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Halloween 2016 Forbidden


1. Okubi

Okubi as a Combat Magician

2. Xiaoyu

Jia Xiaoyu as Two Sides

3. Apollyn

Apollyn as a hunter

4. Nara

Nara Chabla as a Mechanic

5. Brutality

Dela Regan A.K.A. Brutality as a Djinn

6. King Onyxe

King Onyxe as a Erotic Agent. The inspiration for King Onyxe's outfit is below

Alice from Zero Escape 

Forbidden Chapter 54

Forbidden Chapter Fifty Four

Terror At The Elestial Market Finale

 Shortly after the Heroes and Team Rose arrived to the Elestial Market. Just as the Heroes and Team Rose had gotten comfortable. Enjoying the various festivities in the yearly street fair held in Neo Aigosthena. A sudden outburst of chaos was unleashed within the Elestial Market. People were struck by blasts of fire and other deadly powers. Momentarily surprised by the chaos and death that surrounded them. Okubi along with Eligos, James, and Angelina. Realized that the Elestial Market was under attack by demons. However these were not just a bunch of violent demons. The demons that was causing carnage within the Elestial Market. Were a Underworld guild of demon assassins known as The Order! Lead by their leader, Lord Ulric. The demons began attacking all civilians. However their main target was former member turned traitor James Del Soto. Also being targeted by The Order was Hellin, Othello, and all those closely associated with James. The Heroes having been separated prior to The Order's surprise attack. After Okubi had rescued a merchant at the street fair. Along with James, Angelina, Eligos, and himself. They immediately engaged the assassins of The Order in combat. Killing them without mercy just as they did the civilians. However worried about the rest of their friends. Okubi, Eligos, and James left Angelina behind. Ordering her to help as many civilians to escape the Elestial Market. While Okubi, Eligos, and James went to find the others.

 Minutes after running through the street fair. In order to search for their friends. Okubi, Eligos, and James had encountered two higher ranking demon assassins of The Order. These assassins were Nolan and Paraben. Former buddies of James prior to his betrayal. Okubi had ordered James to continue searching for the others. While he alone with Eligos in his corner. Fought against the two demon assassins. Meanwhile Xiaoyu and her group had also encountered assassins from The Order. Worried about the safety of Okubi. Xiaoyu asked her boyfriend Nara and her friends to handle the assassins of The Order. Allowing her to go and search for Okubi. Hellin who was on her own. Engaged in battle against Ulric's elite demon assassins called K.I.L.L.E.R. Anna along with Team Rose fought against the deadly trio Ekoda, Neil, and Duran. While his assassins were doing as he commanded. Ulric along with his guards Asir and Carling. Went after Othello who like her daughter. Was without any allies to help her. At least until the sages Natsumi and Miracle appeared out of nowhere. Aiding her against Ulric and his guards. 

 The Heroes having successfully defeated and killed the demon assassins of The Order. Ulric the only one who remained alive. Once Hellin, Anna, and Brutality had found Othello, Natsumi, and Miracle alive. Othello ordered Hellin to finish Ulric off. Unfortunately before Hellin could end the life of the leader of The Order. Two demons came from out of nowhere. Attacking Hellin and her allies. In order to get Ulric out of harms way. The very same also happened to Okubi and Xiaoyu's group. All three groups now found themselves battling a new threat. The servants of the demon Pruflas. The very demon the Heroes traveled to Neo Aigosthena to find and eliminate. Unfortunately due to earlier events. The Heroes had long lost the element of surprised. Which allowed Pruflas to proficiently scheme against Okubi and his friends. In order to eventually have all of them killed... most of them anyway. Unlike the rest of the Heroes. Pruflas wants his step son brought to him alive. Which is why he ordered his servant Mohammad Batra A.K.A. Poisonous One. Along with his newly hired servant Celia Rains to capture him. Especially with the history Mohammad shares with Okubi. Pruflas trust Poisonous One and Celia will complete their mission. 

 Currently engaging their target in battle. Okubi faces off against Poisonous One. While Nara and Angelina combats Celia. Knowing that their friends are also facing the same predicament. Okubi hopes to quickly end this battle. However unlike the opponents he has fought earlier within The Elestial Market. Okubi will discover his former teacher turned enemy. Will prove to be a much difficult battle than he had anticipated.

Nara: The faster we take these two out! The quicker we can reunite with the others. Time for me to activate my Cosmo Heterochromia!

 Using his special technique Cosmo Heterochromia. Nara's brown eyes immediate change colors. Nara's left eye becomes silver and his right eye icy blue. Using the power of his silver eye. Nara summons Lionheart into battle.

Angelina: Excellent work Nara! Now with Lionheart aiding us. Taking out Celia should be a lot easier

Celia: If you think that oversize tin man is going to do you fuckers any good. Not only do you gravely underestimate my abilities but prove yourselves more pitiful than I expected

Okubi: Ignore her Nara and Angelina! Do whatever it takes to kill her!

Poisonous One: The level of concern you have for your comrades Okubi is oddly surprising. I never expected you to be the caring type

Okubi: That's just shows how little you know me Mohammad! The safety of my friends is the upmost importance to me

Celia: If that were actually true Okubi. The moment Poisy and I told you we wanted to capture you. Never once did you bargain to spare your friends lives. If you came with us without any kind of fight. Yet here we are battling to the death. Course the ones who will die here will be your precious friends

Angelina: Arrogant bitch! If you think you're going to kill Nara and I. Then you have another thing coming... UNHOLY FIRE: MAGENTA

 Angelina summons multiple magenta colored fireballs around herself. Staring at the direction of Celia. Angelina sends her balls of fire towards her.

Nara: Okay Lionheart follow behind Angelina's attack and use MAJESTIC STRIKE on that bitch Celia!

 Following the orders of his Summoner. Lionheart raises his sword high into the air. The Knight's weapon starts to glow in a bright golden color. Lionheart then holds his sword in front of himself. Charging towards Celia while staying behind Angelina's attack. Okubi continuing his fight against Poisonous One. After dodging several of the demon's poisonous strike. Okubi strike Poisonous One with the technique DANAVA LIGHT! Knocking Poisonous One down with a powerful sphere shaped water blast. Course hence the word "light". Okubi's attack wasn't nearly as deadly as a fully charged Danava. Poisonous One temporarily out of the way. Okubi turns his attention over to Celia. Watching both Angelina's attack and Lionheart speeding towards her. Seconds away from being struck by Angelina's flames and Lionheart's sword. Celia's left hand begins glowing in an intense red light. Less than three seconds from being hit. Celia raises her left hand before her body. Unleashing a powerful red energy beam. Neutralizing Angelina's Unholy Fire and destroying Lionheart. The beam almost hits Angelina, but Nara quickly pushes her out of harms way. Managing to save himself as well. Witnessing such a powerful attack leaves Okubi and Eligos momentarily speechless. Once Okubi manages to regain his composure. Okubi turns to Celia and starts to speak

Okubi: What was the move you just used?

Celia: Oh that little o' move? It's a technique I call Disruption Beam! Well that's the English version of the name anyways. I usually refer to it by it's Japanese name. Anyways Disruption Beam works as both an offensive and defensive move. Negating and destroying all incoming attacks against me. Works 90% of the time

Nara: That fucking bitch just took out Lionheart with one hit! No way I'm going to be able to summon him after that attack. Lionheart is going to need a nice rest in his dimension. At least I can still use my snow magic

Celia: That's what that tin man gets asshole! Don't you just love the magic of Negation!

Okubi: Negation? I heard of the magic type before. I believe I know a woman who also masters in that Magical Art

Celia: Oh you do? I wonder if it's the same woman who fucked me over many years ago?

Angelina: Okubi that woman is Onyxe's Lady In Waiting A.K.A. Yura!

Eligos: That is very much correct Angelina! Ms. Yura also uses the Magic Arts of Negation

Celia: Oh so it is that bitch! I have a score to settle with her. However that will have to wait until I finish dealing with you fuckers

Okubi: So that explains why you weren't phased by Angelina and Lionheart's attack. However I know an attack like Disruption Beam would leave you quite exhausted. Yet you don't even the slightest bit worn out. It's not usually for a mortal sage to have such power

Celia: You're very smart for a dumbass! Normally using an attack like Disruption Beam would leave me nearly exhausted. However that would only be the case if I was human!

Nara: WHAT? So you aren't a mortal? That would mean you must be a demon or even a Darken like myself?

Angelina: Celia is neither a demon or a Darken Nara. Okubi, Eligos, and I would had detected her demonic presence the second we encounter her. The only demons here are Poisonous One, Okubi, and myself. Eligos being a Demon Spirit and you a Darken. If Celia isn't a mortal. She's most certainly not a demon or anything related to it

Celia: I'm certainly no shitty ass demon or an even shittier Darken. In order to become as powerful as I'm today. I had to rid myself of all my mortal limitations. Something which could only be achieve through death! A couple of years ago I meet a man with great power. Spoiler alert that man wasn't Pruflas. Anyways that man told me he can offer me a great power. However I would have to die first. In order to achieve said power. After allowing that man to kill me. He then transformed me into a being which he refers to as a Beyonder! 

Angelina: What exactly is a Beyonder?

Celia: A Beyonder is a individual who once a dead human. Upon being resurrected that person is rid of all mortal limitations Allowing that mortal ten times the normal human stamina, agility, endurance, and enhancing any magical powers said individual has by ten folds. That is why I'm such a powerful sage. Well now that you learned enough about me. It's time I finished killing your friends Okubi. Starting with the spiky green haired sonabitch!

 Staring at Nara with a killer intent. Celia's body becomes envelope in a scarlet aura. Celia immediately starts moving towards Nara at a high velocity. Attempting to stop Celia for reaching Nara. Angelina unleashes several fireballs towards Celia, but thanks to her high speed. Celia easily dodges the incoming fireball. Meanwhile Poisonous One managing to heal from his earlier injury. Due to Okubi and the others being distracted by Celia. Seeing Poisonous One rising from the ground. Okubi continues his battle against the demon. Poisonous One opens his mouth wide. Shoots a stream of acid towards Okubi. Quickly raising his sword Neurotic Pegasus before himself. Okubi charges his weapon with a protective aura. In order that the acid doesn't burn away his sword. While Okubi manages to block most of the acid. Some of it splashes onto his shoulders, chest, and hands. Burning his skin and causing him to grimace in pain. Fortunately before Poisonous One could make his next move. Okubi's regeneration factor kicks in. Healing the burns as quickly as he received them.

 Not wanting to risk further burning. Okubi summons two Shadow Clone of himself. Okubi along with his clones charges towards Poisonous One. Successfully having dodged all of Angelina's attacks. Seconds before reaching her main target. Celia decides to quickly deal with Angelina. Using her supernatural speed to translocate herself before Angelina. Not giving the demoness any time to react. Celia delivers a powerful kick to Angelina. Sending her crashing hard to the ground. Now with Angelina out of the way. Celia turns her attention over to Nara. Not wanting Celia to get anymore closer to him. Nara unleashes a majestic but powerful blizzard from his hands. Unfortunately Celia manages to dodge his attack by jumping into the air. Before Nara could even plan his next move. Celia has landed right behind him. Ready to strike Nara with a killing blow. 

 Sensing that Nara is seconds away from death. Okubi quickly opens a Dark Portal from behind him. Allowing his clones to deal with Poisonous One. Okubi leaps back into his portal. Less than two seconds before Celia strikes Nara. Okubi's Dark Portal opens on Celia's left side. Poking his head out of his portal. Okubi opens his mouth and bites down on Celia's arm. Nara immediately runs over to Angelina. Checking to see if she was alright after being kicked by Celia. Reluctantly after letting out a scream due to being bitten. Celia instinctively uses her free hand and delivers a powerful chop to Okubi's head. Forcing him to release his gripe on her arm. Okubi then falls completely out of his portal. Crashing down onto the ground. After creating some space between Okubi and herself. Celia attends to her bloody arm. 

Nara: Hey Angie are you alright?

Angelina: I'm fine Nara. Despite having received one of the hardest kicks from someone who isn't a demon. Is Okubi alright?

Eligos: Master Okubi is fine. Just fell out of his portal. After being bopped on the head by that damn Celia

Celia: Well in my defense! That fucking demon had his teeth in my damn skin

Okubi: Trust me it was a very unpleasant experience. Never have I tasted blood so awful. It was like bitting into a rotten egg drizzle with vinegar

Angelina: That's what demons taste when we bite into a corpse that more than two days old. 

Nara: I'm so glad I'm only a Darken and not a full on demon. I could not imagine ever having the taste for blood

 While Okubi and the others were dealing with Celia. Poisonous One had managed to eliminate both of Okubi's Shadow Clones. Turning his attention over to Celia. Poisonous One begins speaking to her

Poisonous One: Celia we are getting nowhere fighting against Okubi and his friends

Celia: Speak for yourself Toxic fuck! I'm just getting started with these losers

Poisonous One: Celia I don't have time for your insubordination! If we are going to eliminate Okubi's friend and capture him. I'm going to need you to summon your dragon!

Okubi: Her dragon?

Eligos: So not only is she a overpowered undead psychopath. The bitch can also summon a dragon? Dear Satan this is ridiculous

Nara: Here I thought our night couldn't get any fucking worst

Celia: Well now that you mentioned it. Summoning my dragon would be very wise. Especially since am already dripping blood

Poisonous One: Once you summon your dragon. Eliminate Nara and Angelina and go check on our other allies

Celia: The sounds of your voice when you go demon truly irks me. Not that the sound of your humane voice is any better. Anyways time for me to summon my dragon

Poisonous One: While you summon your winged beast to destroy Okubi's friends. I'll overwhelm Okubi using my WALK OF THE DEAD technique

Angelina: Sounds like a necromancer type spell

Poisonous One: Oh it is an necromancer type spell! I don't carry these corpses on my back for nothing. 

Nara: This night just keeps getting better and better. Okubi kill that motherfucker now before he summons the living dead against you

Okubi: Let him use the bodies of his victims against me. This isn't my first time battling the undead

Nara: You fought against zombies before?

Eligos: About fifty years ago. Master Okubi and I encountered a Treasure Hunter by the name Tomi. Just thinking about that disgusting woman makes my skin crawl... if I had skin. Anyways she too was a necromancer. However I don't think Tomi's necromancy is nearly as threatening as Poisonous One

Okubi: Agreed, but I will be fine. However Angelina I need you to deal with Celia. Now that you have full control over Lilith's powers. It's time for you to summon that dragon you captured awhile ago. I will deal with Poisonous One 

Nara: I'll gladly help you O

Okubi: I appreciate it Nara, but I fight better alone. Just stay by Angelina's side and make sure nothing fatal befalls her. I'm trusting you two to take down Celia. Anyways Poisonous One do your worst!

Poisonous One: It will be my pleasure!

 Poisonous One stares at Okubi with his ominous red eyes as they glow. Surrounded by a forest green colored aura. The corpses on Poisonous One's back start falling off one by one. Okubi with Eligos by his side. Watches as the undead start making there way towards him and his friends. Angelina puts her right arm to her mouth. Bitting into her skin in order to make herself bleed. Angelina then holds her arm out. Allowing her blood to hit the ground. Once enough blood has fallen out of her. Angelina's regenerating abilities kick in. Closing the wound in her arm. 

Angelina: Now to start to ritual

 Using her blood to create a seal on the ground. Angelina begins to chant in order to summon her dragon

Angelina: Winged creature who form has been twisted by my powers. I call upon you to aid me in battle. Now break free from your dark prison. Come forth and annihilate the enemy before me. I call to you LILITH'S PET DRAGON!!!

 Once Angelina has completed the ritual. Angelina grabs Nara by the hand. Moving both him and herself away from the seal. A neon purple fog suddenly appears around the seal Angelina had created with her blood. Shortly as the fog starts to clear. Both Angelina and Nara see a terrifying yet majestic creature slowly being revealed before them. The fog now completely gone. Standing before Angelina and Nara is a ebony skin dragon with neon purple wings, scales, and various gem like spikes around it's body. Celia who had done the same as Angelina. Successfully summoned her dragon, but unlike Angelina's dragon. Celia posses not one but two heads. Also Celia's dragon was red with brown colored spikes and scales. Now with both dragon having been summoned. Celia begins talking to Angelina and Nara

Celia: That's quite a lovely dragon you got there. Unfortunately it's about to be devoured by my lovely TWO HEADED TERROR!

Angelina: Nara it's time we take down Celia for good. Get ready to ride with me on my dragon. Looks like Celia and us are going to have an old fashion Dragon vs Dragon showdown

Celia: So if you are ready to die. Get on your damn beast and let's take this fight to the skies

Angelina: I swear on everything I love. I will see to it that you die here tonight. Nara let's go!

 Angelina and Nara climb on top of Lilith's Pet Dragon as Celia climbs on Two Headed Terror. Once all three of them are on their respective dragons. Angelina orders Lilith's Pet Dragon to take to the sky and Celia does the same. Now with his friends engaging Celia in a Dragon vs Dragon battle. Okubi can focus on dealing with Poisonous One. Meanwhile in another area within the Elestial Market. Hellin along with Brutality and Anna. Prepare to battle against the demons Natan and Lita. However just right before the fight could get started. Lita realizes that both Natan and she are gravely outnumbered. Despite both Natan and her being very powerful demons. The chances of the two of them defeating Hellin, Anna, Brutality, Othello, Natsumi, and Miracle are very slim. Just before Natan could make a move. Lita starts to speak out

Lita: Natan! Let us not engaged them in battle

Natan: Lita what the hell do you mean? Being outnumbered wasn't a problem for you a few seconds ago? Besides Lord Pruflas ordered us to kill these motherfuckers. Both you and I know what happens to those who disobey the boss

Lita: You make it sound like Pruflas is unreasonable. Besides just look who we are going against? Even without the use of their telepathy. Both Queen Othello and Princess Hellin are deadly opponents. Also they have their friends to aid them as well. Besides can a girl change her mind? Let's just grab Ulric and get out of here. We'll have another opportunity to kill these shit heads. The odds of course being in our favor

Hellin: Nice observation lolita bitch! However if you fucking think for a second I'll let you fuckers get away. THE BOTH OF YOU HAVE ANOTHER FUCKING THING COMING1

Natan: I want to beat the fucking arrogance out of that bitch! However babe if you think retreating is best for now. Get the portal ready while I secure our escape

Hellin: Anna! Brutality! We are not letting these fuckers escape! On my move let's exterminate these sons of bitches

Anna: Ready when you are Hellin

Brutality: Nothing pisses me off more than assholes who talk the talk but can't walk the walk

Othello: Do not allow any of those maggots to get away Hellin!

 Hellin gives Anna and Brutality the go. The three women starts moving towards Natan, Lita, and the sleeping Ulric with killer intentions. Natan quickly uses his orthodox powers. Summoning a gigantic ghost creature before him. Lita opening a portal back to their hideout. Grabs Ulric off the ground with no difficulty. Throwing him in first before stepping inside herself. Keeping half her body outside of the portal. Lita calls to Natan telling him to hurry up. Natan nods to Lita before turning his attention onto Hellin, Anna, and Brutality

Natan: Well this didn't go as I had hoped, but please enjoy my present. I called this ghost MIGGY THE EXPLOSIVE! If you bitches managed to survive. Perhaps you'll make for decent opponents. Anyways Miggy is going off in 7, 6, 5, 4, 3...


Hellin: FUCK NO!

Anna: We gotta do something or else--

Brutality: Shit!

 Almost having reached Natan and the others, but with Miggy about to explode before the heroes. Natan quickly runs inside of Lita's portal. Successfully escaping the potential wrath of Hellin and the others. Brutality manages to summon Nox Edimmu seconds before Miggy exploded. Creating a forcefield around Hellin, Anna, and herself. Othello had also created a forcefield to protect Miracle, Natsumi, and herself. After Miggy had exploded and the smoke had cleared. Once out of Nox Edimmu's forcefield. Othello rushes over to Hellin's side

Othello: Is my precious baby okay?

Hellin: Mom now is not the time. I failed you yet again

Othello: This time doesn't count sweetie. Both our telepathy being blocked and that fucking creating a ghost bomb. It wasn't meant for us to kick their asses tonight

Anna: Even worst that bastard Ulric managed to escape with his life. I wanted to avenged my Aunt and Mother so badly

Brutality: It's unfortunate they managed to escape. In the meantime we should go and find Xiaoyu's group. Then make our way back to Okubi. I'm quite certain we weren't the only ones who dealt with unexpected enemies

Othello: Agreed but let's take a damn breather first. Damn this was one of the most shittiest nights I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. The only good thing that came out of this is my baby gaining her first transformation. Course it was unfortunate Anna managed to survive

Hellin: Mother!

Othello: Okay I'll take back that last part. I still can't stand you girl, but I'm glad you didn't die earlier

Anna: Thank you your Highness

 After having encounter the only non demon of Pruflas's Elite Servant. The sinister child like sage Karen Caramel. Xiaoyu along with the rest of her group. Not only did Karen confront Xiaoyu, her allies, and the members of Team Rose. Along with Karen was Xiaoyu's dear friend and fellow detective Lorenzo Germanotta. Currently under the mind control of Karen. Lorenzo is ordered to attack Xiaoyu and her allies. Trying their best to defend against Lorenzo's fiery blades. Knowing that Lorenzo is attacking them against his will. The heroes hold themselves back from using any lethal attacks. However risking getting themselves hurt or worst. The heroes decides to make a change of battle tactics.

Lisa: Okay Xiaoyu I know this is your friend and all. However if we continue staying on the defense. We're going to end up being killed.

Zira: Agreed! Holding back like this isn't my style. At the same time Lorenzo is being forced against his will to fight us

Tre': That damn Karen. Not only did she kidnapped your friend. Now she's using him to kill us

Futanari: James! Lava Rose! Apollyn! How are the three of you holding up?

James: This dude's fire is much hotter than mines. I can feel the heat coming off his blades. Every time he takes a swing at one of us

Apollyn: Apollyn is very terrified of Lorenzo's fiery swords. Apollyn's growing boobies are making dodging his attacks difficult. Apollyn's anger is also increasing

Lava Rose: Trying to slow this dude down with my candy based attacks seems virtually impossible!

Xiaoyu: Despite not wanting to harm Lorenzo. Staying on the defense is going to be the death of us.

Lisa: Perhaps one of us goes deal with Karen. While the rest of us finds a way to deal with Lorenzo. Even if we have to resort to lethal measures. Long as none of us decapitates him. Tre' and I can use our powers to heal him

Xiaoyu: So which one of us goes after Karen?

Zira: As much as I would love to kill the little bitch! I personally feel that you should be the one to take her down

James: I agree with Zira

Futanari: I share Zira and James's feeling as well

Xiaoyu: If we are all in agreement. I'll leave you guys to deal with Lorenzo. While I go and deal with Ms. Caramel

Lava Rose: We'll keep Lorenzo distracted so you can go after Karen

Xiaoyu: Thanks everyone and despite how much I care about Lorenzo. I don't want any of you to die either. Do whatever it takes to take him down!

 Lava Rose along with Zira, Apollyn, Lisa, and James surounds Lorenszo. Both Futanari and Tre' keeps an watchful eye over Xiaoyu. In order to make sure nothing stops her from getting to Karen. Seeing Xiaoyu making her way towards her. Karen sticks her tongue out at her. Then starts running away from Xiaoyu

Karen: Catch me, catch me, catch me if you can Ms. Detective

Xiaoyu: Soon as I get my fucking hands on you. I'll swear I'm going to make you regret the day you were born

 Both dragon riders having taken to the skies. Angelina with Nara holding onto her. Riding on the back of Lilith's Pet Dragon. Prepare themselves for the Dragon vs Dragon battle against Celia and Two Headed Terror

Celia: Didn't expect this night to get nearly has as exciting as it is now. I can't wait to have my baby Two Headed Terror burn you fuckers to a crisp

Angelina: Don't be so sure of yourself Celia. My dragon is very powerful and looks forward to killing both you and your dragon

Celia: I heard enough bullshit coming from you demon! Say your prayers to your Lord Satan and prepare to be extinguish

Nara: Alright Lilith's Pet Dragon. Exterminate that loud mouthed bitch and her inferior dragon

Celia: Two Headed Terror strike them down with FIRE BLAST! 

Angelina: Lilith's Pet Dragon counter with a Fire Blast of your own

 Both dragon release a big blast of fire from their mouths simultaneously. The two fire blast collides, creating an explosion between the dragons. While Celia and Two Headed Terror were hardly affected by the explosion. Angelina, Nara, and Lilith's Pet Dragon were pushed back a few feet away. Nara having nearly lost his grip around Angelina's waist. Starts to worry about their chances of winning

Nara: Damn I almost lost my gripe around your waist Angie. Why didn't that explosion send Celia and her dragon flying backwards? I'm starting to worry if we are going to win this battle

Angelina: Don't be such a little bitch Nara! This battle has just gotten started. I promise you we will be the one's victorious. Now just keep your gripe tight and control your hard on. It don't think Xiaoyu wants to know her boyfriend's hard dick is against my butt

Nara: Excuse me for being fucking nervous. Please keep that between you and me

Celia: If you fuckers just want to surrender now. I'll promise that your death will be quick. I would say painless, but that would obviously be a lie

Angelina: Do your worst woman! I having even displayed one fourth of my dragon's potential. However something tells me your dragon isn't nearly as capable as you believe

Celia: Bitch I'll show you who's capable. Two Headed Terror strike them down with Dragon Shooter!

 Two Headed Terror shoots out multiple blasts of fire out his mouth. Watching the balls of fire coming there way. Angelina's eyes glow with a neon purple color. Angelina having activated her Lilith Force! Creates a neon purple field of energy around Lilith's Pet Dragon. Giving her dragon the needed protection against the incoming fireballs.

Celia: This is your end! Once my dragons' attack hits your dragon. The three of you will be finished!

Angelina: I wouldn't be so sure about that... IMPERIAL SHIELD!

 Just as the fireballs strikes the body of Lilith's Pet Dragon. The Neon Purple shield activates around the dragon. Neutralizing Two Headed Terror's attack upon contact. Celia watches in a disgusted shock. Seeing her dragon's attack had no effect on Angelina's dragon

Celia: DAMN YOU DEMON! I had you dead to rights!

Nara: No bitch you just thought!

Angelina: Now my dragon strike Celia and Red Headed Terror down with JUGGERNAUT!

 Lilith's Pet Dragon still surrounded by Angelina's Imperial Shield. Prepares to launch itself like a rocket towards Celia and Two Headed Terror. Celia orders Two Headed Dragon to strike Lilith's Pet Dragon with a stream of fire. However due to the shield surrounded his body. The fiery attack from Celia's dragon proves ineffective. Charging right through the stream of fire. Lilith's Pet Dragon hits Two Headed Terror with a devastating tackle. Sending both Celia and it hurtling in the air.

Nara: HELL YEAH! That's what am talking about! Now finished them off Angelina

Angelina: Alright my dragon strike them down with HELL EXTINGUISHER!

 Gathering purple color flames within it's mouth. Moments before Celia and Two Headed Terror can properly position themselves in the air. Lilith's Pet Dragon unleashes a massive stream of purple colored fire at them. Unable to do anything to protect both Two Headed Terror and herself. Celia watches in disgust as both her dragon and herself are about to be scorch to death. Watching the burning body of Two Headed Terror and presumably Celia falling to the ground. Angelina turns herself around and gives Nara a friendly hug. Then plucks him on his forehead for his earlier hard on. Now with Celia out of the way. Angelina orders Lilith's Pet Dragon to fly back down to Okubi

 While Angelina and Nara were dealing with Celia. Okubi with Eligos by his side, but unable to aid him. Battled against the horde of zombies who were previous victims of Poisonous One. Many of the zombies behaved in typical zombie fashion. Trying to claw and bite Okubi only to be struck down by his sword. Few of the zombies despite being dead. Still posses the magical powers of their former living self. Giving Okubi more of a challenge than he anticipated. Poisonous One simply stood with his arms folded. Watching Okubi battling against his undead victims. Curious to why Poisonous One hasn't joined his zombies at attacking Okubi. Begins to question the demon's motives

Eligos: So tell me Mohammad. Why aren't you trying to spit acid or poison my Master? Wouldn't your precious undead army provide you with such an opportunity?

Poisonous One: That question is rather simple Eligos. If I were tasked with killing Okubi. I would had already shot him with a blast of acid. Even if my zombies were struck down in the process. However since I was order by my Lord to capture Okubi. I cannot risk inflicting any fatal wounds on him. Furthermore what neither you or Okubi knows. One of my remaining zombies possesses a magical bite. One that will immobilize Okubi and place his mind in a hallucination like state. It's just a matter of time before said zombie bites him.

Eligos: Damn you vile fiend! "I wished I was able to physically help Master Okubi. Everyone else fighting their own battles. No one will be able to save Master Okubi. Dammit!"

 Okubi continuing hacking and slashing his way through the zombies. Doing his very best to keep himself from being bitten. Zombie Avian and Pedro combine their elemental powers. Releasing an orb made of wind and lighting energy towards Okubi. Quickly taking out the zombies surrounding him. Okubi lifts his sword in front his body. Using his demonic aura to increase Neurotic Pegasus's defense. Okubi manages to defend against Avian and Pedro's combine attack, but fails to realize Zombie Ashlyn sneaking up on him. The dead not possessing a presence for him to sense. Okubi doesn't realize Ashlyn coming from behind until the very last second. Unable to do anything to stop her. Zombie Ashlyn sinks her teeth into Okubi's left shoulder. Knocking Ashlyn off of him with his brute strength. Immediately Okubi releases his sword and drops to his knees. Eligos watches helplessly as Okubi slips into a hallucination.


Poisonous One: The lad put up a splendid fight, but not even someone with Okubi's skills can avoid the inevitable. Since I got a few seconds before Okubi's friends finishes off Celia. Perhaps it would be best if I just grabbed Okubi and leave.


Poisonous One: Eligos you couldn't harm me even if you tried. It's just unfortunate I'm not a Spirit Toucher like your Master. Otherwise I would had been disposed of your meaningless existence. Now take one final look at your Master. It will be the last time you ever see him again


 Eligos lets out a desperate cry for help but to no avail. Poisonous One calmly starts walking towards the defenseless Okubi. Only a few feet away from his target. Poisonous One, Okubi, and Eligos are surrounded by an unexpected field of darkness. Instantly blinding both Eligos and Poisonous One's vision. The darkness lasts only for a few seconds. Once the darkness has faded away. Poisonous One while disturbed by what had just happened. Thrilled to see that Okubi is still in his vulnerable state. Poisonous One bends down and picks Okubi off of the ground. The demon then opens a portal before him. Ectoplasm tears runs down Eligos's eyes. Watching his beloved Master being carried away into Poisonous One's portal. Angelina and Nara riding on Lilith's Pet Dragon. Finally reaches the ground seconds after Okubi disappears. Seeing Eligos crying in front of them. Both Angelina and Nara knows exactly what has happened. Nara begins kicking the ground in anguish. Angelina simply breaks down and begins to cry

Angelina: Oh no! We were too late!

Nara: FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCCCKKKKKKK! We were this fucking close. That fucking bitch Celia!

Angelina: We honestly tried to get down here as soon as possible Eligos. I'm so so sorry we couldn't save Okubi

Nara: Xiaoyu is going to be absolutely heartbroken once I tell her what happened. Now with Okubi on his way to Pruflas. Only Asira knows what horror awaits him

 Just as the trio grieve over the lost of Okubi. A Dark Portal opens before them. Eligos, Nara, and Angelina watch in utter shock. Seeing a man dressed in modern day clothing. Holding in his arms no other than Okubi. Immediately recognizing the man that's holding their friend. Eligos swiftly shouts out the man's name


Tobirama: The one and only... well I hope so anyways

Nara: DUDE! We haven't seen you since our time in Coram

Angelina: Oh my God it's a fucking miracle. However when in the hell did you show up? How did you manage to get Okubi from Poisonous One?

Eligos: I think I can explain that. It was you who caused that sudden darkness to blind Poisonous One along with myself. However I saw with my own two eyes Poisonous One carry Master Okubi away

Tobirama: Oh you did indeed Eligos... a Shadow Clone of Okubi. About a half hour ago while at the bar. A person came running into the bar. Alerting everyone in the bar about a massacre taking place at the Elestial Market. While I do my damnest to avoid danger. Something told me that Okubi was at the Elestial Market. It seems wherever my pupil goes. Trouble seems to follow him

Angelina: Trust me when I say none of this was Okubi's fault. It's very long story, but do not place the blame on him

Tobirama: Oh trust me Lilith I do not blame Okubi per say. Just the company he currently keeps. Anyways back to my story. After I had temporarily blinded Poisonous One. Thankfully since both Okubi and I study under the same law of magic. I used a technique to force Okubi to summon a Shadow Clone of himself. Knowing the Shadow Clone will copy Okubi's current state. I allowed Poisonous One to take off with the clone. While the real Okubi and I hid inside of my Dark Portal

Angelina: Thank the Heavens, the Underworld, divine intuition or whatever. That you showed up here when you did Tobirama. I truly feared Okubi had been taken from us

Nara: I feared telling Xiaoyu that Okubi ended up getting kidnapped.

Eligos: Thank you so so so very much Takeda showing up when you did. I wouldn't know what I had without having Okubi by my side.

Tobirama: So now that Okubi has been successfully rescued and no one else is coming to attack us. Let's gather the rest of your friends and leave this place. Now that things have cooled off. The cops and ambulance are going to show up

Angelina: Speaking of our friends. I can sense their presence nearby. I'm relieve I'm sensing each and every last one of them. Including two presence I never had felt before

Nara: Perhaps our friends found some extra help around the chaos. Man this was one exhausting fucking night

 Ten minutes later all the heroes were gathered at one place. Xiaoyu, Hellin, and the others were surprise to see Tobirama being present within the Elestial Market. Even more surprise to see Okubi's unconscious body in his arms. Othello introduces Natsumi and Miracle to the rest of the heroes. Afterwards the heroes begin talking amongst themselves about tonight's troubles

Xiaoyu: Well I'm relieved Mr. Tobirama showed up when he did. I would had lost it if Okubi fell into the hands of the enemy. Anyways now that we all managed to survive the night. Who first wants to share their encounter with Pruflas's elite servants?

Hellin: Nothing exciting to report except the fucking fact Ulric got away

Othello: Those fuckers Lita and Natan managed to rescue Ulric. My daughter was this close to murdering the bastard! Now I need to hurry up and return to the Underworld. Telling the rest of the Underworld Council about Ulric's attempt to have me assassinated. Which will lead to the extermination of his remaining assassins. I also need to speak with Mihoshi. I pray nothing ill has befallen my baby or my Kingdom

Hellin: "Your fucking baby probably allowed Ulric to get to us in the first place"

Othello: "Hellin don't accuse your sister for putting a hit on us. Both you and I will deal with Mihoshi later on. Promise me you will keep your cool until then"

Hellin: "I keep my cool for now mother, but once I see that thunder haired bitch! I'm going to suffocate her with her own fucking organs!"

 James: I hope your Kingdom and Mihoshi are alright as well Othello. The lucky sonabitch! I was hoping tonight would be Ulric's last night to live. Let's hope whatever Pruflas has in stored for Ulric. Is even worst than death

Anna: Don't hold your breath dad. I'm certain that assholes is going to be quite alright under Pruflas. At least until I find him and finish him off!

Nara: Well despite Poisonous One getting away with a fake Okubi none the less. Angelina and I managed to take out Celia. I can now tell my future children someday. That their dad battle against a Beyonder

Othello: Did you just say that Celia woman was a Beyonder?

Angelina: Not only was Celia a Beyonder, but we learn that she has a grudge against Yura

Hellin: Isn't that Onyxe's Leading Lady?

James: Damn sure is. Yura mentioned Celia to Onyxe and I quite a few times. Saying they have bad blood with each other is an understatement. Definitely need to talk to Onyxe in the morning. If he doesn't call me before then. It's only a matter of time before Onyxe learns about what took place in Neo Aigosthena tonight

Lisa: So Othello what exactly do you know about a Beyonder?

Othello: Nothing worth discussing at this very moment. Nice job Angelina and Nara. "Bullshit you fucking dickheads. That Celia girl is more than likely alive. I'll have a talk with Okubi once he awakens" Anyways does anyone else has something note worthy to discuss?

Xiaoyu: Yes I most certainly do. Not only did I find my friend Lorenzo. I also meet the one responsible for kidnapping him. A female sage by the name Karen Caramel. Who is the only non demon serving under Pruflas. Karen had brainwashed Lorenzo to fight for her. Which is why Lorenzo isn't here with us. Lisa said he disappeared ten minutes after I chased after Karen

Lisa: A portal had opened from behind him. Seconds before I could use my sword Peace Maker to take him down. It must had been the doing of Karen

Xiaoyu: That's the only plausible explanation. The woman possesses an arsenal of magical spells. Even used some dessert based attacks against me.

Brutality: Here I thought only Apollyn used pastries in lethal ways

Apollyn: Karen is copying off of Apollyn? Apollyn don't like it at all! Stupid Karen Caramel

Xiaoyu: Well to make a long story short. Half way through our battle. Karen handed me a letter. Telling me to read it once I gotten somewhere safe. Saying if I refused her invitation. I'll never get the chance to rescue Lorenzo

Othello: Seems to me Karen is inviting you to the Underground Tournament that takes place every couple of months in Neo Aigosthena. I never wonder much about the tournament since I had no particular interest in those kind of things. However I would had never guessed a mortal was responsible for that deadly tournament.

Nara: Well one things is for certain babe. Whatever Karen wants you to go. I'm coming with you

Othello: We can discuss strategy once we return to the Gold Hotel. In the meantime the Police and Ambulance are minutes away from here. We should be hearing sirens very shortly. Natsumi and Miracle may you two please stay here. Explain to the police and EMT workers what happened here tonight. Try to leave out the details of us every being here. Just tell them a powerful group of sages managed to take out the demon assassins. The media in this world loves a good Sage vs Demon stories. Anyways the rest of us here need to go ghost. Recover from tonights battle and prepare ourselves for our future encounter against Pruflas and his servants.

James: Damn Othello seeing you take charge like this is so sexy

Othello: James this is one time I'm not in the mood for dick or cheap compliments. Let's just hurry up and get out of here. Thank you once again for your assistance earlier Natsumi and Miracle. I wish the both of you a very happy and peaceful life. Sorry about the lost of your friends once again Miracle. Anyways let's get ready to go heroes

 Just as the police and ambulance sirens begin to play. Othello opens a portal for the heroes and herself. Once everyone has entered through the portal. Othello waves Natsumi and Miracle goodbye. Before entering the portal with the rest of the heroes.

Natsumi: I cannot believe we actually survived this. I cannot wait to get on the next plane out of this country

Miracle: Can I go with you? After tonights events. I need to get away from Mayland for awhile

Natsumi: I certainly could use the company. However don't you plan on seeing your friends get buried?

Miracle: In their current state. There really isn't anything worth burying. Those damn demon assassins really did a number on them. I just hope they have a better life in the Spirits Realms. Anyways let's get ready to tell the cops a scary story.


Friday, October 7, 2016

Forbidden Chapter 53

Forbidden Chapter Fifty Three

Terror At The Elestial Market Part Five


 Moments after the heroes arrived to the Elestial Market. The majority of the heroes went off into groups. Othello and her daughter Hellin decided to ventured the Market on their own. However unlike Hellin who simply wanted to be alone. Othello was on the prowl for some good dick. While walking through the heavy crowds of people. Othello used her telepathic powers. In order to locate a horny male soul within the area. Less than ten seconds later. Othello saw into a mind of a handsome Irish man. Jerking himself off in a nearby alley. Now that she found herself a potential sexual partner. Othello then used her telepathy on the crowd of civilians. Making everyone around her move out of her fucking way. Now standing at the entrance of the alley. Othello while playing with her breast. Watches quietly as the Irish man plays with his penis. Sensing someone is watching him. The Irish man turns his head and spots a caramel skinned goddess staring at him. Now having gotten the man's attention. Removing one hand from her breast. Othello uses her free hand to pull up her leotard. Exposing her vagina to the Irish man. Sensing the man's desires for sex. Othello walks slowly and seductively towards him. 

 The man way too horny to think straight. Doesn't even realize the beautiful woman walking towards him is a demon. Fortunately for the handsome mortal. All Othello wants is his dick and not his life. Now standing before her living sex toy. Othello uses her telepathy once again. Ordering the handsome Irish man to lift her into his arms. Othello orders him to her body against the wall. The Irish man inserts his nine inch dick inside of her and the fucking starts. While enjoying the risky act of outdoor sex. Othello keeps alert for anyone coming near the alley. Course thanks to her telepathic powers. Othello isn't genuinely concern about getting caught. Nearly fifteen minutes have passed since Othello first began enjoying her living sex toy. Seconds before the Irish man is about to cum. All the sudden the sounds of explosions and people screaming fills the air. Instantly the Irish man loses his sexual desires as fear takes over. Quickly releasing Othello from his grip. The Irish man pulls his pants up and runs out of the alley. Not only is Othello irritated by the interruption of her sexual pleasuring. Catching the scent of several demons within the area. Othello immediately realizes what is happening around her. The Elestial Market and all of it's inhabitants. Now under the attack of the demon assassin guild known as The Order. After cursing out James in her head. Othello exits the alley in order to find Hellin.

 Attempting to use her telepathy to contact Hellin, but due to the screaming civilians and attacks unleashed by the assassins. Othello is unable to concentrate. Instead Othello ops to use her natural demonic powers to track her daughter's location. Ten minutes later Othello finally gets a strong whiff of her daughter's scent. Knowing she's only a few miles away. Unfortunately just then Othello runs into three powers demons. One of them being the leader of the demon assassins. The very man responsible for the horrible actions currently taking place. The Leader of The Order Lord Ulric. Knowing exactly why Ulric and his assassins had invaded the Elestial Market. In order to kill James once and for all and anyone who has ever aided him. Course unlike Othello, Hellin, and King Onyxe' s appointed heroes. The civilians of the Elestial Market have nothing to do with James. Sadly since Ulric's targets are within the Elestial Market. Every living being in this place are targeted for extermination. Standing against three very powerful demons. Despite being one of the Underworld's Demon Lords. Even Othello worries about her chances surviving a fight against Ulric and his bodyguards Asir and Carling on her own. Luckily after her failed attempt to sway Ulric from killing her. Two sages by the name Natsumi and Miracle come appear out of nowhere. Coming to the aid of Othello against Ulric and his bodyguards.


 Currently engaged in battle against Ulric and his guards. Othello has managed to hold her own against Ulric well. However despite being very skilled sages. Both Natsumi and Miracle are struggling to deliver significant damage against their opponents Carling and Asir. Due to the anti telepathy spell Ulric has placed on his guards and himself. Othello isn't able to manipulate any of their minds. Giving the sages and her a much needed advantage. Fortunately able to communicate with the sages via telepathy. Othello sends Natsumi and Miracle a telepathic message. Telling the both of them how they are going to attack Ulric and his guards. Once Natsumi and Miracle understands Othello's strategy. The trio begins putting the plan in motion


 Natsumi leaps into the air and performs a reverse somersault like kick. Summoning a heavy blizzard towards Ulric, Asir, and Carling. Now while the heavy blizzard temporarily blinds Ulric and his guards. Now it's Miracle's turn to make his move


 Golden colored ooze drips from Miracle's hands. Once the blobs of golden colored oozes hits the ground. The oozes starts to take shape and expanding in size. Now transformed into ten golden colored soldiers. Miracle orders his golden warriors to enter the blizzard. Then collapses to the ground. Due to using such a powerful spell at his current energy level. Natsumi rushes to his side and holds him in her arms.

Natsumi: It's alright Mr. Chapelle. I got your back

Miracle: Thanks Natsumi. I'll be alright in a little bit. Just a bit exhausted at the moment. Those damn demons are tougher than I had predicted

Natsumi: The two of us came here to assist Othello. Only to end up needing her protection. Anyways Othello how long will Ulric and his guards be kept at bay?

Othello: Thanks to your heavy blizzard and Miracle's golden soldiers. Ulric and his guards will be kept at bay. Long enough for me to summon my demon titanboa Belladonna. Now stay behind me and don't make any unnecessary movement. I'm about to get in touch with my darker self

 After warning both Natsumi and Miracle. Othello's face and body changes from it's extremely beautiful appearance. Transformed into a terrifying reptilian skinned demon. While both Natsumi and Miracle fight to keep their emotions under control. Othello bites into his hand as blood pours out. Striking the ground with her bloody hand. Othello begins the ritual to summon her titanboa Belladonna.

Othello: I call upon you great beast of the Underworld. I, Queen Othello of Babylon am in need of your services. In order to devour the enemy that dare stands before me. Belladonna, the great demon titanboa of the Underworld. I summon you to come and swallow all those who stand against me! BELLADONNA COME TO MY AID AND UNLEASH YOUR TERROR UPON MY ENEMIES!

 Successfully having performed the ritual to summon Belladonna. The blood from Othello's hands creates a portal on the ground. The portal opens as a giant monster exits from it. The sixty feet tall demon titanboa Belladonna appears within the fighting area. Upon laying eyes on Belladonna. Both Natsumi and Miracle become paralyzed by fear. Belladonna sensing the fear from the two sages. Smiles to herself with the thought of swallowing them. However Belladonna only attacks those who are opposition to Othello. Therefore the gigantic demon beast will be going after Ulric and his guards Asir and Carling. Ulric along with Asir and Carling manages to defeat the golden soldiers while in the blizzard. Ulric then lights up his right hand in a orange aura. Causing the blizzard created by Natsumi to disappear. Now with the blizzard no longer hindering their view. Ulric, Asir, and Carling's faces are covered in terror. Once the trio lay eyes upon Othello's terrifying summoning Belladonna. Sensing the horrified looks on Ulric and his guard's faces. Othello immediately begins to mock the Leader of The Order

Othello: What's with the face Ulric? Never seen a snake as big as her? Well after these mortals and I managed to create some distance between you and your shit stains. I ordered Natsumi to blind you fuckers with her snow powers. Then I told Miracle to summon his Golden Army to keep you asswipes busy. Giving me the needed time to summon my friend here Belladonna. I bet you're wishing you had talked to me instead. Sadly the time for talk is long over bitch! Now Belladonna go and get em!

 Shortly after killing the lower level demon assassins of The Order. Angelina's mind is once again taken over by Lilith. However unlike previous times where Lilith wanted total domination of Angelina's body and soul. The former Demon Lord seems to have other plans for her. Placing both her hands on her head. Angelina drops down on her knees to the ground. Yet another mental battle between Lilith and her starts again

Angelina: (Lilith why are you doing this to me? I thought Hellin sealed you away in my mind forever)

Lilith: (Oh foolish little Angelina. Did you truly think it would be that easy?)

Angelina: (Crawl back to the deepest recesses of my mind you evil bitch! I will not allow you to take control of me again. Damn my emotions for allowing you to break free. All this chaos and death caused me to lower my mental guard)

Lilith: (It most certainly has my dear. The death of the sage Signon really did the trick though. Seeing him being decapitated before your very eyes. Must had triggered some very bad memories for you. Memories of hearing your former Exorcist friends being murdered. While you were helpless to do anything about it)

Angelina: (YOU FUCKING BITCH! I swear if you don't crawl back into whatever hellhole you came out of. I'll end both our fucking existence right this instant!)

Lilith: (Well that would most certainly get rid of me. Since we both share the same body. Which means you too will no longer exist. However I think such a decision would be unnecessary. Especially since you didn't even hear my offer)

Angelina: (Your offer? The hell could I want or need from a murderous bitch?)

Lilith: (Well for starters full access to my demonic powers. Currently Angelina while you are indeed a powerful demon. Ever since both you and I have become one. You only have access to fifty percent of my powers. Which is of course pretty damn terrifying, but in order to be a true assist to Okubi and company. You'll need to unlock the rest of my powers. Possessing a few of my attacks, changing your physical appearance, and high intellect isn't enough. Especially when the time comes to confront Janiel. Remember the dragon you captured back in Redwood? Despite you capturing the creature successfully. Still to this very day. Never once were you able to summon that dragon. It would had been very helpful back when you were inside of that Fallen Goddess's dimension. That's the downside of not having full access to my powers)

Angelina: (So the fuck what if I can't use all your powers. I rather only be half powerful than to allow you to have any strong control over me. I rather die than allow you to harm any of my friends ever again)

Lilith: (I know that's very true but also unnecessary. If you truly want to access all of my powers. Along with getting rid of my psyche completely. All you need to do is overpower my mind without any telepathic assistance. However while I no longer have a genuine interest of living. Especially since my original body was destroyed by you many years ago. I refuse to go down without a fight. Course if you rather play it safe. I'll just keep myself barely hidden within your mind. While you forever regret not gaining full access to my powers. So tell Miss Momo "Angelina" Mifune. What will be your decision?)

 Not answering Lilith's question immediately. Angelina takes a few minutes to make her decision. Despite her fears of this being a trap. The temptation of unlocking all of Lilith's powers. Along with getting rid of her for good. Angelina finally makes up her mind.

Angelina: (If order to rid myself of your influence for good. I will battle you in the Astral Planes for full control of your powers)

Lilith: (I knew you would say that. However should I be the one to prevail. Just know I'm going to kill one of your friends. Before I return to the Underworld forever.)

Angelina: (I'll fucking make sure that doesn't happen. Now fight me you psychotic bitch!)

 Angelina and Lilith begins their fight for control in the Astral Planes. Okubi along with Eligos and Nara arrives to Angelina's location. Upon finding their friend and fellow hero. Okubi, Eligos, and Nara witness Angelina screaming in agony while holding her head in pain. Eligos being the first to notice Angelina's eyes aren't the same color. Angelina's right eye being red while her left is a neon purple color. Okubi and Nara seeing this as well. Realize Angelina is currently being corrupted by Lilith. Fearing that Angelina will fall to Lilith's control once again. Okubi order Eligos and Nara to stay back. While he goes to confront Angelina/Lilith. However unlike a month ago when Okubi still held animosity towards Angelina. Okubi has become very close to her. Therefore the young half demon doesn't plan on killing her, but help her take control from Lilith. Holding his weapon Neurotic Pegasus in hand. Okubi runs towards the unhinge Angelina. Still battling for control against Lilith in the Astral Planes. Spotting Okubi running towards them. Lilith forces Angelina to create a sword of magenta colored energy. In order to engage Okubi in combat. Angelina while still battling Lilith for control. Turns to Okubi with her weapon in her hand. Preparing to engage her friend in battle. Once the two demons clash weapons. Okubi begins trying to reason with Angelina

Okubi: Angelina it's me Okubi. Whatever is going on in your head. Don't allow that bitch Lilith to take control. I know you can beat her

Nara: Do you think it's smart for Okubi to reason with Angelina instead of going for the kill?

Eligos: I'm not sure that's the demonphobe you talking or someone speaking with good sense

Nara: Hell no geezer! I love Angelina like a sister. However I know Lilith is a heartless bitch. I just don't want anything to happen to Okubi.

Eligos: Well I'm confident in my Master's abilities to deal with Angelina/Lilith. Rather it's done by either lethal or non lethal is entirely up to him. I just hope he can get through to her

 Okubi and Angelina continue their sword battle. Neither one landing a damaging hit. Despite Angelina's best efforts to do so. Okubi continues defending against Angelina's attack. Begins sensing Angelina's will to harm him lessening. Meaning Angelina is starting to take control away from Lilith. Nearly five minutes later Angelina stops attacking. The magenta colored energy sword vanishes as Angelina collapses to the ground. Okubi immediately drops Neurotic Pegasus as he tends to his fallen friend. Both Eligos and Nara rushes to Okubi's side. In case this is a trick by Lilith to get Okubi to drop his guard. Now with Okubi holding Angelina's head and upper body in his arms. Angelina starts to regain conscious. Both of Angelina's eye glow in a bright neon purple color but quickly revert back to being red. Okubi, Eligos, and Nara can sense that Angelina has won her battle against Lilith

Okubi: Thank goodness you managed to beat her Angelina. Especially without the help of either Hellin or Onyxe

Nara: I knew you would eventually best that evil bitch

Eligos: I'm very proud of you Angelina

Angelina: Thanks Okubi, Nara, and Eligos. Battling Lilith in the Astral Planes was very difficult, but I remembered how badly I wanted to be free from her. Also seeing you come to my aid and help me the way you did Okubi. Really gave me the push I needed to win. Now not only will I never have to worry about Lilith taking over my mind. I can now use her powers without any restrictions

Okubi: I'm glad to hear that Angelina. Even happier neither of us had to die

Angelina: Anyways where is everyone else? Please don't tell me they didn't survive

Nara: Oh hell no Angie. Don't even say such a scary thing. My baby Xiaoyu and the others are alright at the moment. The only two people who aren't accounted for are Hellin and her slutty ass mother

Eligos: OH MY SATAN! Are you three feeling what I'm feeling?

Okubi: A extremely powerful demon has been summoned to the Elestial Market

Angelina: OMG! It looks like a Titanboa

Nara: A fucking huge demonic Titanboa

Okubi: The only demon who is capable of summoning that is Othello. That must mean she's fighting a very powerful assassin of The Order

Angelina: Either that or the fucking leader himself

Nara: We have to hurry up and go help her

Okubi: Of---

 However before Okubi, Nara, Angelina, or Eligos could make a move. The four of them sense the presence of two very powerful beings. One being the aura of a powerful demon. A presence that Okubi has felt before many years ago. While the other while not that of demon. Possessed an equally terrifying energy, Turning their heads around to find the source. Okubi, Nara, Angelina, and Eligos spotted a muscular Indian man dressed in ragged black robe. The other being a buxom vanilla skin chestnut haired woman wearing a revealing silver color body suit. While none of the present heroes recognized the woman. Okubi immediately shouted out the man's name

Okubi: Batra sensei!

Mohammad Batra: It's been a very long time Okubi kun. Just as youthful as I remembered. Only with more hurt within your soul. Well it's to be expected for someone who murdered their mother. Even if they really didn't mean to

Nara: You know this guy Okubi? I'm guessing he's someone we can trust then?

Celia: Don't be so sure of that pretty boy

Okubi: Mr. Batra was my former History Teacher back when I was in school. Once I self exiled myself from the Underworld. I never seen him again until now

Angelina: Okubi something tells me Mr. Batra and the woman with him don't mean us well

Mohammad Batra: Well you're certainly right about that demoness. Both my partner Ms. Celia and I are here to capture Okubi. However the rest of you we simply wish to kill

Okubi: If that are your intentions. That must mean you two work for Pruflas?

Mohammad Batra: Indeed my former student now target. Even back in middle school. Your caught on pretty quickly.

Eligos: The two of you do realize neither capturing Okubi or killing us will be that easy

Celia: Then you don't realize a killer like me lives for a challenge

Mohammad Batra: Besides we are quite aware of you and all your friends Okubi. We have been since the bank incident in the early morning

Nara: So those fucking weakling ass sages who attacked us were set up by you fuckers!

Okubi: That's obviously a damn lie. That bank robbery wasn't just something Pruflas had staged in the moment. Which means you knew about my friends and I being in Neo Aigosthena longer before the bank robbery incident.

Celia: Wow he really is smart. Yes Mr. Okubi, Pruflas and I discovered your presence here since last night

Nara: But how can that fucking be? We were well hidden in our separate hotel spots

Angelina: I can easily tell you how. It's all thanks to that bastard Satomi Yamakagashi

Nara: Futanari's current target?

Angelina: Last night after Okubi sent you and the others to your hotels rooms within Neo Aigosthena. Okubi along with Eligos and myself. Went to go help and recruit Futanari. Obviously we managed to rescue and recruit Futanari. I wasn't aware of Satomi's blood magic and the bastard got away. He must had told Pruflas, Mr. Batra, and the woman what had happened. Pruflas must had been aware of us thanks to Janiel and that's how he became aware of us being in Neo Aigosthena

Okubi: Is that the truth Mohammad?

Mohammad Batra: You're calling me Mohammad now Okubi? I guess you no longer see me as a man worth your respect

Okubi: Despite my good dealings with you in the past. Anyone who serves under Pruflas is my enemy. I do not give my enemies any form of respect. Now answer my goddamn question

Mohammad Batra: That is indeed the truth Ophelia's killer.

Eligos: Disgusting bastard! Why do these fuckers think it's funny to bring up the fact you murdered your mother? F.Y.I. dipshit! Lady Opehlia personally forgave Okubi for his actions. Even went as far as thanking her son for killing her. Stopping from causing further destruction and death on Asira. So please stop fucking calling my Master a mother killer!

Okubi: I could care less for a lowlife like Mohammad thanks of me Eligos but I appreciate you saying what you said

Mohammad Batra: Hmm so Opehlia's spirit does still lingers between the worlds. The Master did say Ophelia visited him the other night. I didn't believe he was lying, but the fact your were visited by your mother as well. Makes the Master's story even more believable

Angelina: Exactly why would Okubi's departed mother have any dealing with Pruflas?

Celia: That informations is classified. Especially to a soon to be dead demoness and a Darken

Nara: Whoa! How the fuck did she know that I'm a Darken?

Okubi: These people know a lot about us than I can stand. My mother told me she has some secrets I would eventually come to learn. I'm sure I'll discover many of them. Once I'm face to face with your boss. However before I begin killing the two of you. Tell me Mohammad are their any others servants of Pruflas around the Elestial Market?

Mohammad Batra: Indeed Okubi! Did you really think it would just be Ms. Celia and myself? Ever since you and your friends had arrived to the Elestial Market. My comrades and I have been watching your every move hidden within the shadows. Course we never expected the assassins from the Underworld The Order to show up here. Thankfully their presence here has worked to our advantage.

Nara: Dammit! So Xiaoyu and the others are in danger?

Angelina: Let's hope our friends can handle whatever enemy is heading their way. We have problems of our own to right now

Celia: More than you fucking realize girl

Mohammad Batra: Now then the time for talk is over. Watch as I change from my humane form. Transforming into my horrifying demonic self before you and your friends. My very presence will shake terror into the souls of you and your friends

Eligos: Master Okubi you never seen Batra's demonic form before?

Okubi: Sadly I have not. I only heard rumors of how grotesque and terrifying Mohammad's demonic self looks. This will be my first time seeing it in person. Okay gang prepare yourselves for combat!

 Mohammad Batra starts transforming out of his humane form. Rapidly losing his appealing humane appearance. Okubi, Eligos, Nara, and Angelina watch in terror. Seeing Mohammad transform into a very grotesque demonic assassin bug being. Upon seeing the full transformation of Mohammad. The demon's back covered with corpse. Including the corpse of Ashlyn, Pedro, Geki, and Avian. Okubi breaks out into a cold sweat, Eligos involuntarily vanishes from the battlefield, and both Nara and Angelina vomits. Quickly Okubi regains his composure. Despite being somewhat startled by Mohammad's demonic form. However before either Nara and Angelina could get themselves together. Celia charges towards them with sinister intentions.

Poisonous One: Now that my transformation is complete. It's time to accomplish our mission. Okubi prepare to be capture!

 Seeing Celia rushing towards Nara and Angelina. Okubi summons two shadow clones of himself. One to intercept Celia and the other to grab Neurotic Pegasus. Poisonous One launches a ball of poison towards Okubi. The real Okubi creates a small wall of ice in front him. Blocking Poisonous One's attack while his first shadow clone brings him Neurotic Pegasus. Seconds before Celia can deliver a devastating kick to Nara's head. Okubi's other shadow clone jumps before Nara. Getting kicked by Celia in his place. No longer affected by Poisonous One's "Ominous Appearance" Eligos reappears by his Master's side. The effects of Poisonous One's ability no longer affecting them. Nara and Angelina are ready to fight. Now with Neurotic Pegasus in his hand. Okubi makes both of his Shadow Clones disappear. Okubi then stares at Poisonous One with a killer intent

Okubi: Glad to see you two are no longer affected by Poisonous One's appearance

Nara: Motherfucker is still ugly as hell. Even though Ashlyn and her buddies were our enemies. I didn't expect for them to end up like this

Poisonous One: Those buffoons had serve their purpose. The Master had ordered me to kill them. Which I enjoy oh so much

Celia: Nice technique Okubi. Perhaps I'll fight you instead

Poisonous One: No Celia! Okubi is my target. Your job is to kill his friends

Celia: You're not the fucking boss of me

Poisonous One: That's an order of Lord Pruflas. Do not dare defy his will

Okubi: Besides I want to fight my former teacher. Instead of wasting my time on a basic bitch like you! Nara! Angelina! Show no mercy to Celia

Angelina: You don't have to tell me twice

Nara: I rather help you fight bug boy, but taking care of Celia is no problem from me

Eligos: I'll just stand safely in the back. Cheering you on Master Okubi

Okubi: Now that everyone knows their position. Let's get rid of these fools!

 Successfully having summon Belladonna the Demon Titanboa. Othello orders her summoning to take out Ulric, Asir, and Carling. Belladonna stares chasing after her targets. Trying their best to fight while covered in fear. Asir and Carling unleash various elemental attacks. In order to protect Lord Ulric and themselves. Belladonna unfazed by their attacks. Decides to devour the demon Asir first. Increasing her already fast speed. Belladonna approaches Asir with her mouth wide open. Unable to move himself face enough out of danger. Ulric and Carling watches as Belladonna swallows Ulric whole. The demon Titanboa then chews viciously on Asir's body. Savoring the demon's sweet blood and tasty organs. After having swallowed what remained of Asir inside her. Belladonna decides to target Ulric next. Realizing Othello's summoning is coming for him. Ulric prepares to use a very underhanded and heartless move

 Creating a ball of energy in his right hand. Once the ball changes from light yellow into a burning neon lava orange color. Ulric viciously grabs Carling by her arm and stabs the energy ball inside of her. Blood drips out of Carling's mouth. Watching the very man she dedicate her life too. Betray her without any consideration for her life. Othello, Natsumi, and Miracle are equally shocked by Ulric's selfish act. Belladonna unfazed by Ulric's tactics. The demon Titanboa continues making her way to her target. Seeing what Ulric has done to Carling. Turning his own bodyguard into a bomb. Othello calls out to her summoning

Othello: Belladonna don't get any closer!

Belladonna: What's the problem now slut? If you think I'm worried about him turning his servant into a bomb? I'll eat both him and that bomb

Othello: Perhaps you could do such a thing, but now that Ulric already sacrificed Carling. There is no point of putting you in unnecessary danger. Strike Ulric with a powerful blast of fire and return to your realm within the Underworld

Belladonna: Fine! Have it your way jezebel. Don't be summoning me for some bullshit again. Only got to eat one pesky little demon. What a waste of my time

Othello: I'll make it up to you bitch when this is all said and done. Now just do as I command

 Belladonna opens her mouth and releases a stream of fire towards Ulric. Lifting Carling by her neck. Seconds before Carling is about to explode. Ulric tosses his former bodyguard towards Belladonna's fire blast. Exploding upon being thrown into the air. Both Belladonna and Ulric's attack clash. Unleashing a big explosion in the air. Irritated by the very sight of Ulric. Belladonna opens a portal beneath her body. Returning back to her realm within the Underworld. Othello changes back to her sexy humane form. Begins throwing insults at Ulric.

Othello: You fucking coward ass faggot! How could sacrifice Carling in such a heartless manner? Didn't your dumbass not think to place a barrier or run away?

Ulric: Bitch you have the audacity to talk about others being heartless. You're not exactly known in the Underworld for your kindness. I'm well aware how poorly you been treating Anna. Ever since the day I sold her to you. So don't fucking start acting like you're so damn saint.

Othello: Bastard! I can be a royal bitch, but I would had never sacrifice my servants as foolishly as you did. Now you by yourself without anyone coming to rescue you. I'm pretty certain by now all your assassins who came with you to Asira are either dead or fled to save their own skin

Ulric: Even if that is true. I'm still alive therefore The Order lives. Besides while I had sacrifice my dear servant Carling. I had something about a change of heart about killing you

Othello: Oh you have fucking change of heart. After your assassins and you invaded the Elestial Market. Attacking and killing the innocent. Targeted James and all those associated with him. Including my daughter and me. Yet now that your all by yourself. Now you want to make fucking nice. Only after the damaged and bloodshed you and your men have caused. NOW you want to talk things out? BITCH! YOU GOT ME FUCKED UP! After the fucking bullshit you put my ass through along with everyone else in this bitch. Do you truly fucking think I'm interested in making peace with a faggot like you? The only thing I want for you is to die motherfucker!

Ulric: I'm sorry you feel that way Othello. Once we see each other again in the Underworld. Perhaps we can talk thing out and repair our relationship with one another

Othello: Excuse me bitch? Do you really think I'm going to just let you leave this motherfucker? You really got me fucking twisted Ulric. You treating me like I'm a fucking joke. In reality I'm a fucking Queen who rule over her own nation. How dare you even consider walking out of here. After the attempt you made against my life and my daughter's. Speaking of my daughter she better be fucking alive. Otherwise death will be the very fucking least of your worries

Ulric: I cannot reason with you when you are so splenetic Othello. Let's talk again soon. I really do not wish for us to be enemies. If only your daughter had not intervene with James's assassination. All of this could had been avoided. Do not blame me for the lives that were taken here tonight. Blame yourself and those who aided the traitor. Now if you will excuse me your majesty. I must return home to what remains of my Assassin's Guild. Do not bother trying to keep me here with your telepathy either. I made sure to cast a stronger anti telepathy spell on myself than the rest of my assassins

 Ulric begins opening a portal back to the Underworld. However before Othello could even let out another curse word. Hellin along with Anna and Brutality arrives to the scene. Hellin quickly grabs Ulric by his head and smashes it to the ground. Hellin then exerts pressure onto Ulric's body. Keeping the demon from being able to run away. Brutality stands behind Hellin to give her needed security. Anna runs straight over to her Queen's side. Making sure nothing fatal has befallen her

Anna: Queen Othello I'm so glad you are alive and well. Please tell me nothing fatal has befallen you?

Othello: Other than your nauseating presence Anna. I'm feeling quite marvelous. Especially since my baby is alive and well. Keeping that spineless son of a bitch from going anywhere


Hellin: FUCK YOU! Did you really fucking think you would just leave?

Ulric: Oh for Satan's sake. I already heard this shit from your whore mother

 Hellin bashes Ulric's head on the ground. Causing the demon's head the bust open as blood leaks from his forehead. Ulric winces in pain but remains silent

Hellin: Disrespect my mother again why don't you? Not that it matters because I'm about to kill your sorry ass, but first you owe my friend an apology

Othello: Apology? Hellin baby what are you talking about?

Hellin: Not too long ago mother. The heroes and I learned from Anna. That James wasn't the one who killed her teacher who was also her aunt.

Othello: You're referring to Sel? I knew it would be a matter of time before Anna learned the truth. Obviously one of your shit for brains assassins couldn't keep a secret. Yes Anna's mentor Lady Sel who was secretly her aunt. Years after Ulric had Cassandra killed and put a hit out on James. Ulric discovered that their was another traitor in his mist. That traitor being the very one who put the thought in James and Cassandra's head to leave The Order in the first place.

Ulric: Yes once I found out it was your aunt who convinced Cassandra and James to abandon us. That she too had planned to leave us. I had the bitch killed in the most painful way imaginable. The fact that she was your aunt. Made killing her even more pleasurable

 Anna leaves Othello's side and angrily starts walking towards Ulric. Once Anna is standing over Ulric's head. Anna delivers a powerful kick to Ulric's jaw. Causing him to bleed from his mouth

Anna: ASSHOLE! Bad enough you killed my mother and put a hit out on my father. Even made me believe he was the one who killed my aunt. Only to find out it was your sorry ass and your even sorrier assassins who murdered my mentor and aunt! Ulric if it's the last thing I do. I will watch you rot for what you done

Ulric: I knew I should had killed you when I had the chance. Instead I thought letting you live would be more torturous

Hellin: Oh letting her live was indeed torturous, but you failed to realize. Allowing Anna to live as long as you did. Would give the truth you kept hidden from her. Just enough time to expose itself to her in a proper manner. Now that Anna knows everything. Not only can she start building a real relationship with her father. Anna is no longer plagued by any guilt over her aunt's death. The Order has officially lost it's hold over Anna's life. Now all that's left for us to do is finish you off!

Othello: Oh honey by the way

Hellin: Yes mother?

Othello: Before you kill that piece of shit underneath you. I felt a powerful surge of demonic energy earlier. I have a pretty good idea who was responsible for said energy. I just want to hear it out of your mouth

Hellin: Earlier during my battle against Ulric's special assassination squad K.I.L.L.E.R. I felt Anna had suffered a life threatening injury. Immediately causing me to transform into a demon name Vixen

Othello: I knew it! My baby girl so fucking powerful. Never has a demon transform as young as you have my dear. Mommy is so so proud of you. Now go ahead love and kill Ulric

Hellin: It will be my pleasure

 Hellin's face changes from her humane form into her demon form. Extending her fangs as she prepare to devour Ulric. However Hellin, Anna, and Brutality senses an incoming attack. A giant fireball hurls towards the three demoness. Hellin force to remove herself off Ulric's body. Hellin along with Anna and Brutality. Quickly moves themselves out of the range of the giant fireball. Natsumi quickly jumps in front of Othello. Performing a Tae Kwon Do like kick. Releasing a big burst of snow towards the giant fireball. The two attack clash and cancels each other out. Hellin, Anna, and Brutality now standing next to Othello and Natsumi. Preparing themselves for any incoming attacks. Picking up the scent of two demons. Othello rudely calls them out

Othello: Since you fuckers want to intervene on this coward's execution. I hope you have the fucking balls to show yourselves

 Approaching the area right behind where Ulric laid on the ground. Two demons appeared before Hellin, Othello, Anna, Brutality, Natsumi, and Miracle. The first demon being a male. Possessed the appearance of a character name Helter-Skelter from the game No More Heroes. His hair was a strawberry blonde color. Possessed red color eyes like most demons. Wore a open gray bomber jacket, blue color jeans, and black sneakers. The woman demon also looked a character from No More Heroes. Resembling the assassin name Cloe Walsh from the sequel No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Even sharing the same red hair as her. However unlike Cloe who wore very provocative clothing. The woman was dressed in gothic lolita clothing. Showing off very little skin. Ulric who had managed to heal. Thanks to the unexpected arrival of the two demons. Is lifted off of the ground by the woman. Stares back at Othello and company. Wearing a cocky expression on his face. Angered by the sudden appearance of the two demons. Hellin speaking on behalf of all those around her. Starts by demanding who the two demons are and their reason for helping Ulric

Hellin: Who the fuck are you jackasses and why are you helping that piece of shit?

Natan: Cool your jets little bitch! I didn't come all the way here to hear you blabber. Anyways my name is Natan Grimville. One of Lord Pruflas's elite warriors

Lita: I'm Lita Killworth and like my partner Natan. I'm too a member of Pruflas's elite warriors. Our Master had order us to eliminate everyone here. However after watching the demon Ulric in action. Both Natan and I decided to save him. In order that he would be of use to our Master.

Ulric: What? Bring me to your Master? While I appreciate being rescued. Do not dare expect me--


 A snap of Natan's finger. A small cute ghost appears in front of Ulric's face. The ghost yawn on Ulric. Putting the leader of The Order asleep instantly.  Lita catches Ulric to break his fall. Laying him down on the ground. 

Natan: Didn't want to hear that fucker's blabber either. Well now that's out of the way. Lita you ready to take care of these punks?

Lita: I thought we would just grab Ulric and take our leave. Seeing that we are outnumbered. Course we were given orders to kill them. So let the killing commence

Othello: Just like that fucker Ulric. My telepathy isn't working on those two demons as well

Natan: Well that's because we placed an anti telepathy spell on ourselves before coming here. We are very aware of your powers Queen Othello and Princess Hellin. There will be no mind games used on us. HA HA HA HA HA!

Hellin: That's fine by me asshole. I rather punch you two fuckers to death anyways

 Okubi, Nara, and Angelina battling against Poisonous One and Celia. Hellin, Othello, and the rest of Hellin's group having encountered the demons Natan and Lita. Xiaoyu along with her group are searching for Lisa and Futanari. Completely unaware of the threat that's coming their way. Traveling around the corpses of the slain civilians. While suppressing their inner emotions of seeing so many dead bodies. Apollyn catches the scent of Lisa and Futanari not too far away. Ordered by Xiaoyu to lead them to Lisa and Futanari's location. Apollyn moves ahead as everyone follows right behind her. Nearly ten minutes later Xiaoyu and the others locate both Lisa and Futanari. Both women hidden in a nearby alley. Xiaoyu and the group were overjoyed to see Lisa and Futanari safe and surprisingly without any visible injuries

Xiaoyu: Lisa! Futanari! Am I glad to see the two of you are alive and well. Lisa what happened to you earlier? I heard from Nara, Brutality, and Apollyn that you fainted after your fight against one of the demons. 

Lisa: Glad you're alright as well Miss "Going off to find Okubi" Did you actually find him by the way?

James: Yes Okubi is alive and well. Okubi is currently with Eligos and Nara. Searching for Angelina in the Elestial Market. 

Lisa: Well I most certainly hope they find her. Especially considering she's still in danger of being possessed by Lilith. Anyways where Hellin, Othello, Anna, and Brutality?

James: Hellin, Anna, and Brutality were with us earlier. They went to go find Othello

Futanari: Sounds like those of us who been found are searching for those still missing. I hope we can all come back together soon enough. This was truly a very unfortunate night. Too many innocent lives were lost here

James: None of this would had happened if it weren't for me.

Zira: I don't want to here that bullshit. Whatever you did doesn't excuse the horrible actions The Order committed here tonight. 

Tre': So many people who had dreams and plans for tomorrow. Ruined thanks to the actions of those evil demons

Lava Rose: Hopefully we managed to kill all the demons responsible for tonight's massacre. 

Apollyn: So Lisa buddy Apollyn would like to know how you recovered?

Lisa: Pretty much while I was unconscious. Asira healed me and restored my fleeting angelic powers. Course I had to deal with some scolding in my resting state, but at least he approves of me aiding you guys down here. Afterwards I used my holy powers to heal Futanari from her injuries

Futanari: I feel good as new. 

Xiaoyu: Well now that's out of the way. Let's hurry up and regroup with the others. I'm sure by now Okubi and his group found Angie and Hellin and her group has Othello

 Now having successfully found Lisa and Futanari. Xiaoyu and the others begin turning back to where they first meet up. Suddenly feels the presence of an unknown sage from behind them. Immediately Xiaoyu and the others turn around. Spotting a young black female with lavender hair. Dressed in a very orthodox but cute fashion. The young girl stares at Xiaoyu with her blue eyes. Before turning her attention to the rest of her comrades. While the others are confused by the girl's presence. Zira knows the girl mean them no good. Thus begins to question the girl's reasons for being here

Zira: Who are you girl and why are you here?

Karen: I was wondering if anyone was going to ask me that. Well first allow me to introduce myself. My name is Karen Loretta Caramel. I'm one of Lord Pruflas Elite warriors although I personally prefer servant. It just sound so much cuter and less violent. Not that am saying I can't cause any harm. 

James: Well unless you have some super crazy powers. No way is your ass going to be able to take the eight of us on your own

Karen: That's very true Mister since I don't have any super crazy plot device powers. However I do have a very very nasty fire monster here with me

Tre': What fire monster? I don't see any monster other than an overgrown brat

Xiaoyu: Young lady we really don't have time for your shenanigans right now. Unless you want to get badly hurt. I suggest you leave my friends and I alone

Lisa: Yeah fuck off you little bitch!

Karen: Well if you really don't want me to bother you Miss Detective. I'll gladly take my friend and I and be on our way

 Hearing Karen refer to Xiaoyu as "Miss Detective". Xiaoyu and the others heroes freeze up in utter shock. "How does this girl know I'm a detective" Xiaoyu says to herself. The heroes then turn around and face Karen. Knowing that she has successfully gotten their attention. Karen wears a sinister smile on her face. Before continuing her conversation with Xiaoyu and the others.

Karen: Looks like I got you attention now Miss Detective

Lisa: How in the fuck did you even know that? Are you a fucking telepath?

Karen: Me a telepath? Sorry but nope nope nope

Futanari: Then tells us how do you know about Xiaoyu's occupation?

Karen: Well if you really want to know. Let's just say I ran into a friend of hers. One that's currently gone missing am I right?

James: NO!

Lisa: Dear Asira this isn't fucking happening!

Futanari: Don't tell me you're the one responsible for Lorenzo's disappearance

Lava Rose: I remember you telling my teammates and I about your missing friend. On our way to the Elestial Market. Never I imagine that any of us would encounter the one responsible for his disappearance so soon

Zira: Let alone her being responsible for his disappearance

Tre': Can this night get any fucking worst?

Apollyn: Oh no poor Mr. Lorenzo. Apollyn feels absolutely awful for Xiao buddy

 While all of her friends express their utter surprise by Karen's revelation. Standing before the very woman responsible for her friend Lorenzo's disappearance. Unable to keep her emotions under control. Xiaoyu's eyes and body starts to glow in a intensive light energy. Due to the rage she feels towards Karen. Seeing how angry Xiaoyu has become. The other heroes worries what Xiaoyu might do next. Lisa takes a quick deep breath. Before attempting to try calming Xiaoyu down

Lisa: Xiaoyu baby girl. I know this isn't---

Xiaoyu: Lisa with all due respect. SHUT THE FUCK UP RIGHT NOW! This little bitch right here is responsible for my fellow detective and dear friend Lorenzo going missing in this place. I refuse to show this fucking overgrown doll any fucking mercy! If you fucking know what's good for you Karen. Tell me where my friend is right now and he better be alive dammit! Otherwise I'm going to fry your sorry ass right where you fucking stand!

Karen: Oh my you really really really truly are upset aren't you Miss Detective

James: Karen I wouldn't want to agitate Xiaoyu in her current state if I were you. Just tell us what you did with Lorenzo and hope to Asira, Satan, or whatever God you pray too. That Xiaoyu will be merciful with you ass kicking. 

Karen: I wished I believed in a God worthy enough to pray too. Sadly after the death of my wonderful parents. I feel all Gods are insignificant curs with an underserved level of entitlement. Anyways before you decide to destroy me Miss Detective. Don't you want to see your friend?

Zira: Is Lorenzo with you?

Karen: Weren't any of you ninnies listening to me earlier? I said I brought a friend with me


Karen: Are you sure about that?

Zira: Show us Lorenzo already or I'll snap your fucking neck little girl

Karen: Old ladies like you are so impatient. Okay I'll show you good folks my friend. Lorenzo darling it's showtime!

 Karen snaps her fingers opening a portal before Xiaoyu and the others. Stepping out of the portal. Appears a tall and handsome blonde hair Italian Man. Wearing a fancy green outfit surrounded in a fiery aura. Xiaoyu who has calmed down slightly after seeing her old friend. Becomes horrified upon seeing how emotionless Lorenzo appears before her and her comrades. Returning back to her angrier state. Xiaoyu starts questioning Karen about what she has done to Lorenzo


Karen: Oh you notice? Well after I came across this sexy Italian man. After learning about him and defeating him in combat. I decided to brainwash him and use him to fulfill my ultimate plan. However in order to make sure my plan is a success. I needed to find you as well. Thankfully after I learned from my boss about you being in Neo Aigosthena. All I needed to do is wait for the perfect opportunity to have our face to face. 

Xiaoyu: So you did all of this just to meet me?

Karen: Yes I most certainly certainly certainly did! In order to make my Master Plan a total success. I'm going to need your help Light Manipulator

Lisa: Is this bitch Razel's daughter or something? Both of them are very obsessed with you Xiaoyu

Karen: Razel sounds like the name of some ugly Goddess. I already told you ninnies I have zero association with any Gods. Anyways now that I finally have you heard Xiaoyu. Lorenzo will you do me the pleasure and kill everyone who is not Xiaoyu

 Just as Karen had ordered him. Lorenzo summons two blades of fire. Holding one in each of his hands. Lorenzo then takes up a battle stance. Preparing to perform his task against Xiaoyu's friends. Despite none of them wishing to fight Lorenzo. James, Lisa, Apollyn, and Futanari, and Team Rose enters their battle stance. Preparing to defend themselves against Lorenzo. Meanwhile Xiaoyu will deal with Karen