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Forbidden Chapter 38

Forbidden Chapter Thirty Eight

The Reunion Of Heroes

 Shortly after being separated from her comrades. Angelina found herself teleported to a cellar. Angelina uses to demonic abilities to check her surrounding. Once she realizes she's alone in the cellar. Angelina begins to search for a way out. Using her powers once again. Angelina's right hand glows in a lavender flames. Making traveling within the darkness much easier. Immediately searching for a way to escape the cellar. In order to find her missing friends and defeat Goddess Razel. Fifteen minutes later traveling within the cellar. Angelina comes across a locked room door. Standing in front of the door. Angelina can smell multiple dead bodies on the other side. However senses nothing alive within the room. Certain the room will not lead to an exit. Angelina decides it's worth investigating. The demon uses her strength to open the locked door. Entering inside of the room, Angelina is surrounded by skeletons. Searching through the room of anything of significants. Angelina spots a skeleton holding onto a dusty book. Curious about what the book might contain. Angelina moves towards the skeleton with the book.

 Reaching down towards the skeleton holding the book. Just right before Angelina could put her hands on it. Suddenly the skeletons grabs Angelina's hands. While Angelina nearly yelled out in fear. Upon realizing the skeleton had done nothing to harm her. Angelina holds onto the skeleton's hand as it were a dear friend. Despite the fact Angelina was neither a telepath or a empath. Just by the way the skeleton had held her hand. Angelina felt the sadness within the corpse's soul. After holding Angelina's hand for a few more seconds. The skeleton then released Angelina's hand along with it's book. The dusty book now laying on the ground. Angelina decided to wait a few seconds before grabbing it. Once the tears in her eyes had dried. Angelina picked up the book and dusted it off.

Angelina: Viatori Patuit by Rory Araullo. That's latin for "traveler". Now to see what wonders have Mr. Araullo had written

 Reading the contents within the book. Angelina quickly realized two very important things about Mr. Araullo. One he was not a citizen of Asira, but from a world called Purpara. Second Mr. Araullo was fascinated with traveling to different worlds. Angelina who continued on to read. Discovered that Mr. Araullo practiced magic. Specifically magic that would give him the powers he desired. This type of magic was uncommon where Mr. Araullo had come from. The book had a few more notes. Explaining how he learned to travel to other words. Even explaining his adventures in another world called Cyris. However the rest of the pages were left blank. Angelina knew the exact reason for that. Mr. Araullo had fallen victim to Goddess Razel. Realizing the unfair fate Mr. Araullo had endured. Angelina began to cry once more. After stopping her tears once more. Angelina decided to take Viatori Patuit for herself. However before exiting out of the room. Angelina lean down towards Mr. Araullo's corpse. Kissing the top of his forehead. Angelina then bid the others skeletons farewell. Promising them to avenge each and every one of their deaths. Exiting out of the room of the dead. Angelina continues looking for a way out. Less then ten minutes later. Angelina finally finds an exit. Opening the door before her. Angelina finds herself outside of Goddess Razel's castle. However unlike before where nothing was there. Angelina finds herself faced against a horrifying creature. One beyond mortal comprehension. The best way to describe the monstrosity that stood before her. A blue, purple, and green neon colored dragon. Surrounded in a mystical and fearsome aura. While Angelina has gotten over her fear of dragons awhile ago. Angelina was far from foolish not to fear such a powerful creature.

 The odds certainly not in her favor. Angelina not only refused to die in Razel's Dimension. The demon had also promise to avenge Rory Araullo and the other victims of Goddess Razel. Meanwhile back in Midor Forest within Asira. Both Onyxe and Eligos are being confronted by Hellin and the other heroes. Concerning the whereabouts of Okubi and the others

Hellin: Where the hell is Anna?

James: Yeah bestie where's my daughter?

Nara: Where's Xiaoyu?

Eligos: If all of you will kindly shut the hell up! Both the King and I will gladly share out bad news with you

Lisa: Don't tell me The Children of Ruin got them?

Onyxe: Unfortunately this is much worst than The Children of Ruin

Naznim: Much worst?

Hellin: I don't give a shit about anything right now. I want to know what happen to my friend? Furthermore how the hell did you end up babysitting Okubi's servant once again?

Onyxe: If you will all please stop badgering me and let me talk. I'll gladly tell you all what happened. Better yet I'll show you by using my telepathy

Onyxe puts both his hands on each side of his head. Projecting a realistic illusion of everything that happened. Starting from the heroes encountering Brutality during the carnival. Until the very moment Goddess Razel and her homunculus had kidnapped Xiaoyu. Witnessing what happened to Okubi and the others with their very eyes. The heroes are mixed with emotions of fear, anger, and outrage

James: NO! Why did Anna chase after Xiaoyu? Now my daughter will be gone forever

Hellin: How fucking dare you Del Soto! You're the one who fucking abandon her centuries ago. Just so you could your fucking self! I'm more pissed off neither Okubi nor Onyxe could have prevented Anna from entering the portal

Nara: Hey fuck the both of you! Anna did what any true friend would do by trying to save my girlfriend. I only wish I had been with Xiaoyu instead. DAMMIT!

Hellin: Curse at me again Darken and I will rip your fucking head off!

Nara: Well go ahead and try it bitch!

Lisa: You fuckers are over here arguing. Yet no one wants to talk about the bitch who kidnapped our friends? Goddess fucking Razel is responsible for all of this. Do you guys even comprehend the evil we are up against? Goddess Razel is one of the Seven Fallen Gods! Once serving alongside Lord Asira. After Razel and the other six gods attempt to overthrow him. Lord Aisra had stripped them of most of their powers and banished them. However even her decreased God like powers. Razel is still a very dangerous threat. Now that psycho bitch has our friends imprisoned.

Nara: Not only did she kidnap my girlfriend for her light based magic. Other innocent sages had been kidnapped by her fucking homunculus minions

Naznim: Now Okubi, Angelina, Apollyn, and Anna are currently in Razel's Dimension. Attempting to rescue Xiaoyu and the others sages. Along with slaying Goddess Razel and her minions. Do they not realize they are not strong enough to kill a Goddess? Furthermore why didn't you travel with them King Onyxe?

Onyxe: We all agreed it wasn't wise for all of us to go. Should Okubi and the others not make it back. I was going to tell you all the very unfortunate news. The only reason I didn't call for help. I didn't want to send everyone in a panic

Hellin: So instead of doing your kingly duties to protect Asira. You decided to place your faith in Okubi? What an utterly disappointing decision your majesty

James: Hey back the hell off him daughter of Othello! Onyxe perhaps didn't make the best call, but none of this is his fault! Even as crushed I would be if Anna dies in Razel's Dimension. Onyxe would not be to blame

Hellin: Do you think I give two shits about your worthless opinion Del Soto? I do not care who's at fault. If Anna is killed by that fucking Goddess. I will unleash literally hell on this world

Lisa: Well have fun with that Hellin. Because once Razel takes care of our friends. Best fucking believe she'll come for the rest of us. Not to mentioned the very reason Razel kidnapped Xiaoyu.

Naznim: Yes speaking of Razel's reasons of kidnapping Xiaoyu and singular magic sages. Exactly what is Goddess Razel trying to accomplice? The imagery you shown us didn't specify the reasons why. Just showed us how everything went to shit

Onyxe: What Razel is attempting to do is a ritual called "Call Of The Elements" A ritual that specializes in gathering sages of each particular element. Fire, water, wind, earth, light, and darkness. Goddess Razel who already represents the power of darkness. Xiaoyu light, Asher fire, Ahio wind, and the twins water and earth. Razel plans on absorbing them and becoming a being equal to Asira's might

Lisa: Now it all makes fucking sense! Out of all the Seven Fallen Gods. Razel was the most vengeful towards Asira. That bitch has been planning this shit for years. It's unusual in today's world that a sage only uses a singular magic. Razel also made sure not to choose any ordinary singular magic users either. We all know how skilled Xiaoyu is in her light magic. I can only imagine the other kidnapped sages are just as good or better. Razel is going to absorb them and transform into a terrifying being

James: Satan! This is so fucked up! How do we even defeat such a powerful being? Onyxe… does my daughter, Okubi, and the others stand any chance against such a villainess?

Nara: Dear Asira please don't let Xiaoyu been absorbed. I don't know what I will do without her

Lisa: Xiaoyu will be okay Nara. We just got to believe Okubi and the others can defeat Razel. Even if the odds are next to impossible

Hellin: Well now that we know what Razel's intentions are. Onyxe explain to me how Okubi managed to open a portal to Razel's Dimension

Lisa: Holy shit! Totally forgot about that. I know Okubi is strong, but for him to open up a portal to Goddess Razel's dimension. Especially considering only Razel's can open her portals. What kind of power did our leader require?

Hellin: I hope you're speaking for yourself when you referred Okubi being our leader. He's not fucking leader of mine. However I'm willing to wager. Whatever reason Okubi is now more powerful than I remembered. Is the very reason Eligos is with you instead of his master

Eligos: Dammit I hate when she's right

James: Exactly what did happen to Okubi?

Onyxe: The Demonic Dream Trial happened! Last night while Hellin and I were away. The rest of you asleep. Eligos got in contact with my father Knox. Allowing Knox to put Okubi under one of the most dangerous trials. Known in the Underworld. The Demonic Dream Trial can either make or destroy a demon. Especially more dangerous when used on a half demon. Thankfully Okubi managed to survive. Now he's stronger than before. However I fear he isn't strong enough to defeat a Goddess. None the less Okubi will do anything to save Xiaoyu. Accompany by Apollyn and Angelina. The three of them went after Xiaoyu, Anna, and the others.

Naznim: Well isn't this just great. Not only is a vengeful Goddess trying to gain enough power to destroy us. We don't know if our comrades are still alive. Let alone a way to get to them

Lisa: Well I'm certain Xiaoyu is still alive

Nara: How can you be sure of that Lisa?

Lisa: Because had Xiaoyu already been absorbed by Razel. That bitch would be here faster than I can say motherfucker sonabitch. However I can't speak on the others all being alive, but I know for certain they can't all be dead. Otherwise Razel would had already completed her ritual

Naznim: Couldn't Razel just smite Okubi and the others?

Lisa: Thankfully no the fuck she can't. Remember the part where I said "Asira stripped them of most of their powers?" Course not even Asira himself can simply smite someone out of existence. Course a punch from him could destroy anything instantly. So I guess it's about the same. However as you have stated. There is no way from us to go and aid Okubi and the others


 Out of nowhere Onyxe screams out in pain. Dropping down to the ground. James immediately runs over to his friend's side. Holding the King's head in his arms. James and the others witnesses Onyxe's eyes glowing eggshell blue.

Nara: James what's going on with Onyxe?

James: Onyxe is having a vision… a painful one at that. Shit this isn't fucking good. Onyxe can you tell us what you're seeing?

Onyxe: Angelina! Angelina is in grave danger!

Hellin: What kind of danger?

Onyxe: Angelina is fighting a dragon of vast powers. A dragon by the name Warp Reality Dragon! A monster created by Goddess Razel herself. Angelina won't last long if she isn't rescued

Lisa: No not Angie! I don't want her to die

Hellin: Onyxe! We need to find a way fast to get to Razel's Dimension. Can you by any chance possibly contact Okubi?

 No longer suffering from his premonition. While still being held by James. King Onyxe turns his attention over to Hellin

Onyxe: I know Hellin and I have just the plan. I just wasn't sure on using it before. I honestly didn't want to risk going to Razel's Dimension. Not only would it be hard to explain my disappearance should I had died there. I myself have never faced against a God. I was scared of what might happen had I acted irrationally

Hellin: I knew you were a fucking coward! Just like a typical King. Quick to send your minions to their deaths, but too afraid to face your problems head on

Onyxe: That's not true Hellin. I didn't want to simply follow Okubi and the others. Not because I feared for my life. I feared not getting to see James, Yura, or my father just one more time. Furthermore someone would had to live. In case Okubi and the others had failed

Nara: I 100% agree with you King O. However we need to hurry up and save Angelina

Onyxe: That's not a problem Nara. Luckily I know a very magical technique called DIMENSION TRAIN! It's a train that can cross any plane I can imagine. My train will be able to carry you all over to Razel's Dimension. I just worry how exhausted I'll be after performing the spell. However I refuse to let Angelina die. Now please release me James so I can get you all over to Razel's Dimension

James: No problem Onyxe, but I like to volunteer myself as an extra energy source for you. Also please use the quick method of sucking my energy. My pride as a heterosexual will have to take a necessary hit

Nara: Your pride as a heterosexual?

Hellin: You'll see exactly what Del Soto means in a second

 Grabbing James face with both his hands. Onyxe brings James face over to his and the two men lock lips. Onyxe and James begin french kissing as Onyxe begins absorbing extra energy from James. Having absorbed the required energy. Onyxe releases James from his grasp. While James lays on the ground barely conscious. Onyxe begins opening a grayish blue portal before the heroes

Lisa: So exactly how are you going to bring a train in this big ass forest?

Onyxe: I won't be able to exactly summon the train here Lisa. Once I completely open the portal. Hellin, Nara, Naznim, and you will enter the portal. Immediately finding yourselves all seated in a train.  The train will then take you all to Razel's Dimension. Exactly where Angelina is located. My portal is just about ready

Hellin: Stand aside your majesty! Ladies and Nara. Time we go save our comrades and kill ourselves a Goddess

Eligos: May I come with them as well?

Onyxe: I would much prefer if you stay with my Eligos. I promise Okubi I will keep a watch on you

Nara: I know you're worried about your Master Eligos, but unlike the rest of us. You'll only be in the way

Lisa: He's right ya know

Eligos: How can I-- just bring my Master back to me alive

Hellin: If Anna is alive. I'll gladly see to it that Okubi returns spirit.

Onyxe: Hellin I'm counting on you to make sure everyone return back alive. I will open my portal up again in an hour. Hopefully you will all be on board by then. I wish you all the best of luck

Hellin gives Onyxe a cocky smirk as Nara, Naznim, Lisa, and she walks through the portal. Less then two seconds later. Hellin and the others finds themselves on a train. Traveling through time and space. Meanwhile outside of Razel's castle. Angelina struggles to avoid death at the hands of the dragon. Unable to counter attack due to the dragon's relentless onslaught of fire blasts. Angelina fears she can only last but so long. Continue to dodge the dragon's deadly attacks. Angelina accidentally drops the book she received from Mr. Araullo. Refusing to let anything happen to the book. Angelina immediately goes back for it. However Angelina had left herself vulnerable to the dragon's next attack. Successfully picking up the book from the ground. Angelina turns around and sees the dragon's incoming attack. Unable to get away in time. Angelina stares down her death as it approaches. Only regretting not keeping her promise to Razel's previous victims. Fortunately seconds before Angelina is burnt to a crisp. Lisa creates a holy barrier around her. Shocked by the fact she is still alive. Angelina looks up and sees Hellin, Nara, Lisa, and Naznim jumping down from a portal. Glad to see her friends. Angelina's confidence quickly returns

Lisa: Angie!

Angelina: Lisa, Nara, Naznim.. Hellin. How did the four of you even get here?

Hellin: I'm so glad you didn't say something stupid like "how did you find us?"

Angelina: Obviously you all--- LISA HOLY SHIELD QUICKLY!

 Lisa creates another Holy Shield to protect Angelina, Hellin, Nara, Naznim, and herself from the dragon's fire blast.

Nara: Looks like we gotta kill this motherfucker first. Before we do any chit chatting

 Suddenly coming out from the castle door. Appears no other than Anna, Apollyn, and Brutality. Hellin who is beyond thrilled to see Anna alive. Quickly runs over to her

Anna: Hellin? OMG I knew you would come and rescue us

Apollyn: How did Hellin buddy managed to get here? Apollyn also sees Nara and Lisa buddy. OMG! What a horrifying beast

Brutality: That's where all the commotion was coming from? Dragons are truly terrifying creatures. Especially those created by dark magic.

Hellin: Anna I'm beyond thrilled to see you alive

Anna: I would had gotten the opposite response from your mother. Anyways how in the hell did you even get here?

Helin: It's a short story, but I don't have the time to explain it all. We have a vicious dragon that needs to be slain. Also where the hell is Okubi?

Anna: After Goddess Razel discovered that we were in her castle. Okubi along with the rest of us were separated. Fortunately I gained an ally in Brutality after breaking her mind control. Also came across Apollyn not too long ago. Now we just found Angelina along with the rest of you. Okubi's current location is unknown. I just hope he manage to find Xiaoyu in time

Hellin: So you're the former servant of Janiel

Brutality: I'm unfortunately, but I'm not a threat to your friends anymore

Hellin: I'll deal with you later bitch! In the meantime Anna. Both Apollyn and you help Lisa and the others defeat that dragon. I'm going to go and find Okubi.

Anna: That's sound like a perfect plan Hellin. I pray you find Okubi alive and well

Hellin: I honestly could care less if Okubi is dead or alive. However if Razel wishes to receive a slightly less painful death. It will be in her interest that Okubi is still among the living. Now don't disappoint me Anna and see to it that dragon is dead the time I return!

Anna: I would not dare disappoint The Princess of Babylon. Okay girls let's roll

 Anna, Apollyn, and Brutality go to help Angelina, Nara, Lisa, and Naznim fight the fearsome dragon. After having defeated a slew of monsters created by Goddess Razel. Okubi had finally managed to reach Goddess Razel's Throne Room. Having received no damaged from the monsters. Okubi was perfectly fit to battle. Entering the majestic room with a sinister vibe within. Okubi had immediately spotted his friend Xiaoyu. Along with the other kidnapped sages. However before Okubi could even think to run to Xiaoyu's aid. Okubi was then greeted by both Ava and Philip

Ava: So the murderer has managed to get all this way. The soul of a killer is quite tenacious

Philip: Still regardless of those monsters you managed to slain. Nothing will prepare you for what you are about to face

Ava: Don't think for a second because we're not demons. My brother and I will not be able to kill you!

Okubi: I killed your master years ago. The hell I look like dying to his creations?

Ava: We have changed vastly since becoming servants of Goddess Razel. Our masters have given us powers beyond the average homunculus

Philip: Surely it will be enough to vanquish you out of existence

Okubi: I like to see you artificial humans try it! Furthermore where the hell is your precious master? Considering this is her room. I thought she'll be a cliche' and sit on her throne chair. Watching her minions fail at their attempt to kill me?

Razel: "Well hello Okubi. It's about time you arrived here"

 Surprise to hear Razel's voice in his head. Okubi turns and sees Razel's sitting in her throne chair. Okubi stance immediately changes from relaxed to cautious

Okubi: Looks like I'm in for a challenge

Razel: Do not overestimate yourself foolish half breed! Fortunately for you, I will allow my servants to kill you. Regardless how you managed to enter my dimension. Your powers are nothing compare to mines

Okubi: I'm certain if we were to compare power levels. Mines would be much closer to Asira than yours

Razel: Worthless worm! Ava! Philip! Make sure to give Mr. Okubi a proper death. Meaning to make it as painful and despair enriching as possible! In the meantime I have a ritual to prepare. By the way Mr. Okubi. Your friends are currently fighting for their very lives against my fearsome dragon. I wonder how long before they have left to live? Anyways I bid you feel way half demon. The next time I see your face. May it be hanging from my bedroom wall.

Okubi: I'll have your head first wench!

 Razel gives Okubi and hateful stare as he does the same. Razel then vanishes from thin air. Leaving her minions to fight Okubi. Griping his ice rapier while keeping an eye on Xiaoyu. Okubi prepares for battle


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