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Forbidden Chapter 36

Forbidden Chapter Thirty Six

Tarot vs Nox Part Two

 Right where things seem dire for Anna. Thanks to the help of one of her two remaining potions. Using the Lemon Potion, Anna was able to regain her fighting spirit. Having successfully strike Brutality with Renkan Chougeki. Knocking Brutality down to the ground. While still possessing the Miracle potion. Anna begins planning her next move

Anna: Now you see what happens when you count me out? Things may have gone your way at first, but now it's my turn

 Brutality quickly rising back to her feet. While irritated by how Anna managed to survive this long. Brutality remembers Anna is still unable to use her Tarot summonings. Despite of her adversaries newly revived fighting spirit. Not only has she barely taken any damage. Unlike Anna, Brutality still has access to her Nox summonings. Thus the odds are still very much in her favor. 

Brutality: Such a simple little bitch! Just because you manage to pull a miracle. Now you think you have a chance of defeating me? Anna not only have your injury have yet to fully heal. Unlike you, I still can summon my Nox creatures whenever I please. Furthermore you know they say about miracles? They don't last for long. Once your potions effects wears out. The pain you once felt will swiftly return. However I'll have you dead long before that happens. NOX GAGANA COME FORTH!

Summoning Nox Gagana into battle. The bird proudly shows off it's fearsome iron beak and claws. Anna watches carefully and prepares to defend herself

Brutality: Nox Gagana, tear her to shreds!

Just as commanded by his master. Nox Gagana flies towards Anna with a killer intent. Still possessing high agility and dexterity thanks to the Lemon Potions effect. Anna is very confident in her ability to defeat her feathered adversary. Nox Gagana approaches Anna with it's fearsome speed. Trying to strike Anna with it's powerful beak. However due to Anna's insane agility. Nox Gagana finds itself struggling to hit his mark. Meanwhile Brutality once again begins creating a deadly ball of fire within her palm.

Anna: "That bitch! Brutality summoned Nox Gagana as a mere distraction. However in order to get a clear hit on Brutality. I need to take out Nox Gagana first. Or…"

Instantly a bright idea pops into Anna's head. No longer moving around in order to avoid Nox Gagana. Anna now stands still as she anticipates Nox Gagana's next move

Brutality: Already giving up Anna? Surrendering now won't spare you from the fiery death that awaits you. At least my lovely bird can pick your flesh away until I finish you off!

Anna: Whatever you say blondie

 Standing her ground as Nox Gagana charges right at her. Anna then pulls out her Miracle potion. Quickly removing the cork from her potion. Just right before Nox Gagana prepares to strike. Anna splashes majority of the liquid onto Nox Gagana. Upon being struck by the mysterious liquid. Nox Gagana drops to the ground. Anna then quickly drinks what's left of the potion. Witnessing Nox Gagana falls to the ground. Not only does Brutality loses her concentration over her fireball. Brutality begins to speak harshly towards Anna

Brutality: YOU FUCKING BITCH!!! What have you done to my summoning?

Anna: Oh you mad? Anyways I only did what you had done to Nia earlier. Thanks to the many effects of my Miracle potion. I have no placed Nox Gagana under my control. While using what was left of my potion to heal myself a little. Speeding up the process of my natural healing abilities as a demon. Now let's how you like being attacked by your own summoning. RISE NOW NOX GAGANA!

Immediately by Anna's command. Nox Gagana flaps it's majestic wings and rises from the ground. Now flying beside it's new master

Brutality: How fucking dare you use my trick against me! Arrogant little bitch, I'll make---

Anna: Nox Gagana use SLASHING WIND!

 Seconds before Brutality could finish her statement. Anna orders Nox Gagana to unleash a deadly attack. Flapping it's majestic wings rapidly. Nox Gagana unleashes a slashing gust of wind towards Brutality. Struck by the deadly wind by her possessed summoning. Brutality receives multiple slashes on her body. Causing the little bit of clothing she wore to become shred as well. Laying nearly naked on the ground, surrounded in her own blood. Brutality's rage has hit a boiling point. Rising from the ground as her wounds begin to heal. Brutality's face has become completely demonic. Anna can feel the hatred oozing from Brutality's demonic aura


Anna: Now you know how it feels to be on the receiving end of a ass kicking. Don't think for a second you going full demon intimidates me bitch! Because nothing you can do to me will ever compare to that woman. Compare to what my Queen of Babylon has done to me. This shit right is a fucking cake walk. So whatever you got in stored for me won't be enough to kill me. I didn't survive this long to die to the likes of you!

Brutality: Little bitch! I will make you eat those words. I now summon to the battlefield… NOX GISELA OF CLAFOUTIS !

 Suddenly by Brutality's harsh command. A woman dressed like a musketeer appears on the battlefield. Sensing the power within Brutality's latest summon. Anna feels both amazement and terror gazing upon Nox Gisela of Clafoutis

Brutality: Now that Gisela has graced us with her marvelous presence. Time to demonstrate my lovely's summoning special ability

Anna: Oh no not another special ability!

Brutality: Oh yes! Gisela now use Removal Of A Guest!

 The female musketeer immediately raises her right hand. Pointing her ring finger towards Nox Gagana. Causing her target to be surrounded in a dandelion color aura. A simple gesture of Nox Gisela's hand. Instantly causes Nox Gagana to exit the battlefield. Now without the aid of Nox Gagana. Along with the effects of her Lemon Potion wear off. Anna was once again alone and defenseless

Brutality: Now with Nox Gagana back where he belongs. Along with the fact your have no potions left to use. I can now finish you off once and for all. Now Gisela, summon your blade of execution.

 Doing as her summoner had commanded. Nox Gisela summons a sword into her hand. Sensing the killer intent surrounding Gisela. Anna truly begins to worry about her chance of survival

Brutality: I bet had you known this moment was coming. I bet you would had been a lot more humble during our battle bitch! now I'm going to watch Nox Gisela of Clafoutis cuts you limb by limb cunt! Now my lovely summoning… KILL THAT BITCH!

 Charging towards Anna at a high speed. Nox Gisela holds her sword in perfect form. Unable to defend  herself in any way imaginable. Completely out of any hope of survival. Anna closes her eyes and prays that Hellin's forgiveness in the afterlife. However right before Nox Gisela can strike Anna with her sword. A mysterious figure appears before Anna. Blocking Nox Gisela's attack just in the nick of time. Once Anna had realized she was unharmed. Knowing only a miracle could had saved her. Anna opens her eyes and is absolutely flabbergasted by what she sees next.

Anna: OMG OMG OMG OMG! Talk about a miracle. I can't believe not only did my connection to the Tarot World reactivated. Standing before me is no other than the Orthodox Tarot, Kingsley The Joker!

 Standing in front of his summoner. Stood a handsome ivory skin man dressed in a blueish silver suit. Wearing clown like make up, and holding a chrome colored cane. Having been unexpectedly rescued by one of her rarer summonings. Anna's confidences has returned to her in ten folds. However Brutality is far from happy about Anna regaining not only access to the Tarot World, but a powerful new ally

Brutality: BULLSHIT! Every fucking time I think I have you dead to right. Some fucking miracle happens and gives you yet another chance to delay the inevitable! No matter I'll just summon more Nox's to aid Gisela and I to kill you and your fucking clown!

Anna: Perhaps beating me just isn't in the cards for you Brutality. No matter what hell you had put me through. None of it was good enough to defeat me. Now it's time I really put an end to this battle. Let me start by activating my summoning's special ability. Kingsley do your thing handsome

 Lifting his cane off of the ground. Kingsley then strike the ground viciously with the bottom of his cane. Causing a wave of energy to cover the battlefield. While neither Brutality or Nox Gisela are harmed. Brutality will shortly discover the deadly effects of Kingsley's power

Brutality: Looks to me a whole lot of nothing just happened. Now allow me to re summon Nox Victoria onto the battlefield

 Brutality attempts to summon Nox Victoria, but her summoning does not appear. Confused to why Nox Victoria did not appear. Brutality attempts to summon Nox Victoria once more, but to no avail

Anna: Haven't you realized what Kingsley did yet?

Brutality: NO! This can't be happening! Your Tarot's special effects must had blocked off my access to the Nox Verse

Anna: Close but not quite. The Joker's Pay, the name of Kingsley's special effect. Doesn't break the summoner's connections with their summonings. Only taking away their ability to summon anymore into battle. Since you summoned Nox Gisela prior to Kingsley using his effect. Only Gisela can be of use to you. The rest of your Nox's however cannot assist you. Meaning for the remainder of this fight. Its Kingsley and I vs Gisela and you!. Now the odds have been even. Let's settle this once and for all

Brutality: It be my pleasure to kill you with my bare hands! Nox Gisela! Eliminate that clown immediately! I will handle it's worthless summoner

 Without any further delay. Both Kingsley and Nox Gisela engage each other in battle. Meanwhile having summon balls of fire in each of her hands. Brutality begins hurling fireballs towards Anna. Fortunately due to drinking the remainder of the Miracle Potion. Along with her natural healing capabilities. Anna has regain enough agility to dodge Brutality's deadly fireballs.

Brutality: Stay still bitch so I can kill you

Anna: No I'm just going to keep dodging instead… cunt! "While I'm more than enjoying pissing Brutality off. I never to actually land a hit to take her out. I still need to find Okubi and the others after all. I already wasted enough time already. I really wish Hellin was here, but that's not the case. Therefore I need to end this fight myself and soon. I think I gotta an idea"

 Continuing to dodge Brutality's fireballs. Anna begins running towards where Kingsley and Nox Gisela are battling. In order to actually win this battle amongst summoners. Anna knows she needs to first take out Nox Gisela

Anna: Kingsley quick! Use your Mirage technique on Brutality, but take care of Gisela first

 Preparing to perform his technique Mirage. Kingsley first quickly blows Nox Gisela's incoming attack with his cane. Knocking Nox Gisela away from him. Kingsley then turns his attention over to Brutality. Staring directly into Brutality's eyes. Kingsley eyes glows in a light purple color. Causing Brutality a temporary moment of blindness. A few seconds later after regaining her eye sight. Brutality now sees standing before her three Anna's

Brutality: Impossible!

Anna: You're absolutely right Brutality. There can't possibly be three Anna's here at once. Out of the three of us here. Only one of us is the real Anna. The other two are Nox Gisela and Kingsley. However I bet you can't tell the real me from the mirage

Brutality: FUCK THIS! I'll just attack all three of you at once!

Brutality begins forming a ball of fire between her palms. Growing bigger and hotter by the second. Realizing her master has disregarded her safety. Nox Gisela has ceased fighting and surrenders to her master's fury. Meanwhile both Anna and Kingsley remain calm and plan their counter attack

Anna: Don't look so scared Nox Gisela of Clafoutis. I promise I won't let you get burned! Just stay right behind Kingsley and I. Brutality finally lost control of her emotions. Now I just need one more summoning to put an end to all this. I now summon onto the battlefield, Aroma, The Hermit of Potions.

 Anna summons a pretty petite woman with wild strawberry blonde hair. Dressed in a hippy clothing fashion. Holding in her hands are various flowers and oils

Anna: Welcome my dear Aroma

Aroma: *Feeling Scared*

Anna: Oh don't worry my dear. I know you're not a combat summoning. However you are my partner in creating my potions. Anyways before any of us gets toast by crazy over there. I need you to whip me up a quick Rain Potion okay

Aroma: *Nods in agreement*

Anna: Meanwhile Kingsley my good man. I need you to make mama lucky

Brutality who is nearly finished creating yet another devastating ball of fire. Aroma quickly gets to work on making a magical potion for creating instant rain. Finishing the Rain Potion in less than two minutes. Just in time for Brutality is ready to unleash her attack. Aroma quickly passes Anna the Rain Potion. Anna holds the bottle to her mouth and drinks it.

Brutality: Time to die motherfuckers!!! UNDERWORLD SCORCH!

 Unleashing a gigantic fireball ball from her hands. Brutality watches menacingly as her attacks moves furiously towards Anna's and the summoning. However Anna is more than ready to stop Brutality's attack

Anna: The show's over! HEAVY RAIN!

 Raising her right hand into the air. Anna summons a tremendous downpour of rain into the battlefield. Rain so heavy that it immediately puts outs Brutality's Underworld Scorch. Watching how easily her attack was snuffed out. Brutality breaks into a outburst

Brutality: IMPOSSIBLE! The flames I created is hotter than anything that water can put out. My flames are the flames of the Underworld.

Anna: Well let's just say my magical rain had some really strong luck behind it. Now that your flames are no more a threat. Time I take you out for good. AQUA ASSAULT!

 Using the heavy rain that surrounds the battlefield. Anna manipulates the water and forms a gigantic ball of water. Brutality watches in shock as Anna prepares to attack. Tossing the gigantic ball of water towards Brutality. Anna perfectly strikes the demon down with her devastating attack. Knock down onto the ground. While far from dead, but due to all her energy being used. Brutality is unable to continue battling. Thus by default making Anna the winner. Now with her master having been defeated. Nox Gisela of Clafoutis returns to the Nox Verse

Anna: WE DID IT! Thank you both so much for your help Kingsley and Aroma. Now you two can return home now. I can take it from here

 No longer needed to aid their master. Both tarot summonings return to the Tarot World. Merely less than five seconds. Anna immediately rushes to the aid of the defeated Brutality. Remembering that Brutality was under Razel's control when she tried to kill Anna. Despite the harsh language towards one another. Along with Brutality nearly killing her earlier. Anna is relied that Brutality is alive

Anna: Brutality how bad is your injury?

Brutality: My everything hurts. Damn I wish my body would heal itself faster. At least I'm alive. Thank you for showing mercy upon me. I'm truly sorry for nearly killing you. I'm further sorry for allowing myself to be manipulated yet again

Anna: Oh there's no need to apologize about that. It's not your fault some evil Goddess decided to make you her temporary henchman. Anyways I'm glad you're back to normal

Brutality: Me too. By the way I absolutely love your Tarot monsters. They are so cool

Anna: OMG! Your Nox creatures are beyond awesome. Anyways we gotta hurry up and heal. Then will have to go find Okubi, Apollyn, and Angelina. Along with rescuing Xiaoyu and the other sages

Brutality: Agreed! However it's going to be a minute before our bodies fully heal themselves. Even us demons have our limits

Anna: Boy do I know it! Anyways let's just rest for a bit until our bodies recover. Then we gotta hustle and find the others

Brutality: By the way you can call me Dela

Anna: Dela? What a lovely name. I don't know what fate awaits you should we manage to survive. However it was very nice meeting you fellow summoner

Meanwhile in another room within Razel's Castle. Apollyn finds herself in a room resembling a giant dollhouse. Searching around the room hoping to find her friends. Apollyn shortly detects two unknown presences entering the room

Apollyn: Hello? Are you a friend or Apollyn or not friend of Apollyn? Is the word for not friend foe?

 Appearing before Apollyn are two women dressed in a french maid outfit. The maid standing on the right. Posses long and straight platinum blonde hair. While the maid to the left had long and wavy brown hair. Not only did Apollyn spot the differences in their appearance. Apollyn saw weapons in each maid's hand. The platinum blonde was holding a short hand sickle. The brown haired maid carried a pan and spatula. Realizing not only were her friends nowhere around. Apollyn's instincts told her the maids had naughty intentions for her. Especially the platinum blonde. Knowing that Xiaoyu was still in danger of being sacrificed. Along with her others friends in grave danger. Apollyn immediately prepared herself for battle

Apollyn: Okay evil maids! Apollyn cannot go easy on you. However if you surrender now, Apollyn will not have to turn you into dessert. Now please step aside so Apollyn may go find her buddies. Otherwise Apollyn is going to become a very bad girl

Edi (The Brunette): Sister… maybe we should just let her go? I mean… I kinda don't want to fight a demon. Especially one pretty as her

Apollyn: Oh thank you so much for your kind words brown hair. Apollyn already knows what homunculus she shall be bringing to Onyxe buddy

Edi: W… wait WHAT?

Ivela (The Platinum Blonde) : Idiot sister will you stop being such a Goddamn pansy? Besides refusing a direct order from Goddess Razel is a guaranteed punishment. Furthermore it's been awhile since I got to use my sickle. I desire bloodshed sister and I won't let your pathetic-ness get in my way. Now cease being a wimp and get ready to assist me in battle. This little demon is going to be tonight's main course for our beloved Goddess

Edi: Okay… whatever you say sis

Apollyn: Oh wow you're quite the meany, but so cute as well. That settles it. I will capture you both and bring you to King Onyxe buddy. However may you please try not to make Apollyn get too busty. Because once Apollyn's bust gets too big… neither of you will like the monster I become. Okay now let's get ready to rumble or something

Ivela: Damn this demon is so damn annoying! I can't wait to start slicing her up and you make sure to collect every part of her sister

Edi: O… okay

Ivela: To be alive is to be crazy. To die is to be sad. We sister Ivela & Edi will begin the preparations for your demise. Now what seasonings should we use on her?

Anna who had manage to defeat and rescue Brutality. Thanks to both her strong will and the power of her Tarot Cards. Now begins the second great battle taking place within Goddess Razel's dimension. Apollyn versus the Homunculus Sisters


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