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Forbidden Chapter 51

Forbidden Chapter Fifty One

Terror At The Elestial Market Part Three

 Shortly after having dealt with Nolan and Paraben. Okubi along with Eligos continue their search for their comrades. Terrifying screams and the heavy scent of blood surround him. Okubi begins to feel a bit overwhelmed, but knows he cannot allow his inner emotions to take over. Seeing his friend and Master struggling to maintain his stability. Eligos decides not to question Okubi. Knowing they have more pressing matters at hands. Making their way through the crowds of terrified civilians. Okubi and Eligos spot James battling against a woman with tentacles. Without a moment of hesitation Okubi spirngs into action. Sensing a demonic presence moving towards her. The woman shifts her focus off James. In order to defend against her newly arrived foe. Okubi high in the air with his left fist covered in flames. The woman quickly uses one of her tentacles to strike at him. Successfully hitting Okubi from out of the air. Only to realize the being she struck was a shadow clone. Allowing the real Okubi to get by James's side without any problem. 

James: Okubi! Eligos!

Okubi: It's hasn't even been twenty minutes and yet you encountered another Order Assassin. Is keeping yourself from being killed too much to ask?

James: I was doing just fine trying to find Anna. However I ran across this bitch attacking and killing civilians. I couldn't just let her keep attacking innocent people. Thus we ended up fighting and it's been hell since

Eligos: Looks like Miss Octopus got in a few good hits. Considering you weren't battered up when you left us to find Anna

Okubi: Not to mention the amount of contempt you seem to hold towards this assassin

James: That's Olga Muton, one of Ulric's top assassins within The Order. Not to mention one of the fuckers responsible for killing my wife!

Olga: Cassandra's death was her own fault. Soon both your daughter and you will join her. Along with everyone else in this forsaken place

Okubi: Grotesque demon! I will personally see to your death. 

Olga: Well isn't it the man who murdered his own mother. Never expect I would have the pleasure of killing you. Also a word like "grotesque" doesn't describe a belle like me at all. The only grotesque thing about me is the way I eliminate my pray!

Okubi: I wasn't speaking about your physical beauty wrench! I was referring to your very ugly soul. Course once I use Neurotic Pegasus to slice you up. I guarantee your outside appearance will match perfectly with your inner self. James leave this bitch to me. Continue to look for Anna and the others

James: I didn't mind letting you kill Nolan and Paraben, but Olga is someone I wanted to kill for centuries

Okubi: I understand your anger very well James, but now is not the time for vengeance. Anna along with our other comrades are in grave dangers. Locating them is more important than your revenge

James:... FINE! Just promise me you'll bring me this bitch's head.

Olga: Ha! Still a comedian as ever Del Soto. The only heads that will be cut from their bodies are yours

Okubi: Arrogant cur! Leave this place at once James. I shall deal with her. Eligos you know what to do

Eligos: Absolutely Master! Kill her really good Okubi

 Eligos vanishes from Okubi's side. James gives Okubi one final look before making his leave. Olga prepares to strike James with her tentacles. Only for that very tentacles to be cut by Okubi's sword. Shocked by how fast Okubi stopped her from striking James. While her cut tentacle begins to regenerate. The assassin stares at Okubi with malice as James escape

Okubi: What's the matter Octopus Lady? Didn't expect me to be so strong? Well consider that a preview of what's to come. I will enjoy hacking away at you until you can't regenerate anymore

 Currently taking place elsewhere within the Elestial Market. Nara, Apollyn, Lisa, Brutality, and Futanari. Prepare to engage the demon assassins Nickel, Ruby Mage, and Malachite in battle.

Nara: Okay gang let's kick some ass

Lisa: Singing my song baby. I call forth the Holy Weapon PEACE MAKER!

 Lisa summons her sword Peace Maker to her hand. Nara's eyes changes from brown to cerulean. Transforming into his water form. Brutality summons Nox Edimmu into battle as both Apollyn and Futanari enter their combat stance. Nickel, Ruby Mage, and Malachite surrounds themselves in a demonic aura. Readying themselves to fight against the heroes

Nickel: It's killing time!

 Nickel instantly starts running towards the heroes with a killing intent. Futanari charges right after Nickel. Futanari left her left hand over her face. Preparing to strike Nickel with a powerful punch. Nickel infuses demonic energy into his right hand. In order to unleash a devastating attack against Futanari. Ruby Mage performs a technique called GLADYS RAIN! Opening a portal in the air. Several multi colored spike shaped gems fall from out of the portal. Heading towards Nara, Apollyn, Lisa, Brutality, and Nox Edimmu. Unfazed by Ruby Mage's attack. Brutality shouts an order to her summoning

Brutality: Nox Edimmu use Guardian Shield!

 Following the order of his summoner. Nox Edimmu creates a spring green colored sphere around Brutality and her comrades. Neutralizing Ruby Mage's Gladys Rain upon impact. Futanari nearly in range to strike Nickel. Futanari watches as Nickel unleashes a gigantic red orb towards her. Despite the demon's attack moving too fast for her to dodge. Futanari has already come up with a solution. Once the gigantic orb is seconds from striking her. Futanari balls up and left fist and punches the orb with great force. Sending the gigantic orb right back to Nickel. Quickly placing both his hands in front of him. Nickel grabs onto the orb in attempts to neutralize it. Futanari not allowing Nickel any chance to defend himself. Leaps her body high into the air. Futanari then raises her right hand into the air. Balling up her hand into a fist. Futanari places her right fist before her face. Crashing down towards Nickel like a meteor. Nox Edimmu successfully protecting his summoner and her friends from Ruby Mage's attack. Once Nox Edimmu's barrier vanishes. Nara releases a powerful stream of water towards Ruby Mage and Malachite. However before the demons can be struck by Nara's watery attack. Ruby Mage creates a Dark Barrier around Malachite and herself. Protecting them the way Nox Edimmu had protected the heroes from her attack

Nara: Cocky little bitch!

Lisa: Leave the demon magician to me. The rest of you take out Malachite

Apollyn: Should someone go and help Futanari buddy?

Brutality: Am quite certain Futanari can handle herself Apollyn. Let's just focus on the enemies before us

In spite of the difficulty. Nickel finally neutralized his gigantic red orb. An attack that was intended to harm Futanari, but ended up being used against him. However while focus on dealing with the orb. Nickel wasn't aware Futanari had leaped into the air. Once the demon did spot Futanari crashing down towards him. Futanari's hair had changed from silver into something that resemble the universe. Along with the ends of her hair glowing brighter than the moon. Unable to use his demonic speed to get away in time. Futanari strikes Nickel down with a powerful punch. Breaking the ground beneath the demon. Witnessing their comrades being struck by one of the heroes. Ruby Mage and Malachite begins to realize. Their opponents are much stronger than they appear. Lisa with Peace Maker in her hands. Charges towards Ruby Mage at a high velocity. Ruby Mage deciding to engage the angel in battle. Creates a sword made out of ruby colored gems. Malachite setting his sights on the remaining heroes. The demon transforms into a ghoulish looking werewolf. Sensing the level of power Malachite posses. Both Apollyn and Brutality's faces changes from their humane form. Becoming that of a demon. Apollyn's chest also begins growing in size. Lisa currently engaged in a sword battle against Ruby Mage. Begins mocking her opponent despite the demon's swordsmanship

Lisa: Dumbass bitch! Do you truly believe you can defeat a warrior from Heaven?

Ruby Mage: It's truly shocking a piece of shit like yourself is an actual angel. I known and meet demons with who behave better than you

Lisa: Well both you and those demons can kiss my Heavenly ass! Now fuck up and allow Peace Maker to destroy your sinful existence cunt... no offense to you Apollyn, Nara, and Brutality

Nara, Apollyn, & Brutality: NONE TAKEN SHITTY ANGEL!

Lisa: Fuckers!

 Having successfully taken Nickel out with her Fallen Star Punch. Standing at a safe distance, but close enough to where the demon had fallen. Slowly rising to his feet. Covered in blood as his wounds start to heal. Nickel stares murderously at Futanari. Never felt so much pain in his entire existence. The demon lets out a scream of anguish. Staring back at the demon unfazed. Futanari watches calmly as Nickel starts to speak

Nickel: Fucking weird haired Japanese bitch! How fucking dare you inflict so much pain on me? I will rip your intestines out and rape you with them

Futanari: Stop talking and show me what you got. I got plenty of more punches left for you demon

Nickel: Let's see how tough you really are mortal!

 Nickel's face swiftly changes from humane into a demon. Futanari rushes towards him continuing their fight. Nara, Apollyn, Brutality/w Nox Edimmu battling against Malachite. Currently in his ghoulish werewolf form. Malachite charges towards the heroes. Apollyn uses her technique MARSHMALLOW SHOOTER! Shooting out from her mouth. Several scorching hot blobs of marshmallows towards Malachite. Unfortunately due to Malachite's wolf speed. All of Apollyn's attack fail to hit. Brutality along with her summoning Nox Edimmu. Unleash a dual fireball attack against Malachite. Only for Malachite to counter it with his own blast of fire. Witnessing both Apollyn and Brutality's failed attempts to harm Malachite. Nara knows it his time to shine. Still in his water form. Nara moves towards Malachite like a tidal wave. Knowing he cannot harm Nara by simple means. Malachite tries to run away from him. In order to avoid being hit. However Nara's moves too fast for Malachite to escape. Nara transforms apart of his watery body into arms and hands. Nara then extends his watery hands to grab Malachite. Trapping the demon inside a ball of water. Now with Malachite at his mercy. Nara awakens his inner Darken. Allowing him access to his darker powers. Instantly changing the color of his liquid body from cerulean to midnight blue. Along with his eyes changing from cerulean into a dark mulberry color. Nara then begins spinning Malachite rapidly inside his ball of water. Inflicting serious amount of pain onto the demon. Lisa still engaging in battle against Ruby Mage. Starts to feel an abnormal amount of exhaustion from her body. Sensing the angel's exhaustion from battle. Ruby Mage starts her own verbal insults

Ruby Mage: Some warrior of Heaven you are. I never knew angels had such shitty stamina. It won't be much longer before I deliver the killing blow

Lisa: If that's what you think than you have another thing coming bitch! Peace Maker let's put an end to this fight!

 Lisa's eyes starts to glow bright as the sun. Peace Maker also glows in a holy light. The intense Holy energy not only blinds Ruby Mage, but weakens her fighting spirit as well. Now with Ruby Mage taken off her game. Lisa is ready to deliver the finishing blow. Delivering a powerful kick to Ruby Mage's chest. Lisa knocks the demon down to the ground. Causing Ruby Mage to release her weapon. Before Ruby Mage could make any attempts to defend herself. Lisa quickly positions herself over Ruby Mage's body. Stabbing the demon in the chest with Peace Maker. Immediately Ruby Mage screams out in pain. Seconds before her body starts turning into dust. Futanari who was in a fierce battle against Nickel. Despite taking a couple of good hits from him. Futanari managed to finished the demon off. Now with both Nickel and Ruby Mage having been killed. All that is left is for Nara to kill Malachite. Continuing to spin Malachite's body mercilessly in his ball of water. Nara watches as the water rips Malachite's body apart. Once Nara's ball of water becomes full of Malachite's blood. Nara breaks the ball of water open. Releasing a stream of water infused with Malachite's blood and limbs onto the ground. Now with all three assassins having been eliminated. Nara, Apolllyn, and Brutality revert back to their normal selves. Brutality then thanks Nox Edimmu for his assistance before sending him back to the Nox Verse

Brutality: Well that wasn't too bad

Apollyn: Hooray for Apollyn and buddies

Nara: We killed those arrogance fuckers real good

 The trio celebrating their victory over the assassins. Comes to a sudden end. Once they hear Futanari's cry for help

Futanari: Guys it's Lisa! I don't know what happened but Lisa just suddenly fainted

Nara: Oh shit! Don't tell me it's happening

Brutality: What? What's going on with Lisa?

Nara: Earlier when we first meet Lisa. I remember saying something about if she's stays from out of Heaven for too long. Something bad would happened to her. Like becoming a mortal or something

Apollyn: Oh no Lisa Buddy. Apollyn is very worried

Brutality: Even though we managed to defeat our opponents. The Elestial Market is still surrounded in chaos. We need to find somewhere to Lisa to rest.

Futanari: The three of you can go on ahead. I'll find somewhere for Lisa and I to hide

Brutality: Are you sure you'll be alright?

Futanari: Am a Shogun for goodness sakes. I promise I'll keep the both of us safe. Just go and find Okubi, Xiaoyu, and the others.

Brutality: Okay Futanari, but you better keep both Lisa and you safe. Let's get moving Nara and Apollyn

 Leaving Lisa under Futanari's protection. Nara, Apollyn, and Brutality go to search for the remaining heroes. Anna along with Team Rose. Engaging in battle against the Demon Assassins Duran, Neil and Ekoda. The assassins believing Anna and company would be easy pickings. Quickly realized neither Anna or the mortals sages were as weak as they expected. Anna fighting alongside her Tarot summoning Jin The Combat Hermit. Zira also aiding her fighting against Ekoda. Lava Rose and Tre' battled against Duran and Neil





 Lava Rose summons multiple giant sizes gumdrops out of thin air. Dropping them on top of Duran. Tre' blasts Neil with a powerful burst of light energy. Zira strikes Ekoda with a burst of dark energy Jin following up behind Zira. Hits Ekoda with a powerful shockwave release from his palm. Sending the three demons crashing to the ground.

Anna: Neither my friends or I will be at your mercy. Once we take you losers out. Am going to go rescue Hellin and my father from Ulric and the rest of The Order losers. Am not the same weak little girl you jerks belittled many centuries ago.

Ekoda: I curse the day that fool Sel had given you those damn Tarot creatures

Anna: Do not speak of Lady Sel in such an ill manner. I will kill those who disrespect my Teacher

Duran: Your Teacher? Stupid little pumpkin haired bitch! Sel never saw you as a student. Just some loser she used to past the time. Whenever she wasn't needed to slit some throats or hunt down your worm of a father. Sel hated you just like the rest of us. The woman's only mistake was making you believe she didn't

Anna: Asshole! Sel did not hate me nearly as much as you jerks believed

Neil: I believe you little Anna. It's the reason why Sel is no longer living

Anna: W-wait what?

Zira: Oh no! I know where this conversation is going and it's not good

Neil: Did I stutter or whisper little Anna?

Anna: I heard what you said Neil. I just don't believe in what you're insinuating. Sel was killed in a battle against my father

Ekoda: Was she? I was actually there when Sel was killed and James wasn't her murderer

Duran: Actually it was the three of us who killed your precious Teacher

Neil: We warned that bitch if she kept entertaining you. A tragedy was ensure to befall her

 Centuries Anna had believed her father James was responsible for Sel's demise. Which was the main cause of her hatred towards him. However hearing the truth about Sel's death. Anna's face changes from being humane. Transforming into that of a demon. Skin darkening, fangs extending from her mouth, and her heterochromia colored eyes glowing ominously. Anna stares at Duran, Neil, and Ekoda with hate in her eyes. Lava Rose, Tre', and Zira having never seen a demon so angry. Even Jin watches his Summoner in great concern. Fearing what she might do next. Tears rolling down the eyes of the angry Anna. Immediately causes the demon assassin trio immense pleasure

Duran: Aww what's wrong little Anna? Did the truth behind you precious Sel's death that painful?

Zira: You heartless sons of bitches! How could you do that to her Teacher? Weren't the four of you apart of the same guild? I thought your guild only killed those that were deemed traitors?

Neil: Foolish chocolate skinned mortal. You know absolutely nothing of our laws within The Order. While Sel is not nearly the filth both James and Cassandra were. The sole fact she interacted with that walking shit stain known as Anna. Alone was cause for her execution

Lava Rose: And I thought I hated you three fuckers before

Tre': I'm going to beat the shit out of you bastards

Duran: Tough talk for mortal scum, but this fight has only begun. Don't think your little attacks moments ago. Is going to be enough to kill the three of us. Besides we weren't even fighting seriously earlier. Course that's going to change very shortly

Anna: Just tell me before I rip your fucking heads clean off your shoulders. Did Ulric know about Sel's death?

Ekoda: Did he? Sweetie, Ulric was the one who ordered us to kill Sel!


Lava Rose: Anna wait DON'T!

 Ignoring Lava Rose's warning. Anna charges at Duran, Neil, and Ekoda like a mad lioness. Having planned this the very moment they spotted Anna. Knowing the fragile heart Anna possessed. Once Anna was close in range. Ekoda infused his left hand in a powerful demonic aura. Seconds before Anna could strike any of the assassins. Ekoda used the technique Sinister Flash. Allowing him to instantly appear before her. Ekoda then stabs Anna through the chest with his left hand. Immediately causing Anna to scream in pain. Lava Rose, Tre', Zira, and Jin react in horror. Having witnessed Anna being taken out by Ekoda. Removing his hand out of Anna's body. Ekoda grabs Anna by the neck. Throwing her several feet into the air. Lava Rose quickly creates a cushion made of sturdy cotton candy. Anna's body falls on the cotton candy thus breaking her fall. Anna taken out of the fight. Jin is forced to return to the Tarot World. Now with Anna out of the way. The demon assassins of The Order. Turn their attentions to the members of Team Rose

Duran: So how did you like our handy work?

Neil: Did you enjoy watching the suffering we inflicted upon Anna?

Ekoda: Learning the truth about her Teacher was absolutely soul crushing. Plus I got to hear that wonderful scream of hers

Zira: Bastards! I'll see to it you three are dead!

Tre': No one and I mean no one hurts a friend of mines like that and gets away with it!

Lava Rose: Now you fuckers have done it! I hope you three are ready to feel the wrath of Team Rose's founding members. We are going to beat your asses so bad. Your fucking ancestors are going to feel it!

Ekoda: Is that so? Well then let's give em our all boys. DARK BEAST RITUAL!

 Hellin continuing her battle against K.I.L.L.E.R. Having successfully slain the demon Lynx. Hellin must not eliminate what remains of K.I.L.L.E.R. Dodging a barrage of powerful elemental attacks. Hellin is finding it difficult to find another opening. Witnessing the brutal death of Lynx. Caused Kenji and the other members of K.I.L.L.E.R. to combat Hellin more aggressively. 

Kenji: Die you fucking monster!

Lou: We will not allow you to leave this place alive demon!

Ina: Lynx's death will be avenged

Eigra: Never in my life have I hated a target as much as I do you!

Roberto: I will splatter your organs all throughout this bitch! I fucking hate you bitch!

Hellin: The way you motherfuckers are talking. It's almost as if am the only demon in this fight. Now you fuckers know how it feels to be on the receiving end of death! Getting all bent out of shape. Over the death of your friend. Yet don't acknowledge all the lives you fuckers had taken. Including the innocent people who attend the Elestial Market. Give me a fucking break! Now if you wish to join Lynx that badly. Stand still and I'll send you fuckers on your way. Otherwise things are going to get really bloody!

Kenji: Foolish demented wrench! Lynx wasn't just our friend. Lynx was our family. Just like everyone else within The Order. It's the reason why---

Hellin: If you mention that man's name or his "crime" against The Order. Am seriously going to take a shit on one you fucker's head. I don't care about what he did or your reasons for coming here. I just know I want all of you assassins from The Order dead! Now stop flapping your dick sucker and fight me already

 The battle continues between Hellin and what remains of  K.I.L.L.E.R. Suddenly a terrible sensation takes over Hellin's body. Causing Hellin to drop down to her knees. Holding both her head and stomach in pain. The members of K.I.L.L.E.R. staring at Hellin in both confusion and annoyance. Hellin now in a very vulnerable position. Instead of going for the kill. The members of K.I.L.L.E.R. begins to mock her

Ina: Well so much for that big talk of yours moments ago. Now you're slumped on the ground writhing in pain. What a truly pitiful sight to see

Roberto: I guess the bitch realized she couldn't kill the rest of us. The way she got our brother Lynx

Lou: The Princess of Babylon and this is the extent of her fighting spirit? Such a disgrace!

Eigra: Now with our prey in such a vulnerable position. I wonder if we should kill her or torture her first?

Kenji: I would say you put up a noble battle. However there is absolutely nothing noble about you demon. Never have I fought an opponent with such vulgarity in my entire life. It was truly a displeasure having to face a ruthless being like you

Hellin: Anna? Anna I can feel that you been hurt! Anna don't you fucking die on me. I was coming to rescue you. Don't die on me Anna... DON'T YOU FUCKING DIE ON MEEEEEEEEE!

Kenji: What is she yelling about? The traitor's daughter isn't even around us

Ina: Well base on her psychotic screaming. Sounds to me the soon to be dead Princess. Sensed that the traitor's daughter has been badly injured. Definitely must be the work of Ekoda

 Even with no being near her friend and servant Anna. The connection Hellin shares with Anna. Allowed her to sense Anna had been badly injured. Sensing Anna's life force slowly leaving her body. The fear of losing her dear friend. Causes Hellin to collapse on the ground. Believing Hellin's fighting spirit has died. The K.I.L.L.E.R.'s stare at Hellin with evil grins on their faces. Not realizing Hellin is about to becoming more powerful than they could have imagined. Intense emotions running through Hellin's body. The Princess's body suddenly becomes surrounded in a smokey gray and black aura. Hellin feels her body starting to transform. Witnessing Hellin's sudden transformation taking place. Along with the overwhelming demonic aura emitting from Hellin's body. The K.I.L.L.E.R.'s watch in both caution and amazement. Seeing a newly form demon emerging before them. Once Hellin's transformation was complete. The K.I.L.L.E.R.'s found themselves faced against a newly formed demon. One that barely resembled the Hellin of old. Possessing both a terrifying appearance and an aura to match. The newly formed Hellin stares menacingly at the members of K.I.L.L.E.R. Lusting to annihilate each and every one of them


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