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Profile Cool Nine


Who Is She?

Name: CLASSIFIED Code Name: Cool Nine

Age: 88

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Cloudy Purple

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8

Weight: 111 pounds

Likes: Gaining knowledge, traveling, buttermilk pie

Dislikes: Closed minded people, people who talk too much but know so little, true evil

Magic Name: Zare's Scorn

Abilities: Possessing three of the cursed of Anubis. Cool Nine can use the following dice

  • Geb - A brown and silver colored die. Depending on what number Cool Nine rolls. Cool Nine is able to create earthquakes, summon rocks, harden her skin, and super strength
  • Khonsu - A lavender and vanilla colored die. Depending on what number Cool Nine rolls. Cool Nine is able to turn invisible, intangible, put her opponent to sleep by looking into their eyes, healing magic, and foresight
  • Oruju - A fiery colored die. Depending on what number Cool Nine rolls. Cool Nine is able to manipulate fire in various ways. Hurling fireballs of various sides, creating a fiery aura around herself, summoning walls of fire, burning touch, or fire immunity

Cool Nine is also skilled in hand to hand combat

Bio: Born and raised in Kemet/Egypt. Prior to becoming a member of a secret society. Dedicated to combating evil around the world. Cool Nine was once a regular girl. Daughter of Shepherd mother and a Librarian father. Cool Nine lived a simple but peaceful life. Everyday after coming home from school. After her parent's helped her with homework. Cool Nine's father would read various books about the world of Asira. Cool Nine's favorite stories were the one's involving different types of magic. Hearing the stories about powerful sages from various eras. Cool Nine knew that she too wanted to become a sage. One day after returning home from school. Upon reaching to walkway to her home. Cool Nine spotted her parents waiting at the door. Never had her parents waited at the door for her. Cool Nine was worried that something was wrong. Perhaps she did something bad at school. However upon asking her parents if everything was alright. Cool Nine learned from her father that her teacher had called. Telling them good things about their daughter. Cool Nine's parents decided to reward her good behavior. Taking her to the carnival in Luxor. Immediately Cool Nine hugged and kissed her parents. Thanking them immensely as tears of joy ran down her eyes

 Nearly three hours later riding in her father's car. Cool Nine and her parents arrive to the carnival in Luxor. They began having the time of their lives. Enjoying various rides and delicious foods. Everything was great until two sages riding a dragon had crashed the carnival. After landing on the ground. The sages and their dragon began attacking the civilians. Cool Nine and her parents were caught within the chaos. Cool Nine was fortunate enough to escape with her life. Sadly her mother and many others were not so lucky. Also having lost track of her father during the chaos. Cool Nine was then grabbed up by an unknown woman. Together the two of them left from Luxor.

 Her mother dead and her father's whereabouts unknown. Cool Nine was taken in by a woman named Ellen Rosemary. Founding herself amongst thousands of other parentless and abandon children. Cool Nine was now apart of a secret society. The very placed she received her code name. Removing her government name from all records. The secret society became Cool Nine's new family. Taught by her benefactors, Cool Nine received advance education, training in hand to hand combat, and most importantly magic. Trained in the magical arts called Zare's Scorn! Cool Nine used magical dices created by the Egyptian God Anubis. Allowing Cool Nine to wield various abilities. Depending the dice colored and the number she rolled. Cool Nine would use her magic and knowledge. Traveling all around Asira and combating various forms of evil. In order to prevent like the one in Luxor many years ago.

 Seventy eight years later Cool Nine serves as an agent to the secret society. After several of her comrades had disappeared in Mayland. Cool Nine's benefactors pinpointed these disappearances taking place in Neo Aigosthena. Cool Nine was sent to find the one responsible. Shortly after arriving to Neo Aigosthena. Cool Nine was kidnapped by a male demon in a suit. Which she had made herself vulnerable to be taken. Now forced to compete in a Underground Fighting Tournament. Hosted by a sage name Karen Caramel. While most of the combatants simply want to escape. Cool Nine plans on bringing Karen to justice

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Zarina Again

Model Henrique Alves

Forbidden Chapter 58

Forbidden Chapter Fifty Eight

True Emotions, Hidden Intention

 Seconds after Xiaoyu and Nara left to find Karen. Okubi and his team follows right behind them. Making their way to the market before entering Pruflas's Dimension. Their hotel room nearly empty. The only remaining are Hellin, Anna, Othello, and Team Rose. Both Hellin and Anna deciding to use the morning to train. Preparing themselves for tonight's mission. Othello along with Lava Rose, Tre' and Zira get ready to head out. Othello walks over to Hellin. Planting a juicy kiss on her daughter's forehead. Othello grabs her fancy pink purse. Before heading out the door with Lava Rose and his friends behind her. Minutes after Hellin and Anna no sense Othello or Team Rose's presence in the hotel. The two friends begin to talking to one another

Hellin: Now that my mother and company are out the way. It's time I start my training for tonight's hunt. So Anna what will you be doing to prepare for our battle against Zabel?

Anna: Unlike you Hellin, I don't rely on my physical strength. Nor do I have to power to invade the mind of others. Instead I will focus on creating various potions. In order to prepare for our battle against Iron Zabel. I'm also remaking the potions that we destroyed yesterday at the Elestial Market

Hellin: Hmph! That fucking place. I'll forget what almost happened to you last night. I was so terrified when I felt your life force depleting. I felt so fucking bad I wasn't there for you. If it wasn't for Tre' healing you. I don't know what I would had done. I would had went on a war path. Anna I'm so sorry about last night

Anna: Hellin there's nothing for you to be sorry about. If anyone is to blame. That bastard Ekoda is to blame for nearly killing me. However because Ekoda had struck me with a fatal blow. It lead you to transform in Vixen. Which helped you defeat the members of K.I.L.L.E.R. Also as you had mentioned. Tre' was there to heal me. So at the end everything worked out Hellin. Please don't let yesterday's events keep running through your head. We now have to focus on dealing with Iron Zabel later tonight

Hellin: I can't believe you could be so lax about having nearly died. Yeah I get that you were saved in time, but weren't you scared?

Anna: I'm not as afraid of death as I'm leaving my loved ones behind. Knowing how crushed both my father and you would had been. Along with Okubi and the others. Scares me much more than death itself. So tell me Hellin what's really bothering you?

 Momentarily stunned by Anna's question. If Hellin didn't know better. She would had thought Anna was reading her mind. While Hellin was a master of hiding her emotions from most. Anna was one of the few individuals. Able to sense Hellin's inner emotions.  Once Hellin gets over her shock. Words fused with passion and disgust. Began flying out of Hellin's mouth

Hellin: It's just these past few months. Starting from the time of my rescue in Jazan. I began to feel emotions. Ones I was taught to shut out. Emotions that would be considered detrimental for a demon of my status. I'm the Princess of Babylon and perhaps someday it's Queen. Raised in the ways of an assassin by my mother. I was taught the only emotions I needed was anger and the joy of killing. Anything else was a sign of weakness. The exception being my mother. I didn't show a shred of emotion to anyone. Even harming those who dared attempted to befriend me. Unlike Mihoshi and my mother who befriended many of Babylon's servants and warriors. I loathe each and every single last one of them. My heart was cold as ice. Wrapped with barbed wire made of hatred. My entire being was purely a living weapon of hate. Serving to only protect my mother's Empire. That I may someday succeed in her position. All that changed the day you entered my life. Never in an million year. Did I ever imagine you would mean so much to me. Your only purpose was to serve me and nothing more. Yet you have become my dearest friend. No one else gets me the way you do Anna. Words cannot describe how invaluable you are to me

Anna: Aww Hellin. That's truly the sweetest thing you ever said to me. Your friendship means the world to me as well Hellin. it's thanks to you I don't feel alone anymore. I know you have a lot of pressure resting on your shoulders. Constantly having to prove yourself to your mother and yourself. However there's nothing wrong showing emotions Hellin. Every living being has them. It's impossible to only feel hatred and other negative emotions


Anna: Hellin?

Hellin: Anna... I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to explode on you like that. Just ever since I started fighting beside Okubi and the others. No matter how much I tried to fight it. I can't help but view as more than just allies. It's like am starting to actually care about them. I absolutely fucking hate it!

Anna: Hellin why must you be so hard on yourself? Why do you feel you have to be a heartless bitch?

 Hellin gives Anna a menacing stare. However unlike previous time where Anna immediately submitted to Hellin. Anna stared back at Hellin. Giving her a look almost as nasty as hers. Shocked by the look Anna is giving her. Angered by the reaction Anna is giving her. Hellin's red eye glow like neon lights. Hellin takes up a condescending stance. Pointing her right index finger towards Anna in great disapproval. In the exact same manner her mother does. Whenever she is belittling Anna

Hellin: How fucking dare you stare at me like that? Just because I opened up to you Anna. Doesn't make you and I equals. Now fix your damn face or I'll fix it for you!

Anna: I'm not backing down Hellin. I can't believe you feel ashamed about caring about Okubi and the others. Do you really believe showing compassion for others is a sign of weakness?

Hellin: YES!

Anna: If that were true Hellin. I would already be dead by your mother's hands

Hellin: Perhaps I just wanted to have the luxury of killing you. In case you ever pissed me off like you're doing now

Anna: Then kill me Hellin. Prove to me you are the perfect killer! I won't even try to defend myself. Both my mind and body is at your mercy. Show me you are your mother's daughter

Hellin: You cocky little bitch! No wonder my mother can't stand you. Give you an inch and you fucking take a mile. I regret ever calling you my "best friend". Prepare to die Annabelle Del Soto!

 Hellin's changes from it's human like state. Turning into that of a demon. The nails on Hellin's fingers transform into claws. Hellin charges towards Anna with the intent to kill. Anna unfazed by Hellin's ferocity. Remains calms as she waits for Hellin to strike. Hellin now standing right in front of Anna. Holding her claws in front of Anna's neck. Anna remains still awaiting Hellin to decapitate her. However Hellin just stands before Anna. Not making a single gesture to finish her off. Seeing Hellin behaving in a indecisive manner. Anna decides to taunt her

Anna: What are you waiting for Princess? KILL ME! Unless you don't have what it takes bitch!

Hellin: Did you just call me out of my name? WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!

Anna: Your best friend in the whole world. Trying to talk some sense into you. Now stop this madness immediately. Do you really think behaving like a barbarian. Makes you some type of badass? Masking your emotions with this false bravado. Only proves your deeper insecurities Hellin. Strength isn't define by how many enemies you defeated. Nor by one's level of power. True strength is acknowledging one's fears and shortcomings but without letting those weaknesses hold them back.

 Hearing those brutally honest words from Anna. Tears immediately began to form around Hellin's eyes. No longer angry but sad. Hellin removes her claws away from Anna's neck. Reverting back into her humane form. Hellin drops down to her knees before Anna. Covering her face with her hands. Hellin starts weeping before her friend. Anna starts to tear up as well. Lowers her body to meet Hellin's. Anna console Hellin by wrapping her arms around her. Resting her head on Anna's chest. Tearfully Hellin reveals her inner securities to her friend

Hellin: Anna the truth is... I feel anxious, mournful, and most importantly afraid! I don't know how this happened. Just ever since you and I left the Underworld. In order to aid Okubi and the others against The Children of Ruin. During our adventures to prevent Janiel and his buddies from releasing Mastema from Forbidden. We have encountered many powerful enemies and witnessed destruction and the deaths of many innocents. Death is nothing new to me. I had watched many die and caused many deaths. However it's different when seeing innocent people being slaughtered. I tried blocking these emotions from my mind. Plus all my near death experiences. Especially when I almost died at the hands of my own summoning. During our battle against Razel. It's just become a bit too much for me. However I felt it was my duty to remain strong. Hide my real feelings in the face of danger. In order to maintain the perception the others have of me. Unfortunately I'm starting to feel myself crack. I don't know how long I can keep this up. Which is why I worry about our battle against Iron Zabel. If I cannot get my emotions in check. I'm guaranteed to be a liability for you, my mother, and the members of Team Rose

Anna: Hellin it's okay to be afraid. Not even the strongest of the strong aren't without fear. Hellin you are the strongest demon I ever known. I'm not just saying that because we're friends either. It's okay to have fears and doubts. Just never let those things hold you back. Hellin you posses unimaginable strength and are destined for greatness.  I believe in you Hellin and so does Okubi, Queen Othello, and everyone else. I just need you to believe in yourself. Even if were raised to be a killer. There is nothing wrong having compassion and concern for others. Now if you're done doubting yourself best friend. Let us both prepare for our battle against Iron Zabel

Hellin: You're right Anna. I'm behaving like a pitiful child. It just I feared showing such emotions would hinder me. I understand it's okay to care about others. I'm still a powerful demon and desire to become Queen of Babylon someday. Now that am done feeling sorry for myself. It's time we begin our training to combat Zabel

 Both Hellin and Anna rises up from the ground. The two friends hug each other. Hellin thanks Anna for helping her get through her fears and doubts. Now that both women have dried their tears. Hellin exits from their room. Allowing Anna to prepare her potions. While Hellin goes to find a quiet place to train near the Gold Hotel. Arriving back to the Royal Lands. Onyxe along Yura and Mariah rushes to the castle door. Yura hurries to find Hisako and Oriana. While Mariah rushes to the nearest guest bathroom. Onyxe is escorted by two of his servants. Bringing him to the King's Bathroom. Once inside of his personal bathroom. Onyxe sees his tub filled with warm milk and honey. Undressed with the help of his servants. Onyxe walks towards his tub with caution. Carefully placing himself inside the tub. The servants then add more honey into his bath. Then they pass Onyxe a basket filled with various fruits. Onyxe thanks his servants as they exit from the bathroom. Now alone sitting in his bathtub. Onyxe ponders to himself about the recent tragedy in Neo Aigosthena. Wondering why he didn't receive a premonition about such a tragic event? Also running through the King's mind. The whereabouts of his biological father, the Grim Reaper Knox. It's been a minute since he last saw him. Naturally Onyxe was worried about his father's safety. Along with the fact Onyxe has been feeling a dark power brewing inside of him. Realizing that he too is a Reaper. Onyxe worried having such power could possibly hinder his position as King.

Lastly Onyxe thought about his dreaded conversation with Neo Aigosthena's Mayor and Senators later tonight. While possessing a decent acquaintance with Senator Sliverbrass. Both Mayor Hamm and Senator Python loathe him. Unlike Mayor Hamm who simply despised Onyxe for being a demon. Senator Python's disdain for him was personal. Unknown to Onyxe back then. Mayor Python was very close friends to Mayland's previous ruler, Queen Golda. Who was also Onyxe's foster aunt and the one responsible for Onyxe's adopted parent's deaths. While many were neutral about Golda's death at Onyxe's hands. Senator Isha Python was one of the few who were enraged by Golda's demise at Onyxe's hands. Believing if he wasn't a demon. That Golda would still be Mayland's ruler today. Shortly after Onyxe began his reign as Mayland's King. The first two assassins sent after him. Both were hired by Python. While Onyxe was angered by both assassination attempts. Onyxe decided not to get even with Python nor bring him to justice. Instead Onyxe confronted Python and warned him. Telling Python the next assassin he sends after him. That he would have Python and his family publicly executed. Despite the hatred Python held for Onyxe. He did not want his wife and children to suffer for his actions. Begrudgingly Python promised to cease his assassination attempts against him. However Python told Onyxe he would never forgive him for killing Golda. It's been forty something years since then. Python's hatred towards him hasn't gone away.

 Using his power to play with the milk inside the tub. Onyxe decides to just enjoy the remainder of his both. Before getting himself ready to send Yura, Hisako, and Oriana w/ Ricky to Neo Aigosthena. Hours have passed since Hellin's training and Anna's preparation. Nightfall had arrived as Othello, Lava Rose, Tre', and Zira returned to the hotel. Upon opening the door to their room. Othello and Team Rose saw Hellin and Anna dressed in their Espionage Battle suits. Hellin's was red and Anna's green.

Hellin's Espionage Battlesuit

 A smile of devious satisfaction came across Othello's face. Seeing how both her daughter and servant were ready for action. Lava Rose and Zira were also impressed by Hellin and Anna's appearance. Tre' on the other hand was trying to fight the erection in his pants. 

Othello: Looks you ladies dressed to kill. Let me put down these bags and change into something more suited for combat

 Othello gently places her many shopping bags on the ground. Then with a snap of her fingers. Othello casts a spell on herself. Changing her out of her dress and into a skin purple bodysuit. Course unlike Hellin and Anna's conservative battle wear. Othello's bodysuit was very revealing. Causing Tre' to place both his hands in front of his privates. In order to hide his increasing erection. Standing confidently before her mother. Hellin says to her "open the portal to Bosman". Othello still wearing her devious smile. Holds out her right hand, opening a portal behind Hellin and Anna

Zira: Well I guess the six of us are ready to take down Zabel

Hellin: I'm certainly ready. I hope the rest of you are prepared

Lava Rose: While weren't training along with you and Anna. Trust my friends and me have mentally been preparing ourselves. We are just as ready as you Hellin to battle Zabel

Othello: After all these years. Finally I shall have my revenge against Zabel for killing Balam

Hellin: Glad to hear it comrades. Now enough with the chitchat and let's enter the portal. The faster we take down Zabel. The safer the people of Neo Aigosthena will be. I refuse to have a repeat of last night's tragedy

Othello: Concern about the deaths of mortal? That doesn't sound like my precious little killer. Did something happened to you Hellin?

Hellin: A lot has happened to me mother since coming to Asira but right now isn't the time. My only desire is to see Zabel dead! Now if we're done wasting time. Let's move!

 Hellin turns away from her mother and enters the portal. Anna and Team Rose follows right behind her. However as soon as Tre' steps inside. Othello swiftly closes the portal behind them. Alone inside the hotel room. Othello stands with her arms cross. Looking towards the direction of where her portal once appeared. Wearing a look of utter disgust on her face. Few seconds after Hellin and the others had entered Othello's portal. Another portal opens in the same place. Stepping outside of it was the infamous demon Janiel, leader of The Children of Ruin. The very demon Okubi, Hellin, and the others seek to destroy. Upon seeing Janiel in her presence. Othello's face becomes slightly more soft, but her posture remains. Janiel walks his way over to Othello. Now standing in front of her. Janiel places his hands on Othello's ass. Planting a kiss on Othello's cheeks. Staring deep into Othello's eyes. Janiel begins speaking to her

Janiel: It's been a minute since I had some alone time with you my sweet

Othello: It's nice seeing you again as well Lord Janiel

Janiel: So is it just me or did you seem very angry not too long ago?

Othello: My anger wasn't towards you love. Although I can't say I'm going to like what you have to say. My greatest fear about Hellin has finally happened. The girl is showing compassion and concern for lesser beings. I wanted to rip off her head but knew the time wasn't appropriate. After all I'll need my daughter and her pathetic friends to distract Iron Zabel. Until I'm ready to make my move. If only I could see their faces. Once they realize I didn't follow them to Bosman

Janiel: Didn't I tell you a long time ago. Hellin is amongst the unworthy. There will be no place for her in Mastema's new world. Fortunately both Mihoshi and you are more than qualified... course if you don't decide to have a change of heart before then

Othello: Don't you be stupid my sweet. I want to see the destruction of Asira and the change to the Underworld. Just as much as you do Janiel. It's just unfortunate Pruflas won't be able to enjoy it with us

Janiel: Sacrifices must be made Othello. If Pruflas cannot survive his inevitable battle against his stepson. Than he does not deserve a place in the new world. However the remaining members of the Children of Ruin, you, and myself are most definitely worthy. Now I have much to discuss with you, but first. Let's enjoy this alone time we have together

Othello: One thing I always loved about you Janiel. Besides your desire to rid the Underworld of it's weakness. Your sex drive is as strong as mines. Now go get in bed and let me suck that juciy dick of yours

 Inside of his secret base located in Bosman. Iron Zabel sits proudly on his throne. Wearing a pair of designer shades while completely shirtless. Showing off his overly muscular body. Standing beside him is Celia and his disciples gathered around him. Removing the shades off his face. Iron Zabel reveals his glowing scarlet eyes. Indicating to his disciples there are enemies within their territory. Wearing a snake like smile on her face. Celia watches as Iron Zabel gets up from his throne. In order to address his disciples

Iron Zabel: I had foreseen the arrival of our enemies. They have come here in hopes of stopping my ascension to Godhood. However they are painfully unaware of my... our capabilities. Now that they have entered our domain. It is time we bring upon them divine punishment!


Indian Man

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Profile Syh


Naturi Warrior

Name: Syh Philip

Age: 51

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Lime Green

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0

Weight: 172 pounds

Likes: Toffee Pudding, peaceful walks amongst his fellow elves, sun bathing

Dislikes: Rude people, the smell of garlic, moths

Magic Name: None. Syh Philips is born with his powers

Abilities: Syh manipulates a lime green colored energy. Syh is able to use his power in offensive and defensive ways. Syh also posses limited healing abilities and is skilled in hand to hand combat

Bio: Syh Philips is one of the many Naturi Elves. Living in the Toffee Forest just outside of Neo Aigosthena. Syh lives a relatively peaceful life amongst his brethren. Trained by his elders to wield his nature based powers. At the age of fifteen. Syh along with few other elves. Began venturing into Neo Aigosthena. In order to learn the ways of the citizens residing there. Syh was also tasked with obtaining foods and items. Not available within the Toffee Forest. Either by trading goods from the forrest or buying with whatever currency he found. Syh has continued this routine for the past thirty six years. Despite Neo Aigosthena being one of the most dangerous places within Mayland. Majority of Syh's ventures within Neo Aigosthena have mostly been lax. The exceptions being random encounters with thugs. Syh manages to defeat them with little effort. Having also encountered a vampire. Despite not being too fond of demons. Once Syh realized the vampire meant him no harm. Instead the vampire desired two of the toffee puddings Syh carried. Gladly Syh shared two of his puddings with the demon.

 Currently after being kidnapped by the demon Stanford Marshal. Syh is forced to compete in the latest Underground Fighting Tournament. Hosted by the sage Karen Caramel


1. Syh is the first male elf character introduced in the story Forbidden. Yet he is the second elf character overall. The first being King Onyxe's Secretary Lola

2. Syh's name is pronounced as "Sigh" 

Profile Braddox


The Man Possessed By A Demon

Name: Braddox Morse

Age: 42

Hair Color: Blonde with red tipped ends

Eye Color: Smokey Purple. Turns red when in battle

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3

Weight: 235 pounds

Likes: Adelia, fighting, exercising, protein shakes, heavy metal

Dislikes: His family, weaklings, Stuffed Poitevin 

Magic Name: None. Braddox's powers is caused by the spirit of the demon Crocell residing within his body

Abilities: Inhuman strength, durability, reflex, heighten senses, and producing a burning aura around himself

Bio: Born and raised in France. Braddox had a relatively normal childhood. Enjoying a rather decent life with his mother and father. Unlike many kids his age. Obsessed with magic and becoming sages. Braddox's dreams in life was to become a bodybuilder. Outside of his parents and a few friends. Braddox kept to himself. Focusing on training his body to physical perfection. At the age of fifteen Braddox possessed a body that put athletes to shame. Braddox continued to train his body. Living a pretty pleasant life. Unaware of the unexpected event. One that would change his life forever. During the events of his seventeen birthday. Braddox's body became inhabited by the spirit of the demon Crocell. However instead of falling under Crocell's control. Braddox not only retained control over his mind and body. Braddox gained the physical strength the demon residing within himself. Realizing what he could do with this newfound power. Braddox decided to become a professional fighter.

 Braddox first began competing in small tournaments around France. In order to test his demonic like strength. Once he understood how to use his powers against magic user. Braddox began to compete in major fighting tournaments. Battling against many powerful and skilled sages. Braddox defeated them all using his inhuman strength to overwhelm his adversaries. Having won so many tournaments. Braddox gained fans and admires all throughout France. Which only amplified Braddox desire to become even stronger. While Braddox's success brought a lot of good into his life. Many of the sages he defeated in battled. Banded together in order to seek vengeance against him.

 After securing another victory in the Combat Tournament in Lyon. Making his way back to his hotel for some rest. Braddox found himself surrounded by a group of sages. Braddox immediately recognized them as opponents from previous tournaments. Normally outside of combat Braddox is a very calm individual. However upon being surrounded by the sages. Sensing each and every one of their dark intentions. Braddox lost his cool and enter a berserker like state of mind. Savagely attacking each of the sages. Slaughtering them one by one. The few remaining sages who were still alive. Attempted to run away but failed to escape Braddox's fury. Covered in the blood of his fallen attackers. Before Braddox could make his next move. The police had arrived on the scene. Surrounding Braddox with guns and energy bolts in hand. Despite possessing the power to fight or run away. Braddox instead decided to surrender. Due to the shame caused by his malicious actions

Shortly after Braddox's actions had made the news. Braddox's parents had disowned him and friends abandon him. His fans trashed his name. Destroying whatever merchandise they owned of him. Braddox became a disgrace to France's fighting circuit. Braddox was sentenced to fifteen years in prison. During those long years in prison. Braddox was treated like a disease. Avoided by both his fellow prisoners and guards. Only interacting with him when necessary. Otherwise Braddox was a complete outcast. The only genuine interaction Braddox received. Is when he received letters from a woman name Adelia. The only fan who didn't abandon him. Braddox appreciated Adelia and often written to her. Ten years later due to good behavior. Braddox was released from prison. Despite his friendship with Adelia. Braddox wanted nothing more than to leave France.

 Starting his new life in the country Mayland. Braddox resided in the state Neo Aigosthena. Working as a bouncer in a local bar. Braddox had reframe from combat. A few exceptions being street fights every once in a while. Braddox continued to work on his body daily. One night after leaving from work. Braddox encountered a male demon dressed in a suit. Braddox knew the demon had ill intentions for him. Braddox was ready for combat. Sadly before Braddox could make a move. The demon had put Braddox to sleep. After engulfing him in a gas cloud from his mouth. Once Braddox had awoken from his sleep. Braddox discovered that he was selected to compete in a Underground Fighting Tournament. Hosted by a mad woman name Karen Caramel


1. Braddox's character was inspired by Azrael from the Blazblue series

2. Braddox shares a similarity with major character Angelina. Both having a disdain for their country of Origin. The only difference being. Braddox loved France prior to his arrest. Angelina on the other hand resented her life in Japan. Due to her parent's lack of affection and her lonely childhood

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Forbidden Chapter 57. 2

Forbidden Chapter Fifty Seven Point Two

Victim's Assembly 

 Reaching their destination ten minutes later. Entering inside the nearly empty auditorium. Xiaoyu and Syh spot five people standing on the stage. Immediately noticing Nara is not one of the five people currently on the stage. Xiaoyu along with Syh proceed to the stage. Now standing on the stage with the other five strangers. While Syh stands quietly behind her with his arms folded. Xiaoyu begins to introduce her and Syh to the five strangers

Xiaoyu: Hello everyone. I presume the five of you were also kidnapped by Karen. Anyways my name is Jia Xiaoyu and the unfriendly elf behind me is Syh Phlips. Now if you find folks don't mind me asking. May you the five of you please introduce yourselves

 The first to step towards Xiaoyu and Syh. A mesmerizing gorgeous green haired mocha skin woman. Wearing a revealing red and black long sleeve shirt. Barely containing her cantaloupe size breast. Along with leather white pants and brown high heel shoes. Staring at Xiaoyu with her Cloudy Purple eyes. The woman began to speak

Cool Nine: Well hello Ms. Xiaoyu and Mr. Philips. While my real name shall remain classified. The two of you may call me "Cool Nine". The reason I can't reveal my actual name. Is simply due to my occupation. I hope that will not arouse any suspicion from either of you

Xiaoyu: Unless you act in a suspicious manner Cool Nine. I see no reason not to trust you

Cool Nine: If only you truly felt that way. I know a detective when I see one

Xiaoyu: W-WHAT! How could you tell just by looking at me? Don't tell me you're---

Cool Nine: A telepath I'm not. It's due to my age and experience. I was able to determine your occupation just by your posture and the way you speak

Xiaoyu: "This woman is good at what she does. I definitely better keep an eye on her". Well whatever your occupation is Cool Nine. You're definitely a pro at it. Now may the next person please introduce yourself

 Cool Nine returns to where she was previously standing. The next person steps towards Xiaoyu and Syh. Standing before Xiaoyu is a woman with light sapphire hair. Wearing a rather gaudy body suit. Majority of the body suit is purple minus the strip of pink on each of her arms. Along with a black patch of leather securing her breast. While the woman possesses a curvaceous figure. Xiaoyu couldn't help but notice the woman's face is painfully unremarkable. The woman wasn't ugly but considering the rest of her body. One would had presume she was equally pleasing in the face. Having made her base observation of the woman. Xiaoyu came to the conclusion she was an assassin. Ignoring the thoughts running through her head. Xiaoyu waited as the woman began to speak

Pelham: My name is Pelham. No it's not a code name either. My buffoon of a mother actually gave me this unfortunate name. Anyways I was a former member of the Dark Guild called White Lash. Sadly after a mission had gone astray. My former comrades deemed me the one at fault and kicked me out the group. Currently I make a living as a hired hitwoman. Sadly after completing my mission in Neo Aigosthena. Some jerk in a suit hit me with some sought of knockout gas from his mouth. Hours after I had awaken. I found myself inside of a prison cell. Then some girl on the intercom ordered me to play a game. One that involved finding four numbers in the cell. Reluctantly I played her game and managed to escaped. Minutes later I ended up on this stage with these people. Course when I first arrived here. Only Cool Nine was presence. Damien, Romio, and Braddox showed up a few minutes after I arrived.

Xiaoyu: Your voice is very pure. Not what I expected from a woman of your occupation

Pelham: Deception comes in many forms. Sadly like the rest of you here. I'm also a victim of this Karen person

Syh: So it seems like we were all force to play Karen's Escape or Die game. Cool Nine being the first of us to complete the game

Cool Nine: Don't feel bad about it Syh. I was just the first one to awaken according to Karen. Once I woke up in my prison cell. Karen explained to me in order to escape. I had to find four numbers hidden in my cell under ten minutes. Otherwise I would be brutally murdered. Fortunately for me I found all my numbers in under two minutes. Never I imagine such an easy game from a psychopath like her. The woman truly lacks creativity

Xiaoyu: Well let's be thankful Karen isn't a mastermind of hiding. Course that doesn't make her any less dangerous. Anyways now that the ladies have introduced themselves. Gentlemen you have the floor.

 Pelham removes herself out of Xiaoyu's way. Returning to the spot she previously stood. Now standing in front of Xiaoyu. A very tall and muscular main. Blonde hair with red highlights at the ends of his hair. Wearing a skin tight long sleeve red shirt. Exposing a portion of his chiseled abs. Along with a pair of leather black pants brown dress shoes. Tattooed across his neck was the word SIN. In spite of the man's relaxed appearance. Xiaoyu detected a very evil energy hidden within him. Just like Pelham before him. Xiaoyu decides to keep her personal feelings to herself. Allowing the man to speak without judgment

Braddox: The names Braddox Morse. I use to be a top fighter back in my home country France. Unfortunate after some of my opponents from previous tournaments tried to ambushed me. I ended up brutally murdering each and everyone of them. I was then sent to prison and disowned by my family. After I completed my sentence. I decided to leave France and start a new life in Mayland. Things have been great ever since I started life here. Unfortunately that ended yesterday after some loon in a suit kidnapped me at my job. Now am trapped inside this hellhole with the rest of you. Anyways that's all I got to for now. Romio it's your turn to speak

 Braddox excuses himself from Xiaoyu's presence. Returning to his original spot on the stage. The next to speak is a half French half Japanese blonde haired man name Romio Mitarai. However unlike Cool Nine, Pelham, and Braddox. Romio does not stand before Xiaoyu. Instead he addresses her in his current spot on the stage. Wearing a wrinkle unbutton wisteria colored long sleeve dress shirt. A neon pink tie around his neck. However the most bizarre thing about Romio's attire. Isn't his shirt or unique tie but the pants he's wearing. Unlike the others in the auditorium who pants kept their genitals hidden. Romio's privates were completely in the open. Visible through his green slime colored pants. Xiaoyu quickly diverted her eyes away from Romio's crotch. Bringing her attention back to his face. Xiaoyu watches as Romio begins speaking

Romio: Kon Ni Chi Wa! My name is Romio Mitarai. My father is Japanese and my mother is French. I'm a photographer that travels the globe. Taking pictures of anything or anyone I find amusing. My mother told me to stay home after my last trip outside France. Unfortunately I didn't heed my mother's advice. I just had to go on an adventure in Mayland. Getting myself lost in Neo Aigosthena of all places. Now am trapped in this place with all of you. I swear if I get out of this place. I promise to stay home for at least a year. If only I realize what that nice suit wearing bastard was doing sooner. The next time I see his face. I'm going to give him a butt whooping he'll never forget. Anyways that's all I wish to share about myself for now

Xiaoyu: Thank you for sharing that with us Romio. Trust you're not the only one who wants to kick Stanford's ass. Now that Romio has spoken. All that remains is Mr. Benzo

Cool Nine: Pelham, Braddox, Romio, and myself already know about cotton candy hair over there. Both Syh and you are in for a real treat. Damien you have the floor.

 Before making his way to the center of the stage. Damien reaches inside of his pocket. Pulling out a chrome color comb. Damien uses it to pick his cotton candy pink hair. Once his hair is comb to his satisfaction. The slender but muscular toffee skin man. Wearing a skin tight red long sleeve shirt, gray pants with green, pink, and yellow polka dots, and a pair of cherry colored sneakers. Damien stares at Xiaoyu and Syh with his cerulean colored eyes. Everyone remains quiet as Damien prepares to speak

Damien: Hello sexy people. My name is Damien Benzo. I'm a Adult Model and even have done a couple of Adult Films. I'm also a skilled in the arts of Tae Kwon Doo. Just like the rest of you on this stage. I too was kidnapped by that Stanford guy. Caught me on my way back home to my step father. Anyways now that I shared a little bit of my backstory. May we please focus escaping this bitch

Xiaoyu: Agreed but I just have one more question to ask

Braddox: What would that be?

Xiaoyu: Have any of you seen a man with green spiky hair around here? His name is Nara and he was kidnapped along with me

Damien: Is he your boyfriend?

Xiaoyu: Both my boyfriend and fellow comrade against a powerful group of demons. I fear something may had happened to him

Cool Nine: I remember Karen mentioning me to me earlier. That there were nine people down here. Currently seven of us are standing on this stage. That means your boyfriend and someone else must be the remaining people we're waiting on. However if your boyfriend and the other person were made to play Karen's game as well. It's a possible they may had failed

Xiaoyu: That simply can't be. I mean Nara isn't the sharpest tool in the shed but even he should be able to beat Karen's easy ass death game. Even if Nara failed to find the numbers under ten minutes. Nara is stronger than Karen. He's a Darken for fuck sakes!

Pelham: You're boyfriend is a Darken?

Xiaoyu: My boyfriend is most certainly is Pelham. Back when Nara was a child. A demon had taken him to the Underworld. The demon of course planned to eat Nara. Fortunately for Nara a Darken had came to his rescue. After the Darken had slain the demon. Nara was brought back to his family. Course  for any mortal who is brought to the Underworld. Manages to survive long enough.  Either becomes a demon themselves or turns into a Darken. Nara was no exception to that fate. However if Karen did something to him while unconscious. There is no telling what could had happened to him. All I know is he better not be dead. Otherwise I will rip this bitch piece by piece. Until I find Karen and obliterate her

Syh: That is if Karen doesn't leave us to die here first

Cool Nine: Karen didn't go through the trouble of having her friend Stanford kidnap us. Just to let us die in this place. Whatever reason Karen kidnapped us. This is just the beginning for what's in stored for us. Hmm I'm sensing a presence coming towards the auditorium

Syh: I feel it as well

Romio: As do I

Braddox: Don't jump for joy yet Xiaoyu, but I'm definitely feeling a dark presence coming our way. I also feel the presence of another but it's not remotely demonic or powerful

Xiaoyu: It's definitely Nara but the other presence is completely unknown to me. It must be the six participant Karen mentioned to Syh and me earlier. However the way Karens spoke about the six participant back in our prison cell. I had expected them to already be in the auditorium with the rest of you. Meaning that bitch lied to Syh and I

 Seconds after Xiaoyu and the others detected the presence of Nara and another. Entering through the auditorium doors. Appeared both Nara and a attractive Mexican girl. Nara immediately spots Xiaoyu on stages and runs towards. After leaping on the stage. Nara grabs Xiaoyu around the waist and the two start making out. Severals seconds after kissing each other passionately. Nara gently releases Xiaoyu from his arms. Even before Xiaoyu could get a word in. Joyful words start flying out of Nara's mouth

Nara: Babe! I'm beyond fucking ecstatic to see you are okay

Xiaoyu: Thanks to the help of Syh, the elven man previously standing behind me. The two of us managed to escaped the prison cell Karen had placed us in. Course we had to find four numbers inside the cell under ten minutes. Otherwise Karen would had murdered Syh and myself

Damien: So how did it take you to find all your numbers? I bet you found it exactly in ten minutes

Nara: What are you two talking about? I was never in a prison cell

Cool Nine: What? You're telling me you weren't locked inside a prison. Forced to play some idiotic number hunt game. In order to escape with your life?

Nara: Not at all gorgeous. I was just in some plain looking room. Neither was Danielle when I found her

Syh: The shy Mexican woman who entered the auditorium with you?

Nara: Yep! Shortly after I awoken from my sleep. I began searching for Xiaoyu. Only to find Danielle sleeping inside a room that resembled a nursery. The poor girl was so shaken when I awoke her. Feared she thought I was the one who kidnapped her

Romio: I don't blame the lass for being scared. How old is she anyways?

Nara: Danielle is sixteen years old

Xiaoyu: She's younger than me. Poor thing must be absolutely terrified. I'm glad you found her

Braddox: Bad enough Karen and Stanford kidnapped us. It sucks even more knowing one of the people kidnapped is a mere teenager. I seriously wonder what Karen plans to do with us?

Xiaoyu: Karen did say something about this being an Underground Fighting Tournament. Which must mean we are the selected combatants for her latest tournament

Damien: So in order to escape from this shithole. We all gotta fight each other? Talk about a fucked up situation

Braddox: Fuck up indeed but there's gotta be more to it than us fighting one another

Cool Nine: I'm certain this won't be a contest of simply who's the strongest fighter. Karen must have other stipulations set up for us. In order for any of us to escape this place. Furthermore how many of us would be allow to escape. If said conditions are met?

Romio: Are you guys even listening to yourselves? I did not come to fight anyone

Nara: None of us did dude... well Xiaoyu and I kinda did

Cool Nine: Exactly what do you mean by that?

Xiaoyu: Remember when I told you all Nara is not only my boyfriend but comrade? Both Nara and myself are two members of a group of heroes battling against a group of evil demons. Last night during the incident at the Elestial Market. Prior to being kidnapped by Stanford. I meet Karen for the very first time. That's when I learned she was the one who kidnapped my friend and fellow detective Lorenzo. Unlike the rest of you here. Nara and I were intentionally seeking out Karen. Neither of us expected to encounter Stanford. Who put the two of us to sleep. Before bringing to where we are now. Now that I think about it. Karen could had been telling the truth about a tenth participant.

Cool Nine: The tenth participant possibly being your friend Lorenzo? However I strongly feel that would be too obvious. Even for a woman of Karen's wits. Course before we go further about our situation. I would like to hear a little about Miss Danielle

Nara: Yeah Dannie don't be a stranger. Come up here with the rest of us?

Pelham: What's the point of getting to know one another? If what you're saying is true. The nine of us here are going end up fighting against one another

Xiaoyu: If you think I'm going to let Karen force us to fight one another. Then you're almost as delusional as she is. In the meantime let's here a bit about Danielle

 Slowly getting up from her seat. The beautiful Mexican girl makes her way towards the stage. Dressed in yellow and Spanish orange colored school uniform. Walking up one the stage. Danielle stands before the others as she reluctantly introduces herself

Danielle: My name is Danielle Amarillo. I'm a Mexican girl who plans on going to college soon. Course I wanted to do some traveling first. I decided to come to Mayland. My adventures through Mayland was wonderful. Despite the troubles going around the country. I remained safe within Mayland until I reached Neo Aigosthena. Knowing the high crime rate in Neo Aigosthena. I had intended to leave before nightfall. However I meet a group of really nice people. They invited me to party at a local bar. Everything was fantastic until I left the bar. That's when I encounter a man in a suit

Xiaoyu: Stanford!

Danielle: So that's his name. Once I encounter this Stanford character. I knew immediately he had bad intentions. I tried to run away but after being covered in smoke. I feel into a deep sleep. Hours past and I awoken inside of a nursery themed bedroom. The rest Mr. Nara had already stated

Nara: Danielle for the seventh time. I told you just call me Nara. Adding the mister to my name makes me feel old

Danielle: Apologies again Mr. Nara... I MEAN NARA!

Xiaoyu: Sorry to hear that happened to you Danielle. Other than Nara and myself. I'm truly sorry the rest of you were captured by Karen and Stanford

Cool Nine: Well much like you and your boyfriend. I too intentionally allowed myself to fall into Karen's hands. My reason of course shall remain secret until another time. Now that the nine of us have assembled. I think it's time for Karen and the tenth participant to reveal themselves

 Having monitor the fighters since they started gathering in the auditorium. Now with all nine kidnapped combatants standing on the stage. Karen along with Stanford prepares to meet the kidnapped fighters. Stanford opens a portal before Karen and himself. Stepping inside of the portal. Karen and Stanford appears seconds later. Standing before Xiaoyu and the others. Immediately Xiaoyu, Nara, and the others enter their battle stance. Ready to take down both Karen and Stanford. Danielle being the only one amongst the kidnapped. Not ready to engage neither Karen or Stanford in combat. Completely surrounded by Xiaoyu and the others. Karen and Stanford both wear mischievous smiles on their faces. Knowing how badly the kidnapped fighters desire to harm them. However before anyone could make a move against them. Karen turns to Xiaoyu and starts to speak

Karen: Well hello again Xiaoyu and friends. Now that you all have gathered here in this auditorium. It's time we get the latest Underground Fighting Tournament started!


Forbidden Chapter 57. 1

Forbidden Chapter Fifty Seven Point One

Escape Or Die

 Opening her lime green color eyes. Xiaoyu finds herself awaken within a prison cell.  Rising off her bed as she adjusts to her surrounding. Xiaoyu notices a collar around her neck. Knowing for certain she doesn't wear anything around her neck. Xiaoyu attempts to remove the collar off her. Unable to remove the collar by normal means. Xiaoyu decides to use her light magic to break it off. Upon attempting to create a ball of energy in her palm. Xiaoyu finds herself unable to create a ball of energy. Not the one to give up easily. Xiaoyu tries several more times to summon energy into her palm. Growing tired and frustrated by every attempt. Xiaoyu reluctantly decides to give up for now. Instead begins to further explore her prison cell. Spotting across from her bed. Xiaoyu sees a body fully wrapped underneath a beige blanket. Certain that the body beneath the blanket is her boyfriend and fellow hero Nara. Xiaoyu removes herself off her bed to awake him. Making her way towards Nara. Xiaoyu notice a wooden purple box in the corner. While curious what could be inside the box. Xiaoyu's main focus was to awaken Nara. Now standing over Nara's bed. Xiaoyu gently starts to remove the sheet over Nara's head. In spite in being trapped in a very unfavorable setting. Xiaoyu was relieved to be with her boyfriend. However Xiaoyu would soon discover. The body underneath the beige sheets was not her beloved Nara.

 Removing the cover off of Nara's head. Upon seeing the face previously hidden beneath the beige sheets. Xiaoyu quickly moved away from the bed. Not only was she surprise not to see Nara. Xiaoyu had certainly not expected to see an elven man trapped with her in the prison cell. Returning to her side of the prison cell. Xiaoyu watches cautiously as the elven man started to awake. Upon opening his spring green colored eyes. Instead of immediately moving out of bed. The elven man continue to lay down in silence. While keeping an eye out on the unknown man. Xiaoyu couldn't help but wonder if the elven man is thinking what she's thinking. "How did I end up in this place?" Course what was most on Xiaoyu's mind. "Where was her lover and comrade Nara? Is he even alive?" However before any further thoughts about Nara crept into her mind. The elven man raised his upper body off the bed. Now sitting up in his bed with his hands still underneath the beige sheet. The elven man turned his head in the direction of Xiaoyu. Seeing how the elven man stared at her with equal caution. Xiaoyu felt more certain the elven was no danger to her. Xiaoyu then decided it was the time to talk

Xiaoyu: Hello sir. My name is Jia Xiaoyu but friends just call me Xiaoyu. I give your permission to address me as Xiaoyu as well. So do you mind telling me your name?

 Despite Xiaoyu's warm and genuine greeting. The elven man remained silent. Concern the man might simply be scared. Xiaoyu decided to try speaking to him again. In order to ensure the elven man everything is going to be alright

Xiaoyu: Sir I know this isn't exactly a welcoming setting. However I ensure you everything is going to be alright. I will get us out of here. Not only am I a top class detective, but one of King Onyxe's chosen heroes. So please don't be afraid. It's okay to trust me

 Hoping to gain the trust of the elven man. Instead of the elven man showing signs of relief. The elven man response with a look of contempt towards her. Now irritated with the unknown elven man. Xiaoyu decides to take a more blunt approach

Xiaoyu: Okay are you death or simply don't speak fucking English? Do you need me to be Chinese, Mandarin, or Spanish to you? Perhaps elves have a special form of communication? I understand you're afraid but there's no fucking excuse for your attitude. So can you speak or what?

Elven Man: I understood you just find bitch! I'm remaining silent because I know everything you're saying is bullshit! If only I had listen to the woman on the intercom earlier. I would had already had escaped this hellhole. Sadly my conscious didn't allow me to take action. At least now follow all the way through

Xiaoyu: The woman on the intercom?

Elven Man: Yes! The intercom located next to the prison cell door

 Turning her head to the left. Xiaoyu spots an intercom next to the prison cell door. Immediately shouts out the name "Karen". Xiaoyu then turns her attention back to the elven man

Xiaoyu: So what exactly did Karen say to you?

Elven Man: So that's her name? Anyways Karen had told me. If I killed you in your sleep. She would let me out of this place. Course as you obviously being alive and all. I didn't follow through with the act. Thus I'm stuck here chatting with you right now

Xiaoyu: That little bitch! So now I understand why you're pissed off at me. If only you worried about your own well being. I would be dead and you would had been set free. Instead you decided to be a man of morals. I'm sorry you were put in such a predicament but thank you for not killing me

Elven Man: Don't thank me yet woman. I can still kill you I wished to do so. Thanks to the Magic Inhibitor I placed around your neck earlier.  Without the use of your healing magic. There is nothing to stop me from killing you here and now

Xiaoyu: Just go ahead and try asshole! Even without my light and healing magic being disabled. I'm well skilled in the art of Wushu. Do you seriously fucking think a woman like me relies on magic alone? I'm sorry Karen had kidnapped you like she did my boyfriend and I. However I refused to die in this place. Let alone by the likes of you! So fucking try me if you dare

Elven Man: Oh wow am so scared. You act like I can't just blast you into smithereens. Especially in a crowded place like this. I imagine it would be quite easy to strike you down

Xiaoyu: Perhaps but if that was really possible for you to do. I doubt your hands would still be hidden beneath the beige sheet. Now this is just a guess. Once Karen realized you weren't going to kill me. Karen must had put you to sleep and bounded your hands. Serving as a form of punishment for not killing me. Sir---

Elven Man: My name is Syh Philips

Xiaoyu: Okay Syh before I was interrupted. Now that both you and I are awake. The two of us need to work together. In order to escape this prison cell. However with you hands bounded by---

Syh: The Black Shackles a tool use to render Naturi Elves like myself powerless. They were placed on me shortly after Karen tossed a Slumber Grenade inside of our cell. I apologize for placing the Magic Inhibitor around your neck. Now both of us are unable to break free from this prison

Xiaoyu: It's alright Syh. Considering what you could had done to me. I'm thankful all you did was cut me off from my magic. Anyways let's focus on finding away to get out of here

 Suddenly a musical sounds starts to play on the intercom. Xiaoyu and Syh listen as the music plays. Seconds after the music starts to play. The two prisoners hears a familiar voice speaking through the intercom

Karen: BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Sounds like my dear dear dear Xiaoyu has finally awaken. How does it feel to know Mr. Philips decided to spare your miserable life life life?

Xiaoyu: You fucking bitch! Why are we here and where is Nara?

Karen: Oh did you already forget why I brought you here? Don't tell me you forgotten about sweet sweet sweet Lorenzo? Silly little China girl.. you're an participant to this year's Neo Aigosthena's Underground Fighting Tournament. Which should had been fucking eliminated. Had Syh not decided to be a good elf. Now instead of having the nine combatants I had desired. I'm stuck with an even number of ten combatants. Here I thought this years tournament would be different. Karen is so so so disappointed with herself

Syh: A Mastermind who desires only nine participants? That reminds me of a certain game I had once played

Xiaoyu: Does the game "Nine Hours, Nine Person, Nine Doors" ring a bell?

Syh: It most definitely does Xiaoyu... thanks

Xiaoyu: Ugh! So not only is this bitch crazy but unoriginal as well

Karen: You shut your fucking piehole! Everything Karen does is super super super unique! Besides just because I currently have ten participants. That doesn't mean all of them are going to participate in the tournament. Currently only six of my ten fighters have secure their spot in this years tournament. Both Syh and you are still in danger of being killed before then. However just simply letting you two rot in the prison cell is no fun at all. Instead I Karen had set a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful game for you two to play. If you look closely at the intercom. You'll notice a code right next to the speaker. In this very prison cell the two of you losers are trapped within. There are four numbers hidden inside this prison cell. Each number is a code to escape the prison. Course like any good of mines. There are severe conditions along with it. If you two successfully find four numbers within ten minutes. I Karen promise the both you a successful escape from your prison. However if you both fail to meet my conditions in time. I will gleefully make my way to your prison cells. Throw a paralyzation bomb inside there and stab the both of you to death! Thus eliminating you both from the tournament. Also even if Nara manages to survive my tournament. I will not release Lorenzo into his custody. That's a privilege only you alone Xiaoyu can obtain. So if I were you you you. I make sure Syh and you find those numbers within ten minutes or less. Even if a second passes after ten minutes. Regardless if you successfully find all four code and enter them correctly. The door to your prison cell will not open. Now that I said what needed to be said. I'm going to kindly count down from ten to one. After the countdown is completed. Both Syh and you need to start searching the room for all four numbers

Xiaoyu: Just wait one fucking minute Karen. Who's to say you're not pulling a fast one on Syh and me? What if there aren't any numbers in this room?

Karen: Xiaoyu I promise on my sweet sweet sweet little name. If there aren't four numbers within that room. I will allow not only Syh and you to escape. I will release Nara and the other participants. Including your dear friend and fellow detective Lorenzo. However I can ensure you all the numbers needed to escape are inside your prison cell. Now please shut your trap as I begin the countdown. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6,5, 4, 3, 2... 1 ESCAPE OR DIE!

 Upon hearing the completion of Karen's countdown. Xiaoyu immediately springs to action searching for the numbers. Deciding to check underneath her bed first. Xiaoyu manages to find two pieces of paper. One being a map of the prison leading to an auditorium. The other paper displays four child like drawings. The first drawing is a gray colored wall. The second drawing being a box. The very same box currently sitting in the corner. The third drawing being the very map she's holding. Lastly the final drawing what appears to be black hair. Xiaoyu immediately flips the map over. Behind the map is the number 2 in a circle

Xiaoyu: Well that was easy. The first number was behind the map

Syh: Is that really the first number? What does the paper with the drawings show?

Xiaoyu: If the drawing indicates the order of the numbers. The number two behind the map would be the third number of the four digit code. The gray wall reveals the location of the first digit. The second digit is located inside that box in the corner. The last one is the only one throwing me off. It looks like it's behind some sought of black hair. Perhaps there's a wig located inside of this room. Anyways now that we have one of the numbers. Let's hurry up and find the last three

Syh: Well you said the gray wall but there aren't any numbers on the wall

Xiaoyu: You're right Syh. That fucking bitch Karen lied

Syh: No I don't think that's it. Take a look at the ceiling

 Xiaoyu lifts her head up towards the ceiling. Spotting a huge number 4 painted on the ceiling above them. Xiaoyu immediately realizes she had mistaken the ceiling in the drawing as a wall. Now Syh and she have two of the four digits needed to escape. Thankfully the third code is located inside the box in the corner.

Xiaoyu: That was much easier than I had thought. Perhaps we can escape this place under five minutes. Now to get the third digit outside the box

Syh: Not that I can see the box while sitting on the bed. However something tells me that box requires a key to be opened

Xiaoyu: Do you honestly think I give a damn about some key? I'll just slam the bitch on the ground until it breaks. Our lives are on the line. We don't have time to do proper. Now unless you have any other bright ideas. Let me break open this box---

 Before Xiaoyu could finish her sentence. Music begins to play on the intercom. Once the music has ended Karen begins to speak

Karen: Oh what do you think you're doing?

Xiaoyu: About to get the next digit hidden inside of the box

Karen: Did you find the key for said box missy?

Xiaoyu: Fuck you Karen! I'll just break the bitch open

Karen: Oh by all means go ahead detective. Just know if you break my decease mother's precious box. I guarantee you I will kill Lorenzo. The only acceptable way to open that box is by finding the key for it. Anything else is simply simply simply unacceptable! Now be a goody good girl and find the key. It has been five minutes by the way. So get a move on unless you two want to die. Karen out!

The intercom becomes silent once again. Anger by Karen's threat to Lorenzo's life. Xiaoyu began cursing furiously

Xiaoyu: THAT MOTHERFUCKING BUBBLEGUM PURPLE HAIRED PSYCHODEC BITCH!!! Instead of letting me break open the fucking box. I gotta hunt down a key in this fucking shithole!

Syh: I understand your frustration Xiaoyu but cursing like a sailor isn't going to lead to our escape

Xiaoyu: Fuck off Syh! Ever since this bullshit game had begun. All you done was sit your ass on that bed. While I did all the code searching alone

Syh: Did I not tell you about the number on the ceiling?

Xiaoyu: Oh gee thanks. We are running out of time here. Just shut up so I can try to find this damn key

Syh: So you don't want to know about the object hidden in my bed?

Xiaoyu: What?

Syh: While I was asleep. I felt something poking me on my back

Xiaoyu: Holy shit that might be the key

 Rushing over to Syh's side of the bed. Xiaoyu removes the contour sheet on Syh's bed. Underneath it was the very key Xiaoyu needed to open the box that belong to Karen's dead mother. Quickly making her way to the box. Xiaoyu inserted the key inside the keyhole and opened the box. Inside their was a piece of paper with the number 7 on it. Also in the box was a black colored key. Remembering the Black Shackles bounding Syh's hands. Xiaoyu quickly made her way back to his bed

Xiaoyu: Syh please pull your hands out from underneath the sheet. I think this key right here will unlock the black shackles on your wrist

Syh: I wonder why would Karen put the keys to unlock my shackles in the cell?

Xiaoyu: The hell I know what that psycho was thinking. Just promise me you won't blow a hole in this bitch. I want to at least try to find this black wig. Before time runs out on us. Then we will have no choice but to break out by force

Syh: Understood. I won't do anything until time runs out. However I refuse to let that bitch stab me to death

Xiaoyu: Fair enough

 Sticking the black key inside of Syh's Black Shackles. A simple right turn of the key and the shackles free themselves from Syh's wrist. Gradually Syh can feel his energy returning to his body.

Xiaoyu: Now that you're free. I can try to find this black wig within two minutes. Otherwise you know what we have to do

Syh: Are you sure that's a black wig in the drawing?

Xiaoyu: Honestly the thought of a wig being in this cell sounds obnoxious. Sadly we are not dealing with a sane individual. Only God Asira knows what runs through Karen's head

Syh: I personally think you are giving Karen way too much credit. I don't think that's a wig in that drawing but her poor drawing of your hair

Xiaoyu: My hair?

Syh: Why don't you at least give it a shot?

Xiaoyu: We have about a minute left. I hope you're right about this Syh

 Xiaoyu starts picking around her beautiful black hair. Five seconds later Xiaoyu feels a piece of paper wrapped around a strand of her hair. Carefully removing the paper out of her hair. Xiaoyu unfolds the paper in front of her. Revealing the last digit needed to escape the prison cell

Xiaoyu: Syh you're a fucking genius! The final number was inside of my hair

Syh: So what was the final number?

Xiaoyu: It's the number 6. So base on the drawing the order of the codes are 4 7 2 6 Those are the codes to escape the prison cell

Syh: So what are you waiting for? Go put them in

 Xiaoyu quickly runs over to the intercom. Standing before the box Xiaoyu puts the correct in the correct order. A few seconds later the intercom makes a beep sound. However the prison cell door does not open. Worriedly Xiaoyu wonders did she make it in time

Xiaoyu: Oh no? I don't think we made it in time

Syh: Impossible! As soon as the game had started. I counted six hundred seconds in my head. We managed to find all four number in nine minutes and forty four seconds. It only took you one and half seconds to put the codes in. Meaning we still had a little over fifteen seconds left before we failed the game

Xiaoyu: If what you are saying is true. That means Karen fucking lied to us. Well if this is the game you want to play Karen... let's fucking play! Syh get ready to blast---

 Just like the last time. Before Xiaoyu could finish her sentence. The music from the intercom starts to play again. Two seconds after the music ceases. Karen begins to speak to Xiaoyu and Syh

Karen: Wow never have I meet a sore winner like you Xiaoyu. There is no need for Syh to blast anything. The two of you successfully found all four digits within nine minutes. Along with entering all four hidden numbers in the correct order. Therefore you two are free to go join the other six participants. Just follow the map you found underneath your bed and head for the auditorium. I can't wait to see you two in person. Especially you my lovely lovely lovely Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu: I can't wait to see you too bitch!

Karen: Anyways bye bye bye for now. Try not to keep me waiting

 After Karen ends her chat with Xiaoyu and Syh. The prison cell door slides open before Xiaoyu. Gracefully jumping off of his bed. Syh starts walking towards in the direction of the open prison cell door

Xiaoyu: I guess the bitch does have some morals after all. Not enough for me not to kill her on sight. Just enough to make her death less painful. Course with this damn Magic Inhibitor on my damn neck. I don't know how I will go about killing the bitch exactly

Syh: Did you already forget I'm the one who put it on you? Therefore I'm the one who can also remove it. Now stand still as I make my way towards. Once I remove the collar from around your neck. Let's swiftly make our way to the auditorium

Xiaoyu: Sounds like a plan to me. I hope to everything that's good Nara is there

 Having successfully beaten Karen's game within the ten minute limit. Syh walks over to Xiaoyu and removes the Magic Inhibitor around her neck. Using the map Xiaoyu found underneath her bed. The two immediately start making their way towards the auditorium. Running past other cell doors as they hurry to the auditorium. Xiaoyu and Syh sees piles of skeletons inside each prison cell. Xiaoyu prays to herself that Nara isn't amongst the dead. Along with the hope of saving Lorenzo from Karen

TO BE CONTINUED IN Chapter 57. 2

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The Remaining Combatants

Update: I'm currently in the process of getting the characters fixed

1. Damien Benzo

A nude model who uses the fighting style Tae Kwon Doo. Infusing his KI with his deadly kicks. Damien is able to create fire energy. Damien is one of the many fighters kidnapped by Karen and Stanford. In order to take part of the latest Underground Fighting Tournament

2. Syh (Pronounced "Sigh") Philips

An attractive but loner elf who lives in the Toffee Forest. Just outside of Neo Aigosthena. Despite his very young age of fifty. Syh is one of the strongest elves amongst his people. During one of his trips to Neo Aigosthena. Syh encountered a male demon wearing a suit. Before Syh could even prepare himself for combat. Syh was surrounded in a whitish silver fog. Syh has fallen to the ground fast asleep

3. Pelham

An assassin with a very gaudy battle suit. Pelham was a former member of the Dark Guild White Lash. After being responsible for a mission gone astray. Pelham's teammates kicked her out of the Guild. Threatening to kill her if they ever saw her again. Furious with her now former teammates. Pelham had wished to kill them but knew she would fail. No other option available to her. Pelham decided to become an assassin for hire. Months had gone pass and life as a hired killer was great for Pelham. Unfortunately after completing her latest assignment in Neo Aigosthena. Pelham had encountered a male demon in a suit. The demon engulf Pelham in a thick whitish silver fog. Pelham felt herself falling fast asleep. Pelham later woke up. Discovering she's now apart of an Underground Fighting Tournament

4. Romio Mitarai

Half French and Half Japanese. Romio Mitarai is a young photographer who like many in the world of Asira. Is a very skilled sage who uses a orthodox form of magic. During one of his travels in Mayland. Romio had gotten himself lost in Neo Aigosthena. Romio had asked many people for help. Only for every single person to either ignore him or unable to help. Fortunately Romio had then encounter a man dressed in a suit. Unaware of the man's intentions. Romio willingly followed the man. Believing he was genuinely helping him. However upon ended up in a secluded alley. Only then did Romio realize the man meant him no good. Sadly like many before him. Romio was knocked out by a whitish silver colored fog. Falling fast asleep on the ground. Romio was at the mercy of the mysterious man

5. Sinclair

A monster created by Karen. Using the bodies of the fighters of the previous Underground Fighting Tournament. Sinclair is a powerful being that fights in the tournament. In order to help his Master separate the weak from the strong. 

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Danielle Amarillo


Born and raised in Mexico. Danielle Amarillo is the youngest of five children. Being the only girl amongst her siblings. Danielle's family were very over protective of her. Ever since Danielle was able to walk and talk. The girl shown an immense interest in gaining knowledge. However unlike her brothers who were determine to be sages. Danielle simply wished to gain knowledge and live a normal life. Danielle was such an intelligent child. At the age of eight Danielle had graduated from Elementary School. Graduated Junior High at thirteen. Danielle then went on to graduate High School at sixteen. Now that she had completed general basic school. Danielle decided she wanted to travel outside of Mexico. Before preparing herself for college. However due to the fact Danielle did not posses any magical abilities. No one in her family was willing to let her do such a thing. Unless of course she decided to take up magic. Despite not having a genuine interest in magic. In order to be able to travel outside her country. Danielle decided to study magic under her older twin brothers Fernando and Rodrigo. After two months of intense training. While Danielle didn't exactly perform to her brother's satisfaction. The family decided to allow Danielle to travel outside of Mexico. Happy to gain her family's approval. Danielle decided she would visit the country of Mayland first. Danielle promised her family she will be safe and come home within a month.

Danielle arrived to Mayland four days later. Traveling throughout many states within the country of Mayland. Danielle had managed to avoid any form of danger. Unfortunately upon arriving to the state Neo Aigosthena. Danielle's luck had taken a turn for the worst. One of the many souls to avoid the massacre at the Elestial Market. While partying at a bar located in Bosman. Danielle began to feel tispy. Not wanting to become drunk. Danielle decided to leave the bar and head back to her hotel room. Nearly on her way back to her hotel room. Danielle was stopped by a man dressed in a suit. Instinctively Danielle had tried to run away from him. Sadly before Danielle could attempt to get away. The mysterious man had trapped Danielle in a whitish silver fog. Danielle was knocked unconscious seconds later

This is how Danielle ends up as one of Karen's many kidnapped participants of the upcoming Underground Fighting Tournament 

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Juri and Zarina GIF



Forbidden Chapter 56

Forbidden Chapter Fifty Six

Entering Oxford Noctus 

 Once Okubi and his team had exited from the market. They went and search for a secluded area. In order for Okubi to open a portal to Pruflas's dimension. Few minutes later Team Okubi eventually found an empty alley. James, Angelina, and Lisa doubled checked their surrounding. Before Okubi was sure enough to open the portal. Ensured by his teammates, Okubi placed his right hand before him. Eligos resting on top of his Master's shoulders. Okubi opened a portal before his teammates and himself. However unlike Okubi's normal portal being pitch black. The portal opened before them was neon blue. Worried that something maybe wrong. Lisa is the first to speak her mind

Lisa: Okubi... gang. Something is off about this portal. Aren't your portals black?

Okubi: Yes Lisa but the portal before us isn't one of my dark portals. This particular portal is going to lead us directly to Pruflas. Which is why the color is blue instead of black. Trust me I'm 100% certain this portal will lead us to his dimension. I only hope we aren't walking into a trap. Once we enter the other side

Futanari: As long as it leads us to our enemies. Whatever awaits us on the other side is a risk we'll have to take

Angelina: Someone really wants to get their hands on Yamakagashi

Futanari: Well he is the reason I left my homeland... our homeland rather. I refuse to let that monster get away with his misdeeds. Even if it cost me my own life. I will make sure he answer for his crimes

James: I definitely know how you feel Futanari. Cannot wait to get my fucking hands on that sonabitch Ulric! Going to make him pay for what he did to my family and me

Tobirama: Despite the certain danger that awaits us on the other side. We all have our reasons for entering the portal. Therefore I think we should proceed

Okubi: Very well said Sensei. So unless anyone else has any other concerns they wish to voice. It's time we go and take down Pruflas and his minions

Lisa: Lord Asira please be with us

 Immediately Okubi and the others walk towards the portal. Entering the portal one by one. Tobirama being the only one yet to step inside. Quickly prays to himself in silence. Praying for the safety of his allies but especially Okubi. Not wanting to make the others wait too long. Tobirama rushes inside of the portal. Now with all of Okubi's Teammates having enter through. The blue color portal vanishes from the alley. Seconds laters Team Okubi arrives on the other side. Standing underneath an Oak Tree with various blue colored leaves. Next to the tree was a wooden sign that read "Welcome To Oxford Noctus". Finding themselves standing on top of a grassy hill. Team Okubi begins conversing with one another

Okubi: Well this place is rather lovely. Considering this is the dimension of a demon

Eligos: Looks like something out of the RPG MapleStory. I hope there aren't any annoying blob creatures in this place

Angelina: And here I imagined Pruflas's Dimension would be similar that of Razel's

Lisa: Thankfully that isn't the fucking case. That bitch Razel's dimension was gaudy as fuck!

James: Gaudy yes but convenient. Notice that we aren't standing directly in front of Pruflas's main domain. No castle or any tall building in sight

Tobirama: So I'm the only one who notices the cooper bridge over there?

Futanari: Oh wait there's a bridge?

Okubi: Oh talk about convenient. I wonder where it leads too?

Angelina: Only one way to find out

 Making their way over to the bridge. Upon arriving in front of the bridge. Team Okubi immediately notices a blue colored fortress. On the opposite end of the long cooper bridge. Okubi, Eligos, Angelina, Lisa, James, and Tobirama all able to sense a powerful demonic presence within the fortress. The heroes are certain that is where Pruflas and his minion are residing. Realizing how easy it was to find them. Both Okubi, Lisa, and James release a condescending chuckles from their mouths. Angelina, Eligos, and Futanari also finding the situation rather amusing. Tobirama on the other hand is rather skeptical about the situation. Noticing his Sensei's lack of enthusiasm. Okubi begins to question Tobirama

Okubi: Sensei is there something you like to share with us?

Tobirama: Indeed my student. While I don't mean to piss on anyone's parade. I do not think things are as simple as they appear

Lisa: The fuck do you mean Toby? Here is a bridge and on the other side is Pruflas's fortress. I'm sure you sense the demonic presence like the rest of us. All we have to do is cross the bridge and wallah! The seven of us will be standing before the base of our targets

Angelina: Perhaps Tobirama fears there's some sought of trap hidden on the bridge

Tobirama: The bridge itself can also be a trap

Lisa: OMG! What a fucking worry wart! Look if I can fly over this bridge without any problems. The rest of you better cross this bitch

Futanari: Well if you are going to be flying. How would we know if there are any traps on the bridge?

Eligos: Good point Futanari

Tobirama: Do as you please Lisa. However I have feeling you are in for a surprise. Once you begin your attempt to cross the bridge. Rather it be walking on it or flying above it

James: Just fly already Lisa. Hopefully you'll prove Tobirama wrong

 Wings instantly appear on Lisa's back. Ready to take flight over the bridge. Not even three after flying off the ground. Lisa's wings disappear and lands on her feet. Everyone but Tobirama stares at Lisa in disbelief. Annoyed by her sudden inability to fly. Lisa tries again but to no avail. Realizing something is very off. An irritated Lisa turns to her teammates

Lisa: So it seems like something is up with that bridge. While I can summon my wings without any problem. Any attempt to fly over the bridge. My wings will fucking disappear

Tobirama: I knew Pruflas wouldn't make things that easy. Okubi would you mind attempting to open a black portal over to Pruflas's Fortress?

Okubi: By myself?

Tobirama: Indeed. I want to test something real quick

Eligos: Do you think that's a good idea Master Okubi?

Okubi: Good idea or not Eligos. I'm definitely curious to see if there's something blocking us for easily getting over to the fortress. Lisa was unable to fly over the bridge. Perhaps I'm unable to transport myself to the other side. Course we won't know that until I try

 Okubi holds out his right hand. A black portal immediately opens before him. Stepping inside of his portal. Okubi disappears from the view of his teammates. However about three seconds later. The portal reappears as an irritated Okubi steps out from it. Realizing that Lisa is unable to fly over the bridge. Nor is Okubi able to transport himself to the other side. The heroes begin to wonder how will they reach Pruflas's Fortress

Tobirama: Just as I had expected. Pruflas disable any easy attempts to reach his Fortress

Angelina: So Lisa is unable to fly over the bridge and Okubi cannot instantly transport himself in front of Pruflas's Fortress. So exactly how will we get across?

Okubi: I don't know about you guys but I have two working legs. I will enter the bridge first. If nothing strange happens as I walk upon it. James will follow behind me and the rest of your afterwards

Eligos: I shall join you on the bridge Master

 Okubi with Eligos by his side. Starts to walk on the bridge. His teammates watches Okubi cautiously as he walks on the bridge. A few seconds go by and nothing happens. Okubi along with Eligos have successfully walked one fifth of the cooper bridge.

Okubi: Nothing bad has happened since I began to walk on the bridge. I guess this is the only way to reach Pruflas's Fortress. It's just unfortunate we have to walk this entire bridge. In order to reach the other side

Tobirama: Well James you are up

James: Now if I can get to Okubi and Eligos without any issues. The rest of you get your asses on this bridge immediately

 Making his way towards Okubi and Eligos. James begins walking on the bridge at a normal pace. Seconds go by and like Okubi before him. Nothing bad seems to happen. The others watch in relief. Seeing that crossing the bridge isn't impossible. However just before James reaches Okubi and Eligos. Suddenly the bridge violently starts to shake. Causing both Okubi and James to lose their balance. Instinctively Okubi and James grab on the rail of the bridge. In order to keep themselves from being thrown off. Eligos watches helplessly as his Master and James struggles to stay on the bridge. Lisa, Angelina, and Futanari also watches on in panic

Lisa: OH FOR FUCKS SAKES! We have to find a way to help Okubi and James

Futanari: But how? It's not like we can just walk onto the bridge. Perhaps someone knows a spell to remove them off the shaking bridge?

Angelina: If I knew such a spell. I would had already performed it

Tobirama: I knew this was going to happen. Thankfully I have a solution

 Tobirama holds out his left hand. Summons a Dark Portal right above James. The portal pulls James inside. The once unstable bridge swiftly reverts to it's normal self Now that it's just holding Okubi. The Dark Portal reappears right next to the girls. James steps out of it both confused and relieved at the same time. Okubi easily manages to get back on his feet. Turns towards the direction of his Sensei. Unsure about what had just happened. Lisa begins to question Tobirama

Lisa: Okay this bitch is officially confused. Exactly why did you only remove James off the shaking bridge? Along with why it stop shaking. Once Okubi was the only one on it?

Tobirama: The answer is simple Lisa. Pruflas is the controller of this dimension. Therefore he controls how intruders are allowed to travel. Since Pruflas main target is Okubi. Evidence of him ordering his servant Poisonous One to kidnap him. Only Okubi can take the easy route to reach his Fortress. However if any of us attempts to use the cooper colored bridge. The bridge will react violently

Angelina: Shaking anyone off that's on it. Even if Okubi is also on the bridge. Well if that is the case. How will any of us besides Okubi reach the Fortress?

Lisa: That fucking coward is really only going to allow Okubi to cross the bridge? I swear when I get my hands on that bastard...

Okubi: Excuse me Lisa but Pruflas is my target! I won't allow anyone else to fight him. However if that fool thinks I'm going to enter his Fortress alone. Pruflas is even more foolish than I have expected

Eligos: Even with your tremendous powers. It would be suicidal to enter Pruflas's Fortress alone

Tobirama: Which is why we will go into the forest behind us

Futanari: Exactly how is going into the forest any safer than crossing the bridge?

Tobirama: Unlike the bridge which is specifically designed for only Okubi to cross. The forest will allow all of us to venture through it

James: How can you be so sure about that Tobirama?

Tobirama: Even with this Dimension being controlled by Pruflas. There are certain rules about dimensions that cannot be broken. Meaning if the bridge is inaccessible for us. The forest must allow all of us to enter without fail. Course that doesn't mean we won't encounter any dangers. Once we are inside the forest

Angelina: I also bet the forest is the long way to reaching Pruflas's Fortress

Lisa: Sonabitch!

Okubi: Long way or not. I'm determine to find and vanquish Pruflas. I'm certain the rest of you feel the same way

Futanari: I will bring Satomi Yamakagashi to justice

James: I'm not leaving this place until I kill Ulric

Lisa: I personally want to get my hands on those obnoxious fuckers Natan and Lita

Angelina: I want that asshole Poisonous One dead so badly

Tobirama: Then it's settle. Okubi quickly remove yourself off the bridge and let us head into the forest

 Now that Team Okubi fully understands their situation. Once Okubi and Eligos had gotten off the bridge. Lead by Tobirama the heroes enter the forest. In spite of the dangers that awaits them within the forest. Okubi and his friends are determine to reach Pruflas's Fortress. In order to take down one of the founding members of The Children of Ruin. Bringing them closer to stop Janiel from releasing Mastema from Forbidden