue the summoning wars or are you going to fight me woman to woman?

Anna: Estrild is one of my dearest friends and best warriors. However she is far from my only warrior. I now summon to the battlefield Anpiel, The Shinning Star!

The very summoning Anna first used back in Gore Stadium. The white slender and muscular alien like creatures appears once again before his master.

Brutality: Quite a cute creature, but I will crush him none the less. I now summon to the battlefield Nox Victoria!

 Since her last appearance back in Autumn Forest. The scantly clad Lilin reappears

Anna: Anpiel please STAR BEAM!

Brutality: Nox Victoria counter with Seduction Beam!

Both summoning unleashing their individual attack. Anpiel's radiant beam of light clashes with Nox Victoria's mesmerizing lavender energy beam. The power of both attacks canceling each other out. The impact causes the battlefield to be surrounded by smoke. Thankfully due to their demonic powers. Both Anna and Brutality can see through the fog just fine until it dissipates

Brutality: I guess I may have slightly underestimated you little Anna. Well to be more precise your summonings

Anna: The hell is that suppose to mean?

Brutality: It means without your precious summonings to protect you. Alone you are less than worthless

Anna: THAT ISN'T TRUE AT ALL! I can fight you just fine, but I won't allow myself to fight you on your terms. After all I still have my friends to rescue. Meaning I have to do whatever it takes to win

Brutality: Your fucking friends? Bitch the ritual for Xiaoyu and the other sages is nearly completed. Soon Goddess Razel will sacrifice the elemental sages and gain absolute power. As for Okubi and those other worthless fucks. I'm quite certain they are dead already… as shall you be shortly

Anna: Fuck you bitch! I was going to fight fair but FUCK THAT! I also summon to the battlefield Nia, The Cheerleader of Temperance. Please come out baby girl and join Anpiel and I in battle

Summoned to the battlefield is a cerulean blue haired caramel skinned cheerleader. Holding in one hand  a pom pom of fire and the other of ice. Both Anpiel and Nia stand ready for battle against Brutality and Nox Victoria

Anna: Sorry the odds are in my favor, but I can't fight you fairly when the stakes are this high

Brutality: Ha… HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Anna: Hey why are you laughing so menacingly?

Brutality: Anna you are just some stupid it's almost painful to watch. Fool you did exactly what I wanted you to do! I could had easily summon another Nox to even to playing field, but I instead can use Nox Victoria's special ability Evil Seduces. Furthermore don't even try think about returning your monsters back to their home world

Anna: Why the heaven not?

Brutality: Because once I targeted my enemy's summoning with Nox Victoria's special ability. Neither one of them can retreat until after Victoria's curse is completed. However once my girl does her thing. I highly doubt you'll be prepare for what happens next

Anna: Based on Nox Victoria's special ability. I already know your coming after Anpiel since he's a male creature

Brutality: Think again you little stupid bitch! Unlike myself who is strictly dickly. Nox Victoria swings both ways. Furthermore Victoria has a thing of taking strong summonings. While I'm certain you love all your summonings equally. Even you must know the power difference of Anpiel and your precious Nia

Petrified by the harsh realization of the evil that's about to befall Nia. Anna tries to pull herself together but it's too late

Brutality: Nox Victoria posses Nia's soul with the sin of lust!

 Nox Victoria's sinister purple eyes glow bright. Causing a purple miasma to surround Nia's body. Anna and Anpiel watch helplessly as Nia's screams in agony. A few seconds later after the miasma disappears. Nia, the once happy go lucky cheerleader of temperance. Transformed into a dominatrix carrying a dual elemental whip. Along with her breast completely exposed.

Anna: OMG NIA! You turned my friend into a evil whore!

Brutality: Not my kind of thing, but I guess it's an improvement from the silly cheerleader get up. Anyways now with Nia temporary under my control. I can use her however I please. Starting with getting rid of your precious Anpiel.

Anna: Oh no you don't! Both Estrild and Nia have fallen pray to your evil, but Anpiel's light will be the bringer of your demise. Now Anpiel attack with STAR SHOWER!

Anpiel unleashes a flurry of star shaped energy blast towards Brutality, Nox Victoria, and Corrupt Nia

Brutality: Corrupt Nia use your whip to deflect Anpiel's attack

Swinging her elemental whip in a circular motion. Corrupt Nia successfully deflects Anpiel's Star Shower.

Anna: NO WAY!

Brutality: Yes way! Now finished Anpiel off with DAZZLING CHAOS!

Spinning her elemental whip over her head in a circular motion. Corrupt Nia begins building up energy with a deadly attack. Creating a powerful spiral energy of fire and ice. Corrupt Nia strikes Anpiel with a circular blast of fierce energy. Instantly sending Anpiel back into the Tarot World


Brutality: Now that Anpiel is out of the way. It's high time I fucking end your life! However to make sure you can't summon anymore Tarot creatures for a certain amount of time. Corrupt Nia use Disabling Whip!

 Corrupt Nia grips her whip and strikes Anna hard. Knocking her former master down to the ground. Laying on ground holding her injured arm. Anna instantly feel her connection to the Tarot World has broken. No longer able to use her tarot cards for an unknown amount of time. Anna begins to worry about her chances of surviving the battle. 

Brutality: Now with those pesky tarots cards of your out of the way. I can now finish you off for good

Anna: Three against one? I guess we know who's the real coward between the two of us

Brutality: Annoying bitch! Do you really think I need their help to kill you? Taking away your only means of defending yourself. I can no take my time of giving you the death you deserve. However I first need to get rid of one remaining problem. Nox Victoria attack Nia with Fist of Animosity!

Surrounding her left hand in dark purple energy. Nox Victoria viciously strikes Nia's back with a powerful punch attack. Nia instantly reverts back to her normal self as she returns to the Tarot World.

Anna: NIA!

Brutality: Now with her out of the way. Nox Victoria I no longer need your services. Return to the Tarot World!

Nox Victoria returns to the Nox Verse. Anna who had just recovered from her previous injury. Begins to rise up only to receive a vicious kick from Brutality to her face. Knocked down to the ground once again. Brutality then steps on Anna's back with great force. Causing Anna to immediately scream in agony. After causing pain to Anna's spine for several seconds. Brutality then grabs Anna by her hair. Lifting up the vulnerable demon before her.

Brutality: Ready to die yet?

Anna: Fuck you

Anna spits in Brutality's face. Causing Brutality to becoming fully enraged. Brutality retaliates by punching Anna severals times in the stomach. Ending her assault with a fiery fist to Anna's face. Sending Anna crashing down to the ground once more.

Brutality: Spit in my fucking face again why don't cha! Now it's time for me to end your life once and for all

Brutality begins creating a ball of flame in her hands. Still laying on the ground in pain. Anna knows her body's natural demonic capabilities won't be enough to save her.  Quickly reaching inside of her purse. Anna realizes most of her potions were destroyed, but the exception of two. Pulling out two bottles of potions. One with a yellow liquid and the other white. The Lemon and Miracle potions. Realizing these two potions were still available to her. Anna knew she can turn things around

Brutality: Time to die BITCH! SATANIC INFERNO!

 Unleashing the ball of fire she created. The fire grows massively in size as it speed increases. Only inches away from hitting her. Anna quickly opens the Lemon potion and swallows it. The potion's special abilities kicks in. Allowing Anna to dodge Brutality's attack by the skin of her teeth

Anna: WOW! That was quite the speed increase! Whoa I feel amazing, but I also still feel pain. Anyways this fight is far from over Brutality

Brutality: How did you manage to dodge my attack? Even with your natural healing abilities as a demon. There is no way you could had dodged my attack with such speed

Anna: Thankfully I had a helpful potion left inside of my bag. Now let's get this fight started for real

Brutality: You don't stand a shadow of a chance against me bitch! Especially since you have yet to fully recover. I'll just have to kill you with my bare hands

Anna: Bring it on bitch!

 Angrier than she has been throughout this entire fight. Brutality charges towards Anna with the intent to kill. Throwing various strikes and kicks at Anna, but only for Anna to dodge every strike. Brutality quickly realizes something off about Anna

Brutality: How can you be so injured yet posses the movement of a unharmed demon?

Anna: It's all thanks to the effects of my Lemon Potion. While I'm far from the best fighter in hand to hand combat. The Lemon Potion gives me the fighting skills of Shun Di from Virtua Fighters. Now it's time for to show you what I can do. LEMON STYLE! RENKAN CHOUGEKI!

 Anna strikes Brutality with three rapid punches and a spin kick to knock her down. Finally inflicting damage upon Brutality. Anna begins to become confident in herself. However Anna knows the effects of the Lemon Potion are temporarily. While Anna will continue to fight as long as possible. The young demon ultimately hopes to regain connection to the Tarot World


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Forbidden Chapter 34

Forbidden Chapter 34

The Razel Dimension

Shortly after using his newly discovered power to open a portal to Razel's dimension. Okubi along with Apollyn and Angelina enter the portal to rescue Xiaoyu and Anna. Seconds after entering through the portal. Okubi and company find themselves within a creepy castle. The demon trio quickly using their demonic powers. Scouting their surrounding area for any potential threats. Angelina detects a familiar presence moving towards them. Stepping out from the shadows is no other than Anna

Anna: Holy shit! The three of you are much faster than I thought. I didn't think any of you would had gotten up fast enough before the portal closed

Apollyn: ANNA BUDDY!

Okubi: Not so loud Apollyn!

Apollyn: Oops! Apollyn is very sorry Okubi buddy. Now time for Apollyn to go and hug friend Anna

Angelina: Hold up just a second Lynn. Anna how long have you been here?

Anna: Only five minutes… why do you ask?

Okubi: Five minutes? We were in Midor Forest for nearly an hour. Either time goes by much slower here or something is very off with Anna

Anna: Off? Okubi, Angelina, Apollyn it's just regular o' Anna here

Angelina: You seem normal enough Anna, but considering who were up against. I think it's best if we check you out first. Okubi if you don't mind doing the honors?

Okubi: This will only hurt a little Anna

Anna: What?

Opening a dark portal from behind him. Less than three seconds later, Okubi reappears right behind Anna. Before Anna realized what was happening. Okubi's face had changed from humane into his demonic appearance. Bearing his fangs, Okubi sank his teeth into Anna's neck. Drinking less than a table spoon of Anna's blood. Okubi quickly retract his fangs from Anna's neck. However right as Okubi pulled out his teeth. Anna had given him a harsh slap across his face. Fearing a fight may break out between her comrades. Angelina quickly inserted herself in the middle of Okubi and Anna

Okubi: Dammit Anna that slapped really hurt!

Anna: Probably not nearly as much as you going vampire on me. The hell is wrong with you guys?

Angelina: Now that Okubi did what he did. Okubi can you confirm if Anna is under any sought of mind control?

Okubi: I wish she was so I could give her a slap of my own. None the less Anna is fully herself

Apollyn: That means Apollyn can now go and hug Anna buddy

Anna: Oh now I know why you guys were acting funny. Well I do apologize for slapping you Okubi

Okubi: Despite me being pissed off at you. I can't blame you for defending yourself. Unfortunately had we made our intentions known. The chances of me using a successful Blood Check on you would had decreased. Anyways I'm glad Razel nor her homunculus had done anything to you. Now turn around so Apollyn can hug you already

Angelina: Well now that we know Anna is alright. Now we need to go and find Xiaoyu and the other sages

Okubi: Xiaoyu? Anna didn't you say it's was only five minutes since you arrived here?

Anna: Yeah. I even saw them carry Xiaoyu away into the upper level of the castle. I would had done something, but I was outnumbered. Therefore I decided to hide until I thought of a way to save Xiaoyu and the other sages. I never even expected to see the three of you here. Especially since I'm now realizing neither of you entered the portal right behind me. Therefore leading me to ask how did you three get here?

Angelina: It's a rather long story that Eligos can explain to you once we return to our world. However to make a long story short. Okubi has gain a major power boost through less than savory means. Using his new found powers, Okubi mimic Razel's portal to her world. Thus leading us here right before you

Anna: Well I'm glad to see all three of you again. I just wish Hellin could had been here as well

Okubi: For once I actually wish Hellin was here too. We could had surely used her help. Speaking of which is Onyxe still connected to our minds

Onyxe: "I'm very much so connected with you Okubi. Along with Apollyn and Angelina. Glad to see Anna is safe, but you guys must hurry and rescue Xiaoyu and the others"

Okubi: Tell us something we don't already know

Razel: "Perhaps I can be an assistance to that my dear intruders!"

Angelina: OMG it's Razel!

Anna: Well this is her domain after all

Okubi: That also means Razel knew we we're here the entire time. So much for a sneak attack

Razel: "Arrogant mortals! Did you all truly believe your mortal deception would work against a divine being such as myself? I Goddess Razel rule with absolute control over this dimension. Nothing happens here without me knowing it! Now to you my dear little half demon. While I'm impress you managed to perfectly mimic my portal energy patterns. Allowing your friends and you to enter my domain without permission. It will not be enough to rescue your light sage friend nor the other sages I had kidnapped. Along with both your demon comrades and you receiving the full extent of my wrath! Now it's time you learn the price of challenging a goddess! DIMENSION CAPTURE!"

Immediately after scolding Okubi and the others. Goddess Razel uses her divine powers and opens portal beneath Okubi, Apollyn, Angelina, and Anna

Anna: OMG! Okubi were are we going?

Okubi: I do not know Anna! Dear Ophelia! We were fools to challenge a Goddess!

Onyxe: "OKUBI! Everyone just trying to stay calm! I'm struggling to remain mental contact with you guys"

Angelina: There's no use Onyxe! Not even you can help us now

Apollyn: Apollyn must rescue Xiaoyu buddy!

Razel: "I can already taste the sweetness of regret within your souls. Now to deliver each one of you maggots to your respective executioners"

Completely helpless as they are being sucked into the darkness. The heroes bid each other a quick but heartfelt farewell. Hoping the each survive whatever evil they encounter next. Seconds later after being separated from the others. Anna finds herself in an unknown room within the castle. Quickly Anna begins searching for her comrades, but realizes that she is indeed by herself. However Anna is far from alone. Sensing no immediate danger around her. Anna starts running towards the room door. Nearly reaching her destination, Anna is suddenly attacked by a fierce elbow strike to her stomach. Crashing and rolling onto the ground. Anna recovers in hopes to spot her assailant. Quickly rising to her feet, Anna finds herself faced against no other than Brutality. Anna then remembers from earlier that Brutality is still under Razel's control. Unlike her fellow comrades who hold great animosity towards Brutality. Anna posses no level of personal hatreds towards her. Yet in order to rescue her beloved friends. Anna knows she must fight take out Brutality. Course Anna hopes it won't end with either of their deaths.

Anna: I didn't know you were capable of hiding your demonic aura Brutality!

Brutality: Well I'm a demon assassin. Hiding my aura is rather elementary. I just can't believe Razel gave me the weakest link to kill. I so badly wanted to finished off that little bitch Okubi! Hell I would had been grateful to get my hands on the Dessert Demon. Yet I'm here fighting a pathetic demon servant

Anna: Wait how did you know I'm a servant? I know you're not a telepath… right?

Brutality: Pitiful! I can tell by your pathetic demeanor pumpkin haired weakling. It's actually appalling a demon like you had managed to live so long being so pathetic!

Anna: Hey watch who the hell you're talking too bitch! I'm much more than a demon servant! I'm indeed a very capable fighter

Brutality: You a fighter? Then why weren't you helping Okubi and the others against Ava and Philip? Seems to me you need Okubi to protect you even more than he needed to protect Xiaoyu. Perhaps if you weren't so damn useless. Xiaoyu wouldn't had gotten kidnapped. Well at least not as easily anyways

Anna: Look here you annoying cunt! I wouldn't had lasted this long. If I wasn't able to hold my own. Besides a girl like me is never truly alone. Not when I always have my Tarot Summons to aid me in combat

Brutality: Oh so you are a summoner like me. Course my Nox Summons are much superior compare to your pitiful Tarot creatures

Anna: Don't you fucking dare speak about my friends that way! I don't give a damn about whatever hurtful name you wished to call me. When you live under the rulership of a woman like Queen Othello. One becomes use to being called anything, but a saint. However I don't tolerate anyone disrespecting my Tarot Summonings. Now I'm giving you only one chance Brutality. Either break free from Razel's control or I will be force to kick your ass to a new season

Brutality: Break free from the control of a Goddess? Oh my goodness you're so fucking pathetic! Besides Razel isn't truly controlling me little bitch! The Goddess has merely reverted me back to my true killer self. Anyways the time for talk is over! Now hurry up and pray to Satan before I send your worthless existence to the Spirit Realms

Anna: I'm anything but worthless Brutality. I'm going to show right here and now my worth. Estrild, Queen of the Amazons! Please I need your aid my dear friend.

 Anna summons the tarot creature Estrild to battle. Brutality stands unfazed by Anna's Tarot Summon

Brutality: Whatever! Nox Edimmu come forth!

 Nox Edimmu, Brutality trusted creature appears before it's master.

Brutality: Now that both our pets are on the battlefield. Let's see which one of us is the better summoner

Anna: I always dreamed of a good showdown between summoners. May the best women win

Brutaliy: Oh I will

While Anna is ready for combat against her opponent Brutality. The fate of Okubi, Apollyn, and Angelina still remains a mystery. Will the heroes managed to save Xiaoyu and the other sages or will they too fall victim to Fallen Goddess Razel?