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Forbidden Chapter 45

Forbidden Chapter Forty Five

The Good & The Bad

 A new day had finally arrived. Awakening from his long night of sleep. Okubi was greeted by his friend and servant Eligos. After receiving morning pleasantries from Eligos. Okubi turned his head and saw both Angelina and Futanari still sleeping. The ladies still enjoying their rest. Okubi decided to use the opportunity to get himself dress. Grabbing his mango body wash, toothbrush, and cranberry soap from his bag. Okubi along with Eligos enters the bathroom. Making his way towards the bathtub. Okubi pulls the curtains aside. Immediately catching his eyes. The three shower heads in each part of the bathtub. Once Okubi had figured out how the orthodox bathtub worked. The half demon began to remove his clothes. Entering his naked body inside of the tub. Shortly after Okubi had began to take his shower. While Eligos had decided to disappear. Until his Master's shower was completed. Angelina and Futanari had entered the bathroom. Okubi aware of his female allies inside the bathroom. Okubi had simply believed they needed to use the bathroom. Course both of them being in the bathroom was rather odd. Nevertheless Okubi continued his showering. Quickly removing their bedroom clothing as well. Angelina and Futanari both naked. Made their way towards the bathtub. Hearing the curtains being pushed as he showered. Okubi was shocked when both Angelina and Futanari entered the shower with him. Quickly placing a hand over his penis. Okubi stared at his comrades with embarrassment on his face. Taking a few seconds to collect himself. A very fluster Okubi began to speak to both women. 

Okubi: Angelina! Futanari! What are you doing in the shower with me? 

Futanari: What's the big deal? It's not like you were masturbating

Angelina: Besides Okubi. We don't have the luxury of taking individual showers right now

Futanari: Plus aren't you gay?

Okubi: Exactly what does my sexuality have to do with my shower being interrupted? Besides I prefer the term "Same Gender Loving Male"

Angelina: Do our naked bodies make you uncomfortable?

Okubi: Hmph! I seen naked women before Angelina

Futanari: Your mother doesn't count

Okubi: Aren't you seventeen? Children shouldn't be naked near adults

Futanari: Oh please Okubi. I'm consider very much an adult in my homeland. Besides it's not like we're doing anything but cleaning ourselves. Now stop being such a prude

Eligos: Yeah Master Okubi lighten up

Angelina: ELIGOS!

Futanari: EEK! Pervert!

Eligos: Oh so it's okay for you two to disturb my naked Master, but not for me to appreciate your naked bodies

Angelina: There is a difference you asshole! We are women bathing with a "Same Gender Loving Male". While you are a heterosexual demonic spirit!

Futanari: A perverted one at that

Eligos: Poppycock Angelina! As for you Miss Akuma. I haven't known you enough to take insults from you

Okubi: Eligos just leave us in peace

Eligos: But Master Okubi… I want to shower as well

Okubi: You can't get wet Eligos

Okubi: Well not unless you grab onto me

 Staring straight at his demon spirit servant. Okubi wears a devilish smile on his face. Eligos watches in terror as Okubi starts to speak

Okubi: Either remove yourself this instant or prepare for divine punishment

 Eligos immediately removes himself out the tub. Flying towards the bathroom door and phasing out the room. Finishing up their shower. Okubi is the first to exit the bathtub. Grabbing one of the hotel towels. Okubi wraps the towel around his body. Making his way towards the bathroom door. Exiting out back to the bedroom. Angelina exits next with Futanari right behind her. While the trio are getting themselves dressed. Okubi's cellphone begins to ring. Quickly putting on his battle suit. Okubi picks up his cellphone and answers

Okubi: Good morning Onyxe. How are you today?

Onyxe: (Not too great Okubi. I'm currently at my friend's Simon's place)

Okubi: Why aren't you at the castle?

Onyxe: (Something terrible happened to Yura when I got back home. I took her to my friends to get healed)

Okubi: Aren't their healers at your castle?

Onyxe: (What's going on with Yura isn't something my healers couldn't exactly fix. Anyways did you hear from Xiaoyu and the others by any chance?)

Okubi: I most certainly have. What in the hell made you think sending them to fight The Eater was a wise decision? They could had waited until the morning to travel to Neo Aigosthena. It's not like I was in any danger

Onyxe: (Don't you talk down to me Okubi! Besides they insisted they wanted to be in Neo Aigosthena by nightfall)

Angelina: Don't give Onyxe a hard time about The Eater. Xiaoyu, myself, and the others agreed to that. Furthermore thanks to your timely arrival. The Eater was slained

Onyxe: (Anyways I'm glad everyone is safe. I guess I'll be seeing James a little bit later then)

Okubi: James wasn't sent by you to travel with us?

Onyxe: (HELL NO! James was only suppose to aid in the battle against The Eater. Despite me wanting to bring James back with me to the castle. James wouldn't allow Anna to face death alone. Is he with you by any chance?)

Okubi: No your majesty! No just Eligos and Angelina. Oh and I recruited a Shogun named Futanari Akuma. Her reasons for being here is to capture a runaway Drug Lord name Satomo Yamakagashi. Anyways the others are at different hotels. Didn't want us in the same place. Just in case Pruflas had someone following us. James is currently with his daughter and Hellin. Onyxe there is a lot of terrible things going on in this place. I separated the heroes into groups. Allowing us the combat these multiple crisis at once. Anyways just give either Hellin or James a call.

Onyxe: (Will do. Also I apologize for my outburst. I just don't want anything bad happening to James. Course I need to accept his concern for Anna comes first. I would be a terrible friend to use my authority to stop him from being a father)

Okubi: You would be the scum of the Earth to do something like that. Thankfully you aren't that kind of man

Onyxe: (I just miss him so much. Looking at his chisel abs every morning made my day. Anyways don't forget capturing or eliminating Pruflas is your main objective. Also take out any of his henchmen. Furthermore I would like to have a video chat with you if possible?)

Okubi: I believe there's a coffee place nearby that has available computers. Just give my group and I about an half hour. We are nearly finished getting ready for the day

Onyxe: (Okay then I will let you go for now. Promise me Okubi you and the others will be careful. If you feel backup is required. Do not hesitate to get in contact with me)

Okubi: I'll be damn if I need further help to take out Pruflas. Nevertheless I'll keep it in mind. Anyways gotta go. I have a call from Xiaoyu coming in

Onyxe: (Goodbye for now)

 Onyxe hangs up the phone on his ends. Allowing Okubi to immediately answer Xiaoyu's incoming call

Okubi: Good morning Xiaoyu. Did you and the others manage alright in the hotel?

Xiaoyu: (Morning Okubi and yes Nara, Apollyn, and I are fine)

Okubi: You don't sound too thrilled Xiaoyu. Did anything happened?

Xiaoyu: (I learned some terrible news from my Commander early this morning. A fellow detective from the Daoji Agency and a dear friend of mine Lorenzo has gone missing! The worst part about his disappearance. It was within Mayland!)

Okubi: Oh my goodness! This is absolutely terrible! Exactly where in Mayland did Lorenzo go missing in last?

Xiaoyu: (Right here within Neo Aigosthena! I can't fucking believe Dong Fa didn't tell me about Lorenzo being here sooner)

Okubi: That is indeed true Xiaoyu. In order for Lorenzo to have arrived to Neo Aigosthena. That would mean he had to be in Mayland for at least a couple of days. Exactly why did he come all this way?

Xiaoyu: (I honestly don't know Okubi. Dong Fa was very vague with the details. Just that Lorenzo had some personal business here. I never ever remembering Lorenzo having any sought of dealings with Mayland. I'm so fucking upset Okubi! I can't lose another one of my friends)

Okubi: Please try to stay calm Xiaoyu. Where is Nara and Apollyn?

Xiaoyu: (Apollyn is downstair eating to her heart's content. Nara is nearly finished getting himself dressed)

Okubi: Do you know how long Lorenzo has been missing?

Xiaoyu: Dong Fa said about sixty seven hours. The last time Dong Fa and Lorenzo chatted. Lorenzo was engaged in battle

Okubi: If only Lorenzo shared the same magic as your friend Wei. All the shady characters living within this place. Anyone could had attacked Lorenzo. I just pray whoever has him kept him alive. Perhaps we can do a search for him as well

Xiaoyu: (Base on the letter you left on our nightstand. I thought you wanted Nara, Apollyn, and I to checked out some underground fighting tournament?)

Okubi: Priorities can change when necessary. I can always get Lisa and Dela to take on that task. Speaking of Dela… did you tell Dong Fa about working alongside Wei's killer?

Xiaoyu: (Oh Heaven no! If any of my friends and co workers at home knew I was working alongside Wei's killer. They would never forgive me. I know that Dela didn't mean to kill Wei. However the fact remains she did kill him. Anyways is it possible I can meet you in person?)

Okubi: Yes of course Xiaoyu. Eligos, Angelina, and I will be at Happy's Coffee Place in about a half hour. It's located on 45th Street and Vita Avenue. Also I have a new ally alongside me. Her name is Futanari Akuma. She's a Shogun from Japan.

Xiaoyu: (A Shogun in a place like this. She must be in pursuit of some high ranked Drug Lord)

Okubi: You guessed right. Anyways tell Nara and Apollyn to move their asses. I'll meet you three there in about an half hour

Xiaoyu: (What about Hellin, Anna, and James?)

Okubi: (Both Hellin and Anna will be temporarily unavailable. I'll leave James for Onyxe to handle. Perhaps I can get in contact with Lisa and Dela, but they are pretty far from our meeting place)

Xiaoyu: (That's fine by me. I rather it just be the seven of us. Nara, Apollyn, and I are on our way. We'll be traveling by taxi. Goodbye for now Okubi)

Okubi: Goodbye to you too Xiaoyu

 Okubi hangs up on Xiaoyu

Angelina: So what happened to Xiaoyu's friend?

Okubi: He's currently missing within Neo Aigosthena. I'll explain more while we on our way to meet Xiaoyu and her group. Hopefully the two of you are ready to go?

Angelina: I'm ready when you are Okubi

Okubi: Interesting new look Angelina. I like it very much. Futanari are you ready to get moving?

Futanari: I'm all set Okubi. I'm looking forward to meeting these friends of yours. I just wish the circumstance were different

Okubi: They are your friends as well Futanari. Also I too wish the circumstances were different. Eligos it's time to go

Eligos: I'm right behind you Master

 Exiting from their bedroom. Okubi, Eligos, Angelina, and Futanari walks downstairs to the hotels lobby. Okubi leaves the clerk their bedroom keys and the heroes head out. Walking through Smoky Town, one of the many cities within Neo Aigosthena. Okubi, Eligos, and Angelina wear very harden looks upon their faces. Keeping a sharp from any potential threats or unusual activity. Futanari on the other hands enjoys the sight seeing within the Smoky Town

Futanari: I was so busy trying to hunt down Yama- I mean my guy. I didn't get to really take in how awesome this place is

Eligos: I guess even this dreadful place has good mornings. While Mayland is typically a decent country for the most part. Neo Aigosthena is one of the worst states within Mayland. It's very fortunate no one has attempted to rob any of us

Angelina: I just can't wait to get to our destination. I'm extremely concern for Xiaoyu's sanity

Futanari: Speaking about Miss Xiaoyu. Exactly what's going on with her friend?

Okubi: Lorenzo is a good friend of Xiaoyu and a fellow detective. Unknown to Xiaoyu, Lorenzo had made a trip to Mayland about two weeks ago. While traveling throughout various states and cities in Mayland. Lorenzo ended up in Neo Aigosthena. Shortly after arriving to Neo Aigosthena. Someone had kidnapped Lorenzo. Xiaoyu had already witnessed her partner Wei's death. If anything fatal were to happened to Lorenzo. The lost would be too devastating for Xiaoyu to endure

Futanari: That's absolutely awful. Thankfully am a solo act, but I couldn't imagine losing someone so close to me. Also didn't you mention a woman by the name Dela?

Okubi: Dela Regan better known as Brutality! Like you, Dela is one our most recent recruits

Angelina: A former member of the group called The Children of Ruin. The very group our main target Pruflas helped formed. However unlike the rest of the members of C.O.R. Dela's mind was being controlled by the group's leader, Janiel. While acting under Janiel's orders. Dela killed a lot of innocent people. One of them being Xiaoyu's partner Wei. That's why the news of Lorenzo's kidnapping is truly terrifying to Xiaoyu. Fortunately since we are currently in Neo Aigosthena. One of our goals here will be to find Lorenzo and his kidnapper.

Futanari: It's seem like you all have been through a lot together

Okubi: We most certainly have Futanari. I just pray our efforts will be for naught. Since I began my crusade against The Children of Ruin. An evil I once was unaware existed. Upon rescuing both Xiaoyu and Apollyn from a corrupted Dela. I journeyed with them all the way to the Royal Lands.

Angelina: During their journey to the Royal Lands. Okubi along with his servant Eligos, Xiaoyu, and Apollyn. They had encountered me back when I was fully under Lilith's control. Shortly after surviving their encounter with me. Okubi and the others had arrived to the Autumn Forest. A short cut to the Royal Lands, but an extremely dangerous path. Only those with great magical or fighting abilities should enter. That is where they ran into our friend Nara. Who is  Xiaoyu's beloved boyfriend.

Okubi: Where we had yet another run in with both Dela and you. Thankfully that time around. Your target was Dela and not us. I couldn't imagine fighting both you and Boruta at the same time. Along with keeping Dela from killing Nara and the others

Angelina: Thankfully Lilith wanted to retrieve the Zyra Blade. More than she wanted to kill you Okubi

Okubi: Indeed. Shortly after I slain Boruta and Dela had retreated once again. Now with a corrupted Angelina by our side. The six of us had reached the Royal Lands. However unknown to any of us traveling through the forest. Onyxe had used a sleeping spell on us. Putting us all to sleep in a matter of seconds. We eventually woke up hours later within his castle

Angelina: However unlike Nara, Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Eligos, and Okubi. Onyxe was aware of my condition. Onyxe had separated me from the others. Using his telepathy to combat Lilith's control on my mind and body

Okubi: Which wasn't nearly as successful as we had hoped

Angelina: Sadly I wasn't truly rid of Lilith's influence until during our mission within Coram. I have Hellin to thank for freeing me from Lilith's sinister will. Who is by the way the younger daughter of Queen Othello of Babylon. An empire located in the Underworld

Futanari: Oh wow! So a real Princess is fighting alongside us?

Okubi: Yes, but despite her noble title. Hellin behaves more like a bloodthirsty street brawler. The woman has a vulgar attitude and a true action junky. Anyways while visiting Onyxe's Castle for the first time. The King had sent me to the Underworld to rescue her from her mother's rival. During my time in the Underworld. One of the demon's I fought alongside with was Hellin's friend and servant Anna. Another one of our current allies

Futanari: Is this Anna lady is demon spirit as well?

Okubi: Not at all. Unlike Eligos, Anna is a fully physical being. One doesn't have to be a Spirit Toucher in order to touch her. Furthermore not all demon servants are departed spirits of decease demons. Many of them are actually living beings like you and I. Anyways while I was busy rescuing Hellin in the Underworld along with Anna. Xiaoyu, Nara, Apollyn, and Angelina had encountered an Angel by the name Lisa. Yes before you even state otherwise. Lisa is indeed an actual angel from the Heaven's. The very home of the God Asira. Course if you meet Lisa in person. The girl has the mouth that puts a sailor to shame. Once I had returned from the Underworld with Hellin and Anna. I quickly reunited with the rest of my friends. Shortly after our return back to Onyxe's castle. Hellin's mother, Othello had told us about a new threat. One that was located in the state Coram. The mission was to take down a rogue demon by the name Christof

Angelina: However we soon discovered that Christof wasn't our only threat. One of the sub Queen's of Mayland, Queen Adama Snow of Coram. Unknown to any of the government officials or King Onyxe. Adama had turned against her people. Plotting their demise along with her husband Christof. Ivory Snow, the daughter of Queen Adama. Upon discovering her parent's sinister intentions. Christof had sent one of his demon's to kill Ivory. Luckily Ivory was rescued by her friend Zar. Ivory had also managed to place a seal on the Forbidden Gem Christof had in his possession. That gem being the Prosperity Gem. A gem that grants one great power for each life they take. Unable to use the gem to complete their evil scheme. Adama and Christof had denounced Ivory and Zar as traitors to Coram. Placing a huge bounty on both their heads. In order to make matters worst. Shortly after our arrival in Coram. Unknown to any of my comrades or I. Christof and Adama had foreseen our arrival. Making plans to eliminate us as well.

Okubi: Using the information they had on us. Christof had a spell placed on Angelina. Reawakening the evil that is Lilith. Luckily Angelina was traveling along with Hellin and Lisa. Back when I still didn't trust Angelina. I purposely had Hellin and Lisa traveled with her. In case should Lilith had taken over Angelina's mind again. Both women possessed the skills the take her out. Well at least Hellin did.

Angelina: After Lilith had regain control over me. Hellin had immediately pursued me. Eventually Hellin had tracked me down at an isolated location. Hellin used her telepathy to drag Lilith and I to the Astral Planes. While Lilith proved a greater challenged than Hellin had expected. Hellin had managed to break through to me. Together we managed to defeat Lilith. Freed of Lilith's dark hold over me. I managed to retain her mass demonic powers.

Okubi: Anyways once my friends and I had reunited once again. Along with Ivory and her resistance group. I went to go and fight Queen Adama. Only for Othello to make a surprise appearance. Fighting Adama in my place. Which worked out since I was able to get my revenge on Christof. Who had defeated me during our first encounter. Christof was a very tough adversary. One who truly pushed me to my very limit. A very dark power had awaken within me. Giving me the edge in my fight. Christof now struggling to combat me. Christof pulled a hail mary. Summoning the powerful Demon God Charon. Which by the way is my summoning. Although the gamble of using Charon in battle is the only reason I don't summon him

Futanari: What gamble would that be?

Okubi: Charon isn't guarantee to aid his summoner. Charon helps the one who is stronger. Not the one who summoned him. While thanks to a certain spell that was placed upon me. I currently posses a dangerous level of power. Still I will not risk summoning Charon. The last thing I want to do in battle. Summon a demon that will aid my enemy if he deems them worthier than me. Anyways once my friends and I had finished our business in Coram. Christof was killed along with most of his demons. Minus a demon name Zero Black who was Ivory's secret lover. Queen Adama was defeated and by Onyxe. Arrested for her crimes against Coram. Most of Coram citizens were spared. Minus a few casualties. Unfortunately thanks to a deadly dragon summoned by Adama. Many building and property were badly damaged. Thankfully Coram is currently being repaired. Course our biggest accomplishment was the retrieval of the Prosperity Gem.

Angelina: Once our mission in Coram was completed. We all returned to Onyxe's castle for some well deserve rest. Course it wasn't before we were confronted by Janiel himself. The bastard had trapped all of us in his spell. Nearly having killed Onyxe before our very eyes. Thankfully Onyxe's father, Knox had came to our rescue. Unfortunately when Knox had slain Janiel. It wasn't the real Janiel by a Shifter demon.

Okubi: Now with Coram behind us. Another great evil had awaited us. That evil was known as Goddess Razel. One of the Seven Forsaken Gods and bitter nemesis to God Asira. Razel was responsible for several kidnappings within Mayland. Targeting sages who specialized in a singular elements. After learning about a fire sage going missing in Begonia. Onyxe took a small group of us to investigate. The group consisted of Okubi, Eligos, Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Anna, Onyxe, and myself. During the night we had yet another encounter with Dela. However unlike our previous encounters with her. Dela was no longer under Janiel's control. However Xiaoyu who then hated Dela with a burning passion. Attack Dela and nearly killed her. Which not only caused a small seen at the Bellflower Festival. Two of Razel's servants, the homunculus siblings Ava and Philip. Spotted Xiaoyu and intended on kidnapping her. Which by the way they succeeded. Fortunately due to my new found power. I had managed to create a portal directly to Razel's dimension. Upon my friends and I entering Razel's dimension. Aware of everyone and everything within our domain. Razel quickly separated us from one another. Forcing each one of us to fight against her assigned foe. Anna fought Dela who was now under Razel's control. Apollyn battled against the sisters Edi and Ivela. Angelina was sent to a dungeon. Where she encountered Razel's previous victims. One being the vengeful spirit of a man name Rory Araullo. A magician who came from another world. After receiving Rory's book Viatori Patuit. Angelina left the dungeon. Only to encounter a fearsome dragon created by Razel. Meanwhile making my way towards Xiaoyu and the other kidnapped sages. I had to battle my way through a horde of monsters. Finally arriving the Xiaoyu and the other sages location. I encountered Razel herself along with her minions Ava and Philip. Razel left shortly afterwards to prepare her ritual. I began to battle the homunculus siblings. While I was batting Ava and Philip. Xiaoyu had managed to free herself. After having killed the homunculus. Unknown to Xiaoyu and I. Hellin along with our other friends. Manage to get inside of Razel's Dimension. Thanks to Onyxe summoning a magical bus that can travel through different dimensions. Attempting to free the remaining sages. Razel had teleported them away from Xiaoyu, Hellin, and I. Sacrificing them and absorbing their powers. Luckily since Xiaoyu wasn't absorb. Razel's wasn't able to transform, but was powerful none the less.

Angelina: While Okubi and Hellin began to combat against The Goddess. Apollyn, Anna, Dela, Xiaoyu, Nara, Lisa, Naznim and I fought against the dragon. Both of them were powerful beyond our imagination.

Okubi: I knew combating a Goddess would prove difficult, but never have I felt myself struggling so much in battle. Hellin was doing no better. Fortunately when all hope seem lost. Rory had called to Angelina from the dungeon. Thankfully Angelina heeded the decease magician's call. Anna had also ventured with her

Angelina: Once Anna and I had meet up with Rory and the other restless spirits. Rory request me to hand him back his book. Opening it and revealing a spell to defeated both Razel and her menacing dragon. Now with Rory's spell in my possession. I along with Anna went up to the roof of Razel's castle. Upon reaching the roof of Razel's castle. I confronted Razel as I began reading Rory's spell. Instantly Razel's powers began to diminish. Now stripped of her divine powers. Razel was now the very thing she feared most… mortal. Realizing she can no longer harm us. The former Goddess began begging for her life.

Okubi: However we did not grant her wish. Not only did that woman put my friends and I through pure hell. So many innocent lives were ended by her. How dare she expect mercy from us?

Angelina: Hellin very enraged with the former Goddess. Hellin ended Razel in a very demonic manner. Hellin began feasting on Razel until she was no more. Razel having been devour by Hellin. The former Goddess's dimension began to crumble around us. Fortunately Onyxe along with James had returned with the magical bus. Taking us all back to our world safe and sound.

Okubi: So yes when have been through a lot together. During all those life and death situations. We have become quite close to one another. Never in my life did I expect to love people as much as I do my comrades. They are truly the family I never had. Especially with my past and the anger I held onto for centuries. After I lost my mother. I swear I would never care about anyone else. I even treated my own servant like shit. It's all thanks to meeting my friends. I have become a better man

Angelina: I know what you mean Okubi. A lot has changed since I meet all of you. Never once would I imagine after my many attempts to kill you. While I was under Lilith's control. That one day you and I would become such close friends. I'm truly bless to have you in my life

Okubi: The feeling is very much equal Angelina. Anyways Futanari that has been our journey thus far.

Futanari: WHOA! Hearing all of this is absolutely mind blowing. I couldn't imagine going through what any of you did. At least not on my own

Eligos: Trust neither could any of them. It takes a group of heroes to combat such great evils. I'm just happy to see my Master emotionally in a better place. I knew he was special the day I laid eyes on him. Despite the many years of abuse and hardship. Master Okubi has finally grown into his true self. I just hope he stays this way. Once we bring down The Children of Ruin and retrieve the book Forbidden

Okubi: We'll just have to wait and see won't we my dear? Anyways Happy's Coffee Shop is across the street from us. I can also smell Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Nara inside

Angelina: The must had just gotten there a few minutes ago

Futanari: I can't wait to meet you-- I mean our friends in person

Angelina: They are lovely individuals. I definitely can see you getting along with Xiaoyu. Especially since you two have similar occupations

Futanari: The High School Shogun meets The Lady Detective of China. Talk about awesome!

 Crossing the street to Happy's Coffee Shop. Okubi, Eligos, Angelina, and Futanari enters inside of the store. Once inside they are immediately spotted by Xiaoyu, Apollyn, and Nara

Xiaoyu: Okubi! I'm so happy to see you. Hello to you too Eligos and Angelina

Okubi: Always a pleasure of seeing you Xiaoyu. Good morning to you Nara and Apollyn

Apollyn: Greetings Okubi, Angelina, and Eligos buddy. Apollyn is so happy to see you all. Oh who's the silver haired lady? Apollyn wants to know?

Futanari: Hello everyone my name is Futanari Akuma

Nara: Oh the Shogun Xiaoyu was telling Apollyn and I about earlier. It's awesome to meet you

Xiaoyu: So you're not going to complement on how gorgeous she is?

Nara: Um… well

Xiaoyu: Babe am only kidding. Can't believe you felt for it ha ha ha

Angelina: Well someone is in a much better mood

Xiaoyu: Am just happy to see you guys all safe and sound

Okubi: Anyways now that we are all here. Let's order some breakfast and video chat Onyxe immediately

Xiaoyu: Sounds great. I'll take everyone's orders while you get in contact with Onyxe.

Okubi: I will like a large French Vanilla coffee and two tiramisu. Take my credit card and buy everyone something to eat. I'll go put some money into the computer by the wall.

Xiaoyu: Not a problem Okubi

 Okubi goes into his wallet. Pulls out his card and passes it to Xiaoyu

Xiaoyu: Make sure you text him first. Onyxe may still be busy with Yura

Angelina: So you spoke to him as well?

Xiaoyu: He called me shortly after trying to get in contact with Hellin. Anyways he told me to tell you to text him first. He'll be online seconds after. Okay everyone follow me

Nara: Don't gotta ask me twice

 Everyone follows Xiaoyu to grab breakfast. Okubi pulls out his phone and texts Onyxe. Eligos floats over his Master's shoulders. Watching the texting taking place. Less then ten seconds later. Onyxe responds and tells Okubi to go online. Okubi walks over to the wall and puts three dollars into the computer. Opening up the icon to the video chat. Xiaoyu and the others return with breakfast. Xiaoyu places the food on the table. Giving each person their respective meals. Now with everyone present. Okubi begins the video chat

Okubi: Onyxe are you online?

 King Onyxe's face appears on screen. Noticing the serious expression on his face. The heroes wonder if everything is alright?

Okubi: Onyxe is everything alright?

Onyxe: Do I look like if everything is alright?

Xiaoyu: Wow someone is touchy. Please spare no details Onyxe

Onyxe: *Sigh* I don't mean to be such a grouch. I just got done talking to Othello not too long ago

Okubi: Othello? Now am in a shitty mood. What did that Jezebel want now?

Onyxe: Oh you haven't heard the good news? Othello is currently with Hellin, Anna, and James in Neo Aigosthena

Xiaoyu: What is that bitch doing here?

Futanari: Okay why the hostility towards Othello? I don't remember hearing anything bad about her in the story Okubi and Angelina told me earlier

Angelina: Unlike Hellin who is an ally of our. Othello is someone we do not like very much. Not only is she's very abuses towards Anna. The Queen of Babylon has made an attempt against Okubi's life. During his time in the Underworld

Eligos: The woman is the definition of heinous

Okubi: Nothing can ever come of good with that woman around

Onyxe: Othello has actual been in Neo Aigosthena since the early morning. Just like any other Demon Lord in the Underworld. After several years of performing one's duties. A Demon Lord is entitled to a well deserved vacation. Oddly enough Othello decided to take her vacation in Neo Aigosthena. Coincidentally the same hotel you sent Hellin's group off too. Othello was also staying at

Angelina: So if James on his way back to you?

Onyxe: NO! Othello wants to keep him with her for awhile. At least until Hellin completes her mission. Whatever mission you had assigned her

Okubi: Dammit! I will go and retrieve James for you Onyxe. Othello cannot hold him hostage

Onyxe: There is no need for you to do that. James actually volunteer to stay. James wants to spend more time around Anna. Besides whatever mission you have given to Hellin and Anna. Having both James and Othello with them would be good

Okubi: Not really since Hellin and Anna's mission involved espionage. Having their parents around will do more harm than good.

Onyxe: Anyways I granted James the permission to aid the ladies. Besides now that Anna is back in his life. He has little need for me

Nara: Onyxe I don't mean to offend you, but James is straight. Even if Anna wasn't around. The man probably wouldn't want to be around you constantly

Okubi: Onyxe is the sole reason The Order hasn't successfully killed James. While I don't believe in forcing one's desire onto another. James can show Onyxe a lot more appreciation than he has lately. James acts as if it isn't he duty to be by Onyxe's side. That man has really been smelling himself as of late

Xiaoyu: While I do agree with Nara about Onyxe being too into James. Okubi makes a hell of a good point. Anna has survived years without James. I understand James wants to make up for lost times. However Anna is capable of holding her own. Furthermore Hellin is alongside her

Apollyn: Let's not forget about Anna's buddy's tarot summonings

Onyxe: All of you make great points, but I care about James's happiness. Besides with James not in the castle. I can focus on other things. Like helping Yura and gathering more intel on Janiel and the other secret Children of Ruin members

Angelina: Speaking about Yura. How is she doing?

Onyxe: Physically better, but Yura is still very worried about Celia. Anyways I have to end this conversation. I'm glad Okubi rescue you all from The Eater

Okubi: Hey where are you manners your Majesty? Haven't you notice Miss Akuma with us?

Onyxe: Oh my sincerest apologies. Hello Ms. Futanari. It is a pleasure to finally meet you. I hope the next time we meet. It will be in person

Futanari: Likewise your majesty

Onyxe: Anyways you guys stay safe. Don't go hours without contacting me

Okubi: We'll try not to get too caught up. Keep us updated on your end as well Onyxe

 Ready to end the video chat. Suddenly a loud explosion occurs a few blocks away. The heroes are immediately alerted. Along with everyone inside of the coffee shop. Onyxe seeing the reactions on the heroes faces. The King immediately begins to talk to them

Onyxe: Okubi! Xiaoyu! What's going on?

Okubi: Something just happened a few blocks away from here. It sounded like a damn explosion

Angelina: So who here thinks we should check it out?

Futanari: I do

Nara: Second

Xiaoyu: Onyxe we have to get going. We'll call you back as soon as possible

 Xiaoyu turns off the computer. Not allowing Onyxe to speak any further. Removing themselves from their chairs. Okubi along with Eligos, Xiaoyu, Apollyn, Nara, Angelina, and Futanari exits the coffee shop. Rushing towards the area where the explosion took place. Little do Okubi and his friends know. It is a set up created by Pruflas's henchmen


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