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Forbidden Chapter 49

Forbidden Chapter Forty Nine

Terror At The Elestial Market Part One

 After Hellin and James had arrived to the Saturnia Mall. The two of them meet up with Anna and Othello. Now with the four of them together. Hellin contacts Okubi to pick them up. Ordered by Okubi to go the Men's Bathroom on the second level. Once Hellin and the others arrived to the second level. Othello uses her telepathy to cast an illusion on the citizens. Causing everyone to see Hellin, Anna, and herself as men. Allowing them to enter the bathroom with James without question. Waiting for them inside of the bathroom was Okubi with Eligos. Okubi quickly opens a portal before them. Taking Hellin, Anna, Othello, James, Eligos, and himself away from the mall. The portal opens seconds later. The heroes arrive at the Platinum Hotel. Okubi along with Eligos leads Hellin's group. Bringing them to the location of the other heroes. Upon seeing Hellin and Anna walk into the room. Apollyn runs up to both women. Greeting them with a sturdy hug. Hellin calmly orders for Apollyn to release Anna and her. Hellin also takes notice of the silvered hair in the room. One she has never encountered until now. The heroes all together in one room. Okubi begins to speak about the heroes current troubles. Along with whatever other evils that may await them

Okubi: So now that's everyone is here. I will like to discuss our recent encounter. Earlier today my team had responded to a bank robbery taking place on 51st and Vita Avenue. Once we had arrived at the scene. A group of dark sages had attacked us. Thanks to an unexpected ally. The dark sages were easily defeated. Now if things weren't already bad enough. I had just learned from Hellin. That not too long ago. Two demons from the Underworld assassination guild known as The Order. Had made another attempt on James's life. However after Hellin had intervene in James's assassination. The Order have now targeted Hellin and Othello for assassination as well. Not only does Pruflas needs to be taken down. The Order will be coming after us. 

Lisa: Well isn't this fucking great! Not only do we have to take down a Demon Crime Lord. A guild of demon assassins are coming for our asses. Can shit get any fucking worst?

Othello: Iron Zabel is still a problem. Unless Okubi feels he can be ignored?

Okubi: Iron Zabel most definitely cannot be ignored. Along with Xiaoyu's missing friend Lorenzo. Neo Aigosthena is filled with many evils that must be stopped

Futanari: I also must find Yamakagashi and bring him back to Japan

Hellin: Who the fuck are you?

Okubi: Hellin is such rudeness necessary?

Hellin: Is the pot calling the kettle black?

Okubi: I don't have time--

Futanari: I'm Futanari Akuma, a Shogun from Japan. I meet Okubi and Angelina the other night. While I was attempting to capture my latest target. A notorious kingpin in Japan by the name Satomi Yamakagashi. Unfortunately the help Yamakagashi had hired. Proved to be bit much than I could handled. Thankfully Okubi had sent Angelina to rescue me. 

Hellin: And that's exactly how Pruflas discovered our presence in Neo Aigosthena

Xiaoyu: You didn't just read her mind? That's an invasion of her privacy

Hellin: I didn't fucking read Futanari's mind Xiaoyu! I been alive long enough to figure shit out. Without the use of my telepathy. So after Okubi sent Angelina to rescue you. After dealing with Yamakagashi's protectors. Angelina went straight after Yamakagashi. Only for Yamakagashi to surprise her and make his escape. Now tell me if any of that is wrong?

Angelina: Sadly everything you said is correct

Xiaoyu: It's not your fault Yamakagashi gotten away Angie

Othello: It's most certainly not Lilith's fault, but yours Okubi! Once Yamakagashi managed to escape. He immediately made his way back to Pruflas. Reporting his encounter with Lilith. Now Pruflas knows his enemies are on his turf. Giving him an unimaginable advantage over all of you. Good job Okubi. All your prepping has been for naught

Okubi: What happened last night couldn't had been prevented. No one is at fault

Hellin: Perhaps if you had helped Angeline instead of just calling the shots. Things might had ended differently. Now Pruflas is aware of us being in Neo Aigosthena. Thanks a fucking lot

Okubi: I don't need this shit from you two

Xiaoyu: Besides if Pruflas is as cunning as you say. Sooner or later we would had been discovered. It's just unfortunate it happened so soon. Now stop giving Okubi such a hard damn time

Othello: I thought spinach hair over there was your boyfriend?

Nara: I am her boyfriend and don't refer to my hair as spinach

Lisa: Don't be a fucking dunce Nara. The Demon Lord is clearly mocking Xiaoyu for backing Okubi

Eligos: It's easy to criticize when they weren't there. Had Master Okubi known about Yamakagashi's powers. There is no doubt in my mind. That Master Okubi would had aided Angelina in rescuing Futanari. Unfortunately the past cannot be undone. At least amongst the many of us. Now stop demeaning my Master's efforts!

Othello: I swear you make me fucking sick Eligos! If only I shared your precious Master's talent in touching spirits. The pain I would inflict upon you

Okubi: Do not threaten my friend jezebel!

Hellin: Watch your tongue when you address my mother cur!

Okubi: Want to do something about it?

Apollyn: Buddies please do not fight! Apollyn doesn't like when her friends fight

Okubi: Fine! Just tell your mother not to threaten Eligos again

Hellin: Tell your servant to mind his tongue

Nara: All of this arguing isn't going to get us nowhere. Especially when the real enemy is out there. Plotting their next move against us

Angelina: Nara is right. We don't have time for meaningless arguments. We need to focus on our enemies

James: Anna baby is everything alright? I notice you been rather quiet since we got here. I hope the meaningless arguing isn't bothering you?

Anna: No dad it's not! Am use to Okubi bickering with Hellin and the Queen. I can't believe The Order is coming after us. Why couldn't you just  stay with Onyxe! Now all my friends and I are in grave danger. Thanks a lot dad

 Anna drops to her knees. Immediately breaking down in tears. Hellin and Angelina rushes to Anna's aid. James watches in sadness as his daughter cries before him. Hellin picks Anna off from the floor. Hellin along with Angelina. Walks Anna out of the room. James attempts to follow after his daughter. Only to receive a disapproving glare from Okubi, Xiaoyu, Lisa, and Othello. James then decides to take a seat on the bed. Remaining silent for the duration of the conversation

Futanari: Poor Anna. I never expected such news would bring her to tears

Othello: Despite my disdain for the little bitch. I couldn't imagine being raised by the demons responsible for killing my mother. Forced to endure years of emotional abuse. All thanks to the actions of my father. Besides myself and those associated with them. Anna knows the level of ruthlessness The Order possess. That's why she's so afraid.

Nara: Knowing that James is the cause of The Order coming after us. I feel like shit for mocking Onyxe earlier about wanting James around

Xiaoyu: Well there's no point of sending James back now

Okubi: Why do you say that Xiaoyu?

Xiaoyu: Since we know they are coming after us. Perhaps their leader will accompany his assassins. Especially since they want Hellin and Othello dead as well. The rest of us are just collateral damage. However if we manage to eliminate their leader. The Order will no longer want to kill James and those associated with him

Othello: You're a very clever girl Xiaoyu. I could use someone like you in Babylon. Course that would mean you would become a Darken

Nara: She'll past on that offer

Othello: So it's okay for you to be a Darken, but goodness forbid if you're girlfriend became one?

Nara: Being a Darken isn't exactly a gift

Othello: It's not a curse either. Okubi's sensei Tobirama is proof of that

Nara: I like my girlfriend the way she is. Human and full of light

Othello: The mature yin to your childish yang

Brutality: Being a demon is natural to those born as one. However being turned into one can be a traumatizing experience. It's even sadder to know that not only Angelina, Nara, and myself had suffered such a fate. Mortals being transformed into either Darken or Demons

Lisa: Even worst that it still happening today

Othello: Well am not responsible for the actions of other demons folks. I personally had never dragged a mortal to the Underworld. Unless it was for feasting purposes

Futanari: I think am going to barf

Othello: Oh hush mortal. Unlike most demons in the Underworld. I'm very particular about the mortals I have eaten. Majority of them being a waste of society

Okubi: Knowing you nearly anyone can be defined as a waste

Othello: Oh look at you talking like you're some saint.

Okubi: Am not saint nor do I pretend to be. However am most certainly not a monster like you

Othello: Says the man with unfathomable powers bounded inside of him. Just waiting to unleash itself upon the world. Potentially destroying anyone and anything around you. So tell me who is the real monster!

Xiaoyu: You truly are a no holds bars kind of bitch!

Othello: The only kind a bitch a woman should inspired to be

Brutality: So now that we discussed our threats. Along with the other nonsense. Exactly how are we going to eliminate these threats?

Othello: Well Pruflas is still hidden somewhere with Neo Aigosthena. The Order will come after us sooner or later. Xiaoyu's friend needs to be found. Lastly Iron Zabel needs to be handled. Now there is also something I wish to discuss. First I would like to ask Okubi. Who was the individual who helped your team out earlier?

Okubi: A sage by the name Lava Rose

Othello: Well isn't that interesting. Anna and I encounter his friends Zira and Tre' earlier at the mall. The mentioned something about a special event taking place tonight. I believe they said it was the Elestial Market

Xiaoyu: Lava Rose mentioned the same thing to me earlier. It sounds fun, but with everything going on. Am not sure if it's a smart idea for us to attend. 

Othello: Well Anna really wanted to go and honestly so do I

Eligos: So someone does want to enjoy her vacation after all

Othello: Who said I didn't irritating demon spirit. I just now a former associate looking to kill me. Just another day of being a Queen

Okubi: Well Pruflas already knows we're in Neo Aigosthena. So there's no point in trying to make ourselves too invisible. Also I genuinely want to do something to make Anna smile

Apollyn: So are Apollyn and buddies going to the Market tonight? 

Okubi: Apollyn and buddies are going to the Market alright

Apollyn: YIPPY! Apollyn is so so happy! Apollyn can't wait to see what delicious treats will be there. Apollyn is going to eat every one of them

Xiaoyu: Dessert crazed as ever. God I love you Apollyn

Apollyn: Apollyn loves Xiaoyu buddy too

Othello: I still can't believe this girl is related too Lisa Alice

Okubi: Speaking of Lisa Alice. How is she performing as a new Demon Lord?

Othello: Better than I care to speak upon

Okubi: I knew Lisa Alice would make for a great Demon Lord

Eligos: I know Carabia must be thrilled as well

Apollyn: I miss my big sister. I hope to her again someday

Xiaoyu: I promise you will Apollyn. Once we finish saving the world of course

Lisa: So the Elestial Market is a go?

Okubi: Did you hear the first time?

Lisa: Well damn Okubi. Can a bitch ask a question? Dela let's go downstair and find Hellin, Angelina, and Anna. Let them know we're going to the Elestial Market tonight

Othello: Can you also take James, Xiaoyu, Nara, Apollyn, Futanari and Eligos with you. I need to speak with Okubi in private

Eligos: Master don't allow yourself to be alone with this woman

Othello: Oh be quiet you. Am not planning to harm you precious Master. I just have a few personal questions for him. Now leave or I'll gladly force you all out

Okubi: That won't be necessary you. Eligos go with Xiaoyu and the others. I'll meet you all downstair shortly

Xiaoyu: Am giving you fifteen minutes Vice. After that am going to assume the worst. Let's go gang

Futanari: See you downstair Okubi. Nice meeting you Miss Othello

Othello: At least one of your friends posses manners

Okubi: Futanari doesn't know you as well as the others. Let's hope she never does either

 Once Xiaoyu and the others exit from the room. Using her telepathy to make sure no one is eavesdropping. Othello immediately drops her false kind demeanor. Revealing her true cold personality. Unfazed by Othello's menacing facial expression and aura. Okubi remains calm. Knowing he no longer needs to fear Othello. In case she attempts to harm him

Othello: So tell me Okubi. Exactly did you learn about Iron Zabel? Don't you dare fucking lie to me either!

Okubi: Othello you don't scare me. Am not the same man you nearly had executed back at the Gore Stadium. While the powers Knox has cursed upon me do scare me. I will have no problem using them against you

Othello: I already told you faggot! I don't have any intentions to harm you. Unless you fucking give me a reason too. Now tell me how did you know about Iron Zabel? Because no way in hell did you find that man on your own

Okubi: Your interest with Iron Zabel is very telling. Anyways if you must know jezebel. Yesterday afternoon while I was exploring Neo Aigosthena. I encounter a mysterious woman by the name Ariana. 

 Upon hearing Okubi's response. Othello's face immediately freezes up in fear. Okubi realizes that name means something to Othello

Okubi: So what about Ariana has you so shook?


Okubi: I was honest with you. Why won't you tell me about your dealing with Ariana?

Othello: I don't want to talk about it! Am going downstair to meet the others. Forget we even had this conversation

Okubi: Fine have it your way. However before we exit this room. I have a question of my own to ask. Why did you call Angelina "Lilith" earlier?

Othello: Despite my daughter using the Sun or Moon technique on Angelina. During your mission in Coram. While Hellin and Angelina manage to dispel most of Lilith's influence out of her. Remnants of Lilith's psyche remains within her. Fortunately neither Angelina or any of you need to worry. The little that remains of Lilith within Angelina. Isn't even remotely strong enough to take control over her mind ever again. Course certain spells from Angelina can trigger Lilith's presence, but only for a brief moment. Now if you're done talking my head off. Lets hurry and join the others

 Two hours left before the Elestial Market. The heroes start getting themselves ready for tonight's festivities. Aware of the potential threats coming after them. The heroes decide to dress for combat. Othello even changes out of her purple dress. Into one of provocative wrestling uniforms. Now with everyone dressed and ready. The heroes begins their journey to the Elestial Market. Arriving to their destination an hour later. The heroes find themselves surrounded in a carnival like setting. Various food and antique stands, carnival games, and tons of people walking around the market. Shortly after arriving to the market. The heroes spot Lava Rose along with his friends Zira and Tre'. Anna waves hello to Team Rose. Lava Rose, Zira, and Tre' waves back at Anna and the others. Before asking Anna to run over to them. Anna quickly grabs Hellin by her hand. Bringing Hellin with her to greet her new friends.

Tre': Glad you could make it to the market. So that must be your best friend Hellin? She definitely has her mother's good looks. Yet she also reminds me of a certain someone. Anyways did you tell your friends about our offer earlier?

Anna: A lot had happened after I left you guys at the mall. I didn't get a chance to tell them

Hellin: What offer are they talking about Anna?

Anna: Tre' and Zira had asked me if I wanted to join their guild, but I declined since I already serve the Babylon Empire. They also ask would I be interested in traveling with them in the future. In order to help them recruit powerful members for their guild. I told them I would ask you if it's alright. Perhaps you too can come with me?

Hellin: Forget it Anna! Not that I have anything against these people or you exploring. Unfortunately as a servant of the Babylon Empire. Even if you had my permission. Both you and I know my mother would say otherwise. In the meantime you can hang out with your friends, but remain vigilant. Danger lurks around every corner. I will keep a telepathic connection with you. In case any trouble heads your way. In the meantime enjoy yourself at the Elestial Market. Catch up with you later Anna

Anna: Thanks Hellin, you're the best. C'mon Tre', Zira, and Lava Rose. Let's see we can purchase any cool antiques

Zira: Sounds like a plan to me

Lava Rose: Let's roll gang. Catch you later Ms. Hellin. Hopefully your mother and you will reconsider our offer concerning Anna

Hellin: Don't bet on it candy boy

 Anna along with Team Rose start venturing through the market. Hellin then makes her way back towards Okubi and the others.

Angelina: So what was that about?

Hellin: Those three African sages ask if Anna could join their quest in search for powerful sages. While I personally wouldn't mind Anna going on adventures with them. Between our ongoing battle against The Children of Ruin. Along with Anna still under the servitude of the Babylon Empire. I had to decline their offer

Othello: Perhaps if they were willing to buy her from me. Then Anna would be allowed to travel alongside them

James: You really get a kick out of treating my daughter like property

Othello: Am just stating facts James. Not my fault Anna is in her current position

Okubi: It's not like you would lose much if you just released Anna from her duties. My offer to buy her from you still stands

Othello: You're quite the comedian Okubi, but Anna is not for sell. Now am going to run off and find some entertainment. Hopefully find an attractive man with a nice big dick. I hadn't fucked in an alley for quite some. Anyways Hellin and losers I'll see you all later. Try to avoid getting picked pocket around here. Also keep in mind of the targets on our backs. Ciao

Hellin: Am going to go off on my own. Don't anyone try to follow me either. If anything comes up. I'll be sure to contact everyone telepathically except Nara. Which is sole due to his telepathic immunity. Enjoy yourselves but be on the look out

Xiaoyu: May you do the same Hellin. Okay Apollyn, Nara, Lisa, Brutality, and Futanari. The six of us will be toghether. Keeping an eye out for one another. Okubi am leaving you with Angelina and James. Course Eligos will be accompany you as well

Okubi: That's fine by me Xiaoyu. Take care everyone and do enjoy yourselves. We did come here to have fun after all

Nara: Sure thing Okubi, peace out

Apollyn: Apollyn wants to find something sweet

Futanari: Does your desire for sweets ever lessens Apollyn?

Brutality: Not at all Futanari

Lisa: Apollyn's love for dessert is limitless

 The heroes then take their leave. Heading out to various location of the Elestial Market. Rather they be in a group of traveling sole. Okubi along with Eligos, Angelina, and James walking around the market. Okubi and company witnessed a male sage and his summoning. Performing a magic show before a small group of people. The sage's name was Signon Bronceado and a his summoning. A green colored lioness with green flames on it's paws and tail name Juniper. Angelina and James watched alongside the crowd. Enjoying the young sage's performance. Okubi and Eligos not as entertained by Signon's performance. Decided to continue exploring the market. Nearly ten minutes later after leaving Angelina and James behind. Okubi and Eligos had encounter a lone woman merchant. Wearing a very disappointed look on her face. Feeling pity for the woman merchant. Okubi along with Eligos decide to visit her stand. Seeing the short haired woman and spirit approach her. The woman merchant demeanor quickly changes. Hoping to snag her first customer for the night

Lily: Hello ma'am and demon spirit. My name is Lily and I sell many unique swords from around the world

Okubi: Am not a woman

Lily: Oh my goodness! Am so terribly sorry about that. I didn't mean to offend you... dammit!

Okubi: No need to be so hard on yourself Miss. You're not the first person to mistake me for a woman. Anyways my friend and I are interested in looking at your merchandise

Lily: I have quite a collection of swords Ma'am... I mean Sir! Hopefully you will find something to your liking. I hope my prices aren't too high for you

Okubi: I'm very well off ma'am. Now may I see your sword collection please?

 Lily reaches down inside of her stand. Placing several unique swords before Okubi and Eligos. Finding majority of Lily's sword rather boring. Okubi catches Eligos looking at a bubblegum and black sword with a lightning design to it. Okubi decides to purchase that sword

Okubi: How much for that sword right there?

Lily: Neurotic Pegasus? That is a pretty cool sword. The price is $750,000 dollars

Okubi: Here is the money for it. Keep the change

 Okubi hands Lily the money for Neurotic Pegasus. Once the sword is in his possession. Okubi opens a miniature dark portal. Placing Neurotic Pegasus inside of it. Witnessing Okubi opening a portal before her. Lily realizes that he is a demon

Lily: Oh wow so you're a demon?

Okubi: Half demon... is that a problem?

Lily: Oh no not at all. Am just surprise is all. I never expected my first and perhaps only customer. Would end up being a half demon. Anyways thank you for your---

 Suddenly from out of nowhere. Okubi, Eligos, and Lily hear the sound of explosions. Along with the people screaming throughout the Elestial Market. Immediately Okubi senses the presence of several demons. All which posses a malevolent aura to them. Okubi sends Eligos to immediately find Angelina and James. While he quickly gets Lily away from this place.

Okubi: Lily I need you to listen to me. This place is under attack. Grab your merchandise and prepared to be transported

 Lily quickly grabs up her merchandise and throws them in her wagon. Okubi then opens a dark portal big enough for Lily.

Okubi: Hurry up and enter inside of my portal. It will lead you to a room in the Copper Hotel. Don't worry about anything. Just make sure you stay hotel. Either my allies or I will come back for you in the morning. Things are about to get really bad in Neo Aigosthena. Now please get inside my portal

 A scared Lily enters Okubi's portal. Once Lily is safely inside the portal. Okubi closes it and rushes to find Angelina and James. Making good own his plans to eliminate James, Hellin, Othello, and anyone standing in the way. Lord Ulric, leader of the demon assassination guild known as The Order. Arrives to the Elestial Market with several of his assassins. Including Nolan, Paraben, Carling, and Asir. The demons immediately unleashes hell on the civilians. In order to draw out their targets. Okubi making his way through the crowds. Finally spots Eligos, Angelina, and James.

Okubi: Thanks goodness I found you

Angelina: Where the hell did you go?

James: I thought you were suppose to keep an eye on me?

Okubi: Shut the hell up Del Soto! Am not in the freaking mood.

Eligos: Master Okubi, it's The Order! They managed to find us. Now they are unleashing havoc throughout the Elestial Market. Many innocent people might die tonight.

Okubi: Not if we slay these bastards first! Where is Hellin and the others?

Angelina: Somewhere around all this chaos. Right now we need to focus on rescuing as many civilians as possible

Okubi: Angelina I'll leave you in charge of aiding the civilians. Eligos and James you two are with me. Let's hurry up and find the others

James: This is all my fucking fault!

Okubi: Save the fucking pity party for another time. Right now I just want to find our friends. Then I will personally kill your former Master

James: Not if I kill the sonabitch first! I just pray he hasn't harmed my baby

 The Elestial Market, a placed filled with wonder and beauty. Transformed into a living nightmare. The screams of innocents fleeing for their lives. The Order has arrived and they are out for blood. Both from their enemies and innocent alike. Standing on the rooftop a few building away from the Elestial Market. Pruflas's servant Natan Grimville, Lita Killworth, Poisonous One, Karen Caramel and Celia Rains. Watching the chaos unfold at the Elestial Market. The servant begin talking amongst themselves

Karen: Wow don't you just love the sounds of panic?

Natan: Not nearly as much as causing it

Lita: Lord Pruflas was right about those heroes. No matter where they go. Troubles seems to follow them

Celia: Well that's the price of playing heroes. The hour of reckoning is upon them. Soon this place shall become their grave. I being the cause of their demise

Poisonous One: Don't get too full of yourself Miss Rains. The heroes didn't make it this far being weak. Since Ulric and his men have begun their assault. We'll continuing observing from up here. Until the perfect opportunity presents itself. Then we will begin our onslaught. Eliminating majority of our Lord's enemies. Leaving just enough for Lady Karen's tournament. Speak about your tournament my dear. Is your latest toy ready to play?

Karen: Well of course my good buddy o' pal Poisonous. My fiery friend is ready for play. I cannot wait to show him off. Especially to the Chinese detective. Let's pray she survives until then. Otherwise all of my preparations would had been for naught.

Poisonous One: Then everything is going to plan. In the meantime let's enjoy the chaos taking place before us. The Heroes vs The Order is going to prove to be very entertaining


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