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Forbidden Chapter 40

Forbidden Chapter Forty

The Fall Of Razel

 Shortly after reuniting with her comrades. Standing along with the others. Xiaoyu witnesses for herself the terrifying Warp Reality Dragon. The dragon still intending on annihilating the heroes. Releases a deadly blast from it mouths towards them. Angelina quickly places a barrier to protect her friends and herself. Upon seeing the dragon's deadly powers for herself. Xiaoyu realizes the creature cannot be defeated by simple means. Immediately Xiaoyu orders Angelina to strengthen her barrier. Allowing her to come up with a plan on defeating the Warp Reality Dragon

Lisa: Damn that fucking dragon is so damn irksome! How are we to defeat such a creature?

Nara: Well hopefully our second in command and beautiful girlfriend has a plan. At least I'm hoping she does

Xiaoyu: Oh I have a plan Nara, but it working is what I'm concerned about

Naznim: Well let's hear the plan and I'll personally tell you how screwed we are

Xiaoyu: Okay then but some of you are going to be mad

Brutality: Believe me from experience. There is never a plan that everyone agrees upon. Especially a plan that involves risk 

Anna: Pretty much speak your peace and we'll act accordingly

Xiaoyu: Angie, how long is this barrier going to hold?

Brutality: You got two minutes Xiaoyu then we got to break away. Unless we all want to be burnt to a crisp

Xiaoyu: First I'm going to need Apollyn, Nara, Naznim, and Brutality on offense. Using your long distance magic attacks. The four of you will keep our gigantic foe distracted. Allowing Lisa and I to combine our powers together. Creating a deadly light blast that will hopefully kill that fucking dragon. Course we'll need all the time we can get. The attack I'm planning requires it

Naznim: I honestly expected worst, but what about Angelina and Anna? Are they not able to help us distract the dragon?

Xiaoyu: I will need Angie to keep protection over Lisa and I. As for Anna…

Angelina: Thirty seconds

Anna: I'll summon Anpiel to help Nara and the others. An extra distraction won't hurt

Angelina: Okay everyone get ready to break away

 Unable to hold off the dragon's deadly flames any longer. Seconds before the dragon's flames break through Angelina's barriers. The heroes break away from one another. Avoiding the deadly flames altogether. Xiaoyu quickly grabbing onto Lisa's arm. While the others rises to their feet individually. The heroes begin putting Xiaoyu's plan in motion. Anna immediately summons Anpiel into battle. Meanwhile having reached the roof of Goddess Razel's Castle. Both Okubi and Hellin confront the Goddess. While having failed to sacrifice Xiaoyu. Due to the interventions of her friends. Goddess Razel succeeded in sacrificing the remaining single elemental sages. Now infused with the dead sages powers along with her own. Razel has become a greater threat than before. Okubi and Hellin stares at Goddess Razel with malice in their eyes

Razel: Well it took you both long enough. Long enough for me to sacrifice the four elemental sages. Along with their very magical essence. While I fail to do the same to your light magician. My dragon will make up for it. Killing her along with the rest of your pathetic friends!

Okubi: Foolish woman. Neither Xiaoyu or my other friends will fall prey to your twisted creation of a dragon

Hellin: Just as we won't fall victim to a bitch like you!

Razel: Ha ha… HA HA HA HA! Do you little worms realize you're going up against a Goddess? Even had I not absorbed of the water, earth, fire, and wind sages. I will still be more powerful than any foe you have ever faced! Regardless of how many adversaries you have fought. All of them pale in comparison to I, Goddess Razel

Okubi: I have defeated a multitude of arrogant fools like you before. The only difference that they weren't a God. 

Hellin: Nor were they nearly as fucking insufferable! I done some very intense training earlier today. Learn a lot of new dirty tricks I can't wait to use against you. Tricks that would bring the most mightiest of Gods to their knees. I look forward to the taste of your blood bitch!

Okubi: Furthermore the very fact you tried to kill my dearest friend Xiaoyu. I swear on my very name… I WILL KILL YOU!

Razel: Threats from mortal means nothing to me. Had you both been a tiny bit more humble. I would had shown mercy and granted you a swift death. However now that you have pissed me off! I shall take absolute pleasure in breaking your spirit and crushing your pride. Now Okubi Vice and Hellin Strong. Come and face your deaths!

 While Okubi and Hellin prepare to engage Goddess Razel in battle. Xiaoyu and the other heroes begin putting her plan into action. Battling against the fearsome Warp Reality Dragon. Angelina who is using her magic to protect Xiaoyu, Anna, Lisa, and herself from harm. Nara, Naznim, Apollyn, Brutality, and Anpiel begin attacking the dragon





Along with Anpiel releasing a blast of light energy. The five warriors unleash their attacks the Dragon simultaneously. Only to witness their attacks having little to no effect against the creature. The Warp Reality Dragon retaliates with an attack of it's own. Forcing Nara and the others to run for cover

Nara: SHIT! Talk about getting jack accomplished. The dragon doesn't even look hurt the slightest

Brutality: Well what did you expect from a creature created by a corrupt Goddess?

Naznim: As long as we keep it away from Xiaoyu and Lisa. Nothing else matters. Just keep attacking the monster and defend yourselves as needed

Apollyn: Buddies we can beat this neon evil monster. Apollyn believes in us

Lisa: Watching our friends fight the Warp Reality Dragon without our help feels so wrong

Xiaoyu: I understand your concerns Lisa, but we have to focus on building enough energy to destroy that creature. Our friends just have to keep that beast distracted long enough. Once we build up enough energy. A single blast from us should annihilate that giant motherfucker. In the meantime we gotta keep faith in Nara and the others

Lisa: This is such fucking bullshit! I swear once we kill this dragon. I don't give a fuck if Okubi and Hellin have the situation handled. I'm going to make Razel fucking pay for this bullshit!

Angelina: I promise Razel's victims earlier I would be the one to avenged them. Unfortunately it's seems like such glory isn't meant for me

Anna: I don't care who kills Razel. I just want to get out of this place alive

Xiaoyu: Trust me Anna. I'll make damn sure we all leave this place in one piece. Including Okubi and Hellin 

 While Xiaoyu and the others are handling the Warp Reality Dragon. Okubi and Hellin fight against Goddess Razel is officially started

Hellin: The only one who will be dying is you! Okubi let's murder this bitch!

Okubi: It would be my pleasure… SHADOW OKUBIS!

 Okubi created four clones of himself beside Hellin and himself. Alongside his clones, Okubi and Hellin charges at Goddess Razel

Razel: Amateurs! Basic tactics like these may work on lesser beings. However a Goddess such as myself. One that posses powers beyond your simple imaginations. Now let give you peons a demonstration of my abilities… GODDESS FORCE!

 Razel simply stick her right hand out. Unleashing a powerful shockwave against Hellin, Okubi, and his clones. A shockwave so powers the other heroes feel it as well. Causing them a greater struggle than they already are facing

Angelina: SHIT! Whatever is happening on the castle's roof is damaging my barrier

Xiaoyu: Just try to stay strong Angie

Nara: HOLY FUCK! That was quite a shockwave. Is everybody else alright?

Naznim: We will live. I would be more worried about Okubi and Hellin. I'm certain the shockwave was caused by Razel

Brutality: I'm second that notion. Anyways we still have a dragon to fight. One that I might add wasn't affected by it's creator's attack

 Having been struck by Razel's shockwave. Okubi and Hellin are knocked down to the ground. Along with his four shadow clones.

Hellin: Talk about unusual, but then again it's to be expected of a DDT survivor

Okubi: Prior to being put under that deadly trial. An attack of this power would had caused my clones to disappear. Yet they remain on the battlefield. I guess I have become stronger

Hellin: Making you more problematic

Okubi: Are you referring to Razel or that mother of yours?

Hellin: Let's just focus on killing Razel for now. We can hate each other afterwards

Razel: If you worms are done chatting amongst yourselves. I would like to continue this fight to your deaths

Okubi: Hellin, my clones and I are going to rush in against Razel. I want to you to prepare an attack of your own

Hellin: Just keep her busy and I'll see what I can do

 Okubi along with his clones rises from the ground. Okubi then summons an ice rapier into his hands. The Okubi clones mimic the original's actions.

Okubi: Playtime ends here Goddess. Now you'll see my true powers in action. CLONES CHARGE!

 Sending his four clones to charge towards Razel. Okubi then creates four shadow portals to swallow his clones within. Temporarily taking them off the battlefield. Okubi then targets Razel using his attack WATERFALL! Summoning a huge stream of water to fall onto Razel. However right before Okubi's attack successfully strikes Razel. The Goddess creates a body size barrier around her body. Completely unharmed by Okubi's attack. Hellin who had secretly used the technique MEDITATION! A psychic technique that boosts a telepath's mental abilities. Hellin unleashes her telepathy against Razel and it's successful at that. Forcing Razel to remove the barrier around her. 

Hellin: Okubi I taken control of Razel's mind. Hurry up and have your clones strike her

 Without a second to waste. Okubi reopens his portals and unleashes his clones against Razel. Okubi's clones continue charging towards the temporary disable Razel. Once close enough to Razel and ready to strike. Hellin suddenly loses her mental grip on Razel. The Goddess quickly defends herself against Okubi's clones. Unleashing an luminous blast of orchid energy. Destroying Okubi's clones on contact. However while Razel was distracted by Okubi's clone. The real Okubi had managed to sneak behind her. Baring his fangs and digs them into Razel's neck. Upon feeling the pain of being bitten by a half demon. Razel's grabs Okubi by the head and tosses him harshly onto the ground. Right before Razel could attempt further damage upon Okubi. Hellin unleashes several fireballs at Razel. Forcing the goddess to dodge the incoming attacks. Hellin then uses her demonic super speed and moves towards Okubi. Kneeling before her fellow comrade. Hellin grabs Okubi's head and locks lips with him. Stunned by Hellin's making out with him. Okubi pushes the demon princess away

Okubi: The hell are you doing Strong?

Hellin: Oh don't flatter yourself sissy boy. I merely wanted a taste of the Goddess's blood… for experimental purposes. Unfortunately I had to kiss the likes of you to get it! A necessary shame as my mother would call it. Now get on your fucking feet half breed!

Okubi: Most certainly lowly clone

Razel: Now I'm pissed off! Never have I imagine fighting two mortals would be so irksome. Nor did I truly believe it would require me to use more than one tenth of my powers. Since the two of you really want a fight. I'll gladly be the one to bring it to you! PHANTOMGRIP

 Razel summons two giant ghoulish hands to grab Okubi and Hellin. Okubi immediately dodges the hand that attempts to grab him. Hellin on the other hand was not as fortunate. Caught by Razel's attack. Hellin was now at the Goddess's mercy.

Hellin: Shit! I didn't move fast enough

Okubi: Well isn't that just dandy

Razel: Okubi if you don't want me to squeeze the very life force out this demon. I suggest you surrender to me right now!

Okubi: Even if you did kill Hellin. It wouldn't stop me from killing you Razel

Hellin: Well if that's what you truly feel about me Okubi. I'll just unleash a mental assault on both you asswipes!

 Hellin unleashes an attack called PSYCHIC TANTRUM against both Okubi and Razel. Temporarily taking out both ally and foe. Forcing Razel to release Hellin from her Phantom Grip. Hellin then runs up to Razel. Delivering a powerful punch to Razel's jaw. Sending the Goddess tumbling on the castle's rooftop. Okubi who had recovered from Hellin's attack. Begins to scold his teammate

Okubi: THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU HELLIN! Never once had I attacked you for any reason

Hellin: Oh don't take the shit to heart Okubi. I did what I had to do to save myself. It wasn't personal this time half demon. Now let's focus on the task--

 Seconds before Hellin could complete her sentence. The furious Razel had unleashed a spell called AIR OF RAGE! Causing the air that surrounded Hellin to burst into flames. Okubi watched in shock as Hellin's body was covered in flames. The agonizing pain from Razel's attack caused Hellin to scream so loud. Even the other heroes could her cries from below


 Distracted by the sound of his summoner's distress. Ampiel failed to notice the incoming attack from the Warp Reality Dragon. The dragon release a menacing neon fire blast at the tarot summoning. Causing Ampiel to immediately return to the Tarot World. Meanwhile Hellin who is still covered in flames. After getting over the shock of the surprise attack on Hellin. Okubi begins to attempt a water spell. In to neutralize the flames burning Hellin. 

Okubi: That woman set Hellin on fire without either of us knowing it! I have to hurry and--

Razel: Not so fast half demon! I have special plans for you

 Goddess Razel's eyes glow bright with a sinister gleam. Okubi immediately feels his mind being taken over. However due to the high willpower Okubi posses. Goddess Razel won't be able to posses Okubi as easily as she did Brutality. Continue their fight against The Warp Reality Dragon outside the castle. After having taken out Ampiel. The dragon then turns it's attention over to Brutality.  Knowing her life is in danger. Brutality quickly summons Nox Edimmu into battle

Brutality: Nox Edimmu now use SOUL ABSORPTION!

The summons attempts to do what was ordered of it. Only to realizes his attack has no effect on the gigantic creature. The Warp Reality Dragon retaliates with an attack of it's own. Unleashing the same fiery attack against Brutality and Nox Edimmu as it did to Ampiel. Quickly shielding his master from the dragon's flames. Nox Edimmu sacrifices itself while Brutality runs for cover. Having already lost two allies to the Warp Reality Dragon. Along with Okubi and Hellin struggling against Goddess Razel. Out of nowhere Angelina begins to hear a voice in her head. Calling out to her to re enter the castle's dungeon. Without any warning to Xiaoyu and the others. Angelina drops her barrier, grabs her book, and runs back into the castle. Shocked by Angelina's sudden abandonment. Lisa begins calling out to her

Lisa: Angelina where are you going? ANGELINA! Angie if you don't get your demon ass back over fucking hear!

Nara: Babe what's going on?

Xiaoyu: Angelina just out of nowhere abandon us and ran back into the castle

Naznim: Are you sure that Angelina isn't trying to go help Okubi and Hellin?

Brutality: Aiding Okubi and Hellin wasn't part of the plan. However I don't believe Angelina would simply abandon us. After all it was she who first encounter the Warp Reality Dragon. Something must had made Angelina return to the castle

Apollyn: Apollyn believes it has something to do with the book Angie buddy is carrying

Xiaoyu: Something is definitely off about Angelina just abandoning us. We already know Angelina has gotten over her fear of dragons. Therefore as Apollyn and Brutality had stated. Something else made Angelina re enter the castle. Anna go and follow after her and only her

Anna: I know I can't go help Hellin at the moment Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu: That doesn't mean you don't want to Anna. Now please just go and follow Angelina

 Anna does as commanded and chases after Angelina

Lisa: So what about our protection Xiaoyu?

Xiaoyu: We nearly charged up enough power Lisa. We just gotta rely on Nara and the girls at this point. Just another five minutes

 On top of Goddess Razel's castle rooftop. Okubi continues his struggle not to fall into Razel's possession

Razel: Your struggling is beyond irksome at this point. Perhaps I should just do to you as I did Hellin. However that wouldn't be much fun at all

Okubi: I… I will not… allow myself… to be your puppet.

 Refusing to become a mindless servant of Goddess Razel. Okubi summons his inner strength and summons and ice rapier into his hand. Moments before Okubi feels himself given into the Goddess's possession. Okubi stabs himself in the stomach with his sword. Causing a break in the Goddess's concentration. Allowing Okubi to perform one more spell. Right before he falls to the ground


 Okubi summons five giant portals on top of the castle's roof. Then he collapses to the ground. Minutes after having abandon her friends. Angelina arrived back to where Razel had first teleported her. Down at the dungeon of the castle. Anna who was only a few feet away from her. Watched over Angelina at a safe distance. Checking to see what had caused Angelina to come down here. Standing in front of the door where she first meet Rory Araullo. Once Angelina opens and enters inside of the room. Moving quickly in front of the door. Anna stood quietly as she listen what was going on inside. On the other side of the door. Angelina once again stood before Rory Araullo's corpse. However unlike the first time they meet. The magician from another world stood before Angelina as well. Rory held his bony hands out as Angelina passed him Viatori Patuit. The very magical book she had received from him. After receiving his book from Angelina. The spirit of Rory Araullo begins to speak

Rory: I'm glad you came when I called Angelina. I know leaving your friends in the time of need wasn't easy. However it was a necessary that you came back here. I have information I would like to share with you. Both your friend and you. Miss on the other side of this room. Please may you come in?

 Upon hearing the man's warming invitation. Anna decides to enter the room as well. Now with both Angelina and Anna in his audience. Mr. Araullo continues to speak

Rory: Now to tell you why I needed you here Angelina. Currently your friends and you are going against a powerful foe in Goddess Razel. A foe who cannot be beaten by strength alone. Nor would most of your friends survive without my assistance

Angelina: I was thinking about ignoring you at first, but my gut instinct told me otherwise. I just feel so bad for abandoning my friends in their time of need. I hope that coming back here was the right thing to do

Rory: It most certainly was Miss Angelina. Had you not come when I called to you. The fight against Goddess Razel and her dragon would had ended a lot differently and very tragic. Now to tell you how to defeat Goddess Razel. Many centuries after having becoming yet another of Razel's victims. I like the rest of these souls. Have remained trapped in this dungeon. Unable to move on to the next life. The reason is due to our united desire to see Razel suffer for all the evil she's done. Centuries we souls have waited for someone. A being who possessed enough magical power. One who can use the spell I created centuries ago. A spell made specifically to render Razel powerless.

Anna: Exactly how can a dead man like yourself can ever create a spell? A spell powerful enough to rob Razel of her powers?

Rory: Even if I no longer posses a physical body Miss Anna. I still have a mind and therefore I can think. I'm also very certain my spell against Razel will work. Along with my fellow fallen spirits. My soul has been trapped in this dimension for centuries. I know all that is to know about the evil Goddess. I created this spell especially to take out Razel. I just require a strong soul to perform the spell. That soul being you Angelina. 

Angelina: So is that why you wanted me to come here

Rory: Along with Viatori Patuit for only I can unlock the content hidden in this book. Now please Angelina give me your hand

 Angelina holds out her right hand for Rory to grab. Rory gently grabs ahold of Angelina's hand. Holding Viatori Patuit in his other hand. The corpses of Razel's other victims rise from the ground. Standing firmly as they watch Rory about to perform the spell. While nervous by what's about to take place. Anna remains calm and silently wishes Angelina the best of luck. Back on the top of Razel's castle rooftop. Okubi who had stabbed himself. In ordered to keep Razel from possessing him. Despite being very hurt by his self inflicted injury. Okubi manages to activate his first Doom Portal. 


 The first Doom Portal opens. Releasing a geyser of Acid towards Razel. The Goddess quickly creates a barrier around herself. Protecting herself from being burned by the acid. Unfortunately the acid had managed to gravely ruin a part of the castle's rooftop. Razel was not please to see her beautiful castle being damaged

Razel: Insufferable half demon! How dare you ruin my beautiful castle with your disgusting magic?

 Ignoring Razel's hateful tone and words. Okubi immediately activates the second Doom Portal


 Opening the second of his Doom Portal. The portal unleashes a powerful wind that attempts to pull in Razel. While Razel struggles against the strong winds pulling against her. Okubi returns his focus on Hellin. Only to realize Hellin was now standing before him both naked and unharmed. Using the same technique she used against Koga Yukimaru back in Jazan. Hellin had created new skin under the old burnt skin. Allowing her to survive Razel's harsh flames

Okubi: I so didn't need a up close view of your vagina

Hellin: It's truly unfortunate the first man to see me naked is you. Anyways allow yourself to heal in the meantime. I can handle Razel while you quickly heal up

Okubi: I can activate my other Doom Portals you know

Hellin: I said I will handle it! Now just shut the fuck up and heal dammit! I have something very sinister in stored for the Goddess

Okubi: Suit yourself

 Now with Okubi temporarily out of the fight. Hellin turns over to Razel who had just barely escaped Okubi's Doom Portal. Opening her mouth, Hellin vomits a geyser of snakes towards Razel. Unable to react fast enough. Razel is bitten and bind by severals of Hellin's deadly snakes. Writhing in pain, the Goddess falls to her knees.

Hellin: Even Gods have limits. Now let me show you what true power looks like

 Hellin's face changes from her humane state into a more demonic appearance. Hellin then begins to build up evil energy. Creating a crimson and black colored aura around her body. Staring at Razel with a killer intent. Hellin strikes the ground below her with left hand. Creating a demonic summoning seal. Placing both her hands together. Hellin begins to chant an evil prayer

Hellin: Hear my evil prayer hateful demon of the Underworld. I call to you to bring forth death and despair. I call to you to crush the enemy before me. I call out to you former King of Babylon. I call to you now LORD DIABLO STRONG!

 Hearing the name of the demon Hellin is about to summon. Okubi's makes a facial expression with a mixture of shock and terror. Rising out from the demonic seal. Stands a reddish brown skin muscular demon. Shrouded in a black and gold tribal cloak. Seeing the demon that have been summoned before her. Razel feels a feeling only known to mortal beings. The very first time since her existence. Razel's soul is filled with fear! Outside of the castle on the ground level. After having lost the protection of Angelina and Anna leaving as well. Xiaoyu and Lisa are now currently being guarded Brutality's summoning Nox Gisela of Clafoutis. Noticing that Apollyn is becoming more wild as her bust continues to grow. Xiaoyu releases Lisa's hand and goes after Apollyn in order to calm her down. Unfortunately Xiaoyu was unaware of the dragon's incoming attack


 The Warp Reality Dragon now flying after Xiaoyu. Seeing her friend in danger. Apollyn rushes to Xiaoyu's aid. Unable to keep his emotions in check any longer. Nara transform into his Darken state. Merely seconds before the dragon attacks Xiaoyu and Apollyn. Nara strikes the dragon with a deadly blast of energy. A blast so powerful. It's knocks the dragon is knocked down from the sky. Crashing hard to the ground. Nara then positions himself in front of his girlfriend and Apollyn. Protecting them from any incoming attacks. Naznim and Brutality positions themselves over to Lisa. The heroes watch as the dragon rises from the ground. Angrier than ever before. The Warp Reality Dragon grows vastly in size. The exception of Nara, the girls look on with terror in their eyes. Having fully summon Diablo into battle to finish off Razel. Okubi watches in terror as Diablo starts waling towards Razel. Still being bind by the snakes. Razel unable to move her eyes from the fearsome demon approaching her. In spite of all the power she posses. Razel feels completely powerless against Diablo. Hellin watches in glee as her summoning is about to kill Razel. However just right before Diablo lays hand on Razel. The fallen Demon Lord turns around and looks directly at Hellin. Sensing the Demon Lord's killer intent. Hellin attempts to defend herself. Only to find Diablo's hand wrapped around her neck two seconds later. Witnessing Hellin's summoning turn on her. Razel burns away the snakes that once bind her. Razel then gets up from the ground. Now wearing a cocky grin on her face. Razel begins to mock Hellin

Razel: HA! HA HA HA HA HA! Never have I witness something so pathetic in my entire life. I mean never have I felt so much fear in my entire existence. The very demon you summoned to kill me. Now is holding you by your neck. Ready to devour you at any given minute. Oh Hellin you truly made my day. However fighting both you and Okubi has caused me more harm than I expected. Only Asira has harmed me worst. Furthermore my impudent dragon has yet to kill your pathetic friends. Therefore I shall now begin to absorb my dragon's powers. Allowing me to restore my lost strength and become even stronger than before. I will then go kill your precious friends myself. Leaving Diablo to kill both Okubi and you. HA HA HA HA HA!

Okubi: I will not allow this to happened

 Despite the fact Okubi hasn't fully healed from his injury. Still with his ice rapier in hand. Okubi leaps from the ground and charges towards Diablo. Only for the fallen Demon Lord to unleash a blast Okubi away from him. Knocking him down to ground. Diablo then turns his attention back to Hellin

Diablo: Did you really think I will allow the daughter of my backstabbing ex wife to control me? Diablo, The True Ruler of Babylon. That harlot mother of yours stole my Kingdom from me! Yet now expects me to become subservient to her pathetic experiment of a daughter?

Hellin: H--HOW! How are you fighting against me? Back in Onyxe's castle My mother and I made sure when I first summoned you. That I needed worried about you betraying me. My mother had killed you centuries ago. Yet your grudge against Babylon remains

Diablo: My grudge isn't with Babylon. Just your slut of a mother, that pathetic money hungry daughter of mines, and YOU! That woman took EVERYTHING from me. I curse the day I ever married that fucking jezebel. Eons have I waited for a chance to get my revenge on that bitch! One would think killing me would had been enough for her. Instead she specifically trains her daughter into summoning me back from the Realm of fallen demons. I only pretended to be subservient to you back in that pansy Demon King's castle. However now with Othello nowhere around. I can act on my own accord. Starting by violating and tearing your fucking organs inside out!

 However right before Diablo can proceed with his sinister intentions against Hellin. Bursting out from the Castle rooftop door. Anna and her summoning Estrild comes charging towards Diablo. The fallen Demon Lord attempts to blast Anna away, but Anna easily dodges the fiend's attack. Estrild quickly grabs Diablo by his legs. Slamming him on his back and pulling Hellin away from him. Interrupted by Anna's unexpected arrival. Razel temporarily ceases absorbing her dragon. In order to deal with Anna

Razel: I should had killed you when you first arrived to me castle. I GROW TIRED OF THE INTERFERENCES OF WORMS!

Anna: Bitch if I got you this bother. You're not going to like what happens next… ANGELINA!

 Stepping out from behind the castle rooftop entrance. Appears Angelina holding Viatori Patuit. Recognizing the book Angelina is holding. Razel begins to questions Angelina

Razel: Is that the book of that magician I murdered nearly five hundred years ago?

Angelina: His name is Rory Araullo bitch! Also this is indeed his valuable book known as Viatori Patuit. The very book that shall bring about your demise

Razel: HA! If you think a mere book can stop me. Then you are just as foolish as him

Angelina: Rory along with the other innocent souls you killed. All have been seeking your demise for centuries. I promised them I will see that you are dead. Now Goddess Razel it's time for you to reap what you sow

 Angelina opens Viatori Patuit and begins to read the spell once hidden from her.

Angelina: I chant this spell to punish an evil Goddess. A Goddess who has brought nothing but misery to those unfortunate to encounter her. I chant this spell for the all the innocent lives lost by her wickedness. I chant this spell to rid the Goddess of her dark powers. I chant this spell in the name of those she has harmed. I chant this spell to see to it that you never harm another innocent life. I chant this spell created by the fallen. Stripping away your powers along with your undeserved divinity. Making you just as feeble as the lives you gracefully had slain. I chant this spell in order to see you punished for your evil deeds. Spirits of the wrong and vengeful. Come forth and take your vengeance upon this wicked Goddess. Spirits come forth and let your anger be known. Let this wicked Goddess know her day of reckoning has arrived!

 Surrounded by a mighty powerful magenta colored aura. Angelina stares back at Razel with conviction in her eyes.  Gravely underestimate the powers of Rory Araullo's spell. Feeling her powers immediately started to leave her. Razel felt unimaginable regret for the her arrogance. While Razel's powers slowly drains out from her. Rory Araullo along with the other spirits. Exit from the dungeon which was once their home. Making their way towards to castle rooftop. In order to witness the punishment of Razel they waited centuries to see. Meanwhile due to slow decrease of Razel's magic. The once fearsome Warp Reality Dragon. Had too started to grow weaker by the second. Xiaoyu who not only managed to come Apollyn down. Along with Lisa still had enough power to unleash a killing blow to the creature. However Nara who was in Darken form had intend to slay the dragon himself

Xiaoyu: Nara lover. Are you feeling okay?

Nara: I'm very fucking pissed off babe! However neither you or the girls are in danger. My hate is solely for this fucking giant neon colored shit barely standing before us

Naznim: At this rate any one of us can kill the dragon

Xiaoyu: Lisa! Fly up to the castle rooftop and tells us what's happening/ I have a feeling someone must had neutralized Razel

Brutality: Best believe that someone was Angelina. Whatever drew her back into the castle. Gave Angelina the tools to take down Razel for good

 Less then a few seconds later. Rory and the rest of the spirits had arrived to the castle rooftop. So many spirits surrounded the castle. All to witness the fall of their murderer. Flying pass the spirits that came out of nowhere. Lisa makes her way towards an injured Okubi. Lisa also notices a naked Hellin along with Anna and Estrild. Standing up against a sinister demon in a cloak. Lisa decides to focus on Okubi

Lisa: Okubi let me hurry up and heal you. Also please fucking explain to me why Hellin is butt ass naked?

Okubi: Hellin foolishly summoned the very demon that her mother killed centuries ago. The demon by the name Diablo. It's very fortunate Angelina and Anna showed up when they did

Angelina: Thank goodness you are here Lisa. I'm sorry for having ditching you guys earlier. However I had to see the spirits. Only they knew the way to truly defeat Goddess Razel

Lisa: Girlfriend you have no reason to apologize. Yes leaving us to fight a fucking dragon was not ideal, but you did it for a good reason. The very reason Razel is slowly turning into a feeble mortal. Also speaking of the soon to be former Goddess. May you good people excuse me

 After having healed most of Okubi's body. Lisa summons her sword Peace Maker. Lisa then starts walking towards a severely weaken Razel. Realizing the opportunity to kill Hellin is lost. Diablo takes his leave back to where he once came. Once Diablo had exited from the castle rooftop. Hellin no longer needing to put on a brave front. Allows herself to collapse to the ground. Anna and Estrild quickly pick Hellin off the floor. Lisa now standing before Razel. Begins to mock the former Goddess

Lisa: Ain't it sad? I mean is this shit sad or what? All these fucking years after being killed out of Heaven. Instead of your sorry doing something productive with yourself. Redeeming yourself in the eyes of Lord Asira. You decided on being a homicidal bitch on a mission to fuck up the planet Asira created. Bad enough you sacrifice four young promising sages. Only to perform a weak and incomplete ass ritual. All these souls flying above us. All of them killed by your hands. 

Razel: So what of it? Even with my lost of powers. I will forever be a Goddess. Do you think I give a single damn about those worthless spirits? They were worthless when I killed them and they are worthless now. 

Angelina: Kind of ironic you say that. Considering it was these "worthless" spirits that brought about your downfall bitch! I only did what they could not. Since you destroy their physical forms centuries ago. I only wish Asira had killed you instead of simply banishing you. Along with the other forsaken Gods

Razel: It doesn't matter anyways. Without my powers I'm no longer a threat to you heroes. I know I don't deserve your sympathies. However I ask you to please not kill me here. Especially now that I don't have the power to maintain this dimension. Take me back with you to your home world. Allow your precious justice system to punish me as they see fit. Anything else would truly be foolish

Lisa: As much as it burns me to not fucking end your miserable existence here. Without your powers this dimension will crumble in a matters of minutes. Which would force of back to our home world regardless. Therefore it isn't necessary to let you live dumbass

Razel: WHAT? Are you FUCKING SERIOUS! I already surrendered and yet you fuckers still want to kill me? What kind of fucking heroes are you bastards?

Hellin: The fucking type that doesn't spare rotten bitches like you!

Okubi: Cur like you doesn't deserve a fair trial. Not by the same mortals you deem unworthy

Anna: After the fucking pure hell you put us through. I won't accept anything less then seeing you die right this instant

Okubi: Hellin I shall give you the honor of killing this cur

Hellin: I would tell you to make peace with your God, but not even Asira himself would listen to your cries


 Hellin's face changes from humane to demonic once again. Bloodlust in her eyes. Hellin approaches the terrified Razel. Fearing for her very life. Razel foolishly attempts to fight off Hellin, but is easily overpowered by the demon Princess. Grabbing Razel by her neck. Hellin takes her free hand and rips out Razel's bottom jaw. Hellin then begins to eat away at Razel's inside. Gaining both her lost energy and the pleasure of devouring a former Goddess. Meanwhile outside of the castle's entrance. Nara had just destroyed the Warp Reality Dragon. Still in his Darken Form. Due to the rush of anger running in his veins. Xiaoyu quickly grabbed ahold of her lover's hand. Using her light magic to soothe Nara's raging spirit. Now with the dragon eliminated. Apollyn started heading towards the castle door. Wondering where Apollyn was going? Xiaoyu had called out to her friend

Xiaoyu: Apollyn why are you going back inside the castle? Okubi and the others are alright.

Apollyn: Apollyn isn't going to see Okubi, Hellin, Anna, Lisa, and Angelina buddy. Apollyn is going to get the homunculus Apollyn trapped

Naznim: There are others living being inside of that castle?

Brutality: Apollyn is referring to the two homunculus she defeated earlier. Onyxe had requested that someone bring him back a homunculus. Apollyn managed to capture two

Naznim: Onyxe is such an oddball. No wonder he likes you people so much

Nara: I like to think Onyxe just has good taste

 Once Hellin had finished every most of Razel's organs. Hellin ripped off what remained of Razel's head off and stomped on it

Anna: Hellin… why didn't you keep Razel's head as a trophy?

Hellin: Because Anna I didn't actually defeat Razel. The spell created by the spirits and Angelina did. I don't take credit for another's victory. However I learned a lot from fighting against a Goddess. I hope to fight a God again someday

Lisa: Not all Gods are so easily killed if kill-able at all. Now stand aside because Razel's spirit is about to come out. Peace Maker is also good for banishing evil souls. Razel doesn't deserve to drift the world for centuries to come. Even a spirit of a wicked woman like her can be dangerous

 Lisa patiently awaits as Razel's spirit begins to leave her body. A minute later once Razel's spirit is fully exposed. Lisa grips her sword and performed the technique Banishing Slash! Immediately sending Razel's spirit to a place of damnation. Razel was truly dead both physically and spiritually. The souls of her victims circled the heroes. Thanking them for bringing down the very woman who ended their lives centuries ago. Now having been avenged. The spirits began their travel to the Spirit Realm. All except the spirit of Rory Araullo. The spirit responsible for the heroes survival. Standing in front of Angelina and the others. Rory took on a more corporeal form. Dressed in a suit that was both orthodox and fancy at the same time. 

Rory: Words cannot describe how thankful I'm to your friends and you Miss Angelina

Angelina: Rory it is us who should be thanking you. Had it not been for you spell. Things would had turned out much differently. Also by your very words tragically. I never want to know what would had happened. If I had not answer when you called me. 

Rory: All your friends minus the Darken would had died. Plus the demon Princess as well. The only survivors would had been Mr. Nara, Miss Anna, and you Miss Angelina

Hellin: I'm guessing I would had been killed by Diablo

Rory: Based on the bad ending I have seen Miss Hellin. That's exactly how it would had ended for you. Both Angelina and Anna would still be outside fighting against the dragon. Neither one of them able to save you from Diablo.

Lisa: Ain't it nice to know I would had died again. Had Angie not listen to the spirit boy over here. Anyways you didn't mentioned Okubi who was also up here fighting Razel

Rory: Mr. Okubi would had survived as well. Just not in his currently appeared. Remembered I told you were going to defeat Razel regardless of my spell. The only different most of your friends would had died.

Okubi: Exactly what do you mean not in my current appearance?

Rory: I have already said enough. I need to hurry and go into the Spirit Realm along with the other spirits. Anyways I'm grateful to you all for coming here. Without you heroes arriving here when you did. The spirits and I would still be down inside Razel's castle dungeon. Unable to move into a new life. I bid you all farewell and I wish you all the very best of luck. May whatever evil stands in your way. Fall by your righteous hands. Angelina promise me you will take good care of Viatori Putait for me. Perhaps someday you will learn the art of crossing worlds. Hopefully not meet your tragic end as I have

Angelina: I will protect it with my very life. Thank you for such a wonderful gift

Rory: As for you Mr. Okubi. Soon you will encounter a dark truth. A truth that will make you question everything you once believed. Don't allow that truth to lay havoc upon your soul. Otherwise it will be your downfall. Now hurry up and leave this crumbling dimension or all your efforts would had been for nothing

Lisa: Aren't we just going to go back to Asira?

Rory: A possibility Miss Lisa, but I wouldn't bet on it

Hellin: SHIT! Okubi open a portal back to Asira immediately

Angelina: We have to hurry and get the others

Rory: Don't go into a panic folks. I highly doubt any of you will be dying here

Hellin: Easy for you to say. You're already dead

 Rory gives a bow and a wink to Angelina. Reverting back into a spirit. Rory begins his journey into the Spirit Realm. No more than a few seconds after Rory's departure. Okubi opens a portal for his friends and him. Leading them outside of the now crumbling castle. 

Okubi: Xiaoyu!

Xiaoyu: Okubi I'm beyond thrilled to see you are alive

Okubi: I was never worried about dying Xiaoyu. I'm happy to you and the others are still alive. Now where is Apollyn?

Brutality: Apollyn went to grab her captured homunculus really quick. Apollyn should be out in about 3… 2… 1

 Apollyn runs out of the castle. Holding Edi in one arm and Ivela in the other. Now with all the survivors in one place. Okubi starts to open a portal back into Asira. Fortunately right before Okubi begins to open the portal to Asira. A portal not belonging to Okubi appears in the sky. A train enters through the portal. The train comes straight down towards Okubi and the others. Once the train lands on the ground. The door opens with Onyxe, Eligos, and James inside 

Eligos: Master Okubi you're alive. I hope our time apart has given you time to perhaps forgive me? I'm truly sorry for what I had done to you

Okubi: Well talk about what you did later at the castle. In the meantime I will forgive you my obnoxious spirit servant

Eligos: Oh happy days

Lisa: I hope you plan on telling him what Rory said to you

Okubi: Now is not the time Lisa. I'll deal with it later

Onyxe: Everyone hurry up and get in

Okubi: It hasn't been a full hour but yet you came just in time

Onyxe: I had another premonition. One where Razel's dimension crumbles into nothingness. I couldn't let you guys disappear along with it. Now hop in

James: I'm glad to see you are alive and well Anna

Anna: If only I could say the same about you father

 After everyone enters inside of Onyxe's train. Eligos is happily reunited with his true master. Onyxe quickly orders his magical train to fly back into the portal. Taking the heroes and him back into their home world Asira. Shortly after returning their return to the Royal Lands. Onyxe and the others are greeted by Othello and his servants. Onyxe first thanks Othello for ruling in his absence. Along with inviting her to stay for dinner.While the chefs begins cooking dinner for everyone. The King calls for an emergency meeting. 


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