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Profile: Futanari Akuma


Name: Futanari Akuma

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Likes: Traveling, her parents and her kid sister Yuma, plums, salt and vinegar chips, carrot juice, classic Japanese cartoons, fighting, capturing wanted criminals, her unique hair color

Dislikes: Criminals, indecisive people, mashed potatoes, her crying sister, people assuming she's has a penis due to her name, traveling by sea, bad WI-FI

Magic Name: Alnilam 

Magic Powers: Futanari can release a silver purple mist from her mouth. Causing her enemies to feel temporary aroused This can affect heterosexuals and homosexuals alike. However Futanari must have two targets in order feel this magical effect to work. Also not everyone is affected by her magical mist. Futanari's second power is unleashed when she's really angry or pushed to her limit. Futanari's silver hair changes to midnight purple. Along with her multi colored ends glowing as bright as the sun. Futanari's gains strength that can rival most demons. However even without unleashing her full power. Futanari's magic gives her incredible strengths and durability.

BIO: Born and raised in Okinawa, Japan. Futanari was born into a very loving family. Five years later after her birth.  While playing with her parents at a local park. A hermit not from Japan had approached her parents. After introducing himself to Futanari's parents. Assuring them that he means them no ill will. The Hermit then had said to Futanari's parents "the girl is destined for a dangerous life". Fearing for their daughter's future. The Akuma's asked the Hermit how can they prevent such a disastrous future? The Hermit had told the Akuma's he will perform a special prayer for their daughter. However The Hermit true intentions were to bestow sagacious powers upon the young Futanari. After having performed the special prayer. The Hermit takes his leave and tells Futanari's parents. She'll be able to fight against future evils. While Futanari's parents appreciated the Hermit's blessing. They decided to enroll their daughter in Martial Arts. Fourteen years later after having been blessed by the Hermit. Futanari had never once encountered a life of danger. However The Hermit's words would soon come into reality. 

One day while coming home from school. Futanari witnessed two of her fellow classmates being kidnapped. Instead of simply screaming for help. Futanari instantly grabbed a nearby bike and pursue the kidnappers. Once she managed to get close enough to the drivers. Futanari leaps off from her bike and jumped before the car. Futanari immediately activates her magical powers. Striking the car with a powerful strike. Causing the vehicle to become immobilized. The kidnappers immediately exit the car. Pulling out their guns against Futanari. While most humans would be paralyzed by the sight of a gun. Futnari was thrill to have a reason to fight the crooks. After dodging several shots fired her way. Moments before the kidnappers could reload their guns. Futanari had already gotten close enough to attack. Shock to see the young woman standing before them. Right before they even had a chance to react. Futanari had unleashed severals powerful strikes against the crooks. Knocking them both out in less than ten seconds. 

Shortly after returning her fellow classmates back to their families. Along with bringing the crooks to the authorities. Impressed by Futanari's bravery and fighting skills. The Japanese Police Force had suggested that Futanari look into becoming a Bounty Hunter. Loving the idea of becoming a hero. Futanari immediately told her parents her desire to become a Bounty Hunter. While at first Futanari's parents rejected the idea of her becoming a Bounty Hunter. After some time of convincing her parent's to change their minds. Futanari's parents agreed to their daughter's desires. Only if she stayed in school and kept up her grades. Futanari promise to stay in school and keep up with her grades

Now as a Bounty Hunter of Japan. Futanari went on various missions, capturing many wanted crooks and sages alike. Between her natural fighting skills and her magic. Futanari had yet to face a foe who she couldn't defeat. Futanari's luck against her targets continued until a month after her seventeenth birthday. After being assigned her latest target. A mobster by the name Satomi Yamakagashi. Futanari had began her investigation. Shortly after finding Yamakagashi at one of Japan's shadiest night clubs. Yamakagashi who had recognized Futanari due to having captured his former colleagues. Futanari found herself battling against Yamakagashi's henchmen in the nightclub. While Futanari was busy fighting for her life. Yamakagashi had made his escape. Despite emerging victorious against her many foes, Futanari never felt so defeated in her entire life. The thought of having allowed Yamakagashi escaped bothered her dearly. Returning to HQ with her first fail assignment. Futanari had feared they would take away her Bounty Hunting privileges. However instead of punishing Futanari for her failure. Futanari's superiors rewarded the young sage instead. Increasing her rank from a local Bounty Hunter to a Shogun

Futanari was beyond thrilled to become a Shogun, but also realized how vital it was for her people to capture Yamakagashi. According to the intel she had received. Yamakagashi had traveled his way into the country of Mayland. Once the proper arrangements were completed. Futanari was ordered to begin her travel to Mayland. In order to find Yamakagashi and bring him back to Japan. While Futanari has never been outside of Asia. The young Marshal wanted to prove her worth. Along with the fact she spoke English and other common Mayland languages rather well. Futanari knew getting around Mayland wouldn't be such an issue. However finding exactly where Yamakagashi was hiding would prove a challenge. None the less Futanari was ready to get the job done. After bidding farewell to her family and friends. Futanari jumped on the next plane to Mayland


1. My character Futanari Akuma is inspired by RWBY character Yang Xiao Long. Although only by design and her hand to hand combat skills. Futanari's personality is much different compare to Yang's

2. The original surname I had intended for Futanari was "Itu" and not "Akuma" I decided on Akuma after completing Futanari's design

3. Futanari will be the youngest of the heroes introduced in Forbidden. Previously that title was held by Jia Xiaoyu

4. Along with Angelina, Kira, and Hisako. Futanari is another hero from Japan

5. While Futanari's hair is mostly silver. The ends of her hair is a mixture of pink, red, light yellow, neon yellow, chartreuse, green, light blue, and blue. Even if Futanari were to shorten her hair. The ends of her hair will always be multi colored

6. Futanari's younger sister Yuma is six years younger than her

7. Futanari along with Nara and Angelina are the only heroes who have both of their parents alive and well

8. However unlike the other heroes of Forbidden. Futanari is the only one that had a happy childhood

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New Character: Futanari Akuma

The Girl Crazed For Battle

Futanari Akuma

Bio: Making her debut in the future of Forbidden. While I only have started to bring to create a background for my latest hero. I cannot wait until I start writing about this young Japanese beauty. Furthermore in spite of her name. Futanari is all woman. Peace

New Designs + Special Okubi Costume

New looks for Brutality and Naznim


Outfit Detail: A big change from her previous wardrobes. Dela/Brutality's adventurer outfit is based on the school girl look


Outfit Detail: Now wearing a autumn color theme outfit. Naznim outfit remains revealing but in a more elegant fashion


Outfit Details: Okubi is wearing a mint green track jacket with pink zipper, pockets, pink inner sleeves, and running shoes. Okubi's hair is baby blue with matching underwear. Also while Okubi's eyes are normally cerulean. In this special outfit. Okubi's eyes are Goldenrod

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Forbidden Chapter 39

Forbidden Chapter Thirty Nine

One Out Of Five

 After leaving her fellow comrades to fight the Warp Reality Dragon. Hellin enters Razel's Castle in order to find Okubi and Xiaoyu. Currently standing inside of Razel's Throne Room. Okubi himself faced against the homunculus siblings Ava and Philip. While keeping a sharp eye on Xiaoyu. Along with the other sages. Okubi grips his ice rapier as he prepares for battle

Ava: So any last word Okubi the Murderer before my brother and I annihilate you?

Okubi: It's unfortunate that I can't bury you worthless twits alongside your equally pathetic creator. I'll make up for it and bury you both alongside Razel

Philip: I'll see to it that you pay for killing Dr. Merzkiy

Okubi: Oh was the good doctor your lover as well?

Philip: You fucking sissy! I'll start by ripping that smart ass tongue of yours

Okubi: Just come and try it peasant!

Ava: Ready when you are brother

 Philip transforms his skin into iron as Ava summons her energy whip. Creating an aura of ice around himself. Okubi is ready to strike. Holding his ice rapier firmly in his hand. Okubi immediately charges towards the Homunculus Siblings.

Ava: Foolish half demon. Let's see how you handle my attack! JUDGMENT STRIKE!

Ava swings her whip towards Okubi in attempts to strike him. However due to his icy aura surrounding him. Okubi dodges Ava's attack effortlessly. Watching his sister's attack completely miss Okubi. Philip angrily begins to charge at Okubi, preparing an attack of his own

Philip: IRON RUSH!

Watching Philip coming towards him like a wrecking ball. Knowing a direct hit from Philip will cause him great damage. Therefore Okubi immediately begins planning his next move. Charging straight at Okubi, completely unaware of his next move. Seconds before Philip's iron body can strike him. Okubi creates a shadow portal in mid air. Leaping over Philip and stepping on his iron head. Philip loses his balance and falls to the ground. Okubi enters his shadow portal and disappears from the throne room. Both homunculus siblings surprised to see Okubi uses such magic. Along with the fact he's no longer in the throne room. Ava and Philip begin talking amongst themselves

Ava: Okubi created that portal out of nowhere. That sneaky half breed has a lot of tricks up his sleeves

Philip: Not to mention an utter coward! Instead of standing his ground like a man. The little sissy ran away

Ava: This is just freaking fantastic! Now we have to search the entire castle to find him

Philip: Once we find that little prick. I'm going to personally take pleasure in ripping his insides out

While Ava and Philip were too busy talking each other. Neither one of them had noticed Xiaoyu awakening from her slumber. Having been awake since Okubi had entered his portal. Xiaoyu had witnessed the entire conversation between the siblings. Knowing Okubi had something plan for the siblings. Xiaoyu decided to let her presence be known

Xiaoyu: Hey assholes! If the two of you are finish yapping away like idiots. Would one of you be so kind to untie me?

Ava: So the light sage has awaken. Talk about bad timing

Philip: While Goddess Razel gave us clear orders not to kill any of the capture sages. The Goddess made no objection against torturing them

Ava: Sounds like a great idea brother. I personally can't stand the Chinese bitch! Perhaps if we torture her enough. The cowardly murderer might show up to save his dear friend

Philip: Then what are we waiting for? Let's torture the little bitch!

 Ava and Philip menacingly starts moving towards her. While concerned about her safety due to being defenseless. Xiaoyu remains calm in hopes Okubi will rescue her in time. Only inches away before the siblings get there hands on Xiaoyu. A portal opens above the siblings and dropping down from it. No other than Okubi himself. Dropping down in front of the siblings, catching them off guard. Okubi quickly delivers a menacing punch to Ava. Sending the female homunculus crashing to a nearby wall. Immediately before Philip can turn his skin into iron. Okubi grabs Philip by his head and places his lips on his. Xiaoyu is shocked to see Okubi kissing the enemy, but once she's see Philip's body starting to freeze up. The detective realizes exactly what Okubi is doing to Philip. Using his technique Bitter Goodbye. Philip's body begins to freeze inside out. Becoming completely frozen in ice. Once Okubi's attack had been completed. Okubi casually pushes the frozen homunculus down to the ground. Watching him shatter into pieces. 

Okubi: What a terrible kisser

Xiaoyu: Just another minute I would had been at their mercy. Now please untie me from these fucking anti magic ropes. 

Okubi swiftly unties Xiaoyu from the ropes. Now free once again. Xiaoyu immediately wraps her arms around Okubi. Giving him a big hug and a kiss on his head. Okubi hugs Xiaoyu just as loving. Tears immediately begin rolling down theirs eyes

Xiaoyu: Okubi you came and saved me

Okubi: Did you truly believe I would not find a way to save you?

Xiaoyu: While my faith in you is grand. Even I don't give myself unrealistic expectations. I truly never thought I would see you again

Okubi: Xiaoyu, you are one of my dearest friends. I will cross any dimension I have too in order to save you. I'm not your boyfriend, but I love you just as much

Xiaoyu: Speaking of my lovely Nara. Is he here with you by any chance?

Okubi: Nara wasn't in the forest with us when we were attacked remember? It's just Angelina, Anna, Apollyn, and myself. Assuming we lost contact with Onyxe once we arrived here. Perhaps that childish King used his brain and contacted the others. Either way I'm just glad I found you Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu: I'm happy as well. Also Okubi take a quick to your left

 Turning his head to the left. Both Okubi and Xiaoyu witness an injured Ava rising from the ground. Bleeding heavily from the side of her head. Along with a busted lip. Ava stares viciously at both Okubi and Xiaoyu. Ava then looks down on the ground. Seeing nothing but blood and ice. Ava realizes that Philip had been murdered by Okubi. The very demon that had murdered her creator had now killed her brother. Tormented by the fact of her brother's death. Ava completely snaps and lashes out at Okubi


Ava who was too busy yelling angrily at Okubi. Didn't notice Xiaoyu building up light based energy in her right hand. Once Xiaoyu had built enough energy in her hand. The light sage immediately got ahold of Ava's attention

Xiaoyu: Hey bitch! Ready to reunite with your brother?


Xiaoyu: Yeah that's not going to happen. Lights out bitch! BRIGHT CANNON!

 Position her hand right before Ava. Xiaoyu unleashes a devastating beam of light towards Ava. Unable to do anything to defend herself. Ava watched in terror as Xiaoyu's attack completely obliterated her

Xiaoyu: Tootles bitch!

Okubi: That Bright Cannon packed quite a punch. Someone has gotten stronger than I remembered

Xiaoyu: Now that those two are dead. Time for us to find the Mastermind herself

Okubi: Yeah about that Xiaoyu… I don't know if I--

 Right before Okubi can explain his concerns to Xiaoyu about facing Goddess Razel. Okubi stops himself short as he senses a familiar presences coming towards the Throne Room. Less then five seconds later. The Throne Room door is knocked down. Standing before them is no other then Hellin. Okubi and Xiaoyu are both shocked to see her

Okubi: Hellin? Exactly in the hell did you get here?

Hellin: The how is fucking insignificant right about now. Thankfully I smelled fresh blood in the air. Which lead me to this room. Otherwise I would still be traveling this maze of a castle. I was kind of expecting to see you a bit more… damaged?

Okubi: Thankfully my opponents weren't even close to my fighting level. Especially since I have a Goddess to still slay. I'll need to be 100% if I have any chance of defeating her

Hellin: Well now that I'm here. Our chances of survival is guaranteed

Xiaoyu: Hellin! Did you come here alone or--

Hellin: Your boyfriend is here too detective. Along with Lisa and Naznim. They are currently fighting a dangerously strong dragon outside of the castle.

Okubi: You left those three by themselves to fight a dragon? Hellin are you mad?

Hellin: I'm always in a bad mood, but insane I'm not! Besides Angelina, Anna, and Apollyn are fighting alongside them. Oh yeah that Brutality chick too!

Xiaoyu: Brutality! The same bitch that murdered my partner? I thought she'll be dead by now. Exactly why is that demon playing hero alongside our friends?

Okubi: I know how you feel about Brutality and have every reason to hate her. However remember back in Midor Forest when we learned the truth about Brutality?

Xiaoyu: Do you really think I believe her bullshit mind control story?

Okubi: Xiaoyu don't be irrational. I know what happened to Wei was cruel, but Onyxe himself confirmed Brutality was no more than a glorified puppet used by Janiel

Xiaoyu: Oh what does he know

Okubi: Xiaoyu, now is not the time for vengeance. We still have a Goddess to take down. In the meantime let's go and free the other kidnapped sages. If they are as strong as Onyxe mentioned. The sages can aid our friends against the dragon

Xiaoyu: Fine! Let's hurry up and untied them. Once awaken, I'll use my magic to heal their tired bodies

Hellin: Whatever! Just hurry up already. I'm itching to cover myself in the blood of a Goddess

 Okubi and Xiaoyu begins walking towards the unconscious sages. However seconds before Okubi and Xiaoyu can free the sages. A portal opens beneath them and takes them out of the Throne Room.

Razel: "HA HA HA HA HA! Did you really think I'll allow you to take my precious little sacrifices? While you managed to save your precious light sage. The rest of them I shall absorb. Transforming myself into a nearly completed being of divine power. Soon I shall make all you regret ever having challenged me! Now foolish heroes of Asira. If you truly are ready to meet your end. Meet me at the top of my lovely castle. I'll be waiting ready to kill each and every last one of you pathetic creatures!"

Knowing they have failed to save the remaining sages. Xiaoyu breaks down in great frustration. Tears once again running down her eyes

Xiaoyu: DAMMIT NO! It's not fucking fair! All those innocent sages are now going to be sacrificed. Just so that fucking psycho of a Goddess can become even stronger than before

Hellin: Well while it's unfortunate we couldn't save the other sages. Mourning their deaths isn't going to change anything. All we can do is avenged their deaths. However I strongly feel only Okubi and I should go after Razel

Okubi: Once again I find myself agreeing with you Hellin

Xiaoyu: What? I want to fight that evil bitch too

Okubi: If anyone has a change of defeating Goddess Razel. It's going to be Hellin and me. Besides I much rather teleport you outside of the castle. Assisting our fellow comrades in fighting the dragon

Xiaoyu: That means I will have to fight alongside Brutality. I'm not fighting alongside that bitch!

Hellin: Xiaoyu you will fight alongside Xiaoyu or I'll force you too!

Okubi: Hellin don't even dare attempt to use your telepathy on Xiaoyu

Hellin: Too much is at fucking state for Xiaoyu to be in her feelings. While it is unfortunate Brutality had murdered your partner in cold blood. However if you don't put your personal feelings aside detective. None of us are going to make it out this dimension alive. Now suck it up and go our friends defeat that dragon. Okubi please open a portal for Xiaoyu

Doing as requested by Hellin. Okubi opens a portal that will lead Xiaoyu outside of Razel's Castle. Walking towards Okubi's portal. Xiaoyu turns to Okubi and looks him in the eye

Xiaoyu: I wonder do you understand what you're asking me to do Okubi? I'm going to have to work with the very woman who killed not only my partner, but one of my dearest friends and one of China's finest humans to have ever existed. I just wish I have more time before dealing with such a situation

Okubi: Trust me Xiaoyu I know first hand how you are feeling now. I too have to work with people who I either didn't trust, hated, or both. However ever since I join the crusade against The Children of Ruin. I learned one must go against their inner beliefs. In order to protect the greater good. Had I allow my feelings to dictate my every move. I would had never been able to forgive Angelina. Nor would I be able to fight alongside Hellin. Yet because I learned to put my personal feelings aside for a greater cause. I can accomplish these things without any regret within my heart. I'm not telling to outright accept what happened to Wei. Nor am I telling you to ever forgive Brutality for killing him. However as your friend. I'm asking you to look at the bigger picture. Now please be the hero I know you and go assist those idiots in defeating that dragon.

Xiaoyu looks at Okubi once more with a crooked smile on her face. Xiaoyu gives Okubi a kiss on the cheek and enters the portal. Now with Xiaoyu no longer in the Throne Room. Okubi turns his attention towards Hellin

Okubi: So tell me Hellin. Exactly what new tricks did you learn during your training with your mother?

Hellin: Let's just say the training I received is going to be to our advantage against our deranged Goddess. Personally I'm curious to see what powers you gain from your Demonic Dream Trial

Okubi: Seems like Onyxe and you had quite a chit chat

Hellin: Obviously. I find it rather funny that Xiaoyu didn't even bring up Eligos. Considering that annoying spirit is basically your second shadow

Okubi: I just guess she's has other things on her mind. Besides Eligos is on my crap list

Hellin: He misses you dearly. Besides what the point of still being mad at him? I know the Demonic Dream Trial can be a live or die situation. Yet you were fortunate enough to survive. Now you are more powerful than before. It's not like Eligos had intended to kill you. The spirit just wanted you to become stronger. Can't fault the man for that. Even if it did put your life in danger.

Okubi: You have a really twisted way of looking at things

Hellin: Twisted but realistic. Now if you're ready to go kill a Goddess. The two of us need to get a move on

Okubi: I look forward to killing that vile woman. Let's get going shall we?

 Shortly after walking through Okubi's portal. Xiaoyu arrives outside watching her friends and Brutality struggling to fight the Warp Reality Dragon. Xiaoyu immediately goes to assist her comrades


Nara: Baby you're okay

Apollyn: Xiao buddy is back! Apollyn is so so happy

Angelina: Please to see you are alive and well Xiaoyu. As you can see we have our hands filled.

Lisa: It's like none of our fucking attacks are doing anything against this motherfucking dragon

Naznim: Nothing effective enough anyways

Anna: Glad to have you back Xiaoyu, but it would had been great if either Okubi or Hellin came with you

Xiaoyu: Sorry Anna, but they went to go fight Goddess Razel

Nara: Just the two of them? Are they fucking insane?

Angelina: There chances are better than any of us here. Anyways we need a strategy Xiaoyu. Because we seem to do is working

Xiaoyu: Wow Okubi was totally right about you guys

Lisa: Okubi can be fucking right about anything about now. Long as it can help us take this damn dragon out!

Xiaoyu: Okay throwing random attacks isn't going to take this creature out. Fortunately because I know all of you very well. I know exactly how we're going to take this dragon down. Brutality this plan is going to involved you as well

Brutality: I'll gladly help anyway I can

Nara: Babe… are you sure you can work with her? Knowing what she did to your partner?

Xiaoyu: Despite my inner emotions screaming to fry Brutality from existence. Someone once had told me. In order to protect the greater good. One must put their inner feelings aside. Furthermore Brutality is no longer the monster I once knew. Therefore let's focus on the monsters that's standing before us

Xiaoyu reunited with the rest of her comrades. Along with having to work alongside Brutality. Xiaoyu begins forming a plan in order to defeat the Warp Reality Dragon. Meanwhile both Okubi and Hellin starts moving towards their battle against the villainous Goddess Razel