Saturday, July 9, 2016

Team Rose


Lead by their charismatic leader Lava Rose. Team Rose consist of currently three members. A beautiful but deadly Kheprinese woman name Zira. A young and handsome Artificial Angel name Tre' Crimson. Last the leader himself hailing from Nigeria, Lava Rose. While this guild has only been recently active. All three members hailing from different parts of Africa. Lava Rose had first recruited Zira two weeks after he began his journey. Shortly after recruiting the artificial angel Tre' Crimson. After rescuing him from a facility in Comoros. In search for more members for his guild. Lava along with his comrades. Decided to take a trip over to Mayland. One of the biggest capitals existing within Mayland. Days after traveling throughout various countries and cities in Mayland. The trio had ended up in Neo Aigosthena. Normally they only stay in a place for two days, but something about Neo Aigosthena has particularly caught Lava Rose's interest. Knowing that a worthy recruit is somewhere here in Neo Aigosthena. While great things are definitely coming for Lava Rose and his team. Little does the trio know. A great evil is about to befall Neo Aigosthena and everyone within the state is in grave danger. Hopefully Lava Rose and his teammates can survive the dangers that lie ahead of them. 

Lava Rose

The leader of Team Rose. Lava Rose's general info has been posted in previous post. His official profile is coming soon

Second In Command - Zira

This is Zira's official design. A veteran sage hailing from one of Africa's most notorious country Khepri. Also known as the home of the Sun. The people of Khepri are born with immunity to intense heat. Along with the ability to absorb energy from the sun. Despite her youthful appearance. Zira is eighty seven years old. A woman with a bloody past. Finally able to break free of her old life. Zira began wondering throughout Africa. Hoping to find a new purpose in life. During her travel in Uganda. Zira was surrounded by a group of thugs. However before Zira had the chance to defend herself. A blonde hair man appeared out of nowhere. Using candy like substance to subdue her would be attackers. Zira's rescuer then immediately introduced himself as Lava Rose. While put off by Lava Rose's charismatic behavior. Zira ultimately realize that Lava is her chance of staring a new life. Without any further hesitation. Zira decided to travel alongside Lava Rose. Becoming his first successful recruit in his ever growing guild. 

This is a picture of Zira's earlier design. Quite a difference from her final design

Tre' Crimson

The hot headed member of Team Rose. Tre' Crimson is a native of the country Comoros. After being kidnapped by the cult Wingless Angels. Tre' along with several other children. were apart of an experiment called Project Seraphim. After having been rescued by Lava Rose and Zira. While Tre didn't want to leave his family again. The young man had also desire to become a hero. Especially after what had happened to him. Immediately Tre' joined Lava Rose's guild. Becoming the third member of Team Rose

This was Tre's original design months before. Originally Tre' was going to be leading a yet name guild. However while I began drawing and fleshing out more characters. I decided to change Tre' from the character I had originally intended him to be

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