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Forbidden Chapter 37

Forbidden Chapter Thirty Seven

Deadly Dessert

 After encountering her opponents Edi and Ivela and learning of their intentions to kill her. While Apollyn would normally exterminate those who threaten her life. However knowing that both maids are homunculus. The very creatures Onyxe had asked the heroes to bring back to him. While only required to bring back one homunculus. Seeing how adorable the maids are to her. Apollyn had decided to defeat and capture both. Confident in her ability to defeat both maids easily. Apollyn will soon realize both Edi and Ivela are stronger than they appear

Apollyn: Okay evil but adorable homunculus. Apollyn will give you one more chance to surrender. Then Apollyn will be force to give you both a deserved beating

Ivela: I already told you stupid demon! Neither my sister or I are afraid of you

Edi: I'm scared sister

Ivela: Shut up you coward! Now get ready to help me prepared this demon for tonight's main course

Edi: Okay sister. I will assist you in killing the demon

Apollyn: Looks like Apollyn has no choice but to fight you naughty homunculus. Here comes the pain!

 Using her inhuman speed. Apollyn charges towards Edi and Ivela. Knowing a hit from Apollyn can potentially kill them. Ivela quickly grabs onto Edi's right arm

Ivela: SKY HIGH!

Shouting out the magical spell Sky High. Seconds before Apollyn can strike either of the sisters. Both Edi and Ivela jump several feet into the air. Successfully avoiding being attacked by Apollyn. Ivela prepares their next attack

Ivela: Now Edi time to spice things up! One, two, three…

Creating a medium size red ball in their palms. The sisters take aim at Apollyn and prepare to attack


 Watching the flaming hot projectile moving towards her. Apollyn prepares to counter with an attack of her own


Unleashing a huge blast of strawberry milkshake from her mouth. Apollyn easily nullifies Edi and Ivela's attack. Having landed back to the ground with ease. The sisters were shocked to see how easily the Dessert Demon countered their attack

Edi: Oh my she truly is a dessert demon. Sister, take a look at her chest!

Ivela: No way! Just five minutes ago. The demon was completely flat chested. Now she's rocking A cup size breast?

Apollyn: Oh you have spotted the growth in Apollyn's boobies. Whenever Apollyn engage in combat. The more Apollyn uses her delicious powers. The bigger Apollyn boobies become. However Apollyn remains calm until I become a D cup or bigger. That's when Apollyn gets a bit wild!

Ivela: Such a stupid ability. My sister and I will have you dead long before you get "wild". Now Edi start cooking some POISON BURGERS!

 Edi summons four green burgers into her pan. Cooking the burgers using her spatula. Edi prepares to use her toxic patties to attack Apollyn. Meanwhile griping her short hand sickle. Ivela prepares for an attack of her own. Once her burgers are ready to be served. Edi flips each patty out of the pan with her spatula. Throwing each of the poisonous burgers towards Apollyn. Using her demonic agility, Apollyn easily dodges Edi's attack. However unaware of Ivela's incoming attack. Having fully charged her short hand sickle. Ivela completely disappears from Apollyn's view of vision. Now thrown off her guard. Apollyn is vulnerable to Ivela's attack


 Having fully charged up her sickle. Ivela strikes Apollyn's right shoulder. Causing Apollyn to bleed as she crashes to the ground. Holding her bloody arm in pain. Tears begin to form around Apollyn's eyes

Apollyn: Ouch, ouch, ouchy!!! Apollyn is bleeding.. Apollyn is bleeding!

Ivela: Serves you right foolish demon. That's what you get for underestimating both my cowardly sister and I. Now time to finish…

While attempting to finish her sentence. Ivela looks down and witnesses the demonic change within Apollyn. Sweating out chocolate from her right palm. Apollyn uses the thick chocolate to cover the wound on her shoulder. Along with her bust growing from an A cup to a C cup. Apollyn's appearance changes from humane into her demonic form. Not only has Apollyn's physically changed form. Her bubbly personality has also become equally demonic. Getting herself off from the ground.  Apollyn stares menacingly at both Ivela and Edi.

Edi: Sister! The dessert demon's rage is palpable! We made a huge mistake fighting her

Ivela: Shut up Edi! I know what were up against? Even her going full demon. We'll still kill her all the same

Apollyn: Both you dumb meanies have truly pissed me off now! Apollyn has never been so angry at a very long time. Now instead of simply defeating you skanks. Apollyn will now devour you! TRUFFLE SOLDIERS!

 While staring viciously at both her adversaries. Apollyn vomits a burst of chocolate onto the ground. Immediately the puddle of chocolate begins to take form. Creating multiple chocolate soldiers ready to attack. Seeing Apollyn's fearsome chocolate soldiers standing before them. Both Ivela and Edi begin regretting having challenged the dessert demon

Ivela: Oh no! Never I expected the demon was capable of this. How can we possibly fight against such odds?

Edi: I knew it! We bitten more than we can chew. Now we have to fight Apollyn and her chocolate soldiers

Apollyn: Oh there's no need for me to continue fighting you non demons. Neither one of you are strong enough to defeat my chocolate soldiers. I'll allow them to defeat you so I can eat you both up afterwards! Now my chocolate warriors… GET THEM!

Immediately following their creature's orders. The Chocolate Soldiers charges towards Ivela and Edi. Refusing to simply surrender. The sisters do their best to fight the soldiers. Edi unleashes multiple Fuego Spices at the soldiers. While Ivela slashes away at them with her sickle. However in spite of taking such powerful attacks. The Chocolate Soldiers easily reform themselves as nothing had happened. The sisters then realize they cannot defeat the multiple soldiers

Ivela: Madness! Why won't these soldiers just die?

Edi: It's over for us sister. Perhaps we should just flee instead?

Apollyn: Oh you meanies are not going anywhere. Now it's time to wrap this up. Now my delicious soldiers… CHOCOLATE EXPLOSION!

 Upon hearing Apollyn's command. The Chocolate Soldiers surround Ivela and Edi. The sisters watch cautiously as the soldiers begin to rumble. Realizing what's about to happen. The sisters embrace each other as they prepare for the worst. The chocolate soldiers begin to expand in sizes. Growing bigger and bigger by the seconds. Once they cannot grow anymore. The soldiers form into a giant blob of chocolate and explode. Seconds after the smoke has cleared. Both Ivela and Edi lay on the ground defeated and covered in chocolate. Now with her enemies unable to fight. Apollyn bears her fangs as she prepares to eat them. Luckily just at that very moment. Both Anna and Brutality show up

Anna: Apollyn!

Suddenly hearing the voice of her dear friend Anna. Apollyn begins to revert back to her normal self

Brutality: Anna look at Apollyn's chest. Her breast have grown so big

Anna: That's not good at all Dela. It means Apollyn was close to losing control. Apollyn are you okay?

Apollyn: Apollyn is okay now Anna buddy. Hey why is that evil blondie with you?

Anna: Don't worry about Brutality Lynn. Let's just say she's one of the good guys now

Apollyn: I'm sure Okubi and Xiaoyu buddy would disagree

Brutality: We'll settle that problem later dessert demon. In the meantime we need to get out of her and find the others. We still have time before Razel's ritual is complete

Anna: Apollyn what to do with those girls down there?

Apollyn: Don't hurt them Anna buddy! I'm going to bring them back for Onyxe buddy. 

Anna: Onyxe wants to take the homunculus alive?

Apollyn: Yes indeed although Onyxe only asked for one homunculus. However since these two here are sisters. Apollyn couldn't bare to spare one and kill the other

Brutality: Weren't you going to kill them both just a few minutes ago?

Apollyn: Apollyn isn't angry anymore and is flat chested again. All is good

Anna: I wouldn't go that far, but I'm glad you're okay Lynn. Anyways let me just make sure these girls stay down until we found Okubi and the others. Along with taking out Goddess Razel

 Anna summons Selene from the Tarot World. Using Selene's magic to extend the sleeping of Ivela and Edi. Once Selene has done her job. Anna returns her to the Tarot World as Brutality, Apollyn, and she go to find their missing comrades. Meanwhile back in the world Asira. Both Onyxe and Eligos still waiting in the Midor Forest. Nearly two hours has passed since Okubi and the others have left to rescue Xiaoyu, Anna, and the kidnapped sages. Eligos still guilt ridden for what he allow to happen to his master. Begins ranting to Onyxe about being a terrible servant to Okubi

Eligos: This is my fault! Had I not betrayed Master Okubi's trust. I would be at his side right now. Helping him figure out a way to defeat that heinous fallen Goddess Razel. Instead I'm stuck in this miserable and ugly forest!

Onyxe: Hey don't say such terrible things. The Midor Forest is far from ugly

Eligos: True, but that's not what I meant your majesty

Onyxe: Oh I know what you meant Eligos. You're upset about your involvement in Okubi's Demonic Dream Trial! At least he managed to survive and became stronger because of it

Eligos: Perhaps, but is my Master strong enough to slay a God?

 Right before Onyxe could answer Eligos question. The duo senses numerous presence coming towards them. Fortunately the presence they since were those of their allies. Seconds later appearing before Onyxe and Eligos were Hellin, Lisa, Nara, Naznim, and James. Immediately Onyxe knew why they have come here

James: Hey best friend. Why are you alone out here? Where is everyone?

Eligos: Exactly what am I Mr. Del Soto? A ghost? 

Lisa: I think chopped liver would had suited you better Eligos. Considering you are a fucking ghost

Onyxe: I knew you guys would showed up sooner or later. I had hoped Okubi and the others would had been back by now. It's worst than I thought

Hellin: The hell it is! Where is Okubi, Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Angelina? Most importantly where the hell is Anna?


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