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Dream Of Dread


Shortly after eavesdropping on King Onyxe conversation with both Othello and Xiaoyu. Okubi along with Eligos decide to go to bed. Despite hearing the concern about Okubi's new found powers from his friends. Okubi quickly removes his night gown. Laying his naked caramel colored body on his satin lavender bed. Floating two inches about his Master's head. Eligos looks down on Okubi with concern and regret in his eyes. The Demon Spirit never meant to betray his Master. Cursing him with a power so great. It may slowly transform him into a evil being with unstoppable powers. Eligos along with Knox intentions were to make Okubi so power. That even if Mastema was released from Forbidden. Okubi would posses enough power to take down the Demon Lord. Instead there actions have endangered both Okubi and his allies. Sensing his servant concern for him. Okubi reluctantly opens his eyes and faces Eligos

Okubi: There is nothing you can do now Eligos. Neither you or I can go back and time. Making sure I never underwent the Dark Dream Trial. I already forgiven your betrayal and I would like to continue having you by my side. I promise I won't succumb to the negative effects of my new found powers. Now please go to sleep

Eligos: But Master Okubi how can you be so sure? Why haven't you yet to punished me?

Okubi: First I won't allow myself to become a victim to despair. Second I often abused you for just floating the wrong way. Prior to these last few months. I was a horrible Master to you Eligos. Most Demon Spirits would had rather drifted aimlessly in the Underworld. Than having served an individual like myself. Furthermore your reasons you had betrayed me. Weren't out of malicious intentions.  It's just unfortunate you didn't believe in my enough. Instead you went behind my back and had Onyxe's father Knox. Place me under the Demonic Dream Trial. Now I posses premature for a demon of my age. Powers that can potentially turn me into an unstable being overtime. However despite the danger your actions have placed me in. The love I have for you is stronger than any hardship one can imagine. Furthermore I see this more as a blessing than a curse. Should I manage not to fall into despair. I now posses a power that rivals most Demon Lords. Along with Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and the others. I'm now certain of our chances of defeating Janiel and what remains of The Children of Ruin. I just hope it doesn't end with me being Asira's newest threat. Anyways there is no need for you to keep feeling guilty. The past cannot be changed. Let's just hope for a better future. Now I command you Eligos. Please go to sleep

Eligos: Well despite the fact I still feel like shit. It pleases me to know you genuinely love me Master

Okubi: Indeed I do my loyal servant. Now to bed with you

Eligos: Master Okubi just one more thing?

Okubi: What now Eligos?

Eligos: May I please sleep within your body tonight?

Okubi: Fine but do not disturb my dream or else. Now please for goodness sakes. Let me go to sleep

 Watching anxiously as Okubi closes his eyes. Eligos swiftly enters his Master's body. Minutes after entering Okubi's mind and body. Eligos found himself inside of a temple. Whenever Eligos had enter inside of Okubi's dreams. The Demon Spirit was use to seeing Okubi dreaming about either his past battles or the death of his mother. Course it's been months since the last time Eligos had slept within his Master's body. Roaming through the mysterious temple. Eligos spots a mysterious figure wearing a cerulean cloak. Eligos first believed it was just Okubi venturing through his dream. Considering his master's current wardrobe is also cerulean.

 However Eligos then remembers something very important. Regardless what Okubi would wear in the living world. Every time Eligos had entered inside of his Master's dreams. Okubi's clothing were always either black or hot pink. Never once did Okubi appeared in cerulean clothing in his dreams. While not wanting to interfere in his Master's dream. Eligos felt compelled to pursue to mysterious cloak figure. Following the cloak figure throughout the temple. Only for the cloak figure to suddenly vanish from his sights. Moments after having lost sight of the cloak figure. Eligos encounters Okubi standing in the center of the temple. Dressed in black Okubi stands before five sinisterly looking coffins. Noticing Eligos floating inches behind him. An annoyed Okubi turns to confrot his servant

Okubi: ELIGOS! What are you doing following me? I told you not to interfere in my dream

Eligos: Master Okubi I wasn't following you. Stumbling upon you was sheer luck. I was actually chasing after a figure wearing a cerulean cloak

Okubi: Eligos! The person wearing the cerulean cloak is obviously apart of my dream. Now exit my body so. In order to spare myself anymore spoilers.

Eligos: And what of those sinisterly looking coffins in front of you?

Okubi: I'll learn about them in due time. Now leave my body Eligos before I get really pissed off!

???: No Eligos stay exactly where you are

 Hearing the voice of a yet known figure. Stepping from behind the temple walls. Standing before Okubi and Eligos appeared a mysterious figure. Wearing a majestic cerulean colored cloak. Eligos hurries towards Okubi. Sticking out his right hand. Okubi grabs Eligos and places him next to him. Now focusing their attentions on the mysterious figure. Okubi with anger in his voice begins to speak.

Okubi: Who are you and what do you want?

Cerulean Cloak: I have came to slain the one who have brought upon your damnation. That being your pitiful servant of a demon spirit

Eligos: Is that Cerulean Cloak figured your subconscious Master Okubi? I knew you were still mad at me. Not to say that I blame you

Okubi: FOOL! I'm very pissed off with you, but it has zero to do with the Demonic Dream Trial. That Cloak Figure does not speak for me

Cerulean Cloak: No Young Lord Okubi, I do not speak for you. However I cannot ignore your servant's betrayal. Eligos's actions has put both your friends and most certainly your life in jeopardy. Now I must eliminate your traitor of a servant

Eligos: Master Okubi please protect me

Okubi: Don't be a jackass Eligos. Unlike the Demonic Dream Trial. Neither of us can be harmed. This is just a normal dream after all. Well normal-ish

Cerulean Cloak: If you believe this a simple dream. A dream where you control the outcome. Let me tell you now that your sadly mistaken Lord Okubi

 The Cerulean Cloak figure holds out it's left hand. Okubi looks down at Eligos. Only for his servant to vanish from his hands. Appearing less than a second later into the Cloak Figure's left hand

Okubi: ELIGOS!

Cerulean Cloak: Now do you realize this is more than a mere dream? Anyways it's time I do away with you traitor

Eligos: Master Okubi! I can't break free from this creature's grip. It must be a Spirit Toucher like yourself

Cerulean Cloak: A servant that betrays it's master is unworthy of any form of life. I will poof you from existence immediately


 Fearing losing his dearest friend and servant Eligos. Okubi's body becomes surrounded in a sinister red, blue, and black miasma. Okubi's face and body begins to change. Taking on a more demonic appearance. Staring towards the Cloak Figure with venom in his eyes. Okubi unleashes a powerful scream from his mouth. A scream so powerful it paralyzes the Cloak Figure. Okubi still in his demonic state. Summons his beloved ice rapier into his right hand. However before Okubi can prepare for an attack. The Cloak Figure begins to speak once again

Cerulean Cloak: OKUBI THAT'S ENOUGH!

 Hearing the voice of the Cloak Figure. Not only is it a voice of a woman. It's the voice of Okubi's deceased mother Ophelia. While Okubi remains on his guard. Slowly reverting back to his humane state. Eligos now freed of "Ophelia". The Demon Spirit hurries back to his Master's side. The effects of Okubi's vicious scream having worn off. Ophelia removed the hood off her head. Revealing her snow white face.

Okubi: Mother… but how? Even when I use to dream about you. Dreaming about what I done to you. Never once did you feel as real as you do now before me.

Ophelia: Back at Gore Stadium where you battled my clone Cordelia. After Cordelia was first destroyed in battle. I had inhabited my clone's body. Turning her against Othello and Mihsohi. Allowing your friends and you to escape. After I destroyed my artificial body. I immediately went into hiding.  Allowing my Spiritual Form enough time to recover. Afterwards I return to Asira in order to find you. Once I found you along with your friends. I followed you while keeping myself hidden. In order not to disturb you on your mission to Coram. Once your friends and you finished business in Coram. While you in a deep sleep. I watched Eligos betray you. before my very eyes. Eligos had summoned Knox, the father of King Onyxe int your room. I helplessly watched Knox place your body and soul under the Dark Dream Trial. While you had managed to survive the deadly trial. The consequences of your survival wasn't exactly good. While you were rewarded with great powers. The powers you currently possess is also a curse. Not only are your powers beyond your years as a demon. The powers you have put your body and mind at risk. It's a deadly side effect known as Despair. Which you are currently under. Watching Knox put you through such a dangerous trial. I wanted to attack both Eligos and Knox. However even if I was fully alive. I wouldn't stand a chance against Knox. Unfortunately as a Demon Spirit. I'm not able to harm either of them in the physical plane. However inside of your body. The very place Eligos often enters when you sleep. I'm able to access my physical form. One that would allow me to kill Eligos for his misdeed. I would had been succeeded in killing him too. However I failed to consider how much you loved your servant.

Okubi: Mother I appreciate your intentions. However I'm Eligos's Master and no one else. Once you seen that I had forgiven Eligos for his misdeed. Why did you feel the need to enter my mind. In order to kill my beloved servant?

Ophelia: My son you have not fully grasp what the Demonic Dream Trial has done to you

Okubi: No mother I know what it has done. It's gave me something I on my own may have never achieved. I also know this new powers of mines put both my friends and I in grave danger. Course that's only if I fail to get them under control. I have no intention of failing

Ophelia: That's the same thing your father said. Right before he was killed by the dragon. Sacrificing himself to save the people of Asira.

Okubi: Things were different back then mother. Father made a selfless choice. Ensuring the safety of Asira by sacrificing himself. The very same thing I will do. Should my powers attempt to drag me into despair.

Ophelia: You are already under the effects of despair. It's just hasn't fully taken over your mind

Okubi: Nor will I allow it to do so mother

Ophelia: ENOUGH! It's seem my words alone aren't enough to make you realize. The danger that lies ahead of you. First I want that traitorous servant of yours to leave your body this instant! I will like to you alone Okubi

Eligos: Master Okubi?

Okubi: You heard my mother Eligos... LEAVE! Also do not wake up a single soul within the castle. Disobey my orders and the consequences will be dire. Do I make myself clear?

Eligos: Loud and clear Master Okubi

 Eligos exits out of Okubi's body. Leaving only Ophelia and himself. Now alone with Okubi. Ophelia continues her conversation with her son

Ophelia: Okubi may you turn your attentions back to the coffins. Those five coffins are called Dread Coffins. In each coffins represents a demonic transformation. Caused by whatever dark emotion you are feeling. Each transformation being worst than the last

 Immediately following his mother's orders. Okubi turns around and sees five sinisterly design coffins before him. Each coffin having a different symbol placed on top of them. Ophelia begins explaining what each coffin represents

Ophelia: The coffins have a very sinister but unique design to them. They also have a symbol on top of them. Each symbol representing the demon you will become. The first coffin to the left represents the Avenger! The first of many forms you're doomed to become. The Avenger represents unbound rage within you. The second coffin is the Incubus! Representing your most darkest desires. The remaining three coffins are Sorrowful, Loveless, and finally Despair! While the first four forms are inevitable. There is a chance you can avoid transforming into your Despair Form. Unfortunately the chances of that happening are very slim

Okubi: What happens if I end up turning into my Despair Form?

Ophelia: That means you soul has turned completely black. Transforming you into a demon without a sense of right and wrong. The only thing you will know is destruction. Meaning you will not only be a threat to your enemies. Both your friends and the rest of Asira will also be at your mercy. That is why I wished Eligos never allowed Knox to put you under the Dark Dream Trial. Sadly it's already too late. Unless you are able to overcome your curse. The very world you fight to protect. Shall become the very world you fight to destroy

Okubi: Mother while what you're saying about my curse troubles me. I cannot allow it to stop me from saving Asira. Nor will I allow it to transform me into some heartless monster. There is too much at stake for me to fail. I cannot allow Janiel to fulfill his dark ambitions. Instead of allowing my curse powers to consume me. I will use them to bring an end to The Children of Ruin

Ophelia: Speaking about The Children of Ruin. There something I need to tell you about Pruflas

Okubi: I already know he's the Don of Neo Aigosthena. Along with him being a very powerful demon. I'm well aware of what I'm up against mother

Ophelia: That's true Okubi and I believe you are capable of defeating Pruflas. Especially now that you have your curse powers. However there's more to Pruflas than you realize. Not only is he one of the founding members of The Children of Ruin. Pruflas and I were once very close

Okubi: Close in what way mother?

Ophelia: Prior to meeting and marrying your father. Pruflas and I were once lovers. However despite his very charming ways. Pruflas was a typical demon. Desiring power and harming those who stood in his way. The only exception to his fury being me. After I married your father and gave birth to you. I planned on severing ties with Pruflas. Unfortunately things weren't as simple as I hoped. In spite of no longer having a sexual relationship with me.  Pruflas threaten to harm both your father and you. If I had abandon him altogether. While I was confident in your father's abilities to defeat him. I couldn't risk putting you in danger Okubi. Therefore I remained in contact with Pruflas. Shortly after your father's death. Along with our return to the Underworld. I became extremely depress and felt alone. Once Pruflas learned about your father's demise. Pruflas took advantage of my emotions. Eventually causing me to restart our affair. I'm so sorry Okubi I wasn't strong enough to resist his advances

Okubi: It's okay mother. It's not like you cheated on dad. I knew you were depressed but I never imagined it was that bad. I thought the two of us being together was enough. Obviously I was wrong. Sorry I didn't notice how lonely you were mother. I wish I could had done more for you. Especially considering how things ended between us.

Ophelia: Okubi please do not blame yourself for my poor decisions. Even if I was at a very emotional state. I knew dealing with Pruflas wouldn't end well for me.  Nor should you still be feeling guilty for kill me. I know if wasn't easy son but you did the right thing. I couldn't be any prouder of you for being such a hero. Nevertheless I wish the encounter between Pruflas and you could be avoided. Sadly you along with your friends. Have been tasked with eliminating the members of The Children of Ruin. A group of demons I was very familiar with prior to my death. If only I had decided to stop them sooner. Perhaps so many innocent sages would still be alive

Okubi: I should had known you knew about The Children of Ruin long before they took action. Anyways Mother would you mind telling me what caused you to go insane that day?

Ophelia: Sadly I'm not ready to tell you. What was the cause of my insanity. However I promise you will find out soon enough. I just fear the day that happens. It doesn't send you off the edge. Especially considering I played a role in my downfall. Anyways my beloved son. I have to return to the Underworld. However before I exit from your body. Allow me to place your trouble mind. Inside of a beautiful dream

Okubi: Mother before you go. Will you be accompanying my friends and I to Neo Aigosthena? I know you spiritual connection to this world isn't nearly as strong as Eligos. However even just for a short time. Having you by my side would make a world of difference to me

Ophelia: Much as I would love to travel alongside you Okubi. In order for you to grow strong on your own. I cannot allow you to become use to my presence. Even if I'm just a Demon Spirit. However I will be checking in on you from time. It's the very least I can do. Now--

Okubi: Mother before you go. There is something I want to tell you. I promise you and I will be together again. Also from the very bottom of my heart. I want to tell you thank you. Even though your death still hurts. It's thanks to you that I was able to grow. It took me years to get over your lost. The day I was forced to kill you. A huge part of me died alongside you. Even after Eligos stopped me from killing myself. Due to the anger and sadness inside of my heart. I treated everyone with disgust and rage. Poor Eligos who stood by my side for more than two centuries. I treated him the worst of all. Now that I thank about it. I didn't deserve someone as loyal to me as Eligos. The abuse he endured because of me. Just because he understood I was hurting on the inside. I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for him. Which is why even after he allowed Knox to curse me. I cannot help but feel no anger towards him. Instead I'm thankfully Eligos had such faith in me. I will my newfound curse powers and take down The Children of Ruin. Between the power within myself. Along with the support of my friends. I will not succumb to my curse. Anyways It's time for us to say goodbye for now. Until we meet again mother. I love you

Ophelia: I love you too Okubi. Yet in spite of my fears. I trust that you will not only defeat The Children of Ruin. I have faith you will overcome the curse that's been placed upon you. Now my precious son. May you have a wonderful night of sleep. Until we meet again my prince

 Ophelia walks over to Okubi. Wrapping her arms around him and kisses his head. Okubi hugs his mother back as she begins to fade away. Once Ophelia exited from his body. Returning to the Underworld. Okubi's mind slips into a beautiful dream


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