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Forbidden Side Story One

Forbidden Side Story One

Clash Of Interest


1. Abrafo
2. Kira Yosei
3. King Onyxe
4. Harley Vance
5. Maximillion Knox
6. Neville Teal

 Four fifty five in the morning. Abrafo wakes up from his sleep. Before getting himself ready for his routine morning meditations. Abrafo decides to first take a shower. Removing himself out of bed quietly. In order not to wake up Neville on the other bed. Grabbing his towel and body wash. Abrafo exits the room, making his way to the bathroom. Closing and locking the bathroom door behind him. Abrafo pulls down his blueberry boxers. Turning both the cold and hot water on. Once the temperature is to his liking. Abrafo carefully steps into the shower. Washing himself up with a banana cream pie scented body wash. A unique body wash bought for him by Onyxe. After rinsing off the soap from his body. Abrafo turns the water off and steps out the tube. Wrapping his glistening naked body with a purple towel. Abrafo brushes his teeth and exits the bathroom. Returning to his bedroom with Neville still asleep. Abrafo quietly gets himself dress. Heading out of the bedroom to start his morning meditation. Seconds before closing the bedroom door behind him. Abrafo hears a half awake Neville say to him "nice ass roommie". Momentarily stunned by Devin's comment. Abrafo responds with a good morning of his own. Closing the door behind him afterwards. Arriving to the backyard of Onyxe' castle minutes later. Abrafo begins his morning meditation.

The time is now six thirty A.M. Kira wakes up from out of bed. Wearing only a white colored bra and panties. Kira reaches down on the side of her bed. Picking up her short shorts and camera. Wanting to take some pictures in the backyard. Kira slips on her shorts and exits her room. Entering the backyard a few minutes later. Kira was surprise to see Abrafo outside meditating. Not wanting to disturb her fellow sage's meditations. Kira starts to turn back into the castle, but Abrafo then calls out to her

Abrafo: Good morning Kira. Were you looking for me?

Kira: Good morning to you Abrafo and no. I just wanted to take some pictures before the sun is out. Seeing that you're currently meditating. I don't want to be a disturbance

Abrafo: You're not going to disturb me at all Kira. Please feel free to take your pictures. I actually like that am not alone out here

Kira: Worried about The Children of Ruin?

Abrafo: Thankfully that isn't my concern at the moment. It's nice to see someone up doing what they love. Your passion as a photographer is nothing short of amazing

Kira: Thanks Abrafo. I really appreciate the kind words

Abrafo: My words aren't meant to make you feel good. They are spoken out of honesty. Most sages simply rely on their magic to define them. Yet you are define by your skills as a photographer. Not too many sages can say they posses other talents

Kira: Well Xiaoyu is a detective, Okubi a treasure hunter, Oriana is an actress, and Angelina is very knowledgable. So am not the only sage who posses a secondary skill

Abrafo: I know there are sages with various talents. Which is why I said not too many sages. Instead of most sages Kira

Kira: Darnit so much for my listening skills

Abrafo: It's quite alright my good friend. It's still early in the morning. Anyways what seems to be bothering you?

Kira: Wow I am that obvious?

Abrafo: Not only did your sadden posture give you away. I can sense from your aura that you are upset. So tell me my fellow sage. What is causing you to be so blue?

Kira: Well ever since we rescued by Onyxe and his men. Life for us descendants of the Great Sages. Has been anything but thrilling. I know Onyxe just wants to keep us safe, but we barely do anything. Even with all the entertainment Onyxe holds in his castle. I just really miss having my old freedom. Sadly due to the Children of Ruin wanting to sacrifice us. Onyxe is overly cautious about us going too far from the castle. In case one of the members of the Children of Ruin come after us. Ever since this nonsense had begun. My entire life was turned upside down.

Abrafo: I share your pain Kira, but understand Onyxe isn't keeping us here for his amusement. Sadly many youthful descendants like ourselves. Were captured and sacrificed for the Children of Ruin's evil schemes. Onyxe just wants to prevent that from happening to us. Especially to Naznim, Oriana, Ann Marie, and yourself. Since the four of you are the current Divas of our generation

Kira: I know, but it's just that I miss going on adventures. Discovering new places and taking pictures of fascinating things. I.. I JUST WANT MY OLD LIFE BACK!!!

 Seconds after Kira shouts her disdain for her current situation. King Onyxe appears through the backyard door. Turning his attention over to Kira. The King then starts to speak

Onyxe: Goodness sakes Kira. Why are you yelling so early in the morning?

Kira: It's just... it's just that I...

Onyxe: Miss your old life before having to live in my castle?

Kira: Please tell me you read my mind?

Onyxe: Sadly your demeanor gave you away. Plus I heard exactly what you shouted before entering the backyard. Kira I don't blame you for being frustrated. Trust me I hate keeping you guys away from your normal lives. Unfortunately due to our current situation. I must keep any descendants either my servant or I rescue. Along with those who make their way to my castle. In order to keep the Children of Ruin from finding and sacrificing any of you. The less sages they kill. The more unlikely they will be able to release Mastema from Forbidden. However that will not be the case all the time

Abrafo: Sounds like someone has some interesting news to share

Onyxe: I wouldn't call use the word "interesting". Perhaps disturbing is more like it

Kira: Oh my goodness what happened?

Onyxe: Not too long ago from my assistant Lola. I learned about a situation in Arion. There have been multiple reports of missing people. All of them being men

Kira: How long ago have these men gone missing? I know it must at least been twenty four hours. I hope they weren't descendants like ourselves.

Onyxe: Based on the reports I received from Lola. Only one of the five missing men was a sage. One by the name Miguel Torres. Currently we are uncertain of his ancestry. The other men reported missing were Kennan Taylor, Michael Woodsman, Dennis Cane, and lastly the heir Nixon Yellowfield

Kira: Are you kidding me? The heir of the Yellowfield family himself is missing? I know his parents must had been the first to report he was missing. Also besides Miguel Torres. The other men you stated are models from Arion.

Onyxe: Exactly! Which is why I highly doubt the Children of Ruin are responsible. None the less for these five men to go missing. Something evil is definitely taking place in Arion. Which is why I came to see Abrafo. Due to being currently low on manpower. I had intended to send Abrafo and Hisako to investigate in Arion. Hopefully to either learn the cause of these disappearance. Perhaps even find the missing men if possible.  However since a certain someone is lacking in adventure. I decided you Kira will travel with Abrafo in Hisako's place. Course that's if you're not worried about putting yourself in danger?

Kira: Are you freaking kidding me? I most certainly want in on this assignment, mission, or whatever you want to call it. However I have a question of my own. Did Nixon's parents contact you personally about their son being missing?

Onyxe: I already stated earlier that I received this information from Lola. Besides even if the Nixon were willing to pay me to find their son. Unlike many Kings and Queens before me. I'm a King to all of Mayland's people. Not just those for the rich and powerful. Meaning I want to find the others. Just as much as I want to find Nixon. Mr. Yellowfields safety is no more important than the safety of the other missing men. So Abrafo do you too accept this mission?

Abrafo: I do your majesty

Onyxe: I appreciate the both of you very much. I would come with the two of you, but I have business of my own to attend. James currently aiding the heroes in Neo Aigosthena. Along with Yura temporarily out of commission. My work load has been heavier than usual. Well I signed up for this after all. Anyways Kira you need to get yourself ready for action. The trip to Arion is a five hour journey. I'll go tell Edi and Ivela to make you two breakfast. In the meantime I'll leave you to your meditation Abrafo

Abrafo: Thank you very much your majesty. I'll need all the mental preparation for today's adventure

Kira: Well it's time for me to get dress for action. I'll catch you downstair in about thirty minutes Abrafo. Thank you for giving me yet another assignment Onyxe

Onyxe: It is I who should be thanking you. Now that's one less thing I have to worry about. Breakfast will be ready in thirty minutes. I'll see you both in a little bit. Thank you both once again. I sincerely appreciate it.

 Shortly after getting herself ready for her mission. Kira arrives to the dinning area. Both Onyxe and Abrafo both sitting at the table. Taking an empty seat across from Onyxe. Kira awaits as Edi and Ivela brings outs everyone's breakfast. Once everyone had finished their breakfast. Onyxe asks Abrafo and Kira to come outside. The three of them now standing outside the castle entrance. Onyxe goes over the details of Abrafo and Kira's mission

Onyxe: The two of you are going to Arion. In order to either find the missing men or gather information concerning their disappearance. Once you both arrive to Arion. Please make sure to give me a call. Anyways here is some money to cover traveling expensive. Along with anything else you might want to buy. I pray you two can find these missing men, but I especially want you two to return back to me. Thank you once again to accepting this assignment. I genuinely appreciate the both of you. Now allow me to open a portal to the train station. I would portal you two straight to Arion, but I prefer if you guys took the long way to getting there. I expect to see you both here by nightfall. Good luck on your journey Great Shaman Abrafo and Lady Kira

 Onyxe gives both sages a hug. Then opens a portal to the train station. Abrafo and Kira bid Onyxe farewell. Before stepping into the King's portal. The duo reappear at the train station. Using the money they received from Onyxe. Abrafo and Kira buy transportation cards. Then they wait for the train going to Bransom. Which they will then transform to the train going to Arion. Five hours later Abrafo and Kira finally arrive to Arion. The duo can now begin their investigation. Walking around Arion Kira spots several interesting places. Quickly Kira reaches inside of her purse. Pulls out her camera and starts taking pictures

Abrafo: It was only a matter of time

Kira: Hey this is what I do. Arion has such beautiful attractions. Never imagined this place to be so cool.

Abrafo: Well enjoy your picture taking as long as you can. Am certain well encounter our target sooner of later

Kira: Target?

Abrafo: Did the thought never cross your mind? Those men didn't go missing on their own. Someone or something is responsible for the disappearances. Just like Onyxe had stated earlier. I strongly feel there is something evil going on here. An evil that only can be done by a demon.

Kira: It's gotta be a succubus. Only they would have interest in kidnapping beautiful men. Course Succubus usually attack their prey while they sleep.

Abrafo: Demons behave in ways that will always puzzle us mortals. I just pray whenever we find those men. That they are still alive and haven't been too damaged by the demon

Kira: Well in the meantime. Let's just enjoy sight seeing through Arion. Am sure we'll find those missing men sooner or later

Abrafo: Something tells me it will be very soon. I can sense a wickedness presence within this place

Kira: Wow! You really are a Shaman

Abrafo: Hopefully a good one ha ha

Kira: Definitely!

 Continue their search through Arion. Once they had entered the city. The presence Abrafo felt had become stronger. Even Kira was now able to sense it. Whatever doubt they may had before. Both Abrafo and Kira were now certain. A demon is behind whatever going on in Arion. Increasing their speed as they draw closer to the strong presence. Focusing too much on finding their target. Neither Abrafo or Kira had realized. Someone has been following them. Continuing their search in the city. Drawing closer to the evil presence with each step. Abrafo and Kira eventually found themselves on Efraim Street and 37th Avenue. Right across the street was a underground train station. The exact location of the evil presence. Abrafo and Kira decided to chat a bit. Before making their next move.

Kira: Please tell me it isn't just me? The evil presence is located within the train station?

Abrafo: It's most certainly not just you Kira. The presence we're sensing is definitely coming from the train station. Now we need to go downstairs and find out where exactly

Kira: Well am ready when you are

Abrafo: Then let's get moving

 Abrafo and Kira enter the underground train stations. Now standing before the turnstile. The sages swipe their transportation cards. Allowing them access to the other side. Going down the stairs leading to the platform. Abrafo and Kira are surprise to see no one downstairs. However they are definitely in the right place. Now to find exactly where the demon could be hiding

Kira: I can feel it, but I don't see anything at all?

Abrafo: It's definitely down here, but it's just not visible

Kira: Perhaps it's in the train station bathroom?

Abrafo: We passed the bathroom before coming down here. It certainly not up there. Perhaps let me use my Shaman magic. In order to pinpoint the location of the malicious presence

 Closing his eyes and focusing his mind. A magical purple eye appears on top of Abrafo's forehead. Less than five seconds later. Abrafo successfully found the location of the presence. Once his magical third eye disappears. Abrafo opens his normal eyes and turns to Kira

Kira: So did you find it?

Abrafo: It's right across the train tracks

Kira: WHAT? Do you know how dangerous it is to walk on the tracks? We can get badly electrocuted or worst? A damn train can come and hit us

Abrafo: We have fifteen minutes before the next train comes. Let's hurry and get down on the tracks

Kira: Wow some adventure am on. Let's just get this over with

 Stepping down onto the tracks. Abrafo and Kira make sure to carefully avoid the electrified rails. Moving towards the walls. Placing his left hand before him. Abrafo reveals a secret passage hidden within the train station. Using his magic to open the passage. Abrafo walks inside and Kira follows behind him. Now on the other side of the train station's walls. The sages are surprise to see the area isn't dirty. The evil presence becoming palpable. Along with the smell of sex lingering the air. While worried about what they may encounter. Neither sage has the intention of turning away. Continuing searching through the hidden passage. Abrafo and Kira eventually stumble upon a very mature sight. The two sages have not only found the five missing men. The missing men are engaging in a orgy. Not even noticing the sages that just entered. Abrafo who is absolutely stunned by the sexual acts happening before him. Kira in the other hand is simply grossed out

Kira: Okay watching gay porn in private is hot. Watching it in person is a whole different story. Is that Miguel sucking Kennan's dick?

Abrafo: Aren't all these men straight? Why are they having sex with one another?

???: It's become I have taken over their minds

 Hearing a sinister, but seductive voice from out of nowhere. Both Abrafo and Kira quickly turn around to see the source. Approaching the two sages is a cerulean skinned demon. Possessing the upper body of woman, but the reproductive organs of a man. The demon stares at Abrafo and Kira with it's menacing red eyes. Proudly displaying her disgust with her intruders. The demon begins to question them

Ivana: I'm Ivana Ney the Deviant Demon. How did you two sages find my domain?

Abrafo: I'm Abrafo and this here is Kira. We were sent by the King of Mayland to find the missing men in Arion. We also suspected a demon was behind the disappearance. Apparently we guessed right

Ivana: Well how unfortunate for you have found me. Now I must eliminate the both of you. However if you proved to be strong enough male sage. I may bestow you the pleasure of joining my harem. The girl on the other hand will be killed! I have no use for women

Kira: I wouldn't want no part of your nastiness anyways. Also aren't all those men right there heterosexuals?

Ivana: They most certainly are, but regardless of a man's sexuality. I can make them behave in any manner I want too. If I see a man I find appealing. I'll just convert him into becoming what I desire. Now it's time I deal with you vermin

 Ivana summons a big ball of fire within her palm. However before she could attempt to attack Abrafo and Kira. A bolt of black lightning comes down towards Ivana. Luckily due to her inhuman agility. Ivana easily invades the unexpected attack. Realizing another sage has entered the hidden passage. Abrafo and Kira turn their heads around. Spotting a black man dressed in a black latex suit. While neither Kira or Ivana knows the mysterious sage. Abrafo immediately recognizes him and calls out his name

Abrafo: HARLEY!

Harley: It's been awhile Shaman. Still bitter about your assassination attempt years ago?

Abrafo: If only I could had killed you. Along with those assassin friends of yours. What are you doing here? How did you find this place?

Harley: Am here to rescue my fellow assassin Miguel and to eliminate the Deviant Demon. How I find this place is quite simple. While having a hard time finding the Deviant Demon. I saw both you and your friend riding the train to Arion. My intuition immediately told me to follow your friend and you. Looks like I made the right choice. Just like I did back then. When I abandon my comrades to save myself

Abrafo: So you're still a coward. People like you never change

Harley: Am not a coward you pinhead! Being a highly trained killer. I know what battles I can win and when retreat is the better option. If I really wanted you dead. I can always make it happen

Abrafo: I would love to see you try assassin

Kira: So we now have to fight two enemies?

Harley: Despite my disdain for Abrafo woman sage. Unless you want to fight me after I eliminate the demon. Am only here to kill her and rescue Miguel. Anything else is waste of my time. So what do you say Abrafo? Let's put our differences aside and kill this demon?

Abrafo: You're a very evil man Harley, but the greater evil here is Ivana. I will gladly work with you in taking her down

Kira: That goes for me as well assassin

Ivana: That's fine by me! I'll have all three of you bastards for lunch. Prepare to die!

Abrafo: Kira please find a way to get the possessed men out of harm's way. Then assist Harley and I against Ivana

Kira: Sure thing Abrafo. Okay boys play time is over... NATURE VEIL!

 Kira strikes the sexually possessed men with magical petals. The men immediately cease their sexual play. Under the protection of a green energy field. The men then fall asleep


 Abrafo unleashes a ghostly shaped burst of flames towards Ivana. The demon counters with her own blast of demonic fire. The two attacks collide and cancels each other out. Harley and Kira now making their move. Harley uses his attack EBON VOLTAGE and Kira uses BOULDER BLAST. Black colored electricity and a giant boulder rushes towards Ivana. Unfazed by the sage's attack. Ivana quickly places a crimson forcefield before her. Harley and Kira watches in anger. Seeing their attacks failed to harm Ivana. Amused by the sages attempts to harm her. Ivana begins to mock them

Ivana: Such adorable attacks. None which will harm a skin on my body. Men if you will just submit. I'll gladly add you to my harem. Only the girl will need to die. However if you persist on fighting me. I will kill all three of you

Abrafo: You are powerful demon, but we will not succumb to your perversion

Kira: Nor are you going to be killing anyone. Now try this on for size... FAIRY PULSE!

 Using her magic, Kira unleashes a burst of pink energy towards Ivana. Annoyed by Kira's futile efforts to harm her. Ivama prepares to create another forcefield. However Abrafo knew Ivana would perform such a typical move. The sage quickly strikes the ground below him. Using both of his hands. Abrafo performs the technique ROOTED! Causing roots to spring up from beneath Ivana. Wrapping themselves around the demon's feet. Prevented from creating a barrier to protect herself. Ivana is harshly struck by Kira's attack. The impact rips Ivana's body from the roots. Sending her crashing down to the ground. Now with the demon down on the ground. Harley swiftly uses his technique PARALYSIS SPORE! Creating a electrifying energy field around Ivana's body. Which disable's Ivana's ability to move her body

Harley: That was easier than I thought. Am actually very disappointed. It was a waste of the Syndicate's time to summon this bitch into our world

Kira: So it's because of you fuckers that Ivana ended up on Asira?

Harley: Cool you jets Harajuku. I didn't want this bitch here in the first place. However my syndicate had summoned Ivana from the Underworld. In order to use her for their agenda. Unfortunately Ivana wasn't susceptible to the syndicates control. The demon escape and a team was sent after her. Miguel's team to be exact. Ivana must had defeated Miguel's team and took him for her prize. Killing everyone else who accompanied him

Kira: So if Miguel is a part of your organization. How did Onyxe know about him?

Harley: Easily. First Miguel isn't his real name. Also many of our agents operate in the public eye. Under a different name of course. It allows us easier access to deal with our targets and gather intel. Course now that Miguel has been outed. His fate is now left to the syndicate

Kira: Translation, you're going to kill him?

Harley: Maybe. In the meantime it's time I finish off that demon. Do not attempt to assist me or else!

Abrafo: We won't get in your way. 

 Harley moving pass Abrafo and Kira. The assassins starts walking towards the paralyzed Ivana. However little did Harley know. Ivana had broken free from his spell. The demon was now just playing possum. Waiting to make her move. Once Harley drew close to his target. The sage covered his right hand with electrical energy. Enough to kill a being with one strike. Ready to finish Ivana off. Just as Harley is about to strike her. Ivana quickly raises her right hand up. Placing the male sage under her control. Abrafo and Kira watched in shocked. Realizing that Ivana was only pretending to be paralyzed. Rising back to her feet. Ivana now with Harley under her control. Stared venomously at Abrafo and Kira

Ivana: Foolish mortals! Did you really think it would be that easy? The arrogance of mortals truly know no bounds. Now that the assassins is under my control. Both he and I will work together in killing the two of you. Then depending on how satisfied am with his body. I might add him to my lovely harem. Otherwise he'll soon be joining you both to the Spirit Realms. Now say your prayers mortals!

???: Funny you should say that Ivana. Considering it's you is the one that shall die!

 Horrified by the voice speaking within her domain. While Abrafo and Kira watched with absolute horror in their eyes. The frighten Ivana slowly turns herself around. Standing before her is no other than the fearsome Grim Reaper Knoox. The father of Mayland's current King. Knox gripping his massive scythe. Swing it at Ivana's neck and decapitates her. Once he had killed Ivana. Nox reverts to his humane form. In order to not risk scaring Abrafo and Kira to death. Also now with Ivana no longer alive. Harley has been released from her control. 

Knox: Kira! Abrafo! Thank goodness the two of you are alright. Ivana is a extremely powerful demon. One that was sealed away many centuries ago. In order to keep men both gay and straight for falling under her control. 

Kira: I can't believe Onyxe's dad is actually here

Abrafo: How did you find us?

Knox: Hours after you guys departed to Arion. I meet up with my son to talk about some things. Once he had told me about what happened in Arion. Knowing about the seal recently broken in the Underworld.  I knew exactly who was behind the missing men in Arion. I quickly transported myself to Arion. Then I used my SOUL SEARCH ability to find you two. While both of you are powerful sages. I feared neither of you would be able to defeat Ivana. Especially since the only girl here was Kira. Ivana could had easily corrupted you as well Abrafo. Thankfully she was too stupid just to do so. Perhaps she worried corrupting you would proved too difficult. Anyways the bitch is dead now. 

Harley: What the hell is going on? Where the fuck did this guy come from?

Nox: Assassin! I should kill you right where you stand. However it's more important I get my son's friends and the male victims to safety. Now take your friend and you from out this place. Before I change my mind!

 Not wanting to pick a fight against a Grim Reaper. Harley quickly walks over to Miguel's sleeping body. Throws him off his back and runs off

Kira: They're probably going to kill that "Miguel" guy

Abrafo: Perhaps that might be a blessing. Regardless the fact that he worked for a corrupt organization. No man deserve to get raped

Knox: No innocent person deserves to be killed, but it happens everyday. I have no sympathy for those responsible for breaking Ivana from her seal. Now for the four men down there. They are the ones I feel sorry for.  Even with Mr. Yellowfields being a homosexual man. All of them were victims's of Ivana's sexual deviance. A part of me wants Onyxe to wipe their memories from ever being raped. However I believe it's important to remember one's tragedies. Even if said tragedies drives the person insane. Perhaps some good therapy may help these men. Anyways you two gather around the victims. I will teleport us to the nearest hospital in Arion. 

 After Nox along with Abrafo and Kira brought the victims to a local hospital. Nox then temporarily leaves Abrafo and Kira. Allowing them to speak with the investigators and Mr. Yellowsfields family. Once Abrafo and Kira finished their business in Arion. Nox retrieved them and brought them back to the castle. Now back at the castle. Onyxe confronted Abrafo and Kira about their mission in Arion. While happy to hear the victims were all alive. Knowing what they were forced to endure. Onyxe couldn't help but feel like shit. Wishing he could had foreseen Ivana coming to Mayland. Along with learning about Harley and the mysterious syndicate. The list of threats Onyxe must eliminate grows only bigger. Causing him even more stress than before. None the less Onyxe is happy to have Abrafo and Kira back home safe. Finishing their dinner for the night. Kira immediately went to hang out with Ann Marie, Hisako, Naznim, and Oriana w/ Ricky. Meanwhile Abrafo decided to go to his bedroom. While sitting in his room thinking about today's event. Entering the room behind him. No other than his bunkmate Neville. Seeing Abrafo looking rather gloom. Neville decided to help cheer his friend up

Neville: Someone had a rough day. Wanna talk about it?

Abrafo: What good is talking going to do? It won't changed what damaged was done to those men. If only we could had found them sooner.

Neville: I heard what happened to those men. While it's very unfortunate and I hope they receive proper therapy. Things could had been a lot more worse. It's not everyday a demon kidnaps humans. Leaving them alive long enough to be rescued. Despite what was done to those men. At least they still have a chance of enjoying life

Abrafo: Sometimes surviving is actually worst than dying. I wouldn't know what to do. If I had been in their position. I truly hope that their sanity and self worth can be recovered. Losing one's honor can be worst than losing one's life. I just wish certain types of evil never existed. I wish no evil existed at all

Neville: That's life sadly, but don't put so much pressure on yourself. This unfortunate event isn't your fault man. It just sucks not all demons uses their powers for good. Anyways Kira and you did an amazing thing today. The two of saved lives. That's all that truly matters. Besides evil may never go away. However as long as the good never stop fighting. Evil will never truly win. Now cheer up handsome. Let's go have some buddy. 

 Neville gives Abrafo a gentle rub on his back. The two men give each a friendly smile. They then removes themselves off the bed. Heading out of their room to join the others


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