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Forbidden Chapter 48

Forbidden Chapter Forty Eight


 Meanwhile walking down on Emerald Street and 105th Ave. One of Neo Aigosthena's noticeable shopping areas. Othello along with Hellin, Anna, and James. Makes their way towards the next store. The four of them completely unaware of the bank robbery. Taking place on 50th Street and Vita Avenue. Finally having arrived to their destination... well Othello's destination anyways. The heroes find themselves standing at the entrance of Saturnia Mall. One of the seven major malls within Neo Aigosthena. Overjoyed to reach her destination. Othello turns to her company. Only to see their rather sullen faces. While already knowing why the look so disinterested. Othello decides to ask them anyways.

Othello: Why long faces loves?

Hellin: Mother do you not notice the shopping bags in our hands?

James: This must be the seventh fucking store we stopped today. Within nearly three hours none the less

Anna: It's just so much shopping your Majesty

Othello: Well excuse fucking me for being a rich bitch! Also it's not like I didn't tell you fools. We were going shopping earlier today. Besides the four of us are demons. I know damn well none of you are physically tired

James: Nah. We are just bored out of our fucking minds

Hellin: Anna's father speaks the truth. I should had just stayed in the hotel. Until it was time to find my target

Othello: All of you are such fucking bores. It's not my fault between stopping for food, clothe shopping at Martina's Fashion, clothe shopping again at Dress For Goddesses, shoe shopping at Melissa's Designer shoes. Along with stopping by Sweeter Than Sin Desserts and Make Up Extravaganza. That none of you three found of bought anything worthwhile. 

Anna: Well I did buy two Key Lime cheesecakes at Sweeter Than Sin Desserts and a green jumpsuit at Martina's

Othello: Well besides the green lover. Neither James or you bought anything worthwhile. Am still pissed that you wouldn't allow me to buy you those outfits back at Dress For Goddesses

Hellin: The outfits you picked out for me were extremely provocative. I hate dresses that leave little to the imagination. I might as well be butt naked wearing those scantly outfits

Othello: But dressing provocative is so much fun honey

James: Only for women like yourself Othello. Even then most women dress sexy for themselves. Unlike you who dresses to deliberately get a man's attention. Not every women wants her good's displayed 24/7. 

Hellin: Well dressing like a tomboy isn't all that great either

Anna: Different styles for different women

Othello: Did I give you permission to talk?

Anna: My apologies your majesty

James: No need for you to apologies for speaking your mind honey

Othello: James don't get your daughter executed in these streets. Remember Anna is my servant

Hellin: I thought she was mine?

Othello: She is honey, but Anna is also a servant of Babylon. Therefore she is my servant as well. Being that I'm Babylon's current ruler. 

James: Well she's my daughter and I won't let anyone harm her. Regardless of their fucking title

Othello: It's way too early for me to rip out someone's esophagus. So let's just try to remain cordial with one another Del Soto

James: Unlike you I know how to respect others. Regardless of their position in life

Othello: James are you suggesting am some unkind individual? Am absolutely hurt 

Hellin: Enough with the tedious back and forth between you two. Anyways I do not feel like venturing into yet another store. I'll just walk around the area until you're finished

Othello: Disappointing, but if it makes you happy love. However take James with you

Hellin: WHAT! Mother oh Satan no! Why can't I just be alone or take Anna?

Othello: Don't you sass me young lady. Besides the reason am keeping Anna. So that I have someone to carry the bags. Plus I don't want you wondering around this place alone. While am certain Zabel won't be a threat at the moment. I cannot say the same about Pruflas. Therefore James will accompany you. I promise I will bring no harm to Anna. Unless she really gets on my nerves. Anyways well meet back here in two hours. I'll telepathically contact you two when am done enjoying myself in the mall. Now let's be on our way Anna

Anna: Yes your majesty. I'll you later Hellin and Dad. Call us if you guys run into trouble

Othello: Try to avoid trouble for at least an hour if possible. Mama got an itch she needs to be scratch

James: When doesn't "Mama" have an "itch" she doesn't need to be "scratch"?

Othello: I'll ask you to scratch it for me, but considering I find you rather nauseating nowadays. I'll much rather go and pay somebody else to do it for me

James: Just keep Anna away from that shit. Call me if you need me honey

Anna: I'll be alright with Queen Othello dad... I hope so anyways

Hellin: Remember mom please do not harm Anna. Call me if she's unintentionally working on your nerves. Love you

Othello: Love you too honey. Now come and get the damn door for me Anna

 Anna goes and get the door for Othello. Allowing her Queen to enter the Saturnia Mall. Hellin and James bid the girls farewell. They start to walk down the end of the street. Entering the mall, Othello leads Anna to the escalator. Once they reach the second level. Othello goes straight towards the wall. Reading the Saturnia Mall map. In order to know the exact location of her next destination. Quickly finding her desired location is on the fourth level. Which also has the arcade room located on the same level. Othello then shifts her attention towards Anna

Othello: ANNA!

Anna: Yes your majesty?

Othello: It's taking every fiber in my being. Now to kick a hole in your chest! The very sight of you is as nauseating as ever. Sadly I promised my daughter and your equally pitiful father. I will not bring any harm to you. However do make sure not to get in any trouble. While am getting needed relief. Even if it isn't your fault. I will see to it you are severely punished!

Anna: I promise as your servant. Not to cause you any trouble Queen Othello. Just please give me a chance

Othello: Do not disappoint me Servant Del Soto. Anyways I will leave all the bags with you. Make sure every bag and items is carefully watched and handled with care. Now let's to the fourth level of the mall. There is an elevator right around the corner. Once we arrived to the fourth level. I will take you to the Arcade Room. Across from the Arcade Room is a nice Snack Shop. In the meantime I will be going to a special adult room. Once I enter inside of the Adult Room. Do not dare come and disturb me for any reason. Even if that reason is for my daughter. Otherwise I'll be force to kill you on sight!

Anna: I understand you perfectly your Majesty

Othello: I fucking hope so little bitch! Now let's get moving. I have a vacation to enjoy

 Othello and Anna then make their way to the elevator. Once they reach the location of the elevator. Anna immediately presses the button going up. The elevator opens up for them seconds afterwards. The door opens upon reaching the fourth level. The ladies step out as Othello leads Anna to the Arcade Room. Entering the enormous game room. Filled with various types of gaming from racers, sports, shooters, adventurers, and fighters. Othello finds a perfect spot for Anna. Allowing her to keep an eye out on the bags. Along with the ability to enjoy herself.

Othello: Now remember what I told you Servant Del Soto. Keep an watchful eye on my expensive stuff and do not by no means disturb me. I'll be back for you about an hour and twenty five minutes. Now if you will excuse me. I need to get myself relieved

Anna: Your Majesty may I just ask you one question before you go?

Othello: Make it quick bitch!

Anna: Is anal sex painful for demons or is that just a mortal problem?

Othello: Wah... WHAT? Exactly how did you know am going to have sex?

Anna: The way you are carrying yourself and using words like "itch" and "relieved" in a non typical way. I know you don't notice me or least enough to despise my existence. However I notice you and--

Othello: Blah blah blah! Hearing you rambling is killing my sex drive. Anyways to answer you question. Anal sex for demons is quite easy and very pleasurable. Considering we don't need lube to loosen up our anal holes. Furthermore demons can take bigger dicks up their asses. Adding to the fact the pain of insertion only last about five seconds. Not saying all mortals require lube, but that usually means they been fucked so many times. That's their assholes are practically a black hole for dicks. Demons such as you and I. Due to our natural healing capabilities. Every time a woman demon has sex. Both her vagina and anal hole have a tight feeling to it. Giving the men who are fucking us an equal amount of pleasure. Therefore you'll never have to worry about a loose pussy or a leaky asshole. Now if you will excuse me. Am going to get a good fucking. Hopefully find me a nice dark skin man with a mandingo dick. The very thought of riding such a wonderful dick. Is getting me all heated up. Remember the rules bitch or else! I'll see you later

Othello bids Anna a rather rude farewell. The Queen then skips her way towards the Adult Room. A fews blocks away from the mall. Both Hellin and James are setting at the bus stop on Emerald Street and Cyn Ave. The NA65 pulls up in front of them five minutes later. Entering the half empty bus. Hellin and James walk towards two empty window seats. Hellin sits down first as James sits behind her.

Hellin: So where exactly are we going again?

James: A nice little bar on Stafford Street. It's just eight bus stops from where we are now

Hellin: It's not even the evening and you already want to drink? What a typical man

James: Hey it's not only guys who enjoy drinking. Besides it's much better than whatever you had planned. I promise you won't be too bothered there. I just really got a taste for some wine. Especially after dealing with your mother all morning. Look at me talking to you like am your father

Hellin: Thank Satan you and I have no blood relations. Now shut up and let me enjoy what little peace I can

 Hellin leans back into her chair. James turns himself forward in his chair. The two remain quite on the bus. Until they reach their destination. Back at the Saturnia Mall. Othello who is currently getting fucked in the Adult Room. Anna still waiting in the Arcade Room. Decides to start playing one of the available games. Grabbing Othello's shopping bags off the ground. Anna brings them over in front of the open arcade machine. Placing the bags gently on the ground. Anna reaches inside of her purse. Pulling out two copper coins. The game Anna had decided to play is called Warrior's Bonanza. A popular team based fighting game in many countries. After selecting her team consisting of the characters Rye, Marcus Spears, and Ahiru. Anna begins playing through the arcade mode. Shortly after defeating the first team of fighters. Anna senses two people entering the Arcade Room. One being a tall tan haired black woman. Wearing a all pink suit with a emblem like globe on her shirt. The other a short but handsome caramel skin black man. Who had green haired just like her friend Nara. While the aura from the woman was relatively normal. The aura emitting around the man's body had Anna perplexed. Knowing the man wasn't a demon like herself. Anna also knew the man's aura wasn't that of a mortal. Interesting in learning the nature of the man's strange aura. Anna paused her game and began making her way towards the man. Seeing the pumpkin haired demon approached them. The Kheprinese woman and Comoros man had went into their combat stance. Realizing that the two strangers view her as a threat. Anna prepares to speak her intentions. In order to diffuse a potentially bad situation

Anna: WAIT WAIT WAIT! I mean neither of you any harm. I'm a demon, but not the evil kind. I just wanted to know about your aura. It's not everyday I encounter such an unusual aura. Please do not fight me. I don't want my Queen to get angry with me

Tre': Told you Z this demon chick wasn't one of the bad ones. The girl obviously sense my Artificial Angel aura. Upon us entering the Arcade Room

Zira: So I was wrong.. such a rarity

Anna: Did you just say you're an "Artificial Angel?"

Tre': Due to unfortunate circumstances. I been transformed into what is know as an "Artificial Angel". I'll be happy to share with you my story. Course if you have the time?

Zira: Did you mention something about "angering your Queen?" That would mean you're a servant? I find Demon servants rather interesting individuals. Most of them anyways. If my friend here tells you his story. Perhaps you will kindly tell us about yourself?

Anna: It's not a problem at all for me. By the way my name is Anna

Tre': Am Tre' Crimson and this is my friend Zira. Now that we had introduced ourselves. Let's go grab some snacks and get to know one another

Anna: Sounds wonderful. Let me just end my game first.

 The NA65 seconds away from arriving to Stafford Street. James turns over to Hellin. Letting her know it was time to go. Once the bus had made it stop. James and Hellin exited from the rear doors. Keeping aware of her surroundings. Hellin followed James towards the direction of the bar. About a block and a half later. James and Hellin arrive to a place called Jerry's Bar. James pushes the door open as Hellin enters through. Standing inside of the bar. James spots an empty table near the jukebox.

James: See over there near the jukebox? Go and sit over there. I'll order us something to drink

Hellin: Who said I wanted to drink?

James: Hellin please don't be difficult with me. Now please hurry and grab that empty table. Don't want someone to come steal our spot

Hellin: I'm a fucking telepath. I can take any seat in here if I wanted

James: Yeah you could, but that isn't the noble thing to do

Hellin: Whatever!

James: Now just get over to the table. The drinks are on me. I promise to get you something you will like. I'll just be a few minutes

 Hellin gives James an irritated stare. Seconds before making her way towards the empty table. James making himself comfortable at the counter. Waits as the bartender makes her way towards him. Finished making the drink for her current customers. The bartender turns her attention over to James. Immediately a warm smile rushes across her face. James gives the bartender a equally welcoming look.

Catarina: Hello James my dear. It's been a few months since I last seen you

James: Too long beautiful. Being the King's Right Hand Man is a very busy job. Thanks to my current mission being in Neo Aigosthena. I decided to use the downtime I had to come and see you.

Catarina: I very much appreciate it handsome

James: The pleasure is mine beautiful. Anyways Catarina I can sure use a nice Crab Burger with chili cheese fries. I'll also like a glass of R&B a medium for myself and a large for my friend over there

Catarina: Isn't that King Onyxe in drag?

James: Don't be so loud Cat! That woman over there isn't Onyxe

Catarina: I meant no offense, but she looks so much like him. Like a rule 63 version of him

James: I can't exactly explain to you why she looks so much like the King of Mayland, but just know Onyxe and she are not the same.

Catarina: Must be some real confidential shit if you can't share with me. Anyways I'll go and tell Marco to prepare your meal. Sure your friend doesn't want anything to eat?

James: Thankfully only I have an appetite. Just when you make the tall R&B. Put some extra blood in it and only a fair amount of raspberry

Catarina: Oh she's one of those kinds of demons. I'll definitely won't overdue with the raspberries in her drink

James: Thanks Cat, you're the best. I'll be back shortly

Catarina: Sure thing handsome

 James bids Cat a temporary farewell. He then starts walking towards Hellin. Taking the seat opposite to Hellin. James attempts to start a pleasant conversation with her. However upon looking at her sullen face. James realizes Hellin is in no mood for pleasantries. Aware of James's conversation with Catarina. Trying to keep herself from ripping out James's esophagus. Hellin prepares herself to speak

Hellin: So I heard that bartender and you talking about me?

James: Damn us Demons and our superhuman hearing. Well since you heard my conversation with Catarina. Then you must had heard me coming to your defense. Catarina didn't mean anything bad about what she said

Hellin: I'm obviously aware that a mortal like herself. Couldn't help but notice I share an appearance to a certain someone

James: Well you do also have some resemblance to your mother

Hellin: Don't play with my fucking intelligence. Both you and I know damn well I look more like Onyxe than my mother. This is exactly why I hate being in this damn world.

James: Despite my mix feelings on how you were born into existence. I don't think there's anything wrong with you looking almost exactly like Onyxe. Don't take this the wrong way, but you're a very attractive woman Hellin

Hellin: OMG! I can't believe you actually said that. Knowing exactly who I resemble

James: Nearly resemble and yes I think Onyxe is a very handsome fella. Doesn't mean I want to sleep with him or you for that matter. Especially the history I have with your mother. Speaking of your mother. Would you like me to tell you how we meet?

Hellin: I rather write a sweet poem to Okubi. Is our drinks and your food ready?

James: Oh shit I nearly forgot. Let me go and bring our drinks and get my food

 Five minutes later James returns with his meal and their drinks. After passing Hellin her large size R&B. James take his seat and begins to enjoy his meal. Sipping her drink lovely with her straw. Hellin is pleasantly surprise about the taste of her drink. Turning her attention over to James. Hellin makes a cough sound. In order to get his attention. James quickly places his nearly eaten burger on his place. Giving his full attention to the Princess

James: Is something the matter?

Hellin: No... I just wanted to say thank you. The combination of raspberry and blood is very delicious. I never knew drinks could be so good

James: Damn right! R&B is one of the best drinks made for demons like you and I. Just don't get too addictive to them. While we demons can consume five times the amount of alcohol compare to mortals. We sure ain't immune to getting drunk

Hellin: Perish the thought. It's delicious, but no drink in the world is worth getting shit faced. I seen Mihoshi get drunk once and I knew it wasn't for me

James: I know that must had been quite a sight. Your sister only drinks the most expensive of liquor. Probably got drunk on Burlesque or some fancy drink in the Underworld. Anyways am glad to you liked it. I never expected hanging out with you would be fun. Glad Othello made us travel together

Hellin: I wouldn't go that far

James: Wow you really do go out of your way to be so cruel

Hellin: This behavior of mines is no act! In spite of the fact am enjoying your company. My overall feelings towards you haven't changed. I still think you're scum for abandoning Anna many centuries ago. Leaving her at the mercy of those fiends. If it weren't for my mother. I would had exterminated Ulric and his assassins years ago

James: Speaking of The Order. They should be coming after me real soon. Ulric and his assassins are definitely aware that am not anywhere near Onyxe. It's only a matter of time before I run into one of his assassins. The risk I took in order to help you girls with your mission

Hellin: If you wish me to portal you back to the Royal Lands. I wouldn't mind doing exactly just that

James: I'll be alright Hellin. They won't attack me while am with you and the others. Just gotta be careful when am alone. Anyways I gotta go take a #1. Be back in a few

 James removes himself from the table. Making his way towards the Men's Bathroom. Hellin quickly uses her telepathy. In order to make a psychic connection with James, but without him knowing. Entering inside the Men's Bathroom. James walks over to the first empty urinal. Seconds before James could properly position himself to pee. Two men in cloaks appear from behind him. Recognizing the men as assassins of The Order. Despite his fear of dying. James manages to calm himself. Unzip his pants and begins peeing in the urinal

James: It took you fuckers long enough. I was starting to wonder if Ulric had abandon his grudge against me. So Nolan and Paraben how it going?

Nolan: Even after all these years. You're still a cocky pice of shit!

Paraben: How dare you talk to us as we are friends?

James: I mean are we not? The three of us were quite a team back in the day. Even with you guys trying to kill me. I still got love for you jokers

Nolan: We were quite a team... until you decided to betray Lord Ulric. Both you and that fucking wife of yours

James: Slow your fucking role No! I don't care what you two think of me, but don't fucking disrespect Cassandra

Paraben: You're in position to give order Del Soto. Just the very sight of you. Causes my blood to boil

Nolan: Now that we have you alone. It's time we finished what you started. Any last words before we begin your execution?

James: A question if I may? How does Ulric's balls taste like?

Paraben: You insufferable little shit! Time to end your worthless life!

 Paraben's right hand glows in an intense pink energy. Nolan uses the spell Paralyia to keep James from moving. Paraben prepares to stab James with his technique Pink Penetration. However before Paraben can make his move. The door to the Men's Bathroom is opened. Witnessing the individual standing in the bathroom. Nolan and Paraben are utterly shocked. Neither of them had expected to see Princess Hellin of Babylon standing before them. The assassins knowing their Master's relationship with Hellin's mother Othello. Nolan and Paraben hope to reason with her

Paraben: Princess Hellin! What are you doing in the Men's Bathroom?

Hellin: I should be asking you the same thing. Exactly what is the meaning of this?

Nolan: We don't mean to alarm you Princess of Babylon. Am certain you must know the hit placed upon Mr. Del Soto. Considering our Master is close associations with your mother Othello, the Queen--

Hellin: Your prattle annoys me. I know exactly who my mother is. I also know she doesn't much care for your Master

Paraben: Now listen here young lady. We mean you no harm, but you will not speak in such a manner about our Master

Hellin: You dare tell me how to speak? I'm the Princess of Babylon and you are a lowly assassin. Now about this hit on Del Soto's head. First you two buffoons do realize this is my best friend's father. The very girl your cult kept a prisoner for centuries. Prior to your Master selling her to my mother. Furthermore what kind of assassins. Attempts to kill a man while he's taking a piss?

Nolan: James has been evading us for centuries. After he befriend the current King of Asira. James had become nearly impossible to kill ever since. Now that we finally have him at our mercy. We do not intend to let him escape. Now please let us handle our business in peace. Unless you wish to create a war between The Order and Babylon?

Hellin: Was that a threat!

James: Per usual Nolan. You don't know when to shut the fuck up! Now Hellin is really mad

 Becoming enraged by Nolan's threat. Hellin's transform from her humane form. Into her fearsome demonic appearance. Seeing the Princess change before their eyes. Both Nolan and Paraben brace themselves for a fight. Knowing she can easily kill the assassins. However between James and the people outside the bathroom. Hellin knows fighting Nolan and Paraben wouldn't be a wise decision. Instead Hellin plans on a more subtle, but effective approach. In order to take out the assassins

Paraben: How unfortunate you decided to protect this scum Princess. Now you will die along with him

Hellin: Not in your wildest dreams asshole! DEVASTATING MIGRAINE!

 Using her telepathic powers. Hellin swiftly causes both Nolan and Paraben a powerful migraine. Now with Nolan and Paraben temporarily out of the way. Hellin grabs James by the hand. Releasing him from Nolan's spell. The two of them immediately runs out of the bathroom. Catarina along with the rest of the people in the bar. Watches in confusion as Hellin and James rush out of the bar. James quickly turns to Catarina and says to her "Sorry about making such an exit beautiful, but duty calls. I promise to catch up with you in a few days. Go straight home after work tonight and be careful"

 Catarina waves goodbye to James and Hellin as they leave her store. Shortly after recovering from Hellin's attack. Nolan and Paraben run out of the bathroom. Scaring Catarina and her customers. Ignoring the sounds of panic. Nolan and Paraben continue to go after their targets. Only to witness both James and Hellin enter the NA65. The assassins realize they failed to kill James once again

Nolan: Shit!

Paraben: Master Ulric isn't going to like what we are about to tell him. Let's find someone private Nolan and open a portal back to the Underworld 

 Currently riding the bus back to Emerald Street and Cyn Avenue. Hellin's cellphone starts to ring. Reaching inside of her pocket. Hellin sees it's Okubi calling her. Hellin immediately answers his call

Hellin: What do you want?

Okubi: (Good after to you too. Anyways I need your mother, James, Anna, and you to get to the Platinum Hotel asap! Not too long ago a group of dark sages attacked us. Thankfully they were easily defeated. However we believe Pruflas or someone in his gang hired them to fight us. Meaning the bastard knows we're in Neo Aigosthena)

Hellin: Just fucking great! So exactly how did you know my mother was in Neo Aigosthena?

Okubi: (Does the name Onyxe ring a bell?)

Hellin: Why am I surprised. Anyways James and I just ran into his former buddies from the Underworld

Okubi: (Onyxe was afraid that was going to happen. James no longer under Onyxe's direct protection. The Order will have no qualms on coming after him. The longer James stays in Neo Aigosthena. The Order will continue trying to kill him. I pray they do not come after Anna)

Hellin: They better fucking not if they know what's good for them. I hope whoever my mother paid to fuck her. Gave her one hell of a good time. Once I tell her what went down in Jerry's Bar. I wouldn't be surprised if she disowns me. A war between The Order and Babylon is not what my mother had in mind. 

Okubi: (Well it may not mean much to you, but I appreciate you aiding James against The Order Assassins. The next time they attempt to kill James. We will all be there to help. Am going to let you go now Hellin. Get a hold of you mother and then call me back. Stay vigilant and I'll see you all soon)

Hellin: Later Okubi

 Hellin hangs up her phone and puts it in her pocket

James: Sounds like Okubi and the others ran into some trouble?

Hellin: Pruflas is aware we are in Neo Aigosthena. All of Okubi's preparations for separating us was for nothing. However I want to know exactly what exposed us. The first thing am going to find out. Once we are all in the same place

James: Whatever it could possibly be. I highly doubt it's anyone's fault

Hellin: It's already began to rain. How much longer before it starts to pour? Anyways am about to call my mother and tell her the unfortunate situation I created

James: Do not be afraid to tell her this is mainly my fault

Hellin: Oh trust me I won't. Whatever my mother does to me. Is guaranteed to be worst for you!

James: Oh joy

 Currently at the Saturnia Mall. Othello who just got finished getting herself dressed. After getting fucked in the Adult Room. Makes her ways towards the Arcade Room. Anna who is enjoying her chat with her news friends Tre' and Zira. Senses her Queen approaching the Arcade Room. Anna excuses herself as she gets herself ready to leave. Othello is now standing at the entrance of the Arcade Room

Anna: Hello your Majesty. Did you get that "itch" scratched?

Othello: Am not in the mood right now Anna. I just got some really fucked up news from Hellin. Pretty much ruining whatever pleasured I received not too long ago. Now grab my bags and let's get out of her immediately

Tre': Whoa your Queen is very beautiful Anna. I mean extremely beautiful

Othello: Seems like you found yourself some interesting company Anna. I appreciate your compliment very much handsome. Unfortunately I mood is rather twisted at the moment

Zira: It was a pleasure of getting to know you Anna. Hopefully you'll reconsider our offer and attend the Elestial Market tonight

Anna: I can't make any promises, but I'll keep both your offers in mind. Tell Lava Rose I said hello when you meet up with him. Hopefully we'll see each other again

Tre': Later Anna

 Anna bids Tre' and Zira farewell. Holding her Queen's shopping bags. Othello and Anna start to make their exit from the mall

 Returning back to the Underworld. Nolan and Paraben head to their home based in Vyostik. The assassins worried what would happen to them. Upon telling Master Ulric of their latest failure. Hoping the truth would spare them punishment. Once they arrived the The Order base. Nolan and Paraben were escorted to Ulric by their fellow assassins. Now standing before their gracious, but stern leader. The two assassins began to explain themselves. Upon learning about Hellin's involvement in aiding James against his assassins. Ulric had becomes extremely angry. Harshly questioning Nolan and Paraben. In order to make certain they were telling the truth. Despite telling Ulric the truth about their failure. Nolan and Paraben had expected to be punished. Instead Ulric had simply dismissed them from his presence. Telling them both he does not blame the for failing to kill James. Knowing the daughter of his associate Queen Othello had intervene in his affairs. Ulric had summoned his two bodyguards Asir and Carling. Together the three of them would travel to Babylon. In order to confront Othello about her daughter's actions. 

 Ulric and his bodyguards had arrived to Babylon. Ulric requested an audience with Queen Othello. However it was Mihoshi who confronted him instead. Mihoshi had informed Ulric that her mother had taken a vacation. That she was in charge of Babylon in her place. Ulric decided to explain himself to Mihoshi instead. Shortly after entering the castle. Ulric and his bodyguards were lead into Othello's private Conference Room. Mihoshi enter shortly after them. Accompanied by two bodyguards of her own. Normally in these kinds of situations. Othello would offer Ulric and his guards either something to eat, drink, or one of her servants. However Mihoshi did not share her mother's hospitality. Mihoshi just wanted to know the reason of Ulric's unexpected presence in Babylon. 

Mihoshi: So Lord Ulric what brings you here so abruptly to my mother's Kingdom?

Ulric: Sorry to drop by so suddenly Princess Mihoshi, but I have some rather disturbing news to share with you. It involves your sister Princess Hellin

Mihoshi: Is she dead?

Ulric: The way you said that. It's as such news would bring you great joy

Mihoshi: Well obviously by your response. My sister is very much alive. So tell me Lord Ulric. Exactly did my sister do to make you come over here?

Ulric: Am certain you know about a certain traitor by the name James Del Soto

Mihoshi: Have I heard of him? My mother has told me stories about him. Many I wish to forget, but what does that have to do with my sister?

Ulric: While my assassins were prepared to assassinate James for betraying me centuries ago. Hellin had rescued James and attacked my assassins. Even after they explained to her the consequences of aiding James

Mihoshi: So now you wish to start a war between your assassin guild and my mother's empire? Well let me be the first the tell you. That's not how this is going to go down. While my sister is a representative of Babylon. Ultimately her actions falls solely on her. Meaning whatever fucks ups my sister causes without my mother's consent. The consequences of her actions are hers to bare alone. Unless our dear mother decides to save her yet once again. Unfortunately my mother is currently vacationing in Neo Aigosthena. Therefore she is most likely unaware of Hellin's attack against your assassins. Speaking of which did she kill any of them?

Ulric: Thankfully both of my assassins are alive and well, but it's the fact she attacked them that angers me. Also did you say Othello is currently vacationing in Neo Aigosthena? That is the very place my assassins were attacked by your sister

Mihoshi: I wish you wouldn't keep referring to her as my sister. I detest our very unfortunate kinship to one another. However the fact that both my Mother and Hellin are at the same place. It wouldn't be surprised if my mother had intentionally had ordered Hellin to protect James from your assassins. Which would mean my mother had declared herself as your enemy

Ulric: I was thinking the exact same thing. I knew sooner or later that wrenched woman would turn on me. After all I did for her. This is how she thanks me? Ordering her daughter to defend the very man who dared betray me? Such an act against The Order and myself cannot be forgiven. 

Mihoshi: My sentiments exactly Lord Ulric. Course you know this has nothing to do with Babylon. Therefore I kindly ask you to leave Babylon and myself out of your quest for vengeance

Ulric: Princess Mihoshi I never considered you an enemy for a second. My vengeance is against your mother, Hellin, and James. Neither Babylon or you are in my crosshairs. However in order to remain in my good graces. I ask you not to warn your mother about my intentions. Otherwise all of Babylon will become targeted for extermination

Mihoshi: Make no attempts to harm Babylon's inhabitants and myself. I promise not to tell my mother about your plans to kill her. Besides should you succeed in killing my mother. I would become Babylon's newest Queen. It's a "win/win" situation for the both of us

Ulric: That's all I wanted to hear Princess Mihoshi. Not only will I exact my vengeance, but you will become Babylon's newest Queen. Now if you excuse me Princess. I must return back to my home in Vyostik. Assemble my assassins for the extermination of Hellin, James, Othello, and anyone else who dares stands in my way. I bid you farewell future Queen of Babylon

Mihoshi: Oh just one more thing Ulric. If you fail to kill my mother. Make certain to not mention my involvement with your schemes. I would hate for my mother to know. I cooperated with her potential murderer. Now here's another offer from me. If you succeed in killing both my mother and Hellin. I Mihoshi would take you as my husband. Allowing us both control over one of the strongest empires in the Underworld. How does that sound to you?

Ulric: That's the best fucking thing I heard all day. I will make you proud my future wife

Mihoshi: I will be waiting for you my future husband. Now if you would excuse me. I have other matters to attend. I wish you much luck in tonight's assassination. Guards see Ulric and his assassins out

 Returning back to his base in Vyostik. Ulric tells his fellow assassins about his plans to assassinate Othello, Hellin, and James. The Order begins making preparations for their trip to Neo Aigosthena. Today is the day Queen Othello falls


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