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Forbidden Chapter 46

Forbidden Chapter Forty Six

The Assignment

 Five thirty five in the morning. Wearing a purple colored satin night gown. Hellin stares outside of her bedroom window. Meanwhile both Anna and James are still asleep. Despite initially sharing a bed with Hellin. After Anna kept turning in her sleep. One too many times for Hellin's liking. Removing herself off from the bed. Hellin went over to Anna, scooping her in her arms. Placing her next to her father on his bed. Sipping her latte in her mug. Hellin wasn't thrilled about the taste of her drink. Then again Hellin was never fond of mortal base food and beverages. Hellin would much prefer to be drinking a cup of blood. Whether it be blood of a mortal or a fellow demon. Sadly there was no one near Hellin worth killing. At least not anyone she would be comfortable murdering. Not only only did the lack of satisfying meal bothered Hellin. Shortly after the battle against Asasah on the Tremaine Bridge. Once both Okubi and she had slain The Eater. Okubi had immediately sent Hellin, Anna, and James over to the Gold Hotel. Telling the trio about a letter containing important information. Upon arriving to their assign room. Hellin along with her team had spotted a letter on their dresser. However instead of reading the letter immediately. Hellin had decided to read the content inside tomorrow morning. Neither Anna or James had disagreed with Hellin's demand. 

Continuing to sip her lackluster beverage. Hellin immediately began to sense a powerful presence within the hotel. Not only was the presence extremely powerful. It was also very familiar... too familiar. "It can't be... not in a place like this" Hellin said to herself. Not the type to leave anything to chance. Hellin quickly put down her latte on the dresser. Hellin then headed towards her bedroom door. Shutting the door behind her quietly. Making sure not to disturb Anna and her father's sleep. Swiftly making her way down towards the hotel lobby. The closer Hellin drew to her destination. The stronger the presence had become. Now certain it was her mother downstair in the Gold Hotel. Hellin was now curious to know why her beloved mother was here in Neo Aigosthena. Reaching the lobby of the Gold Hotel. Standing before Hellin was her mother dressed in a sexy purple dressed. Speaking to the hotel's clerk. Now with her daughter downstair to meet her. No longer needed the assistant of the clerk. Othello turns her head gracefully. Staring in the direction of her daughter Hellin. Othello releases her grip on her luggage. Running joyously towards her daughter. Once inches away from her daughter. Othello opens her arms and embraces her daughter. While surprise to see her mother in such a gracious mood. Hellin instinctively hugs her mother back. 

Othello:  HEY BABY! I didn't expect to see you here

Hellin: Mother… not too hard. Am not wearing a bra underneath this nightgown

Othello: Am not a bra either or panties

Hellin: Mother!

Othello: Oh don't you mother me. It's not like we're incest lesbians. The very thought is vomit worthy. Besides it's pleases my soul. Seeing my baby dressed wearing such a sexy nightgown. If only you used your sexuality on the battlefield. Anyways not that you're here. I no longer need the help of a bellboy. Now be a good daughter and go grab Mommy's luggage. Also I brought a few containers of demon blood with me. I'll be happy to share with you dear

Hellin: Best thing I heard all morning. I can't stand eating all this morning base foods.

Othello: So is Okubi and the others here as well?

Hellin: Not at all mother. It's just Anna, her father, and I

Othello: James? Isn't he suppose to be with his precious King?

Hellin: It's a long story mother. One I'll explain on the way upstairs. Now let me go and grab your things. I expect you'll tell me what you're doing in Neo Aigosthena as well

 After picking up her mother's luggage on the floor. Hellin leads her mother to her hotel room. Opening the door to her room. Anna stands before the Strongs women. Grabbing the luggage out of Hellin's hands. Hellin very please to see her friend has awaken. Othello simply gives Anna a look of indifference

Anna: Good morning Queen Othello. Good morning Princess Hellin

Hellin: Good morning Anna my dear. Sorry I remove you out of my bed, but you were turning too much in your sleep

Othello: The little bitch shouldn't been sleeping next to you in the first place

 Hearing Othello cursing at his daughter from inside of the bathroom. A towel wrapped around his wet muscular body. James swings the door open to confront Othello


Hellin: Who the fuck are you talking too Del Soto?

Anna: Dad it's fine. Am use to Queen Othello treating me this way

James: Well am fucking tired of it!

Hellin: How fucking dare you speak to my mother like that? It's your daughter I care for. You on the other hand. I will rip your fucking esophagus out of your throat!

James: Then make your move daughter of a whore


 Hellin preparing to attack James, but is quickly stopped by her mother

Hellin: Mother? What are you doing?

Othello: Hellin there is no need for such violence? Besides James has ever right to defend his daughter

Hellin: The hell he does. I will not tolerate that asshole speaking to you in such a disgraceful manner. You are the Queen of Babylon

James: She's no fucking Queen of mine. I answer only to Onyxe

Hellin: Well hurry up and get fucking dress and return to your master.

Anna: So much for a peaceful morning. My apologies my Queen

Othello: Your father just defended you and you apologize to me? Talk about pathetic

James: The only pathetic thing here is your presence! Why the fuck are you even here? Don't you have a Empire to rule?

Othello: Fortunately for a Queen like myself. I get to enjoy a luxury known as a vacation. My oldest daughter Mihoshi is currently ruling Babylon is my absence. Allowing me to enjoy a wonderful week in Neo Aigosthena. So I see you're still as sexy as ever my former lover

James: If only you can unfuck a snake

Anna: Former lover?

Hellin: Mother you have to be joking? Please do not tell me you once had sexual relations with that piece of shit?

Othello: Prior to meeting Mihoshi's father and James ending up with Anna's decease mother. During my wild days in the Underworld. James and I were an item

James: The biggest mistake of life… at least one of them. I can't believe I once fucking loved you. Until you betrayed me to Ulric. The reason sonabitch responsible for my wife's death and losing my daughter for centuries. My life would had been so different if I never meet you

Othello: James do not blame me for your unfortunate situation. It was your wife and you that betrayed The Order. I merely traded to Ulric for the opportunity of a better life

James: I bet it was real fucking easy for you. Giving me into Ulric's hand. Just so you could get a opportunity to become Diablo's wife. Only for you to kill him when he no longer needed him

Othello: I did not kill my husband

James: Save your bullshit for someone who doesn't know better. Othello, you are the embodiment of deception. Possessing a heart colder than ice and calculating like a snake. I don't know how you manage to steal Diablo's power, but best you fucking believe. I know you are responsible for your decease husband's death! No one can tell me otherwise

Othello: James I honestly can't believe you think so vile of me

James: Vile isn't the word to describe your evil deeds. Babylon The Great

Hellin: Now if you're done hurling insults and false accusations at my mother. Hurry up and get dress! No one here wants to see your naked body

Anna: Ditto

Othello: Speak for yourselves girls. James is looking sexy as ever

James: Go to hell Othello!

Othello: Not a problem Del Soto. Just after my vacation is over. In the meantime, Hellin go inside Mommy's suitcase and pull out the containers of blood. Am feeling a bit generous this morning. Despite the verbal assault I have just received

 Hellin goes inside of her mother's suitcase. Pulls out a few containers filled with demon blood. Hellin passes two containers to her mother, one for Anna, james, and three for herself. The demons open the lids and begin to drink. Finishing his container of blood first. James goes back into the bathroom. Finishing getting himself dress for the day. Now that everything is calm at the moment. Othello begins to speak to Hellin and Anna

Othello: So my daughter, my servant, and James. Exactly what are the three of you doing here without Okubi and the other heroes?

Hellin: Last night on our way to Neo Aigosthena. My comrades and I battled against a surviving Eater by the name Asasah

Othello: The monstrous demons our ancestors made centuries ago. I'm surprise you fools managed to defeat an Eater. Those demons are powerful and cunning beyond imagination.

Hellin: Killing Asasah was not as easy as one would hope. Onyxe had dropped us off at the Tremaine Bridge. The very location of The Eater. Reluctantly leaving James to aid us in combat. Despite my team's precautions. The Eater had easily took most of us out in seconds. Only leaving Xiaoyu and I standing. Fortunately Okubi who had been in Neo Aigosthena hours before. Appeared on the bridge and aided in Asasah's demise. Okubi and I performed a combination attack. Finishing Asasah off and rescuing our comrades. Afterwards Okubi had transported James, Anna, and i to the Gold Hotel. Leaving us a letter on the dresser. Containing information on our assignment in Neo Aigosthena

Othello: So the three of you aren't aiding in bringing down Pruflas?

Hellin: That's what I wanted to do, but Okubi has other plans for us. I hope for his fucking sakes. Whatever threat Okubi reveals in this letter. Either is an equal threat or greater threat than Pruflas. Otherwise he can shove this assignment up his prissy ass

Othello: Well since am certain none of you had already told Onyxe the good news. I will give Mayland's fair King a morning call

 Othello pulls out her cellphone from her purse. However before she even start to dial Onyxe's cell number. Hellin's cellphone starts to ring. Anna quickly grabs Hellin's backpack and passes it to her friend. Hellin unzips her backpack and flips her cellphone open. Placing it to her ears. Hellin begins to speak with Onyxe

Hellin: Hello your majesty

Onyxe: (Good morning to you too Princess. I just got done speaking with Okubi. He told me everything that happened. Prior to splitting everyone up. So I just call to see how everything was doing on your end)

Hellin: So you want to speak with James or nah?

Onyxe: (YES YES YES! I need to speak to my beloved friend)

Hellin: Anna please pass my phone to your father. James drop my phone and I'll drop your body

James: Wouldn't dream of it... bitch!

Hellin: I can hear you fucker

 Anna passes her father Hellin's cellphone. James placing the phone to his ear and speaks

James: Hey Onyxe it's your sexy best friend in the whole wide world

Onyxe: (James am so happy to hear from you. I was so scare The Eater was going to kill you. Glad Okubi and Hellin were able to kill The Eater. I'll send some people to clean up her remains off Tremaine Bridge. Anyways how are you feeling?)

James: Am alright Onyxe. Just a bit annoyed with two thirds of my current company

Onyxe: (Isn't it just Hellin and Anna?)

James: NOPE! Babylon The Great is here with us

Onyxe: (Othello? What is she doing in Neo Aigosthena?)

James: Apparently on "vacation"

Othello: Don't air quote me you son of bitch! I am on vacation. Matter of fact let me speak to Onyxe

James: Othello wants to speak to you

Onyxe: (I want to speak to her as well)

 James walks over to Othello and gives her the phone. Othello immediately begins her conversation with Onyxe

Othello: Well hello Mayland's darling King

Onyxe: (Othello why choose Neo Aigosthena as a vacation place? Pruflas is over there. Not to mention the other mission Okubi has tasked the others)

Othello: Well excuse fucking me for not knowing. One of The Children of Ruin members was hidden in Neo Aigosthena. I just came here to have a good time. Now I gotta help my daughter deal with whatever menace Okubi tasked her to eliminate

Hellin: Mom that is not necessary. Anna and I can handle it. James needs to get his ass back to the Royal Lands. Mother you can go on your adventures in Neo Aigosthena. I'm going to grab the letter out of the drawer now

Othello: Don't you touch that damn letter young lady. Not until I give you permission

 Hellin shoots her mother a stare of annoyance, but heeds her mother's command. Othello continues to speak with Onyxe

Othello: However in order to make sure both Hellin and Anna get require amount of help. I would like to suggest both James and I remain with our children.

Onyxe: (James? But he is due back to the castle before noon. I did not give James permission to be away from me this long. James was only suppose to aid in combating The Eater...)

Othello: Which my daughter and Ophelia's son end up doing together. Neither James or the other assisted with Asasah's demise. Besides don't you think James would want to spend more time with his beloved daughter?

 Both angered and upset by Othello's word. Onyxe rudely demands Othello give James the phone. Grinning at the fact she struck a nerve. Othello playfully tosses James her daughter's cellphone. James catches the phone and places it onto his ear

James: Onyxe it's me. Talk to me love

Onyxe: (James please tell me you're coming back? Unless you do really want to stay with Anna?)

James: I mean I'll come back if you command it, but I would love to help out if you'll let me

Hellin: No motherfucking NO! I can more than tolerate my mother's presence, but James has got to go!

Othello: Well that isn't your decision now isn't it

James: Onyxe if you want me to come back to the castle... I--

Onyxe: (No James stay and help the ladies. I love having you by my side. However it will be selfish of me to keep you from Anna. I'm your dear friend, but Anna is your daughter. After all the centuries the two of you have been apart. I understand why you want to spend every waking minute with her. Nothing is more important than loving your child. James you not only have my mission to aid Anna and the others. It is an official order from me, the current Ruler of Mayland. Disobedience is punishable by death)

James: Onyxe I love you friend. No one supports me the way you do

Onyxe: (Just promise me you'll be careful. I don't want to lose you)

James: I promise after this mission in Neo Aigosthena. I will return to you Onyxe. Just have faith in me)

Onyxe: (I always will love. Anyways I gotta get ready to talk to Okubi and the others. James also don't forget about your Curse Tracker. You'll probably have another two hours before they realize you are no longer by my side. They will not hesitate to come after you. Bye James I love you)

James: I love you too buddy. I'll see you again soon. Tell Yura I said hello

 Ending his conversation with Onyxe. James turns over to Hellin and throws her phone. Othello watches James with a gleeful look on her face

Othello: So it looks like it's an order that you stay and help us

James: Onyxe only did it for me harlot! Had it not been for me wanting to help my daughter. I would had been out of this bitch already

Hellin: Just fucking great! I'm going to fucking gut Onyxe the next time I see him

Anna: Well there is no point of getting upset people. The four of us will make a good team. I guess now is a good time to open that letter

Hellin: Agreed! Mother would you like to do the honors?

Othello: It would be a pleasure my sweet daughter

 Hellin reaches inside of the dresser drawer. Pulling the letter Okubi had left for them. Passing the letter to her mother. Othello uses her right thumb nail to open the envelope. Pulling out the items inside the envelope. Hellin, Anna, and James standing over Othello. The four of them see a picture and a letter. The picture showing a very menacing looking man. Frighten by his very sight. Anna moves herself away from Othello and the others. Hellin, Othello, and James continues to look at the letter. Othello quite bothered by the man in the picture. Despite not exactly knowing where she remembers him. Something about this man seems very familiar to her. Almost as she had meet him centuries before. Deciding to check out the letter written by Okubi. Doing her best Okubi impression. Othello begins to read the letter

Othello: Hello Hellin and Anna. During my early hours spent here in Neo Aigosthena. I had come to discovered another great evil within Neo Aigosthena. A sinister sage by the name Iron Zabel. The leader of a cult name Sons of Balam. Originating from the country Vanadium located in Europe. Iron's presence in Neo Aigosthena is currently unknown. However base on the knowledge of had obtained of him. Iron's plans spell doom for the citizens of Neo Aigosthena. Inside of the envelope along with my letter. There is a picture of your target. A truly menacing looking individual, but am certain you seen worst in the Underworld. Anyways according to my source. Iron's rumor location is hidden somewhere in Bosman, Neo Aigosthena. One of the more dangerous areas within this place. Which is why this assignment suits you perfectly. Now while I wasn't too keen on allowing Anna to tag along with you. I knew you would be furious if I suggested otherwise. If you have any further questions. Do not hesitate to contact me Hellin. Anyways Hellin and Anna, I wish the both of you the best of luck. I'm beginning my search for Pruflas. I hope the both of us survive our deadly encounters. Goodbye for now comrades

Anna: So that's the evil we have to face?

James: It's a damn good thing Onyxe ordered me to stick around

Hellin: Speak for yourself. This was obviously suppose to be an espionage mission. Anna and I were more than enough for this type of mission

Othello: How soon we forget about your failure in Jazan?

Hellin: My tactics back in Jazan were a huge mistake. I wasn't nearly as prepared for Koga as I hoped. After Okubi, Anna, Lisa Alice, and Isamu rescued me. I promised myself to never make the same mistake twice. I know I know I disappointed you back then mother. However I have grown much stronger since my near death encounters. Both from Koga, Razel, and Diablo. I won't allow Iron to make a victim out of me. I cannot afford to be weak anymore

James: That's your problem Hellin. You're too damn hard on yourself. Despite being wise and strong beyond your age. Unlike the rest of us here. You are still a very young demon.

Hellin: Despite my very young age Del Soto. I been through more shit than most demons three times my age. In order to become the future Queen of Babylon. I cannot allow myself to fear those greater than me. Instead I must view those greater threats as opportunities. Allowing me to prove myself as a worthy successor to my mother's throne someday. Meaning whoever I'm task to eliminate. I must be willing to combat them head on. Despite my chances of survival. It is the only way I will grow stronger as a demon. I won't let my enemies strength deter me from doing otherwise. My dream is to become stronger than Okubi, Onyxe, my sister, and my mother combined. I will not allow anyone to stand in the way of my dreams. Right now that person is Iron Zabel. Which is why I will hunt him down and exterminate him. Not only putting an end to his nefarious schemes. Whatever they may be. Iron will prove to be the opportunity I long awaited. Now with Okubi nowhere to steal my spotlight. I can prove how stronger I had truly become. No matter how strong Iron will prove to be. I'm determine to prove myself as the future ruler of Babylon. Nothing and no one is going to stop me from achieving my goals. In the words of my grandmother. "Nothing is gain from crushing the weak. Only breaking the strong proves your worth". I will find Iron Zabel and eliminate him. The rest of you better stay out of my way

Anna: I know my role in the battlefield Hellin. Trust I will not be a hindrance for you friend

Othello: I want to say something, but out of respect for your father. I'll keep it cute

James: Geez you're such a lady

Othello: I really am James. Thank you for noticing

James: Well Princess. I'm more than willing to let you take the lead. Just try to not go overboard with your insults

Hellin: I'll talk to you however I feel Del Soto. My humbleness is only reserved for my mother and Anna. If you want to be treated kindly. Go back to Onyxe! Otherwise you will fucking deal

Othello: Well now that we know our target and his location. I think it's a good of a time to enjoy a nice morning in Neo Aigosthena

Hellin: Mother! We do not have time for such nonsense. Iron Zabel needs to be found asap

Othello: Hellin have I taught you nothing? A man like Iron won't be making any moves in the morning. I'm very certain he hasn't begun his nefarious schemes as of now. Besides it's a beautiful morning. The perfect opportunity for dinning, shopping, and even some adult fun. Furthermore both you and I can use our telepathy on suspicious looking locals.

James: It sucks to say this, but Othello does have a point. Not to mention Bosman is hours away from our current location in Black Oak. Going into mission mode so early in the day isn't good for the brain. We will find Iron Zabel and stop whatever he's planning. In the meantime let's enjoy the day ladies

Hellin: FINE! Let's get going then and explore the town for a bit

Othello: Now that's the spirit

Anna: I wonder what am going to buy around here

Othello: Whatever you can afford servant

James: Pay the succubus no attention sweetie. Daddy has plenty of money to spend on his baby. One of the many perks of being the King's BFF. The amount of money on my cards is very high

Hellin: Okay enough talking and more walking. Let's hurry up and get the nonsense... I mean fun out of the way. Then it's time to hunt down Iron

 Hellin walks towards the bedroom door. Holds it open as Anna and James passes through. Hellin continues to hold the door. Waiting for her mother to leave the room. Othello still holding the envelope in her hands. Quickly turns her attention to her daughter

Othello: Hellin just go on ahead with Anna and James. Mommy will be ready in a minute. Just wait for me at the lobby okay

Hellin: Sure thing mom

 Hellin leaves the room and shuts the door behind her. Turning her attention back to the letter and the photo of Iron. Taking a closer look at the photo. Othello can't help but feel something familiar about him. Putting her suspicions aside. Othello puts both the letter and photo back into the envelope. Placing the envelope into her purse. Othello then gets off of the chair, making her way to the door.

 Eating at a local diner on 95th Street and Rodger Avenue. The angel Lisa Brown and demon Dela "Brutality" Regan are enjoying a nice breakfast. Having left the Platinum Hotel forty minutes ago. Upon learning about their "mission" in the letter Okubi had left for them. Both women were pretty disappointed with their lack of an actual mission. Unlike the others who were given specific task. Okubi merely told Lisa and Dela to just keep an eye around the area. Promising to call them if anything severe came up. Not counting their assigned meet up time. Dela trying to enjoy her pancakes with strawberry syrup, eggs, and sausage. Can't help but notice Lisa's irritation of their current situation. Despite knowing asking will only fuel the angel's anger. Dela decides to reach out to her comrade

Brutality: Is everything alright Lisa?

Lisa: Does everything look alright Dela?

Brutality: Is something wrong with your food?

Lisa: The food is fucking fine Dela. It's just utter bullshit Okubi would do this to us. It's not like we aren't capable combatants. I bet he gave Xiaoyu's group and Hellin's group actual missions to take on. Yet the two of us are on some "neighborhood watch" bullshit! I want a piece of the fucking action in this bitch

Brutality: Well Okubi did say he'll call us when we are needed. Perhaps we are the trump cards in his plans. No way would powerful being like ourselves just be sitting on the sidelines?

Lisa: Who fucking knows. God this is just like watching people up in Heaven. Absolutely powerless to go and help those in need. All due to the laws of the universe bullshit! I didn't jeopardize my angelhood just to sit on the sidelines. I want to kick some bad guy ass

Brutality: Lisa just calm yourself down a bit. Am pretty sure something will pop up sooner than we can imagine

Lisa: It's just I came here to do some fucking good Dela. I want to save lives

Brutality: In the meantime just enjoy your breakfast dear. I'm certain we'll be in action sooner than later

 Despite the anger she feels. Lisa reluctantly decides to take Dela's advice. A few minutes after the girls continue with their meals. The radio inside of the diner makes an emergency annoucement

Man On The Radio: EVERYONE PLEASE BE ON HIGH ALERT!!! Just moments ago we have learned a bank robbery taking place on 50 Street and Vita Avenue! Witnesses have spotted four sages exiting the bank. Causing havoc in the surrounding areas and attacking civilians without remorse! Help is on the way, but please hurry and get yourselves to safety. No one knows what these sages are capable of doing next. 

Brutality: Ask and you shall receive right?

Lisa: Not the action I was planning on. Vita Avenue is miles away from here. I wonder should I sprout my wings and fly us there?

Brutality: I don't think that would be very wise

Lisa: Why the fuck not?

Brutality: Haven't you heard of something called "discretion?" The less attention we draw to ourselves the better. Okubi clearly stated in the letter. Don't do anything to gain unwanted attention. Meaning not let the people know there's a honest to God foul mouthed angel within Neo Aigosthena

Lisa: Then what do you suggest then?

Brutality: Our meals are already paid. I'm going to call us a taxi and get to the robbery site asap

Lisa: Exactly who in their right mind is going to take us directly in dangerous territory?

Brutality: A cab driver who won't turn down three hundred dollars for a forty dollar ride. Now grab your shit and let's role

 Lisa and Brutality leaps off of their chairs. Grabs their purses and rush out the diner door.


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