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Forbidden Chapter 44

Forbidden Chapter Forty Four

Party Crasher

  A few minutes past ten. While Okubi, Eligos, and Angelina hide within a nearby ally. The trio spot a young silver haired Japanese woman. Walking down 110th Street and Marco Avenue. Making her way towards the Urban Pythons Nightclub. The young woman is wearing a short satin red dress. Showing off her lovely figure. A big difference to the combat outfit she wore earlier. Back when Okubi and Eligos had first spotted her. Not only was she wearing a dress. Appropriate for the club scene. The woman's hair was also nicely perm. Unlike the unruly hair she had hours before. Angelina doing her best to hide her annoyance. Turns to Okubi and starts to question him

Angelina: So Okubi how long have Eligos and you been following this little girl?

Eligos: Geez Angelina. you make Master Okubi and I sound like perverts

Angelina: I didn't mean it that way Eligos. I just am wondering why is she such of importance?

Okubi: I'm not 100% sure but the moment I spotted this woman. I sense she was looking for someone. After Eligos and I began to follow her throughout Neo Aigosthena. The both of us learned she's a Marshal from Japan

Angelina: A Shogun how interesting. Although the fact she's from Japan irritates me greatly

Eligos: Is your hate towards your own people really that extreme?

 Angelina turns and looks directly at Eligos. Giving him a the nastiest stare he's ever seen from her. Not wanting to further anger Angelina. Eligos wisely decides to be silent Angelina then focuses her attention onto Okubi

Okubi: Do forgive Eligos's ignorance Angelina. Unlike the two of us. Eligos doesn't know what it's like to be treated like an outcast. Amongst your own people. 

Angelina: It's nice to have a friend that understands my pain and anger. Anyways what is this lovely girl's name Okubi?

Okubi: Such lovely use of sarcasm Angelina. Her name is Akuma Futanari age seventeen. Currently searching from a runaway crook from Japan. That's all I was able to learn from her. The young girl surprisingly was aware someone was following her. Thankfully she didn't spot Eligos or I. Although she came real close. Thanks to someone's momentarily clumsiness

Eligos: My apologizes again Master Okubi. Anyways let's re focus on Ms. Akuma please

 While the trio continue to hide within the nearby ally. Futanari joins the long line of patrons. Waiting to enter the nightclub. The door to Urban Pythons was guarded by two muscular security guards. One was a regular mortal. A tall a well built man. Wearing a band around his left arm. Indicating his skills in the art of Systema. The other security guard was a species known as Beast Being. Half Alligator and half human. Standing five inches taller than his fellow security guard. Equally muscular and slightly more frightening. Okubi, Eligos, and Angelina watched in silence. While the guards began letting in patrons with a certain look. Rejecting the others harshly who didn't meet the club's criteria. Only ten customers left before Futanari reached the door. Despite her dislike for the young Shogun. Angelina secretly worried about her chances of entering the club. Okubi and Eligos easily sensed Angelina's concern.

Okubi: No need to worry yourself Angelina. The girl is certainly no rookie to these types of situations

Angelina: I'm most certainly not worried about the silver haired shogun. I just don't think she stands a chance entering that club. Not only is she a minor. Even if she posses a fake I.D. Those two brutes will definitely be able to tell it's fake. If her target is behind those club doors. That girl is going to have to figure out another way in. Otherwise we'll be force to intervene

Okubi: Let's see how far she can get first without our intervention. 

 After seven of the ten customers before her were let inside the club. Futanari was finally face to face with the two security guards. The two brutish men looked down at Futanari. Staring at her with intimidating looks in their eyes. Attempting to scare the young woman away. However not only was Futanari unfazed by their mean appearance. The young Shogun responded with a heartfelt smile. Keeping calm the storm that raged within her. Realizing simple intimidation wasn't going to work. The pure mortal security guard began to speak

Security Guard #1: Do you take us for fools little girl? My friend and I know you're not twenty one years of age. Now do us both a favor and get lost

Futanari: But don't I look pretty in this sexy red satin dress? It really does show off my assets right?

Security Guard #2: My friend said SCAM girl! We don't want any problems, but if you don't get out of our sight in the next five seconds. I'll be force to break an arm or two

Futanari: Okay okay okay! Why you guys gotta be so mean?

 Futanari covers her faces with her hands. Turning her back to the guards as she starts to "cry".

Angelina: Well she gave it her best shot. Sadly those guards were too experience for her. Now if she will quick the damn crying act

Okubi: At least you recognized she's only fake crying

Angelina: Well duh I'm a demon. I know a fake cry when I hear it. Even if her particular cry is rather convincing. Those guards won't be sway by her tears

Okubi: Oh if only that were her intentions. Now let's just watch and see Ms. Akuma in action

 The security irritated by the young woman's cries. Decide to handle things the physical way. Both men start to approach Futanari. Seconds before the half Alligator brute can lay a hand on her. Futanari turns around and opens her mouth. Releasing a silver purple mist from her mouth onto the guards. Less than three seconds after inhaling the mist. The two security guards begin making out. Kissing each other with passion and touching each other's asses. Angelina watches in shock how easily Futanari death with the guards. While the guards run off to find somewhere to fuck. Futanari pulls the club door open and enters. 

Okubi: Clever girl Miss Futanari Akuma. Now this is where things get real interesting. Angelina if both Futanari's intuition and my guest is right. Futanari's target is somewhere inside of the nightclub. We will remain alert until it's time to act. In the meantime we just observe with our ears

 Now inside of the nightclub. Futanari begins looking around for any sign of Yamakagashi or his goons. Instead Futanari finds herself surrounded in a crowd of drunks and lovers. While Futanari is certainly no prude. The sight of people drinking without caution and touching each other without discretion. Futanari decides to quickly remove herself from the dance floor. Making her way towards the bar. Once seated on an empty stool chair. Futanari was greeted by one of the bar tenders. A tall caffe' mocha skin colored male. Wearing a thin gray shirt that complemented his physic. Along with blue jeans and black sneakers. Staring into the man's honey brown eyes. Immediately Futanari knew the man was aware of her age. The Shogun feared her covered would be blown. However before Futanari could utter a single word. The man sat across from her. Giving Futanari a warm smile. Ensuring her that he wasn't going to blow her cover. At least not yet anyways. The man then introduced himself as Gregory. Futanari introduce herself as well. The two then shook one another's hand. Now properly introduced to one another. Gregory began to speak to the young Shogun

Gregory: So young lady. May I ask why is a minor doing in a nightclub?

Futanari: Well I'm a Shogun… a Marshal from Japan. I came to Mayland in order to find a wanted criminal from my homeland


Futanari: Will you lower your voice!

Gregory: My apologizes young lady. It's just the thoughts of a criminal being inside of my club. Really spooks the shit out of me. I know this club attract some shady people, but never did I imagine a real criminal being here

Futanari: You'll be surprise what kind of people lurks in these places

Gregory: My Uncle is going to be so pissed when he finds out

Futanari: Perhaps it's nothing to be worried about. Did you happened to see a Japanese man with a scar?

Gregory: A scar on the left side of his face right?

Futanari: That's definitely my target Satomi Yamakagashi. Did he come alone?

Gregory: No he along with several men had came in about an hour ago. They paid one of my Uncle's staff members for the V.I.P. section

Futanari: Where is the V.I.P. section located?

Gregory: In the far left end of the bar and above the bar

 Gregory points up above Futanari and him. Showing the Shogun the location of the second V.I.P. room above them. Futanari gives a quick look above her. Checking to see any suspicious people within the room. Futanari then returns her attention to Gregory.

Gregory: So while I don't know how Shogun laws work in Mayland. Will I be obligated to take you to the V.I.P. area? Hopefully you'll be able to nab your perp without causing a scene?

Futanari: Highly doubtful and I don't wish to put you in further danger. In the meantime just make me a non alcoholic drink and a cheese burger. I'll just keep my eyes open for any suspicious characters. Just continue to act like everything is normal

Gregory: By the way Futanari? Are you skilled in any form of combat or magic?

Futanari: Both thankfully, but I prefer to use my fist. Nothing more pleasurable than pounding flesh with one's knuckles. Well that and a episode of Kylie Kylie Rairakku!

Gregory: Oh wow talk about cool. It's not everyday I meet a fellow fan of Kylie Kylie Rairakku. Well it helps that you're from Japan. Anyways let me go make you a nice Blood Orange Smoothie and that cheeseburger you asked for. I'll be back in about twenty minutes

Futanari: Please make sure my burger is well done. I do not like the taste of blood

Gregory: Well you aren't a demon so I guess not lol. Anyways stay on the look out

Futanari: Vigilant is my middle name. I'm just glad I finally tracked down my target. Once I deal with Yamakagashi. I can get back home to my normal life

 Gregory quickly removes himself from the stool. Heading towards the kitchen to prepare Futanari's food. Once Gregory was no longer in view. Futanari turned her attention onto the active crowd. Searching through the mass crowd of people. Futanari spotted two women walking towards the lower V.I.P. area. Calmly removing herself from her stool. Futanari begins walking towards the V.I.P. area. Meanwhile inside of the upper V.I.P. area. Crime Lord Satomi Yamakagashi and his hired men. Had returned from the bathroom and brought a few women with them. Drugs and drinks on the table. Yamakagashi and his men had all the entertainment they needed. Everyone was enjoying themselves except for Yamakagashi. While smoking on his cigar. Yamakagashi couldn't help the feeling someone was looking for him. A someone he had escaped not too long ago. That person his arch nemesis the Shogun Futanari Akuma. There last encounter Yamakagashi had barely escaped. Not only did he had to rely on the help of his henchmen. The Drug Lord was completely powerless to combat the deadly Shogun. Fortunately upon his arrival to Neo Aigosthena within the country Mayland. The Drug Lord had meet a powerful demon. The same demon that rules this entire state. Despite the best efforts of Mayland's current King. After pledging his allegiance to the Demon Ruler of Neo Aigosthena. Yamakagashi was rewarded with a great power of his own. A power the Drug Lord tends to use to annihilate his nemesis. The next time they come face to face.

 Making her way through the crowd. Futanari felt a hand slap her ass. Fighting the desire not to punch whoever slapped her ass. Through the ceiling of the nightclub. Futanari simply turned around and said to her ass slapper. "Please do not touch my ass again! The next drunk or horn dog that slaps my ass. Will know pain beyond their wildest fantasies" While majority of the crowd ignored Futanari's threat. The one responsible for slapping Futanari's butt. Decided to not dare make the same mistake twice. Pushing her way through the rest of the crowd. Futanari was only a few inches away from the V.I.P. room. Once standing in front of exotic curtains to the V.I.P. area. Futanari heard the sounds of people having sex. Well the sound of two men having sex to be exact. Futanari not wanting to risk being caught. Furthermore the ideal that Yamakagashi being a homosexual highly unlikely. However Futanari was also a firm believer of "expect the unexpected". Taking a few small breaths. Futanari gently places a hand on the curtain. Slowly pulling the curtain apart. The Shogun is witnessed a sexual encounter. Between a handsome vanilla skin male mortal. Being fucked by a muscular man. One who possessed both human and Agama features. Witnessing a human and beast being having sex wasn't disturbing enough. The two women who had entered the V.I.P. room earlier. Were recording the sexual encounter taking place. Disgusted by what she had witnessed. Futanari quickly placed a hand over her mouth. Fighting off the desire to vomit. The Shogun quickly closed the curtain. Making her way back towards the bar. Less then a minute after returning to her stool. Gregory had emerged from the kitchen. Holding a plate with Cheeseburger, french fries, and a lemon cheesecake with his right hand. In his left hand Futanari's Blood Orange Smoothie. Futanari could not wait to eat her food

Gregory: I threw in the cheesecake out of kindness. The total for your meal is fifteen dollars

Futanari: I'll give you the money right away. Just please hand me my food. I haven't had any chance to eat today. I could really use the energy boast

 Futanari handed Gregory the required payment for her dinner. Then immediately began eating her cheeseburger. Gregory having no one else to serve at the moment. Took a seat next to her.

Gregory: By the way I forgot to tell you. A porno is being recorded in the lower V.I.P. section.

Futanari: Gee thanks

Gregory: It was an honest mistake. Nothing like the knowing a criminal has entered your Uncle's club. Along with a minor Shogun from Japan managing to get inside. Exactly how did you get past my Uncle's security guards anyways?

Futanari: Do you really want to know?

Gregory: Eh it's not that important. Considering the potential dangers that lies ahead. I would tell everyone to leave, but that will obviously draw attention to your perp. Yet I don't want anyone to get hurt or worst

Futanari: I'll try my best to control the situation, but if anyone ends up being hurt. The blame will be on me. Don't put that on your conscious

Gregory: Easier said than done. Anyways did you see any suspicious activities at all?

Futanari: Nothing yet but I'm certain that's all about to change very shortly. Once I finish my dinner. I'm heading upstair to the other V.I.P. area. Hopefully I can take care of Yamakagashi and his henchmen up there. Without anyone down here becoming a casualty

Gregory: Asira I hope so

Yamakagashi: Damn this place is a fucking bore. The Demon Lord says this is one of the best nightclubs in Neo Aigosthena. I personally seen better in my homeland. I cannot wait until midnight gets here.

Henchman #1: Why don't you relax a bit and come get yourself a blow job?

Yamakagashi: I'm not the type to enjoy sexual relations amongst people. Besides I'm not in the mood to get my cock suck. I just can't shake off this feeling that someone is coming for me

Sia: If someone was following you boss. Wouldn't you had spotted them by now? I mean you look at the window like ten minutes ago. Along with the fact that no one has entered inside for the past forty minutes. Perhaps your mind is playing tricks on you

Yamakagashi: I highly doubt that Sia

Bella: Well if you think my sister may be wrong my dear. Perhaps give a final gander below. Make sure to look carefully

Henchman #2: If you don't see the Shogun bitch this time. You gotta let these girls suck your cock

Yamakagashi: You'll suck my cock if you don't shut the fuck up!

Henchman #2: Sounds like an invitation

 Taking Bella's advice. Yamakagashi looks down once more through the V.I.P. room window. Observing everything from below him. Futanari while taking a final sip of her smoothie. The Shogun looks up into the upper V.I.P. room. Immediately locking eyes with her nemesis Yamakagashi. The Drug Lord having spotted Futanari from below. Both Futanari and Yamakagashi are consumed with emotions of both relief and anger. Yamakagashi then turns to his henchmen. Wearing a sinister smile across his face. Knowing unlike his foolish henchmen. The Drug Lord's intuition has never failed him. Now with her target having been spotted. Futanari signals for Gregory to hide. The Shogun prepares herself for the inevitable battle against Yamakagashi and his henchmen

Yamakagashi: I KNEW THE BITCH WOULD FIND ME! Fuck each and everyone of you for doubting my intuition. Sia and Bella you stay with me until I say otherwise. The rest of you fuckers. Get your asses down there and KILL THAT SILVER HAIRED BITCH!

 The henchmen quickly push the women from off them. Pull up their pants and draws. They then grab their weapons and break through the V.I.P. room window. Immediately everyone on the dance floor and the bartenders break into a panic. Futanari quickly leaps off of her chair. Moving seconds before the henchmen land on the bar table. Wielding their guns, swords, and bats. The henchmen are prepare to kill Futanari. They will regret ever having challenged her

Futanari: Let the games begin

 Futanari activates her magic Alnilam. Allowing to access terrifying level of strength and durability. The Shogun is fully prepare for combat. The henchmen charge at Futanari with deadly intentions. One by one as the henchmen approach her. Blocking their blades and dodging their bullets. Futanari answers with deadly punches and kicks. Taking out each henchmen that stood before her. While Futanari is battling against the opposing henchmen. Two henchmen decides to stand in front of the nightclub door. Blocking any of the club goers attempts to escape

Henchmen #16: Unless you fuckers want to get cut down. I suggest you back the hell up!

Henchmen #17: No one is getting out of this club. Until we finish off our target

 Futanari noticing the henchmen blocking the door. Delivers a powerful kick to the henchmen before him. Sending him crashing to the wall. Futanari then leaps into the air. Targeting the two henchmen blocking the door

Futanari: Son of bitches! Leave those innocent people alone! GUST KNUCKLE!

 Charging a fearsome amount of energy in her right fist. Futanari unleashes a powerful burst of winds towards the henchmen. The attack moving quicker than the henchmen can react. Futanari attack not only takes the henchmen out. The attack breaks down the nightclub door. Allowing the club goers to exit out safely. Hiding in the ally outside of the club. Okubi, Eligos, and Angelina see Urban Python's door being broke down. Allowing them to see some of the action happening inside

Angelina: Looks like the Shogun could use some help

Okubi: Stay right by my side Angelina. Futanari can handle those pathetic henchmen. I let you know when the Shogun needs your assistance. In the meantime let the girl do her thing

 Futanari continues her fight with what remains of Yamakagashi's henchmen. Each powerful blow at a time. Futanari has eliminated all of the henchmen. The young Shogun then turns her attention over to Yamakagashi and his two remaining henchmen

Futanari: Ready to send your dolls to play? Unless you're ready to get this work yourself?

Yamakagashi: I may have not been prepared for you back in Japan. However I'm not the same man you failed to captured. Not only have I become more stronger than before. These two lovely ladies right beside me. Posses the necessary skills to wipe trash like you out!

Futanari: I like to see those lolita bitches try

Yamakagashi: As you wish arrogant cunt! Bella! Sia! Bring me that arrogant bitch's head!

Bella: It's that time sister

Sia: Let's how long it takes to break this toy

 The sisters Bella and Sia leap down from the upper V.I.P. room. Dropping down gracefully before Futanari. Both sister dressed in lolita fashion. Bella who had long purple hair. Wearing a metallic gray bow on top. Finger nails painted red with black tips. Wearing a red and black lolita colored dress. Sia the younger sister had long light yellow hair. Wearing a metallic sky blue colored bow. Light blue finger nails with ivory tips. Also wearing a lolita dress, but blue and white instead. Staring at Futanari with their doll like eyes. The assassin pull out their weapons. Bella wielding a Japanese Sword and Sia holding nun chucks. Despite sensing the sister's auras. Futanari doesn't feel the need to "transform" yet. The Shogun stands confident her current powers can defeat the sisters assassins

Yamakagashi: Why don't you do your little hair transformation?

Futanari: Fucking snitch! Besides why use such power on these fragile creatures? I wouldn't want to accidentally break the poor things. I mean more than necessary

Bella: Holding back on us?

Sia: We'll make sure you regret it

 The sister swiftly make their way towards Futanari. Already in her combat stance. Futanari is ready for any incoming attacks. Bella swipes at Futanari with her sword. Only for Futanari to completely dodge her attack. Sia quickly leaps into the air. Dropping down towards Futanari with her nun chucks. Futanari perform a back flip. Avoiding Sia's attack as well. The Shogun then maneuvers herself towards the sisters. Futanari begins unleashing deadly strikes at them. Bella and Sia manages to defend against most of Futanari's attack. However once Futanari performs the technique SHOCK PUNCH! The sisters are hit with a burst of electric energy. Sending them both crashing hard to the ground. Despite being hit by such a powerful attack. Neither sister is close to being defeated. Futanari watches cockily as Bella and Sia rises from the ground

Futanari: This is my only offer creepy doll looking bitches! Scram now and I'll forget all about your transgression. Otherwise prepare for a beating of a lifetime

Sia: Close combat against this girl is futile. Time for us to use our magic

Bella: I couldn't agree more Sia

Yamakagashi: The sisters were going easy on you Futanari. Now that you really piss them off. They will unleash their deadly magical powers upon you. Not even the strength in your fist will be enough to combat the elements. Now my pretty little dolls… FINISH THAT BITCH OFF!

 Bella and Sia hold each others hands. Bella's body becomes surrounded in a red and black aura. While Sia's is surrounded in a blue and ivory aura. Having activated their magical powers. The sister release hands and prepare to combat Futanari



 Bella creates a blast of fire and dark energy. While Sia unleashes a stream of water and light energy. Both of the sister's attack aiming towards Futanari. Quickly crossing both her arms in front of her. Futanari blocks the fearsome attacks, but injures herself in the process. Despite their target not being dead. The sisters are very pleased with the damaged they caused Futanari. Now with Bella and Sia using magic. Futanari is force to "transform"

Bella: Now that you witness the power of my Jakel Noir and my sister's Jakel Blanc. Do you wish to surrender you worthless life?

Sia: Course we rather watch you struggle to stay alive. Either way works fine by us

Futanari: You girls are really full of yourselves. There is only one Queen of Arrogance and that's ME!

 Releasing more of her aura. Futanari's body glows in a intense cosmic light. The Shogun silver hair begins to glow. Changing from her ordinary silver hair. Futanari's hair now resemble outer space itself. The multi colored ends of her hair. Now glowing bright like the sun. The sister watch in amazement as Futanari transformation is complete. Along with the damaged she took being reduced. Thanks to her transformation. Futanari is now ready to combat the sister's elemental magic

Futanari: Now I'm turned up! Let's really get this handicap girl fight on the role

Bella: Sia! Let's show this girl a grim performance of a life time. Sending her off to the Spirit Realms

Sia: It will be my pleasure to assist you sister

 Bella and Sia begins unleashing orbs of fire, darkness, water, and light towards Futanari. Only for the Shogun to neutralize each orb with her magical strikes. Never too fond of far range combat. Futanari tries to get in close to the sisters. Only for Bella and Sia's elemental attacks to keep her at bay. Futanari then performs another Gust Punch. Releasing a powerful burst of wind from her fist. Both Bella and Sia counters with their own elemental attacks. The attacks immediately collide with one another. Causing an explosion within the bar. A scream comes out from the kitchen. Futanari immediately recognizes it to be Gregory

Futanari: Oh no Gregory!

 The momentary distraction allows Bella to create a whip of dark energy. Bella quickly whips her whip made of dark energy. Wrapping it around Futanari's left leg. Before Futanari could react. Bella pulls the whip without mercy. Bringing Futanari crashing to the ground. Sia then leaps into the air. Summoning a waterfall to strike Futanari. Causing her to scream out in pain. While Bella and Sia are dealing with Futanari. Yamakagashi turns his attention over to the women still in the V.I.P. Room. The women look at Yamakagashi with absolute horror in their eyes. Seeing the man's evil intentions through his very eyes

Yamakagashi: Why so scared ladies? Aren't you whores for using after all? While most of my men are dead thanks to that outer space hair cunt! That doesn't mean you no longer serve me a purpose. Now to use the magic Lord Pruflas had bestowed upon me

 Yamakagashi holds his left hand out. Performing a fatal magical spell against the helpless women. Meanwhile Futanari having been struck by Sia's powerful Waterfall spell. Attempts to get herself off the ground. Only for both of her feet to be bind. Sia stands over her head while Bella keeps her bounded

Sia: Well so much for being the Queen of Arrogance

 Sia kicks Futanari hard in the head

Bella: Well I wouldn't be so sure of that little sis. After all only an arrogant little bitch like her. Would dare stand against the two of us. Now Sia summon your light sword and end this bitch

Sia: It will be my pleasure

 Sia creates a energy of light in her left palm. However before the young assassin has a chance to create her light base sword. Out of nowhere a mysterious tan haired woman. Grabs Sia and throws her across the room. Upon landing onto the ground. Sia lays on the nightclub floors unconscious. Spotting the mysterious woman kneeling next to Futanari. Not only does the interference takes Bella by surprise. The assassin is horrified to see a demon in her sights. Bella absolutely fears demon


Angelina: If the very sight of me terrifies you. Imagine what I'll do to a pretty thing like you?

Bella: Please do not harm me. My sister and I exclusively combat sages and other mortals. We do not fight demons. Did you kill my sister?

Angelina: Rejoice for I only knocked the little bitch out! Now grab you fucking sister and get the fuck out of my sight! Otherwise I will gladly feast upon your organs

Bella: I will make our exit very swift

 Bella runs over to her sister Sia. Picks her off the ground and exits the nightclub with her

Yamakagashi: Spineless little whores!

Angelina: "I absolutely cannot stand being around this girl. Dammit Okubi" Hey are you alright?

Futanari: I'm fine now Miss. Especially upon scaring the living shit out of Bella. The whip she use to bound my legs had vanished. I need to go check on a friend back in the kitchen

Angelina: You go and do that little one. I'll deal with the mobster upstairs

Futanari: He should be a very easy catch for someone like you

Angelina: Looks can be deceiving child. Now go and check on your friend

 Futanari quickly heads towards the kitchen. Once Futanari is no longer in view. Angelina prepares to go after Yamakagashi. Using her demonic ability. Angelina leaps from the ground. Into the upper V.I.P. Room. Angelina now stands before the Drug Lord Satomi Yamakagashi

Angelina: Filthy Japanese man! Make this easy for both of us and surrender

Yamakagashi: You may had scared off those bitches, but you don't scare me demon

Angelina: I'm not the demon you want to piss off! OH MY GOD THOSE WOMEN! What the fuck did you do to them?

Yamakagashi: What the fuck it looks like. I suck the blood right out of their bodies. It was just being put to waste by those whores

Angelina: Impossible! It's not like you're a vampire. Nor would a man like you be capable of magic

Yamakagashi: A few days ago. I was no more than some badass Drug Lord in Japan. However upon arriving to Neo Aigosthena and finding Lord Pruflas. Let's just save the Ruler of the State bestowed upon me a great power. One that allows me to steal blood from the weak. Using their blood how I see fit.

Angelina: Bastard! Not even harlots deserve such a cruel fate! I'll make you pay for what you have done!

 Angelina's appearance changes from humane to demonic. However before Angelina could make a move against Yamakagashi. The Drug Lord summons a giant web made of the blood from his victims. Blocking off Angelina from harming him. Yamakagashi then uses what remains of the blood he stoled. Creating a blood portal to exit Urban Python. No longer sensing Yamakagashi's presence. Angelina jumps down from the V.I.P. Room. Coming out from the kitchen. Futanari is holding onto an injured Gregory. The Shogun is thankful her friend is alive. No longer sensing any commotion within the nightclub. Okubi and Eligos enter to check on the comrades

Okubi: Good job at saving Futanari. Did you manage to catch Yamakagashi?

Angelina: Unfortunately I wasn't able too

Futanari: Why not? Did he surprise you or something?

Okubi: I smell blood… lots of it!

Angelina: Not surprising sense Yamakagashi drain the blood from those women upstairs

Futanari: Drain their blood? Is Yamakagashi some sought of vampire?

Angelina: No, but he now posses magic. That bastard used his victims blood and created a Blood Web. Blocking me off while he created a Blood Portal to escape

Futanari: What in the world? The Yamakagashi I know never used magic. That fucking coward solely relied on his henchmen. How did this happened?

Okubi: Obliviously when he arrived to Mayland. Base on your description Angelina. Someone gave Yamakagashi the magic ability known as Scarlet! A fearsome magic that allows the user to absorb blood from the weak. Possibly even from those that are considered strong. I also know who gave him that powers. Course we'll talk about that. Once we return to the hotel

Futanari: I'm not sure about this. So please do not be offended. However someone was following me around Neo Aigosthena earlier today. Now that I'm meeting you for the first time. I can't shake the feeling that person was you

Okubi: I most certainly was trailing you Miss Akuma. I'm surprise how aware you are. Most mortals are rather simple

Futanari: Well considering you're a demon. Had your intentions had been to harm me. I doubt I'll be able to do much to stop you

Okubi: Agreed, but I had no reason to harm you. I was actually doing the opposite. I worried you were going to encounter a threat greater than Yamakagashi. Thankfully I was wrong

Futanari: Speaking about the son of a bitch! I fucking let him escape again.

Eligos: Actually Angelina let him escape

Angelina: Shut your fucking trap Eligos

Okubi: Right now isn't the time to be a smart ass my dear. Angelina nerves are still running on edge. The woman did just survive an attack from an Eater not too long ago

Futanari: So you two are after Yamakagashi as well?

Okubi: Not after Yamakagashi himself, but the man he serves under. However I want to discuss that will you in private. In the meantime someone needs to call the cops

Gregory: My Uncle is going to be so fucking piss when he hears about this

Okubi: I'll wager he'll be more grateful his nephew didn't die tonight. Besides I'll happily pay off a portion of the damages within this bar. I'll drop by tomorrow with a check. Unfortunately explaining the dead bodies won't be as easy

Gregory: I think this will be my last time working here. After tonight I need a vacation

Okubi: We'll stay here with you until the cops show up. This has been quite the night

Futanari: So you three want me to come with you?

Okubi: I can't force you Miss Akuma, but seeing as we share a common goal. I think it will serve us both well if we worked together. I also have other friends within Neo Aigosthena. Course they have their own missions to attend. That's why my friends Eligos, Angelina, and myself could use your help

Angelina: Unless of course you got a problem with demons?

Futanari: I honestly have never encounter a demon before. I just know some are bad and some are good. I hope you three are the good kind?

Okubi: We have our moments, but overly we're the good ones

Futanari: Then I'll be happy to fight alongside you

Okubi: I'm happy to hear that. Welcome to the team Futanari Akuma

Angelina: "Just fucking great. I really don't want to be around this chick. Sadly since everyone else is busy. Okubi and I could use another ally. I just don't like other Japanese people. It's just sucks because I too am Japanese. Well before I became a demon anyways. While my appearance has vastly changed over the years. Now and forever will I be a Japanese woman. I guess I can't harbor any real animosity towards this girl. After all she wasn't even a thought when I was born. She played no part in my miserable life within Japan. I just not ready to let go of my grudge. Especially towards my fucking parents. In the meantime I will put my anger to aside for the greater good. I just hope she don't think we will becomes friends"

Gregory: In the meantime while you good folks wait here with me. Until the cops show up. Would anyone hear like a drink?

Angelina: After the fucking night I had. I will drink your entire bar. Just a nice glass of Long Island Tea

Okubi: A margarita for me

Futanari: Another Blood Orange smoothie please Gregory

Gregory: Coming right up. Just give me a few minutes. Makes yourselves comfortable… as comfortable as one can be around broken glass, furniture, and dead bodies

Okubi: You'll be surprise how soothing such a setting can be for a demon. Even for a half demon like myself

 Okubi along with Angelina and Futanari find a seat. Eligos hovers over his Master's shoulders. While the wait for Gregory to bring their drinks


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