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Forbidden Chapter 41

Forbidden Chapter Forty One

We Need A Resolution

 Moments after returning to the Royal Lands. Entering inside of Onyxe's castle. After greeting Othello and his servants. Thanking them for their good service in his absence. Onyxe then orders his chefs to prepare dinner for the heroes and himself. Everyone present gathers around the table and takes a seat. While the heroes wait for their meals. Onyxe announces an emergency meeting. Many of the heroes surprised by such a sudden meeting. Okubi along with Eligos, Hellin, Othello, Angelina, and Brutality. Knew what the King had wished to discuss. Starting with the situation that happened back in Razel's dimension

Onyxe: Hey everyone I know this meeting is very sudden. However there are things that need to be discussed. Starting with the aftermath of the battle against Goddess Razel. I know many of you didn't exactly like how things ended

Othello: Let's also not forget the failure of rescuing Asher, Ahio, and the siblings Aciano and Belzabel from Brazil. That was apart of the reason of entering Razel's Dimension right? Perhaps simply rescuing Xiaoyu was enough… Okubi!

Okubi: Stay out of my head Jezebel

Hellin: Watch your tongue when addressing my mother asshole! Do it again and I'll fucking kill you!

Okubi: Then tell your creep of a mother to stay out of my head! Furthermore threaten me again Princess and I will rip your fucking head off!

Everyone minus Othello looks at Okubi will utter shock in their eyes. Realizing what he had done. Okubi places a hand over his mouth. Lowering his head in shame

Eligos: Master Okubi… are you feeling alright?

Okubi: Oh Ophelia forgive me. I allowed my anger to get the best of me. I didn't mean to curse back at Hellin. I was just so mad I lost control over my words

Nara: Dude this is literally the first time I ever heard you curse

Okubi: I'm so sorry everyone. I didn't mean to curse at you Hellin. It's just between that mother of yours and dealing with Hellin's threats. I failed to properly express my anger. My mother raised me never to curse. Regardless how much my father love to curse. It's the very reason why I avoid using such foul language.

Othello: Well of course that prude mother of yours raised you will such silly morals. Cursing doesn't make you any less of a goody good. Well in your case a prissy half demon bitch!

Lisa: Well I personally will cherish the fact our leader had use the word "fucking" in the most vicious way imaginable

Onyxe: Okay everyone let's please settle down. Okubi don't beat yourself up for using profanity. Neither I or majority of us here will view you any differently. Hellin should not had threaten you. A person can only take so much of that attitude

Hellin: Hmph! Motherfuck you people with the exception of you mother and Anna

Othello: Now that Okubi has displayed some less than classy behavior. Onyxe may you please continue with the discussion at hand?

Onyxe: Back to what happened in Razel's Dimension. After you all have boarded my train. While I didn't intentionally enter you guys thoughts. I felt so many emotions running through your heads. I wanted to discuss what happened in Razel's Dimension. Starting with how only Xiaoyu was rescued while Asher and the others were not?

Nara: Does it really fucking matter why only Xiaoyu was saved? We had to fight a mad fucking Goddess and her crazy strong dragon that nearly killed us all. Defeating and killing Razel is all that should had fucking mattered. Playing the blame game is utter bullshit to me. The matter is the people who truly mattered survived. Sorry Okubi couldn't save the other sages

Onyxe: First Nara watch your tone while addressing me. While we are indeed friends here. Do not forget I'm your King! Furthermore I wasn't placing the blame on anyone. Especially on Okubi. However if you don't mind explaining yourself to me Okubi. Tell me why you only managed to save Xiaoyu and not the other singular elemental sages?

Taking a moment to calm himself and taking a deep breathe. Eligos standing over his shoulder in a protective manner. Okubi begins to explain what happened back in Razel's Throne Room

Okubi: Shortly after Anna, Apollyn, Angelina, and I entered Razel's Castle. The four of us were separated from one another. Teleported by Razel into different areas within the castle. I then encountered a horde of monsters I fought my way through. Once I had slain the monsters. I caught the scent of Xiaoyu and began following it

Othello: Such a long winded story. Just get to the point

Onyxe: Queen Othello, please allow Sir Okubi to finish his story

Okubi: Following Xiaoyu's scent. I arrived in front of Razel's Throne Room. Immediately spotting Xiaoyu tied down with the other sages. I then had encountered both Ava and Philip. Not to mention Goddess Razel herself. Fortunately the Goddess left shortly after to prepare her ritual. While I was fighting against the Homunculus Siblings. Xiaoyu had awoken and began freeing herself. 

Xiaoyu: Sorry to interrupt, but Okubi shouldn't have to tell this story alone

Onyxe: Permission to speak is granted. Proceed Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu: Once Okubi had taken out Ava and killed Philip. I freed myself from my bondages. Immediately assisting Okubi in battle and killed Ava. Shortly afterwards Hellin had arrived to Razel's Throne Room. Moments before the three of us could attempt to rescue the others sages. Razel teleported them away from our very eyes. Taking them to the castle roof and sacrificed them for her ritual. Okubi is solely the reason I'm even still alive. I could had saved them after freeing myself, but I choose to aid Okubi instead. If anyone is to blame for their deaths. Place the blame on me and not Okubi

Othello: A rather interesting story miss Xiaoyu. Considering I sense majority of the guilt coming from Okubi

Angelina: Okubi is our leader Queen Othello. Course he blames himself for our inability to save Asher and the others. The leader always carries the burden of his teammates

Xiaoyu: Even if Okubi didn't feel guilty for the sages deaths. Okubi's very existence is repulsive to you. It's not difficult to find guilt in someone you don't like

Othello: I'm fairly certain the crooks you arrested feel the same way about your judgment on them

Xiaoyu: The difference between the crooks I nab and your hatred towards Okubi. The crooks deserved my disdain

Othello: Okubi deserves it just not in the way a mortal like you would understand. Anyways Hellin you couldn't stop the sages from being taken by Razel?

Hellin: It happened so fast mother. I arrived moments after Okubi and Xiaoyu had killed the Homunculus siblings. Razel had teleported to sages away. Giving us no time to react. Neither Xiaoyu or the bitch Okubi are to blame for the sages being killed

Othello: The level of incompetence is absolutely appalling. I'm very disappointed in you Hellin. Did none of the training we did hours before not prepared you?

Hellin: I fought against Razel and survived

Othello: But did you deliver the finishing blow?

Hellin: I did indeed mother

Othello: LIES! I can hear it in your voice

Lisa: Hellin did finish off Razel. Okubi, Angelina, Anna, and I watched her do it. Hellin literally devour that bitch

Othello: That's not what I was asking pitiful angel! I want to know if Hellin was to reason the Goddess was defeated?

 Hellin along with the others had become silent. Seeing the anger in her mother's eyes. Both Hellin and Anna knew what was about to happen next

Othello: ANNA! Please get up from your chair and stand before me immediately

 Everyone watches cautiously at Anna, especially her father James. Anna removes herself from her chair and makes her way towards Othello. However before doing so Anna turns to Hellin

Anna: Hellin please make sure no one else interferes. Especially Okubi and my father

 Anna now standing before Othello. The Queen of Babylon rises from her chair. Delivering a menacing slap across Anna's face. Knocking her down to the ground. Immediately upon seeing Anna being struck by Othello. The heroes along with James. Attempt to rises from their seats. Only for Hellin to mentally hold them down

Okubi: Release you mental hold on me this instant Hellin! That harlot had no reason to lay hands on Anna

James: Onyxe I'm going to kill that fucking slut! I will not tolerate her harming my daughter. Especially in my fucking presence

Othello: Anna is still my slave. I'll do to her whatever I feel like it. Besides Hellin knows what happens when she lies to me. Luckily for my daughter. I took my frustration out on Anna instead

Okubi: Hellin release me right this instant or I'll break you mental hold myself and give you a nasty migraine. Othello has abused Anna for the last time

Onyxe: ENOUGH! Othello this is not Babylon. I will greatly appreciate if you keep your hands off Anna in my Castle. I did not gather us together just so we can fight amongst one another. Hellin please your mental hold on everyone

Hellin: I'm only doing so because my mother had completed my punishment. I take no fucking order from you Onyxe

Onyxe: Once Hellin release her hold on you guys. Anyone who attempts to retaliate against Othello will be severely punished

 Hellin releases her mental hold on the heroes. While Okubi and the others reluctantly remain seated. James immediately rushes towards Othello and delivers a powerful punch to her face. Sending Othello flying across the room. James then kneels down to his daughter on the ground

James: Baby are you okay?

Instead of responding to her father's concern. Anna delivers a slap across James's face.

Anna: Keep your hands off of my Queen



Hellin: But Mother…

Othello: I said stand down! Do not make me repeat myself for the third time! Anna already dealt with her unruly father and besides. James did what any good father would had done. I can't fault him for defending his daughter. Even if it is two hundred and ninety two years too late. Anyways I'm fine and ready to return to my seat. Onyxe please do not punished James for being a father

Onyxe: I wasn't planning on punishing James. He did what he had to do

Hellin: Fucking liar

Once Othello gets back into her chair and Anna and James does the same. Onyxe turns his attention back to the heroes. Continues the conversations of the events in the Razel Dimension

Onyxe: So exactly how was Razel defeated?

Angelina: After I was separated from Okubi, Apollyn, and Anna. I ended up in the dungeon of Razel's Castle. While wondering around the dungeon. In search of an exit. I encountered a room filled with spirits of Razel's victims. One of them a man named Rory Araullo. The sage from another world held a book called Viatori Patuit. In that book held the key to rendering Razel of her divine powers. Course I had to abandon my friends. In order to retrieve the spell needed to defeat Razel. Had I need come when Rory had called to me. The only survivors would had been Okubi, Anna, Nara, and myself. Rory had foreseen the deaths of Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Brutality, Naznim, Lisa, and Hellin. Another reason why everyone was so distressed on the ride back to your castle. The very thought of knowing that truly terrified us. I'm beyond relied I had answer when Rory called. Otherwise it would had cost the lives of most of my friends

Othello: So a spell from Razel's decease victim what lead to her demise. Now can anyone explain why only Nara, my servant, the son of Ophelia, and yourself would had been the survivors against Razel?

Onyxe: Well before we get into any further details concerning why would only the four of them survive I would like to discuss what to do about Brutality. According to what I have learned back in Begonia. Like Angelina, Brutality was under Janiel's influence while serving as a member of the Children of Ruin. The only difference Brutality was a killer prior to falling under Janiel's sway. I know all about your past. Especially about how you became a demon

Nara: What? Are you saying that Brutality was once a human?

Onyxe: Indeed she was Nara. However after catching her husband in bed with her sister. Brutality became furious and killed her husband

Lisa: Only her husband? Shit… both my sister and husband would had both been dead

Xiaoyu: Lisa!

Lisa: Well I'm just being honest.. the fuck?

Brutality: Yes prior to being the demon I am today. I was once a regular woman with a happy life or what I thought was a happy life. The reason I only killed my husband and not my sister Marisa. First Marisa and I are estranged siblings. We hardly gotten along, but kept in contact with one another. Marisa knew I was married, but never knew who my husband was or how he looked. I also found out from my sister after she rescued me. That Jonathan used the alias Jose Calor when he slept with her. Regardless of how furious I was to witness my husband fucking my sister. Once I realized Marisa was just as surprised as I was. I summoned Nox Gagana to fly my sister away from my home. Allowing me to murder my husband without interference

Othello: Ain't that some shit right there. Your man not only had the audacity to cheat on you. The bitch he cheated on you with was your flesh and blood. Now I'm not going to act I never fucked siblings myself Best believe I made sure they both knew and it was often at the same time. I don't blame you for killing that motherfucker. Too bad you didn't know me back then. Your ass would had never been thrown in prison

Okubi: What caught my attention was you being rescued by your sister. Exactly when did that happened?

Brutality: It was about a month ago Okubi. While I was going after the next descendant. I felt myself slowly becoming weaker by the minute. Unfortunately and fortunately at the same time. My target was not alone, but apart of a Dark Guild called Sinister Stars

Angelina: I heard about that Guild before. Very dangerous sages within that group

Okubi: I heard of them in passing as well

Onyxe: The Sinister Stars are on Mayland's Most Wanted list. Anyways please continue Miss Regan

Brutality: During my fight against the Sinister Stars. I was overwhelmed by how powerful they were. Moments away from being killed by them. I was miraculously teleported from death. Reappearing in my sister's home. After a month of bonding and recovering my strength and memories. I decided to come here and face judgment from King Onyxe. However when I ran into you guys in Begonia. Everything became hectic and which lead to our encounter with Razel and her homunculus. The rest you all already know

Okubi: Well that explains why you been M.I.A. 

Nara: Okay but how did you end up in the Underworld?

Brutality: After making a deal with King Alfred and becoming his personal assassin. Returning from a mission with my former teammates. We encounter the demon by the name Burlesque. The very demon responsible for what I am today. However you're wondering why I'm a demon instead of a darken. The difference between you and I Nara. I was already evil prior to entering The Underworld

Okubi: Meaning Brutality braced the evil of The Underworld. Something you did not Nara. Considering a demon snatched you from Asira to the Underworld when you were a child. Therefore the Underworld only corrupted you soul, but couldn't completely change you. The difference between a moral becoming either a Darken or a Demon is very thin. It all depends what lies in the individuals heart upon arriving to the Underworld.

Hellin: If a mortal feels fear, sadness, or any vulnerable emotions. They will most likely be transformed into a Darken. However if the individual feels hate, anger, and hostility. More than likely they will turn into a demon. Whatever emotions lies in the person's heart is what they will become. Mortals have no place in the Underworld. Unless they are about to be eaten. Otherwise they will become either a Darken or a Demon

Xiaoyu: I hope that answer your question babe

Nara: It sure as hell did

Xiaoyu: So once you feel under Janiel's control and started killing anyone who stood in your way. Did you feel satisfaction from killing or were you a mindless killer?

Brutality: I felt like a robot at times, but I also felt the pleasure from killing as well. I know you will always hate me for killing your partner Wei. Please know I too am sorry for what I done. Had I simply walked away from my cheat of a husband. My life would had turned out much differently. I allowed myself to go down a dark path and it lead to this. Now I must pay the consequences of my actions. I just want to know if I'm receiving the death penalty? If so I just wish to see my sister just one more time your majesty

Onyxe: While you have done many heinous things in your life Dela. I feel the death penalty would be harsh. Considering others have done worst and have received lighter punishments. Course I want to hear what Xiaoyu thinks about all of this?

Xiaoyu: So you are putting Brutality's life in my hands?

Onyxe: The final decision will be mine, but I want you opinion on the matter. Considering she is the reason you even began this dangerous journey

Apollyn: Brutality is Apollyn reason as well

Okubi: Not quite for the same reasons my dear dessert demon

Apollyn: What's the difference Okubi buddy?

Eligos: Xiaoyu came to Mayland to exact revenge for her partner's death. Apollyn you were hired as her protection

Apollyn: Okey dokey Eligos buddy

Xiaoyu: Dela Regan has done a lot of bad in her mortal days. However once she had became the demon known as Brutality. Dela was no longer an individual but a tool for other demons to use. A tool Janiel used to kill my dear friend Wei. Much as it hurts me to say this. I don't blame Dela for the death of my partner. I now want revenge on Janiel and whatever remains of the Children of Ruin. I just hope Dela will aid us in exacting that revenge

Brutality: If Onyxe doesn't have me placed in a prison. I will more than gladly assist you and the others in finding and eliminating the Children of Ruin. The days of me being used by others is over! It's time I redeem myself for all the evil I have done in Janiel's name. Along with many others in the past

Onyxe: Well that's exactly I had planned for you Miss Regan. Why place you in prison if you can aid us in the fight against your former master? A demon with your skills will be quite useful to us

Angelina: That I agree with 100%

Anna: I second that considering I had to fight her. Brutality and her Nox Summonings are nothing to laugh at

Brutality: Thanks for the support girls

Onyxe: So Xiaoyu, is all forgiven?

Xiaoyu: I'll admit I still do hold some hostility towards Dela, but nothing that will jeopardize our fight against the Children of Ruin. I just need some more time to truly forgive her. I just don't want to see her in jail

Onyxe: A very honest answer Xiaoyu. I wouldn't expect anything less

Apollyn: Apollyn is getting super duper hungry. How long before Apollyn and buddies eat?

Onyxe: The food will be done very soon Lynn. Just a little more patience my dear

Othello: Now that we given Miss Regan a free pass. Can we get back to my question. Concerning why only the Darken, the former host of Lilith, my servant, and Okubi would had survived Razel without Mr. Araullo's spell?

Angelina: Rory really didn't explain why only Nara, Anna, Okubi, and I would survive. Only that Okubi wouldn't had survived as his current self. Rory stated that Okubi posses more powers than he realizes. Due to the effects of the Demonic Dream Trial

Eligos: The Demonic Dream Trial made Master Okubi more powerful than before

Anna: A bit too powerful Eligos. Rory said the DDT had a more negative effect on Okubi than positive

Eligos: Is all of this true Master?

Okubi: According to a dead man from another world Eligos. Do not place any further blame upon yourself. I already forgiven you for your misdeed. I would like it to stay that way

Othello: So Maximillion's spell on Okubi didn't go as expected? I'm going to enjoy rubbing that in his face the next time we talk

Angelina: Pretty much warning Okubi to never lose control. Especially about a future revelation he will receive. I'm pretty certain that may have to do with the Children of Ruin

Okubi: Regardless I will not fall victim to my newly posses powers. I cannot afford too

Xiaoyu: We won't allow it either Okubi

Okubi: Thank you Xiaoyu. Having you guys as friends truly keeps me sane

Othello: Not even the greatest of friends can keep a person from falling into despair

James: Othello can you just leave the man alone?

Hellin: Okubi can speak for himself Del Soto. Stay out of it

Okubi: I appreciate your concern James, but I can handle Othello myself

Onyxe: Okubi if you should for reason feel yourself losing control. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me

Okubi: I will be fine Onyxe

Onyxe: If you say so Okubi, but my offer remains. Now Othello didn't you have some interesting news you wished to share?

Othello: Oh I most certainly do your majesty. Shortly after I sent Hellin, Nara, Naznim, and Lisa to Begonia. One of my demon spy had given me some very useful information. The whereabouts of one of Janiel's secret members

Xiaoyu: There are secret members of the Children of Ruin?

 Entering the Dinning Room is Yura along with Hisako, Oriana w/ Ricky, Kira, Ann Marie, and Abrafo. The other heroes take their seats along with Onyxe and the others

Hisako: Here I thought Janiel is all that remained of the Children of Ruin

Onyxe: Hello Yura and company. Nice to have you join us for dinner

Yura: We wouldn't miss it for the world. Especially if it means learning about these secret members of the Children of Ruin

Othello: Well you did say whatever remains of the Children of Ruin. I mean did you really think a group created by Janiel would be defeated so easily? Anyways according to my spy. Janiel has five very powerful demons hidden throughout Asira. Unlike his lower level minions such as Brutality. Janiel only calls upon these demons when necessary. Considering these demons are actually co leaders of the Children of Ruin

Lisa: I vaguely remember Asira mentioning something about other demons collaborating with Janiel. Course when I left Heaven without Asira's permission and lost some of my memories. I guess it's true after all

Othello: Well of course it is my dirty mouthed angel. My spies wouldn't dare bring me false information

Okubi: If these members are suppose to be secret. Exactly how did your spy managed to learn about Janiel's hidden members?

Othello: What an absolutely retarded ass question. Well considering it's coming from you. I'm not all that surprise. Obviously Okubi, I have fucking spies moving around within Asira. Course with permission of yours truly.

Onyxe: I gave Othello permission after the events within Coram

Okubi: Obviously your majesty

Othello: Less than forty eight hours later. While one of my spy's were snooping around the city of Neo Aigosthena

Onyxe: Neo Aigosthena? Ew I do not care for that particular city. The citizens are snobby, loud, and trashy at the same time. Not to mention how busy it is as well

Yura: Neo Aigosthena also posses one of the highest crimes rates within Mayland

Othello: A perfect place for one of Janiel's secret members to hide

Okubi: That place is infested with various mob bosses and other illegal activities

Angelina: Hence it high crime rate

Onyxe: I been trying to get that place cleaned up for thirty years already. My servants and I have captured many notorious crime bosses. Currently serving hefty sentences in prison. Yet it seems like for every five crime Lords I put away. Ten more come up in their place. It's so damn annoying

Othello: Well our concern is not of those other crime bosses or whatever other illegal activities is going within Neo Aigosthena. There is only one threat you all should concerned about. A demon by the name Pruflas. 

Okubi: Pruflas The Demon of Corruption

Xiaoyu: Do you know this demon personally?

Okubi: Thankfully I do not, but my mother had told me about him when I was a child. Pruflas is a dangerous individual and to avoid him at all cost. My mother had warned me about many demons, but seem particularly bothered by Pruflas. Almost as if she had a personal encounter with him. I was too young to think anything of it, but now I wonder why was my mother so concerned about this demon? Anyways since he is our newest target. The encounter my mother dreaded can no longer be avoided. I just hope we can take Pruflas out without the entire Neo Aigosthena knowing at it

Onyxe: I hope so as well. Many of the remaining crime lords have been itching to get revenge against me. Even if they can harm my friends. The last thing I want is my enemies targeting any of you

Xiaoyu: If those crooks knows what best for them. They better stay hidden while we go and deal with Pruflas 

Naznim: So only the location of Pruflas is currently known?

Othello: Indeed Miss Sherawat. Course I'm quite sure Pruflas knows the location of the other secret members

Lisa: So pretty much we are going have to hunt each secret member one at a time? 

Angelina: That's sounds like the plan. Once we find and defeat Pruflas. We make him tell us the location of the next hidden Children of Ruin member. We continue doing this until we find Janiel

Anna: Now the question remains. How soon do we go after Pruflas?

Onyxe: After dinner you all are getting proper rest. Tomorrow afternoon we will begin the mission to Neo Aigosthena and take down Pruflas. Course I shall remain in my Castle and send a team consisting of Okubi, Eligos, Xiaoyu, yourself and many more. Also I want you guys to take the train to Neo Aigosthena. I don't think opening a portal there would be wise. I would like this mission to be as low-key as possible

Nara: How low-key is this mission going to be? I mean I'm pretty certain Janiel warned his homeboys about us?

Othello: In theory yes, but unlike his minion. Janiel does not interact with his fellow co founders as often. Therefore their is a good chance this can be a successful surprise attack against Pruflas. Besides if you can take on a Goddess. Pruflas shouldn't be much of a challenge. Then again you did need the help of a spirit to defeat Razel, but I'm sure you fuckers can handle Pruflas. Not like you really have a choice

Onyxe: Well now that we know where to find Pruflas. I can now call for our dinner. EDI! IVELA! Please start bringing out the bowls and plates

 Coming out from the kitchen. The homunculus maids start bringing out the food for the heroes. Once everyone has eaten dinner and gone to bed. Onyxe and Othello still up as Othello prepares for her trip home. Onyxe begins to chat with the Queen of Babylon. Hoping to ask her some more question before she leaves. 

Othello: The dinner was absolutely delicious Onyxe. I especially enjoyed the Mango-Basil Vacherin 

Onyxe: I had my chefs make it specifically for you. I didn't want Apollyn to eat all the desserts lol 

Othello: Perhaps I need to borrow a few of your pastry chefs in the future

Onyxe: No can do. Can't afford them to turn into Darkens

Othello: Oh I forgot they were mortals… a pity

Onyxe: Anyways now that the house is asleep. There is something I want to ask you Othello

Othello: I was just about to open a portal back to the Underworld, but I guess I can spare a you a few more minutes of my precious time. 

Onyxe: I want to know your opinion on the heroes minus Okubi of course

Othello: Is that really it? Onyxe please don't waste my damn time like this. My opinion of them is rather low. However if they are brave enough to fight against Janiel, Pruflas and the other Children of Ruin members. That's honestly all I care about. Besides Hellin is fighting alongside them. I'm certain my daughter will prove invaluable in taking down the Children of Ruin. Even Okubi is good enough if he doesn't allow the darkness within to consume him. Anyways they are good enough for the task of taking down Janiel. Anything else is unimportant

Onyxe: I just feel that I shouldn't rely on them so much. I'm the King after all and I just feel like. I feel like I should be doing a lot more to protect my country

Othello: Oh how naive. Onyxe, you are more than doing your part. Remaining vigilant, housing targeted sages, and assisting my daughter and her allies against the Children of Ruin. No ruler is perfect, but you are doing your very best for your people. I know being a demon ruling over mortals cannot be easy. Even today tension against demons are still high. However you can't allow the naysayers to cause you doubt. Your only concern should be keeping the citizens of Asira safe. That is your job as Mayland's current King

Onyxe: Thank you Queen Othello. I sincerely appreciated the words of encouragement

Othello: I'm glad I could help. Anyways I'm in need of a good fucking. Probably have Admas, Pedro, and Malik gang bang me after a nice bath. Perhaps during the bath. I'll know which when I return to Babylon

Onyxe: Too much information Othello

Othello: Don't be mad because you aren't using your servants to satisfied you sexual needs. Unless of course you're waiting for a certain half demon half lizard to come around?

Onyxe: No no no! I care deeply about James, but he's straight and I long stopped lusting over him. Someday Mr. Right will enter my life. Until then I will focus on being a good King. Anyways Othello thank you once again. Both watching over my Kingdom and sending a team to aid us against Razel

Othello: No need to keep thanking me Onyxe. However only if that prissy bitch isn't afraid to return back into the Underworld. I will like to further Okubi's training. 

Onyxe: Okubi isn't afraid of you Othello. The man just knows you mean him no good. After all you did try to kill him. More than once while he was down in the Underworld with you. 

Othello: I also taught him the Seduction Poses and allowed him to leave Babylon in one piece. Trust if I truly wanted Ophelia's precious son dead. It would had already happened. 

Onyxe: I'll let Okubi know tomorrow before I send him and his team to Neo Aigosthena. Course don't be surprise if he says no and I won't force him to change his mind. Nor will I allow anyone to change it for him

Othello: That's fine by me darling. Anyways I must go. Also before I get going. Is their anything you want me to say to your father. The next time I see him?

Onyxe: Tell him if anything bad happens to Okubi. Due to him placing him under the Demonic Dream Trial. I will personally come after him

Othello: I'll be sure to tell him Onyxe. You can bet on it!

 Othello with a devious smile on her face. Opens a portal back to the Underworld. Less than two minutes after Othello's departure. Onyxe calls out a name

Onyxe: Xiaoyu please come out and stand before me

 Xiaoyu wearing a see through peach color nightgown. Comes from behind the hallway and stands before Onyxe

Xiaoyu: I didn't mean to eavesdrop on your conversation with Othello. I was exiting the bathroom and was returning to my room. Then I heard Othello and you talking and decided to listen. I meant nothing by it

Onyxe: I know you trust me Xiaoyu as I do you. It's Othello you were really listening on. However I hope you know Othello was also aware you were listening to our conversation

Xiaoyu: She's a demon after all. Your kind has very good sense of hearing and smell. I would be shocked if she didn't. I also don't want Okubi going anywhere with that woman

Onyxe: That isn't you choice to make Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu: Onyxe you said it yourself. Othello tried to kill Okubi the last time he went to the Underworld. I just don't want that snake of a woman try to harm my friend again

Onyxe: I feel the same way Xiaoyu, but I feel Othello's reasons for wanting Okubi to return is a lot different than before. My father and Eligos did something to Okubi that wasn't suppose to happen. Now Okubi carries a power that can ultimately consume him. Turning him into a threat none of us maybe prepared to face.

Xiaoyu: We need a resolution Onyxe, but I also believe in Okubi. Despite what the DDT did to Okubi. I believe in Okubi's will to best any odds against him

Onyxe: I do as well Xiaoyu. Anyways I'm ready to catch some Z's

Xiaoyu: Me too. See you tomorrow your majesty

Onyxe: Goodnight Miss Xiaoyu

Meanwhile while watching both Onyxe and Xiaoyu heading to their beds. Using his powers to mask his presence. Okubi and Eligos had listen to their friends conversation. Eligos looks at Okubi with deep regret in his eyes. Holding his spirit servant softly in his hands. Okubi begins to speak

Okubi: I'm not afraid of falling into despair. I just pray if I do end up losing control over myself. I pray that my friends are strong enough to destroy me before I can destroy them. Nothing more and nothing less

Eligos: If you should be hurt. I will be blamed

Three days ago a Marshal from Japan had arrived to Mayland. The young woman by the name Akuma Futanari. Had traveled to Mayland in order to find a man by the name Yamakagashi Satomi. Based on her knowledge of Mayland, Futanari had traveled all the way to Neo Aigosthena. Learning about the cities high crime rate. Futanari was certain she'll find Yamakagashi hidden within this place. Having allowed Yamakagashi to escape her before. Futanari would be damned to allow it to happen again. Standing in the middle of the busy streets of Neo Aigosthena. Futanari pointed her right hand out and shouted

Futanari: Yamakagashi! Ready or not here I come!


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