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Forbidden Aftermath #1 & 2

Forbidden Aftermath #1 and #2

Part One - Successful Recruit! 

 Shortly after leaving Urban Python. Okubi along with Eligos, Angelina, and the newly recruited Futanari. Enter a place called the Silver Hotel. One of the many hotels Okubi had paid for his teammates. While Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Nara were in the Copper Hotel. Hellin, Anna, and James at the Gold Hotel. Lisa and Brutality at the Platinum Hotel. Once settle in their room made for three. Angelina and Futanari enter the bathroom together. Getting themselves ready for bed. While the girls are in the bathroom. Okubi starts stripping off his battle suit. Changing into his see through lavender satin night dress. Wearing black silk underwear beneath. In order to keep his penis and balls hidden. Angelina and Futanari emerge from the bathroom. Angelina wearing a long gray and green t-shirt. Covering up her obviously naked body beneath. Futanari wearing a powder pink bra and panties. Eligos stares at Angelina and Futanari with lust in his eyes. Moments before Okubi gives him a stern look. Eligos quickly regains his composure and apologizes to the women. Minutes after getting out of their combat wear. The heroes receive a knock on their door. Okubi opens the door as the Bellboy brings in their food. Shortly after finishing their dinner. The heroes get themselves ready for bed. Okubi and Angelina sharing a bed. Eligos floating above his friend and master. Futanari enjoying a bed to herself. Futanari tells Okubi, Eligos, and Angelina goodnight. Okubi and Eligos respond with a goodnight as well. Angelina simply pretends not to have hear her. The demons fall asleep almost immediately, but Futanari finds herself struggling to fall asleep. Between the fact that Yamakagashi had gotten away yet again. Along with being in an unknown place with demons. The young Shogun becomes worried about her current situations. Futanari removes herself from the bed. Goes inside of her bag for a pair of shorts. Throws on her sneakers and enters the balcony.

 Once Futanari is outside on the balcony. Okubi turns over to the "sleeping" Angelina. Tapping his fellow demon's shoulders. Angelina reluctantly turns to her comrade

Angelina: Why are you bothering me Okubi?

Okubi: Angelina, I know how you feel about your fellow Japanese people. However Futanari didn't even exist during those miserable days

Angelina: Okay and why are you saying this?

Okubi: Don't play dumb with me Mifune. Obviously our new recruit is feeling a bit out of place. Not only is the lass apparently upset about tonight's misfortunes. The girl has never been away from home

Angelina: Well she is a Shogun after all. Traveling outside of one's homeland is apart of the job

Okubi: That doesn't mean you don't miss home

Angelina: So are you asking me to go out and comfort her?

Okubi: It will help since she'll be able to communicate with you better than either Eligos or me

Eligos: Besides it's high time you gotten over you hate for your fellow Japanese people

Angelina: Easy for you to say demon spirit. During the days you had a physical body. Never once did you feel like an outcast amongst your own kind

Eligos: While my life as a living demon was rather simple. It doesn't mean I never experience any unwarranted hate or hardships. Furthermore I personally know a man who put aside his disdain for demons. In order to rescue a certain overly bitchy demon princess. If Okubi can traveled to the Underworld. Survive against a Demon Lord who despises his existence, rescue her daughter, and aid in the defeat of a rival Demon Lord. Talking to Miss Akuma on the balcony isn't impossible

Okubi: Besides Angelina now that Futanari is with us. I need to make sure I know you'll protect her if am unable too

Angelina: I didn't just wake up one day and decided to be an outcast. I didn't ask for a lot of things. I'll go and talk to the little girl

 Angelina removes herself from the bed. Making her way towards the balcony. Standing before the balcony door. Angelina slides it open and steps outside with Futanari

Eligos: Now let's hope Angelina does not release the frustration she held over a century. Onto Miss Futnaari

Okubi: I have faith in Angelina. If we want this recruit to a true success. These two women must get along

Angelina: Futanari san!

Futanari: Oh Angelina san! I didn't notice you were out here

Angelina: Demons can be real sneaky when they want too. Why aren't you in bed?

Futanari: A lot is on my mind. I missed up big time by letting Yamakagashi escape

Angelina: It wasn't your fault Yamakagashi had gotten away

Futanari: Nor was it yours Angelina san. Had you not shown up when you did. Those lolita skanks would had killed me. I'm very thankful for you. Along with Okubi and Eligos san. It's just now I will never find Yamakagashi and bring him to justice. My superiors are going to be so mad at me

Angelina: Don't lose hope just yet. While I can't say too much until the morning. Both my comrades and I believe Yamakagashi is working alongside our current target. A demon by the name Pruflas

Futanari: Is that the demon Okubi san was referring to earlier at the club?

Angelina: Indeed! If our guest is true. Yamakagashi is still within Neo Aigosthena. So no need to worry about losing him for good. So now that's settle. Let's get you back to bed young missy

Futanari: Sure…

Angelina: Okay what's wrong now?

Futanari: I don't think you would understand

Angelina: Try me

Futanari: Since you're from…

Angelina: I'm not a Maylander Futanari! I just lived here for a long time. Well my body did at least. My mind was trapped for over a century. Anyways like you I'm also Japanese. At least I use to be

Futanari (In Japanese) : So you understand why I miss home so much?

Angelina (In Japanese): I don't share your longing for our homeland. Unlike you, I was treated like an outcast. Made to feel worthless by my parents. Never had I experience happiness in my days growing up in Japan. Only when I left my homeland. Did I begin to experience genuine happiness. Sadly it didn't last long. Shortly after my time as an Exorcist. My team and I encounter a powerful demon by the name Lilith. I damn the day I ever encounter that demon. My life was forever changed. After watching Lilith murdered all of my comrades. Moments from being her final victim. I used a sinister knife called the Zyra Blade. A blade one uses to rob the life-force and powers of a demon. Unfortunately upon stabbing Lilith with the knife. While my physical body was spared from slaughter. Lilith's soul entered my body like a incurable disease. Lilith's spirit had overwhelm my own. Allowing her to take full control of my body. Years I was force to participate in her wicked deeds. I watch as countless lives was ended by my hands. Despite the fact Lilith was responsible for my enslavement. I ultimately had blame my homeland for my suffering. Had Japan been as wonderful to me as most Japanese citizens. I would had never ventured outside of my homeland. However no sitting here with you. I realize the foolishness of my hatred towards Japan. What happened to me was simply destiny. Whether or not I had stayed in Japan. If becoming a demon was my fate. It would of happened regardless where I lived. None the less I will forever despise my parents. Nothing or no one will change that. Anyways from this point forward. I retired my foolish hatred towards my home country and my fellow Japanese

Futanari (In Japanese): Now I understand why you behaved the way you did. I couldn't imagine having such an unhappy childhood. Especially not having parents who didn't love me. Anyways I'm glad you realized your misguided anger towards your own homeland and people. Perhaps you'll probably return to a more Japanese appearance?

Angelina (In Japanese): Don't get ahead of yourself. I actually like my European appearance. One of the few good things about becoming a demon. I can look more what I envision beauty to be. Anyways I promise Okubi and I will aid you in capturing Yamakagashi. I just hope you trust us enough to protect you

Futanari (In Japanese): I like Okubi, Eligos, and you very much. I promise to help you catch you evil demon as well. I'm glad to have a fellow Japanese woman aiding me. Well former Japanese woman

Angelina (In Japanese): Being a demon doesn't erase my mortal roots. It's just make me different is all

Futanari (In Japanese): Thank you for talking to me Angelina chan. I don't feel lonely or worried anymore. I truly place my faith in you and Okubi san

Angelina (In Japanese): Okubi and I won't let you down. I can't wait to you run into our other friends. Well now that we had this heart to heart. Let us go get some sleep. Tomorrow we have to start tracking down Yamakagashi and Pruflas

 Angelina holds out her hand for Futanari. The two women walk right back into the bedroom. Okubi and Eligos now laying on Futanari's bed. Angelina offers Futanari to lay down next to her. The two women grab individual blankets. Immediately falling asleep shortly after. While a lot has happened tonight. The biggest accomplishment took place in this hotel. Angelina's hatred for her homeland diminished and Futanari's resolved regained


 A portal of blood opens in an disclosed location. Appearing out of the portal. The notorious Drug Lord Satomi Yamakgashi. Making his way to a yet known location. While having suffered zero injuries.  The anger he wears on his face is palpable. Having come so close to rid himself of his arch nemesis. Only for a demon bitch to rescue her at the last minute. Not only had Satomi Yamakagashi had failed to eliminate Futanari Akuma once again. Yamakagashi was now discovered by one of the heroes his boss warned him about. While his Scarlet magic allowed him to escape unharmed. His presence within Neo Aigosthena is now known. Drawing closer to his destination. Yamakagashi prays his boss won't kill him. Entering through a what appears to be a rusted door. In reality is an entrance to his boss's liar. Hidden deep within Neo Aigosthena. Now standing on the other side of the door. Yamakagashi finds himself in yet another club like setting. The place surrounded by various types of demons. Partying and drinking to their heart's content. Moving through the heavy crowd. Yamakagashi finally spot his boss, the demon Pruflas. Sitting on his chrome colored throne chair. Along with two half naked succubus sitting on each of his knees. The tall and muscular cerulean demon spots his new servant approaching. Having sense Yamakagashi's presence since entering his domain. Seeing the troubled Drug Lord coming towards him. Pruflas knew exactly what was bothering Yamakagashi

Pruflas: Well welcome back my good man. Did you enjoy yourself at the Urban Python?

Yamakagashi: That little bitch Futanari had managed to find me

Pruflas: So you failed once again to kill the Shogun? Even after I bestow you such great powers?

Yamakagashi: It wasn't my fault Lord Pruflas. The henchmen I hired were a bunch of incompetent fucks. None of them were able to best Futanari

Pruflas: Even the Brume Sister, Bella and Sia?

Yamakagashi: Those bitches were the only ones somewhat competent at their job

Pruflas: Then do tell me what happened? How isn't the Shogun's head right below my feet?

 Yamakagashi sensing Pruflas's anger. The Drug Lord dares not to tell his Master a lie. However Yamakagashi also fears telling him the truth

Pruflas: Whatever you're thinking of saying to me boy. It will be in your best interesting in speaking the truth. Also know while am no telepath. I have lived for centuries and can spot a lie at an instant. So unless you wish for me to feast upon your intestines. I suggest you come clean

Yamakagashi: Please be merciful on me Lord Pruflas. Anyways while Bella and Sia were on the verge of finishing off Futanari. Out of nowhere a female demon entered the nightclub. The demoness had attacked Sia and scared of Bella. Once the female demon made sure Futanari wasn't badly harm. The bitch went straight after me

Pruflas: You escaped a demoness? Anyone else would had suspected that to be a lie. Fortunately for you I know you're speaking the truth. Now tell me how did you escape from the demon?

Yamakagashi: Fortunately while the demon was busy with Futanari and the Brume Sisters. I had used my magic on some tramps in the nightclub. Sucking out the blood from their bodies. Once the demon had came after me. I managed to surprise her by created a Blood Web. The demon reacted totally clueless to my blood magic.

Pruflas: The demoness didn't know I had given you the magic known as Scarlet! Interesting! Please continue

Yamakagashi: Taking advantage of the demon's shock. I quickly created a Blood Portal. Escaping the Nightclub, making my way to you here. I made certain I wasn't followed

Pruflas: I'm quite certain of that. No one can enter my domain without me knowing. Well I am glad you made it back here in one piece Mr. Yamakagashi. However just before I change the subject. Had the demon not appeared out of nowhere. Along of Futanari managing to survive the Brume Sisters. Would you had fought the Shogun yourself?

 Yamakagashi once again feeling nervous. Despite his desire to sound brave. The Drug Lord knows had Futanari succeeded in defeating Bella and Sia. Yamakagashi would had ran away as quickly as possible. Course that would also force him to admit his greatest fear. Annoyed by the cowardly sight before them. The two succubus remove themselves from Pruflas's knee. Allowing the Lord of Neo Aigosthena to tend to his newest recruit. Pruflas then removes himself from his chair. Walking towards the scared Yamakagashi. Placing his enormous left hand under the mortal's chin. Pruflas lifts Yamakagashi's face towards him. Forcing him to look directly into his eyes

Pruflas: So tell me boy? Would you had fought Futanari yourself?

 Yamakagashi unable to think straight. The terrified Drug Lord shouts out a cowardly "NO!" Seeing the fear Yamakagashi's eyes. Pruflas gently removes his hand from the mortals' chin

Pruflas: Just as I suspected. You are afraid of Futanari Akuma. A man that has killed rival gang leaders, incompetent gang members, and along with innocent men, women, and children. Yet a single teenage female Shogun got you shook? The thought of such weakness is utterly pitiful! I don't know if I pity you more than I wish to kill you!

Yamakagashi: Please don't kill me Lord Pruflas! I promise I won't fail the next time. I just am not ready to fight her single handedly

Pruflas: Boy! Cease your fucking whimpering1 Exactly why did you think I given you power? Most certainly not out of mere generosity. It was to prepare for your next encounter with her

Yamakagashi: Am sorry for being such a coward. It's just I seen what that bitch is capable of doing! The girl is like a fucking juggernaut

Pruflas: If you find that girl to be such a terror. I can only imagine how terrified you are of me?

Yamakagashi: Please Lord Pruflas give me one more chance. I promise the next time I encounter that little bitch! I swear on my name I'll be ready for her

Pruflas: Oh that you shall! Because for now on you'll be training your ass off. A great battle is ahead of us Yamakagashi. I cannot afford for you to be anything less than ready. Meaning when the time call for it. I will task you with finishing off Futanari Akuma once and for all. Now for my final question for you. However unlike the other two question. This one may very well be futile in asking you. None the less answer truthfully

Yamakagashi: It will be my pleasure Lord Pruflas

Pruflas: When the female demon entered the nightclub and aided Futanari. Would you happened to notice anyone else with her?

Yamakagashi: Not at all Lord Pruflas. The demoness acted alone. However if I didn't know any better. The way she entered the bar the precise moment, Bella and Sia had Futanari dead to right. It felt as if she was watching Futanari from the outside. Just waiting for the perfect moment when Futanari needed to be rescued. Now if that demoness was being coached by another demon. I honestly cannot say

Pruflas: That was the most confident you sounded all night

Yamakagashi: Lord Pruflas, may I ask you a question?

Pruflas: Go for it

Yamakagashi: Exactly why did you ask the third question just now? Knowing that I only stated Futanari and the demoness at the nightclub?

Pruflas: I was fucking hoping you forgot something dipshit! Don't ever fucking mistake me for an idiot! Now to be frank with you. I was hoping you had encountered a certain male demon. One with a very womanly appearance

Yamakagashi: I was born and raised in Japan. I know the difference between a feminine looking man and an actual woman. The demon that aided Futanari was 100% woman

Pruflas: How unfortunate. Yet that doesn't mean he isn't here

Yamakagashi: Exactly why is that particular demon such importance to you Lord Pruflas?

Pruflas: Besides the fact he's the one an associate of mines warned me about. Along with his superhero buddies. The demon no half demon I seek out is the man name Okubi Vice.

Yamakagashi: Okubi Vice? I heard that name from somewhere in the Japan's Dark Society

Pruflas: I certainly hope you fucking have. Not only is the young lad filthy rich. He is one of Mayland's most feared Treasure Hunter. If not the most deadliest Treasure Hunter to ever exist. However there is much more to Okubi than meets the eye. Not only is he my greatest adversary yet. Okubi is also my step son!

Yamakagashi: WOW!

Pruflas: Wow indeed. Anyways it's time I introduced you to your fellow teammates

 Walking towards Pruflas and Yamakagashi. Stands five deadly fearsome individuals. Four of them demons and one a powerful mortal sage

Pruflas: Yamakagashi I will like to introduce you to Natan Grimville, Poisonous One, Lita Killworth, Stanford Marshal, and Karen Caramel. These five have been aiding me for years. Assisting me in maintaining dominance over Neo Aigosthena. Allowing me to rule over this place despite the King's best attempts to stop me. However knowing my step son and his friends are coming for me. I have made sure my men of ready to annihilate them. Along with your help Yamakagashi. I will continue to maintain control over Neo Aigosthena. Eventually spread my influence throughout the rest of Mayland. Course this is not all who will be aiding us. Until tonight you were my latest of recruits. Fortunately I had encountered this beauty less than an hour ago. I will like for all of you to meet the newest addition to our deadly family.

 Pruflas snaps his right fingers. Opening up a portal before all of his henchmen. Appearing from out the portal is a buxom woman. Dressed in a skintight grey suit. Staring at the rest of Pruflas's henchmen with her bright blue eyes.

Pruflas: Everyone meet CELIA RAINS!

Celia: My loyalty is solely to Lord Pruflas. The rest of you are simply associates. I simply wish to spill the blood of King Onyxe's comrades. However if any of you dare get in my way. I will not hesitate to treat you accordingly.

Karen: Well so much for being on the same page

Pruflas: Do not take Celia's words so personal Karen my dear. Instead appreciate the assassin's honesty. Besides I purposely hired Celia for her rogue behavior. The rest of you however have better work cooperatively. While Celia is welcome to kill the other heroes. The assassin's main goal is to draw out my step son Okubi. Bringing him here to me. Course Celia knows to not lay a finger upon Futanari. The Shogun will be for Yamakagashi to kill alone. That goes for the rest of you as well. Now that everyone here knows the objective. It's time to bring an end to the so call heroes of Mayland. Along with finally being face to face with my step son. I waited to centuries for you Okubi. Now with your mother no longer alive. I can finally get you how I always wanted!



 After hours of long traveling within the carriage. Mariah has finally brought King Onyxe back to his castle in the Royal Lands. Onyxe having offered Mariah to spend the night upon there return. Exiting from the carriage. Onyxe notices Hisako standing outside of his castle. While that wouldn't normally bothered Onyxe. Other than his concern for the woman's sleep. The King had sensed a disturbed aura from the Onna-bugeisha. Allowing Mariah to walk with him but to keep her distance. King Onyxe sternly calls out to Hisako

Onyxe: Hisako is everything alright?

Hisako: Why are you looking at me as if am possessed? Anyways I'm fine but it's Yura who needs your concern

Onyxe: OMG YURA!

 Immediately hearing the name of his Lady In Waiting. Onyxe rushes towards the castle door. Hisako along with several of Onyxe's servants. Opens the castle door as the King approaches. Entering inside of his castle. Onyxe uses his telepathy to immediately track Yura. However before he can rush to his servant's aid. Onyxe is suddenly stopped by Hisako

Onyxe: Hisako now is not the time! Please let me go attend to my friend

Hisako: Do you know even know what happened? Also do not dare read my mind. Ask like any regular non telepath

Onyxe: Okay what exactly happened to Yura?

Hisako: Two hours after you guys went after The Eater. Yura began to have some sought of migraine. However it wasn't just a migraine. While everyone tried to figure out what was wrong with her. Out of fucking nowhere Yura began lashing out at everyone. Attacking us with the rage of a murderous assassin. Bad enough Yura had injured several of you servants. Including poor Kira, Neville, and Oriana's summoning Ricky. Thankfully are currently being treated for their injuries. Eventually Abrafo, Naznim, and I managed to subdue her.

Onyxe: So how is Yura currently being kept under control?

Hisako: Naznim trapped Yura in her sapphire sand. It took nearly everything in me to convince Naznim not to crush Yura within her sand. Also while we were all battling against Yura. The poor girl was fighting us in a very unusual manner. Not like that of a deadly kunoichi, but that of a frighten child with tremendous fighting power. Yura also keep shouting out stuff like "She's here", "She's going to kill them", "Anything but her"! At first we thought she was talking about The Eater. However Ann Marie sensed that Yura was referring to a different kind of evil. One that only she knew about

Onyxe: Not only she knows about. If my guess is right. Yura is talking about her former partner in crime. I must get to her immediately.

 Pulling his arm out of Hisako's hand. Onyxe heads towards upstair, moving at a high velocity. Finally reaching Yura's bedroom. Onyxe spots several of his servants along with Naznim, Ann Marie, and Abrafo. Imprisoned within Naznim's sapphire sand. Yura looked up as her eyes meet up with her friend and King

Naznim: About time you shown up! I didn't know how much longer I could show mercy upon this psychopath

Onyxe: Thank you for bounding her Naznim, but please refrain from any attempts to further harm Yura. It's bad enough our friends are fighting against The Eater. Knowing their chances of survival is extremely low. We don't need anymore unnecessary bloodshed

Naznim: Is that a threat?

Onyxe: Naznim please I do not have time to deal with your attitude. Just please release Yura from your sand. I will not ask again

 Naznim gives Onyxe a venomous look. Turning her attention back onto Yura. Naznim reluctantly releases the kunoichi from her sapphire sand. Almost crashing onto her bedroom floor. Onyxe quickly moves to catch Yura in his arms. Placing his right hand on top of Yura's forehead. Onyxe feels that Yura is running a fever.

Onyxe: Yura my God what happened?

Yura: It's her Onyxe. She's finally going to take her revenge against me. Celia is inside of Neo Aigosthena

Ann Marie: How does she know such a thing? I thought Yura didn't process any mental base powers?

Yura: I don't Miss Cyrus, but during my days as a heartless killer. Celia was my partner in crime. During our time together. We formed a special bond called Sisters of Calamity! An evil bond I had thought to be long severed. Unfortunately while watching my soap operas. I felt the influence of Celia's evil presence. It had driven me mad and I lashed out against my friends. I'm so truly sorry Onyxe. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. It's just Celia's presence truly terrified me. Prior to being saved by you. I was far from a saint. Perhaps even worst than most demons. However I only killed when it was required. Celia on the other hand killed for the joy of it. The woman is straight up evil! Every night I regret not killing her when I had the chance. Out of all the times to show mercy. I showed it to that fucking monster! Now Celia is ready to take her revenge. The very revenge due to me abandoning her years ago. However Celia doesn't intend on killing me. Instead Celia will unleash her fury upon the citizens of Neo Aigosthena. Especially against our friends

Abrafo: Well it's not like Celia knows exactly who our comrades are

Yura: Only if that were true Abrafo. Unlike most assassins. Celia can determine a person's association. Based on their behavior alone. It will take Celia little effort to figure out Okubi, Hellin, Xiaoyu, Nara, Lisa, Brutality, Anna, Apollyn, and Eligos are my friends. A fucked up part of me is praying The Eater has killed them. However if by some miracle they manage to defeat The Eater. Celia will see to their downfall. The only ones who can hold their own against that monster is Okubi and Hellin. The rest of our friends are fucking doomed! Along with the rest of the citizens of Neo Aigosthena. ASIRA! Why didn't I just kill her when the opportunity presented itself?

Onyxe: Do not beat yourself up for this Yura. The reason you spared Celia wasn't do to your sympathy towards her. It was because you were tired of killing your soul with the blood of others. I knew the moment I first meet you. That you were long tired of living the assassin life

Naznim: Well she picked a fucked up time to be tired! Now not only do our friends have to fight a ravenous demon. If they manage to defeat the demon. An even crazier serial killer awaits them in Neo Aigosthena. Let us not forget Pruflas is still a primary target

Onyxe: Yes about Pruflas! Yura wouldn't Celia's plans be interrupted by Pruflas?

Yura: Do not be fooled your majesty. I'm fairly certain Celia is currently dealing with removing Pruflas out of her way. Even if that means forging a temporary alliance with him. One way or another. Celia will have her revenge. I can hear her now screaming at me. "I'm going to get my revenge on you Yura. I'm going to shed so much innocent blood. That it will drive you back to madness"

Onyxe: Well now that we are aware of Celia being within Neo Aigosthena. I'm going to call Okubi in the morning. If the others have survived the fight against The Eater. I will alert them about Celia

Naznim: However what if The Eater kills Hellin and the others?

Onyxe: Then I will personally avenge our fallen comrades. Along with sending a team to aid Okubi in combating Pruflas and Celia. In the meantime I'm going to take Yura to my friend Simon's house. I pray he isn't doing a rap show tonight. I will require his special healing technique for Yura. Tomorrow we have a lot to discuss. Please give the injured my condolences. I will personally check on each and everyone of them. As soon as I return with Yura.

Hisako: Would you like me to accompany you to your friend's house?

Onyxe: Normally I would appreciate that, but I need you to hold down the castle Hisako. I'm so sorry I ask a lot from you. I would call for Othello, but Heaven knows the woman is probably busy getting gang banged. Furthermore the mood am currently in. I wish anyone would approach me with ill intentions. Now for those who are physically fine. Take a nice shower if you like and go to bed

 Holding Yura in his arms. Onyxe starts heading downstair. Making his way towards the castle door once again. Mariah looks on with Onyxe with concern. Wondering if she should serve as his rider. Onyxe quickly sends Mariah a telepathic message. Letting her know his destination isn't too far from the castle. Once The King and Yura have exited the castle. Everyone else prepares for bed. The heroes now dealing with multiple threats. Many fear that this may be the beginning of the end


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